Biden Admin Facing Massive Lawsuit Over Their Coverup of Effective COVID-19 Treatments

The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit from a group of doctors who argue that the administration unlawfully blocked the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.

The lawsuit names the Department of Health and Human Services, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, the Food and Drug Administration, and FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf as defendants.

In the filing, plaintiffs Mary Talley Bowden, Paul E. Marik, and Robert L. Apter argued that by publicly ordering health professionals and patients to avoid ivermectin, the FDA both acted outside of its authority and inhibited the doctors’ ability to practice medicine.

Attempts by the FDA to influence or intervene in the doctor-patient relationship amount to interference with the practice of medicine, the regulation of which is—and always has been—reserved to states,” the lawsuit said.

The FDA breached this critical boundary between federal and state authority by directing the public, including health professionals and patients, not to use ivermectin to treat COVID-19, even though the drug remains fully approved for human use.”

The filing emphasizes that the case is not about the efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19: rather, it said, “it’s about who determines the appropriate treatment for each unique patient and whether the FDA can interfere with that process.

“Since the pandemic began, I have had one mission – help my patients,” Bowden said following the filing. “I provided access to testing when testing was hard to find. I provided treatment when other doctors told my patients to stay home. I have kept over 3,900 patients out of the hospital, but it hasn’t been easy.

Bowden was “derided by Houston Methodist Hospital and forced to resign her privileges there as a result” of her ivermectin recommendations for treating COVID-19, the lawsuit said, stating that Bowden treated over 3,900 patients for COVID-19 “with a success rate over 99.97%.”

“Sadly, fighting the system has been a much bigger challenge than fighting the disease,” she continued.

Despite my excellent track record treating COVID patients, the FDA’s smear campaign against ivermectin continues to be a daily hurdle to overcome. I am fighting back – the public needs to understand what the FDA has done is illegal, and I hope this suit will prevent ‘them from continuing to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.”

The lawsuit points to a massive number of FDA warnings against ivermectin, warnings which were effectively Biden administration propaganda against the effective treatment.

In August 2021, the FDA tweeted saying, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.

“This is not the first pandemic our country has faced, nor will it be the last,” the lawsuit said looking to the future. “And COVID-19 isn’t going away. If the FDA is not limited to its statutory lane, its unlawful actions will no doubt persist and repeat themselves.”

“Moreover,” the filing continues, “if the FDA is allowed to interfere with the practice of medicine now under cover of a pandemic, this interference will metastasize to other circumstances, destroying the carefully constructed statutory wall between federal and state regulatory powers, and between the FDA and the professional judgment of health professionals.”

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44 thoughts on “Biden Admin Facing Massive Lawsuit Over Their Coverup of Effective COVID-19 Treatments”

  1. My husband and I just white knuckled it through 14 days of flu symptoms “on steroids,” that the doctor said was Covid. The sore throat was so bad and swollen, that you could barely swallow water. We were told, “The protocol for the unvaccinated is now to do NOTHING.” I think our doctor is afraid to go contrary to the system. We are 70, hadn’t been sick in over 20 years, and got it from a triple jabbed relative. Luckily, we made it.
    Guess it wasn’t time to go HOME yet. Be careful everyone…..

    1. I’m 66 Cheyenne, and when I acquired the Vid, my doctor told me the was NOTHING he could do for me. And that’s exactly what he did. 2 weeks of hell, but still here tontalk about it

    2. The vaccinated are not even aware that they are the SUPER SPREADERS of the virus! This is now a PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED, they are the ones carrying and spreading it.

      1. and many of the vaccinated are dying so the vaccine is partly ineffective in many cases. my wife was fully vaccinated but still died from covid.

        1. The vacc does nothing to treat Covid, it is just supposed to vacc us against getting it, which effectiveness starts waning as the clock ticks after getting jabbed. The government is not interested in treatments, and as they are found, they fight them, bad mouth them, remove access to them. Doctors are threatened and even fired for using treatments that are shown to help. I’m glad some are suing, as it needs to turn around. Some NIH, NIADH
          officials have been found to have invested in Covid vacc research, then production and sales, making fortunes pushing vaccine and boosters. They are getting rich from vacc sales, and those facts need to be put in the open and they should be charged for their part in pushing vacc while pushing to block all treatments, AFFORDABLE TREATMENTS. Hydroxychloroquin, HCQ, has been used for over a hundred yrs by the Peace Corps, in areas that have seen much lower amts of Covid cases. HCQ costs pennies, was studied by Mayo Clinic in 2003 against SARS 1 coronovirus with fantastic results. It prevented the virus from even ENTERING healthy human cells, so they couldn’t reproduce and effectively KILLED IT. A simple, cheap med that could PREVENT a coronovirus illness! For about FIFTY CENTS TOTAL. Take up that study again and perhaps prove the SAME effectiveness against SARS 2, COVID. But it showing effectiveness just being USED in other countries and by some doctors here. The government should also recommend treatments like Ivermectin, instead of fighting it. Easy to get, unlike vacc, it doesn’t affect reproduction in females, or cause some other
          tragic cardiac problems and such. It’s maddening. Individuals are making millions from pushing the vacc. and boosters.

          1. Time to drain the Swamp, Our current political leaders are dropping the ball everywhere. No communication, no plans, it is like they are trying to destroy America as we know it. I am nearly 70 and watch what things cost over the last 60 years. 1000.00 for a new car, Houses for 30,000 and people had money to spend. You did not have to be a doctor or lawyer to make it big. We need to get back to enjoying each other rather than all the material goods. We the people need to run the country and not crooked politicians .

  2. I know several people that have had all the shots and have come down with Covid three to four times, it hits them a different way each time, maybe you might get a milder case, but to me I don’t think the shots are doing the job.

    1. It’s all been a lie thanks to the major FRAUD Fauci. Watch out now because he has given a whole lot of money to test the Monkey Pod. In China of course. I’m sure he will see to it that it’s a Pandemic too. He needs to GO NOW.

      1. Janice, Dr.Evil Fauci is the leader on the Covid disaster! The US government sent all the money to Wuhan labs to paid for what he had to know about Gain of Function! We paid with our own money to get this virus because that little man wanted to know something that does not mean one thing but to the scientist doing their jobs! But Fauci made sure it was leaked out so we would all get it and it was Fauci that did all the dirty work! But it was also Fauci that made all the money off the pills, shots and thing that was given! That is why he has 10 plus million in the bank! Now here comes Monkeypox more money for the Dr Evil! He is part of the One World Order and wants the world population down to 500 million! It is just like what the Nazi’s tried to do – CONTROL! Gates, Soros, Obama, Biden all need to be removed from the early for what they are trying to do!

    2. I think the effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the medical condition of the person receiving it. I am 83 and have no prescription meds at this time. I got 3 shots and had no adverse affect. If one is on prescription meds the vaccine may not be able to do what it is supposed to do because of the combination of meds.

      Just my thoughts. I am not a doctor.


      1. You do realize that the shots 1- alter your DNA, and will allow your immune system to be destroyed and you will now get covid. These are all known facts coming out from FOIA(freedom of information Act) from data done by Pfizer. Sorry, good luck to all those vaxxed!

      2. And that’s why a few years of testing was required which never happened. The world Govt leaders are all killers.

      3. The shots are not vaccines. People were lied to in order to scare them into taking experimental gene therapy injections. The majority of those who received the jabs did no research and have no idea what ingredients are in the shots.

      4. The vaccines are experimental gene therapies, not vaccines. Everyone was lied to in order to scare them into taking the jabs. The majority of those who took the shots did no research and have no idea what ingredients are in the injections.

    3. They have had no immunity (the shots) that is why it cannot be called a vaccine. The virus is being spread by the vaccinated, (KNOWN FACT) That is why it is not a vaccine, no immunity and they can still spread and carry virus.

      1. Luckily I was listening to a FOX Program with a FOX contributing doctor speaking about the Monkey Pox. He stated it began in Africa and effects mostly men who are with other men. Shades of HIV….eh?

        1. monkeypox is endemic in parts of equatorial africa. there was a “gay pride” event in the azore islands and this drew people from all over. shortly thereafter, monkeypox has spread amongst gay participants and next it started spreading to others.

    4. I’m no doctor Dorothy, but my theory or should I say, opinion, is that the shots make a person MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to the virus ….. thats probably the end game from the start I’m afraid !
      Think about it, they want us culled to the largest percentage of people they can infect, by giving a “vaccine” that’s actually detrimental and works the opposite of what they are purveying that it does, they’re getting the sinister results they were looking for all along.

      I don’t trust this administration for shit!
      Babykillers, perverts, and greedy sons a bitches these Democrats.
      Biden is killing this nation!

      1. DAMN Enough already!! Hadn’t put it into that perspective. They release the virus, push nasty serums in people designed to do damage instead of remedying the situation, you’re more apt to get the virus because your immunity is zilch, and your susceptibility is is now a go for their ideology..if the virus doesn’t get you, the shot will.

        Scary, so Democratic like. Sounds like the Butcher Biden.

  3. Thank you for writing the TRUTH that we all need to know. There’s not enough of it these days!

    1. I am praying you win this lawsuit. It’s time some one had the courage to step up and do the right things. You are, and I am so grateful. I know many people that ordered Ivermectin from other places, took it, and got well. President Trump did too. I hope they will leave the doctoring to doctors after you win this much deserved suit. Again I thank you.

  4. The whole covid mess is a complete scam. Read RFK, Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

  5. The crisis of leadership continues starting with a mentally and physically dalt president. The democrats are happy to allow this abomination in office to continue, guess they are hoping to line their pockets, as much as their leader has done, Bidens response to our border crisis and invasion of our souther border, the drugs, the crime, the burden to the tax payers, fxxx it, and fxxx the border patrol people, Bidens response to national shortages, like baby food, empty shelves, fxxx it, Oh, plus nobody ever told me, plus don’t forget it’s all Trumps fault. Bidens quick response to national inflation, high energy costs, high food cost, fxxx it, don’t forget it’s all the Russians fault, we have the largest debt in the history of our country but it does not stop biden and his crew from pissing away your tax payer dollars, with a fxxx it, to go along with it.The midterms are getting closer vote these fxxx it democrats our of office and return law and order to our country.The recession is here what are you going to do about it?


    1. It is impossible to vote out our reps when they cheat so many ways in the elections. I don’t think half of congress was fairly elected. They have been cheating for years.

  7. The covid” plandemic” was and is just that! A plandemic to take our attention away from the election bieng rigged by Obama, so he could have his third term through his stooge, Biden! He was NOT elected, he was installed by Obama and Soros! Obama and Soros should be kicked out of our country and not allowed to return, sieze all their assets and ship them back to their country of origin. Ibama was not born here, neither was Soros. They are both satan worshiping Nazis who want to destroy our country! Biden is obama’s Arse wipe who will do as obama says, because he is too stupid to think for himself! He needs to be removed NOW, along with Harris, Piglosi, schmuck Schumer, the squad, schiff, and the rest of the Obama cabinet! Traitors all! Get them OUT!!!!

  8. Oh, what’s a matter no more money coming in from Russian corruption? We all agree with Zelnsky, biden his democrat BS that a small incursion is no big deal, how much did he and hunter make prior to Zelansky taking over, if you notice biden supported russia,still supports china, iran ,of course the Afghanistan retreat. Biden is more then a national security risk,he has been compromised by foreign money. .

    1. Good posts, Charles. Thank you.
      We learned a few months ago that both Collins, recently retired head of NIH, and FAUCI invested in CORONOVIRUS VACCINE RESEARCH AND FUTURE PRODUCTION way back in 2014! I was shocked.
      We have been finding more and more extremely worrisome effects from the vacc. It goes for the ovaries, affects reproduction. After CDC lied about spontaneous abortions in pregnant females, saying no problem with vacc, we found there IS. Greatly elevated number in early pregnancy, on through Trimesters, and many aborted babies in last Trimester!
      We have also seen cardiac arrhythmia, some life threatening, for very lengthy periods after vacc. Young, healthy, fit sports participants and active military members have dropped dead, usually called from undetermined causes. All were vaccinated. Cardiac arrhythmia will not show up on an autopsy, obviously, but those arrhythmia can cause problems, including death.
      Really bad Hepatitis in some babies around world, some dying, some needing transplants? Not vaccinated, but all had been breastfeeding from a mother who WAS vaccinated. We get this info from highly developed European countries, not from ours. Will we find young children getting vacc to develop Hepatitis? The vacc has been found to seek out the ovaries and liver and deposits more there. We need open, honest investigation and truthful reporting. But now they are saying to get under 5 yr olds vaccinated, kids who have almost ZERO CHANCE of getting Covid.

  9. The Eldercare , hospital then hospice facility in ARIZONA did nothing for my Dad. He went in with a cough then bronchitis then bordering on pneumonia then was so bad they recommended hospice.

    They treated him with absolutely NO medicines.
    Each time he was tested for covid. On his third trip to the hospital he now tests positive for Covid !!!!!
    When I asked WHY they did not treat him with the proven cure HCQ and zinc, I was told flat out that HCQ IS A DANGEROUS AND UNPROVEN DRUG!!!!

    How many lawsuits are out their due to the system following the democrat narrative?

    What they did to elder Americans all over our country is murder.

    The democrats declared war in Americans and we continue to be communistically controlled by an incompetent man who was installed by a coup thru massive voter fraud that can be proven by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell and Dr. Shiva.

    Americans must fight for their freedom since the democrat communists are hell bent on taking our rights away.
    Vote every democrat and Rino out of office.

    They are knowingly ruining our country every day since The imbecile was installed by machines with an insane voter ballot spike count at 4am.

  10. So when you know that a item will be sold only by one company you know that there stock value goes up so the Presedent makes the desision to buy from one where he owns lots of stock sudenly!
    Check his stock purches in the last couple years and see why he wants it to continue!

  11. Federal Law 21 U.S. Code 360BBB-3 states NO ONE can force anyone to take an EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE! NO ONE! No Government, Military, Academia, Sports Entities, Businesses, Healthcare…no one! Those threatening, intimidating, victimizing, terminating can be arrested for an Act of Domestic Terrorism under Federal Law 18 U.S. Code 2331, Sec.802. Federal Law 21 U. S. Code 50. 23 & 24 Coercion is illegal. Nuremberg Code #1. The consent of the Human subject is absolutely essential for any Experimental Drug/Vaccine. Federal Law 18 U. S. Code 242, Any person who violated our Constitutional Rights can be held Liable for violation our gaureenteed sovereignty. In most states, those who forced an individual to get an Experimental Vaccine can be arrested for malicious wounding. EVERY PETSON WHO WAS FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL SHOULD SUE THEIR EMPLOYER INDIVIDUALLY IR CLASS ACTION. SUE FOR MILLIONS, FREE MEDICAL INSURANCE, ALL MEDICAL BILLS FOR LIFE TO BE PAID BY COMPANY FOR INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY, ALL MEDICAL NECESSITIES ASSOCIATED DUE TO SIDE EFFECTS FROM THIS VAX, DESTH BENEFIS FOR MEMBERS OF FAMILY, AND ALL FUNERAL COSTS. AND ANYTHING ELSE.

  12. No doubt about the FDA overstepping their authority! People should be held accountable. Their decision and actions cost lives. They can’t be allow to just walk away from this. There will be more Fauci’s if we don’t prosecute these agencies with their crimes. They are hoping we forget.

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