AP Changes English Language to Cover up Kamala’s Only Achievement

One of the central themes of George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ was that if you can control the language that people use, you can control people’s thoughts and enslave them. No entity takes this message to heart more fervently than the Associated Press (AP). That’s the entity that sets the rules that journalists at all mainstream media outlets use, when delivering “news” to the world.

The AP has made a big change to the English language, as far as all media outlets are concerned. And that change is a sign that the Establishment is about to shuffle Joe Biden off to the glue factory and put Kamala Harris in charge.

Before we get to the early 14th century Latin word that the AP has just excised from English, here’s an example of how language allows people in power to have control over others.

What comes to mind when you hear the term “hate hoax?”

If you’re a person on the right, you might immediately think of Jussie Smollett, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, or Oprah Winfrey’s tribulations of trying to buy luxury handbags from white shopkeepers on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. You might think of the dozens of Jewish and black college students in America who scrawl swastikas and KKK symbols on their dorm room doors every year (and then immediately call the media instead of the cops).

This is because the term “hate hoax” now exists in our vocabulary on the right. We’re able to have conversations about the cultural phenomenon of minorities faking racist crimes against themselves, so that they can get media attention and hopefully land a sweet Diversity and Inclusion job in the HR department. Virtually every rightwing dissident blogger uses the term “hate hoax” and it even turns up on Fox News occasionally.

But if you use the term “hate hoax” in front of a frequent New York Times reader, you’re likely to get a blank stare. No mainstream media outlet other than Fox News has ever used the term “hate hoax,” and therefore millions of Americans have no concept of what a hate hoax even is. By never using the term “hate hoax,” the media reinforces its own narrative that America is an inherently, systemically racist country.

Sure, the press will cover the story breathlessly every time some college sophomore finds the N-word written in sparkly magic marker on her dorm room door right after she gets home from Transgender Pottery 206. But then the story is never updated when that college sophomore crumbles while describing the incident to police and admits that it’s in fact her own handwriting.

Viewers and readers get the initial “Stunning and brave minority victim trying to persevere after racist attack” story, but they never hear the second part which is that the attack was actually a total lie and a blood libel against other Americans. And because liberals never hear the term “hate hoax,” America will never have a serious adult conversation about why so many minorities keep faking these “crimes.” As always, America’s demand for racism is far outpaced by the actual supply.


Anyway, to make life easier for future American historians, the Associated Press is now excising the word “mistress” from all journalistic writing. Here was the instruction sent out to all mainstream media journalists:

“Don’t use the term ‘mistress’ for a woman who is in a long-term sexual relationship with, and is financially supported by, a man who is married to someone else. Instead, use an alternative like companion, friend or lover on first reference and provide additional details later.”


I wonder who that could be referencing!

Presidential historians and reporters everywhere must have breathed a big sigh of relief at that announcement. Now they’ll be able to justify talking about “President” Kamala without having to ever reference the shameful way that she rose to power in California politics.

Since no one will ever see it in a news report again, let’s say it one more time so there’s a record of it somewhere:

Kamala Harris did serious emotional harm to the loving, devoted wife and children of powerful California politician Willie Brown when she became Brown’s mistress. Kamala Harris got her start in politics because she was Willie Brown’s mistress. And according to the Crazy Days and Nights blog in Hollywood, Willie Brown used to lead his mistress Kamala Harris around in a leash and dog collar as he passed her around to powerful Hollywood producers and politicians in Bay Area orgies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your next President!

No worries, though. We can restore dignity to the White House by never using the term “mistress” again.

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93 thoughts on “AP Changes English Language to Cover up Kamala’s Only Achievement”

    1. Friends…..FOOF FOR THOUGHT……
      In the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve, DISCOVERED “SHAME”
      In 2021, in the White House, AMERICA LOST, “SHAME”….(if it matters)……
      What are we left with?
      1…A demented Devil, as our leader….
      2…A First Son, a convicted drug addict, a criminal, etc. etc.
      3…A VP who is a confirmed MISTRESS, who still does not regret it…….
      Go figure….. No CLEANING AGENT can clean 1600 Pen. Ave. DC

      1. But don’t forget mistress Jill, who was having an affair with Clueless Joe Biden while married, well before her eventual divorce.

    2. I agree. Just call it like it is. A “Ho” is a “Ho” is a “Ho”. Apparently that’s a fair description of Kamel Toes and her relationship with Willie Brown.

      1. Because I am frequently cast into Fascistbook prison, I have to be careful what I say on that format. But I can say it here. I call her “friscoho”.

  1. Oh yeah, oust mentally incompetent slo Joe and put in heels up Harris. That will really get the respect of our enemies….not. I can just hear the snickering from Russia, Iran, and China.

    1. America is a laughing stock to the world thanks to slo jo an’ his ho’s. How humiliating. He’s a sock puppet repeating everything his corrupt handlers feed him and babbles it through the ill-fitting dentures while pretending to do a presser while everything he says is REALLY STUPID! What a pathetic joke this fake admin is.

  2. The AP also changed their stylebook in 2013 to remove “illegal alien” and instead the reference is “undocumented immigrant.” That sounds like a person doesn’t have the proper papers rather than doing something wrong by sneaking into the country. Remember folks “the news is the news, because it’s on the news.” Editors control us more by omitting stories that should be covered, than by publishing the stories they do.

  3. Put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Put lipstick on a hoe and put them in the white house and they still be a hoe.

  4. ROFLMAO…….what makes these clowns think just because they WANT to change the verbiage that we” forget??? That’s more an act of children than adults.

    1. Your so right. Changing names doesn’t change anything.. whore is still a whore. A thief is a thief.

    1. Kamilla’s father is a Communist/Marxist and is a college professor in “California.
      So, that is the type household our V.P. was raised in. . .Communist/Marxist.
      No doubt she absorbed a lot of her father’s thinking on various subjects
      related to those beliefs. Be AFRAID AMERICA. BE VERY AFRAID.

  5. Ah, I see. And a street walking prostitute is just an American entrepreneur trying to make her way up the ladder with hard work and determination. Okay, gotcha.

  6. And the dumbing down of America continues…..when my generation and the next die out, just think how upside down and twisted this Country will be……everyone is subtly being brainwashed.

  7. The whole stinking world knew/knows she got where she’s at on her back with her legs spread. What is mind boggling is that moronic, ignorant or very stupid voters actually voted for a criminal pedophile and a tramp to lead this country with a pig(piglosi) 3rd in line. Someone needs to explain that to me.

    1. It is a statement of how the people really feel about the people that are running this GREAT country. All I can tell them is quit voting for them. You can vote for someone in another party if you think that they are better? Not voting at all will guaranty the loser will win. Just look what is in the White House now.

  8. Aren’t we all so proud …. The Post Turtle and the Ho. Nice work by 80 million morons.
    Sad and Pathetic.
    Aren’t we all filled with pride in our leadership fueled by hate for America.

    1. There were only 80 million vote because of the dead that voted, the ones who only voted for president on their ballot and no one else, the dominion machines that reallocated votes, the lack of REAL investigations into the matter. They investigated DJT for 4 years, did not spend 4 weeks investigating these issues. The republicans should be upset but many are rinos. Remember rino season opens next spring. Weapon to use is called a VOTE. As for heels’ up, call her whatever, but always remember…..
      Buck Fiden and his camel are not my president.
      (You have to swap a couple capital letters to get the real meaning)

  9. Obama is so worried about his legacy, I have a question for him? What good is a legacy to a dead jacka$$.

    1. Trump was condemed for hurting peoples feelings. More and more evidence is coming out that proves Trump was right about almost everything. Why isn’t anyone condemning Biden, Harris along with Pelosi, waters and most of the democrats for lying, manipulating, and insulting half of the voters in this Country? My Grandma used to say “sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind”. I do believe that is what Trump was doing. He may have hurt some feelings, but he worked to make America better for Americans. He never did things that only destroy our Country like the people in control are now doing. Trump was honest and told it like it is. President Trump!!!

      1. President Trump also hurt Putin’s and Xi’s feelings. Yet, Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran did not want to upset Trump’s feelings. The world was peaceful for last four years. But, N. Korea and Iran have started to improve their nuclear capabilities; Chinese and Russian armed forces are openly testing their military readiness against the U.S., and as usual Joe Biden does not know how to handle these difficult situations. He not a problem solver.

  10. Let me clear this up for you.
    Kids get a divers license at 16 year of age. That is 99.9999% of kids regardless of whether they are Black, White, pink, or Purple. Which means that 99.9999% of adults at or above voting age That are citizens, should already have a ID when they go to vote. Those that did not 0.0001% have several years after they turn 16 years of age to find and get to a DMV to get an ID. If it takes that long to get an ID, then they evidently didn’t think that they needed one. They evidently didn’t need one to get a bank account, and get ATM card, so that they could go to Macdonald’s, to get a Big Mac. Now does that clear things up. This just goes to show have depraved people on the left (.D.) really are.

  11. What I want to know is why are these people that are neither black or white but a mix, so vindictive to everyone else? They have such an inferiority complex that they have to destroy everything in their path so they can justify their existence.
    This TRAMP will never ascend to the presidency of this country. She is dumber than Joe Biden and has less appeal. This is a match set up by Barak Obama so that he can remain in power and anyone that can’t see what is going on is too stupid to be an American.

    1. Yes ! There are the Deranged and Dellorables that VOTED for DEPENDS Biden and KNEE PAD’S Harris.

      GOD HELP US !

      They don’t know what they are DOING.

  12. She only got 2% of the vote, which is why Democrat Socialists had to cheat to win. This woman will be the next president of the United States of America. And soon.

  13. Partisan Democrats and Rhinos=Pact Court. Packing the court is racist. There are too many Hacka$$s on the court now. Slow Joe has admitted that he is a racist, he has finally decided to pack the Supreme Court. He will be putting on more Hacka$$s to turn the court into more of a excrement spreader than it already is.

  14. Please do not think K the ho is going to be a real President! She as is slo joe are only faces used by the Democratic Party. Wake up and smell the sh_ _ you choose to be the figure heads but that will start changing November 2022 and finally November 2024!
    Try to stay awake this time? Jim Polnac

  15. You can try and make this TRICK look good but in California we all know she got to the TOP ON HER BACK UNDER A MARRIED MAN WILLY BROWN!

  16. Follow the science, not Dr. Fauci, the science will get you there, Dr. Fauci wont. The science shows that you stand a 80% chance of get infected in you home, and they want to keep you under house arrest. A lockdown is just another name for house arrest, and it is illegal. So if you want to get infected stay home and get it, get it. So get the heck out of the house, and enjoy the sunshine.

  17. When Biden and Harris were running someone sent me an email that said something like “now we will be buying knee pads and pee pads”!

    1. And they were right ! U have KNEE PADS Harris and DEPENDS Biden. That’s a Real good Problem. Knee Pad’s and Depends are Messy Mixture.

  18. The liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical tick really do think all thy have to do is keep on talking, don’t they?There will be mass heart attacks, when the first shot is fired.

  19. The cure to all this lawlessness will be the 223 syndrome. Not sure what that is but I heard it on the grape vine. It may be the only way to destroy this disease that is destroying this country! God help us!

  20. Obama is the real problem. When he was out campaigning the first time, he said he has been to 55 states and perhaps one or two more to get to. Folks, we never had 55 states, but there are 55 muslim countries. He is the one that brought in the czars, now we are being overrun with Muslims. If they want to change something, why not stay in their own country and make changes there. This election was bought with money by people who want to stay in control. Voting was a big joke. Those who advocate no identification are those hiding behind illegal voting. Why is it so hard to understand you need identification to vote. People wake up. They can’t destroy our country without our help.

    1. Obama was put in office the same way Biden was put in office, by voter fraud. I always thought that’s the way Obama got in office but now I know for certain after Biden was placed in office by all the voter fraud that has been exposed in the 2020 election.

  21. You know she screwed her way to the top just by listening to her talk. When she opens her mouth and says anything you can tell she is not very intelligent and in fact is down right dumb so how else could she have gotten to where she is other than screwing her way up.

    1. That’s our Answer ! U can find out how she got where she s at by Contacting WILLY BROWN Ex-Mayor (D-CA) in California. She was known as KNEE PADS ANNIE. (Harris). That’s why when ever she Opens her Mouth U can see she that she has something in there that doesn’t Belong to Her.

  22. I read all the comments, but it seems that “knee pads and pee pads” was the best!! I have to laugh to keep from crying. Kamel-toe did only receive 2% of the vote in the Dimwit Primary, one of the first to go stage left. Now she is only a heart beat away from the most powerful position in the world. Have to ask again, who is really in charge?

    1. Dictator Peloski aka Pelosi. She will put any DIMWIT in where they don’t belong. Like herself she’s trying her Damndist to push Carmela (Knee Pads) out the door so
      She can put Butt Ugly Face on the OVAL OFFICE WALL and her LARD BJTT in the Chair that Rightly belong to
      POTUS w J. Trump

  23. You folks don’t remember Andrew Jackson. But he only put HIS WIFE in the White House. Biden went much further and is now trying to bail out before they kill him. If you don’t remember history, you WILL repeat it!

  24. The Washington democrats are all communist/marxist! They show it everyday with their communist/marxist dictatorship rules they are passing with no say so from anyone else because they cheated on elections to rule America and Americans!! Their sole goal is to destroy America and make it a third world country! The democratic government will destroy America in the next year with their tyranny, lawlessness and dictatorship! There will be a Civil war if they try to take law abiding citizens guns away by force! Millions will die but America will survive and succeed once again!!

  25. Everybody already knows that Headboard Harris got her start in politics because she was willing to spread her legs for a married man to get her first job!

  26. Great comments!! I call the laughing hyena ‘cum all ya spreads her legs Harris’ and her ???boss buffoon….with a small ‘b’

  27. The way that Carmela Harris started in Politics is being Knee Pads for Willy Brown Ex-Mayor (D-CA). And lately
    she’s had Something in her Mouth that doesn’t belong to Her.

  28. This is not the problem. The problem IS, that the Drug cartels have many high ranking officials in the Democratic
    Party in their pockets. This allows them to control our elections and they have enough money to do it.
    Democrats are being paid to Kill , and many of the mass shootings are Democratically controlled. When ever the
    president or other high ranking democratic official gets in hot water, you se3e a rash of mass shootings.
    This is only my opinion.

  29. Kamal shouldnt even have a name or be in the White House. Everyone knows she is a fake and golddigger. She is not capable of handling her job. The swamp needs to be dredged out completely. I cant wait for the big moment of change. Its coming so hold on to your hats.

  30. Harris wouldn’t be where she is today if it wasn’t for her affair with Willie Brown so IMO that makes her an adulteress I read that she also attended a few Swinger parties with him so I guess she likes to go down on women as well as men so because of that I call her Headboard Harris!

  31. Willie Brown was separated from his wife for ten years before his relationship with Kamala Harris.

  32. Communism is being tried here with the Democratic Party in charge. Hunter and dad are getting wealthy from the CCP and Communists in Europe.

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