German Government Publicly Admits the COVID Shots Harm People

The experimental COVID jabs have done so much harm to humanity that there is definitely going to be a reckoning at some point. But it’s been extremely difficult for any government around the world to admit that it was completely wrong about the safety and effectiveness of the shots, and that the shots have harmed a lot of people. This week, Germany became one the first nations on the globe where health officials publicly admitted that the shots are more dangerous than originally though. It’s a baby step, but it’s an important one. It affirms what many of us have known on a gut level for a long time.

Last week, the German Federal Ministry of Health sent out this tweet:

“One in 5,000 people is affected by a serious side effect after a COVID19 injection. If you suspect side effects, get medical attention and report your symptoms to the Paul Ehrlich Institute.”

(Tweet translated from German to English and slightly edited for clarity.)

The 1 in 5,000 figure is no doubt extremely low, but it’s a lot higher than any government has been willing to admit. At least we can start to have the conversation now.


One reason why the 1 in 5,000 figure is low is because deaths are counted separately from serious side effects in every country. Deaths are counted as deaths. The 1 in 5,000 figure is only people who were seriously injured by the shots – and survived.

If a person died from the shot, either immediately or several months later, they were never recorded as a vaccine injured person. This is consistent across every country.

Think back to all of the professional and amateur soccer players in Europe who fell over dead in the past year. A lot of them were from Germany. Dozens of them were German, in fact. But none of the people who died from the shots were counted or ever will be counted as among the “vaccine injured,” which is what the 1 in 5,000 statistic is about.

Another reason why the figure is low is because many people have “serious side effects” and don’t know it. Myocarditis and other heart problems can take years to manifest, especially if a person is not doing strenuous exercise or sports on a regular basis. Again, think of all the pro soccer players, hockey players, NFL and NBA players who have died or been suddenly diagnosed with myocarditis. They’re manifesting symptoms much sooner than, say, an accountant whose only exercise is going for a 20-minute walk every day.

Likewise, many people have been sexually sterilized by the shots and don’t know it. Germany has recorded a 13% drop in its year-to-year birth rate since the COVID shots were rolled out. A catastrophic shift in the birth rate like that in just one year could only have been caused by the shots. Yet there are no other “serious side effects.” If you’re a young couple trying to get pregnant, you just keep trying without realizing you’ve been harmed by the vaccines in the second-most devastating way after dying. Not being able to have kids because of a COVID shot is almost too awful for words.

As far as we know, the US military’s DMED database is the only location that has, thus far, admitted that it’s the shots that are sterilizing people. 12,000 women and 8,000 men in the military were listed as sexually sterilized by a vaccine injury after Joe Biden’s mandate started going into effect last August.

What the 1 in 5,000 figure in Germany does mean is that they’re admitting that about 13,000 Germans have had serious side effects from the shots. That’s a lot more than the zero they were reporting last week. Here in the US, that would translate into about 52,000 people who have had serious vaccine side effects. (The math is a nation’s number of vaccinated people multiplied by 0.0002)

Your gut instinct should be telling you that a lot more than 52,000 Americans have been injured by the COVID shots. Most Americans actually know someone who has either died from the shots or suffered a serious side effect or injury from them. That tells you that the number is a lot larger than 1 in 5,000. We still have a long way to go, but at least another government has finally started to admit the truth.

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50 thoughts on “German Government Publicly Admits the COVID Shots Harm People”

  1. I’m grateful that someone has the backbone to speak the truth, but you can bet the mainstream media won’t be caught “dead” reporting the truth.

    1. Because the man made Chinese virus has killed close to 6 million people Jesus Christ himself has appeared to one of his chosen seer’s, Jesus said this the vaccine is poison, Jesus said the viruses are not from him, he said he could remove it from the earth but he will not because people have forgotten him and think they don’t need him anymore, Jesus said to use moringa leaf’s,and drink it’s tea, also mugwart plant Lilly of the valley plant against it, their is another virus coming even worse than coronavirus, this was told to use calendula flower, monkey pox use geranium plant on the skin, these are heavens medicines

      1. Do not use the name of the Lord in vain. Your racist accusation of covid19 origin is not helping the cause of Christianity.

          1. It means Democrats have nothing left but to repeatedly scream ‘racist’ about everything. Or this ‘doctor’ is a Chinese plant spreading their propaganda.

    2. Big tech is starting to allow truthers potentially to cause civil unrest and introduce marshal law as was predicted early on. Don’t fall for it!

    3. you can be sure of that..I am in fb jail right now..because I simply shared this article to one else could even see it..only me..but big brother fb still came after me..said they fixed it where no one else could see it..which is how it was anyway..and then banned me from being able to comment or like anything for 6 days!! said it was misinformation..I thought senile imbecile dictator biden’s misinformation board was done away with..but guess I was wrong..

  2. That percentage is LOW… I know of so many people who have chronic fatigue. Not bad enough to consider medical treatment but bad enough to change the way they live their days. We will NEVER get to the real result of this ‘jab’. I have family member who got zero shots and did not get any of the viruses going around . Those who were forced, by their jobs, to get it ended up with 2 and 3 variations being sick. Follow the money.

    1. I agree! Most of the people I know who have had the jab…also got Covid. Not once, but several times. Those I know that haven’t gotten the vax, may have had it…but mildly, and have gotten over it….much like the common cold. We refused to even be tested for it, since many doctors said that the DNA on the tips of the testing swab is saved for DNA registry. Also we refused because the tests are not accurate…cannot tell flu from Cvd. Why? Because doctors have requested samples of the virus so they can determine if the sickness is Covid or flu – they refused after several requests….so concluded that their patients simply have the flu.

  3. I know so many people that either died or ended up terribly sick for life once they took the vaccine. Now I am someone who up till 2015 didn’t know anyone who died from cancer. So what is that telling us? It’s so wrong and corrupt for the administration to mandate this vaccine. I saw this a couple years ago on facebook….Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it. Bullshit….isn’t it? I will never take the vaccine. Nor will my family or my friends. We are all against it. Just wait….time will prove us right.

    1. Just wait… . we’ll be seeing an exponential increase in cancers amd other ailments…… thus was all by design. Bill Gates and his global depopulation.

      1. Bill Gates OWNS THE PATENT ON THE VACCINE he has OWNED this PATIENT SINCE 2010!
        Also, back in 2010 Bill Gates paid for and PRODUCED a video that was aired on MAIN STREAM T.V. And this video was about THREE THINGS,
        1. How the earth is “OVER POPULATED”!
        2. Why there should be only 500,000 people aloud to live on Earth, to SERVE
        Now I already know that most of not ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE SMART ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT BILL GATES AND THE ELITE DemonRats planned and EXECUTED this whole thing, so the question is,

        1. Just to let you it was said Gates owns hundred’s of patents on viruses. If you didn’t know that you do now. Most saying

  4. I had the Moderna vaccine. I have had side effects since I took it. The pharmacist injected into my nerves instead of the muscle. My left arm now is hypersensitive. Cannot stay outside in the sun, it triggers the hypersensitivity.

  5. I won’t ever take one of the shots because I don’t trust Dr. Fauci or Bill Gates. I think they paid Wuhan to let the virus loose. I watched Dr. Fauci stand behind President Trump and shake his head NO about HCQ and Ivermectin, and the meds were working on the virus. One Dr. tested it in the hospital he worked in by di viding them into 2 groups. One got Ivermectin and they did NOT get the virus but the ones that didn’t get it did get the virus.
    My husband was given a vaccine after he had already had the virus and now he can’t even stand up because his legs are so weak, this happened in a nursing home and they never ask permission. He knows he is dying. Try taking care of someone how can’t even lift their butt off a lift chair.

    1. exactly.. I also know someone that had the virus and got over it..and then went and got the vaccine..ended up in the hospital and almost died from it..

  6. Had the latest varient of covid a few weeks ago. So did everyone in my circle of family and friends. Some got tested and all showed positive for covid. None of us are vaccinated and don’t intend to be. I’m 71 and weathered it just fine. First day was bad but by day 5 all symptoms gone. Wasn’t even as bad as a cold.

    1. Hi Marlenemarty, My niece caught Covid during Omicron but we don’t know if it was the Omicron. Her mother caught also for the second time Delta or Omicron. She gave it to my brother and her Mother and my wife and me.My brother gave it to his wife. My brother called his Dr. for HCQ OR Ivermectin. The Dr. refused to give him a prescription and hung up on him because he would not take the JAB before. My brother was already taking immune deficiency drugs for a knee replacement. He was told if he took the JAB he could get COVID.The DR. didn’t even offer the In fusion. He called another Dr. to get appointment they weren’t taking no more patient. He asked for a prescription for HCQ Or Ivermectin and they said the government would not let them write one so then two weeks later my BROTHER DIED FROM FULL BLOWN COVID PNEUMONIA. Biden has a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL WITH THESE UNCARING DRS.

      1. Contact the Frontline Doctors online. They will get you the prescription that is needed and what you need
        to take they have listed as the MATH + protocols… There are Doctors out here that will write the prescription and direct you to a pharmacy that will fill it.

    2. Amen to that!!!! I got Covid a little over a year ago at 76 years old!! It was a piece of cake!! I take D3, Zinc, C, etc. I will never never never take that evil shot!!

      I need to also mention I know 1 man in my small town that died from the shot!! First he had a mild stroke and numb on one side of his face. A few month later he had a major stroke and he died!!!!!!

      I know several other people that were injured from the shot such as blood clots, lose of memory, headaches with high blood pressure and so on.

      This shot is evil as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m with you, Larry!!! I take the same vitamins and have had no problems. Besides, If we’re to live in constant fear of dying, why live…

  7. Figure about 1 out of 5 is probably more accurate. At least this will weed out the phucking morons.

  8. My husband and I took the first two shots and then several weeks later my husband ended up in the hospital with hemoglobin of only 4. He spent two weeks and multiple blood transfusions later he still is battling this “thing”. We’re positive the shots caused a previously healthy senior to become almost an invalid. I have a young college age grandson who took the shots so he could go to college. I pray nothing happens to him. Many in our family won’t believe that the shots are dangerous and have had them all. God help them.

      1. Not most, just a few unhinged liberals. I’ve had many “discussions” with them. They don’t believe anything I tell them. They must get their news from somewhere else, because it’s not the same as I get. But then, I get my news online from a few sites like this one. That way I get the truth.

        1. I agree with you Elizabeth. My husband is dbl vaxxed and at least one boost.
          He and his golf buddies all came down with the crud at the same home. Consequently, their wives too. I was unvaxxed and got it from my husband.
          I had a bad headache and, for one day, a temp of 99.5. I slept the crud off. I did not get “tested” at all. I was not putting that graphene oxide up my nose.
          My husband, his buddies & their wives ( all vaxxed) were sick as dogs.
          You will never convince me to get one of those poison jabs.

  9. I felt from the beginning that the vaccines were dangerous. I think Dr. Malone, the one who created the mRNA vaccines, should come clean about them, that they were designed to alter your DNA! WHY would a virologist create such a vaccine? It also destroys your immune system, so you are susceptible to ANY disease that comes along! And the fact that it causes sterility is another factor! Why won’t The cdc tell us what is in the vaccines? We, the people, should file suit against the big pharma companies making them, Biden for illegally mandating them, Fauci and Gates for creating them, and for all the deaths and vaccine injuries they have caused! This is a crime against humanity! And to even suggest that babies and small children be given them is outrageous! Do NOT take them, do NOT have your children vaccinated by them, save yourselves and your children! Do not take them!!!!!

    1. The CDC won’t tell you because the CDC and the WHO are evil leftist organizations answering to the NWO.

  10. There are some that would argue about this. There is only one way to look at these shots and their actual intention of application. The deaths, miscarriages and sterilizations from the shots as well as covid are intentional.
    Why when other medications would cure covid were they banned? You could only take the “kill shots”.
    No matter if you are Republucan or Democrat, you were marked for death. There were more people that died from taking the shot than those who did not. The shots were not designed to help, they were designed to harm.
    There are many reports coming out in America concerning young, healthy people mysteriously dying. Some medical examiners are hiding the truth but the commonality amongst them is, they took the shot. Some voluntarily and some were forced into it.
    Go ahead, trust Fauci, Biden and the rest, get the kill shot. Really folks, don’t do it.

    1. Dave G. I whole heartedly agree with you 100 % ! People being FORCED to take an UNPROVEN, UNTESTED vaccine is NOT the way to protect your health !!! I can’t believe there are so many willing to become GUINEA PIGS ! I’ve refused the JAB and as a PURE BLOOD, I am doing just fine !!!

      1. It is hard to believe intelligent people lining up like lemmings jumping off a cliff for these poison jabs.
        Unfortunately. these people believe and trust their government. These are the same folks who think Biden really “won” the 2020 election. I am talking about Republicans.
        It has totally boggled my mind.
        These same people do not have an issue with turning over all their medical history to a source they know nothing about.
        Excuses are: I want to travel abroad, etc.
        The people who are forced into these jabs do not consider they are giving up their freedoms.
        You know, the people going nutzo on planes about masks ( which I do not condone their behavior[ I was a flight attendant for 19 years]) know this is all a farce to control people.
        I think in numbers we are stronger. We have to remain strong and be smart about beating these Devils.

  11. I don’t know anybody that Covid killed.
    2 folks I know are dead from the shot
    Phuck the shot… it’s ONLY THERE TO DO DAMAGE

  12. I am a nurse practitioner and have observed all of the above in people and my clients. I am in private practice in alternative medicine, a Clinical Nutritionist for over 40 years. I have found that mega doses of vit. C, D3d5000with K2, BComplex, Zinc, adrenal glandular. However not just any type of supplements, not all supplements are good, clean, containing the stated amounts. I suggest obtaining from credible, reliable companies, not just any store, or from anyplace. Basic healthy natural diet, organic if possible, and avoiding sugars. 530 306-5454


  14. You didn’t even translate the tweet right lol, it’s 0.2 in 1,000. This whole article is opinionated crap go look at some actual data people.

  15. My decision to NOT take the jab was based on the fact that it was derived from aborted fetus cells ! ( say what you will ) ? I’d rather die from the virus, than to accept an immoral, untested, and unproven EXPERIMENTAL DRUG ! I will forever remain a PURE BLOOD for my Savior in Christ ! I am reaching 60 years of age, my immune system is compromised by diabetes, my age and poor quality of health care, ( not to mention my lifestyle ) l o l I didn’t hide in my house. I went to restaurants, and bars. I have friends and family who all got the covid, even when I visited their houses ! The common factor there is… THEY ALL TOOK THE JAB !!! GO FIGURE THAT ?

    1. exactly..John…I refuse to take the vaccine because they r known to cause blood clots and bleeding disorders…I already have a bleeding disorder and do not need something that will make me bleed even more…and like u, I will not take something that used aborted fetus cells in their testing and is not a vaccine like we have taken in the for measles, polio, etc ..they were made from a dead or weakened virus..this EXPERIMENTAL mRNA so called vaccine is 3 sons all got covid..2 were fv.. one was not..they all got extremely sick..actually the 2 that were fv seemed much sicker than the one that did not..why would u risk your life taking a shot that does not work??. does not prevent u from getting or spreading the virus..and has numerous adverse reactions..and caused thousands of deaths..I know in my situation, the risks outweigh the benefits.))….A FLORIDA doctor died when he developed a rare blood disorder after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, according to reports.
      Just three days after he received the Pfizer vaccine, Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, of Miami Beach developed symptoms for immune thrombocytopenia, a rare blood disorder that stops the creation of platelets, which are necessary for clotting.Others who got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine also seemed to have developed the same disorder.


    1. Media has been the right arm of the Democrats for YEARS!
      Look up Operation Mocking Bird. The media reports( REPEATS ) what they are told.
      99% of politicians Left and Right are compromised.

  17. Look at the bright side, think of all the lefty liberals who ran down to line up to take the jab repeatedly. What goes around comes around. Blind obedience to their overlords, speak and they obey.

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