Georgia Evidence Explodes – It’s Now Obvious That Trump Won Georgia in the 2020 Election

Every time that I pull up to the gas pump these days and see that I’m about to pay $5 a gallon to fuel up my vehicle, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. And it would not be like this, were it not for the rape of democracy that took place last November. The injustice of what America is going through right now is truly disheartening, because we know how things could be if the rightful winner was in office.

I’ve been thinking about injustice a lot this week, and how Americans hate injustice so much. Our country isn’t supposed to be one of grave injustices like other countries. And then… America received a sign from God!

One of the first news stories to cross my desk on Wednesday morning was out of Ohio. A bunch of community activists had painted a giant mural of George Floyd’s ugly mug on a brick wall at some point in 2020. In the original version, George Floyd had a crown on top of his head.

We’ve changed laws in this country because of George Floyd. That is an injustice. We’ve defunded police departments because of George Floyd. This is the definition of injustice. And we have painted murals and built statues and put up all sorts of idols across the country to honor George Floyd. This is another grave injustice.

But there is One who hates injustice even more than Americans. And He has just reminded us of His existence in a big way.

Overnight, a bolt of lightning from the heavens struck that George Floyd mural in Ohio and blasted his face – crown and all – into oblivion. There’s just a pile of bricks and rubble there now, where a few hours ago there was a George Floyd idol worshiping site. The God of the Bible, who hates injustice even more than you or I ever will, blasted the likeness of George Floyd’s face to smithereens.


Why am I yammering so much about a silly George Floyd mural?

The destruction of that mural was the lightning… and here comes the thunder!

Mark your calendars, folks. The same day in which God blasted George Floyd’s face with a lightning bolt was the day that we learned that the Honorable Donald John Trump won Georgia’s 16 electoral votes in the 2020 election!

Auditors have conclusively proven that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified fraudulent results. The auditors have found so many fake votes that it exceeds Joe Biden’s margin of victory.

They’ve discovered batches of ballots that were weighted heavily in Biden’s favor that were scanned over and over again in tabulation machines. They’ve found forged tally sheets for batches of ballots that show 100-0, 150-0 and even 200-0 votes for Joe Biden – which obviously doesn’t match what the actual ballots say. They’ve found more than 35,000 votes cast illegally by people who had moved.

This investigation is just a few days old. If the investigators stopped right now, it would be clear that Donald Trump won Georgia by at least 30,000 votes or so. (The official tally at Reuters shows Biden “winning” by 11,779 votes.) But the investigators aren’t even close to done yet. Unlike the Arizona audit, they’re not waiting until everything is complete to issue a final report. They’re just throwing it all out there to prevent the Democrats from stopping them with some random court victory. And they’re KICKING ASS!

Vernon Jones, who is running to “primary” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in 2022, has called on Kemp to resign. Can’t disagree with that! We told all of these governors and secretaries of state and election officials in multiple states that there were too many anomalies to certify the results. There needed to be an audit. They ignored us and they certified fraudulent results in many, many states. The American people were so ticked off about the fraud that they walked into the US Capitol on January 6th to petition the government with a redress for their grievances. But they ignored us.

July 14, 2021 was a big day in American history. God blasted George Floyd’s false idol to smithereens. Donald Trump won Georgia. I have a little skip in my step today because of so much good news. Not to brag, but… I think the Missus and I are going to do a little slow dancin’ in the kitchen tonight after we put the kids to bed. This was a big day!

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at [email protected].

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89 thoughts on “Georgia Evidence Explodes – It’s Now Obvious That Trump Won Georgia in the 2020 Election”

  1. This is a surprise to who? Everyone in America knows that the real insurrection took place in nov. during the 2020 election! The GREATEST THERAT to America is you Mr Biden and your corrupt cronies in our government! Stand tall patriots ! They want to control what you get to think what you get to say your right to religion your right to bear arms now you right to privacy! Obummer is the piece of dog crap that started spying on Americans and he is the devil in our commander and thief’s ear! Wake up America the evil is creeping in on us!

    1. The truth will be told , my BIBLE reads be sure your SINS will find you out!!! Biden , Harris, pelosi , Schumer, Schiff ,and all the rest of the crooks that were involved in the steal of the election , oh I must not forget
      obummer too!

      1. Such a shame that the Trumpers are so brain damaged and ignorant like their Leader that they still can not and won’t recognize rational discussion on one man’s lies! There are so few Republicans left that admit that it was and still is a LIE tearing our Democracy apart.
        Republican Governors, state Attorney Generals, election leaders, state and federal courts, the Supreme Court and the egomaniacs own Election Fraud Integrity Commission on Voter Fraud reported that there was no major indication of Voter Fraud!!! But wait the Fueher knows better and knows more than the
        Election Fraud and Integrity Commission and all the others combined!!! But wait after disbanding the Commission on Fraud Trump still touts the BIG LIE!! and his minions believe it to the point of attacking our nations Capitol based on one individuals deranged mind!!!

        1. Wow! Ken, are you in denial or are you honestly this ignorant? The evidence of election fraud is overwhelming. Sure, you can deny the truth, like most liberals do nowadays, but eventually you’ll have to come to grips with reality. Biden has actively tried to destroy America since taking office. Thanks to a fraudulent election, we have no leadership in D.C. & corruption is out of control. The evidence proving Jan 6th was a premeditated event orchestrated by the FBI, Pelosi and corrupt Capitol Police officers is overwhelming & shocking! The corrupt liberal media continues to lie about the events of Jan 6th to this day. You want to know why there’s so much division in America today? Look in the mirror & ask yourself why you allowed yourself to be brainwashed.

    2. From Stolen Elections come Fraudulent Elected Officials! It was so far beyond obvious from the very beginning! No Elected Official would stoop so low as lock himself in his office and write out 20 writs on day 1 the majority of which absolutely destroyed the lives of the majority of the people who supposedly voted him into office! then he threatened a nuclear war on the people who supposedly voted him into office if the Vaccine numbers weren’t at 70% by July 4th! Then he threatened civil war against people who supposedly voted for him if they didn’t get the vaccine numbers up! Now we’re at the point that the low life lying scumbag wants to sent people to our doorsteps to try to force the vaccines upon us while making sure the media says nothing at all about all of the deaths and adverse side effects encountered so far! Any human with the tiniest shred of decency would have never stooped so low to the people who supposedly helped them win the highest office in the land! He knew the Demo RATS had no chance to beat Trump in 2020 so they picked the absolute lowest human being on planet Earth a very well known cocaine fiend since high school to run for office! They knew with his severe addiction that he had no moral compass at all and he would bend to the will of anyone who would pay for his next drug fix!!!

    3. We already knew this. We saw it happening in real time the morning after the polls closed. Some of us watched in horror the weeks before as ballots were dumped or carried across state and national lines. Farmers picked them ujp along the roadsides. Our counters were locked out of rooms and watched as boxes were taken out from under tables, helpless to do anying but video tape. But we knew. Then along comes traiter Chief Justice Roberts, followed soon after by traitor Mike Pence and allowed the coup to happen. But now the proof is coming out and it needs to be fixed NOW while there is still a country to fix.

      1. Bret, what an idiot. To much pot or coke. Sad there are people who espouse this shit and their lies.
        Do some reading and find out how Trump tried to Screw our democracy and the voters. The Jan. 6th Commission has already revealed some of the ugly things this egomaniac tried to do to stay in office. No individual has the right to call the DOJ and force their lies and brain dead thoughts on our Supreme Court, the DOJ and the Attorney General who quit. Only the unenlightened would believe the pablum and drool he is putting out.

    4. Gotta organize Georgia’s presentation of fraudulent ballots so that none of it gets lost. We understand the desire to throw out damning information to the voting public. But it’s got to be tabulated in a list that specifically strikes XXX many Biden ballots, raising Trump’s total to XXX. ALSO, we must NOT FORGET Senator David Perdue’s race. Very possibly, Perdue won his 50 percent in November, thereby negating the January runoff. In which case, the GOP must claim Perdue’s right to reinstatement to his rightful 6 year seat. That takes the Senate from 50-50 to 51-49. That’s critical. So let’s get organized and do this right.

    5. Such a shame that the Trumpers are so brain damaged and ignorant like their Leader that they still can not and won’t recognize rational discussion on one man’s lies! There are so few Republicans left that admit that it was and still is a LIE tearing our Democracy apart.
      Republican Governors, state Attorney Generals, election leaders, state and federal courts, the Supreme Court and the egomaniacs own Election Fraud Integrity Commission on Voter Fraud reported that there was no major indication of Voter Fraud!!! But wait the Fueher knows better and knows more than the
      Election Fraud and Integrity Commission and all the others combined!!! But wait after disbanding the Commission on Fraud Trump still touts the BIG LIE!! and his minions believe it to the point of attacking our nations Capitol based on one individuals deranged mind!!!

  2. If only they would hurry more, and declare Trump the winner in al states before Biden completely destroys America. He does a horrifying thing every day, and he does not belong in the white house in the first place. Get him out now!

    1. Amen, I am so stuff without words of what is taking place in our country right now. How long will this go on? 2 people in office that definite doesn’t belong there destroying out country. is this legal? something need to be done about this, who can stop this? we got to have a law that works in our favor. GOD we need you HELP!

      1. Jennie,

        God answered you and the majority of the American electorate. He found Biden to be a much more devout believer in his word and his actions than T!! Yes, the illiterate and uneducated believed the many lies T espoused but our heavenly Father saw through the subtrafuge!!!!

  3. It is time, long past, to impeach Biden and Kamilla as Enemies of the Stare, Dereliction of Duties, etc, etc.
    And following that with Treason by colluding with Foreign Contries, to harm America and the American way of life.

  4. God had a plan and waited till now to bring it out, this is just the beginning and almost the end of all of the fraud that took place for the 2020 Presidential Election, Fraud, Fraud, Biden did not win President Donald J Trump won the state and Georgia 16 Electoral Votes go’s to President Trump not to Biden,
    They all better start packing their bags and get ready to move out of the White House so that President Trump and Beautiful First Lady Melania Trump can move right back in The White House where they rightfully belong the whole time, Donald has a lot to clean up and reinstate all the laws that he passed that Biden took away.

    The fireworks are beginning and thank to our GOD they will be the best fireworks that America has ever seen and they won’t be on the 4th of July.

    The American people have a lot to be thankful for today now, we can get back to Making America Great Again,. WHY? because we have our President Donald J Trump Back in office again.
    Because without President Donald J Trump America Has Nothing…. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    Every one have an AMAZING DAY TODAY.


    1. Laura, back to you multiple fold. When I heard about the criminal Floyd’s mural [not that he deserved to die however it was the drugs in his system that KILLED HIM] my first reaction was Revenge is mind saith the LORD his mysterious ways. GOD WILL PREVAIL


        1. If enough states decertify thier results and “recall” their electors (3 would be needed Arizona Georgia and Pennsylvania) then neither candidate gets 270 and the constitution has a remedy it would got to a vote in the house each state’s representatives get one vote per state and as it stands now there are more states that fall in the Republican side so unless ( I believe it was 3) flip and vote for Biden, trump would be president. The only thing that seems unclear is would his term start then or would I’d backtrack to when it should have started robbing us of a year or two of recovery. The other worry is will the dems follow the constitution and allow the vote? I highly doubt the party who openly says the constitution needs to be changed or eliminated when it works again them but hides behind it when it does will follow it in this case.

        1. Right Frank, if he had not of been trying to cash a counterfeit 20, he would not have had the police called on him in the first place!!

    2. Amen! If everyone… and I mean EVERYONE wrote a letter to the Justices of the SCOTUS… stating our Rights as American citizens to have Fair, Free, Accurate and Honest ELECTIONS… they would HAVE to act on OUR behalf… and Correct this Injustice upon our Nation!!! Start Writing my Fellow Americans!!!

    3. Laurie, our God and heavenly Father supported a believer in Christ. not the individual who has probably never opened up the Bible, or holds it upside down or do you remember Two Corinthians!!! More education and literacy on your part may help you understand that all Trump liers, all Trumps lies and desperate phone calls after the election could not put the egomaniac back into office. Long live our Democracy.

  5. Isn’t it impossible to undo what is been one. Once that election is certified, you cannot go back. We are stuck with the results unless Congress does something.

    I do not know, but I know what know …

    1. Murfalini,

      We are stuck with the TRUTH and not an egomaniacs lies and distorted truth. How anyone can continue to listen and believe this moron and idiot is surprising or shows a lack of literacy and education.

  6. “The Lord God Almighty works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” The first light of dawn is beginning to settle upon the land!

  7. I have been waiting for this it seems like years……In my heart President Trump won and was cheated in the election….The truth is coming out…….So happy…..
    Mr. Biden and his cronies do need a good lesson in justice and they should be put in prison for life…….

  8. I always said the only way Biden won the 2020 election was through fraud, now it is finally coming out. Longest 6 months of my life. Biden administration is a disaster! How dare they trash America & the American people!! Greatest Country ever. God Bless America!!

    1. May God continue to work in mysterious ways to get the country back for the good of all our citizens. I’m very thankful for President Trump. May God bless him and may God bless America.

  9. I will never believe Biden won the election because he had nothing to offer. Now we know how stupid it was to put him in office. Every thing he touches does not make sense. Open borders, drugs in our streets, crime, inflation and goofy gaff talking. He talks about how important that all Americans getting vaccinated but leaves people into our country unchecked for the virus. The border is a disaster. I believe all Americans should get the shot but should not be pushed by a phony. Lets get the true honest leaders to encourage the people.

  10. Please, get all this data to the Supreme Court asap and let them replace the crook Biden/Harris with our fine President Donald Trump. Put Biden/Harris in Gitmo for life, without any access to anyone. Seize all their assets and prosecute every Democrat who assisted in this travesty of justice/false election! The sooner the better as America is going down the tubes rapidly now and we need to correct that course! After a trial and appeals it may be necessary to execute Biden/Harris or permanently deport them after stripping them of US Citizenship! They are the most evil people in America!

    1. Unfortunately, scotus is in the bag also, they have turned out to be as worthless as teats on a boar, and COWARDS to boot, SAD!

      1. This is the best comment I’ve seen for many Moons, when the Supreme Court turned its back on the constitution and allowed criminals to take over our country it committed treason via intentional negligence!

  11. Dear Lord,
    We need a little lightening and thunder in Pennsylvania because the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to prevent an audit lead by Senator Doug Mastriano. We desperately need you, Dear Lord!

  12. The lying cheating stealing DemoTrash, CAUGHT!


    Liberal trash needs to be locked up and treated
    the same as those locked up from the Capitol incident!!

  13. What’s the next Move? Audit all the Questionable States where Election Results were Fraudulently reported and caused Pino Biden to win? Let’s Get on with it then and Return the Elected President Donald John Trump to his Rightful position in the Whitehouse and put a stop to the Democrat Socialist/Communist Destruction of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  14. This a surprise!? For those of us with a head that has a little gray matter between the ears knew this last year. Question is, now what is going to be done about it? We the people have elected to Congress the Jelly bellies that has given in to the Socialistic Marxist who, through their lies, convinced their constituents to elect them to congress. I am sure each of them who swore the oath to uphold the constitution really meant it, Give Me a Break! Until we the people, get them to hell out of congress, and out of government totally, we are well on our way in letting them achieve their goal. For starters, to make the USA just like CUBA is now, but worse later. Stand Up America!

  15. It”s unfortunate that Supreme Court did not do the job they were appointed to do, there will always be that cloud as to why.There remain’s a number of question’s as to why ,if you look back at the appointment’s the appointee all were emphatic they could uphold the constitution I wonder what happen. Look at the egg they have on there face, could you believe they been in kahoot’s with Barr?

    1. Chief Roberts is a low life he help Epstien in his pedophile ring. And its rumored Amy Barret is related to Biden.

  16. Since there is fraud in the Georgia Presidential vote results in favor of Biden, then there is highly likely fraud in the Georgia US Senate results. Are they also looking at that?

    1. All these swing States, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania should have forensic audits to PROVE that the Democrats cheated to have Biden win. All of these States should also check the Senate and House of Representative candidates and make sure the correct candidate won in those States. Republicans probably won more Senate seats and more House seats too.

  17. If this kind of election fraud occurred in Georgia, where else did it occur? If we cannot depend on our election process to reflect the will of the people by a fair voting process, we are dead as a democracy of the people. If this did occur and it appears to be the case in Georgia, it needs to be corrected and the actual winner of the election installed in office. Also, additional states should be checked. The result, sadly, is that we now have a man in office, who appears to be suffering from dementia, running this country. This is frightening to me.

    1. This crap went on in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan as well. When ALL of these states AUDIT their votes, the current REGIME will be ARRESTED hopefully!

    2. California also needs a forensic audit to check for the fraud in the President selection and in the Senate and House races to make sure the correct candidate did win.

  18. …….wait for it!

    This movie is only showing a small tip of the iceberg of God pulling the covers off of decades upon decades of worldwide corruption & atrocities.

    I’m reminded of the days of Noah.

    Get ready for the good – bad and ugly – to set it all straight.

  19. Yes, yes, yes. Yawn! Trump won. We know that. BUT: Biden and the Democrat/Communist Party are in power. They OWN the media, federal government, the military, the treasury, Congress and everything else. They’ve offered many thanks to the GOP(LOL) for getting out of the fight and staying out.

    AND THEY HAVE NO PLANS TO GIVE IT ALL UP. They’ve indoctrinated the federal law and security agencies and the military into just following their orders.


    We screamed the warnings for decades and nobody listened. We BEGGED the GOP(LOL) to get after election fraud and they ignored us.

    I’ve been hearing for a long time about all those “Patriots” in government, law enforcement and the military. WHERE ARE THEY TODAY??? If they’re patriotic it’s to Beijing!!

    I’m tired of these meaningless “we got ’em now” articles. WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  20. When Trump does get back into office he needs to take a page from the Biden Playbook and lock himself in the office for a day writing a writ undoing Bidens writs then doing more for the country by forcing all politicians to mandatory and frequent drug screenings no pass no job just like every other job in America! Term limits for all politicians and Supreme Court Judges, Etc.!

    1. I’ll drink to that’ we wouldn’t have to vote them out, they couldn’t keep clean enuff to pass a random test.
      I haven’t drank for 30 years but if Trump got back in you will have to call a taxi ! dam the hang over’

  21. I can’t even imagine what all this questioning is about. Every American is aware of the lying that is prevalent in the biden administration and yet no one is fighting to stop what is going on. The early results are showing either complete incompetent stupidity or fraud in Ga. and the democrats are fighting like crazy to hide the results. We should ALL stand up and fight for justice for our Presidential election. In an article I read they said there are so many abnormalities that they couldn’t figure out if it was complete stupidity or fraud. In either case we should be concerned about the people that are counting votes.

  22. ARREST ! Pretending President Beijing Joe O’biden and the rest of the COMMIES in his Administration in the White House. And Put the Duly Elected POTUS back in the White House where he rightly belongs.

  23. God is doing his thing !!! A year and a half ago when I was praying the Holy Spirit came to me and simply said ,, “I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING SPECTACULAR!” And soon thereafter many Christian prophets started saying that God would put Trump back in the White House soon!!! And now we can see it unfolding before our eyes !!!! Hallelujah ✝️✝️ I have bet thousands of dollars to many people that this would happen!!! They all thought I was crazy !!

  24. While I’m glad the truth has finally come out and much sooner than I expected, will it change anything? Will it decertify the fraudulent election and put Trump back in office? Mainstream media is already figuring out clever ways to lie about the audit results and hiring bogus fact checkers to twist the truth and make it sound like the 35K votes the auditors found weren’t fraudulent but just abnormal or something stupid that sadly too many people are too stupid to believe. Unfortunately mainstream media is all that too many people turn to for news and even Fox News is complicit in covering up the truth. So sadly at least half the country will probably never know the results of the audits. I hope I’m wrong though but after so many disappointments in December and January I don’t have much hope.

  25. An investigation into individuals who committed election fraud should be instigated. Those guilty should go to jail and have their voting rights revoked for life.

  26. This is exactly why the Democrats are bending over backwards to eliminate the electoral votes. If it was that Joke Biden won a state and then it was proven that Trump was the actual winner by the electoral votes, then Trump has a chance of becoming the real president (he actually is and was inaugurated on March 11, 2021 by the military). But if the electoral college was eliminated, then Trump might not be able to resume being our real president. Democrats know this. They are working overtime to get rid of the electoral college so Joke Biden remains a faux president. That may not matter in the end as with the recounts, it may show that Trump won more votes than Joke Biden anyway. This is a catch 22 situation that is going to make the Democrats lose no matter what they do.

  27. You people are so delusional. More making shit up with no facts. If this really happened, it would be a travesty, Go climb back in your hole. Let’s hope we get a REAL Republican to run in 2024 and not that self absorbed piece of crap who wasted both his time and ours.

  28. Yes!!! Amen!! Please get the Democrats removed from power, their positions in DC and beyond!! Arrest and prosecute them for high Treason!! Prosexute them for their Collusiin, Stealing the Election!! I say that all Bidens damaging EO’s and Everything that has been enacted by the Biden Majority be Reversed, stricken by the Supreme Court!! That we restart the Pipeline, restart building the Wall, Start Collecting and sending Illegal Aliens out of the Country ASAP!! Americans need jobs! We cannot afford to lose them to incoming Non-Citizens! Biden, and all members of his family, his Brother and Son, his wife, etc need to be prosecuted!! Have all their monies, funds, investments every where Frozen, Confiscated, even their homes, etc. They need to help pay back the American Citizens, the Government back for the money they paid to Terrorists, to South America, and to help pay us for the damages done from the influx of noncitizens from the southern border.

    They have done so much damage, it will Take Trump, and our Country many months if not years to reverse the damage they have perpetrated upon us!!
    I sure hope we get much more good news ASAP on other Election Audits!! I hope this news will encourage everyone to step up their efforts to get this necessary work ahead done. The sooner we can, the sooner that we can all return to a more normal Patriotic America!! May God Bless your efforts!! May God Bless Trump!! May God Bless America!!

    I sure hope the Media realizes they have nothing to lose to start whistleblowing on the Democrats that Illegally took over our Country!! Pelosi, and everyone else in the Capital, as well as possibly Obama need to go to Prison for this!! I am so appalled at the lengths they took to steal the election. I pray that we will all soon learn the whole truth. There should be No Deals to reduce their sentences, etc, being that their Treason knew no bounds!!
    Everyone needs to realize how Trump was right!!
    Media needs to admit what a great President he was, how he still will be!!! They should realize, that he is truly a great man. Admit he was right all along!! He foresaw what would happen!! Had his orders as a President ignored, no followthru before the end of his Term!! Unheard disrespect!! Just outrageous behaviour by so, so many!!

  29. We all know (REPUBLICANS) that our beloved President Trump lost because of all the fradulent acts the Demonrats pulled.
    No news here. Facts remain that President Trump should pull Biden and Harris out of the WH by their slimey bodily hair. Why is that not happening, well it is in part because of things Barr and his croneys have done, Demonrats never get what they deserve, it is a well known fact, wrong but true.
    Hopefully this will change soon, time will tell.

  30. At this time the Federal Government is communist owned and operated by Red China’s little worm pedophile Joe Biden

  31. They should build a Gallows in front of the Capitol and start hanging the Bastards who did this starting with Pelosi.

  32. According To My Calculations Trump Won (& Now Evidence Is Showing) By 96,000,000 Votes (That’s A Minimum)Now With That Said Biden & Harris & ALL That Helped With The “Steal” Including George Soros, Eric Coomer & Many Others INCLUDING Hillary Clinton , AMONG Many Others Have COMMITTED TREASON & SHOULD BE IN PRISON !!

    1. Get an education and do some reading Shit happened almost every hour Trump was in the White House and not using our $$$ to golf at one of his many golf courses.
      There is enough material out there to indicate how much of a fool and idiot Trump was. His staff members have revealed this crap in their books about being in the egomaniacs White House!!

  33. Any state fighting against an audit needs to stop and think about our country and every citizen, present and future. America is being absolutely destroyed by basically a handful of people compared to our 300+million fellow Americans. The actions taking place are doing nothing to help us but rather they hurt us terribly. All who come after us will have to live with what is taking place today and even the future family members of this group will pay the price for what their ancestors created. Time to do the right thing!

  34. dian, our justice system is not the Soviet or Russian system you seek our DOJ and courts were demonized by an egomaniac who knew he hadn’t won but like most totalitarian leaders, Erdogan/Turkey, Putin/ Russia, Kim elJung/N. Korea our Democracy survived the evil intentions of a Crook. Perhaps even more of a crook than Nixon.

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