Did Capitol Police Intentionally Lure Trump Supporters into a Trap?

The ability of the hot sidewalk garbage known as the “mainstream media” to cling to a lie, long after it has died and stopped kicking, is pretty old hat by now. We’ve just seen this trick too many times to fall for it. Sometimes a fake narrative can cling to life for years, like the Russia hoax; other times it falls apart in a matter of days, like the dangerously smirking Covington Catholic teen. The January 6 insurrection lie continues to fall apart, even though it’s taking longer for information to trickle out to the public. But it’s starting to look like the “insurrection” was actually a dirty trick designed to lure protesters into the Capitol building before the US government betrayed them.

You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of the “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley (the buffalo horns guy) and his companions – looking like extras from the cast of Duck Dynasty – facing off against police in a Capitol hallway. The media has used those still photos plenty of times to portray Trump supporters as a bunch of dangerous crazies who were trying to overthrow the government (even though it’s clear that none of them are armed). What we haven’t seen yet is video of exactly what was happening there.

RMG News finally posted a video of that faceoff over the weekend. I managed to transcribe some of the quotes from it before it was nuked from YouTube. The video will probably resurface at some point on other sites, but in the meantime, all I’ve got for you are quotes.

After speaking briefly with a line of Capitol police officers, a man named William Watson takes the bullhorn from Chansley and announces this to the crowd of Trump supporters:

“The police here are willing to work with us and cooperate peacefully, like our First Amendment allows. Gather more Americans under the condition they will come and gather peacefully to discuss what needs to be done to save our country!”

A Capitol police officer then says to Watson and Chansley, “You need to show us – no attacking, no assault, remain calm.”

Watson then announces to the crowd, “We’re going to be heard. Everybody, this must be peaceful!”

Chansley turns to the crowd as well and yells to the other Trump supporters, “This has to be peaceful! We have the right to peacefully assemble!”

You know part of the story that happens after this bizarre exchange. The protesters peacefully marched through the rest of the building. Chansley said a prayer with the other protesters and sang a song in the US Senate chambers. He sat in Mike Pence’s chair for a while and then went to the Senate break room, where he prevented other protesters from stealing the muffins and snacks.


I see two possibilities for the oddities in this new video of Chansley and Watson relaying instructions to the crowd.

First, it’s possible that Chansley and Watson were both plants working for the FBI. Both men have been imprisoned (supposedly) since January 8th, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were not working with the government and in on the scam.

Second, it’s possible that Chansley and Watson were duped by the cops. I don’t know which option is true, but I’m leaning toward this second one.

Consider what Watson yelled to the crowd after talking to the police for a couple of minutes: Gather more people, we’ll all come in peacefully, and then we’ll have a discussion with the United States Congress about the fraudulent vote certification. Watson and Chansley both seem to believe that they’re going to have a meeting with Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi.

Of course, that meeting that Trump supporters were promised never happened. The protesters streamed into the Capitol with police permission, under the expectation that the vote certification was going to be discussed. Instead, riot police later showed up, gassed the Trump supporters and beat them up while chasing them out of the building. The arrests started two days later.

Chansley maintained in one jailhouse interview back in January that the protesters didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. He said the police let them in the building and escorted them around. It’s looking like that was the plan all along, and that’s what allowed the Deep State to close the jaws of the trap around Trump supporters.

Some insurrection, huh?

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64 thoughts on “Did Capitol Police Intentionally Lure Trump Supporters into a Trap?”

  1. It’s not only possible that the FBI leadership was behind this whole incident, it’s probable! We have watched as the exposure of the FBI & DOJ did everything possible to destroy President Trump … even before the LEFT committed massive voter fraud and stole the 2020 Election.

    1. The FBI may have been the plan execution unit, but the designers were, more than likely: Pelosi & Shumer.

      1. The term “False flag” comes to mind when I read the possibility that Chansley and Watson were both plants working for the FBI. It’s a very useful term that I became acquainted with while reading a radical “progressive” blog.

        I’m having a hard time seeing why this is a possibility, but I suppose the protesters wouldn’t have gone through the Capitol in the first place had not Chansley and Watson assured them that it was OK to do so.

      2. I absolutely agree with you. This was just another Pelosi beat down, and why she hasn’t been removed from her office I cannot fathom. She has committed treason numeros times yet she still lives long and prospers.


      3. It is my belief that the plans for the opening up of the Capitol Building are on that missing Piglosi Laptop ! That is why they are searching so desperately for the thing . This was a preplanned FBI, Capitol Police, and Piglosi event !

      1. DOJ? More like DOI: Department of Injustice. 60 cases thrown out without any evidence being heard about the election ‘situation’. Strong reaction against the Maricopa forensic audit. We all know why.

    2. FBI leading the whole incident? That is believable by the way they perform their investigations with biased fever to protect and excuse special DEMOCRATS.

    3. The Alphabet Agencies are ALL Corrupt Extensions of the Democrat Party Nothing More and Nothing Less! As far as I am Concerned the have Lost all Vestiges of Authority, and the Rest of We the People Need to come to the Same Conclusion ASAP! The Nation will Never Return to Constitutional Rule Until/Unless the Current Crop of Elected and Non-Elected so Called Government Officials are Cast Out!

  2. This is a logical assumption on the occurrences..Maybe this is why two capital police committed suicide shortly there after 1. A woman was murdered 2.lies and deceptive acts can be hard to live with!!I still believe paid agents were totally involved in coordination/plans with gov’t agents!!Don’t fall for the theatre

  3. If people would just think back the week before. When Pelosi was showing a couple of young people around the floor. This was before the March was scheduled. And one of those young people was JOHN SULLIVAN! Who was the leader of Utah ANTIFA GROUP! This was ALL PLANNED OUT BY HER AND THE MAYOR OF DC! But it was a dam shame these people fell for this lies! Why was Trump refused 10 thousands national guards by PELOSI? ONLY TO SEE HER BRING IN 5K TO GUARD THE WHITE HOUSE AND BE MISTREATED BY HER AND OTHER? The whole thing was PLANNED TO MAKE THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS LOOK LIKE FOOL! No Trump supporters would wear the MAGA CAP BACKWARD OR WEAR MOTORCYCLE HELMET!!! At a rally that been peaceful all years long!! Mitch MCCONNELL is as guilty too! His big mouth talk fast! He didn’t even look at the video to SEE THESE ANTIFA WERE THE ONE IN THE FRONT LEADING THE RIOT ON THE WHITE HOUSE. WHAT A DUMB FOOL HE IS!

    1. You are correct about Mitch McConnell. He is a snake in the grass and must be defeated the next time they vote of who should lead the Senate. McConnell is a RINO who, like John McCain, likes to work across the isle with the very crooked Democrats. All he knows is how to capitulate to the stupid Democrats. They always run circles around this dumb ass and he has no clue. Looks like he is caving to them to look into the Jan 6th peaceful assembly of the citizens of the USA to peacefully assemble and petition the House and Senate with the concurrence of the Capitol Police.

    2. John Sullivan’s name and picture show up way to much for me. Find out more about him, and we’ll know who was behind all this……


    4. I agree with you fully and with the fraud election evidence being found in an Arizona county it does seem that the damn lying democrats have a lot to hide. The truth will be exposed and what you are doing to us will come back on you 10 fold. BTW, seems that the “Dominion” voting machines in Philadelphia are not operating correctly by NOT scanning Republican votes in their local elections.

  4. Insurrection or not, a true American patriot was murdered by capital police. She was unarmed and definitely not dangerous or a threat. Her name is Ashli Babbit. Regardless of how she was inside the capital of the United States, she was unarmed and murdered. Yet our new Biden administration refuses to take any action against the coward who shot her. Justice should be the same for her as George Floyd. Unless justice isn’t blind and can see color.

    1. Richard — justice is NOT blind !!!!! It sees party affiliation, it sees the color of money, it sees power and greed. It seems now that it also sees fear and cowardice because the very UN-supreme court showed their absolute cowardice by NOT hearing the tons of evidence of voter fraud fearing there would be rioting by blm,antifa — basically the democrat party. I have thought since first seeing some of the photos and hearing some of the stories that it was a setup by (piglosi and upchuck schumer for 2). Ashli Babbit’s killer needs to be brought to juctice and executed– there was absolutely ZERO reason for police to open fire.

    2. Under the Democrats, color is all they see. They do nothing about all the black on black killing going on in the country (Chicago and NYC), but make a huge issue out of the few blacks killed by a white cop when the black is high on drugs and refuses to comply with the police instructions. Democrats are nothing but “racists” and use this all the time to indoctrinate the uninformed public about race relations. In a neutral society, they would be called out about their hypocrisy, but with the media controlled by Democrats, that will never happen in our country. As I taught my 3 children, you must treat everyone with respect and treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

  5. This government that is in control is a fascist that accursed in the Capital that was controlled by the democrats in the house and the administration that just wanted the previous president out of the white house no matter what could happen now we the citizens of the country are aware of what is going on now it’s a joke on us that the FBI and all politians are getting away with it and relationship with all family and close friends are not in jail for forgery and lying about what has happened to us in the country

  6. I am going to be 84 years old shortly and I’ve seen many changes in my lifetime, but I never would have dreamed America would go down the tubes as fast as it seems to be going with the controllers we now have in Washington. The Lord gave us this beautiful country and it seems that the devil is hard at work in those who are trying to destroy it. Come on Americans, wake up! Pray

    1. Thank you, Pat for your comments. I am 81 and feel the same way about our country under this administration.
      I was 20 when John Kennedy was running and I could not vote because I had to be 21. Now our government
      wants to pass a bill that allows illegals, 16 years olds and no voter IDs. Biden has dispensed with the word God
      and he professes to be a practicing Catholic. He has undone almost all of the good from the former administration. It is depressing and is bringing sorry times to our country. So, I too, will pray.

      1. Biden and the Democrats are acting like Devi worshippers. At the moment, they are getting away with just about everything. They are determined to undo all the good things that Trump did, and that does not make any sense.

        Biden claims to be a friend of Israel. With ‘friends’ like him, who needs enemies? Why toady up to Iran? Ease sanctions, and give it vast amounts of US taxpayer dollars; kill US energy independence.; pay so much in benefits that people don’t need or want to work; Stop the XL pipeline, causing fuel to be carried by road and rail; loss of jobs; stopping the completion of the border fence; encouraging thousands of ‘migrants’ to cross the border. I could go on, but you get the picture.

    2. I absolutely agree. We better wake up and yes we need to pray for guidance on what we should do to change what is happening to our great country. God bless America

  7. The FBI, Pelosi and other knew about it beforehand. They were even talking about it on a video, I bet we can’t find now, before Jan 6. McConnell was quoted as saying “We want a mess”. The only ones braking things were ANTIFA. There were no weapons that indicate an insurrection. They were escorted by police. It was a set up. They wanted disruption of the vote confirmation. They not want congress people opposing/objecting to the elections in those contested states. We had all the reps and senators we needed to oppose those dueling delegates from PA, WI, MI, GA, AZ who sent them. These states know something went wrong in their states. Why send 2 sets of electors otherwise?

    1. Republicans have to learn that we’re dealing with people who don’t think like us. They are cunning, smarmy and deceptive — they’re spiders. We need to speak straightforward but we cannot ACT like them because they just know how to spin and have no qualms at all about bearing false witness against their neighbor.

  8. Joe McCarthy knew that communist scumbags were infiltrating our Nation. Through hollyweird and so called journalism they vilified him. His tactics were questionable but his vision of where this infiltration would lead us was spot on correct. Face it. the Government is extremely corrupt and in fact out of control marxist slime. The unlawful killing of Ashli Babbit and jailing of people without a speedy trial proves this point. I have never been more ashamed of the United States Government. Wackies and lackies.

  9. Definitely Not an Insurrection, But the Sorryass democrats with the media on their side ran with that fake story, and look who’s still president.

  10. I to am Ashamed of what our Government has turned into and their handling of all policies!
    It’s not just Biden it’s all the bad, corrupt actor’s. Our Government is as bad if not worse than Russia!

    1. Very very true Dot !!!!! We now have the MOST corrupt government in the world and to think some AMERICAN voters — actually voted for the communist/socialist takeover. Hard to imagine.

  11. I guess now the question is, how do Americans save their beautiful God given nation from these Marxists. The 2022 elections will be telling. Will those be fixed too? I am a Canadian with family in the States and things are just as bad if not worse up here. The Chinese refer to our Marxist leader, Justin Trudeau as Biden’s “running dog.” Not a compliment! These forces have been at work for twenty years and their ultimate goal is the fascist takeover of the Americas. Our generation has never had to fight for our freedom like our ancestors before us but it is about time we get organized and do something or we will lose everything our forefathers created. As someone said, “there is more of us than there are of them.”

    1. Your absolutely right. Time is now to take NBA what was stolen. We must fight like our forefathers did and fight for there sacrifice and the sacrifice of God. He gave all so we would be saved

  12. Remove all these communist, marxist, socialist, progressive, stalinists, leninists, pedophile protector democrats from office! Period.

    1. The Commiecrats fear the Citizenry of the USA because most of us have guns ! We are a threat to their socialistic rule . They cried and raved about a non existant insurrection . The next time that Patriots march on the Capitol Building we will bring rope and guns … the Commiecrats will be Eliminated !

  13. & after all this , still nothing is going to happen.
    So called patriots still watch sports after the jerks take a knee & dishonor the flag & country,
    They still go to watch movies & concerts of people that trash America & American culture every day, they still worry more about the felons behind bars& on the street more than they do the taxpayers. Cops are now the bad guys, school teacher unions are running the cities now, Antifa & Burn Loot & Murder is out of control…& STILL nothing is happening or going to happen.
    Prove me wrong.

  14. It should be as plain as the nose on your face that unstable Pelosie will stoop to the lowest level in her attempt to discredit President Trump and all Republicans. Please vote to restore the Congress to the Republicans so deranged Pelosie will be removed permanently!

    1. Let’s ask Pelosi for one of her ‘investigations’. Just think of all the unfinished business: Hunter Biden (Lap-top); Joe Biden (Tara Read and others); Harvey Weinstein; Epstein (holiday camp attendees) The Election (‘fairness’ or not)
      Complete silencing of Judges; last Summer’s rioting; the silencing of any dissent in the MSM. A few things to consider.

  15. It is tragic what is happening to our country and it is a travesty of justice to blame it all on Donald Trump and his supporters. The known strategy of the leftists is “to never let a tragedy go to waste” meaning that they will capture every moment to paint themselves as “good American citizens” and all Republican supporters as “bad American citizens.” I believe in this case, the Democrats, or “democratic sympathizers” had planted instigators in that crowd on the Washington mall and incited the riot that occurred. President Trump appealed for a peaceful demonstration and yet, the instigators undermined that appeal and led the charge on the White House. I do not condone what was done. Our hope as a nation is to first: Confess our national sins and humble ourselves before a just, and Almighty God, Who will not be mocked! Secondly, we must identify ourselves with Him in such a way that our nation and the world will know that we are followers of Almighty God, His precepts, and will relate to the world from a Biblical worldview, by believing: “BLESSED IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD.” Throughout the Bible, accounts are given of nation after nation that abandoned God and went after false gods, such as: money, power, prestige, and pleasure, and discovered these pursuits led to dead-end results and unfulfilled lives. Humanistic philosophies will never satisfy the longings of the human heart. As people of faith, we must pursue and desire to follow God’s prescription for a meaningful and purposeful life. When leaders abandon the tenets and principles that our nation was founded upon, we always end up in trouble. I want to ask President Biden to govern from a perspective that includes his dependence upon God, and exemplifies decisions that are rooted and grounded in God’s truth, and not in the shallow, selfish, political preferences of partisan politicians. As a 75 year old male from Louisiana, having served in the U.S. Army for three years, 1968-1971, as a Captain, I was fortunate to have survived my tour of duty in Viet Nam and come home in one piece. Thousands of others didn’t. I want to ask you, President Biden, to avoid unnecessary international conflicts, and not place our troops in harms way unnecessarily, We cannot be the “police force for the world.” Yes, we can express our displeasure with other nations, and apply pressure through sanctions and tariffs and other forms of diplomacy without engaging in physical war. As you well know, there are hot spots all over the world, and we can express our disdain for inhumane practices, and poor governmental leadership, and assert ourselves in that way. However, whenever one of our embassies is attacked or our soldiers are attacked by some foreign entity, then I expect us to answer with a resounding response of force and might and demonstrate that we will not “roll over”, we will not “be bullied”, and we will not stand idly by and not protect our soldiers and our citizens. I will continue to pray for you and your cabinet and that first and foremost, you will always breathe a silent prayer to God, asking Him to help you make wise decisions and to lead this nation from that frame of mind and heart. Ask Him to help you speak from the heart whenever you address the nation and be the kind of leader that this nation needs. May God bless you and may God bless America!

  16. Don’t forget about pence. pence is lowlife traitor scumbag. We have plenty of scumbags in the republican party also.

  17. FBI’s John Connolly is a saint compared to the likes of Comey, McCabe, Stroczk, page & others. The Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiots are more corrupt than the Juarez Cartel run Police. These SCUMBAGS are a disgrace & Embarrassment to the American Justice system and the Constitution. The Capitol police are no better, they have a Murderer as one of their officers who’s still working today. This should alarm & appall ALL Americans. The fact that the rank & file of the Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiots who call themselves the righteous ones, are part of the problem if they DO NOT blow the whistle on the corruption within, they are corrupt as well. The Malfeasant ,Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiots should be disbanded, and those involved in the SYSTEM WIDE corruption Prosecuted, even the complicit ones . Americans & the Constitution DEMAND better.

  18. The very most important thing to remember as we come to ELECT new people into CONGRESS in 2022 & 2024, PLUS Presidential REPLACEMENT in 2024 is DEMO–C–RATS are “”” LIAR SUPREMACIST””” !!!

  19. I agree that the DOJ and the FBI were in on this , in particular Piglosi,Schumer and let’s not forget the mayor Bowser, who refused help from the national guard that President Trump wanted to put in place only because he knew that there would be a large crowd and just wanted to be cautious. That being said Piglosi also refused the national guard help due to “Optics”.. I saw several different cell phone films from different angles and the police did remove barriers and waved people into the Capitol, led people up the stairs to the chambers , I saw Trump peaceful protesters stopping other people from breaking the windows to the Capitol. What adds to the whole strange scene is those who got into the Capitol had smiles in their faces never once tried to hide their faces, pretty much looking like they were children playing a game ….Yes I believe this was a setup for sure. Never mind the real violent protests that have been happening in our country since the spring of 2020 continuing to this day, by real terrorists like BLM and Antifa, what about all the damage that has been done to businesses people’s homes property and lives;what about that where that stuff in the news , should be everyday one small mention on certain news channels then poof gone !! The American people are sick of this (safe to say most) can’t wait until 2022 to begin to take our country Back!!

  20. They set this whole thing in motion and planted their instigators in that crowd. They have been starting riots all over this country so let’s put them under investigation. I can’t believe we are letting them get away with the shit they are. LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it’s a civil war they want well give it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The reason Trump was shoot down from the beginning, is because when he was elected it stopped all the plans the DEmo have been planning for a long time. It set them back. It’s hard to believe that so many people in our country are deceived. The youth want it all for free, they don’t care about our country and how we fought for freedom. Their spitting on there generations that kept us free. Is our system afraid of loosing there job because they won’t protect the free. Stand up and fight the evil. Wake up America.

  22. We often make fun of the sheep blindly following the far left. We will never know what really happened that day. We do know that the swamp hates Trump and anyone who supports him. If this was planned by the swamp, we must learn from it and never let it happen again. We have to stop believing them and anything they say. It should have been a peaceful protest and anyone who saw how far the left went to discredit Trump should have known it was a trick, but we inherently believe in goodness and fairness. Let this be a warning to all conservatives and Trump supporters. The right are good and decent people. The left are conniving liars. Where we go one, we go all, peacefully. Never forget that. We are above them. Let’s keep it that way.

  23. I totally believe that insurrection was planned by Pelosi , Schumer and their ILK! I had said that the day it happened and I as a true Christian who has studied the KJ Bible for many years with good teacher of it, and all the things that have been predicted by GOD and to His Prophets in teaching HIS WORD have been coming true about the world for several years and we are in the ” Last Days ” right now and I believe all of it ! They wanted Trump Out ..Period ! May GOD give them their “just rewards” when the End comes ! It will get hot for them all,in the Lake of Fire. GOD hates Liars and GOD knows all of our mind and thoughts .Right now, Satan and his spirit have been allowed to roam this earth collecting those who follow him to do all of the Evil in our World ! ONE Day (The LORD’S DAY ) they will find out they are going with Satan (Serpent , Devil , and many other names for him) into the Lake of FIRE!

  24. Yes the police DID lead them through the barriers and into the building. They were “Just Following Orders” from DEMOCRAT Mayer Bowser.

    Like they were Following Orders when they stood by watching BLM/Antifa destroy cities and murder people. Like they were Following Orders when they watched rioters blocking streets then ARRESTED people trying to get through to go to their homes. Like they were Following Orders when they allowed mobs to break into private property then arrested or confiscated the weapons of people defending themselves. Like they were Following Orders when they falsely testified against Chauvin. And on and on and on …. .

    Yes. The “Just Followed Orders”. Like the German police did in the ’20s and ’30s to allow the Nazis to rise to power. We know where that went, don’t we?

    The most common alibi used at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials in 1946 was: “What could I do? I was just following orders”. Here we go again. THOSE WHO REFUSE TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.

  25. You called it accurately that Democrats can and do see color and uses it for their benefit as they do historically with their racist, hate, lying and cheating to get what they want from the non white races.

  26. It is my belief that the plans for the opening up of the Capitol Building are on that missing Piglosi Laptop ! That is why they are searching so desperately for the thing . This was a preplanned FBI, Capitol Police, and Piglosi event !

  27. This whole thing was masterminded by Pelosi and the whole Biden Admin. I knew that at the time of the protest on Jan 6. If I knew then Congress knew. Pence knew that Trump’s supporters were not violent but he still blamed Trump – on national TV. True Conservatives know the truth but we all do nothing but gripe. We are all just as guilty. As Einsten said “It will not be the evil that destroys the world: it will be those that stand back and watch and do nothing”.

    1. WHAT?! De-fund the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party? Never! They’ll de-fund Social Security before they do anything like that.

  28. The insurrection to overthrow the US government occurred WITHIN the Capitol Building, carried out by legislators who certified “unverifiable” elections: Election that were administered illegally with rules changes enacted illegally. It’s written in the clearest of terms both in State and Federal Law defined by the Constitution. The Supreme Court chose not to even consider the evidence. A Supreme failure yet it also means that Biden’s Administration is vulnerable should the public be swayed as the audits will most assuredly show massive fraud did occur. There is a reason for the Jan 6 fake news tale of Trump insurrection and its simple: to enable the consolidation of power, remove all opposition in preparation for total military Authoritarianism.
    Every country that has reached this level of censorship and corruption in the past fell to the Socialists ( Nazi and Communist Dictators all started as Socialists)

  29. They were Deepstate Antifa plants masquerading as Trump supporters. They were seen multiple times last summer at Antifa riots. Or they are White hat plants. Tough to get the true information. Everything is a show or fake.

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