Holy Smokes! GOP Senator Nearly Speaks up for Capitol Prisoners

It’s tough to dislike Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), even though he seems like one of those nearly permanent fixtures in Washington, DC. He’s been in the US Senate since I was 8 years old. He doesn’t seem to like President Donald Trump very much, but at the same time, he’s not some butt-hurt, foaming-at-the-mouth Never Trumper like Mitt Romney, or a craven opportunist who would stab Donald Trump in the back at the first opportunity like Marco Rubio. Grassley loves America and he especially loves the Middle America state of Iowa that he’s represented for 40 years now.

While I wouldn’t count Grassley as a pro-Trump MAGA ally, I’ll say this for him: He’s always FAIR – which is better than we can say for most of the untrustworthy Swamp Creatures in DC these days. Grassley proved that again this week.

My frustration with Republicans in Congress has been through the roof since January 6 of this year, the date when a bunch of costumed Trump supporters LARPed their way peacefully through the US Capitol.

Imagine that any Representative or Senator had been cornered by a group of ladies in Qanon/Captain America costumes, grandmas carrying their knitting needles, Truckers in MAGA caps or the buffalo horns guy. In a best-case scenario, that Representative or Senator would have bene subjected to five minutes of prayer and a lecture on the Constitution. In a worst-case scenario, they would have been yelled at for a few minutes.

It wasn’t an insurrection or a revolution. None of those protesters would have hurt anyone in Congress if they had come in contact with them. They were there to peacefully protest and to petition their government for a redress of grievances. In return, they were gassed, flash-banged, shot with rubber bullets and a real bullet in the case of Ashley Babbit, and vilified as terrorists.


It was pretty amazing last when three (3) House Republicans finally started to speak up about the torture and persecution of dozens of Trump supporters who participated in that peaceful protest. Dozens of the jailed Trump supporters are being treated worse than any Uighur in China.

They are denied soap, showers, toilet paper and a blanket to cover themselves with at night as they sleep on concrete slabs. They’re in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day – an international crime against humanity. They’re being denied bail or access to attorneys for the crime of misdemeanor trespassing. The Biden regime calls them “white supremacist terrorists” and the “greatest threat to the homeland” as jailhouse guards tie them up and punch their eyeballs out of the socket.

After five months of this treatment, Chuck Grassley is the FIRST Republican Senator to finally… sort of… speak out in support of these tortured Trump supporters. Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland that is scathing, damning and fair when it comes to the way the Department of Justice is treating our Trump-supporting neighbors. While it’s certainly not a pro-Trump letter, Grassley’s missive is FAIR and sometimes hilarious in his folksy Iowa-farmer sort of way. Grassley expressed the fact that he’s opposed to the gross unfairness of the way these Trump supporters are being abused.

Grassley notes that it’s extremely weird that there were more than 500 violent riots committed by Antifa and Black Looting Matters in 2020, prior to this ONE incident in 2020. Grassley also chastises the DOJ for the fact that none of the 14,000 identified suspects who were arrested for BLM/Antifa riots were ever treated as aggressively as the Trump supporters arrested for January 6th.

One thing that especially stands out about Grassley’s letter, is that he never refers to the January 6 Capitol kerfuffle as a “riot.” He only refers to it as the “Capitol breach.” You can read Grassley’s full letter HERE.

As you may have guessed from reading my writings the past few years, I’m a die-hard Trump partisan. That’s why I only refer to January 6 in the most ridiculous terms – a kerfuffle, a peaceful protest, and so on. A “breach,” as Grassley calls it, is a FAIR term I suppose. It wasn’t a riot or an insurrection or an attack. But I guess it was a breach. Some windows were broken, after all. I’ll concede that much and no more.

Grassley is demanding answers for the obvious double-standard: Why is DOJ going after the Capitol protesters like an existential threat, while ignoring the very real and very violent offenders among Antifa and BLM? He even gets a hilarious dig in at the DOJ and the FBI at the end, when he notes that they’re asking for $1.5 billion to fight the existential threat of white people:

“I can only imagine that this money will continue to resource the institutional bias that continues to exist for the Department’s historical areas of expertise, militia extremism and white supremacism.”

As I said – that’s HILARIOUS! The only time the FBI and the DOJ has shown “expertise” in the last 80 years at fighting ‘white supremacism’ was when they were taking down Democrat Ku Klux Klan cells for murdering blacks during the Civil Rights era and Democrat oil barons for murdering Native Americans (research the Osage oil murders in Oklahoma in the 1920s if you have questions about that).

While Grassley isn’t quite there in terms of turning into a MAGA Republican… I’ll give him some credit for this letter. He gets in some hilarious digs about the obvious double standard, calls the DOJ’s tactics against Trump supporters into question and points out that the only time “white supremacy” was ever an actual threat in America, it was because the Democrats were doing it.

It’s not quite a direct call to let Trump’s people go from their unconstitutional and illegal torture, but we’re getting there. Maybe next time Grassley will call out the inherent unfairness of the way our neighbors are being treated.

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59 thoughts on “Holy Smokes! GOP Senator Nearly Speaks up for Capitol Prisoners”

  1. I dont trust Grassley no further than I can see him!! He talks out of both corners of his mouth just like a lot of Republicans. Better watch him close, keep one eye on him. Grassley seams fair, he also may be a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing!

    1. Proud of Grassley for speaking up. It’s Unforgivable to jail Trump supporters when ANTIFA rioters wander free after looting and burning our cities.

        1. good point- all this BS must stop now. lets start jailing the demonrats that are breaking the laws. these jan 6 protestersw better sue thew hell out of people responsible for this atrocity.. i remember when blacks in the 60s wrongly accused got gvnmt money for wrong imprisonment. remember pitts and lee????

          1. Absolutely. Any Antifa BLMers end up in jail over the summer of 2020. Oh I forgot Kamaltoe bailed them out.

      1. If you”ll read about the night in Germany, called “crystal night” if you do. One can compare the not so difference between Nazi’s SA brown shirts to Antifa/BLM gangs. The newest gang of thugs since the creation of the KKK. Brought to you by the way…the same party..the Democractic…opps I mean the Socialist party…branch of the Chinese ‘communist Party…CCP.


        1. Why is the BLM/Antifa not in jail? Look who is funding their bail? If they keep it up, hope Laughing girl will run out of funds, soon. Very soon. Or unless I am wrong? There are a few rich, super Rich ?Democraps and a vas pool of poor welfare recievers. Sorry, no midle class allowed. The’re dump midle class republican voters like me.

  2. Good Morning grassley is not to be trusted and as the Indians used to say you speak with fork toung but at the very least he’s saying something and to be a representing a state forty years you know he’ll do whatever he has to stay in office be careful another back stabber

    1. I call on all people to stand up and take notice of how the Democrat’s are abusing their power and the people’s trust by making all that don’t follow their agenda into enemies, in their attempt to overthrow of the United States of America. They are the ones abusing and denying our fellow American’s their basic rights by categorizing as terrorist and declaring an act of war. Democrat’s are proving they are the Racist Ones

      1. I agree with you. All Americans should STAND UP to these Commies. The US is not a racial country. I do not agree with what they are doing to our country and Military. I hope and Pray these people that are jailed live to tell their stories and SUE Biden, Harris and all those involved in this scheme. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  3. Let the prisoners go!!! Charge then with tresspassing give them their fine and send them home. We have Democrates who have caused the death of American military personnel and citizens, taken millions of dollars from communist countries, lied to Americans, are destroying our country and they are not punished or even reprimanded. LET THESE NON-TERRIOST GO!!!

    1. I agree with you Becky, they are beating people in prison just because they were at the capitol bldg. In reality it was BLM and Antifa that were the perpetrators of the riot and not one of them has been arrested for anything they have done to our country to destroy it. I am afraid the communist/socialist have taken over our government and not a word out of the Republican senators or legislators about it…the white house gang need to be brought before a firing squad for treason….God help us get through this horrible situation we are in!!!

      1. Biden and his group are trying to destroy everything. Trying to devide all of us and the shame of all of this is the Democrats ignore it or even relish in it . No one with any conscience could never vote for democrats

    2. I agree with you, Becky! I don’t understand why any of these are being treated as what I’m hearing.This is downright awful & someone should be held accountable!

  4. Well good people know! Democrats are scared as he’ll. They should be. They better watch their fkg backs because al lot of Americans are fed up. I beleive ALOT of political dems will meet their end before the end of 2021. I certainly pray for the day. Democrats are worse than failures. XL pipeline workers got a section of pipe ready to slide up Biden’s ass. Fkg pigs want even do nothing about the borders. Throw their God Damn agendas on the state’s to fix it. I’m telling you these bastards are lunatics. I hope this administration burns to the fkg ground!

    1. But Chris, why beat around the bush? Tell us how you truly feel.
      I agree that the Dems have pushed the rest of us in a corner, and I believe we are about to come out fighting. Enough is enough.

  5. So this man sent a letter did he?! I know I’ve read his name somewhere, but to only become this aware of Grassley now is interesting. Why?
    Well, it seems to me that someone who looks old enough to be Nazi Nancy’s grandfather should’ve been making a bigger impact at some point in the nations goings on during the last 4 1/2 yrs.
    I change my party affiliation when Trump came on. The reason being, was for the first time in my life I actually saw the Democrats for who they really are. I guess I realized, but they are not the “good guys”.
    And after changing party affiliation, I presumed that the GOP would do what they had to do to keep things in their best interest. I guess this point I didn’t realize, the GOP just sits idly by and does nothing about anything at any time.
    Of course these folks should not be in jail for an insurrection that did not happen.

    And that being said, this administration should not be in Washington for the election ( that for them ) that didn’t happen.

    The Republicans keep sending me letters wanting money. I gave them a whole lot of money while Trump was in office. After November 3, and all the crap that came with it, I no longer believe that I want to give the GOP a dollar of my paycheck. These people do nothing. They let the Democrats bully them around and they cave to the Dems at every juncture ( or so it seems ). If the GOP needs funding so badly, it’d be nice to see them get up off of their asses and start fighting for their country

    1. I don’t think a enough republicans have their supporters best interest at heart or they’d be banging pots and pans to hell and back and about the BLM and antifa riots and the big contrast of how they were treated with kid gloves or ignored while treating real protesters ,trump supporters, are being treated like prisoners of war, exactually worse than they treated captured terrorists in Iraq most of whom Obama freed. This whole capital of so called reprentatives should be replaced we need a new true party that truly loves America and all it’s people and respects our constitution and our principles, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.

    2. How can they expect us to give them money when majority of them didn’t defend our President, they are spineless B.S’ers! There’s a couple I love like Josh Hawley, but from now on my money goes to people that fight! Mypillow.com, Sidney Powell’s Defendtherepublic.org, and support your local grassroot movements!!!!

    3. Z, I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.
      IF Republicans would get off their Ass and Fight just a little that would be a start!! Republicans Senators Need to show the people they represent they are willing to fight for our rights.
      Instead of sitting on their thumbs and doing nothing. People then might just Donate more to the Cause ! I Until that happens I see no Reason to give them one Red Penny. I often wonder where does all the money that’s Donated go and towards What?
      I see nothing the Donated Money
      Is Changein or Helping, Nothing!
      So why give when you never see Results. Theirs a lot of things going on in this Country that’s got to stop! Republicans and Democrats both just sit at the table and Bark at each other and nothing gets done.
      Democrats have always been known for doing nothing, but not Republicans.
      What has happened to the Republican party?
      Republicans have got to get back on track.
      I dont know what their waiting for they better figure it out pretty quick!!
      Before it’s too Late.
      Start doing their Job’s

    4. I agree completely. I won’t give to the GOP until the RINOs are out and they make Dominion machines illegal in all states. Hand count

      1. Every time the GOP sends me a notice for a donation here is my response:

        Is Cheney gone yet??
        Is McDaniel gone yet?
        Is McConnell gone yet??
        Are the 35 Rino fake republicans who voted for the January 6 commission gone yet??
        NO – so NO money.

        And big whoop – the old man wrote a letter. wwoooooo what good did that do?

  6. I have preached to all who would listen for 12 years. VOTE FOR THE NEW GUY FOR 12 YEARS AND THEY MIGHT GET THE IDEA. Of course there are exceptions there will be those who we will want to re-elect and rightfully so, but as soon as the corruption gets hold of them we must un-elect them too. We all must peacefully show our displeasure with Congress and the current presidency by voting them out, What has happened to our nation is for most people a very disturbing thing, we must stop it in its tracts and regain by our honest votes change the path ahead. Please show all incumbents in every election if they dont stand up for truth and honesty they will not be re-eleted. That is the only way we all win.

  7. It infuriates me to hear how terrible these people are being treated, and I would like to know why? And I sure would like to know who gave the orders for them to be treated so harshly? I’m glad Grassley brought it up cause I had no idea this is going on , but for sure I will now be looking into this with my state rep and senators. To me this unjust and certainly undeserving! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  8. Let the traitors await trial in jail. Their orange god may Join them soon enough.

    As for those of you who think the rioters were really Sasquatch dressed up as Antifa and BLM dressed up as Trumptards, I bet you could suck the intelligence out of a wet soap dish.

    1. Robert, can you spell M0R0N? Nah… You probably lack the brain cells required to do it, but as you look in the mirror in the morning, that critter looking back at you, it’s what one looks like.

    2. The hatred from the left has not only completely blinded them, but entirely negated any “message” they pretend to preach of unity, peace, and equality.
      The hypocrisy of their tenets are, as always, reflected in their behavior.

      Terrorizing citizens by the neighborhoods, cities, and states into submission under the destruction they’ve caused for months upon months. Yet, not a one was punished for murder, mayhem, and ruin of history and livelihoods.

      While other citizens mostly walked in through the front door of the Capitol building on January 6th. They’re still rotting in prison and are mistreated daily, for such a heinous act of merely walking through an open doorway.

      Aside from that fact that this inhumane treatment is completely undeserved for the simple act, child molesters and rapists are treated better in prison. What does this say about the the keepers of the guard in these prisons? They prefer these perverted acts to mere trespassers? Or is this simply another misguided tenet of the Democratic party and their followers? More likely the latter.

      Worse yet, they’re accused of sedition. Except, now we know that there was election fraud, and plenty of it. Enough so, that Pres.Trump is truly the legitimate president of the United States. Unfortunately, Congress, knowing full well of this massive fraud, voted Biden into office. Thus, calling anyone who questioned Biden’s legitimacy, seditious.
      That was then.

      Now, it stands true that those prisoners should be set free.
      They were right.
      Furthermore, anyone who voted to impeach Pres.Trump is actually guilty of sedition, not the other way around, as previously stated. Therefore, every Democrat in Congress, any Republican voting for impeachment of President Trump, all should be charged with sedition and relieved of their positions in Congress immediately.

      Under the 12th Amendment, if anyone goes against the duly elected president they are to be charged with sedition, this includes whether they believed they were in the right or not. In this case, many Congress members surely knew that the election was fraudulent and were intentionally committing sedition.

      Conservatives have already paid a dear price for this crime, when in reality have committed no offense.

      The Democratic party has known this all along, for it was they who had committed all the crimes from the beginning and continued to commit those crimes to cover their misdeeds.

    3. So Robert, you do not care about the truth???Antifa and BLM said they were going to do such.
      They put their plans on social media, and you did not believe them??
      Trump supports were listening to him speak until 20 minutes after all so called riot began????
      So who do you think it was??
      What they are doing to the Conservatives they have jailed is cruel & not human treatment for people who
      disagree with you. We have that freedom as an American citizen. If I had been told than American would have
      been tortured this way I would not have believed it. I can’t believe that you think as you say and are American????

    4. You are just about as dumb as a stump, huh? Probably in your momma’s basement living off of her, too sorry to pull your own weight and stupid on top of that. True commiecrat…

    5. Robert, with your remarks all you have done is shown your
      True Colors.
      Ed, you hit the nail on the head.
      I wouldn’t have imbeariest myself like you just did .
      I wouldn’t have let every one know just how ingredient you are.
      Sounds like a well thought “Democrat” right?
      Trumps Supporters sure don’t need a friend like you!!
      Talking about Back Stabers

      1. Dot,
        How can anyone take you seriously if you can’t spell common words! Use a dictionary or spell check before you post, I’m on your side but the other side is laughing at conservatives that cannot spell simple words.

        “imbeariest” even this site tells you the word is misspelled.

    6. I guess you wouldn’t have a problem if the summer of love rioters were treated like this? Do you really want to upend the rule of law in this country because you don’t like someone’s politics? Once its gone, its gone.

    7. Robert, you don’t have hemorrhoids, you are a perfect asshole. You are a mindless DemocRAT without a clue.
      Take your opinions and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

  9. I’m curious: do you have any photos or proof of these prisoners you write about, with hands tied up and eye balls knocked out of their sockets?
    If you do, publish them. If you don’t, mentioning it takes away from the validity of anything you say that cannot be corroborated.
    Any and all bits of info that may help take Biden and his goons down should be made public and widely circulated. Not doing so, or bearing false testimony, does the very opposite.

  10. Here’s an interesting study to make. What color are those political prisoners? Then ask yourselves, if they were all black, would they still be there?

    Now you know where the “systemic racism” really is!

  11. Why so long in jail????__________Charge them and let them go already!!!————–Maybe cause there is nothing much to charge them with that will stick!!!!!—-Purely political—PURELY—-and NO JUSTICE——Republicans need to stand up and bring this nonsense to an end!!——-The main offenders broke windows and thats pretty much it—TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!————WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

  12. If you did not believe this country was being run by marxist communist, this is proof. In these countries they had political prisoners. They treat them much worse than hardened criminals, murderers. rapist, thieves etc. After all they have many of that in their own party. This is deplorable. I read that one of these men was beaten so badly he suffered a detached retina. If he did not get the proper surgery that eye will go blind if it has not already.

  13. I’ll call Grassley’s letter and raise him an ultimatum! It’s time for this barbaric, quasi-Marxist mistreatment of the January 6 demonstrators to be called out for what it is! Justice will eventually prevail, but the Democrats may have to be gone from office before that happens! We all know what “payback” is, right?

  14. If you can’t be a ultra conservative, god fearing Republican, then at least be fair. That is the problem with most RINO’s they are back stabbers and traitorous at heart.

  15. when you get these republican letters asking for a donation, don’t open it wright on the out side I might send you money if the republican party fights for there people that represent the republican party!
    put it in your mail box with return to sender & they get your message & they pay for the postage back, many people along the way will see this message.

  16. We are WASTING our time commenting here and elsewhere. Just WHO is listening? Our government? The Republican Party?


    Our government is now run by CHINA. Those prisoners might as well be in an Uyghur Concentration Camp in China. They’ll be getting the same kind of treatment from Muriel Bowser and the Obidma Regime.

    The GOP. Please! Don’t make me LAUGH! Those yellow-belly COWARDS haven’t stood up and fought in this century yet!

    Law Enforcement and the military? LOL! They just “follow orders”. And you KNOW who is giving the orders!

    We, and those political prisoners, are on our own!

  17. Some reason everything is NOT TRUTH! Why are Trump supporters in jail but NOT ANTIFA OR BLM THAT WAS BUS IN ON JANUARY 6TH? Make no sense! Everything is pointing to PELOSI AND THE MAYOR OF DC! Where the mayor? We have not heard from her since it was planned

  18. It took 5 months — to write a letter — to a person who is just going to say — I don’t know anything about that, just like he did at his farce confirmation hearing. garland is an old,libtard,demoTRASH idiot who couldn’t care less about the people being mistreated IN OUR OWN COUNTRY !!!!! Every “so-called” republican should be standing, shouting, throwing shoes(if necessary) demanding the IMMEDIATE release of these people. It is anothe demoSCUM BS farce that needs to be remedied NOW — not months or years from now.

  19. Hope the ones who put these people in this jail
    with nothing for them as they sit and wait …….have
    PLENTY OF MONEY as when they get out…..and
    Their attorneys will have a ball getting payment
    for this kind of treatment….Revenge is SO SWEET!

  20. Don’t the protesters have civil rights? The right to a speedy and fair trial? And others instead being treated by a dictator like a political prisoner in some dump country? This is the United States of America. Act like it.


  22. Well, another week has gone by and they’re still being held incommunicado and the GOP(LOL) is still running wildly away from the issue. Well, except for ONE, and it took him 5-1/2 months to notice the problem.

    Oh, yeah, the GOP(LOL) is on “our” side. They refuse to do anything about this. They ran screaming from health care. The ducked low and avoided ObamaCare. The joined the Foreign Legion to get away from the border crisis. And last but not least LIED to us again and again and again about investigating ELECTION FRAUD. Let’s not even ask them about Draining the Swamp, I’m sure they’ll have a heart attack merely thinking about it!

    End Time Prophesy states that “Their mighty men will fail them”. They have. Our military and federal agencies are all “woke” now and the opposition politicians are too busy spending their fat paychecks to bother with it.

  23. Why can’t some of the Democrats be arrested and given the same treatment. Then we would see if they could handle it. They would be out in just a matter of minutes. Instead of 5 months and the conditions the Trump supporters are getting.



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