Biden’s Own Personal Gestapo! FBI Murders 75-Year-Old Man for Threatening Biden

Joe Biden has seemingly kicked things up a notch when it comes to having the FBI do his bidding, transforming the federal agency into a modern-day gestapo which KILLS dissidents.

75-year-old Utah resident Craig Deleeuw Robertson was an outspoken online critic of the Democrat president – which may be why the FBI SHOT AND KILLED HIM.

The bureau paid a visit to Robertson’s home to arrest him after claiming that he had made “credible” threats against President Biden on the internet.

“The incident began when special agents attempted to serve arrest and search warrants at a residence,” an FBI statement read. “The subject is deceased.”


The FBI was supposedly going to charge Robertson with three felony counts including interstate threats, threats against the president, and influencing, impeding, and retaliating against federal law enforcement officers by threat but it seems the bureau had no real intention of bringing the man in alive.

According to the federal agency, they had been surveilling the man and saw him “wearing a dark suit (later observed as having an AR-15 style rifle lapel pin attached), a white shirt, a red tie, and a multi-colored (possibly camouflage) hat bearing the word ‘TRUMP’ on the front.”

The FBI’s chief propagandist, excuse me, press person, claimed that this 75-year-old Biden critic was actually just sitting around in his home covered in Trump gear ready for a fight. It’s laughable.

One FBI insider revealed that they began investigating Robertson back in April after several of his Facebook posts caught their attention.

The majority of his posts were anti-Biden but he did at times call out Hunter Biden, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Democrats in general.

One of Robertson’s post said, “I hear Biden is coming to Utah. Digging out my old ghillie suit and cleaning the dust off the M24 sniper rifle.”

Neighbors described Robertson as being “overweight” and walking with a “cane,” but apparently the FBI determined the elderly gentleman was some vicious threat to the President’s life so they executed him in his home.

In late July, he made another Facebook post saying, “Hey FBI, you still monitoring my social media? Checking so I can be sure to have a loaded gun handy in case you drop by again.”

“Craig, I would say, is a big story teller and likes the attention of big stories,” neighbor Cooper Robinson said.

“So a man that sits at home all day, doesn’t have much to do, if he’s on his phone and is involved in politics and has strong political opinions, I’m not surprised that he would make posts like that to try to receive attention. I’m just hoping that the FBI has some more evidence besides Facebook posts to want to raid his house like they did.”

While the Secret Service is supposed to be the agency responsible for threats made against the president, Biden’s own personal hit squad, aka the FBI, was dispatched to make an example out of this vocal Biden critic.

In Biden’s America, criticizing him and other Democrats can quite literally get you KILLED.

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46 thoughts on “Biden’s Own Personal Gestapo! FBI Murders 75-Year-Old Man for Threatening Biden”

    1. I am grateful, “they” don’t gas & burn (Waco) citizens anymore. Shoot their dog and then a young boy (Ruby Ridge) in the back, then sniping the mother the following day, from 200 yards away (not a threat).

  1. RICO the BIDEN MOB.
    The corruptocrats must be voted out of office forever. A real banana republic with a banana in the white house.

    1. No no no we must demand this corrupt administration be removed immediately arrested prosecuted and the doj,fbi,cia, epa,irs, all shut down the top 10 in these departments Fired all benefits revoked including security clearance, retirement, medical, banned for life never to work in government, law, states as well as Washington for life that includes their families for at least 5 generations , have to take extreme action on these criminals, the oath they take needs to be unbearable if so prison the oath is to protect America, Americans, and Our Constitution as Written not no certain party they are to defend us from criminal politicians like pelosi, schumer, schiff, nadler, mcconell, romney, biden, his administration, and family they the democratic socialist party is the enemy within and needs removed immediately

      1. I totally agree with you on all statements. He is a pervert and I guess now he’s taken a page from Hitlary’s kill book. She always found a way to have her haters commit suicide. BS. Now it’s happening again, only this time his armed thugs just go out and kill the person that hates Biden. If that’s the case they better have a lot of ammo. He’s a useless POS. Camel toes too.


    2. my ancestors left the evil empire for ONE tax increase, in 1860 . I could give you thousands of reasons to separate from this constant corruption. Sadly, there are few backbones left in Amerika. We went from the GREATEST generation, to a great emasculation in 60 short years. GOD is watching

  2. Cold blood murdered! These FBI AGENTS need to held accountable. They refused to arrested Hollywood celebrities who threatened Trump. Tell you who really running the corrupt FBI. WRAY BOSS IS OBAMA! Biden just a front to cover up OBAMA third term. Which is ILLEGAL! Even they REFUSED TO ARRESTED CHUCK SCHUMER WHO THREATENED THE SUPREME COURT JUDGES! Guess you can now call them — PUBLIC ENEMY! It a shame these supposedly to be FEDERAL AGENTS that FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! BUT NOT!

    1. Do we the American people. Not see what is happening since Biden cheated his way into the White House. I feel so bad for this man that was murdered. Hitler did the same thing. By controlling the media, police and the military. Numerous threats made by Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Chrissy Tiegan nothing done. Sick of this bullshi!

      1. Correct. However, WE THE PEOPLE can crush a Communist Regime. My bones feel like another civil war is brewing if not an all-out revolution. America needs cleansing from radicals. (MY OPINION).

    2. you get and deserve the gov’t. you allow, and willingly pay for. Fear is the passion of slaves. Your holy day is April 15. OBEY and shut up, or else…..

  3. Why not??? The label of ‘democRAT’ seems to make it ALL OK. Remember, the Clintons have a lot of ‘friends’ who committed suicide by shooting themselves in the BACK of their head. AND, then there is JFK, MLK, & RFK [Sr]. It’s ALL a part of our history. The part they will NOT talk about. They just keep ‘forging ahead’ with no obvious obstacles. They DO ‘mess’ with our elections. NO doubts. It started with the creation of KKK & their ‘evil’ never ends. Not my fault. Their CHOICE…

  4. yep murder remember ruby ridge waco better stock up going to need it fight or be red rather be dead moto one shot one kill

  5. I wonder how these agents go home to their families and friends who must know what they did and look themselves and loved ones in the eye .Can you really say it’s just my job and blame bosses?

    1. The same way they did after the massacre at Waco when they murdered innocent women and 25 children! They even had their sniper shoot an unarmed woman standing in the doorway holding a baby! Our FBI is the Democrats Gestapo.

      1. then “they” started blowing up buildings? Reichstag revisited? SEPT. 11 2001 Patriot Act? enjoy your enslavement, you have earned it, by silence

    2. If you work for the radical Democrats/RINO’s supported by Soros and global elites, they must follow orders, or they will be murdered. Such a web we weave when we try to deceive. (MY OPINION).

  6. OMG another one bites tbe dust for the Biden Regime how so many people are still on the side of Biden is beyond me, guess they go for the name democrat only and not how the idiots are really doing. I would be ashamed to call myself a democrat cause of how the Biden Regime has it so corrupt. It’s so hard now a days to fine a “good ” politician. Anyway feel so sorry for that poor old man the FBI murdered just because he was lonely and wanted attention im sure he really tried to hurt the big strong he-men that call themselves protecters the good boys Biden’s FBI’S. Mr. Wray sould be fired but of course he want be untill that White House is cleaned out and new people in the White House. Our Economy is off the rooftops, our military is the weakest in history, open borders and millions of people coming in , our police force is becoming a joke, our things are being taken away from us ” hot water tanks”, lawn mowers”, cars ” just to name a few !! .But you can bet that when are president wants to travel he will get into his ” gas ” airplane and take off !!!. Im sure they will make electric flying airplanes. This is are democrats in the White House.

    1. The government is converting everything to run on electricity, that is everything to run on one power source so they can turn everything off with one switch. You do something the government doesn’t like and you are dead in the water with one switch, including your money and bank account.

  7. To reiterate what I said Tuesday, We the People” need to hire our own FBI and DOJ to investigate the Democrats’ FBI and DOJ. Maybe that way we can get some semblance of justice. If you read the headlines about folks who are doing the same things that Hunter and ‘Sleepy’ Joe are doing are being sentenced to jail-time.
    Maybe Joe and Hunter have better ‘knee-pads’ and prettier lips!

    1. RED states (South & mid-west) need to separate from this evil empire. Deny transportation from east to west. IT is called “divide & conquer”. still the best tactic today

  8. Am I next?! I can’t stand Biden. I believe he’s undoubtedly the worst POTUS our nation has ever had and most likely will ever see but, I won’t break any laws. I love my country and I love our freedom(s) associated with our country. However, I’m sad to see socialism bubbling its way into our Constitutional Republic. Socialism being ushered in by the left, the demoncrats and those weak, spineless, liberal republicans. I wouldn’t doubt if the biden followers have their hit list of politicos who disagree with them. Put me on that list. I’m old now and I’m most definitely not in agreement with the left, demoncrats. But I’m not hostile by nature so am not a threat to anyone. I simply won’t cater to the left, the liberals nor will I ascribe to their ideologies. So, the liberal gestapo that’s bubbling up in our communities can go pound sand, IMHO! They’re the bane of our Constitutional Republic! IMHO

    1. Don’t look now but the pipsqueak Attorney General Garland just appointed David Weiss as the Special Counsel to the Hunter Biden prosecution. I wonder how Gary Shapley and Joseph Zielger feel about this travesty. Most of us out here in radio land consider it another step toward the inevitable second revolution. Doubtlessly, Garland sees me as a fair target since I’m well past 80.

  9. Oh yeah, stopping are gas stuff will not hardly put a dent in helping our environment cause china and places like that are wide open in not stopping anything to help the environment all where gonna do is cause the poor people to be poorer and not have anything to work with cause electric stuff well cost a good fortune to buy. And the cost of Electricity well sky rocket !!.When everything goes on Electric we want be able to handle the overloads. So what will the American people do then ? CRY TO LATE.

    1. It has now been proven that the EV batteries are too heavy for US roads, and they are destroying the roads. We need roads, we don’t need EV’s. Most Americans can’t afford a gas vehicle must less an EV. It’s time for ALL Americans to stand up and fight for our freedoms. FREEDOM isn’t free.

      1. RED states need to secede. Want a 50-60% tax cut? Want a 100% reduction of stupid federal regulation? I HAVE A DREAM… how bout you?

    2. IMHO They are not turning off fossil fuels for the environment, they couldn’t care less about the environment, no, they are getting everything onto one power source so when a person or a group of people does something the government doesn’t like they can be turned off with one switch. Including your money.

  10. Seems weaponization of federal agencies began in earnest under the Clinton administration. It was obvious even to lesser engaged citizens but opposition has not yet become effective. Today, our CIC (Coprolite in Chief) has deployed whole agencies in earnest, particularly the Attorney General.

    The FBI has responded shamefully and now is considered untrustworthy and dangerous. Its sidekick agencies, e.g., BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), NSA (National Security Agency), DHS (Homeland Security) and countless others have been compromised to various degrees depending on leadership.

    From top federal agencies to municipal and county offices, leadership should remind employees of their missions and those they’re supposed to serve. They should review the U.S. Constitution, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Dangerously radical individuals should be well defined and asked to prove their points to agency leadership in person.

    No simple solution exists but killing disabled old citizens is not acceptable. Most radical citizens have only one or two beefs that are solvable within one or two staff meetings. Casual reading reveals that most of these so-called radicals have solutions and merely hope for an audience.

    In the mean time, appointment of David Weiss as the special prosecutor signals an opposite approach that doubtlessly will rouse the public. It installs leftists who hope to replace our constitution with an oppressive grab for authorities specifically prohibited by the Constitution. It’s outrageous.

  11. This country is going to “HELL” faster than a speeding bullet !!!!!! If there is a God , he’ll mow down everyone of these “SWAMP CORRUPT CREATURES”. one can only hope & pray !!!!!

  12. NO WAY!!! That traitor Biden did something else illegal? Wow…
    Freedom of speech is a myth unless youre gay, trans, or a minority. Not even them if a conservative of any degree. Biden, his son, and the entire justice system should be eliminated for treasonous acts against the citizens of the US and to the constitution. Take the IRS down as well, Biden has weaponized it, like everything else, just to cover his illegal use of tax funds and illegal funding of terrorism against the US. BIDEN IS A TERRORIST AND SO IS ANYONE DOING HIS WILL… COME MURDER ME FOR SAYING THIS, I DARE YOU TO TRY.

  13. This administration is like a drama on CBS, Thursday night at 8:00 . Like 24, with Keifer Sullivan. We thought it wasn’t real.

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