Did Joe Biden Even Win His Home State of Delaware?

A group called Patriots for Delaware has been conducting some audit work of that state’s 2020 election results. While it’s unclear whether they will ultimately find enough votes to sway the outcome – and thus change the rightful winner of that state’s three electoral votes – they’re finding a lot of evidence that the election was not on the up-and-up.

Delaware should have been a shoo-in for Joe Biden, its his home state after all, yet he only won by 95,665 votes. That’s not a razor-thin margin like we saw in Georgia or Arizona, but it’s not exactly a blowout for the traditionally blue state. Here’s what the group Patriots for Delaware found.

The group announced Thursday that it has audited approximately 50,000 votes so far. Out of the first 50,000 audited votes, about 20,000 of the ballots were fraudulent. 40% of the votes audited so far were fake. If that statistic holds through the remainder of the votes, it means that there is no question that Donald Trump actually won Joe Biden’s home state.

And there’s no question that these ballots were fraudulent. For example, one nursing home with 94 beds in it cast 296 mail-in ballots. 315% voter turnout! Don’t forget, COVID was ravaging the elderly in America at the time of the 2020 election, so there’s almost zero chance that that nursing home had 94 residents living in it at the time. The nursing homes would not have been at full capacity due to social distancing and COVID protections. That is blatant, brazen fraud in other words.

Several other nursing homes that Patriots for Delaware canvassed as part of their audit were discovered to have more than 100% voter turnout as well. And Patriots for Delaware says they’ve identified an unspecified number of dead voters who cast ballots in the state.


Delaware only has three counties in it. Patriots for Delaware says it has discovered “hundreds and hundreds” of overseas and mail-in ballots which listed the county elections office as their home mailing address. That’s not legal, obviously. Delaware state law requires that overseas voters list their last residential address for the registration, not some government building.

Patriots for Delaware says that 30,000 new voters registered to vote in the months just prior to the 2020 election. But in August of 2021, 11,000 of those voters were removed from the voter rolls. Maybe they moved out of state, but that is extremely questionable. If they were removed from the rolls because they are ineligible to vote, then those 11,000 people shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the 2020 election in the first place.

One more finding: Delaware had 47,205 ballots sent to adjudication. That’s about 25% of all mail-in and absentee ballots in the entire state. The Federal Election Commission only allows 0.0008% of ballots in a federal election to be sent to adjudication, so… those numbers were a little off for Delaware in the 2020 election.

During adjudication, a three-person panel with one Democrat, one Republican and one election official is supposed to examine the damaged or torn ballot (which is what sends it to adjudication), in order to determine the voter’s intent. Patriots for Delaware raises a very good question: When did they find the time to adjudicate all of those ballots? Delaware announced their election results very quickly on Election Night. Mail-in ballots can’t be opened until the polls close on Election Night. So… how in the world did they adjudicate 47,205 ballots in less than the two hours that it took for Delaware to announce their finalized result?

Now, let’s look at some hard election numbers. Delaware had a total of 496,871 votes in the 2020 presidential contest. That’s compared to only 435,487 votes in the 2016 election. Hillary won Delaware by about 50,000 votes in 2016.

Gary Johnson pulled about 15,000 votes away from Donald Trump in 2016. Trump had 185,000 votes that year, with Hillary winning Delaware with 235,000 votes. Trump basically picked up all those Gary Johnson votes in 2020. His vote total was just a hair over 200,000, compared to Biden’s 296,000.

Here’s the rub: Voter turnout in Delaware increased by 13% in 2020 – and the entirety of that 13% increase voted for Joe Biden. Is that proof of election fraud, in and of itself? No.

But it’s a gaping anomaly and it is highly unlikely a state would increase its voter turnout by 13%, and all of them voted for one candidate. It definitely means that Delaware needs to have a full audit, as does every other state in the union. It’s looking increasingly like Donald Trump may have won the biggest landslide in American history.

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39 thoughts on “Did Joe Biden Even Win His Home State of Delaware?”

      1. I just read a really good article….Are The Blue States Really Blue?…. Knowing that the Democrats are experts at voter fraud and they’ve been at it a long long time maybe all the blue states should be audited. We just might find out the majority of them are red.

        No, no one will do anything about this except We The People. We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.

      2. DK — that is the million dollar question. There is already enough hard evidence with more coming forth every day to “decertify” the 2020 farce but as you say — will anything be done about it !!!!!

    1. If anyone is waiting for the truth from any democrat control state don’t hold your breath. And if anyone in America is waiting for China Joe to be impeach it’s not going to happen.

    2. Even the dead people and illegal voters would change their mind if they could see what Biden is doing now.

  1. These kinds of things happened in many states. These votes should not have been counted but were because they were for Biden. The states did not follow their own laws! And some changed their laws to benefit Biden! All of this is wrong. Yes, we are a nation of laws however they are not evenly enforced if at all sometimes. Might as well be Venezuela.

  2. Whatever needs to happen to get this fraudulent, illegitimately installed, criminal regime out of our White House, let’s get it done! We have to save our country from this nightmare!!!!!

  3. I think this makes it clear why the Democrats want mail out ballots and no voter ID requirements. If we are going to have a country where the people control the government and not the other way around, we must have an honest election. We did not have that in 2020 and that is how Trump was removed from office after all of the false allegations of Russian collusion failed.

    1. Hey jreb, the dictator in CA just signed into law ( after he fraudulently won a recall election ) that ALL registered, whatever in hell in CA that means, voters will receive a mail-in ballot in all future elections.
      Like they’ve not tallied the score in their favor for decades, but now it’ll be that much easier to “win” as it were, for the Dems in this state of 42 million people who AREN’T required to show ID at the polling places.
      Makes one quite comfortable on Election Day when not a Dumbocrat!!
      Food for thought…..Nancy Pelosi won her district with 79% of the vote in the 2920 debacle !!! Even in SodomFrancisco that’s a REAL STRETCH! No way in hell that bitch carried 4 votes outta 5! NO WAY!

    2. jreb — that is why the virus was released at such an opportune time — to scare the American people into thinking mail-in ballots was the only way to go. This created the avenue for the democrap to push their mail-in voter fraud with zero resistance. They have always fought against voter ID which would make them lose about 40% of their voter base(dead and illegals). If you question the validity of my statement that the virus was “intentionally released” wait — the proof will be coming soon !!!!

  4. Anybody that belives Biden (who has the personality of a sweat sock) won the election is total fool! The dems would not even consider that many votes were not valid. They quickly just said believe us…Biden won. Well coming from a party that lies and then lies some more…how can anybody beilive anything they say? Anybody that does is a non thinking idiot. The dems just want to talk about covid while they ruin the economy further. When will the press start talking about how Biden has wrecked the economy and what hes doing to fix it? The answer…is never. Look at the prices of everything…Biden just shruggs and say thats expected. Well no its not! He doesnt care that we all have to pay more for everything. As whats on our dinner table suffers so we can buy gas to get to work it should be obvious Biden it trying to kill the middle class and make us all dependent in gov handouts. I prefer less gov not more! They cant even manage to run the coutry and want to run our lives also. The FJB chant we are hearing everywhere is justified! This communistic regime has got to go. Biden, Camelface and Pelosi all need hung for what they have done! They have cheated us all…we know…they know it but every pretends they won. Nobody believes it…and why…because this is all one big lie the dems think they got away with. We all know the truth..things were great with Trump nobody can argue that. Look at what we have now…every time you buy some something just think about who did this to us! Biden made things like this. Of course its not his fault…thats what he says about everything. BUT we all know it IS in fact ALL his fault. The man has been a joke his whole life but now the joke is on us…and Im not laughing!

  5. Over 81 million votes
    Most votes ever cast for ANY president
    Most popular White House resident
    And this lying bastard can’t even win his home state!!
    Pathetic at best

    1. Z – I’m not sure something as lawless as the 2020 election ever occurred before! It is my understanding that the (so-called) 81 million votes for Biden added to those votes for Trump, amounted to more legal voters than we have in the US! This is insanity at its worst!

      1. Erleebird — it is without a doubt the biggest and most destructive crime in our history. This illegitimate, illegal, imitation and corrupt so-called administration is the biggest threat to our National Security as we have ever faced and it needs to be dealt with NOW !!!!

  6. What do you expect from a Democrat party that has been racist since 1860, socialist since 2008 and communist since 2021. With communism the leaders get everything and regular people get f****d and get nothing.

    1. And thats what we have now…if you dont think your getting screwd EVERY time you buy something…you are not paying attention. EVERYTHING is more…gas, food, lumber and anything else you need to buy. Its a tax Joe I dont care what you tell us!! Here in OH we got a gas tax imposed on us…well actually they raised it a bunch, its always been there…that’s been over a year ago…almost 2 years ago actually. We all have been paying that tax. NONE of the piss poor roads I have to use are fixed. My coffee splashes all over the inside of my car as I try and drive on them. Im sure the roads are perfect where the politicians live. Its not about us at all…never has been. If you believe that you probably still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny too. The leaders get EVERYTHING…we get to pay for it and get nothing but lies from our supposed leaders. They all suck…Dewine, Biden, Camelface Harris, Pelosi….I just wish 6 Jan would have been what they claimed it was. How do ya know when a politican is lying? When they are moving their lips.

  7. I think we are seeing the “big lie” crumble before our eyes. We now have audit results from Ga.,Wisc.,Ariz.now De. This will probably go on and on. Not sure anything can be done until we win back control of Congress next year. In any event, stay strong Conservatives! This is not over

  8. Demonrats want mail in ballots because it’s the oldest trick in the book unions have been doing it for years and since unions work for the government now and not the people it’s supposed to represent the union probably showed the Demonrats how it’s done funny how only the police union is complaining about vaccine mandates and no other union is

  9. Yawwwnnn …. more “proof” of – NOTHING. Nothing of substance is being done about any of this. Our government agencies are totally infested with Communist stooges who take their orders from Beijing not the We the People.

    So WHERE ARE OUR SWORN DEFENDERS HIDING? Where is the sold-out garbage that calls itself the GOP? Remember, the GOP officially stated that there was NO election fraud and hurried to certify the election. They have been running away from the TRUTH ever since.

    The DemoCommies OWN the vote now and the GOP let that happen without a squeak of protest. Gabbling Newscum won the Recall with 65% of the vote, remember?

    The Midterms won’t be any different. The GOP and Trump had FOUR YEARS to take on election fraud and did precisely NOTHING. In the next election the Democrats will win all 50 states, 12 Provinces in China, the northern half of Mexico and Quebec.

    The entire mob of them are in on the fix. Money and power mean everything to them. We the People mean nothing! Proof? Notice our wide open borders and our Air Force flying in plane loads of undocumented, unvetted Muslims. So who is doing a single thing to end that outright CRIMINAL violation of established US Law?

    By the way fellow Social Security recipients, SS is totally BROKE! Our loving politicians STOLE the entire fund for personal use! In less than 2 years your monthly SS check will be $0.00. Yup, but, you know, keep voting Democrat and Republican. No problem though, we’ll still have Trillion$ worth of new infrastructure that didn’t cost us a nickle! LOL

  10. These are quotes from Thomas Jefferson:
    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of the people.”
    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    I wonder if it is not about time to refresh the tree of liberty! Enough with the tyranny that is going on now!

  11. Just think, if trump had not been buffaloed into shutting down the economy, listening to the republican in name only cabinet, swastika-hammer-and-sickle-red-star black and brown shirts, scam media, fake doctors, false science, and had swallowed his ego, then the crooks of the new world order democrats, islamist, marxist state actors, antifa, blm, crime cartels, and other ballot traffickers could not have stolen the election! Fact is, ALL states and EVERY one of their counties had lesser to greater fraud! This is not even dealing with the ballot grifts used on ballots! “Pride goeth before the fall.”

  12. Every state needs to do an audit, NOW so we can end this. Biden is getting too much time to destroy this country. Every vote needs to be checked, for ID, address and every other situation to make sure all votes are legal.
    I saw an article yesterday with Sydney Powell about a guy that help make a computer program to fix an election back in 2000, it was eventually patented in like 2006 or 2008. It disappeared. I’ve had a lot of that lately.

  13. The only problem is the national Republican committee has no BACKBONE and will do NOTHING. I do not know what is wrong with them. Can anyone tell me?

    1. Simple. They’re LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES just like the Democrats are. They’re bought out. All that’s important to ANY of them is their own position, wealth and power.

      Remember this? “Put not your faith in Princes”. And this? “Their mighty men will fail them”. The Book is 2 for 2 .



  15. The whole election was fraudulent and the proof has poured in from numerous states since. The MSM of course, continues to deny it. Now that FB, Twitter an Dominion can control every national election, the vote has become meaningless. How do yo feel about the fact you don’t count anymore? I’m sure the leftists are giddy about it, but my feeling are a little different. I think we need to take up arms and take the country back or stop complaining and submit to the communist revolution, thereby giving up the constitution and all rights contained therein and become a slave to the communist state, just like the Soviet Union. 50% of us do not remember how evil communism is and believe it means free stuff. Humans will always choose free stuff over rights, so unless we are willing to take the radical steps necessary to save the republic, we had better get used to calling each other comrade and having every right in the Bill of Rights stripped away forever.

    1. The only issue with taking up arms and Biden said it himself….you’d better have tanks and F16’s ect. You see he has no problem turning the military on the public ie all of us. The only way to be successful is using gorilla warfare. You cant fight a conventional toe to toe war when the enemy is vastly larger and better outfitted. Maybe the Afganistan army has some hi tech weapons they were given by Joe Biden that they wanna sell? Its very sad what Biden has done. Wait until those weapons start showing up and being used against innocent people. If you dont think it’ll happen…just wait. I hope it doesnt but I dont dont see how it wont. Give terrorists advanced weapons…what do you think is going to happen? Biden is a total embarrassment and should be charged with treason. Anybody else would be…oh but he’s very wealthy…theres 2 sets of laws. One for the very rich and one for the rest of us…things need to more fair for EVERYBODY or there will be a revolt. All this special ass kissing has got to stop.

  16. Nothing to see here….right? Yeah…just like our state of Michigan…the people just do not want to look at it at all. You would think they would want to PROVE themselves having a secure election. They tell us it was secure….but THAT claim has been disproved by the “Absolute Proof” video. Big time! So much needs to be revamped and our governor (who probably got in fraudulently in 2018) keeps vetoing the election reforms that need done badly. Our SOS is just as bad….there were so many irregularities, but the Deep State is protecting her. She will probably go to jail for mishandling ballots and destroying some. Sad!

  17. Delaware the NUMBER ONE tax haven in the US. What a surprise of course Biden didn’t ‘win’ he is a total fraud.

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