House GOP Releases Findings on the Lies of the Liz Cheney January 6 Committee

House Republicans have finally issued a report on their investigation into the illegal and treasonous acts of the Liz Cheney January 6 Committee. This is a good thing because otherwise, the Liz Cheney Committee’s fake, Hollywood-produced “report” would remain in the public eye as “the truth” with nothing to counter it.

The House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight found too many illegal actions committed by the Liz Cheney Committee for us to even cover them here. However, here are the most significant findings from the report.

First, Nancy Pelosi refused to seat any of the chosen minority Republicans who were selected to serve on the committee. We already knew this, but the House Admin report goes into more detail. The committee never adopted any rules that it would adhere to, which effectively gave it unlimited power to shape the narrative that the Democrats wanted to depict regarding January 6th.

Instead, Pelosi appointed Liz Cheney to the committee as one of only two Republicans on it. An eight-person select committee should have four members of each party, or in some cases, five Democrats and three Republicans. The only Republicans Pelosi allowed on the committee were two Trump-hating lunatics who are no longer in Congress.


The Vice Chair of a committee is supposed to be from the same party as the Chair, but Pelosi appointed Liz Cheney to that position. Liz Cheney quickly coopted control of the committee from Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MI). Cheney then insisted that the committee shift its focus from finding out what happened on January 6th (how many FBI agents were in the crowd, what was the deal with the pipe bombs, etc.) to concentrating solely on creating grounds to brand President Trump as an insurrectionist and bar him from running for office again.

The Liz Cheney Committee deleted records, shredded paper documents, and erased video interviews of people who contradicted their false narratives. Republicans managed to recover more than 100 deleted or password-protected files. The committee hid transcribed interviews of people who had firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s perfectly legal actions on January 6th.

One of the most damning findings of the report is that the Liz Cheney Committee promoted the hallucinatory accusations of its “star witness” Cassidy Hutchinson, despite knowing that Hutchinson was lying. For those who don’t remember, Hutchinson was the one who publicly declared in the Liz Cheney hearings that she had heard from a friend of a friend of this one guy who had dated her cousin who knows a guy that talked to this other guy and that person told him that Donald Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent so he could take control of the presidential “Beast” SUV and do an insurrection at the Capitol.

The subcommittee found that the driver of the SUV—the Secret Service agent whom Trump supposedly choked—directly refuted Cassidy Hutchinson’s fabulist fairytale. The story was a complete lie. Of all the things that have never happened, that never happened the most. The Liz Cheney Committee hid the testimony of the non-choked Secret Service agent from the public.

But the story gets even worse than that.

The first time that Cassidy Hutchinson sat down for a transcribed interview with the committee, she never mentioned the story about Trump choking a Secret Service agent so he could then topple the government. It seems like that would be the first and most relevant thing she would have talked about if it were true, doesn’t it?

When Hutchinson came in for a second transcribed interview with the committee, she never mentioned it. During Hutchinson’s THIRD transcribed interview with the Liz Cheney Committee, she never mentioned the choking incident.

It was only when Hutchinson sat for a fourth transcribed interview that she suddenly remembered how jiu-jitsu master Donald Trump assaulted a Secret Service agent in his attempt to topple the US government. The Liz Cheney Committee loved that version of Cassidy Hutchinson’s story, so that was the one that they ran with during their Hollywood-produced hearings. They knew that Cassidy Hutchinson was full of doo-doo, and they still promoted her as their star witness against Donald Trump.

The GOP subcommittee also found a letter from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. The embattled Georgia prosecutor wrote to the committee asking for assistance in prosecuting Donald Trump. This is yet another ‘smoking gun’ piece of evidence that the political persecution of Donald Trump is being orchestrated by the Deep State and the Biden White House.

We still have a lot of unanswered questions about January 6th, but this latest report does help to paint a clearer picture. You can read the GOP report HERE.

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18 thoughts on “House GOP Releases Findings on the Lies of the Liz Cheney January 6 Committee”

  1. The entire matter against Trump is a hoax and false. The charges should be dropped immediately for he never did anything relating to January 6th except try to get help to stop the situation before it started!

  2. Liz Cheney is a POS! A R.I.N.O., she’s been removed in Wyoming, so why not elsewhere? Her opinion means NOTHING and should be treated as NOTHING! Go home, but don’t leave mad, just LEAVE!

  3. The whole January 6th Committee was to distort the facts of Nancy Piglosey’s involvement of her coup d’état to over throw a duly elected president by preventing the certification being investigated by the Vice President’s duly appointed as the head of the Senate! After Piglosey’s black ops involvement of having FBI, Capital Police, Black Lives Matter operatives and Antifa goons being escorted by Maryland State Police, they were the ones edging on the crowd by breaking Capitol Windows and removing barriers to allow the crowd to disrupt the Certification being questioned. If anyone needs to be tried for treason it’s Nancy Piglosey, due to the fact she was the one responsible for the Capitol Security!!!

    1. Amen to that! Those persecuting Trump right now want to hurry their efforts up so they happen before the November elections…let’s initiate the counter objective to fully expose the J6 committee and try those folks before the November elections.

  4. Liz Cheney has never been a true Republican or have had the values of most hard working and God fearing folks in Wyoming. Trump’s calling out her dad for being a huge supporter of the military complex turned her into a disloyal and vindictive RINO.

  5. President Donald J Trump is Innocent Pelosi and the Democrats are The Guilty of Crimes against the Constitution and the American people.

  6. So agree with the post,”Trump is innocent, & if something isn’t done quickly with the wide open border, we will see more innocent lives murdered, like the innocent 22 yr old recently
    & many illegals, drugs & human trafficking at the borders North & South!!!

  7. Politicians that constantly lie are NOT representative of who we are as a Nation. They are NOT the best of US. We can and must make better decisions come time to vote. Big Money should NEVER be allowed to buy our Politicians that nullifies our vote. Election Spending Limits might be a good start and return choices back to the People.

  8. The name ‘Cheney’ involvement in politics has never been good news to me. Starting with Liz’s father and mother and now her, it’s time to remove them from Government..period. She was dishonest with her big head being on the Jan 6 committee. Anyone that cozies up to Pelosi is of the same mental capacity ..ZERO. GOODBY CHENEY AND PELOSI. Both traders to our Government.

  9. Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi are two bitches from hell who needs to burn in the firely hell. Old Pelosi set the whole Jan 6 shit up to try and get Trump put in prison it would be true justice if Pelosi got put in pelosi. These democrats are dangerous to are country and should not be in any government offices. They should drop this nonsense on Trump and leave him along. Trump for president Biden for jail for treason to our country cause the president is suppose to protect the American citizens from an invasion but this president caused a massive invasion and therefore should stand trial for treason against America.

  10. OK, so they did it all wrong to get at DJT….what is going to happen to the participants of the J6 Committee? I am betting that they will all get a pass and nothing will happen to the. Dems rarely, rarely have consequences for their misdeeds.

  11. Democrats are controlling the woke, liberal media; and half this country is listening to the media lies instead of investigating the truth.
    President Trump’s greatest challenge is getting the truth to American people. Truth as in the disgraceful Jan. 6 commission headed by Cheney and Pelosi; truth as in election fraud in several states orchestrated by democrats.
    Now democrats are raving that the border crisis is all President Trump’s fault. How did they come up with that one!

  12. We all can go back to 2016. When Trump was elected president BY THE PEOPLE! The first words out of PELOSI MOUTH WAS DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS WILL NOT WORK WITH HIM! Anyone remember that? That was the stage she decided to do something about it. With the HELP FROM CHINA, AND DR. FAUCI, and CDC! Anyone remember the SWINE FLU? Think back to it. Obama was president ( illegal immigrants)! Personally believe that they created that as well. To see what would happen. Believe the reason for it, was they KNEW WE DID NOT WANT HILLARY CLINTON AS PRESIDENT! So whoever was to become president they would DESTROY HIM by created another COVID! And use the media to push FALSE NARRATIVE ABOUT THE COVID! Now remember I said PELOSI SAID EVERY DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR AND POLITICIANS WOULD NOT WORK WITH TRUMP! That tell you PELOSI WAS CONTROLLING THE WHOLE THING! Then ALL SMALL BUSINESS WERE SHOUT DOWN IN EVERY STATE. WHY? DUE TO MOST SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT TRUMP! While these big corporations were democrats supporters and donors! All this was a pattern to GET US TO BELIEVE THERE WAS A COVID! The first place they push it was NURSING HOME AND UPON ELDERLY CITIZENS. Due to fact most nursing homes are the LAST PLACE BEFORE SOMEONE DIED! We can then move onto the GEORGE FLOYD DEATH! OH, PLEASE! MEDIA DOESN’T TELL THE TRUTH! JUST CLAIM HE DIED WITH A KNEES ON HIS NECK! TO STIR UP THE BLACKS RACE! True be told that was a LIES! WHERE THE IN STORE CAMERA THAT SHOW FLOYD SWALLOW FENTANYAL INSIDE THE STORE??? You have read how fast that drugs will shutdown your lungs, choke your windpipe. All this was happening IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE PATROL CAR! NOT ON THE GROUND! There nothing a democrat politicians will do to try to start a RACE WAR WITH THE HELP FROM THE MEDIA! You got to some kind of fools if you believe anything they print! Have you ever asked who wrote it? Their name? Why the media doesn’t tell you about BLACKS ON BLACKS CRIME OR KILLED? WILL NOT EVEN TELL YOU BLACKS KILLING WHITE CRIME OR ATTACK AGAINST THEM! WHY? I TELL YOU WHY! BECAUSE THE MEDIA WANT A RACE WAR! THEY KNOW BLACKS PEOPLE BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY READ OR HEAR FROM A LYING DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS! Their mindset is all about what happened in 1800! But they don’t even know the truth about that time! Couldn’t even name any family members that live during that time! But let not forget LIBERALS DEMOCRAT STARTED CHANGE THE HISTORY BOOK THAT TOLD US ABOUT THE 1800. Twisted and lies about what real happening. Just to stir up some group of people who SLEPT IN THE HISTORY CLASS ROOM! Hey, we all know that we saw some students sleeping in the classroom. Now we also know ALL DEMOCRAT AND RINO PUT THEIR SUPPORT BEHIND THESE LIES! Created ANTIFA AND BLM ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL DURING MEMORIAL WEEKEND! Not one of these fools were arrested!! Why? All due to fact the DA AND JUDGES WERE DEMOCRAT APPOINTMENT OVER THE CASE! Anybody should know that you will NEVER GET A FAIR TRAIL IN DC! The biggest strong hold of LIBERALS AND FOREIGN PEOPLE! Now you know why, DC has NEVER ELECTED A REPUBLICANS FROM THE AREA! Corrupt government living there! So when will the TRUTH BE TOLD THAT INVOLVED PELOSI, BIDEN, OBAMA, SCHUMER, MCCONNELL??? All these people are CAREER POLITICIANS WHO CONTROL THEIR PARTY! BUT ARE ALL GUILTY OF TREASONOUS AND SEDITION.


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