Georgia Election Audit Under Way & Huge Discrepancy Already Discovered

Well, it looks like we won’t have to wait around holding our breath to find out the results of Georgia’s forensic audit! Information has already “leaked” and it’s not looking good for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Peach State.

Plus, my idea for not having a civil war over this whole deal is filtering out into the mainstream, with major public figures starting to ask about the process and “next steps” once it becomes clear that Joe Biden did not win 270 electoral college votes in the 2020 contest.

And did you hear about Pennsylvania? The forensic audit in that state is a GO! Let’s dive in.

First, the audit in Georgia doesn’t seem as interested in being tight-lipped about their process the way that Arizona has. The process there has barely – and I mean BARELY – got under way and we already have news that a major discrepancy has been uncovered.

Last month, Superior Court Judge Brian Amero authorized a citizens’ voter integrity group to conduct a forensic audit of 147,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County, Georgia. Those are presumably the magic suitcase ballots that they pulled out from under a table in the dead of night after all the election observers had been sent home at the State Farm Arena.

The Georgia auditors instantly discovered something major in terms of a vote count discrepancy. In order to keep a tight lid on this, they immediately leaked the discovery to the most timid, quiet and tight-lipped Member of Congress: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)!


Just kidding. America’s favorite congresswoman immediately blasted the news out to her 400,000+ followers on Twitter:

“The Fulton county audit is going to reveal serious election fraud. The forensic auditor has already found a very big issue causing a drastic vote tally change. And they are barely getting started. Biden did not win my state.”

(Don’t you just love her?)


In other news, the Pennsylvania audit process has officially started. State Senator Doug Mastriano (R) issued a statement that the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, which he chairs, is subpoenaing the ballots, machines and other evidence from multiple counties. His committee is authorizing a full forensic audit of Pennsylvania’s election, just as Arizona is doing. Mastriano issued a full statement/op-ed on the reasons why he’s authorizing the audit, which you can read HERE if you’re interested.

Why now? Why did it take so long in Pennsylvania? I’m guessing that everyone has been waiting to see the results of the Arizona audit before jumping into the audit fray. No one wants to get egg on their face by launching an audit, only to have it go sideways.

But I also think we’ve been fed a little bit of misinformation by our own side. That’s nothing to get mad about. The Arizona auditors and the Trump-supporting state lawmakers are being extra careful. Biden probably has the NSA tapping all their phones and email accounts.

So… remember those 20 different state delegations that went to Arizona to tour the audit site? I don’t think they traveled down to Arizona in frickin’ hot-as-hell June just to learn how the audit was being conducted. They could have learned that from any number of right-leaning news sites (except for Breitbart, which is still wildly disinterested in any election audit news).

I think all those Republican state lawmakers traveled to Arizona for face-to-face briefings on what the auditors had already found. They’re keeping a tight lid on it and putting nothing in writing to keep Team Biden in the dark. Because they know that the results of the Arizona audit are going to send shockwaves through the entire world.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik (Ret.), who is a staunch Trump supporter, tweeted this message this week:

“PREDICTION!! Arizona, Georgia and now Pennsylvania in the very near future will prove that Joe Biden did not acquire 270 or more electoral votes which is required to elect the president and vice-president. THEN WHAT?!”

Gosh! I wonder where he got that idea from? (Hi Bernie!)

As I’ve been saying for weeks now, if neither candidate in the 2020 election has 270 votes, the election then falls to Congress. Each state gets one vote to cast, which is determined by each individual state legislature. 27 red states and 23 blue states would cast their votes for either Trump or Biden. That’s the legal, constitutional and non-deadly way to settle the whole thing.

Or we could do it the hard way. But either way, this path only leads to one outcome – and that’s Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

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91 thoughts on “Georgia Election Audit Under Way & Huge Discrepancy Already Discovered”


    1. I totally agree. All of Biden’s evil doings should be reversed and all of the guilty democrats should be punished for their treason. They should receive the maximum penalty for their corruption of our election.

      1. While I want to see it happen I won’t hold my breath as Dems will have something up their sleeves to fix it to their liking. Dems and especially Piglosy are very sneaky.
        If they succeed in turning this last election around and giving Trump his rightful place we will have another 4th of July celebrations.

      2. Love your comments. We must wait until Arizona Audit finding become made available for all to see. Like many American citizens who have already have there own opinions we must wait and see? The American people are already aware of the Georgia audit results and Pennsylvania joining in many more states will so join. Theses audits which the Democratic Party has been fighting so hard end understand that this will be opening Pandora Box and the fear that bumbling Joe Biden and his incompetent puppeteers rain destruction and treason along with the executive orders bullying will come to end. If this happens and Trump become the president he will have a task to undo the damage that bumbling Joe Biden has caused.

      3. I absolutely agree that the Biden admin should be imprisoned for treason and all of Bidens Executive orders reversed. There has to be some serious consequences to those that participated in the election fraud and the ongoing fraud sine he stole the office.

          1. The military does need to step in and right a terrific wrong done to our country. Biden and Harris in no way won that election and everyone knows it except the lieing demorats and the media who are also compromised.. all of them should be ousted and hung for treason and the media that was involved all censored and run out of our country . Crimes against the American people

          2. YES !!!! ARREST them ALL and put them in the same cells they put the Jan 6 patriots in with the same EXACT conditions they endure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. You read my mind, Loretta! Maybe send in the National Guard to handcuff and humiliate every single one of these Marxist idiots. I think a public execution on the front lawn of the White House by hanging or guillotine would be appropriate! Remember when San Fran Nan said “Let them eat $16 dollar a pint gourmet ice cream!“ Dig in America!! Send them all back to HELL where they came from!!!

          4. And executed. That is the penalty for treason. There needs to be a very clear message sent to not screw with our elections or our country!

      4. Agree, and put them in Jail and release the demonstrators that have been in jail since January. Have them eat bread and water and poop in a can!

        1. I definitely see this sort of disgraceful treatment in THEIR near future….They have certainly earned it!! God Bless our beautiful and FREE country!

      5. Biden should be stopped from issuing any more stupid orders until the outcome is announced. He is destroying this country day by day.

    2. Yes, we will take them all down and deport all of the Anti-American fools like Biden/Harris or put them in prison for life without any parole! Great news. Let’s fix this and make America great again.

        1. halfway to Gitmo is still to good for them, I think we should give them all to China, since they love communism so much.

    3. Hmmm…. I hope all this is right and goes the right way. Justice would be a class-action suite against the DNC and all those involved in stealing the election. My understanding is that in a case like this, all actions done by the crooked are erased/eliminated. Biden has been destroying the country and all previous to him restored.

    4. I would say absolutely. That POS Biden will be locked up along with his brother, son, wife, and the rest of the POS who were involved with this. Good for TRUMP, bad for the demonRAT Bastards.

    5. These audits need to be completed soon to prevent any more damage to our country, How many more illegals will come into our country?

    6. There is a judgment on this kind of deliberate and willful misconduct. The judgment is like a ten billion ton shit hammer.

    7. Just like the current border crisis -they are already blaming it on Trump ! Likewise, if Trump comes back and starts fixing things – and hopefully FIRING a few thousand deep state folks – they will ALSO blame him for the Biden mess !! That is the fantasy land in which their feeble minds live…


    9. I don’t think Biden and cohorts will just give up the White House even if it is found there was widespread voter fraud, even if it is absolutely proven Trump actually won. Remember, they have sway over the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and so many other government agencies that it will be difficult or even impossible for the transfer of power to take place. Unless, Biden and others who committed the voter fraud are arrested and held accountable. But again, will that happen?

    1. In AZ the same is definitely true that the 2020 election was totally fraudulent including the senate election. There is no way in 2018 or 2020 a Trump state elected two dim wit senators although Sin has voted for a couple of things and swayed the new cheater to vote the same. The same election fraud was done in AZ for that election. It is time to kick both dim wit senators to the curb. I would support a recall for both if they somehow avoid this obvious voter fraud miasma. The playbook was the same and Ducey did not challenge it, Damn Rino!

      1. You’ve touched the most important issue in all this criminal chaos,& is the fact that WE IMPERATIVELY NEED TO REMOVE ALL RINOS from State & Federal government because they’re a cancer in our battle. These sewer rats must be REMOVED in 2022 with NO EXEMPTIONS!

  2. This is what the building hysteria about the delta variant and the “surge” of cases and the need for more doses of the “vaccine” and the preparations for more lockdowns are all about. This is also why the door-to-door vaccine inquisition is going to target certain counties and will include the FBI and the Army, and why Nazi Pelosi’s Capitol Police are about to become a national security force. The regime intends to shut down the country when its illegitimacy is proven, and thereafter to rule by brute force as in the Africa they are turning us into. American patriots need to prepare to reject and resist the decrees of the puppet president and his incompetent round-heeled puppet sidekick, and to for-march these traitors and usurpers out of the Mulatto House and put them on trial.

    1. This shit better get righted before long cause I am going on without a Preaident. Biden will never be my President, he makes me SICK.

      1. You are so right I feel like every time I hear or see Biden or Harris and Paloci (however you spell that trolls name) or Shumer or adler or shifty shiff I’m going to throw up like I just ate pig slop

  3. Well we know Democrat Party isn’t led by a man who has the beginnings of Alztymers, and that group want to get our Guns ASAP. We always KNEW, Why. We want a peaceful turning over Presidential position. So reading above & knwing it can be done by Congress, please GOD, Help US. PRAY President Trump can UNDO what Socialist Democrats have done!

  4. It would make my life complete, being 65 yo. I have never seen anything like this mess, and look forward to seeing all Dem’s pay for what they did.

  5. MTG you might remember or not that the issue of the question of voter fraud was supposed to be settled in Congress on that fateful day. however, the left had a plan in mind and it was not to let that happen. Pence should have done what was done in the Time of Rutherford B. Hayes when a questionable situation happened as did now. He solved that problem and won. Pence refused. So Cruz and Hawley were going to give it a try. they were stopped dead cold by the left. The left then certified the election. I was not there so I can’t say all the details but this is sort of the big picture. In light of the distraction also provided by the left. They knew and planned for this. Note the police on hand did not tell the people turn around and leave. If they did I am sure the crowd would have done just that. Even now they are saying they did not know they were not supposed to be there in that certain building.

  6. Eight months of endless “We Got ‘Em Now!”, “Fraud!”, “BOOM!”, “Recounts!”, “More Proof!”.

    And eight months later – still NOTHING BUT RHETORIC and false hope. Meanwhile the Democrat/Communists are now fully entrenched and OWN the police, federal agencies, Congress, the Presidency and the New Wokey Jokey military.

    What do “we” have? Rhetoric and false hope. The sold-out GOP has led us all down the garden path, then mugged us.


    1. I agree with you!!! Tired of “all talk,no action”! I want our true president back in office a s a p!!!!! Trump all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree if this Country is the democracy we all believe in the truth will be revealed in the election will be overturned legally by the Constitution. And I hope the Republicans go after Biden and Harris with passion and zealNot for revenge but the right thing to do. I’m also tired of the Republicans that sit back and Talk a big game and do nothing just to satisfy their constituents it’s about time do you publicans United and get this done get this creep and his henchmen out of office

  7. Anyone ever hear the saying “Your lips to Gods ears”. Trump getting back in the White House IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!! People need to go to jail. The Democrats need to be treated the same fricken way they treated Republicans when they thought they got away with this crap. The most important part of a constitutional republic is fair and honest elections and if it takes another civil war to get it, so be it. This is most certainly not the first time these yahoos cheated in an election. The dems have been doing this for years. Why should they stop if no one is held to answer? I am a combat veteran. I fought once for America and although I’m getting to old for this crap I’ll still put on my boots and stand fast on the skirmish line. Too many good men “and women” died for our freedom. We can’t let them have died in vain.

    1. Thank you for serving our great country sir. I’m a disabled person, but I would fight for our country until I die, America the beautiful! God bless our country and hang the traitors that went against our freedoms and cheating their way into office.,

    2. I to brother will also stand with you and that is what may have to happen they will have to put all of us old retired vets back on the line ( once a soldier always a soldier ).

  8. I do believe that President Trump did honestly win a second term! But, the lying, stealing, dishonest, unscrupulous fake Democrat Party, aka, Chinese-American Communist Party may steal their way again. (I can’t in good reasoning say the Democrat Party is still around in USA. That party is long gone for some decades now. The Chinese Communist Party owns them. I wish their supporters could see this.) I believe that Michigan was also stolen and did go for President Trump. Our AG couldn’t be more obvious in her actions of threatening anyone who tries to prove the steal. Only someone who has something to hide acts like this.

  9. Shel! Thank You for your comment! I have loss my husband for nothing if this does not get fixed! I pray off and on each day that all think of what will happen no matter who we vote for. After all this is for all that live here in our Wonderful America! Margann Lovedahl

  10. If all this gets reversed, as it should, does that mean that all the people running and lost by very small margins are really the winners. Would love to see Marth McSally in Az, get it back from that dolt Mark Kelley. He’s truly a horrid person to have in there. I’m praying.

  11. If this is truly happening — it will be worth waiting for but it needs to be concluded before the end of 2021 and President Trump reinstalled in the Oval Office although it is very hard to understand why he would want the job back. It is time to right this most horrific crime of fixing a presidential election. ALL of the wrongs that biden & harris(actually the deep state) have done must be reversed and piglosi’s along with bill gates and the rest of the elites attempt to create a digital dollar which will track your every movement squashed immediately. piglosi along with others need to be indicted for treason. We need to stop this NWO takeover dead in its tracks. Every state in this country should have started their own forensic audit by now because from the night of Nov. 3 2020 there has been enough evidence of corruption and voter fraud to investigate.

  12. So, In other words, every law, Joe Biden has signed is Null and Void, also any new Gun laws Joe Biden working on is waste of time because Joe Biden is not our president, DO NOT hand in any Guns or sell them to the Government if they try to buy them.

  13. I am a 76 year old Viet Nam Army Veteran, and have been nauseated by the corruption and fraud of this last election. I don’t care if it is SOROS or the bought out, sold out Dumbocratic Party, or the coward RINOS, or the slippery, shifty, public news media that have poisoned the minds of the young adults of this country ……who bought the liberal, socialistic garbage parade, in hopes that they would get free college education, free health care, government do-nothing jobs, and free subsidies of all kinds. The citizens of this country had better wake up and elect responsible political leaders capable of thinking for themselves; that have a moral backbone; that have integrity, and that will not be beholden to any think tank, corporate power block, or any selfish political movement that wants to destroy this country and see it controlled by some other form of government. The adults of this country had better realize the only kind of ethic to have is “an honest work ethic” where an individual does an honest day of work in order to receive an honest wage. If we abandon the principles of our founding fathers, who established this nation with the Bible in one hand and a musket in the other hand, then as President Ronald Reagan once said:
    “IF THE UNITED STATES EVER CEASES TO BE ONE NATION UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,……..THEN WE WILL BECOME A NATION GONE UNDER.” As a society and as individuals, we cannot continue to mock God with our immoral behavior; we cannot continue to abandon the constitution and ten commandments; we cannot continue to abandon “the rule of law”; and we must become a unified people that will exhaust every means to conduct and maintain fair elections at the local, state, and federal levels in this country. May God help us to have the courage to fight for our liberties and to prevail against evil ideas and evil actions.

    1. Amen, well said. These imposters must pay for the damage they have caused. Term limits must be added to our Constitution which will help to curb situations like this. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER AND ANNIHILATE THESE SICK INDIVIDUALS FROM GOVERNMENT ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    2. I agree with everything that you said. I am an old man in a wheelchair now,but I will fight with all of the power and powder I have left if someone will push me to the front, I have stood for our God and Country before a d wiii gladly do it again.

  14. If this is all proven, then serious consequences need to happen to the left. We can start with TREASON and hang the guilty. That would be Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler , Kerry, Rice, Stacey Abraham, the Biden family, The Clinton family, the Obamas then all the people that were part of the rich who set this whole thing up, Zuckerburg, Gates,Soros, the owners of the media outlets, Dorsey from twitter. It should be everyone of them that had a hand in it, then go after the state level politicians that had a hand in it and prison time. Also take all their money from them and pay off all this bs Bite-me has done and pay back into SS all they’ve taken. As for Pelosi’s Capital Police they have no juridiction outside of the Capital’s grounds so send them back where they belong.

    You see, the thieves have no problems with the lack of precedence as that old full Pence had
    It will be interesting. THE history shows that these kind of issues are not solved piecfully but the thieves have no fear because they know that the Republicans are just wining and no action at all, while those with balls are under close surveillance therefore for the thieves is BUSINESSES AS USUAL

  16. This would be the perfect time to shut the power off to the USA. When we are getting these results and everyone is so interested in knowing/watching and instead the power goes out and the bombs start dropping.

  17. With God all things are possible. So many have turned away from him and now are paying for it. We can take this country back and if it takes a civil war then so be it but we CAN get it back. Do Not let them get our guns, start recalling school boards that want to teach our kids anything but reading,writing, math, and all about the history of this great country. My kids are all grown but I would have taken them out of any school that didn’t teach what they should. Schools need that money for each student to stay in business. They work for Us and we can hurt them bad by taking away their paychecks. We need God in our lives and then he’ll take care of the rest.

  18. The entire world knows the election was rigged. The only people who won’t face up to it are the liberal socialist democrRATs.

  19. Does everyone remember 2016 and the Lovebirds email exchange: She: “He can not win can he?” He: “NO, WE WILL STOP IT!” Now we know why he was so positive. The cheaters just did not have their ducks all lined up yet.
    By 2020, they had all the holes plugged.

  20. I am wondering, if Trump took over mid-term, would he then be able to run again in 2024? Or would his presidency be shortened by the time that Biden and crew stole from him?

  21. I witnessed on video suit cases being pulled from under tables in Fulton County Georgia after the election observers were told to leave because of a major water leak. That on its face proved something underhanded was happening. Common sense explains something nefarious is taking place.

  22. Keep in mind that the Maricopia election board has said that they have already secured a new lease agreement with DOMINION for new machines for future elections. Same old same old.

  23. If by some miracle this does come to pass, will all the illegals that crossed the southern non-border (anti-border?) be removed to their places of origin? If we “keep” some of them, they need to be taught that they were being used as a political and economic bludgeon and the history and meaning of this country (which is more that our schoolchildren are being taught these days). Obviously, the criminals and “gangtstas” must be removed.

    1. we aren’t keeping any of that scum here. you dont have legitimate papers, you are gone. why should this country take the dregs of society from third world countries? they only come for the benefits. we all know that. do you think they care one bit for the USA? the care for the USA dollar. you want to come here? get in line. I have a friend who came here with family from a REAL country, and has waited for almost 10 yrs. why? probably because he speaks ENGLISH, has a business who employs 10 people, and works 7 days a week! doesn’t have his hand out, and loves and respects this country!!!!! not like the ones who are paid by Soros, gates etc to get here with $500.00 cell phones, hi-end sneakers, etc. and these fools want us to think they WALKED here????? how do you stay fat after walking 1,000 miles? unless you are sponsored to do it?????? given rides here? clothes? we are on to you d-rats. you have a very limited shelf life. remember that.

  24. The weak republicans AKA RINO’S, will say it’s been certified. This will send the message that’s it okay to cheat even if you get caught. Could anyone really see McConnell fighting for it. We know Pelosi and Schumer would. That’s the only nice thing I would say about the democrats, they do fight with everything they got. They know they’re wrong but know the republicans will give in if pressured enough. Time for them to learn that fairness and bipartisanship doesn’t cut it anymore. Couldn’t you just hear the left leaning media now using the constitution and calling it unconstitutional. Trump would start his 2nd term being called illegitimate. We all know it Biden now but I know everyone knows what will actually go down. One good thing would be that Biden would be known as the first and only illegitimate president, also the worse who destroyed America.

    1. Biden is a crooked politician that been stealing from the American people for 50 Years He’s compromised by every foreign govt that’s he or members of his crooked family have taken money from. He’s sold access to the United States government entities. We now are owned by the Russians Chinese and the Raghead Iranians.. Thanks to this cocksucker Biden and Harris. Although she’s to fuckin dumb to even be considered anything but a crook

  25. Every Patriot knows Biden is a fraud…for four long years they attempted to destroy President Trump solely because he told the truth and wasn’t afraid to confront the “Washington Elite” and their corrupt system…so they hatched their plan, under the facade of the CHINA Virus, to garner hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots, along with the “fixed” ballot counting computers, people voting more than once, dead folks voting, and no doubt illegals also…for the good of our Country, we can only pray these audits overturn the inept Biden duo.

  26. HOW CAN THAT BE?? IF biden did not get the votes then TRUMP DID!!! The Electoral votes TOO!!!

  27. I want to see all the players in this coup perp walked with cuffs. then, I want to see trials at Gitmo for all the wonderful, truth telling d-rats broadcast over the world. I will take particular delight in the ones that tried to shove this down our throats. I want them all to have to say out loud, yes, I am a liar. yes, I know we cheated like all he–. I want their assets seized and used to re-pay this country for some of what the people lost at the hands of these crooks. I want the military cleansed of girly-men. I want no BLM or Antifa on our soil. free ticket to the communist country of their choice, no return ever. this offer extends to all congress people, like AOC and her henchwomen. you don’t swear allegiance to the USA, you are gone. no second chances allowed. all who called to defund the police: gone. all who tore down our statues: gone. all citizenship revoked for all illegals. you dont come the right way, regardless of how long you have been here: gone. all freebees: gone. you work or you starve, unless you meet age and illness requirements. get this country back to her greatness. NOW.

  28. I agree with all of you who made comments of this! We have to think hard about what happened! You see it was ALL PLANNED BY THE HOUSE SPEAKER! Who else could do it? Since she was the THIRD IN LINE! My point is this! Where was the ANTIFA AND BLM DURING OBAMA TERM? Why did they waited for something like George Floyd to happen? When there was other people getting killed by police officers or gangs members! Things just doesn’t happen that fast! This was ALL PLANNED BY PELOSI AND SCHUMER WITH THE HELP OF THE MEDIA! Even they got DR.FAUCI to lie about the CORONAVIRUS to scare us! Just think about it! The ECONOMY WAS GOING STRONG AND PEOPLE WERE GETTING JOBS! Which is something the DEMOCRAT HOUSE SPEAKER DIDN’T LIKE! Remember her face when TRUMP TOLD HER HE BRINGING THOSE JOBS BACK FROM CHINA? If we all stop and think she had a meeting with CHINA without us knowing! Her husband business is china! She even email or close door meetings with every democrats governor and mayor in those blue state! Even some red state governor as well! I personally believe she did here in NC! She didn’t have anything worth wasting money to impeached Trump! Like she cause the taxpayers on the first impeached! We can also look back on the impeached of CLINTON BY THE REPUBLICANS HOUSE! This is a all out war between these two party. Under the CONSTITUTION LAWS it the DEMOCRAT WHO control the elect . But it also state ONLY ON NOVEMBER 3RD! Not any extended is written in the laws by the founding father! They use the CORONAVIRUS TO GET THEIR IDEA FLOWING ! Because they knew MAIL-IN VOTING WOULD TAKE A WEEK OR TWO!

  29. I love all the comments, but I think we should also take all their assets, bank accounts, retirement, insurance, salaries and possessions and use the money to help pay down the American debt. We should take theirs and the family members who have been given jobs and income by having the connection to government! Then load them on a plane to Iran in the dead of night tied on pallets with fuel to get halfway their. But fly so the pilot and copilot can jump out as long as they are not friends of any of the stupid cheating asses!

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