I Am So Jealous of Hunter Biden’s White Privilege

Is there anyone on this green earth with more white privilege than my favorite international man of mystery, Hunter Biden? Through some accident of birth, I’m stuck out here in the suburbs trying to make ends meet for my family. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden gets to be a world-class goof who does literally nothing right – and he never gets in trouble for anything! This is NOT FAIR.

At least I can live vicariously through Hunter Biden every time that he makes the news. Speaking of which! Here he comes again! And wouldn’t you know it, Hunter Biden has so much white privilege that he’s literally the only white person on planet earth who has a lifetime pass to use the N-word without consequences!

As we all know, using the N-word is a crime that is more serious than practicing police restraining holds on George Floyd. (Oh… sorry. Too soon?) We’ve seen everyone from college professors reading Huckleberry Finn out loud to newscasters be canceled for using the N-word in the most innocent possible ways. Out of all the white privilege stuff that “my people” do, using the N-word is the absolute worst. That’s what we’ve been taught since the 1990s, so it must be true.

But according to the Daily Mail in London, which publishes more American news than our own news media can be bothered to, Hunter Biden uses the N-word all the time. The Daily Mail found some more text messages on the Laptop from Hell and sure enough, Hunter Biden texts the N-word to his $840-an-hour lawyer all the time. He just drops the N-word in casual conversation.


You’ve probably already seen numerous right-leaning outlets remarking on this story, but it’s far more hilarious than you’ve been led to believe. Seriously, go read the full chain of Not Safe For Work text messages in context if you can find them. Hunter Biden is not just saying the N-word to his lawyer. He’s saying the N-word to his lawyer while having a conversation about his pee-pee. (And yes, I just referred to it as Hunter Biden’s pee-pee. Saw the movie. Wasn’t impressed.)

The result of this has been an even bigger media blackout than we experienced when the Laptop from Hell was discovered during the 2020 presidential campaign. It’s crickets all the way down. All the news media outlets that hold up a BLM fist during their newscasts are amazingly disinterested in the fact that Hunter Biden uses the N-word like he’s some wannabe rapper. No cancellation for my man Hunter!

Seriously, what do I have to do to get this much white privilege in my own life? Hunter Biden gets to use the N-word and it makes the international newspapers and nothing happens to him. But if I make ONE wisecrack about James Comey’s questionable sexuality, I end up on double-secret probation with my editor here at American Liberty Report. This is SO NOT FAIR!

How much white privilege does Hunter Biden have? Check this out:

Hunter Biden has so much white privilege that a president in the opposition party appointed him to sit on the board of Amtrak in 2006. Yeah. George W. Bush appointed Hunter Biden to the Amtrak board. During his Senate confirmation hearing, a slightly confused Hunter Biden said he felt qualified to run Amtrak because he had ridden on passenger trains in the past.

The Senate confirmed him unanimously!

I also love the way the media describes Hunter Biden getting kicked out of the Navy as if it happened decades ago. But it was 2013! Normal white people have to go through a pretty rigorous process if they want to be commissioned as an officer in the US Navy. You have to spend four years at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis; or, you can go through the rigorous Officer Candidate School in the Marine Corps (way tougher than Marine Corps boot camp). But not if you’re Hunter Biden!

In 2013, Vice President Joe Biden simply commissioned his ne’er-do-well son as an officer in the US Navy in a special ceremony at the White House. Hunter Biden was 43 years old at the time. Not to worry, though, because Hunter failed a urine test just 30 days later and got the boot. If a doofus like Hunter Biden gets to run Amtrak and gets a commission as a Naval officer in his 40s, don’t I at least deserve to be running Delta Force or something?! C’mon, man!

At least we know that Hunter Biden won’t be facing any social consequences at all after this little N-word controversy. Which means he’ll be back again very soon, and I’ll be able to live vicariously through him some more.

P.S. I can’t believe I just wrote an entire article about my man Hunter Biden without mentioning the giant owl that led him through the Mojave Desert on the night of the 2016 election, Hunter’s stay at the desert enema clinic for the rich and famous in Arizona, Ms. Puma St. Angel blowing tunes on a weird goat-horn thing as Hunter did transformational hippie campfire dancing, or how he left his crack pipe and his iPhone in his rental car at the end of that whole deal. I must be slipping.

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50 thoughts on “I Am So Jealous of Hunter Biden’s White Privilege”

    1. Yes, once he meets the man down stairs. Hunter and rest will be campaigning vigorously for the position of lead looser to get a better table next to the Man. You’ll heard Joe C’mon Man look at how I handled the USA!!!

    2. Aman to that. Just being the poster boy of Peking Biden is a joke..an international joke. Remember President Carter’s beer drinking brother?
      At least he was not a tool of a foreign power. Or most democracts that easy to manipulate these days? If so, one can say “Lack of moral fiber”, bring back the Ten Commanments and restore belief in God.

    3. Joey Biden would be better off if he had Hunter rubbed out. It would be bad to have your own pos son erased but in the long run, it would be best for dementia joe.

    4. That’s a silly thing to be jealous over you’re jealous over being a crook or that you can’t be a crook I guess. Hunter will see his day and so will Biden. The good Lord it’s not going to let them get away with what they have pulled. It is a crime family I believe, and if you’re jealous of him you should be jealous of Nancy because she grew up in a crime house. Nothing to be jealous over this stupid question

      1. When John F. Kennedy had his brother,Robert, appointed to head the Attorney General’s office and got the slow moving FBI director J. Edger Hoover to get off his dead ass and go after Organized Crime or get replaced by some one who will. It appears that the orgaiized crime family is in deed the FBI. Why is this organization not going after Antifa and B:LM? Why is it at the peck and call of Pelosi and other Ant-American factions?

    5. I hope Hunter Biden and the whole Biden family plus the liberal Democratic Party burns in hell. How they are destroying this country and getting away with all the corruption they have done now and in the past, justice needs to be served big time!

      1. They all need to be executed and I am happy to flip the switch for all of them. It is breaking my heart as to the way marshmallow head Biden and his family and all the sicko demorats are destroying this wonderful country. Every day it is something that should be illegal but they continue to head towards making the US a communist type country. I truly believe that if it continues on the Biden track at destroying this country, we will never ever get it back. I fear for our kids and grandkids. Most of the people on Biden’s team are insane and all losers which is why they joined him to run this country. He has done nothing about the China virus where millions of people died. China is Biden’s best friend and he is terrified of him and will not upset the apple cart. I just listened to Biden trying to make a speech and he fumbled all over it as usual. Why can we not impeach Biden now before it gets worse. And yes I know, VP Harris is not any better. We need Trump back or we are all doomed.

  1. The Dotard’s crack-snorting offspring is like the aristocrat who runs over the child without noticing at the start of “A Tale of Two Cities”. Madame Defarge is knitting and she notices and remembers. The globalist elite, the pigmentocracy, the degenerate glitterati and the illegitimate Chicom puppet regime propped up by bayonets should know that millions of Madame Defarges are watching and knitting. Down with the dictatorship! Biden pere et fils delenda est!

  2. This bigger needs to be hailed but no he wont be because all the crooks in and around congress need his nigger ass for a pawn

  3. If any of you want justice for the actions of this devil worshipping excuse for a human being I think it is about time to learn the nations real history. In 1871 America became a corporation in order to borrow money from the Rothschild banking cabal, the Democrats became the most favored party as the Rothschild’s who founded and funded the effort to embrace Satanism with the establishment of three groups or cults the free Masons (1717) ILLUMINATE (1776) and the Fabian Society (1868) took control. Even the British Royal family embraced Satanism over the past 300 years. They have received 20% of the taxes collected from we the people over the past 150 years. When Democrats were able to steal another election the money collected from we the people applied in such a way that it inflicted greater pain and suffering. when we look back at the Woodrow Wilson Presidency there were two major laws put in place that were both illegal the establishment of the Federal Reserve a private company owned by Rothschild’s one of 85 national banks the Rothschild’s control. In 1948 the C.I.A. and British intel M16 working with 10 Chinese families pulled off the first of 33 color revolutions taking over the Chinese government, installing Mao as their first puppet dictator. The C.C.P. answers directly to the Rothschild’s and British Royalty as the test government for the Satanic New World Order. America’s enemy is not China it is the C.C.P. and their controllers the Rothschild’s who have held the 1.4 billion Chinese people captive murdering 200 million over the past 72 years and forced 400 million abortions. This is what was planned for the United States of America when Democrat demons become the dictators.


  4. This royal Fuck is nothing but a perverted crack smoking leech who has learned his erroneous ways from his upstanding father. For the love of God…..this family is going to go down in history as the most corrupt, scum sucking entity that’s ever graced the confines of the White House.

    I can’t ask “ how did this happen”?, we all know exactly how this egregious hot mess came about.

    As long as the Biden family rules this country, NOTHING will become of the antics of this extremely sad excuse of a human being. He uses the word nigger as though he were black……Daddy didn’t project his hatred for blacks onto his son?!!!!!! WHAT?! How could Joe have missed passing that reality to his loathsome offspring? It does beg the question.

    This shitshow in the White House really does have to be mopped up. This has turned into the biggest, most embarrassing travesty in this nations history. These aren’t people….they’re DEMONS. And these worms are leading us into 3rd world status.

    Wouldn’t it be something if our Republican leaders would grow some testicles and actually stand up for the 80 million people who didn’t want this communistic regime in power.

    1. in total agreement….yes you are absolutely correct…..

    2. Never happen Z — the gop is part of the problem and not any of the solution. They are just as bad as the demoSCUM but are just cloaking it better at the present time. If turning their backs on President Trump in 2020 wasn’t enough proof, I don’t know what will be. They are just as corrupt as the demoSCUM but try to come across as altar boys. Unless Trump is on the ballot in 2024- I will be voting for my Doberman.

      1. Gerry, you are 100% right. If anyone still thinks Republicans are the answer, think back to January 2021, when the slimey snake VP Mike Pence who had the power, and the DUTY, to put a stop to this whole coup de-tat, but instead he sided with the DemoScums and aided in the assassination of the BEST President, Donald J. Trump, that we’ve seen since Reagan. I don’t see much hope for the country to recover the momentum of the Pres. Trump administration. Mr. Trump’s worst problem is that he was surrounded by traitors who worked day and night to destroy him. This war is not political, as Pastor Phil said…..it is purely spiritual — the set-up of Armageddon, the great final battle between Father God and that old serpent, satan. Christ is our ONLY hope, not the gop, not even our beloved President Trump. The Blessed Hope, the return of Jesus Christ, when He will set up His kingdom on earth, where truth, love and justice will prevail, satan will be cast into his eternal home-Hell- and sin and death will be destroyed forever. That should make a Bap–st jump up and shout!!!

    3. I agree with your every word. Especially where you say Republicans need to grow some balls, but every man does. What is everyone afraid of? Instead of kissing the asses of the likes of Cancel Culture, we need to kick their asses and tell them to fuck off every time they want to take something away because “They don’t like it” Every time we give in to the demands of these fools we make them strong. They feel powerful. That needs to stop NOW!!!

  5. When is he going to be prosecuted. During this administration you know he won’t be. That’s so sad. We need a different President in to get to the bottom of this.

  6. Hunter Biden is the gift that just keeps on giving. You gotta love this guy! If there is a mascot for the Democrat party it’s Hunter Biden. Pray that God continues to protect him from himself.

  7. Of course the Dhimmicrats are okay with racial epithets and racist terms in general. Remember, LBJ called blacks “niggers” when he crowed about getting his Great Society scam enacted. “This means the nigger vote for the next 200 years”, said he.

    Joe himself has used the term often so have other Democrat principals. Remember black face too?

    But if “nigger” is racist considering that’s a derivative of Negro, then what is the constant, everyday, ongoing barrage of references to “whites” in countless regards? Democrats somehow believe that ALL whites, “whitey”, are racists and privileged. Even the WHITE DEMOCRATS who use the comparison every day.

    If using “nigger” in referring to Negros is racism, then so is using “whitey” in referring to Caucasians.

    But ignorant hate-filled Democrats consistently refuse to see their own racist double standard. Including Joe and Hunter. And the ENTIRE white leadership of the RACIST, SLAVE OWNING DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  8. When I see what’s become of my Country, I shudder to think that maybe, I wasted 23 years serving it in the military.

    1. We all did Larry. I could pretty much see the writing on the wall when I came back to this country in 1969 but then I had some false hope when we elected Trump but I should have known better.

    2. We all sometime feel that way ( 68 – 88 ) but we did the right thing. Imagine where our country would be if people like you didn’t serve. Thank you for your service.


    3. No, you didn’t waste your 23 years. The current Democrat/Communist leadership wasted YOU. This country owes a massive Thank You to all who served!

      THANK YOU.

    4. Sorry to say but you did. This is a third world country now. Biden is doing this to get China’s drugs into the USA. That’s what it is all about. Hunter should have his head blown off. As should joe and cameltoes lier halfbreed whore Harris. The USA is finished. All queers , pedophiles and drug addicts forcing their way of life on everybody else. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We have been sold to the chinese.

  9. Tells us a lot about obama’s military !!!! How does a corrupt pedophile commission his own worthless drup-addicted son to become an officer — really — I thought you had to earn it — I better stop there before I make enemies of all officers in our military.

  10. He learned this from his father. The old man never did any thing to help minorities other than shooting off his mouth.

    1. Joe Biden is the epitome of a “white supremacist”. Isn’t it ironic how he now spews vile and lying discontent about the very thing this piece of shit of a man is. Supposing he does it to validate himself that he’s an asset to the Black community. Does he, in his demented cerebral state of existence think for one second that the people in this country are really that dumb?! He can’t open his drooling pie hole without making condescending remarks about the Blacks. This man HATES blacks and calls US white supremacists. This is one terrible mistake that needs to be righted. I’ve got a helluva lot of friends who are black, and I find it insidious that this fuckwad keeps the insane narrative that whites are to blame for all the problems in this country. It’s the goddamned Democrats who are responsible for the whole charade!

      HE’S THE WHITE SUPREMACIST…. hell, he should be giving these topsy-turvy speeches in a white hood for Gods sake!!
      All this reprobate does since he took his oath to be CIC is perpetuate racism and decisiveness in our land. GOOD GOD WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!!!

      And in regards to his drug tainted, bag man of a son, is this prodigy REALLY the smartest man he knows?!!!! Speaks volumes on the intelligence of his “cabinet” doesn’t it. Doesn’t leave ANY room for optimism.
      And the Democratic Party stole this election to appoint him our president. Jesus… this is sickening.
      I apologize vehemently for the language I’ve used here, but the anger that’s in me now because of this petulant Fuck of a man is sometimes a bit overwhelming. Have to agree with the pastor…… these people dictating what happens in America as of late are DEMONS. And their alcalde is the possessed Speaker of the house. She’s Satan incarnate. And Barack and his bitch Mikey on that list too! These “people” have completely “lost their way”. I can’t even justify calling these lackeys human. Got to stop now…. too much on the blood pressure.

      1. Dear Sad…this is the “Do as I say, not as I do” administration….. Our beloved country is going down….(God forbid)

  11. The new name for the Democrats is the ‘DEMOCRAPS! Time and again they have DEMONstrated that that are totally full of ‘it’, by proposing unrealistic and dehumanizing laws that We The American People reject. They work for us NOT RULE US! They do not represent the American People, they represent special ‘pork barrel’ interests.
    Also their party symbol is very appropriate: A JACKASS!
    It was the largely Republican North that freed the slaves in the Democratic South! What the democrats are now proposing is just another form of slavery!
    We need to watch the next congressional elections VERY VERY CLOSELY and have LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONBEL present for the vote counting! We cannot have representatives of either party barred from witnessing the vote counting! No covered tables to hide boxes of illegal ballots either!!! We cannot have the cheating and outright theft of an election as we did in 2020! IF ANY ELECTED WINS HIS/HER OFFICE THROUGH VOTER FRAUD, HE/SHE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THAT OFFICE!! THEY ARE ILLEGALLY IN THAT OFFICE!! Whoever, is the current office holder should remain in that office for a maximum of another 6 months, and signing no laws, while another highly monitored election is held.
    I suggest that every ‘machine vote’ be backed up by a signed, dated, with social security # provided by signer, paper ballot vote. If we cannnot stop this highly illegal process of election fraud in this country, the United States of America will be no more. PRIVATE VOTER MACHINE COMPANIES SHOULD NOT DETERMINE OUR ELECTIONS WITH THEIR EASILY COMPROMISED MACHINES!!!
    When those paper ballots are completed, the voter places hus/her ballot into a securely locked steel cabinet requiring two separate keys to open. The keys should be held by chief party representatives of both parties who, together, would to open it in front of the 4 representatives from each party. The ballots would be counted by a committee of the 4 members from each party, in full view of each other, and law enforcement, thoroughly and legally representing BOTH PARTIES. These hand counted ballots will HAVE to agree and tally with the voting machine totals and the voter signatures on the voter log for that day. If not, I say, throw the machine tabulations out! It has been proven that the software in voting machines can be manipulated to change the outcome if an election. If I fill out and SIGN a ballot, no one can change it! The ballots being handed out should also be SEQUENTIALLY NUMBERED to account for ALL of the ballots when the voting is over. Once the election is over these ballots should be stored in the safest storage area possible of the Library of Congress, until the end of the winning candidates term of office. These suggestions obviously apply to elections for the office of the President of the United States, and both Houses of Congress.
    True Americans care about our freedoms and protecting them WITHOUT violence.
    There a lot of retirees out there that believe in doing their CIVIC DUTY, so we need to poll them for possible polling service. The Social Security Administration has the best complete record of ‘legal Americia citizen retirees’ in this country.
    YES, I KNOW THAT THIS IS A LOT OF EXTRA WORK, BUT A DUAL VOTE COUNTING SYSTEM IN PLACE WE CAN BE ASSURED OF A FREE, AND HONEST ELECTION. AND, IT IS WORTH IT! Living with the thought that our votes can be canceled through highly illegal voting tactics is tearing our country apart!
    Kathleen C. Plaisance

  12. DemoCraps know, What We all know, they won by CHEATING and by FRUAD… They yell the loudest about their Honest Transparent Election… Load of CRAP… We Know They are Crapping in their pants, and with Gods Help This Will be an HONEST AUDIT… IT Will Prove, what LYING DIRTBAGS, They Really Are.. These Audits should be Telavise so the AMERICAN PEOPLE can SEE the REAL NUMBERS, PRESIDENT TRUMP REALLY RECEIVED… NO WAY… DID BRIBEM WIN THIS ELECTION… They BRIBE Their Way Thru IT..

  13. Enough of this guy and his father. He learned this from his father who did nothing for minorities for fifty years. So what do expect from the son. Lets all grow up and really understand what our President really stands for.

  14. I bet no one media low life will ever ask biden any questions regarding his worthless (take that back, he made millions for himself and the “big guy”) son or how he received his officer status, etc. etc.
    All this media looks at is how gracefully biden eats ice cream

  15. This article makes one HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!

    What the liberal socialist communist demoncRATs keep referring to IS NOT “white privilege” but is actually DemoncRAT privilege!!!!!! If you are not a card carrying demoncRAT and you are white DO NOT TRY BEHAVING LIKE HUNTER!!!!! If you do you will end up in jail! Quickly, and for a long time. Only Dems get away with this!

  16. Hunter Biden is a walking, talking human anomaly, and not necessarily what one would call one of the “better” varieties, either! I hope that the Marxist MSM remain as silent about his inevitable downfall as they have about all the fraud which occurred during the 2020 elections!

  17. As all evidence of liberal impropriety has been censored in America…including Hunter Biden’s rantings and record as a human being…maybe it’s time to fall back on a tried-and-true from yesterday. Maybe it’s time to fly over…for example…Harlem and drop leaflets. At least somebody on the left side of the fence will have a chance to get the message.

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