How Is It Possible That Democrats Are This Stupid about a Supreme Court Ruling?

Have you ever seen anything quite as alarming as the collective stupidity of Democrats over Supreme Court rulings?

You might be tempted to dismiss this collective stupidity as a byproduct of social media. But this isn’t just rank-and-file, low-IQ Democrat voters tweeting. People who are supposed to actually be lawyers, like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), are saying things just as dumb as the morons on Twitter/X.

After Monday’s Supreme Court ruling that presidents have immunity from prosecution for official acts while in office, every single Democrat turned into a bloodthirsty and claimed that the ruling allows Joe Biden to murder President Donald Trump.

Is it really possible that all Democrats are this collectively stupid?

All it would take to understand the Supreme Court ruling on immunity accurately would be to read it. Reading comprehension is apparently not a life skill that is high on Democrats’ list of priorities. At no point did the Supreme Court suggest that a president can have his political opponents murdered.


The suggestion that presidents are authorized to kill their political opponents was a farfetched and stupid idea that Sonia Sotomayor suggested in her childish and poorly written dissent to the majority opinion. We all thought that maybe Ketanji Brown Jackson would usurp the crown from Sotomayor when she joined the Supreme Court, but surprisingly, that didn’t happen. Sonia Sotomayor is still officially the dumbest member of the Supreme Court.

Not a single Democrat on my social media feeds seems to understand the very basic concept of what a minority “dissent” is in a court decision. A dissent is simply an opinion that—sheesh, why am I even bothering to try to explain it to these morons? They obviously can’t read, so they’re not reading this.

Even though the Supreme Court didn’t say anything even vaguely close to this (again, it was Sotomayor’s ridiculous dissenting opinion), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed that the Supreme Court has authorized presidents to jail or kill their political opponents. He also claimed that the ruling means a president could take a bribe in exchange for an official act and be immune from prosecution.

Hey, Captain Stupid: Bribery is the only specific impeachable crime listed in the Constitution. How’s your old friend Ed Buck doing, by the way, Congressman Schiff? Is he still serving life in prison for murdering those gay black guys in his apartment while you were “allegedly” not there?

Democrats were so enraged by the Supreme Court ruling that they all began crying out in unison that Joe Biden should immediately have President Trump killed. There was even a news anchor on the BBC in the UK who suggested that Biden “had better hurry up” and kill Donald Trump. These people are sick and detached from reality.

This is what the Supreme Court ruling itself, versus what Democrats were claiming it meant, felt like on my Twitter feed all day Monday:

SCOTUS: Presidents are not authorized to throw their political rivals in prison to help their own campaign.

EVERY RETARD ON TWITTER: So, it’s okay to kill Trump in a drone strike?

SCOTUS: Our system doesn’t even allow you to charge your political rival with a crime over official acts, let alone jail him.

EVERY RETARD ON TWITTER: So, we can set Trump’s house on fire while he’s inside and burn him alive?

SCOTUS: The Constitution specifically protects the chief executive from prosecution after he leaves office.

EVERY RETARD ON TWITTER: So, we can kill anyone we want if we don’t like their political opinions?

SCOTUS: Prosecuting someone because you don’t like their political opinions would destroy the country, so that’s not allowed.

EVERY RETARD ON TWITTER: The Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden can send SEAL Team 6 to kill Donald Trump and the six conservative justices on the Supreme Court!

These people are sick, sick, sick. Their first and only thought runs to murdering their political opponents.

This is why Republicans in Congress had better pull their heads out soon. The Democrats mean it when they say they want to kill us all or put us in concentration camps starting next year.

Instead, we have spineless Republicans in Congress who can’t even manage to impeach Merrick Garland, let alone Joe Biden. This isn’t going to end well.

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19 thoughts on “How Is It Possible That Democrats Are This Stupid about a Supreme Court Ruling?”

  1. “TRUMP whines and lies”-Democrats
    Well, who’s doing this?-Democrats
    In reality, do they actually think that the Supreme Court is going to overturn the decision because they’re throwing a temper tantrum??? This is stupid beyond belief! Time to educate the people with knowledge instead of MSM.

  2. I have never in my life heard such unhinged rhetoric coming from the left. These are very dangerous times for our country and conservatives should be alarmed. It only takes one crazy person to hear this nonsense and decide to take action. Your vote in November really matters!

    1. As someone else posted: “Joe Biden does not need a cognitive test. His voters do.

  3. Not only should the elected Republicans get there cowardly heads out of the dark tunnel of their colleagues backsides but the common electorate as well. The 2020 election was laden with fraud, “No Standing”, the term used by cowardly courts to avoid hearing cases of election fraud amounts to judicial side stepping, it’s a way to prevent the cases from ever being heard by the courts. So when ignorant people say, there was no evidence of election fraud because the courts said there wasn’t any, that’s a lie and pure ignorance, the courts never heard the cases, the courts never saw the evidence because they didn’t want to. For those of you that can read, look up the legal term, “no standing,” and learn something. The Communist takeover of our Nation would Not be happening in the first place had, We the People, had the balls to stop the biggest attack on our Constitutional Democracy in history.
    Further, the Impeachment Clause in our Constitution is for charging an acting President with crimes or misdemeanors for alleged illegal actions taken during an active administration, not the courts, especially, after they are no longer the President. READ the Constitution, learn a little about our Founders, the House of Representatives determines and charges a sitting President with the alleged crimes, it’s called articles of Impeachment, they vote, should it pass, it goes to the Senate for the Trial and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the Judge, the Senate is the Jury. It’s not up to a political hack prosecutor and a biased judge and stacked jury to determine the guilt or innocence of the official actions taken by a Former President during his or her elected active term. Where’s the prosecutor, actively choosing to charge the great and wonderful Obama with murder, for murdering US citizens overseas by way of a drone strike without Due Process and the peddling of weapons across the American/Mexican border or George Bush for War Crimes, prisoners were tortured under his leadership and where was the weapons of mass destruction? It was the responsibility of the US Congress to oversee the actions of a sitting President. The Supreme Court got this one Right, the problem is, the dissenting Justices have their heads in the dark tunnel, they to need to stop rewriting the Constitution as they see fit. If the cowards get cornered long enough they’ll grow a pair and you Communist sympathizers keep mouthing off and kicking the bee’s nest, you just might get stung.

    1. Well put Craig. The SCOTUS has only articulated and made official what has been traditional protections for a sitting president. If it weren’t for the Democrats hunger for power and willingness to weaponize any authority to take their opposition out, that we are in this situation. Of course Democrats are going whine, argue, and cry over the ruling, this ruling makes it that much harder for them to justify their reprehensible actions.

    2. Well put. I agree! Republicans is going to have to work hard to stay together and get these votes out. Also they need to start pushing like the democrats did, but keep it legal. Hope Comer keeps at it.

      1. The problem with keeping it legal, is, while we are trying to find a legal way to get out of the mess we allowed, the left is burning the country down. Fer mah dumbocrasee. We really need to start playing by the same rules the left does, or we won’t have a country left to defend. This election coming up, for example. Gop, grannies old party, haven’t done a dam thing to stop the cheating. At the last second they bring out the save act. Even if it passed both house and senate, and prez poopy pants signed it, what good will it do for 2024? Until the cheaters start getting serious prison time, the left will keep doing what criminals do.

  4. Unlike our spineless politicians, us citizens know how to fight fire with fire! These people are so stupid that they don’t realize that if trump were assassinated, the shit will hit the fan and they will be running for their lives. Actions speak louder than words and boy will they get some action. They are pushing too far and pissing us off!!

  5. Thanks to the writer of this article for mentioning Ed Buck. No one seems to want to touch that topic as it pertains to Adam Schiff and his participation.

  6. There is nobody summer than a democrat. Biden has done more illegal acts as the so called president by defying the Supreme Court concerning student loans. He has weaponized the DOJ to do his illegal bidding. The dems are always saying no one is above the law, look at Hillary getting away with destroying government property the illegal server e mails, Mayorkis with his failure to uphold our immigration laws, Garland for obstruction of justice for contempt of congress. Obidens corruption of pay to play. Pelosi for the Jan.6th sham riots for her sham one sided Jan. 6th shit show of trying to jail all conservatives who 99% were peaceful. The dems just can’t stand the fact that every crooked thing they tried to get Trump on backfired. The Supreme Court upheld the laws of the constitution which the democrats can’t stand because it keeps them from destroying our country and putting another dictator like biden thinks he is.

  7. What amazes me is hoe the Democrat voters (legal and Illegal)can stomach to vote for Democrats today,especially since 2008 election.What is going on today is what was sold to the brainless Democrat voters on a Roman stage in Denver by Barack Hussein Obama and called”Fundamentally change America” to an ecstatic crowd.Trump destroyed it by winning and also opening the jar of worms called Democrat crimes etc.Biden had to steal 2020 to stop Trump from exposing all their crimes and Obama put his destruction agenda on steroids and used the old criminal as his mouth piece.

  8. The Democrats have lied for 3 1/2 years about Biden being fit for the job. After the debate they knew the jig was up. Their lies will no longer work. So they are attacking Biden and Trump now. Everyone knows Obama has been calling the shots. When did Joe get a gay agenda? That was all Barry. What kind of suppisedly “straight” guy princess around the world pushing his gay agenda? The entire effort to make trannies appear to be normal is to pave the way for Big Mike. Getting Michael in the White House gets Barry at least another 4 years to destroy this country. After that he will return as a hero to his Muslim brothers in the Middle East.

    1. These sick traitors knew exactly what would happen putting the pedo prez before America. This is why they did it. Joe won’t leave voluntarily, so here ya go. Now Big Mike pretending he will not run, so his adoring crowd begs, msm begs, first woMAN prez, also blakk. What could possibly go wrong. Then his husband gets his her 4th term. To finish the job. I’ve been saying this was going to happen for 3 years. People laughed. Not laughing anymore though. If grandma’s old party doesn’t grow a pair, quickly, and find a way to keep the garbage people from being registered to vote, the nation will fall. Our party has failed us. All they care about is getting that free green stuff flowing into their bank accounts. The only ones with balls, shouldn’t even have balls. The women in gop are tough. The girly men are, well, you know what they are.

  9. The Republican party turned their backs on their voters when they didn’t fight for us when we were screaming election fraud, rigging, corruption, They didn’t fight for those election fraud protesters that have been imprisoned in DC with no due process and sham trials by Democrat judges and Democrat court appointed attorneys, and Democrat Trump hating jury’s. When our courts are corrupted we have no laws anymore when fair and equal justice is not applied, If these people in our government can sit in Congress and Senate and call for Trump to be killed , or attacked with no punishment for their violent hate speech but they arrest people praying outside a baby killing house and imprisoning them for praying., or arrest and kill anyone who makes a statement against a Democrat or the brain dead puppet Biden they installed, BLM and Antifa have burned, looted, attacked, and killed with no punishment along with the terrorists supporters for Gaza and Hamas in o punishment. If these people Democrat or Republican are not America first, and for equal justice, and for fair and corruption free elections, and for protecting our borders and they better have a proven record of doing so not just lip service that they give to get reelected no one better vote for them. Because what we had installed into office in 2020 is destroying our God loving, equal justice, constitutional rights, freedom to think for ourselves, educational systems, and they are turning the American people against one another and they are promoting racism, destroying our military. These Democrats and Republicans that hate America need to be taken out of our government , and those that have committed treason need to be kicked out of the country as the Benedict Arnold’s that they are!

  10. For 3+ years I have predicted that diaperjoe will stay in the race, shit can camelbitch, then have hussein run as vp, 2-3 months after the second stealing diaperjoe will step down and then hussein will become the illegal idiot. diaperjoe, camelbitch, piglosi, hussein, hellery, blowjobbilly. Put them all in GITMO for treason, terrorism, murder of America. PEOPLE WAKE UP UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY WHERE WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE NO MORE FREEDOMS. VOTE PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP 2024

  11. Yes, Democrats are really that STUPID!

    Just look at what they are running!

    Biden is like a 3 year old child!

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