Even the Giraffes Are Dying from the Vaccines

The zoo in Dallas, Texas announced back in September that it was going to start administering COVID vaccines to the animals. One of the reasons why we will never reach “COVID Zero” – the total elimination of the virus from the planet – is because it can jump back and forth between humans and animals.

The other reason, of course, is because no one has invented a vaccine for it that works. Anyway, after that September announcement that they’d be giving jabs to the animals at the Dallas Zoo, three of the giraffes suddenly died in October. As we all know, coronavirus is the leading cause of coincidences!

We all feel terrible about the giraffes, obviously. They didn’t deserve that. But the stories about humans meeting similar coincidental fates are just awful. Here are just a few that happened in the week leading up to Christmas in 2021.

Carlos Tejada was a New York Times Deputy Asia Editor. The 49-year-old proudly posted on his social media accounts earlier this year when he received the Johnson & Johnson shot. He followed the advice of health authorities and got boosted on December 16 with a Moderna shot. He posted a selfie and pretty much dared COVID to get him now that he was boosted. Just a few hours later, he dropped dead of a coincidental heart attack, leaving behind a wife and two young children.

In Argentina, kids are not allowed to start kindergarten until they’ve been vaccinated against COVID. So, Miriam Suarez had her 3-year-old daughter Ambar get the Sinopharm vax on December 15th, the Chinese version of the shot that is available in that country. On December 16th, the poor girl died from coincidental sudden cardiac arrest. Argentinian authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the girl’s death. Her mother told the press, “I’m sure my daughter was killed by the vaccine. She was a healthy girl, full of life, without any health issues.”


The world of soccer lost four major stars in one week due to coincidences. 29-year-old Mukhaled Al-Raqadi from Oman collapsed during warmups before a game and was rushed to the hospital. Cause of death: Heart attack.

Egyptian player Ahmed Amin, also in his 20s, collapsed in the locker room following a team practice. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Cause of death: Sudden cardiac arrest.

23-year-old Marin Cacic of Croatia collapsed during practice a day later. Doctors placed him in a coma when they couldn’t restart his heart. He was pronounced dead on December 23rd. Cause of death: Heart failure.

28-year-old Sofiane Loukar collapsed during a game on Christmas Day. He was rushed to the hospital but died before the ambulance could get him to the emergency room. Cause of death: Heart attack.

Here’s a fun article from the UK, filled with facts and data from that nation’s National Health Service, titled, Why are so many people going Blind after getting the Covid-19 vaccine?

In Ventura County, California, hospitals are so overwhelmed with younger people in their 20s and 30s, suffering from heart attacks and strokes, that nurses are starting to blow the whistle anonymously. Here are a couple of quotes from nurses as reported in the Conejo Guardian newspaper:

“None [of the doctors] question whether the vaccine causes myocarditis, pericarditis and the strokes that are coming in. If they don’t toe the line, they could lose their medical license.”

“One thing the vaccine causes is thrombosis, clotting. Here you have a 38-year-old woman who was double-vaccinated and she’s having strokes they can’t explain. None of the doctors relates it to the vaccine. It’s garbage. It’s absolute garbage.”

“It’s never been this busy, and none of it is COVID-19,” says another nurse. “We don’t normally see this amount of strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks all happening at once. … Normally we’ll see six to ten aortic dissections a year. We’ve seen six in the last month. It’s crazy.”

Doctors in Ventura County are claiming that this massive, unprecedented surge in heart attacks and strokes among young and healthy people is due to the holidays. It’s all just one big coincidence. Maybe it’s the fault of the giraffes. Let’s blame anything but the elephant in the room.

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25 thoughts on “Even the Giraffes Are Dying from the Vaccines”

  1. Looks like it will take hospitals and morgues filled to the ceilings with those dead from “coincidences”, before the realization strikes of what is REALLY killing
    people, and it’s NOT just a virus called Covid.
    I pray that more doctors and nurses will continue to come forward with the truth that we will NEVER hear from MSM. 10,000 European doctors recently came forward in a lawsuit, and are now speaking up regarding the pitfalls of the jab, and “boosters”.
    Follow Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and other truth tellers. What reason do they have to lie? As for Fauci and his corrupt cohorts, just follow the money…..

    1. They already realize that it is the “jab” that is causing all of the strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks, as well as many of the other strange deaths and illnesses, but as far as the doctors are concerned, maintaining their medical licenses and getting big bucks is more important, and big pharma, which is part of the New World Order, are all for killing off most of the world’s population while filling their coffers.

  2. i wouldn’t believe Quack Fauci if he told me the sun was shining unless I could go outside and see for my self.

  3. My very healthy 64 year old husband now has the strength of a 5 yr old in the arm he received his second Moderna vaccine. Call it any way you want to but I see it with my own eyes every day now, he can hardly lift our small dog. We will NOT get boosted either. Imagine that! another coincidence.

  4. No one has been told the all possible side effects of any of the “vaccines” for COVID, so how can anyone give informed consent to an experimental medication. Why is the federal government pushing something that does not work. in other words who owns the Federal Government?

    1. Hi there ! This VETERAN will not repeat will not get this damn shot ( booster ) because after the 1st shot I ended up with heart problems , low lung function , end of story !! also FJB and HITLER FAUCI

    2. Global depopulation is the answer. Read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The real Anthony Fauci “, says it all. Fauci, Gates, Pfizer, to name a few, are just pure evil and they need to be stopped. They should be given doses of their own medicine, literally. No one should listen to anything that Fauci says, EVER!

      1. Nature has ways of “culling the herd”, when the herd’s populating get too large to sustain. We see it for example in rabbits, their numbers diminish and then they regain, time after time, the predictor prey balance. We see it in forests, overgrown sections get thinned by fire or disease. It is seen in sea life, populations, die off from starvation or disease. Is humanity any different, wars, diseases, starvation, etc.? Not that I put mush stock in the evolution theory, but I do believe in the “survival of the fittest” concept. Mankind has no business trying to usurp nature.

      2. Thanks for the info!! Yes, depopulation is the goal. The Deep State/Bilderberg Group are intent on exterminating most of humanity – about 5.5 Billion – and enslave all the rest. And who is in charge of the so-called vaccine development? Bill Gates, who said that one billion is all that our world needs. Word has it that Prince Andrew wants to reduce that.

    3. From what I can tell, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family, international Bankers and corporations, and anyone else with millions and billions of dollars, owns the US government and the governments of many other countries around the world, LOCK, STOCK and BARREL. Our government BY, FOR and OF THE PEOPLE was STOLEN from us on December 23, 1913. I will let you research for your self as to how it was done. A couple of clues; Jekyll Island Georgia, Federal Reserve Banking Act.

    4. well, Mary, it is CHINA. look at bribers cabinet. most all are Chinese or oriental. they own that old man lock stock and barrel. he is their dictator here in the states. the majority of their wealth came from china. last year there was a film out called RIDING THE CHINESE DRAGON. it was a detailed accounting of the bribems vast holdings in china. I put it up for all to see. it was on u tube. it is probably gone by now. it traced the cocaine kid’s holdings in china. all the companies he owns. it was a direct trail with all receipts, and copies of the contracts pertaining to the holdings. very educational. if you were able to check bribems money accounts, they would all point to china. and, courtesy of wuhan china, they gave us the covid, so they could install bribes as pRESIDENT. they are running this shit show. bet your life. oh, wait, you already did if you took the killer jab.

  5. Damn you all who looked the other way while killing God’s creation. Now it is the animals that have to pay. It is time the evil ones pay!
    It needs action and that right quick . CCP always ate all their pets and wild life. It is enough. cap have kill rooms in orphanages where children are starved to death!
    Get real people and get with it. The war is on and has been!

  6. People should send 1,000 copies of this to DC. You know why? Because the people in support staff have to read the mail and they may stop supporting staff who ignore all the taxpayers.

  7. I have seen nearly all of these unfortunate happenings occur among my family and loved ones. Nephew died on the street walking back from getting the jab. Another nephew died from second round with Covid, and his mother died from Covid after taking two jabs for Covid. My sister-in-law and her husband are now fighting Covid after getting all of their shots. We lost two other nephews to Covid, but I don’t know what their status was for the shots. If there is a Hell, I hope Fauci and those who started this horrible disease get their fair share of it.

  8. My brother-in-law received a COVID-19 booster one week before Christmas 2021. Two days later he was in the hospital having suffered a spinal stroke which resulted in permanent paralysis in both of his legs, two blood clots on his brain and ultimately developed sepsis. He died last Thursday. The doctors at the hospital in Mission Viejo, California, said it was due to the COVID-19 booster. The doctors also said they had seen quite a number of spinal strokes (which are extremely unusual) following booster jabs. They told my sister most of these incidents are not being reported in the news. Listen to the whispers, that’s the real story.

    1. JMorgan….. what a horrible story! My heartfelt condolences to your family. What a travesty this Biden Regime has instituted On the American populous. Each time he gets up promoting these shots of pure poison I have to ask myself why after 250 years of free thinking and rights to live our lives unconditionally that they’re now literally KILLING OF OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

      2 years of this shit, and NOT ONCE has treating this virus with anything other than this cocktail of horrors been talked about it implemented. Doctors who’ve prescribed ivermectin or hydroxychloriquine have jeopardized their careers by doing so.

      This lack of compassion by our “leaders” tells me that the end game for these “elites” is that lowly hardworking American taxpayers are now an endangered species subject to the tyranny of the entire Bidenista faction.
      Joe Biden is a fucking lizard.. a reptile with a forked tongue that breeds nothing but hate and loathing for all of us that he professed to “unite” early on in his illegitimate administration. All of the commie democrunts are guilty of this subversion! The corruption and total control these reprobates are looking for aren’t going to be taken lightly.
      The Jan 6 lie is now about to be put to the test. I understand that “el Presidente” is going to make an arousing speech soon praising and stroking the Capitol police for their amazing job of letting folks into the Capitol building before firing on an innocent military veteran, striking the unfortunate woman down in the prime of her life. She had no weapon…… why did she get shot?!

      This whole narrative, and that’s what it is now, is beyond reproach. Americans are tired of the shit being piled on them daily. Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck the Democratic Party that wants us all dead.


  9. Well, Well, Well Look here: Filed on 12-06-21

    Covid-19: Pharmaceutical giants, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court complaint
    In addition, they argued that effective treatments for COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, were suppressed, resulting in a more significant number of COVID-19 deaths than should have occurred.
    A group including former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) (worth reading) on behalf of U.K. citizens against Boris Johnson and U.K. officials, Bill and Melinda Gates, CEOs of major pharmaceutical companies, World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab, and others for crimes against humanity.

    The ICC has acknowledged the case and has attributed the following reference number OTP-CR-473/21.

    The defendants included:
    Dr. Anthony Fauci;
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO);
    June Raine, executive director of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA);
    Dr. Radiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation; and
    Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, as “responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code … war crimes and crimes of aggression” in the United Kingdom and other countries.
    Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
    Stephane Bancel, CEO of AstraZeneca
    Pascal Soriot, CEO of Moderna
    Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson and Johnson
    Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister
    Christopher Whitty, UK Chief Medical Adviser
    Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
    Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum

    In addition, the petitioners contend that “the suppression of safe and effective alternative treatments for Covid-19 amounts to murder and warrants a full investigation by the court.”

    They noted that in addition to censorship of online information and promotion of these alternative treatments, “some academic journals are blocking publication of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.”

    The petitioners also cited quotes from Holocaust survivors who have drawn “strong parallels between Covid’s restrictions and the beginning of the Holocaust.”

    In an open letter, the Holocaust survivors have called on medical regulatory authorities to “stop this unholy medical experiment on humanity immediately,” which they contend violates the Nuremberg Code.

    1. and you forgot to add that gates is being sued by India for the failure and deaths of its people. he gave India his own covid concoction, and it killed a famed doctor. that is what started this suit. I have been preaching since last year that the mandated covid shots violated the Nuremberg Code of 1947. there are ten tenets of the code, and all you mentioned above are guilty of it. they need to be hung, like the doctors in 1946 who experimented on human subjects. that is what this covid shot is. AN EXPERIMENT USING HUMAN SUBJECTS. but I do have to say this. when you are BRIBED, CAJOLED, MADE TO FEEL UNPATRIOTIC, AND FINALLY THREATENED, DOESNT THAT SEND UP A RED FLAG IN THOSE WHO ACTUALLY THINK FOR THEMSELVES?????? YOU CANNOT BLINDLY FOLLOW ANYONE. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN. LISTEN TO SOMETHING OTHER THAN STATE OWNED NEWS STATIONS. MORE PEOPLE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF THEY THOUGHT JUST ONCE WITH THEIR OWN BRAINS.

    2. I didn’t hear about that watching the “ news”. Oh, that’s right. Our news is anything but news, and what you hear is exactly what they want you to hear. Nothing more.

      Hey, it would be real cool to see medically trained people trying to get us better with monoclonal remedies instead of a shot that pretty much doesn’t do anything except make people’s immune systems worse with every injection. But I was just listening to the radio, and listen and behold, the federal gov’t has hoarded up all of the ivermectin and hydrozychloriquine so hospitals and Drs. can’t get their hands on it. That in and of itself, let me know they are out to kill people worldwide

      Listen to Biden….. he’s our “savior” now. He wants all of us, including babies, to put this poison in our bodies.
      I’m really curious to know how many of Washington’s Congress birthing persons and Congress semen donors took this jab for real!! I’d bet none of them are truly jabbed up at all.
      Gavin Newsom, the dictator in California, said it was unconscionable if you didn’t get your kids vaccinated. He Gavvy, did Montana get her vaccination in time for school? You moron, how’s your Bells Palsey doing right now, you numbskull communist!!!!
      Rumor was he got Bells Palsey after his double vax of covid and flu shots together. I hope it’s true, he’s a real reprobate and an asshole of the highest regard.

  10. Why all this Covid panic? Why are they jabbing animals? Totally ridiculous! Fauci is a pathological liar and a murderer! He is making millions in kickbacks from Big Pharma!

  11. When these left wing radical communists from Biden on down started pushing for these so called “vaccinations”, I knew they were up to something. I haven’t gotten any of these vaccinations and I certainly don’t plan to either.

  12. Idiotic Communist demos want everything vaccinated from men, women, children, babies, all the animals, and plants with the deadly anti-virus that is not only killing people but the animals as well.

    This is Joe (Hitler) Biden way to depopulate the USA as ordered by his counterpart the CCP Communist China Party and NIden and hie hoard of the communist demo are being paid for the killings of Americans including the children and babies.

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