High Ranking General and West Point Professor Hunted Down and Punished for Being Critical of the Biden Administration

Newly obtained emails and text suggest that high ranking officials within the U.S. military are working to protect the Joe Biden – using government resources to hunt down and silence critics of his regime!

According to Breitbart News, a three-star Army general and a West Point associate professor launched a shadow investigation to track down and punish an anonymous active-duty whistleblower who was criticizing Army leadership and the Biden administration.

Army Training and Doctrine Command Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. Maria Gervais and Army Major Jessica Dawson, an “information warfare research scientist” at the Army Cyber Institute, used their government powers and resources to identify the whistleblower and then ensure he was punished by his chain of command.


These two high ranking military officials went out of their way to brand the whistleblower as being counterintelligence and insider threat simply because he spoke out against the Biden regime.

As we have seen far too often during Biden’s tenure, these rogue government officials sought to weaponize the government against a person they disagreed with politically. They illegally used their powers to root out and punish the servicemember.

The shadow investigation went on for roughly a year, with Gervais and Dawson, recruiting other left-wing radicals – who are both current and former members of the military – to look into the whistleblower that they disagreed with politically.

Ultimately, the group associated with the shadow investigation publicly doxed the whistleblower and led to an Army two-star general’s former aide filing an inspector general complaint against him.

That complaint then sparked an investigation into the whistleblower, Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Samuel Shoemate, which determined that he had violated Army Regulation 600-20 by “posting derogatory and disrespectful images/memes on multiple social accounts … towards different Senior Officials and Military Leaders.”

It also found that Shoemate violated Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 88 (Contempt towards Senior Officials), 89 (Disrespect toward Superior Commissioned Officers, 133 (Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and Gentleman), and DOD Instruction 5400.17 Official Use of Social Media for Public Affairs Purposes.

The investigating officer recommended “appropriate adverse administrative action and/or appropriate UCMJ action” against Shoemate.

Shoemate issued a statement regarding the weaponization of military resources against him for disagreeing with the Biden regime.

“The DOD publicly boasts about its adherence to the law with numerous checks and balances in place to prevent unlawful conduct, but the shadow policy it actually operates under allows senior officers and officials to act with impunity as seen here. A lieutenant general colluding with various other senior officials to conduct their own unofficial investigation, with the use of government resources, is emblematic of larger, systemic abuses observed within the DOD in recent years,” he said.

And that is very true.

We’re now facing a reality where high ranking military officials are BLATANTLY going after anybody who dares to criticize Biden’s government. Shomate’s case might only be the start.

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42 thoughts on “High Ranking General and West Point Professor Hunted Down and Punished for Being Critical of the Biden Administration”

  1. I am a veteran, 68-70. Yes I volunteered! When people ask, what I think of the military today and should they join!? I tell them, I would NEVER volunteer in this woke, crtr, lgbtq, antifa and blm military! No fing way would I join the military today!!! And neither should you! At least, not while biden-soetoro or the libs are in charge!! Question: What the hell is china doing in America, owning land? and guess who allowed this!???

    1. Veteran also, ’78-’81. Since all but about the last 6 months of my enlistment was under Carter, I agree. I thought Carter was bad, but this is beyond belief.

    2. I volunteered Marines 67-71 was a grunt during Vietnam …What strikes me is the high ranking officers are both women…I’m sure they are on board with Biden’s woke policy and subscribe to his foolishness…I can’t understand the American tax payers paying for gender transition…Join the military just for that purpose and do not serve the actual reasons people join…For God and country…For defending the Constitution of the United States…For protecting our free speech which these two stomped on…

      1. Yes my question to , why should are tax money go to pay for gender transition . Why is it in the military in the first place . It shohld be for our constitution. You sir joined for a true American.thank you.

    3. It is only going to get worse until we vote (IF POSSIBLE!) these traitors out of office, and that means the ENTIRE ADMINIASTGRATION and anyone in a position of authority that this bunch put there1111

      1. I enlisted after JFK speech I 1961. In my view he was the last honest Democrat. Had it been Biden I would’ve run as far as I could go away from this absolutely corrupt and incompetent administration. I defy anyone to dispute the fact that he is the most corrupt President in American history.

    4. What. In hell has. Happened to our. Military ??? Where. Are your fricking. Balls???? Stand. Up for. Our. Service troops. Or go to. Hell

    5. You are right. Our country is still being run by Soros and Obama, Biden is their puppet and has been for years
      Selling us out to China. How far back does Soros and Obama go? Prayers for our Military and Country. Close the border, our Military should be on our border, not in foreign countries. Obama helping Biden and Hunter is another Obama presidency.

    6. The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. However, under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without knowing how it happened!
      It’s coming, folks. The problem is when are we going to prevent it before it takes hold of a nation we never knew existed?

    7. From another veteran I don’t serve for kings!! joe thinks he is a king and his Democratic kingdom will fall not in my lifetime but it will fall? Go Army Diversity will kill America look at what’s going on in New York smashing cars looking for the cameras to be in the MSM

  2. when i was in the Army National Guard (1975 – 1988) military personnel were not allowed to bash the Unites States president – no matter how you felt about the President – as long as you were in uniform. however – if you felt an order you were given by a superior rank – was unlawful you could question that order.

  3. I’m a retired Air Force officer, having retired in 1993. This is not a question of a military member “not liking Joe Biden.” The military is not allowed to criticize senior command. The president is the Commander in Chief, and therefore not to be openly criticized. THAT’S why this individual is in trouble.

    1. I know all about that..Sgt e-5 grunt…Having an opinion is not is not disobeying a direct order…Saying I don’t want to be in a fox hole with someone that is transgender doesn’t instill confidence …When the rigors of training are reduced to squeeze someone into the ranks is ludicrous…I’m not in the military now and my opinion is stomped on every day because I don’t agree with this POUTS…My opinion, my free speech is dead…Is this what you approve of now ??

    2. That is scary. It’s unbelievable that he even has the nuclear codes. The guy is demented and a criminal and probably with the help of the swamp stole the election from Trump. Most veterans I talk to tell me they hate him. That this is ministration has ruined our fighting power and can’t recruit men who are not wearing a dress.

    3. Why do officers think they are infallible, How many officers FU high Ranking Generals in WWII got thousand of men killed. Still got there pension and all the perks the soldiers got death ??? Why not let the truth be told? If it’s true it’s true and Joey and family is CORRUPT

  4. As former USMC I don’t understand how anybody can respect Obama or Biden. Both men hate the military and treat the service Personnel like garbage. I don’t care what the rules are. It works both ways.

  5. Sounds like two big fat lesbo’s found a man they could hate on. Probably resisted their inappropriate advances. Well, the worm will turn here before long and these types of, uh, incidents will reverse…

  6. There is a distinction between bashing command in your official capacity as a service representative and a citizen of the U.S. You don’t give up your free speech and right of expression when you join the military. There is no issue mentioned that the guy defied orders or in any way violated his commitment to the military. The culprits here are the wacko liberal Military officials…Its not their jobs to seek out people who disagree with them politically. The fact that they went to all this effort is the problem. Their opinions enacted via their positions of authority doesn’t make them right. I am sure they didn’t have a problem with the guy who thinks/says he is a woman, then goes around hitting on women. No problem there right? How far we have gone.

  7. Veteran US Airforce. I did go to Arlington Cemetery for JFKs Funeral. There was 4 of us from CT. We slept against the stone wall, no money for a Hotel. The horse and the cart with casket woke us up that morning as it went by on its way to the parade. If the Dems aren’t still in office I think they will find that the old Dem regimes in Government had something to do with the deaths of both Kennedy Brothers. Biden’s, Clintons, especially Hillary, I worked on the Presidential Helicopters for Sikorsky Aircraft. Out of ear shot of the hangar we would talk with the Marine Pilots and ask them who where the worst people that taxied around. In unison the answer was that bitch Hillary. I salute the veterans above.

  8. Omg , I am prior millitary ! This is simple never in history has a sitting president bean proven to be as unethical as president Boden ! He lied to get into office….proven !!! And possibly sold out America…..many people have there own opinions Butt facts are facts….The left Needs stopped…….before this causes a civil War ! And if you are a Democrat and still support Biden you are a full ! Look at America one sided nut jobs it is now under Biden worse then many dictatorships and third world countries the FBI and IRS need to go and the Justice department needs cleaned out to follow the Constatution not liars and fack news

  9. Sorry forgot my glasses and spell check was off butt sick off all this corruption in America………

    1. Clayton, no one expects our warriors to be perfect spellers – you got your point across very well, and true.
      We are being led by a troupe of circus cheats and grifters. Sleight of hand specialists who can make billions of dollars vanish in a heartbeat. People who are incapable of speaking or acting in truth. In other words, dirty politicians who care not for their brother Americans, but only what they can get for themselves.
      I would think that 99% of those of us who served have seen, and hated, these doings.
      As a bloc, we are many, and strong. United, we can overcome, IF we stand together and let others, who may not have served, yet have similar thoughts and ideas, join with us.
      We all need to stand on, and with, our Constitution!

      1. “IF we stand together and let others, who may not have served, yet have similar thoughts and ideas, join with us.” – Craig Wicox

        Where do I sign up? In our heart of hearts, many of us have known since the Clinton days that another American Revolution is coming. We keep moving the goal post, allowing more and more of our natural and constitutional rights be trampled upon, hoping that the evil left will stopping pushing us over the cliff, knowing we must fight back or lose everything – especially our love ones (CRT, transgender indoctrination, climate change, covid, “Let no crisis go to waste”) – and yet we do little or nothing because we have no coherent organization.

        I am in my twilight years and unable to physically stand with my fellow citizens, but the fire in my belly burns hot. I want to leave my children and grandchildren a country in which they can live free, where good triumphs evil, where they can decide their own path in life, and where the government exists only for the purposes outlined in our Constitution. I know I’m asking a lot, but I know something close to this can ultimately be achieved if we stand together.

        Our Country needs to be cleansed in a non-violent way (please God) that I refer to as, Project America: love it or leave it. There’s no reason anyone should be allowed to live here who wants to “ultimately transform” America. I say we show them the door and give them a one-way ticket to the country of their choice, never to return again. PERIOD. Once the riff raff is out of here, we can rebuild our manufacturing base and our economy, and renew our American ideals and traditions.

        In my mind, this can be done. In my gut, I know it must be done. In my heart, I pray we can do it together – the sooner, the better, for our children and grandchildren. Amen.

  10. Myself having volunteered on April 28, 1973, serving till April 27, 1976, I have to tell you once you raise your Rt hand an take The Oath, you no longer are living under The Constitution, but the UCMJ, uniformed code military justice. Meaning you may not speak out or post any derogatory criticisms of any in The Chain of Command. That’s just how it is.

  11. a marine 1968 this country has the morals of sodom and gamora under biden and his demons never thought it would be this bad biden should betried for treason and shot app for speeling had a stroke

  12. … which is why, having been disqualified (1-Y on the grounds of a serious back injury — 4 compressed vertebrae, suffered in a traffic accident), I took full advantage of my disability to stay out of the military establishment because I could not , in all honesty, support — ***or accept*** — the behavior of “certain higher-ups” in our civilian and military.

  13. Brass interference into the private lives of enlisted and entry level officers is controversial and rare. The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) provides paths for adjudication of charges. Campaigning in uniform or on base is a violation. Private discussion in private places is not. Criticizing Army brass is a favorite pastime for entry level enlisted personnel.

    Those two very high ranking officers who used their military positions to monitor civilian activity are examples of why the military cannot recruit sufficient numbers to maintain readiness. When I was a child-Marine more than 60 years ago, we had little time to delve into politics while on duty. And we had better ways to use our liberty than whining about politics.

    The simple presence of high ranking brass investigating private political activity would have stopped my enlistment but with Eisenhower as president, it didn’t exist. Presidential abuse of citizens, soldiers, officers, children, students, et al., is pro forma for the CIC but he gets a pass since he never served anyone, in or out of the military.

  14. As a retired SGTMAJ, USMC, they are a bunch of assholes. Is this what our military is becoming.

  15. It’s high time the tables are turned on Biden administration and anyone else involved. Military is a joke and must be gutted like so many other organizations. Time these people held accountable for their actions.

  16. This is really bad…..what’s left to do will be very difficult…to revert back to try to get back to “the land of the free and the home of the brave” God bless America and God bless Donald Trump!

      PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!!

  17. Our Military is so weak and its because of our president he hates America having protection cause he wants America taken over. Look at what he has done — open up the borders , put no more money towards are military, took are military ‘s money and sent it over seas, gave all are fighting stuff away, sold us ouf to China, and leting ” people ” in are military to get gender transition done on tax payers money. The democrats that are in office now could care less about us the people are our constitution. They are corrupt and need put out fast. Why most people can’t see this is beyond me, why they want higer food and gas and more crime is beyond me come on don’t call yourself democrats anymore call yourself a true American and put a stop to being took over by so much corrupt politicians. And please don’t lay down and let China roll over us !!. Stand tall for America, cause people America is falling.

  18. What has to the people of this country? The idiots that were elected by socialist(communists) have destroyed the country that I proudly served I’m the Marines during Korea (1951-52), total enlisted time 51-56.
    I realized when the democrat politicians gave away the gains we made in North Korea to the Chinese, this country was going down.
    The same thing occurred in Vietname.
    When will the normal people vote the imbeciles out and replace them with people that still love this country.

  19. As a 23 year 100% DAV, this never should have happened. Both of these women should be prosecuted and forced to resign from the Army. There isn’t any place in the Military for politics. Get rid of the Woke crowd and cnesoring idiots that exist in the military.

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