Biden Fires US Army Doctor for Warning of Military Vaccine Injuries

Whistleblowers in the US Army sounded the alarm earlier this year about the “alarming signals” that were appearing in the military’s medical databases after Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate went into effect. One of those whistleblowers was First Lt. Mark Bashaw, a preventive medicine doctor with the Army. Bashaw hit the panic button because the sickness numbers for 2021 in the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database (DMED) were way out of whack with the five-year average. It was obvious from the data between August 2021 and January 2022 that the COVID shots were hurting a tremendous number of soldiers. So, Joe Biden is firing Mark Bashaw for trying to warn others about the dangers of the mandatory COVID shots.

When Bashaw and other medical doctors became whistleblowers, they released the DMED data publicly, and we wrote about it back in March and April. What happened was immediately after Joe Biden’s illegal mandate kicked in, lots of soldiers started getting very sick with weird, non-contagious diseases. Many more soldiers than normal were coming down with rare illnesses that the military doesn’t usually see a lot of, because soldiers tend to be pretty healthy people. And all of those rare illnesses just so happened to be known side effects of the toxic, poisonous COVID shots that Biden tried to force everyone to take.


What illnesses were soldiers suddenly contracting in large numbers? Pericarditis and myocarditis. Cancers. Neurodegenerative disorders, which in some cases were career-ending. Tumors. Blood clots in the lungs. AIDS. Yes, AIDS. I tried to tell everyone when these shots were first invented that they could crush the immune system to the point where some people would spontaneously develop AIDS. But did 262 million Americans listen to me? Nope!

A tremendous number of servicemembers became sexually sterile right after they were injected with the COVID shots. 12,000 female servicemembers and 8,000 males can’t have kids now. 20,000 in total. In a normal year, according to the DMED database, only about 2,000 soldiers experience infertility as a result of the military’s normal regimen of vaccines. (Safe and effective!) But there was a 10X increase in infertility between August of 2021 and January of 2022.

Bashaw found these sudden increases in the DMED database as “very troubling,” so he released the data to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) as a whistleblower. And now Bashaw is learning a hard lesson that many other people have been learning ever since the 2020 election was stolen: If you cross the Joe Biden administration or disagree with them in any way, shape or form, they’ll hurt you.

He’s being involuntarily separated from the military for speaking out, and for his own personal refusal to take the vaccine. After Bashaw saw the incredible increase in crippling illnesses that coincided with Biden’s shot mandate, he decided he’d rather disobey orders, blow the whistle, and take the consequences.

Good for him!

It’s too bad we don’t have more federal employees with that kind of courage, fortitude and conviction – especially in places like the CDC and the FDA. First Lieutenant Bashaw’s character makes him exactly the sort of person we should all want in the US military. So, Joe Biden’s kicking him out.

Bashaw noted in his whistleblower report to Sen. Johnson that there was a 300% increase in military members being diagnosed with cancer after the vaccine mandate went into effect. The Biden administration’s response to the whistleblower complaint was to claim that a software glitch had skewed the averages for the previous five years of data. Sure, it did.

The DMED database is the gold standard and the most highly respected epidemiological database that the US government has. It’s a better and more meticulously maintained database than anything the CDC or the FDA has. The military has a whole division devoted to its upkeep. But no one noticed a software glitch for five years until after Bashaw issued his whistleblower report? That doesn’t sound likely at all, does it?

Meanwhile, the Biden regime is still fighting groups of soldiers from every branch of the military in court, to try to force them to take these dangerous shots. He doesn’t just want to punish people who go against his narrative. Biden and his handlers want to destroy anyone who doesn’t comply.

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44 thoughts on “Biden Fires US Army Doctor for Warning of Military Vaccine Injuries”


    2. Correction: Joe Biden is a HAND PUPPET AND GEORGE SOROS/Globalists IS CONTROLLING JB’S ACTIONS! JB is NOT capable of making those kind of decisions— he is definitely “cognitively impaired” by all the gaffes, ummms, and huge pauses in his speeches! He gets “lost” in a sentence, how can he find his way through a critical issue? He doesn’t! There is a Puppet Master directing his moves and that is “why” JB was INSTALLED NOT VOTED IN — because he is easily swayed by someone he met and knew personally while being VP under Obamalama — that would be George Soros!!

      What’s going on now was created then by GS and the OWO/Globalists and they knew this transformation would never work with DJT as President — so DJT, even though he officially WON THE 2020 ELECTION, was made to look like he didn’t! Biddyboy Biden was announced the winner and the corruption began full force!! That’s what is really going on and ALL AMERICANS (including sane democrats) need to step back and “SEE” the reality that is happening to our lives and Country!

      Joe “where am I” biden is just a Puppet — the Globalists created and orchestrated that Pandemic which killed off millions of innocent people. Then when not enough people died, the Globalists created a deadly vaccine that would “attack” the human body NOT PREVENT THE DISEASE — and they killed millions more people!

      The Globalists are ALL MEGLIOMANIACS that look at the human race like lab animals — you lose some, you save some! The GLOBALISTS (Bill Gates, George Soros, et al. MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY — NOW! Before they destroy our World!

      Biden just needs to be removed from D.C. along with his lame administration and deposited in a remote place where they can do no harm. The Globalists, on the other hand, MUST BE TRIED AND CONVICTED OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND SENTENCED TO HARD LABOR TIL THEY DIE!! Shooting them with a firing squad is too quick a way to die— they must suffer for all those families that lost a loved one because of their anti-humanity acts associated with the Pandemic! FAIR IS FAIR: you indiscriminately kill innocent Souls, your death will be long and suffering!!

    3. Finally, someone recognizes the mental condition So recognizable in Biden.
      The complete worry over his medical evaluation needs to be a requirement and enforced as well as his or any president taking office in America.
      His popularity should be at an all time low .
      His mental condition goes into narcistic behavior patterns

    4. If he was just that…..
      His mentor when he was elected to the Senate was the Grand Kleagle BYRD. From the K.K.K.
      That worthless P.O.S. has never done one day of real work, just like his sponsor, “””44 the TRAITOR””” who is still in charge in the White House.
      The liar, plagiarist, tall tales “raconteur”, absolutely corrupted, TRAITOR on all sides, should have been jailed and received the same sentence as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the 50s. But, no, the DEMON RATS only want to destroy the best country on earth, to install socialism, the 1rest step towards communism. Karl Marx own words…
      Remember that Rosenberg ONLY gave the plans of the A Bomb to the Russians.
      Biden has given the whole country’s access to China and their spies. SWALLOWWELL, Feinstein, and so many more…

  1. BIDEN is a killer another Hitler, He has killed 180000 people He will kill anyone who doesn’t agree with him. the democrats have destroyed our country and he will go on destroying it untill someone some where in the democrat party steps up and puts a stop to him.Is there anyone in the democrat party brave enough to step up and say enough is enough and 25 amendment to him

    1. It’s NOT Biden! Come on now! His brain is so compromised he can’t even find the bathroom in the White House! This man is a “puppet”! The Globslists installed his dementiad mind into our presidency because they knew they couldn’t transform our Nation under DJT — they needed a compromised mind and that was Joe Biden!

      ALL the nasty things that have happened to our Country, our people, our Military, etc
      happened because of the Puppet Master behind the curtain — GLOBALISTS!! They want the Worlds population reduced and the Pandemic was created! When that didn’t kill enough people, the Globalists forced a deadly vaccine down people’s throats that killed millions more! Joe biddyboy Biden is not capable of those acts— he is a hand puppet with George Soros hand up hood behind directing Joe’s actions!!
      Time for ALL AMERICANS TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT GLOBALISTS THINK YOU ARE A PIECE OF MEAT WITH NO INTELLIGENCE THAT THEY CAN CONTROL!! Wake up people!! This is your LIFE they are messing with!! Jb is nothing but a sad clown incapable of this grand scheme of things!

      1. I don’t know. His Nazi speech seemed pretty impassioned for him to not actually believe everything he was saying. Was well as e everything he’s been doing. Years ago senator McCain told us Biden was a dangerous man. THAT’S the reason he was chosen (selected, not elected) to bring in the NWO. Defend him all you like but dementia or no dementia Joe Biden is everything he appears to be and there’s no defense for him.

        1. I’m in total agreement. Biden knows what he’s doing and enjoying the ride. Can’t print what I’d really do to him for all the misery he’s causing in America to the people he’s suppose to protect!! Would love to take him out back behind the barn for 20 minutes to make him see the light!!

      1. What a dumb fuc you and his followers are, unfnreal to deny what drs and whistleblowers tell you. Pathetic pos all of you dems.

      2. The only thing Biden has accomplished is molesting & showering with his daughter & producing a crackhead son, what an achievement.

    1. Biden does not care how much blood he has on his hands or anywhere else.His only goal is to destroy America and turn America over to China. What the dumb bastard does not know is, Him and the Ilk, and the Congress of the US will be the first ones Chinese will kill.

  2. Wouldn’t it be quite appropriate to have Joe Biden and his entire cabinet be given these “absolutely safe” shots? The sneaky bastard Biden has never done a damned thing in his more than 50 years of grabbing his Government paycheck and then working with his son and his brother to add to his and their wealth by explicit means of corruption. The greater majority of U.S. citizens know the Biden Klan as family-corrupt, totally dishonest, immoral, and a total disgrace to humanity. Biden’s mother should have had what the Democrats beg for so much – a simple abortion. How much better our world would be today if Biden’s mother had undergone the abortion. Biden is such an ignorant asshole that he must be told what, when, where, and how to say anything at all in public. A blithering idiot could mop the floor with Joe Biden if Joe would just openly debate the poor idiot. That would be a classic debate – one idiot versus the other idiot. There are hundreds of millions of other American citizens who, like me, are totally ashamed of our Nation being led by a dumbshit who couldn’t find a toilet if he was even standing in one. Where in the hell do these types of awkward specimens of humanity come from? God, please forsake us no further. Simply remove those immoralists who through some quirk of fate manage to get elected to political offices. As the famous song in the 1940s was entitled, “We did well before we met you, we can do without you now! The song should be re-released.

  3. Faux Biden is CCP’s lap panda bought and paid for by the Chicoms. Don’t expect him to do anything that will benefit Americans, he has sold his soul to the demons.

  4. That is what Donald Trump should have done to General Milley after he colluded with his Chinese counterpart, telling him he would warn him if Trump was planning an attack (what attack?) Instead Milley was in the middle of the Afghanistan tragedy, and is now head of the Joint Chiefs. He knows he’ll be court-marshalled if Trump is elected again. Of course we also need to control both houses of Congress to prevent Trump’s second term from being one big impeachment fest.

    1. The problem is, Bidung has to be told everything including not to poop his pants in public, and Trump can’t be told anything because he thinks his idea are infallible . I’ll take the last one though, he puts America first. I may not agree with everything he says, but he loves this country and Bidung loves whoever is filling his bank account and changing his diaper.

  5. If you are incompetent and screw up big time, you will get promoted immediately. Just look at all the promotions of total screw ups in our government and our military.

  6. The bigger question to be asked, is how many millions of trusting citizens will be losing their lives soon to satisfy the ego of a senile narcissist, who is drunk with power and incapable of remorse??? By any measure that is murder on a massive scale.

    1. Although I believe the opioid crisis is mostly the fault of young people thinking it’s cool to do drugs, and then not being able to think well enough to know that they need to get off of them, the open border is the main problem. The Chinese are shipping over the ingredients to cook up Fentanyl in Mexico, and now are even making them look like candy. Kids get on the Web and think they’re getting cool pills, when they’re getting poison. One pill can kill you. You would think the drug dealers wouldn’t want to kill their customers, but they are getting paid by the Chicoms, and there are plenty more idiots where their dead customers came from.

      Biden has destroyed our fuel sufficiency, and expects us to buy $60K+ electric cars, when our Gov. Newsom is telling us to not charge them because of the poor electrical supply. In California, we have two nuclear facilities out of commission, with no relief in sight.

  7. Just write a BOOK on it . . . I’m sure the ANTI BIDEN group (which is just about EVERYBOY) will read it – and VOTE on it ELECTION day. One Enlightened Patriot.

  8. When can we fire biden for lying to All the world about the effects of the killer shots. We all know that the shots kill and harm many times over, so who the hell does joe think he is continuing these falsehoods! Throw this liar out of office and charge him with theft of taxpayers money, theft of covid money and paying his son’s prostitutes over 25,000, with covid money, fraud!!! Charge him with crimes against humanity by killing or maiming millions!!

  9. Joe and the demonrats are all anti America, I never took the jab never will fuc joe robinette Biden. Covid was and is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American people, all lies to kill off people, I had it no big deal 12 day’s of fatigue and couldn’t eat much, it passed, but I never live in fear like so many do. People believed all the lies about covid what a shame and lined their kid’s to take it. Now lying Fauci is gone, but Rand Paul is on his heels.

    1. Question is why everyone talks, but not one thing is being done about it. Yet, kets divert attention to the one man who HAD America great

  10. Term limits years ago would’ve solved this problem, and both parties do not want it. With some members with more than Thirty years in congress should tell you that that’s too long to bring your views to this great nation as corruption, ignorance, and disloyalty appear as time go on. Good old Joe is an example of no term limits .

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