A Big Election Update and Another January 6 Patriot Arrested by the FBI

The entire staff at MSNBC is probably breathing a big sigh of relief today. The FBI finally managed to capture the dastardly “insurrectionist” who dressed up in a George Washington costume and walked into the US Capitol for a few minutes on January 6th. It turns out that the George Washington costume guy is a married father of two children and a small business owner in a small town in Missouri.

Even though he was unarmed and… dressed in a freaking George Washington costume, the FBI spared no expense in hunting him down. He’s about the 550th American now unjustly arrested and imprisoned for exercising his constitutional right to protest the government.

One thing that no one has been talking about is just how badly this political persecution of Trump supporters has impacted their families. Most of the people who have been held in solitary confinement for seven months now are parents and small business owners. Their lives are absolutely wrecked. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to hire a defense attorney when you’re charged with a federal crime. These people have lost their livelihood due to being locked up all these months over misdemeanor trespassing charges. The lives of their spouses and children have been disrupted. Many have lost their businesses or their jobs.

And that’s the point of repressive government-backed terrorism. If a person can lose everything they own and have their life completely destroyed for protesting Joe Biden’s contested election, it will spook a lot of people into not attending anymore protests or rallies. The risk-to-reward ratio is just too high for a lot of people.


Criminal trespass carries a maximum six-month jail sentence. Uh huh. Many of the political prisoners who were locked in solitary confinement in January will never actually serve a day in prison for the crimes they’re accused of – because they’ve already been in jail for longer than that! But again: Their lives will have been destroyed, which is the Biden regime’s real purpose in jailing and torturing them.

Which brings me to a really neat fund that I want to tell you about. It’s called the Patriot Freedom Project. It’s a non-profit that is currently raising funds to provide immediate financial assistance to the families of the jailed January 6th protesters. The Patriot Freedom Project is helping families to pay bills, car payments, rent, tuition installments and so forth, and to help the families with kids buy food and school clothes for this fall.

Dinesh D’Souza just gave the Project a big shot in the arm when he and his wife donated $100,000 to the fund. Good for him! That’s truly generous and amazing. And if anyone knows what it’s like to be persecuted by a criminal Democrat regime, it’s Dinesh D’Souza.

For those who have forgotten, the Obama regime sent D’Souza to a “community confinement center” for eight months, fined him $30,000 and forced him to go to therapy for months as part of his probation. It was ostensibly for a minor campaign finance violation, but everyone really knew it was because D’Souza produced a documentary film that embarrassed Hillary Clinton in the runup to the 2016 election.

About this donation, D’Souza said, “This is a group of people that have been forgotten by America. It saddens but also outrages me. They’ve been abandoned by their own side, which I find horrifying.”

It is truly awful. The GOP leadership continues to ignore the plight of these Trump supporters and their families.

If you’d like to help out the families of the January 6 protesters, who have lost their livelihoods and had their lives turned upside-down by the criminal Joe Asterisk regime, you can find out more at:  https://www.PatriotFreedomProject.com/

And there’s a big update out of Arizona today. Following the recent blockbuster news that auditors have uncovered 270,000 fraudulent ballots in the 2020 election in Arizona, state Senator Wendy Rogers is starting a national petition to decertify Arizona’s election results. As a reminder, Joe Biden’s margin of “victory” in Arizona was just a little bit over 10,000 votes. Arizona’s election results need to be decertified and those 11 electoral college votes need to be stripped from Joe Biden’s total.

Wendy Rogers is paying for this effort out of her own campaign funds, in an effort to show her fellow Arizona Republicans just how much “we the people” want this fake election overturned. You can sign the nationwide petition to repeal Arizona’s election results here:


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30 thoughts on “A Big Election Update and Another January 6 Patriot Arrested by the FBI”

  1. It seems to me these uncivil marxo-maoists in the USA want patriots to think twice about our freedom to assemble. They’re trying to ruin actual peaceful protests.

      1. U.S. intelligence, 17 agencies and offices. total budget in 2015 was $66.8 billion.
        ( They keep us in the dark for the past 6 years of their corrupt spending. )
        1. Office of the Director of National Intelligence
        2.Central Intelligence Agency
        3. National Security Agency
        4. Defense Intelligence Agency
        5. Federal Bureau of Investigation
        6. Department of State – Bureau of Intelligence and Research
        7. Department of Homeland Security – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
        8. Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of National Security Intelligence
        9. Department of the Treasury – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
        10. Department of Energy – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
        11. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
        12. National Reconnaissance Office
        13. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
        14. Army Military Intelligence
        15. Office of Naval Intelligence
        16. Marine Corps Intelligence
        17. Coast Guard Intelligence
        I expect current expenditure is over $70 billion yearly. Divide that by
        the 333 million citizens of the USA – that is unreal ! They are corrupt !

      2. Yes Janice you are correct–our FBI is a disgrace to the nation. Merrick Garland needs to be re-educated on common sense and illegal detention of Patriots. He lets the BLM thugs and Antifa marxists run free, but vigorously
        hunts down fellow Americans who were just protesting. Also not to be left out is our Presidente Herr Bidenitsky. He should bear responsibility for many things-The border, the loss of energy independence, basically destroying the
        country with crazy spending. He could have moved on these basically innocent people and ordered immediate trials instead of keeping them
        locked up,tortured and denied their constiutional rights. What a religious man he is–an absolute disgrace to the presidencv. Not at least is DCmayor Miss Bowser who also be tried and sent to prison for allowing guards to kill innocent people like Ashli Babbit and the beating of the prisoners. Yes, Biden, Garland and Bowser should be prosecuted and sent to jail for their actions regarding the January 6th protest.

    1. We are now the United States Of Russia. I am embarrassed to be here. O’Biden and Kameltoe have destroyed the country. We need Trump back more than ever. Putin is jealous of us we are becoming worse than them. The forced vaccine is next, we will all be poisoned with this garbage, our freedom is almost taken away in only 8 months!

  2. Yet real criminal rioters and arsonists are bailed out by the mulatto communist dumorat cackling cameltoe hairass and other communist Chinese soros vermin in the dumorat party. They all need execution for treason

  3. January 6th. JANUARY. EIGHT MONTHS AGO!!!!

    And what have our loving Patriotic Republicans in Congress done in all that time? Made a few meaningless statements which were ignored by the entire MSM, made a few whimpering comments in the Capitol Building, went to visit them and were LAUGHED OUT OF THE JAIL BY A LOW-LEVEL NOBODY.

    What have our brave defenders done? NOTHING. What have our high powered legal eagles done about it? NOTHING.

    That sums up the COWARDLY SOLD OUT GARBAGE we have on “our” side. Got your proper Covid Badge sewn on yet? You’ll need it when our heroes escort us all to waiting box cars that will carry us to those “Special Treatment Camps” that FEMA built a few years ago.

  4. What I don’t understand is when is entering the People’s House, by the American People, valid grounds for arresting everyday Americans, and holding them hostage in DC Prison ? Things are very backward in our Nations Capitol,and every Federal Office across the United States. There were very few who actually caused the damage, most were peaceful and were there to perform their right to address the congressional delegate count. I believe if it had not been for undercover FBI, Antifa, BLM acting as Trump Supporters, this Rally would have been as peaceful as the 600 or so Rallies President Trump has held across this nation. I don’t think the real criminals in DC realize that the more they go after Trump supporters, the more they become the enemy. I am a conservative, but I have seen how an illegitimate government can destroy lives, and include the invasion on our Southern Border with the actions of a Criminal government, 2022 is going to change the face of this nation, because the faces (American People) of this nation by changing the faces of those who are elected to represent us. My hope is we will see a real awakening in America, and those who tried to destroy her, will find themselves facing swift action to name them all as traitors in America, and will get their appropriate punishment. God Bless America, God Bless the Peace Loving American People. The Wrath of God shall reign down upon those who are responsible for all that has transpired in America and around the world. Stand with God and President Trump, they will right the wrongs done to Peaceful People.

    1. Thank you, Your letter was right in line with my thinking. Calling names and lowering your standards to meet the enemy does nothing but bolster them up, and they know they have your attention. We need to take the high road and shut them down without the name-calling. No, I am not a Pollyanna; I refuse to allow them to cause me to lose my cool and act as they do. I have strong feelings against my non-responsive Republican Representatives. I can’t believe they are not standing up for those that are incarcerated in DC. Do you remember the Tea Party and how the GOP promised they would better represent “We the People”? We were foolish and voted them back in, and here we are again; they are turning away from us. Trump was right. We need to clean out the swamp. It was not up to him it is up to us to vote them out. TERM LIMITS.

    2. I pray every night and during the day that God will step in because who else will.
      I don’t understand why these patriots are being held when it’s ok to riot, burn,
      beat up policemen, even kill in the name of what? If you want to live in a communist
      country, go to China, Cuba, or Russia for heaven’s sake. They would never be able to do
      this in those countries. We, Patriots, need to stand up for OUR rights.


    3. There is Nothing new here…The planted disruptors during Obama’s first term Mobsters’ posing as Tea Party members did exactly the same and propaganda filth media ran away with LIES so many pawns accepted as truth. To my shame my libturd son was one of them Pawns…..

      1. EACH ONE of US-PATRIOTS has to wake up and take our country back NOW -before we reach a point of no return ….
        Wuhan Virus was created with financial help and full knowledge of our ENEMY WITHIN just in time for 2020 election using fear and lock ups in order to move senile China Joe right from basement into White House ,
        Notice NONE of MAIN players was infected !!!
        The Obama/Jarret and Co anti- American MOB had been preparing to complete the fundamental demolition of our country ever since 2008 . President Trump was a disruptor of this goal and the hate filled campaign to destroy him employing various government agencies , DC swamp , etc. since 2015 was simply the smoke screen to keep the country destructed in order to hide the horrendous carnage of our beloved country that was taking place ….. And to our horror those of us who aren’t blind can see how much danger our country and the world is in as a result….

  5. We should have marched en mass in, seized the facilities and released the political prisoners months ago.
    Utter Bull Schiff is what it is.
    Rule of Law my aching arse.

  6. Watch the cyber symposium starting today at 10 am eastern at frankspeech.com and you will see the proof of who, what, where, and when votes were changed in all states. This is close to ending which will start a new beginning for not just America, but the world.

  7. The Biden administration and the liberal congress under Schumer and Pelosi mu be removed from office by any means necessary.

    1. shithead Schumer, Piglosi, and any of their sympathizers, SHOULD BE HUNG !!! Let’s get this sewerage OUT of our government !!! I’ve seen BETTER shyt than these scumbags, flushed down the toilet!!!

  8. It has become so very clear that the FBI, NSA and other three letter organizations must now also be investigated. They are not operating as per the law. They are acting outside of the law. Many of the FBI agents are also criminals as some have already been proven to be criminals. We. The People, need to stick together and start going after all of these bad actors of the FBI +. We all have a voice. We need to find the right attorney, pool our money in a Go Fund Me account and start having these bad actors arrested before this gets worse. I feel so bad for the Patriots that were arrested and especially since they are being tortured and their families are suffering. Let’s make the FBI + suffer. I bet they can’t take it and will commit suicide. Serves them right if they do, but I hope it doesn’t come to that so the suffer in prison for the rest of their lives. Something needs to be done about the criminal FBI and it cannot come soon enough. They don’t stop to think that every single citizen in the USA was at that so – called insurrection that Nancy Pelosi started (FACT). We all were there in out minds and went inside the people’s buildings in our minds. We imagined what it was like during the rioting so we were all there. I do not care if the FBI reads this post. They need to know exactly what we think of them and about them.

  9. Were the same pre-trial conditions of confinement inflicted upon the alleged “insurrectionists” of 1/6/21 instead imposed upon their Marxist jailers, a few wiser heads would undoubtedly prevail among the bottom feeders who constitute the Deep State swamp.

  10. What have they done about a fraudulent election? NOTHING. What have they done about Bidens crimes? NOTHING. What have they done about Protesters locked up without due process? NOTHING. What have they done about rioters and murderers? NOTHING. What have they done about Fauci’s lies? NOTHING. Their censoring free speech, segregating Americans! What are they doing about the southern border? NOTHING. The list goes on! Now we have Republicans in the Senate supporting the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Its not infrastructure, its more intrusion and oppression of our rights, wasteful spending and tax increases. It’s the pretext to the 3.5 trillion dollar communist government takeover.
    Take a minute to look at everything thats happened and is happening in our country. Please people, wake up, its a Communist takeover of our country.
    The 2020 election was the biggest attack on our democracy in history.
    There are traitors in America and their working overtime to destroy our Republic. This will only get worse!
    Has the word Patriot really become a word we only use when we want to feel good about ourselves?
    Remember, the frog in cold water doesn’t know enough to jump out as its brought to a boil. GAME OVER! We are the Frog!

  11. When do they go after the BLM and Antifa and all the damage they did . Burning , looting, robbing and even killing. Yet our government does not go after them like they are the ones at Jan. 6th protest .

    1. Of course not. These lowlife ghetto slimes VOTE for the criminal garbage we now have in government !!!That is precisely why that CRIMINAL Biden took on the half-breed slut, know nothing ghetto pig to be his VP, so he could get the monkey vote !!!

  12. Also they are being tortured in order to extract “guilty” pleas; IOW, Compulsory Self Incrimination. So much for the 5A.

  13. Welcome to our new form of government: It’s called a Criminalocracy! Stupid people voting for other stupid people! There is nowhere to turn when even supposed federal “law enforcement” is as corrupt as the people they are supposed to be watching, & “judges” who scorn the rule of law! As a country, we are lost!

  14. Where was the FBI making the arrests of any of the thugs that were in the riots all last summer? Oh I forgot Harris helped raise money to bail them out.

  15. The mayor of Washington DC rejected President Trump’s offer of 4 thousand Nation Guard on Jan. 4 2020 ?

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