Awesome: Here’s a Whole Bucket of Provable Fraud from Trump’s Legal Team

We all started asking serious, adult questions about the election “results” on the morning of November 4th. The first response we got from the media is, “There’s no evidence of fraud.” When evidence of fraud began to surface, they swiftly changed their narrative to, “Well, sure, there’s fraud in every election. But it’s not WIDESPREAD!” And so on. In a press conference this week, President Trump’s legal team updated everyone on the progress they’re making in their case to overturn the media’s favored outcome in the election. To be clear, there’s a really big bucket of provable evidence of fraud. Here’s what they’ve gathered so far.

GOP inspectors were prevented from watching the unsealing of mail-in ballots in every “swing state” that is still in dispute. Inspecting the unsealing and checking the signature is the only possible way to determine whether a mail-in ballot is fraudulent. Inspectors were kept 60 or more feet away as election workers opened the mail-in ballots and immediately threw the ballots in the trash. More than 600,000 mail-in ballots were counted this way in Pennsylvania. Those ballots are null and void in a legal sense.

Pennsylvania applied the law unequally in Democrat-majority counties. In Democrat-majority counties, absentee voters were allowed to “cure” flawed ballots so they wouldn’t be rejected. In Republican-majority counties, absentee voters who made mistakes on their ballots were not allowed to “cure” them. That’s unequal application of the law and a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Bill of Rights.


More than 15,000 voters showed up to vote on Election Day in Pittsburgh, PA, only to discover that they had already cast an absentee ballot. None of those voters had requested an absentee ballot. Trump’s legal team has collected dozens of legal affidavits from voters who experienced this.

Affidavits have been collected from postal employees in Pennsylvania, in which they were ordered by their bosses to “back date” ballots that came in after November 3rd. This was done to avoid sequestering those ballots to be counted separately from ballots that arrived on time – as the US Supreme Court had ordered Pennsylvania election officials to do.

60 witnesses in Michigan issued sworn affidavits that they viewed between 60,000 and 100,000 ballots that were cast for Joe Biden and no one else. Those ballots were run through counting machines two to three times apiece, which means that Biden’s “votes” were doubled or tripled in those counties from what the actual ballot total was.

In Wisconsin, 60,000 absentee ballots were counted in the Milwaukee area and 40,000 absentee ballots were counted in the Madison area. What’s the problem with that? None of those voters properly requested an absentee ballot. Wisconsin has some of the strictest absentee ballot requirements in the nation, and yet 100,000 absentee ballots that were never requested were somehow counted.

There were oddly large numbers of “overvotes” in key districts in both Wisconsin and Michigan. That means there were more votes cast than there were registered voters.

The Dominion Voting Systems software… good grief, where to even start with that hot mess? It’s a company that was founded in Venezuela to “fix” elections to permanently keep Hugo Chavez in power, and that Maduro creep after Chavez died. The company is now operated out of Canada. It’s been directly tied to another voting machine company called SmartMatic in London. And it counts the votes on a server machine in Barcelona. Oh, and the head of SmartMatic is a Brit named Lord Mark Malloch-Brown who literally works for George Soros’ investment fund and Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Attorney Sidney Powell says they’ve identified an algorithm in the Dominion voting machines that can “flip” votes from one candidate to another. If they can prove this in court – and Dear Lord in Heaven how we all pray that they can – this could overturn millions of fraudulent Biden votes across the country. Former generals and CIA operatives are coming forward and claiming this is true. Some estimates put Donald Trump’s actual victory at more than 400 Electoral College votes if Dominion is audited.

And finally, Rudy Giuliani says they now have the goods to prove that so many fraudulent votes were cast that it covers more than double Biden’s margin of victory in the affected swing states. Pray that Trump’s legal team will prevail. Stay strong in the truth. The day of reckoning is coming. And then Donald Trump will be sworn in for his second term.

This final point from Rudy Giuliani is worth repeating: Anyone who says there’s “no evidence” of fraud is lying.

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117 thoughts on “Awesome: Here’s a Whole Bucket of Provable Fraud from Trump’s Legal Team”

      1. I’m sick of the fraud and worried that fraud would cloud the presidency if Biden succeeds in this disaster. I’m praying daily for truth and a final honest voter count! Democrats are a disgrace to our country!

        1. Yes, I agree with you. But I am very afraid that Biden will somehow prevail and get seated as President. It scares me to death and I feel helpless after spending %3400 . I am flooded with requests daily foe more donations to get two Republican senators in Georgia and for funds to resolve the fraud. At 91 years of age I feel drained and lost.

          1. I am 90 and am having the same the same issues that you are having. I spent way more than I should have, and now they are still wanting more. I love Trump and want him to win, I voted for him, but I cannot send more money.

          2. At 91 years old, I’m sure you know fraud when you see it! Ray Charles would have been able to see fraud in this election. The Dems have been planning this since Hillary lost, maybe even longer. These young liberals who voted for Biden could learn a lot from the elderly. Keep the faith, my friend! I am confident Mr. Trump has your back!!

          3. I too made donations to Trump and am getting inundated with messages requesting more money. I am deleting them as it is getting ridiculous.

          4. I know the feeling on receiving all the emails from the gop for money on fighting Satan. Scared tactics on both sides of the fence. I can’t afford to send money at all. I just say a prayer for our President Trump and Vice President Pence every day. If we can flood the internet with prayers for our President Trump and Vice President Pence, May it can reverse the negative energy. Pray God will show His hand.

          5. What makes you think there will be any justice,it doesn’t exist in our country,justice for thee but not for thee,Durham and Barr just denied justice to the American people on the coup upon our president,what makes you think the election will be any different

          6. I was feeling as you are feeling. Then I thought about it. I think the requests for money go out to everyone in order to reach someone who may still want the opportunity to give to the cause. I came to realize that is it is good to see that our side is still working hard to keep things going.

          7. Sir, you need to quit donating, look for a reply box at the bottom left corner of the page and tell them you donated. I did and got a return message of gratitude and apologies.

          8. Biden owes China billions of dollars and the includes his brother and son Hunter…
            That is why, Biden is giving America to China…China plans to do paper money with the Chinese president’s face on it…Harris is also have been involved with China as well…

        2. Me too. Praying that this evil be exposed and all of the Soros/Rorhchild owned Media be cut down. These satanists may own the satellites in outer space so they can own most of the media fake government officials that tells people what to think, but they are defeated by God and the truth. evil will not prevail.


      3. Right on, Barbara. Biden claims to be able to “build back better” but has no clue, in reality, what’s he’s talking about. Patriots like you and me know a great president when we see one, and his name is Donald J. Trump! KAG 2020!!!


          1. Biden is leading the country his way and the wrong and dangerous way..He has Soros and Obama behind him, telling him what to so and say…

            Harris has been very quiet lately…Does she have the virus or what?

      4. I run into knot heads that spiritualize everything. “Well it happened so God wanted it”. DUHHH! Think God wanted Hitler??? Idiots! Short pat religious answers that are lies or stated by those who are deceived.

        FACT: In the Bible Saul was voted in by the will of the people, Israel, as king. God has 3 wills – permissable/allowable, good, and perfect. With Saul God did not want Israel to have a king and definitely not Saul. But because it was the will of the people God ALLOWED Saul to be king, knowing he would fail and the people would regret their decision.

        God gets Prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as king placing His permissible will behind Saul. When Saul obeyed Him Israel won. Saul weakens morally and in strength. Boy shepherd David is anointed to be king after Saul dies with God’s approval by Prophet Samuel. David defeats the giant Philistine Goliath winning the kings daughter and glorifying God. Saul gets jealous of his young hero and tries to kill him again and again.

        David got in position to slay Saul twice but would not raise a finger against him because God had anointed him king. To kill Saul would have been going against God and David would not.

        I told all this to point out that God anoints the leaders that people choose. In this election God chose Trump but Biden and the demon acting Dem socialists have tried to fake winning by fraud again and again. THIS MAKES GOD MAD and makes good people who feel their vote has not counted mad.

        If people think that God will anoint anyone who wins election by fraud they are crazy. I believe we the people need to pray against the evil and that TRUTH be revealed. If the people really did choose Biden then so be it but all indicators the corruption we have seen with Trump winning over Biden almost every time indicates the depth of corruption is so deep it demands justice. I give what I can to help but am 71 and retired living on a tight budget like most of you. We must pray against the evil and that truth prevail. We must not wait for God to FIX IT without the Body of believers who comprise the Body of Christ. Jesus is the Head and we need to start unifying as the Body against evil and for good. No compromise with evil.

        I hope I never have to fire a gun against anyone. I served my country for 6 years and am thankful I had to kill no one. Violence and chaos is what the left socialists have caused and want to exist to destroy AMerica and force us into subservience to the UN under UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Socialism was caused by the global bankers who founded the UN, Federal Reserve – global linked bank loan institute to control the USA, and so so much more. This election is not over and I pray Trump win big and truth of corruption be go great that even the lying global bank controlled media has to admit truth.

        What is critical for the USA is not only this election truths being revealed but that we the people get back to God and quit playing church and be it. So many think they are saved that are not. Jesus pointed out people that would say all the things they did for God to get into Heaven. He responded, “depart from me you workers of iniquity for I do not know you.” TOUGH! The KEY “I do not know you”. Jesus told Nicodemus “you must be born again.” Not understanding Nick could not see how one could get back in mom’s womb I am sure Jesus laughed when He said that one must be reborn spiritually not physically. When we repent and welcome Jesus to be our God and Savior pesonally then we are changed in our spirit man. The mind of our spirit becomes in tune with the Holy Spirit Who indwells with us and communes with us teaching us His Bible He got man to write. Our carnal fleshly mind wars with our own spirit. As we study God’s Word and are taught truth by the HS then our mind does not war so much. As we grow less and less inward battle is and we know God’s mind and commune with Him becoming more like Jesus.

        What ever happens in the USA in these end times that is good will be because of God through His people. And what evil we compromise with will grow if we do not obey God. Right now evil wants to overwhelm good and we must quit waiting on God to move and quit making Him wait for us to move. Life and death is in our hands. We are the Body of Christ and are to follow the Head Jesus and quit fighting other parts of the body and get all parts in alignment with the Head.

        1. WOW brother Dave. You’ve taken the words out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree more with you, and yes, we the Body of Christ need to get back to God our Father, in true repentance and worship. Everyone reading this please look at 2Chronicles 7:14. I personally hold the belief that if our president doesn’t prevail, that the Holy Spirit will be taken out of this world (rapture) and the prophecies known as the great tribulation will begin. I personally know too many folks that are not born-again. It would be a heart wrenching shame for them to miss the Rapture.

          1. Please check again… we are in the tribulation and have been for a long time. The Bible says that first the dead in Christ will rise to Heaven {Those who already passed away} and then those that believe will be taken up to Heaven! It doesn’t say we won’t go thru tribulation!

        2. Trump won this election it was fraudulent votes and the dominion machine was rigged to change Trump votes to votes for Biden! Biden is a nut freek and he has dementia and he is not President material! He didn’t do anything for 47 years what makes anyone think he can do anything now! And Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen of the USA! She is ineligible for Vice President or President of the USA!

      5. My beautiful President.
        Works for free. Loves America.Salutes our flag.Stands up for the unborn. Fights for all Americans. Made America’s Military great again. He is the greatest President ever in spite of all the hate. God is with him. He accomplished more than anyone ever.

        1. America has hope in Luke 12: 2 …” The Time is coming when Everything that is Covered Up will be Revealed, and all that is Secret will be known to all.” We must hang on to this Scripture….and believe that God will step forward and hold Democrats accountable for Voter Fraud and all they have done to America and the American people. What we ” SEE WITH OUR EYES IS TEMPORARY, BUT THE THINGS THAT ARE “UNSEEN” ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.”

    1. Amen , President Trump is still President , drag joe and harris out of jills basement and arrest them along with nancy, chuckie and their stooges for treason

      1. It will great to see Trump go after these clowns once he’s re-elected. He’s definitely not the type to take this kind of thing laying down

    2. Mail-in- votes is just one arrow in the Democrates quiver.
      I do hope and pray that people wake up and see the truth
      about this important election. Do you really think anyone
      in their right wants taxes raised? We don’t, Lord knows we
      don’t have enough funds to buy my $647.00 medicine for
      one month.

  1. I knew it! God has a plan to reveal evilness amongst the Dems! The retalliation is coming after four years of slandering, hating, cheating and harrassing a duly elected president of the US, Donald Trump. The whole world will be ashamed over themselves playing along with election fraud by the Dems ie Demons to say the least!

    1. Once a crook , always a crook, democats will never change, what did biden say? PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY, works for them! DONALD TRUMP 2020

      1. You got that right the dems have been crooks for as long that I can remember and being from Illinois I know all about the left I voted and they didn’t even ask for id

      2. Right on, Tim. Cheatin’ Joe came right out and admitted this summer that the Democrats have a system for election fraud working and in place. We, unfortunately, are seeing it in action! KAG 2020

    2. Yes, our God is a loving God and is watching over us. (I know this personally; He has given me the gift of life two times!)

    3. Too true! Our EVERYTHING is doomed IF BIDEN is elected. Just by his nefarious ties to China amongst others. Of course, the other foreign countries are congratulating him…the gravy train is in sight, regardless of the incredible cost to America & hard working AMERICANS!!! Biden’s international debt is far too great, at the cost to the American public & way of life… terrifying just terrifying.

      1. Lola, I am 91 and I feel your pain. But I have turned it all over to God and I am I resting in God. He will see us through to victory, I don’t know the solution but I have to rest and not worry. God knows we have a problem,
        I am waiting for God to clue me in and he will .

  2. Times wasting and with each passing day the more the media is ready to call it a day. The general public will follow their lead like the pied piper. I have been hearing more and more that now has me convinced beyond any doubt. Let’s get off the pot and do this now…

  3. Democracy is where two opposing party’s come together in agreement and sign it into law.
    Socialism is where one party determines the agreement and forces the other party to sign it. The far left is not a “Democratic “Party, it promotes socialism. This is what happened to Venezuela and it’s rapidly taking over the whole world, with the help of globalist George Soroas

    1. I just wish that people would stop calling our government a Democracy when it is a Republic where the rule of law wins and not the crowd that screams the loudest.

      1. Absolutely, Mary. Idiots who have congratulated Sleepy Joe and call him “president elect” have no regard for law and order. It goes to show the decay of our society. While it is popular and “cool” for certain people to hate Donald Trump, it doesn’t give them the excuse to deny the rest of us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as outlined in the Constitution. The liberal media doesn’t call the election, the courts do!! KAG 2020!!!

    2. Why doesn’t anyone go after GS and his cronies for treason? For one individual, regardless of money, to be able to control the outcome of an election, in the United States of America seems just a wee tad surreal. To bring down this country, which has a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, which is admired and loved by so many millions ALL over the world, should be a travesty. I believe there are too many God loving people in OUR country to let this happen. Trump being one of us.

      1. The reason that he is being able to pull this of is simple. He has done it to many other Countries like Columbia and Venesuala and Russia would love to get their hands on him. They have warrants out for his arrest but Obama managed to find a way to protect him from being returned. Wish some one would write Puttin a letter and tell them where he is hiding. Maybe it would solve a whole shit load of problems. Or at least have the opportunity to freeze all of the bank accounts that he has all over the world. Cut the head off of the snake and the problem goes away.

        1. Maybe if some one could doxy him put his name and address maybe then some one would do the right thing and get it to the right people. The Dem’s doxy our people all time it’s time to rpay the piper.

      2. Donald Trump undoubtedly loves God, his country, and it’s citizens. As opposed to Sleepy Joe who is more interested in lining his own pockets as substantiated by his record as Senator for Delaware. The only thing “useful’ about Joe is that he is a cover for an imminent Socialist takeover of our country. That’s the only explanation I see for the worst election I have ever seen in my life. Possibly, the most corrupt and fraudulent election in American history!! KAG 2020

      3. While I agree with you Sally, I believe there are issues with bringing George Soros to justice. Chief among them, lack of evidence. Also, he would have to be extradited from Hungary which I believe is his country of residence to the United States to face charges. I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think extradition can be expedited based on “prima facie” evidence

    3. Yes Soros needs to be hung as do the rest of the corrupt politicians in the demoncrat party of lying, cheating stealing idiots

    4. i agree very well said the foundation for another holocaust is being laid it”s the democrats and the mainstream media that is dividing america

  4. There’s no question everyone in the country who voted for Trump thought the election was stolen and now we have the proof. But the wheels of justice turn at a turtle’s pace and Dec. 14 is rapidly coming upon us. Trump’s legal team need to have the supreme court put on an injunction and delay the electoral certification until after the trial is over and have Trump remain president during that whole time, even if it goes past the swearing in date but only have it apply to the office of the president. That way Trump can have some more fun driving cement face Pelosi more insane and the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the show.

    1. i believe some lawsuits were entered asap but that [sounds like the big one] some cannot happen until after certification….

    2. Well I hope there’s more justice for something this big than there’s been for the past 4+ years with these democrats (which has also been pretty big)

  5. Why was Biden allowed to run for the president when all the corruption about his son was made public, not only by the whistle blower, but by Biden himself admitting he told the Ukraine if they didn’t get rid of the Guy that was investigating his son they wouldn’t get the millions of money he promised them “ I quote “Son of a Bitch, they got rid of him”. Quid Pro Quo or not? That was a video clip of him saying those things!!!!!

    1. Yea they tried to impeach trump for 3 years for what biden was doing all along trump was innocent biden is guilty and biden gets elected whats with that oh wheres hunter hiding

  6. I believe the military is going after a very large group of people tied not just to voter fraud but other crimes that include politicians, business executives, judges, media, big pharmaceutical executives, etc. The depth of corruption is deep and wide which requires a large net. They will also confiscate their assets they think are hidden. I also think many will be tried under military law for treason that will follow constitutional law.

    1. Well, one big problem of his admittance is this; Joe Biden and the elements of the Deep State who falsified testimony regarding President Trump’s fake impeachment, ALL swore that the inspector who was fired, was corrupt. Here’s something the media is trying to avoid, the truly corrupt company that had Hunter on the board and Joe protected, Burisma, has already ADMITTED in court they BRIBED BOTH JOE AND HUNTER! Just Google, Burisma admits in court that it bribed Joe and Hunter Biden”

  7. I vote for Trump by mail three week early. Because I’m disabled and kept. getting text saying I hadn’t voted and it plain to see there is a lot of fraud going on .when all the thousands of vote were for Biden and none were for President Trump , that not even possible

    1. I was watching the election coverage on Epoch Times. Trump had a 15-point lead in the electoral college. All of the sudden, Biden got 70 electoral votes and they wouldn’t even say which state(s) he won to garner the votes! It’s as if they just fell down out of the clear blue sky!!!

  8. I agree let’s do this and finally prove that All kinds of fraud has been discovered and if President Trump’s legal team , who are Rock Star’s got the goods and can prove it then my God let’s do this. We need to be able to have a answer and be able to go to bed at night knowing our President Donald Trump will indeed have Four More Year’s. I will myself be able to sleep at night, and I know so will over seventy one million people feel the same way. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.Go get him confirmed as our president.

  9. .
    I’ve been following my own advice … about praying and sharing … as follows:
    2. This is an Absolute MUST-READ!
    3. But even More Critical than merely Reading it: is that this is a MUST-SHARE … as FAR, and as WIDE, … as is humanly possible!!!
    4. It is the straight, open, and unmistakably obvious Truth!!!
    6. And LASTLY: PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!!

    1. As long as people know HOW to pray it works. We must pray in fellowship with God and according to His Word. (1 John 1:9, John 4:24)

  10. .
    To which I added the following comment:
    And since I wholeheartedly agree that the “final point” in this article (referred to below) … that’s so obviously “worth repeating” … here goes my own personal repetition of it:
    “This final point from Rudy Giuliani is worth repeating: Anyone who says there’s “no evidence” of fraud is lying”.

  11. God Bless President Trump. if we can get the justice he deserves I would like him to start at the top to take down Obama Hillary Biden for treason and the rest of them let`s take back (We The People) America the Democrat game has to stop and we the people can do it and watch Dan Bongino for the truth rumbles the site join today and get the facts to screw the fake new

    1. I love Dan Bongino..and another one is Ben Ferguson he also has a pod cast..I voted early in person for Trump..and I see so much hate in the Democrats that its frightening..I pray that Donald J Trump wins this election..or we can all say good by to America and what she stands for…I donated so much of my income im hurting now but this seems so much more important then other things right now..I cry everyday thinking of what life will be for my great grand babies 2 and 3 if that creep Joe gets in I think we should call a prayer meeting together as a team of Republicans an invite all our Republican friends to join us…as we call upon God to help who wants to arrange this for this week I will join for sure I can’t sleep and cry about and pray as many of you do to…we must protect our President

  12. We all knew the morning of Nov. 4th that something wasn’t right. Democrats knew they couldn’t win; just observe the Trump rallies and that speaks for itself. God will be the one who exposes the fraud and believe me, he will. God will bless America once again when satan is exposed with the democratic party.

  13. We are already experiencing a massive cold war within our nation
    It will devolve into a war marked by violence and bloodshed, seeing that American Patriots will not make accommodation for dictatorial rule by the globalist financier plutocratic power elites. Biden is no Democrat. He has single-handedly destroyed the Democratic Party That hollowed- kut shell is now the Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crat faction of hatred and war.

  14. We all believe there is fraud in this election!!! But if Powell and Guiliani have such concrete proof why aren’t they doing something!!!! This is like a circus….. and the Dems are cool about the whole fiasco of an election and DOJ ain’t doing a thing….. when are they gonna spring Biden on us…. and the GOP are worrying about GA senate race and 2022…. at this point I believe that the deep state has buried all the evidence and they got POTUS hanging…. after 52 years of voting I have had it…… I pray that God saves us people from the dangers we face at the hands of the Dems….. GOP has turned its back on us and the President….: I beseech all to pray, pray and pray that God saves us from the catastrophe we face!!!

    1. I agree with you. Let’s get the evidence in front of the American people!!!! I have been watching NewsMax. A super dialogue for conservatives. In the end God will prevail.

    2. This problem is being handled by a few lawyers with support from Trump constituents and some Republicans. They have world wide support by people who stand to lose mega amounts of money and discovery by their people that they too used DVS and software manipulated (preprogrammed) for their win. There is a lot to contend with. Our prayers are needed, support for President Trump, Sidney and Giuliani and team for truth, justice, personal safety for all & families and to witness the failure and lack of responsibility the Democrat party has had in following the rule of law… My prayer is for all to have the scales of their eyes removed and ears opened for this situation as well as for future events previously written. We serve an awesome GOD. He has our lives and future in His hands. Halleluiah!! Let it be known that voter fraud was committed to the maximum extent. DVS glitches preprogrammed, more votes than people in counties for Biden, affidavits from people who saw fraud taking place right before their eyes. Democrats knew we the people would turn out in droves to vote for President Trump legally that they had to rely too much on their tactics and shenanigans to get their way otherwise they wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance….. They did not look up…..just side to side. A small army to thousands on the other side yet found out!! Who but GOD!

  15. The awful truth is being uncovered at last. If Mr. Trump prevails and ultimately wins, his next four years will make the last four pale by comparison. Revenge will be the norm for the Demorats and we’ll be subjected to a daily onslaught of dirt digging, slander,
    H of R obstruction, exposés of his family, etc. I was heartened by watching program on Newsmax early this morning about Mr. Trump‘s somewhat unique way of dealing with adversity. For example, he was an unwelcome outsider in Palm Beach, FL. The wealthy enclave there was all-white, old money. Mr. T had both Black and Jewish friends and associates-a no-no there. Well, he bought the estate of former cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. The author of this program says that Mr. T is very patriotic and had a huge flagpole and flag installed on the property. He was immediately informed that the height of the pole exceeded zoning standards. It could be seen over the entire enclave. When he kept the flag up, he was fined a huge amount of money each day it was up.
    His solution? He had workers take it all down, build a hill, and replace the exact same pole and flag at the top!
    The program said that he relishes publicity, good or bad. Contrary to what I had thought, he’s not phased by fake news aholes like Jim Acosta, personal attacks, and political criticisms-he thrives on them. Not so for weary American patriots. This is an interesting time in our history. Stay turned!

  16. I am Praying that even more overwhelming proof of fraudulent voting in all 5 states in question is found and brought to the Supreme Court. Yes, I believe in the Lord and his plan for putting Donald Trump in the White House. (A slap in the face to all the Devil worshippers following ungodly liberal beliefs of the New Democratic Party.) When all is done the Election should read: WINNER President Trump 80% of the votes, Biden = 20% of the votes. And Trump will get over 300 Electoral Votes accordingly; when the States will be Flipped to Trump. Lord please show to the world the Red Sunami Landslide that We All Knew Was Coming.

  17. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. It is illegal for a foreign country to interfere with America’s elections which is proven by the soft ware developed by a foreign entity and used in the election system. The Supreme Court will eventually play a big part in this for sure. Their ruling will be according to the states election laws one ruling will be that all ballots presented after the closing time will all be considered void. This means the vote tallies at the time will be valid no matter who is ahead in the vote count. This also means that President Trump was leading by large margins and will eventually be re-elected to office.

  18. I am praying daily for the truth of this election to be revealed for all to see what is happening to our country.
    And the Truth will set you free
    Why can’t the news report the truth on all news
    Stop all this fake , one sided news.
    The country has the right to hear both sides and come to their own conclusions of what is happening.
    Not showing both side shows the news people are Afraid of the TRUTH and know the people would not choose what they want them to choose
    This country use to stand for truth and the right to choose , speak, and live truth.
    Let us continue to fight for truth and liberty
    Stop all this fake half truths that they are brain washing our country with
    GOD BLESS America and my we continue one Nation Under GOD

  19. COME ON MAN//// can’t you all see that joe and the Ho want to send this country right back into the shitter where Obama left it and president trump rescued it from. besides aren’t you sick of all this winning? joe and the Ho want to bring back 5 dollar a gallon gas for ya and unemployment back up to 22 percent. and not to mention that china and the Ukraine still have a lot more money for the Biden crime family to steal. if president trump doesn’t turn this election around and stay as president this country is gone with the wind and frankly Scarlett the democrats don’t give a damn.

    1. You know what Gary ?!!!….. the “Shitter”. Exactly where Obama left this nation …. Trump inherited a toilet and literally “ opened the window” for the next 4 years.
      I’m not a rich man, but I’ve been more comfortable in my own skin since DJT took office than any other moment in my life. Donald Trumps America is what we’ve all been looking for for years. We got, I for one, don’t want to lose it.
      I heard a snippet of Obamas speech on Bidens behalf in Philly, Pittsburg, don’t care to remember where it was, but, he actually said this………..”get out, vote, and then maybe just maybe we can get back to where we were”
      WHERE WE WERE. LOL. This man ran our nation into a shithole and still to this day thinks he left us with his “ legacy”.
      Yeah there Baracky Boy…. you left a legacy alright……. I thank God every day that Donald Trump cleaned up your mess the way he did. DJT is a brilliant man Barack, you… not so much

      1. Excellent point, Johnny. The fact that “Joe and the hoe” were both looking directly at the camera during the debates and telling people to go out and vote tells me they were doing this to help cover up the fraud that was committed in the election. They knew about fake ballots and mail in ballots that were stored in warehouses for months.

  20. When was the last time that the winner of a presidential election failed to increase members in the house of rep/

  21. The Devil (Biden) went down to Georgia.
    He was lookin’ for a vote to steal.
    He was in a bind ’cause he was WAY behind.
    He was willing to make a deal.
    When he came across Trump’s rally he knew the huge crowd tally.
    And the Devil pulled out his wallet & said I’ll pay for all those absentee ballots. .
    The Crowd said, “Our name’s America & you may think you’ll win
    But, We’ll take a bet
    And you’re gonna regret ’cause Trump’s the Best there’s ever been.”

  22. When my beautiful president is swarn in for a second term I hope that he will remove all of the trash from our government. And yes our government is full of it. I keep hearing that election fraud is a federal crime. There should be many election officials, and postal officials as well as many Democrats waiting for a jail cell.

  23. I’m believing for LUMBER, ROPE and SUPPLIES to build 500 gallows for ALL the DEEP state and their actors. Sounds good? One HUMORED Patriot.


  25. If Biden is declared the winner America is finished. there will be no more voter integrity in Presidential elections and it will be just a matter of time when our economy collapses because of bidens insane ideas that he has planned. I’m glad my parents are not her to see this after all they had to go through

  26. I too, agree with the previous comments. Yes, let’s pray that God will continue to bless and protect President Trump and grant America four more years of its elected-by-a-landslide, pro-American President Trump. Pray for continued discovery of all the fraud, fair tabulation, and effective enforcement of the laws and the constitution to prove President Trump’s overwhelming victory in this election. Pray the Rosary. It is “the weapon”. After WWII Austria narrowly escaped a communist takeover because so many citizens prayed the Rosary. Famous quote, „Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you“. Remember, the world is watching what is happening in America.
    God bless America!

  27. WE need to break the liberal medias down now they are the enemy of the people. TRUMP deserves 8 more years in office after the left wasted 4 years of progress to get the USA back on track. BRING OUT THE ROPE NOW

  28. I don’t believe I’ve seen a more ignorant set of pseudo religious tripe in a lot of years. While you idiots are equating the people who attend the same churches, support the same charities and let’s not forget pray to the same God as you to the Nazis and the Communists and Satan.

    Comparisons are made to Maduro in Venezuela but not to Rocket Man, Xi and the most odious, Putin the KGB master. Killing and imprisoning their own people to maintain power is what they are all about. That is what Donald Trump is all about. And those “patriots”(?) that take up arms against their government chosen by their friends, neighbors and relatives.

    But, oh, that can’t be, I’m a patriot defending my liberties. My Republican conservative religious liberties that red-blooded American patriots like me (that’s you thinking, not me) believe in and support are the beliefs of the great majority in this country. However about 30% hold your beliefs to some extent. Less than 40% belong to a religion.

    The problem is Trump’s law and Constitutional law are far different. Following Trump’s law means you’re also narcissistic, self-centered and to some extent sociopathic. The Constitution requires that you support and defend the United States and the Constitution. That’s being patriotic. Your unwillingness to believe in and accept not only the rules of government it provides, but also your unwillingness to accept the government chosen by the people.

    The Constitution is not a perfect guide to good and safe government, but is as close as we will ever see. It does balance the individual freedoms with those required for large group interest, such as the nation as a whole or perhaps even a minority. There is a balance between individual and group interest. It is at that point you become a patriot or an insurrectionist.

    Taking up arms against your government is insurrection. When taking up arms it should be for good reason that is obvious. It’s not obvious if the claimed violations of the Constitution by the government are not demonstrable and provable.

    Checking off the claims to massive conspiracies when there is no evidence to support those claims is good for fiction. (I have so enjoyed the books by Tom Clancy, a couple of McDonalds and any number of well-known authors.) Most of the conspiracies fail for obvious reasons, but I like to look for the ones that fail because they (either the author ignored something in the Constitution and made it almost work or the individuals involved in the conspiracy by the author’s writing overlooked or simply violated something and thought they could get away with it.

    One has to be incredibly off balance to buy into most of these conspiracies and they are rarely if ever proved. We’ve seen enough of them over the years and all the Trump’s investigators and all the Trump’s minions couldn’t build a case against anyone..

    I can understand why these folks are so angry. I would be too if I were getting my leg pulled or my chain yanked as much as these folks are. There has been a whole parade that have become the grease spot on the street and the subject of their own conspiracy.

    It’s tough out here for a minion. I you follow orders, you go to jail for some crime. If you don’t, you get fired and subjected to incredible attacks and ridicule. Oops, forgot masochist!

  29. I have attempted to read and understand the pile of shit you have written. It makes no sense and keeps on making a fool of yourself the longer I continue reading. What is your point. Which side are you one and why, Stop rambling make a clear point in one short statement. Quit using words that make no sense.

    1. Rolland ……. I too have read Larry Ripleys “manifesto” if you will. Twice now. And like you , it makes no sense in any respect. Mr Ripley…….. what in the love of God almighty are you trying to convey to us?!!!
      I’m not grasping the message your trying to purvey. Ripley: “Believe or not“ (like Rolland before me) what the hell it is you’re saying to us God fearing, Trump loving Americans……. do you have the same thing going on with you that Sleepy Joe has going on?!! You seem to be having a great deal of confusion while trying to relate your post with some kind of integrity. That is Ripley.. you’re rambling. You should’ve signed off as “Rambling Ripley.. believe it or not.” LOL. And by your own words, guess what… don’t believe it Ramblin Boy.. I’m thinking you’re just another uneducated sheep-like democrat. F you ramblin

      1. Hey Johnny…. Obama’s legacy is that he was the mostest, pieceoshittest, lynininest,corrupististses Precedent ever!! What a piece o work…Obama. Let him and his boy Michael forevah be at peace. Piece o shit that is. Hey McBama….what da fuck mang?! Your wife is uglier than you and 3 inches taller ……… let’s not… oh hell no “B”, we be not gonna go they’ya. Oh no he di….ent!! Democrats are calling for Trump people to go get “re-programmed” in concentration camps. I’d make that case for the ignoramos multitudes of Democratic, brain dead, Biden loving?!!!!,… really?!, voters who still have this mush brained “candidates” bumper sticker on their car!!! You’re the idiots what need the briefings… GOOD GOD!!!, is this really happening in my country?!!!!!! I’m still optimistic here my friends. Let’s pray that DJT gets his turnaround and kicks butt. To you Trump people….. I respect and love you. Not really thinking we need reprogramming……. LOL. LOL. LOL. At this time of my life I have to AX myself (BLM lexicon)…. “ Bubba, let me ax you dis”, duz you be thinkin Ole Creepy Joe really dun won dalection?!!” MMMMM MMM MM… I doesn’t think so!! Massa Biten… iz you for reals prezident?!! You’s sooo stoopid…. make no sensitall


  31. I am 75 and waiting for Pres. Donald Trump to find all he needs to turn this nightmare around! I hope I did all my worrying( ? ) before the election. I have absolute faith in what my Pres. Is doing and no doubt he will win in the end. I do feel so sad when he asks for money to help him and I don’t have any to send. About $10.00 is all I have every month to send, and I do that. I have seen a lot of elections in my life, as I’m sure a lot of you have, and feel he is a miracle that h is a miracle that has been sent to us. God bless Donald Trump, and God bless the USA!

  32. First time in my life time we have a President who stands for justice, law, order, and has been condemned and under fraudulent charges since day one, and democrats wasting tax payers money with impeachment charges. A President who follows Biblical principles on abortion, following US Constitution, respect of our Nation, Flag and the American citizens, whom he puts first. Against illegaels coming into our country and getting free everything from housing, food, jobs, cars, medicial care. Our ancestors had to come over from other countries legally and enter into one of the ports, register, and then go forth and become citizens, taking exam, learned to speak ENGLISH, brought some traditions with them to carry on with their families in a new country, but didn’t force others to do them, such as read koran, cover face, etc., and if they committed a crime they paid dearly, often death, others in stockades etc. We HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO DOESN’T GET PAID, DONATES HIS INCOME TO WORTHY PROGRAMS, A PRESIDENT THAT CAN’T BE BOUGHT….TO BAD OTHER POLOTICIANS WOULD WORK FOR NOTHING, THEY MOCK HIM FOR WHAT HE EATS, HOW HE SPEAKS, FACT HE WON’T BACK DOWN. HE STANDS FOR JUSTICE. IS HE PERFECT??? NO, AS NO ONE IS, SO ME SOME ON THAT HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING AT ALL WRONG, AND I’D SAY YOUR WRONG, LUNLESS YOU POINT TO JESUS, WAKE UP AMERICANS time is drawing near, things are lining up according to Scripture, and i do believe President Trump will be the final president before the world changes have a one world government, currency and baking system etc. the criminals in our government need to be taken down, and punished, perhaps lose everything they have stolen, whos needs 14 summer homes, or more then 2…a home and summer place to go…the average person can’t afford that PRESIDENT MANY AMERICANS ARE PRAYING FOR YOU, MANY STAND WITH YOU ON JUSTICE, LASW AND ORDER AND UNITY, WE ARE TIRED OF FAKE NEWS, BEING LIED TO, AND CONTROLLED BY THOSE THAT WANT TO DICTATE US TO WEAR MASK, LOCK DOWN AND BANKRUPT OUR NATION. MR PRESIDENT DRAIN THE SWAMP, AND PUNISH THEM….AS SYOUR PUNISHMENT WISLL BE LESS SERVE THEN THAT OF GOD’S BUT WE WILL SEE JUSTICE SERVED.

  33. The demoscum learned one thing from 2016, they didn’t rig enough votes. This election they made sure they made enough fraudulent votes. It’s obvious they no longer are trying to hide their crimes, and will continue to have two tiered justice.

  34. I”m with the prayer warriors. I have prayed feverently for the truth. It’s being answered. Amen! Now I will pray for this very wrong to be righted. Lord knows this . He has been with President Trump for almost 4 years.He wants to hear this from his children. I will not stop. Amen! I’m so glad there’s so many of us. We are not as powerful as the bad guys and girls. And not satan either. But God is. Amen!

  35. Sadly this will take the same course that the O.J. Simpson verdict took and that is who will most likely riot at the finding. In the case of the O.J. verdict it was determined that the blacks would riot and in the President Trump case it was determined that the lib’s would riot; ergo, Biden is president. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

  36. America has hope in Luke 12: 2 …” The Time is coming when Everything that is Covered Up will be Revealed, and all that is Secret will be known to all.” We must hang on to this Scripture….and believe that God will step forward and hold Democrats accountable for Voter Fraud and all they have done to America and the American people. What we ” SEE WITH OUR EYES IS TEMPORARY, BUT THE THINGS THAT ARE “UNSEEN” ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.”

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