Biden’s Corrupt DOJ Prepares to Bring Charges Against Donald Trump

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are reporting that the Department of Justice will soon indict President Donald Trump. The DOJ must be leaking like a sieve right now for those two competitive sources to print the same thing.

Both reports claim to have knowledge from “people close to the investigation.” Anonymous sources, in other words. And of course, the illegal leaks happen like clockwork and non-stop when Donald Trump is the target of the investigation.

The leaks are probably true this time, since the DOJ has been working toward this moment since the unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid in August. Now that Donald Trump is on the verge of making the big announcement, it’s a sure thing they’re going to charge him with something.

The question is: What will they charge him with?


As we’ve covered more than once here, Donald Trump committed no crimes whatsoever by having “classified” documents in his house. Every former president has classified documents that they take home with them. It’s not a crime under the Presidential Records Act for a former chief executive to take papers home. It all gets sorted out later, and no one has cared historically, because history takes a long time to write anyway.

Some people, like Barack Obama and Frat Boy Bush, took millions of pages of classified documents with them when they left the White House. This is a fact; you can look it up. Their homes were never raided. The National Archives never pitched a hissy fit while pretending that important pieces of paper needed to be preserved.

The election deniers in the Democrat Party believe to this day that Donald Trump was not legitimately elected by us. It was that dreaded Vladimir Putin’s Facebook ads for T-shirts that duped millions of people into not voting for Hillary! It was collusion. I’m not kidding. Have you brought this subject up with your liberal relatives or acquaintances lately? They genuinely believe Putin somehow stole the 2016 election.

The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg both report that the DOJ prosecutors are ready to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice. What justice has President Trump obstructed? Well… the DOJ is not very clear on that. But it was justice-adjacent and very important. And Trump obstructed it. Somehow. Next question!

People close to the investigation are leaking to the press that an obstruction of justice charge is likely, based on President Trump’s “mishandling of classified documents.” Here’s what we know about the handling of those documents. Earlier this year (before the August raid), the FBI and Trump’s lawyers agreed to move the boxes of documents from the room they were in, to a more secure room in the basement, and put a padlock on that door. This was AGREED to, as in the FBI was okay with that plan.

Two Trump employees, Navy veteran Walt Nauta and another man named Will Russell, picked up the boxes and moved them from Point A to Point B. That is how Donald Trump “mishandled classified documents” and “obstructed justice” somehow. He had his employees move his own presidential records from Point A to Point B, after cooperating with the FBI and saying the boxes would be moved from Point A to Point B, and the FBI said that was perfectly fine. Trump committed a crime because he didn’t move the boxes himself. That seems to be the story.

Do you think Barack Obama moved the 3 million pages of boxed-up classified documents around his house himself? That’s approximately how many classified pages Obama took home when he left office. Do you believe Obama handled those himself? Not a chance. If you told us that his burly, hulking, mustachioed “wife” Michelle/Michael had moved the boxes, we might believe you. That’s plausible. But Obama himself? No way. Too soft and weak.

It wasn’t a crime for Obama to have his hired help move classified documents around, but it’s a crime when Donald Trump has his hired help carry out the same task. See how this works? The don’t believe Donald Trump was legitimately fair-and-square elected in 2016, and therefore, they can violate all standards and norms and traditions and laws in order to “get Trump.”

Don’t despair about this. We know it’s coming. They’re going to charge him with something. And that will mark the official kickoff of the 2024 election season.

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22 thoughts on “Biden’s Corrupt DOJ Prepares to Bring Charges Against Donald Trump”

  1. If President Trump is comfortable with it, I will be. they best not lay a hand on him physically though.
    We are following the plan and he best not be crucified. We are behind him and Trust the plan.

  2. We see now why Garland was turned down for the supreme court, he’s not fit and is basically a common thug.

    1. you’ve got that right! we really dodged that bullet… not because of politics but because he’s completely UNFIT for that position.

  3. Its not even clear that Trump had classified documents. Only that a small amount, 1% of all they took were marked that way. Nevertheless, we do now bush and obama both took classified documents, many more than Trump to places that were not in any way secured. warehouses, bowling alleys, chinese restaurants, etc…Just like Trump, NARA worked with those presidents to accommodate the need of storing historical documents to be used in libraries in the future. Now its a problem? I don’t think so. This is a clear witch hunt 6 years long on a president that has no comparison in history. A clear abuse of power by our own enforcement agencies for something that is not a crime. Its it wasn’t a crime with past presidents, its not now. They set the bar with Hilliary when they didn’t prosecute her (who could not change classifications, destroyed top secret info, had it on public server and it was hacked) yet they did nothing. No raids, no nothing.

    1. All they do is following their Marxist Gestapo style agenda , taking lessons from Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro and all the other dictators of the world !!!!
      This is not the Democrat party of JFKennedy, or
      Martin Luther King Jr party !!
      This is Bernie Sanders’s party ( who went to USSR for his honeymoon), Obama’s party, ( who went through all his university years not by merit or studying hard, but by holding and studying his mentor, Saul Alinsky’s book ) Pelosi, Clinton, Schumer and all the rest of the so called “democrat“ party !
      Crooks, thugs, money and power hungry !!!

  4. The frosting to all this cake is the indictment. All the rest serves simply as media stuffing from a nonsense trial. When it’s done, everyone will simply walk away under great reassurance that the accused’s reputation has once again been damaged.

    Justice? Verdict? Sentence? Incarceration? None of that matters in the criminal world of the Coprolite in Chief and his Shyster General. All that matters is what big media publishes.

  5. Garland is the biggest worthless weasel ever in government. Deep in the Deep State, fixated with the rest of the TDS suffering Libs on bringing down DJT while the country goes straight down the tubes.

    1. These Marxists don’t care about the country going down the tubes, because this is what their agenda was to begin with!!
      We must remember, who said : “Fundamentally transforming America “???
      Yes, that was Hussein O, the one that’s pulling the strings behind the puppet’ back in the WH.
      America must be destroyed first, so they could
      start to “ build back better “… you know, the Marxists’s way, better !!!!

      1. Oh yes, Obama the Supreme jerk he turned out to be.. .. Remember when he bowed WAY DOWN and KISSED the Iranian leader’s ring, like a servant or slave worshipping the guy who wants to kill Americans. It was televised internationally. Absolutely disgusting and STUPID for an American President to do that.

    2. the American people have been suffering as they watch seemingly hopeless to stop the corruption and politicization of US Law Enforcements agencies turn out failed upon failed accusations against the most productive Pro American president ever to grace the oval office. The people are tired of the n
      useless, endless futile witch hunts and harassment of a US Present ever perpetrated on a US soil/
      All of this corruption stems from the evil and vile swamp scum. There may be about a thousand people in government who have perpetrated the lies we see daily. All of them must be removed and prosecuted, not given pensions so they can sit around and write books bragging about their corruption. It must end. The Government has lost all credibility. They are running on fake propaganda much like the Soviets did prior to their downfall in the early 1990/s
      We can only hope the same thing plays out here and we can get back to Core American Values,
      None of those in Congress, FBI, CIA, DOJ or any alleged law enforcement or legislative body are believed by a vast majority of Americans. Even the ultra-left are starting to see the real Big lie perpetrated by the Clintons and bidens and Obama. All of it directed by corrupt people like Clammer and Brennan, and Strzok

  6. We all know the leaks are from the Dems, probably Schifty Schiff. He loves to tell tall tales over and over, I guess it is wishful thinking on his part.

  7. Government is showing us all they are above the law. I am having a hard time even with US Supreme Court right now. I just want to know how much money they are getting for being puppets. Where are the republicans in all this? Only a hand few are trying to do some while the rest of them are rhinos. Term limits for all government agencies. When our government stands up for crime and punishes innocent people just because they hate them is way out of bounds. Government republicans are part of swamp.

    1. And this week Kevin McCarthy stated WHEN he becomes Speaker of the House he doesn’t want to go after any Democrat wrongdoer as it would be PETTY.
      PETTY???? After the years of nasty and illegal things they’ve done and never punished???
      We DO NOT WANT MCCARTHY IN AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE THEN. He’s too inconsistent and WEAK anyway. Someone offer him some spare big wad of money to protect Dems? Wouldn’t be impossible to imagine.. ..
      People like Jim Jordan, Banks, Issa, and several others that have worked with Jordan on projects to ferret out criminal Democrat, Biden, FBI, AG, etc activities would all be MUCH BETTER for Speaker! Trump could be appointed for a year, too.. .. does not we’d to be House member to do this.


  9. As with the last 6 years, Pelosi will be doing her best to pin Trump with something…. anything to guilt him up for what?!!! She’s behind the entire Jan 6 debacle… like she was with his no account impeachment’s. What a cunt….can’t wait for this stinking whore to be gone.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Democrat held accountable for ANYTHING?!!!!

    1. Trump will never be convicted. Dems want him to run as a damaged candidate. That is the only person Biden might beat with some ballot stuffing.

  10. Why do we need a SCOTUS to hide from the Constitution and allow Garland (BIDEN) to live out the Napoleon complex at the destruction of our America?? If we had any true statesmen to bring the country back to the law and order they need to step up and be heard!!

  11. We need to move forward with a Convention of States against the current direction our government is taking. It’s the only sure way we have to completely eliminate the deep state and corruption that is fully embedded into our government today. The forefathers who drafted the constitution included a clause within where we as citizens could unanimously approve by voting at the state level to completely dissolve the Federal Government and thus end a tyrannical ruling regime completely. It’s in article 5 and requires 35 states to vote in favor of implementing it. It will essentially fire every politician and bureaucrat in the government and every agency will be shut down as well from all three branches of the government. Then as a nation we the people will vote on the direction and path our country takes going forward. The will of the people will be heard and adopted into law again in this nation. There is already overwhelming support for the Convention of States across the country and we are over halfway to attaining the 35 states needed to make this happen. Because of it there is now a targeted media campaign attacking the movement and the government is doing everything they can to suppress the spread of this from the people. So please look up and spread the word to everyone you can in your individual states that haven’t already voted to approve the Convention. We only need 15 or 16 more states to make this happen. We’re over halfway there.

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