Doctors Ask Woman for Her Unvaxed Husband’s Organs After They Let Him Die

Doctor with tablet next to bed with dying elderly woman with cancer in the clinic

A Canadian group of freedom fighters is calling on everyone to refuse to donate their organs following a horrible tragedy caused by doctors in Ontario.

We’ve been covering the ongoing controversy for months now about unvaccinated Americans and Canadians being denied lifesaving organ transplants. The medical community is denying patients transplants and treatments unless they play vaccine roulette with the COVID shots.

The latest victim was 35-year-old Garnet Harper, a married father of five children in Ontario. In February of this year, Garnet was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney disease. That’s when your kidneys have basically stopped working altogether, and you will die soon if you don’t receive a kidney transplant. Two of Garnet’s brothers offered to donate kidneys to him in order to save his life.

Doctors denied Garnet Harper a kidney transplant because he was unvaccinated. The married father of five died in the hospital from a bleeding stroke while he was asleep on May 22nd.

Canada has a nationwide blanket policy of denying life-saving medical care, including organ transplants, to the unvaccinated. A previous case that we talked about was Sheila Lewis from Alberta. The mother of six was denied a transplant a few months ago because she’s not double-vaxed and double-boosted. Fortunately, an American hospital has agreed to provide her with the operation needed to save her life. The bad news for Sheila is that she’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for transportation, the surgery, and the recovery time in a hospital.

Garnet Harper declined and died too quickly for the family to find a hospital in a different country. We haven’t even gotten to the worst part of this story yet.


As Garnet was dying in the hospital, one of the doctors who was allowing him to die recommended him as an organ donor. The doctor phoned a group called the Trillium Gift of Life Network (TGLN), an Ontario organ donation agency, and told them that Garnet would be a suitable organ donor and gave them the cell phone number of Meghan Harper.

Now, to be clear: TGLN is not the villain in this story. They’re probably good people and they were just doing their jobs. The villains in this story are the doctors and the Canadian healthcare fascists who allowed Garnet Harper to die because of his vaccination status.

TGLN called Meghan Harper as she was sitting next to her dying husband in the hospital and asked her if doctors could chop Garnet up and harvest his organs while he was still alive. Organs harvested from living donors work much better for transplant operations.

“They call you while you’re sitting next to your dying loved one and they ask you if they can have his organs,” said Meghan Harper. “Meanwhile, he wasn’t good enough to receive organs from them… I can’t describe the feeling. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Canadian Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier spoke out about Garnet Harper’s murder-by-exclusion case on Twitter:

“Only the tip of the iceberg is ever seen before the real tragedy befalls. Our governments are and have been engaged in social murder. Unfortunately, many people believe recognizing these facts and speaking out is more dangerous than becoming the inevitable next victim.”

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt is speaking out and demanding action from Canadian freedom fighters against this wicked policy. In a video that he posted on Twitter, Pastor Hildebrandt stated:

“Are you an organ donor in Canada? I believe it’s time to put that on hold until our government stops fatally discriminating against its citizens. My heart goes out to the family of the late Garnet Harper and to Sheila Lewis who is still struggling to get care… What’s next? Religious status?”

Pastor Hildebrandt believes that unless the medical tyranny in Canada is reversed, they will soon be denying Christians medical care for their religious beliefs. It doesn’t sound like he’s wrong. If doctors can violate their Hippocratic oath by denying life-saving treatments to the unvaccinated, why couldn’t they discriminate on other grounds as well?

All Canadians should refuse to be organ donors until this monstrously discriminatory practice is ended.

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25 thoughts on “Doctors Ask Woman for Her Unvaxed Husband’s Organs After They Let Him Die”

  1. That is sicking ! My heart goes out to Maghem Harper God bless and watch over her. Canada is a place i would not go to live . To do that about Organ Transplant is wrong no one should have to be vaccinated to get live saving transplant.

  2. Is it because the organs are still pure? I think there is a lot of money in harvesting organs and selling them. They want the family to donate when they are emotional, they tell of how the dying one could safe a life or someone vision. Then the family feels like it is the best thing to do so they do it. They take the donor apart and sell the organs to people that need that organ. It is costs a lot of money. After they make a lot of money then they send the love one home for the family to bury it might cost the family $7,000 to $15,000 or more. I think that they should pay for the funereal service for the free organs. I am not leaving my family with a debt to put them in a bind. They get the organs, money, we get nothing in return but our dead family member, heartbreak and debt.

  3. File a lawsuit against the doctor and hospital! They do not have the authority to tell the family they will NOT PREFORM THE SURGERY! Themselves might not been vaccine! Nobody has the rights to refuse treating anyone in the medical field. Get out if you believe those lies by CDC and your fool who has not been vaccine himself!

      1. Tell that to the numerous nurses, doctors, pt care specialist, therapists who lost their jobs due to not having been vaccinated. And just as an example: “Hospitals are denying transplants for patients who aren’t vaccinated against Covid, with backing from ethicists
        Andrew Joseph
        By Andrew Joseph Jan. 26, 2022” Article shows that Cleveland Clinic and University of Colorado refused organs or took pts off of transplant list. And that was just one instance. So don’t be fooled. Might not be happening now, but WAS happening during the foolish Covid fear reaction in the USA. People in the USA were refused organ transplants or taken off of transplant list due to vaccine status. May be different world or different laws …. but same actions.

      2. Massachusetts just refused to have a Catholic couple be foster parents because the agency didn’t feel they, Catholics, would support that YOUNG child getting “GENDER AFFIRMING” HORMONE AND SURGICAL PROCEDURES …IF…the child EVER expressed interest in being the opposite sex, no matter how young. The child they wanted to foster and possibly adopt had NOT been expressing any such feeling and Massachusetts is critically short of foster homes.
        So Massachusetts will only let people provide foster care, or adopt, if they are all for having even little kids being given irreversible hormone treatments, plus surgeries to cut off breasts and genitals.

        This stance is CRIMINAL, as is the policy to deny organ transplants and cancer treatments as Canada AND SOME US STATES HAVE. OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE FOUND ORGANS FROM VACCINATED donors often have less success in use, plus medical problems the people might have had after being vaccinated and transferring to the patients RECEIVING those organs. And those vaccinated people who sadly develop cardiac complications like myocardopathy and NEED A HEART TRANSPLANT, have the RISK of their vaccinated body and blood affecting a heart transplant and again causing cardiac myocardipathy, attacking the heart muscle and damaging its function andb possibly also causing arrhythmias.

  4. This is what you get with government healthcare. I don’t think we want to replicate Canada’s healthcare system, like the Democrats want.

    1. It happened in the USA also. Many people were refused transplant and or taken off of transplant list. Just think what will happen when we are ever forced to go total ‘government healthcare’. Medicare/Medicaid, ACA etc etc.. still must comply with government mandates….. millions have to comply to Government mandates NOW, whether it is the best medical care or NOT. I don’t think we want ANY government involvement – period – in our heathcare now.

    2. There are some US states that are denying transplants and cancer treatments to unvaccinated patients, which is insane. These ill people then are trying to travel to other states for these treatments and procedures. I only have heard of a few states doing this, and they’ve all been “blue” states. So immunosuppressed patients should get vaccine that can cause further immunosuppressive? OR unvaccinated patients needing a heart transplant should be mandated to receive a vaccine which is KNOWN to attack heart tissue and cause arrhythmia, pericarditis, even myocardopathy which can necessitate needing a HEART TRANSPLANT??? Truly a malpractice with medical STUPIDITY and lack of knowledge in those states.

  5. Hell no! That doctor is insane asking such a thing! He was probably the same one who medically murdered that patient in the first place!

  6. I believe everyone has gone mad & lost their minds! These so called dr.s’ have forgotten their oath! DISGRACEFUL, SICK, DEMENTED & UNFORGIVING!! SUE, SUE SUE THE M-CKERS!

  7. Doctors who fail to live up to their oath, do no harm are in fact in treason to themselves and the people they fail to treat. In that condition they should not be allowed to treat anyone. They need to have an epiphany and come back to their senses. In their lower condition they are a threat to their patients.

    1. Their Hippocratic Oath seems to have become the hypocritical oath. Just as the oaths of office politicians have to make that they then ignore.

  8. It is all about the money and government control. Does no good to sue if the government/judges are in the swamps pockets. By the time it gets thru the courts (if it gets to the courts), you are dead anyway. Keep voting for the new world order (NWO)/woke/socialist and this will be just a touch of the beginning.

    1. Papa Bear, she should have suggested she start harvesting the doctor’s organs for the same reason.

  9. Is it possible that a human being would continue supporting or voting for a ‘democrat’ (socialist-communist) that wants full control by the NWO of Soros, obama, bill gates. john kerry, president xi, world bankers and other satanic disciples that have been allowed to control our culture. Only religion allowed is the state recognized as god with the satanic disciples demanding obedience to control population through numerous methods, dispose of those unfit, kill anyway possible both the unborn and undesirable, encourage perversions of homosexuality and sexual misfits.

  10. The world has gotten more wicked in a hurry. I’m 85 years old and living in times of WW 2 and end of depression was easy compared to the governmental dictatorship were living in now, I wonder how long God is going to hold back on punishment to the evil that’s been going on? Only God can change things, He loves all mankind but hates the evil the government has pushed and allowed. I pray God help us.

  11. The group pulling the strings at the White House is the Soros Foundation. How many trips to the WH ? I read more than a dozen since the kkk party was put in the WH.

  12. I am curious if a recepient for an organ has right to know if donor is vaccinated ,if they choose not to vaccination would risk a contaminated organ?

  13. One thing is for sure Canada wanted all its people vaccinaed , we know now how bad being vaccinaed turned out to be . Guess canaca now wishes it didn’t mandate so hard. Its a shame how many died from covid then how many died trying not to get covid !!. I use to get the flu shot every year now i don’t and dont want any vaccine know matter how bad the corrupt is. Cause you cannot trust the CDC or your on Government they want the population thin down and don’t care what horrible way they do it. And Harper should of had his kidney surgery since it was his on family going to donate the kidney to not give the man this was unthinkable for tne doctors to do.

  14. Any so called Medical Doctor that refuses to do any procedure just because someone chose to not take the poison jab is not FIT to be called a Doctor at all. If I were a family member of anyone they have refused, I would be suing the sox off the government and the so called fake Doctor, and yes they are fake because they have not upheld the oath to do harm to none. They are liars and quacks.

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