It Begins: Corrupt Regime Begins Jailing Its Pro-Trump Political Opponents

One of the things I noted last year about America’s slide into banana republic status was that we could really be sure that things were going to the hot place in a handbasket when the political parties in DC start whimsically arresting each other. Well, it’s started. We had really hoped that Donald Trump would be the one to get the locking-up-our-political-opponents party started, but unfortunately, the Department of Justice and the FBI are playing for the wrong team. They’ve swiftly sprung into action now that their team is in charge. Even the lowliest and most insignificant of Trump supporters are now being black-bagged and are quite possibly in Guantanamo already.

First example: Brandon Straka.

Brandon is the gay Democrat who founded the WalkAway movement on Facebook. He gathered somewhere close to 2 million followers who agreed to “Walk Away” from the Democrat Party and support Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

(Gee, how do you suppose the Democrat Party not only made up that 2-million-vote Straka-induced deficit, but also picked up an additional never-before-heard-from 10 to 12 million votes to beat Donald Trump? Sounds totally legit.)

Straka has been charged with basically walking into the US Capitol on January 6th with the other protesters. He didn’t punch any cops, break any windows or steal Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. All he did was walk into the Capitol with everyone else while yelling patriotic slogans.

No matter. The US Attorney in DC says he’s going to charge every single one of the Capitol protesters that can be identified with “sedition” – which carries a 20-year sentence. For the crime of standing up to the ruling elites and embarrassing them, Brandon Straka might never see the sunlight outside of prison walls, ever again.


Next example: Ricky Vaughan.

Ricky Vaughan, of course, was the character played by Charlie Sheen in the “Major League” movies. Ricky Vaughan was also the internet pseudonym of 31-year-old Douglass Mackey. The FBI sprang into action at the moment of Joe Biden’s inauguration to lock Mackey up. His crime? Posting hilarious memes on the internet back during the 2016 election.

The charging document states that Mackey/Vaughan “used Twitter’s tweeting function to disseminate memes” to people online.


The entire case against Mackey reads like something written by a baby boomer who has no idea how normal people interact with each other on the internet. The government claims that Mackey tricked as many as 5 million incredibly stupid Democrats into not voting for Hillary Clinton on election day in 2016.

Did you catch that? The FBI’s evidence that Mackey “committed a crime” is that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Mackey Photoshopped images of Taylor Swift in a MAGA hat and posted them on Twitter, so he’s in federal custody right now. Ironically (or perhaps not), Mackey is being charged under the same federal law that James Comey, Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok and the rest of the Russian collusion gang were guilty of: Conspiring to deprive Americans of their constitutionally protected right to vote.

The case against Mackey looks incredibly flimsy, to put it generously. But that’s not the point. If he has to fork over several hundred thousand dollars in attorney’s fees to keep himself out of prison for exercising his First Amendment right to make fun of the elites on Twitter, that’s a win for the Deep State. They’re making an example out of him, so that YOU will be afraid to mock the elites online.

Next example: Enrique Tarrio.

This is a weird one. Enrique Tarrio is the black-Hispanic leader of the Proud Boys. He’s been arrested for fomenting the January 6 Capitol Kerfuffle with the Proud Boys, the same group that goes out and gets in fist fights with Antifa in American cities.

But in the charging documents against Tarrio, the FBI forgot to redact the portions of the documents that state that Tarrio works for the FBI.


So, for the past year when Members of Congress, the head of the FBI and Joe Biden have all been telling us that Antifa is a “myth” or an “idea.” Meanwhile, the Proud Boys are evidence of some big white supremacy domestic terrorist group… the supposedly pro-Trump Proud Boys’ leader has been working for the FBI for years?

In other words, the charges against Tarrio are going to be dropped one of these days. He’s probably not a Trump supporter at all. He was just doing his job to make Trump supporters look like a big domestic terrorist group, which the Democrats will use to justify throwing more Trump supporters in federal prison.

Are we okay with this, America?

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222 thoughts on “It Begins: Corrupt Regime Begins Jailing Its Pro-Trump Political Opponents”

  1. Innocent citizens being arrested!

    Sounds like China or Russia. Hmm, are they the countries that Corrupt Biden’s son is said to extort millions of dollars from and Corrupt Buden is said to have received a large cut?

    Hmm, as they say, “ there’s a skunk in the woodpile somewhere”,I.e something stinks!

        1. Wonder why Wray was left in off…gee. I have no idea why Trump kept him or Barr. No investigation takes 2 years when all the documents are in their system.

          1. Wray should have been fired a long time ago. I heard that he kept the news about Hunter Biden’s interest with the Chinese and he made millions. Now dad is in it with him. This was a sham election from start to finish. Some of the states changed the election laws, which were illegal, to make the votes go to Biden.
            The Republicans had better stand up and do get something done to correct come of the outlandish
            executive orders crazy Joe signed.

        1. There’s a video of the police opening the gate to the supporters and began slowly backing back into the capital while motioning with their hands to come forward. I, too would’ve seen that as an ok to go in. I’ve seen this video twice, but of course, it’s not shown anymore.

          1. Per Pelosi’s orders I’m sure. There’s a video of a man yelling to do something and the DC police were ignoring him and actually turning away like he wasn’t saying anything. Smells to me. They also were directing them to the chamber and Pelosi’s office.

        1. See these are the comments of those whose part placed still president elect China Joe in office and although they most likely know, as COMMON SENSE dictates there is no way what DEM/RINO do to as NObama redo# 2 continues to screw over our Country & Our People… and these comments are how they respond! The closest China Joe truthfully got to president elect was when he used the porta potty outside his FAUX INAUGURATION! CHINA JOE WILL NEVER BE A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT he couldnt win it so they stole it!! Now they can’t discuss it like adults showing how sad and little they all truly are! SAD & would NEVER want to be in their category EVER… unwoke sheep…. baahaaa. baahaa is what their comments sound like to me!!

          1. The biggest Trouble is that we did our part and voted in President Trump for a 2nd term, and All the federal and many of the state govt’s let the dems take it away from We The People without so much as a murmur to stop them. The left cheated and were only successful because the rinos, the doj, fbi, cia, scotus, and all the rightwing chickens in the left run states and leftwing courts did NOTHING to stop them in their lies and deceits to overcome the American People. I am old and have voted in EVERY single election of my lifetime because it is my duty to this Republic to carry out that only right I (we) have being the VOTE, to keep or send in the ones WE choose to make up an honest government to be trusted to hold up US Constitutional laws, freedoms, and rights. Voting is the QNLY thing we can do to be certain that we continue to have a government BY the People and FOR the People. Now they have TAKEN THAT from us. Does it frighten you that the ones we voted in have now in 2020 taken away each and every one of OUR Votes and cast them into the mud of the DC deep swamp? AND that there is NOT ONE thing we have been able to do about it? The United States does NOT have a duly elected President in the White House right now and there is NO ONE to stand up for WE THE PEOPLE to correct this intolerable wrong! Well it scares me to death, and has made my vote useless, not only in 2020, but all future elections as well. Do you really think the liars’ and cheaters are going to change next time? And we don’t even have President Trump in there to GO TO BAT for US. I know that GOD is in charge and “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom.8:31). But if we do not stand up for ourselves and for HIS righteousness against the evils that rule this world, and if we do not fight against it with all our being, then who are we? Are we the American People that the LORD already knows? We must stand together and decide. My prayer is what it has been all my life, “GOD Bless America! and Please LORD give us strength”.

          2. God will have the last say. Read about his millions of angels that have fought battles and always won and many people are dispatching angels over the evil that is taking place in our nation now.

          3. The entire China/Biden marriage is becoming more dangerous by the minutes. We MUST TAKE A STAND BUT I WISH I KNEW HOW TO START. I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS.
            If we do NOTHING, we will lose our freedoms, our democracy, our freedom of speech, our homes, our bank accounts.

            I have in mind Germany’s concentration camps and how they rounded up, loaded the Jews and others in trains like cattle, KILLED THEM IN GAS CHAMBERS AND BY EVERY OTHER EXPEDITIOUS MEANS.

            CHINA AND BIDEN are no less cruel nor less ambitious in their quest to conquer the world.

            If we ignore the de facto communist invasion led by Biden, the traitor, we are doomed as a free people.

            The writing is on the wall: On Biden’s China Wall.

        2. It is, “You are an idiot.” Or “ You’re an idiot.” Perhaps you should consider who is the actual idiot based upon your knowledge of grammar.

          1. Why are you name calling ? How is that doing any good ? Your as bad as the left !! We must stand together as one ☝️ That’s the problem here all the name calling and tearing each other down instead of building each other up
            You are part of the problem
            God bless America
            We the people I believe that the lord will protect us and the swamp will be drained of these parasites

          2. So grammar, good or bad does not matter if you can get the meaning..Some don’t want to exposed as part of the hammer and sickle crowd…

        3. You really don’t get it. It’s hard to answer a question
          about who started it but I’d put the Democrats first in line. Trump was marching in peace.
          Another lie from our wonderful sleepy Joe.
          Tell me. What u think of him after his first year?
          He won’t make the year.

          1. His not making it a year is the plan. We are about to have first female president. She is not black but she is a Marxist. Those who are old enough to remember Hitler’s tactics to take over Germany will certainly recognize the imminent takeover of our beloved country.

      1. I disagree with you all tho protected by the government these place are owned by the people of the United States of AMERICA we pay for it we own it don’t mess with our bill of rights, the constitution or our way of life

      2. And here I thought the White House was the peoples house therefor going into the White House is not trespass, and no prosecution should occur.

        1. While I find what happened on Jan 6th wrong, I find putting congress on a pedestal, and denigrating American citizens is not fair, but I can see this was just to get a duly elected President in 2016 out of the way.
          Everything in DC is paid for by THE PEOPLES TAXES, but the ones utilizing DC are governed by different rules than us TAXPAYERS. They are exempt from any prosecution or humiliation……..they’re “elite” and can do anything without penalty.
          Remember Benghazi, 33,000 “lost” emails, 10% for the “big guy”?
          And then there’s these “elites”……
          – Maxine Waters says to get in Republicans’ faces out in public.
          – Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assassinating the president.
          – Snoop Dog makes a video of a fake assassination of the president.
          – Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the president.
          – Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating the President.
          – Madonna says she wants to blow up the White House.
          – Black Lives Matter chants they want dead cops and fry’em like bacon.
          – Antifa routinely assaults conservatives.
          – AOC calls our border agents Nazi’s and refuses to condemn violence against them.
          – The so-called “Squad” supports terrorists of Palestine and Hamas and routinely spews anti-Semitic rhetoric.
          – Congress refuses to call out Ilhan Omar for making anti semitic remarks.
          – Rashida Tlaib calls the president a motherf**ker.
          – How about the Conservatives harassed in restaurants, at their homes?
          And it’s ok huh?
          Were any of them penalized or brought to court for their threats? It was just swept under the rug and forgotten.
          I rest my case.

          1. Well said..
            So true and to the point…..and nothing will ever happen . And now we have a pedophile pen happy demented deranged scumbag old man not in the office for 2 weeks already destroying the country. The man is sick and dillusional. Did he have a medical test before being installed…they made Trump get one. This country is going to the shit tank …quickly.

          2. I agree, but sadly there are two classes nowadays of people those that can do whatever they want and the rest of us that will be prosecuted for whatever they “want” to prosecute us for.

          3. You said it all very well. Until people see the facts, pay attention to what has and is happening, they will go like sheep to the slaughter. Do not wait until your freedoms are lost, the American Dream is dead, and you will work hard but live poorly to see how much this plan looks and sounds like facism or Marxism. I cannot believe how many eyes and minds are closed. True kiberals gear all, talk tbrough things, are open minded…not banning words, people, ideas and threatening those who think differently. Unbelievable.

          4. That’s exactly right. There must be some way to get rid of them. Bejing Joe has done a ton of harm to us already. I can’t even fathom him a few months down the road–we may be speaking Chinese by then.

          5. The BLM Sullivan who was caught in the capital was let go and not charged. If that’s not telling you that this was a set-up I don’t know what is.

          6. Excellent reminder of the gradual destruction of the Republic st the hands of comrade Biden.

            I copied it and sent it to Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS.

          7. To Concerned American
            Very happily I “Second” your post! You couldn’t have said it any better!!!

        2. Amen! I was just about to post the same thing. The words of Abraham Lincoln to honor the soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” were spoken at Gettysburg”. Apparently this has gone by the waste side.

        1. Well I guess the only ones we can blame are the stupid people that voted for this new regime. And the new regime for conspiring to voter fraud for stealing the election.

          1. Not that many people voted for Mumbles. In fact, YOUR Trump vote could have magically been converted–in a flash of Venezuela!an Dominion voting machine lucidity–to a vote for the Usurper-In-Chief. Along with the Trump votes of millions of others…like mine.

            We are dealing here with a monster of a problem.

        2. The State of the Union document that Pantsy Nalosi stood in back of our President, and ripped up, also belonged to the people but she got by with it because no one in the DC area had the cajones to call her on it.
          She is the slime that makes up the swamp.


      4. Yes to a point! If a FBI or plainclothes Capital policeman opened the door and led the Antifa and BLM soldiers in, that’s a different story. Anyone saying that our 60 year old grandma and grandpa is out there tearing down fences is just plain ignorant. I’m an older person and don’t have the strength to do that stuff, and the MAGA crowd patriots are the same. You change the black gear and clubs for colorful clothing and they look the same. It’s their (Antifa/BLM) camouflage.
        I read a story on the Fascist history of Antifa, they’re tied to Democratic Socialists, and the Capital incident shows it.

        1. I’m old and I’m not to feeble to rumble with any government thugs or “professionally trained Marxist cowards, but it better happen before I am to weak to do anything. But unfortunately, I don’t think it will, we on the right are not organized and because of that, the left will just get us one at a time. We have lost our country and won’t ever be the same again. And that makes me sad and angry.

          1. Gil,

            As an American citizen who served his country in military service for 25yrs, let me personally apologize to you for the way this country has turned into a banana republic at the hands of our leftist politicians and weak and immoral republicans who only care to line their pockets at the cost of our freedom and now are bill of rights.

            I am 55 and just as I stood to give my life for my country and our freedoms, I will stand to defend her from the enemies within-i.e. Washington politicians turned leftist.

            * BUT as you said, we need to do it collectively. While conservatives generally think in terms of individual freedoms and Independence, we need to realize no change is ever going to happen if we don’t act collectively.

            We can easily take back this country if we act together. Have you noticed that leftists bravery only comes in numbers? When isolated they are cowards. Unlike conservatives who will stand their ground.

            Anyway, I don’t want to rant on, I’m sure you know all this anyway. I just wanted to extend my apology for what’s happening to this once great nation.

          2. I agree. Almost to late to rubble and will be once they get the guns and they are coming for them. Because of weak republicans and traitors from our generals to Supreme Court we were sold in to communism and I sure the politicians got very rich

        1. No they do not obey laws and are never held accountable. And we have weak wimpy corrupt republicans. Impeach Biden and ho

      5. It’s the peoples house…they have galleries and seating for the citizens to watch n make sure our representatives do what we sent them to do…we don’t have rulers! We have representatives! Why wasn’t it open to the public…news was there, lobbyists were there…hmmmm?

      6. Any protestor who entered the Supreme Court building during the Kavanaugh witch hunt is guilty of trespassing and should be prosecuted.

      7. THAT does NOT include twenty years in prison you fool. Besides, many people WERE allowed in by the capital Police.

      8. Hm, don’t you realize that is the people’s house. NOT the congressman and senators!
        You should be able to freely enter the capital and voice your opinions to your senators and congressman, just as you can your state capitals.

        With them now putting up barriers and fencing around the capital and White House, we are showing the world that we are nothing more than a 3rd world, socialist/communist country now.

      9. Did you feel the same way when cities were being burnt down by ANTIFA and BLM? Did you feel the same way when old white people were being attacked while having lunch last summer? Did you feel the same way when cops were being attacked and police buildings were being burnt to the ground? If you did, then you are correct. If you didn’t, “Shut the hellup!)

      10. Buildings that legally and technically belong to ALL LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS….so how can they be trespassing on property bought and paid for with their tax dollars. Also, not one building was destroyed, or set on fire that would have been dstruction of public owned facilities. Are you so dense as to believe that these buildings belong only to POLITICIANS and their elite guests???

      11. Nope. Further, as for “insurrection….”
        — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on …

    1. Something stinks in DC, as SlooowJoe, who likes to talk to his pen as he tries to find a nice pocket for it, as he now commands a whooping 11% approval rating amongst All Americans! Not bad for one’s first week in the Highest Office Elect position in the World, HUH!? Dont worry….it was a clearly a stolen election becuz we have now seen in full view how DEMs/RINOs operate their Uni Party! They will change rules, laws, payoff who ever supports them to get their ways…actually…. i wonder how much of American Tax Payer Money the DIM DEMs spent to STEAL POWER? If you think i am wrong, you surely haven’t, (like our obviously corrupt courts, all the way to Supreme Court), actually looked at ANY of the MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE! You see, if the lib left have to actually have to acknowledge the EVIDENCE, they also have to ACKNOWLEDGE THE CRIME, THE COUP, THE THEFT OF ELECTION, THE INSURRECTION, and tha OBVIOUS…TREASON! So DIM DEM Supporters would rather NOT see the evidence you know cuz then they may have to use TRUE FEELINGS, instead of their fall back of “FAUX POLITICAL FEELINGS” and acknowledge the FACT tha Donald J Trump is and was Our Real POTUS…and not president elect China Joe! See that means they would have to admit THEY CHEATED TO GET PRESIDENT TRUMP out of The White House and THAT WOULD HURT THEIR LIL FEEL’INS! The DEM/RINO Cotillion are the dirtiest, most lying, biggest cheaters, corrupt, unethical, unworthy, disingenuous, disgusting, abysmal, criminal enterprise that has infiltrated our politics, policies, laws, AND WHAT IS RIGHT FOR WE THE PEOPLE! Maybe it is we the Citizens who should be making criminal citizen arrests of those that are desperately trying to turn America into the best for their New World Order, while enslaving you and I…. and although the idiots doing all this don’t realize…THEY WILL BE AS SCREWED AS THOSE THEY HAVE ENSLAVED! Why you ask…Because they love to think they are special… yes there are some special people in govt….but very, very FEW even worth keeping!

      Is it me…. or are we back in 2012 were once again NObama is trying to buy another LEGACY? I do not mean a Subaru vehicle either!! Do they really think they we are just stupid sheep…. answer YES THEY DO… especially those in their own party who gave China Biden the lowest votes EVER to win an election…no worries DEMs have no problem stealing what is NOT RIGHTFULLY THEIRS!! They are sad corrupt govts self elected employees of WE THE PEOPLE they DO NOT RULE US… unless ur feckless like their base!
      Hold firm PATRIOTS ( now considered a domestic terrorist term being a PATRIOT? WHAT ELSE DO THOSE ASLEEP NEED TO SEE??

      1. Yes you are right, but what can we do unless we are ready for a real fight, and we can’t have any kind of resistance without organization, and we don’t, and now will be next to impossible, any form of communication between conservative groups will be and are monitored. And it should have happened long before the Marxist moved into the white house so I don’t have much hope for us getting our country back. Liberty or death! Is the only choice we have to make. I don’t know how many still believe that strongly enough. But either way there’s no stopping it now.


        2. I agree but there is something we can do to end the Democrats party. I don’t have much gb of Internet so I have to watch what I use. There are leaked videos that says will destroy the Democrats party. I’m not able to find out what these videos talk about but if these videos are exposed worldly I feel that will end the Democrats party.
          These leaked videos must be exposed

    2. Trader Joe not gets his money from China he gets his orders from China on what to do to this what happens when the the election get stolen and you have a dictatorship now

    3. Ditto. The new Biden presidency is still a flimsy affair. I don’t think it’s settled yet. I also think that these people are evil and wicked and will go after anybody they damn well please. Beware people. These folks are more dangerous than you ever imagined.

    4. Yea, according to hunter biden’s laptop that he left at a repair shop, 10 million dollars of the millions given to hunter biden by the Chinese was for the “BIG GUY”. We all know who he was refering to. Joe Biden, the head of the Biden Crime Family. He sold America down the river.

    5. Why are Americans sitting back and letting this happen?? Aren’t there enough people with GUTS to fight back?
      This is exactly what happened to the Jews in ww2. If we don’t fight back, this will be repeating history. THIS is NO JOKE!!! Wake up America before we are walking around like ZOMBIES

    6. Pleae join me in asking “GOD” to judge those involved in the swamp and voter fraud and to let loose His wrath of judgement and dole out fitting punishment. If enough good citizens ask this of the LORD, who is the only one that has the real power to dish out punishment and will, if we the people request it. His punishment is just and sometimes severe. “GOD” knows who the evil doers are. They can not hide!

    7. Don’t you think it’s the ChiComs who are extorting the Biden family, ultimately getting, “Favorite Trade Status” and the return of jobs that President Trump had brought home?

    8. THAT is what the western world has become… gone from being the “free world” to becoming another series of third world, banana republic totalitarian police states… the new neo-feudal system, whereby the super rich control everything, including the peasants, namely us. The same thing is happening in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Things will not go well as we sink deeper into a filthy dystopia. Same thing happened to Venezuela, most recently. We can learn our lessons from the Soviet Union, Mao’s communist China, North Korea, Nazi Germany and of course those third world dictatorships, such as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. Both the communist countries and totalitarian dictatorships. propped up by the USA and its allies are all culpable in totalitarianism. The EU is the litmus test for outside forces controlling countries, removing their sovereignty and turning the populace into peasants. One country where it all happened in Portugal, or rather the island of Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal.

    9. America’s Creator helped our Founders establish America and helped them write the Declaration and Constitution. He gave the responsibility of government to the Righteous but we have given it to the Wicked. We must stop hiding in the Church Houses and get engaged in the Battle to America back to the Laws in our Founders Bible and Constitution. see CreatorisLiberty com

    10. We can not have another election if we don’t stop the Central Intelligence Agency and the deep state corruption from interfering in our American election or elections abroad.

  2. People in this COUNTRY need to WAKE THE HELL UP. If they don’t this COUNTRY could become the next VENEZUELA.

    1. It’s already started in about year we’ll be just like Venezuela, broke government controlled and unable to feed ourselves

    2. it’s already started all that’s left is for the dollar to crash and that’s next. When the shelves are empty of anything and the electricity doesn’t flow and every communist hits the riot tour again then we will be the sister state to Venezuela I figure around the middle of 2022. But don’t worry we will have the UN to save us with the “safe streets” deal Obama made. So they will have their occupation force here to help us.

  3. What the F k You know what it says God help Us All I”m 76 years old. I trust only TRUMP period period end of story
    Hopefully Someone will trip on the stairs or a rug.

      1. Nancy Pelosi will not be Vice President unless Harris selects her. That constitution states that if something happens to the President (And I am not saying anything will) the Vice President will then become President and shall select their Vice President. The only time the Speaker can become the President is if something happens to both the President and Vice President at the same time.

        1. Melody, why do you think kamala was chosen as VP? For the way she bashed Joe during the primaries, he never would’ve picked her. She was picked (knowing what was going on and she loved making history), then she’ll step down so Nancy could step in (not if, but when) Joe steps down or Nancy uses the 25th to get him out (he’s probably ok with that), he just wanted to get in to say he finally made it and will stay in for maybe a year or 2, or until he really screws up the country (he’s made a good start), then go and Nancy’s in. These plans were made a long time ago. The left has big plans to take over the country and make it a dictatorship.

          1. It was so evident that dimwit was just making motions and verbalizing… or rather mumbllizing what he was doing signing EOs that “he had written”. NO WAY IN HADES! That many, plus others later, were wrtten by the dems “behind the curtain”. dimwit has proven he can’t string simple phrases and words together that makes sense so many times when he loses his earwig or the prompter screen goes dark! Unfortunate that camel humped is next in line!

      1. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to her children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and children’s children what it was like in the United States where men were free.
        -Ronald Reagan

    1. Candy, I’m 69 years old and I no longer even trust Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that he’s a part of it but, while sitting for four years in the office that could possibly done something substantive to stop or slow down the Deep State, he did nothing but waste time tweeting. He had clear evidence of serious actionable criminal activity by the highest public officials from Obama on down – he even claimed that, if elected, Hillary would be in jail, so he KNEW “where the bodies were buried”, so to speak – and did NOTHING!..

      1. President Trump has no authority to jail anyone, as that is the responsibility of the D.O.J. which we only have in name.

        1. Which didn’t really support him. The swamp is much deeper and wider than anyone thought, and remember the swamp leaders fought all the way. Trump is still the best President we have ever had in the last 100 yrs!

      2. Candy,
        The President does not, never has had the power to jail people. Trump tried with all he could to get the DOJ, FBI and CIA to prosecute Hillary, and others. They round not do it. Its on them, not President Trump.

      3. And he was also fighting against the deep state of which many were Republicans so his capabilities were limited. He couldn’t even trust the military hierarchy to stand on their oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He did one helluva job working against the combined attacks considering. 90% of the politicians in DC don’t want their apple cart upset by an outsider.

      4. You would think somewhere in those 69 years some common sense would arise but alas not. First the 1st two years investigations were blocked by Ryan in the House and the Republican Senate never had the gonads or the spine to keep President Trump hands from being tide!!!

      5. Saying Trump sat in his office not doing anything to get these people is wrong. Just read excerpts of the day and you will see that the swamp isn’t just DC. It’s the entire gov’t complex that looks more like the Pacific Swamp. True Conservatives have to have conviction to their beliefs and work legally for a good showing in 2022 and then on to 2024. Pres. Donald J Trump will prevail; with our support.

      6. Only got impeached, fought the communist dems, fought the shit head media, fought BLM and antifa. Got kicked off of social media, and your complaining about tweeting ? was the only way to communicate with millions of people, so quick whining about tweeting ‍❤️‍‍

      7. You do know he had a few things to do besides fighting to get practically the whole government from trying to get rid of him with lies, and none of the traitors that participated will ever pay for their crimes. He was just one man trying to make our country the best it could be, So cut the guy some slack ok.

    2. Agreeeeeee ! I might have gone to HS with you. We have let our generosity get to us. Ever heard, “give um an inch, they demand a mile”. I’m now hearing stupid stuff, like w e have a right to food, clothing, homes, entertainment money, cars, homes, and healthcare. My @$$, I paid for all that for 50 years while all millennials used their money up on video games. They went to Vegas, while I stayed at home paying my bills.
      Bark Bodama hijacked the American healthcare systems and sent the healthcare bill to the middle class taxpayers. We built the hospital, they built the clientele from illegals.
      The Democrats built the KungFlu virus, paid the Chinese Wuhan labs for the virus, then opened the borders to let the virus in. O’Biden under Obama, is preparing to allow 30 to 50 million illegals into the US to make their “Blue Wave” of Socialists. Venezuela, here we come!

  4. Unbelievable, Biden and friends in the “deep state” look like they are pushing the Trump supporters into a corner that may explode into violence. Impeach Biden before this gets out of control.

      1. Articles of Impeachment have already been filed by Marjorie Taylor Green in the House of Respresentatives.

    1. Biden, I call him O’Biden has already committed multiple LIES, and is guilty of sedition. Impeach him befor he can do the same damage as Barack Obama. We never found any evidence Obama was born in the USA, we only have evidence “he was born”. Certificate of Live Birth.

    1. You mean like McConnell, Cheney, Flake, Romney, Sasse et al? The real true patriots here are; the 100 plus representatives and the 44 senators, that coerced ole Mitchell to vote against impeachment.

        1. The demonrat idiots voted for the Swamp Now they have it back O then again it was actually stolen by the Swamp creatures

  5. When the vast majority of civilians no longer trust or believe government is working for them, it is the “right” and “duty” of the people to institute new government. Marital law would be the mechanism to maintain order until that scenario could be accomplished. A proper proactive approach to reset a corrupted governmental system to one that can again be considered adequate.

    1. Wow do you really believe democrats are going to side with you and start a new government and impose martial law to help you? If you believe that you are insane. Democrats are bringing another 1000 national guard to the capital right now. They will not go quietly and they will order troops to defend against you. The thing you are correct about is it is our right and duty to take back our government from tyrannical rule. The question is what that correct time would be. If people go to early it will not get the majority support but if we wait too long we won’t have the tools to do it with because they intend to disarm Americans very soon.

      1. The intent to Disarm Americans Against the Law of the Land as written in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, is the Trigger.

        They need to pull that Trigger to gain final dictatorial power that will end any, and all resistance, and individual sovereignty and freedom forever.

        However that is also the Trigger that, once pulled will ignite full fledged outright guerrilla warfare in Revolution against total corruption of Government, who will have openly chosen to no longer obey the Constitution, nor Serve the People of the United States of America.

        Many people will Perish. I for one Hope, and Pray we never have to endure such terrible suffering. Such unimaginable suffering is only brought by those who love money, and Power, more than they love Children, and People, and the Freedom from Oppression our Constitution provides.

        I asked my Grandfather once, before he passed from this life, “Do we not become the same evil as those who do evil, and harm, when we do harm to stop them”. He replied “it’s up to those who don’t do harm and evil, to Stop those who do harm and evil”.

        My Grandfather was the most brilliant, intelligent, wisest, and compassionate man I have ever known in my life. He had a Heart of Gold.

    2. Term limits on all congressmen and senates would be a start. When in office too long they get like dictators and will do whatever it takes to become wealthy. Screw the American people. Trump tried to clean the swamp but the swamp is deep.

  6. Trump cut the billons of dollars the people we getting so that why they want him out you can’t trust anyone in Washington thrFBI works for the Obama’s


    1. Biden is just a puppet for obama in a year of so biden will be gone due to health issues then the shit really will hit the fan, another civil war is coming because people were stupid to believe all the lies posted by fake news, with fuckerberg and Twitter Amazon and apple continually pumping millions of dollars to smear trump socialism has been proved time and time again it doesn’t work but here we are getting ready go have our life’s destroyed and our country because of the stupidity of these younger voters and the damnocrats whose only interests are for themselves

      1. It won’t be a civil war. It will be another revolutionary war. The first was fought to free ourselves from a tyrannical king. This one will be fought to free ourselves from a tyrannical political party.

        1. You are Exactly right … (the comment posted below was intended as a reply to your remark, no idea why it appeared in incorrect place, but it works there too).

    2. A blm agitator was arrested for his part in the insurrection. antifa and blm committed insurrections over and over. Where’s the outcry?

    3. You have to realize, that Christopher “”Heinrich Himmler” Wray, will send his Antifa brown shirts to stir up trouble like what happened on Jan. 6th

    4. I believe that’s what Trump and his supporters tried to do at the Capitol on January 6th, but all it took was a few agitators posing as Trump supporters to provide the excuse to go after the innocent who were merely exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest.


    6. The Trump rallies were peaceful. The FBI funded riot by fakes in MAGA gear was used as a pretense for the propaganda machine to label all patriotic Americans as domestic terrorists. The propaganda machine of the democrazy government will never depict you, me, or more than half the country as anything but racist terrorists. Unfortunately, we’ve reached that tipping point where peace cannot be achieved without strength, and a show of force at the cheating ballot box has run its course. We are all political prisoners now, and the only way out is to overrun the prison guards.

  8. With Eric Holder wanting to pack the Supreme Court (because the court is too conservative), the Democrats wanting to make Washing DC a state, wanting to get rid of the filibuster and wanting to reeducate Conservatives to think like the Bozos that are in power, to eliminate the first and second amendment and much, much more …..this country will be the next in line as a Communist country with Kamala Harris at the helm for Biden will be removed under the 25th Amendment and the Democrats will initiate the idea, not the Republicans for Joe Biden has served his purpose of getting the Dems into power. Unfortunately, there is no other country on this planet that is going to be safe to escape to. This is our last hope and we must start taking our country back to normalcy.

  9. President Trump was doing a Great job against the Swamp, at least 75 million or so of us know what we’re up against, the worst part too me, is Most of the Sorryass lying media.

  10. It’s not over folks..the devil loves to invoke fear. Christian patriots invoke faith because we are opposite of evil.

  11. Proverbs 29 verse 16 When the wicked are multiplied transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall (KJV) They will fall that is a Promise of GOD!!!!! Watch the hand of GOD work

      1. Hope it’s soon. We must be in china now. Fake arrests by the corrupt fbi how sad. Tell heels up to post bail like she did blm

  12. So where are our elected “Representatives” on all of this? I read the information in this article and I yawn as on the face of it I see nothing but nonsense. I feel for these victims of obvious political persecution. It amazes me that the FBI can ferret out all of these people for persecution and then prosecution while being unable or should I say unwilling to take down Antifa.
    I would appear that the FBI is now the modern day American version of the Gestapo and Antifa is our version of the Brown Shirts. They are allowed to go out and cause mayhem so the country ultimately falls into a state of anarchy so the Demrats one day passing draconian controls on us all can be justified.

  13. We need to defund public education as the youth of this country are being indoctrinated by Marxist philosophy. Education was to be privately funded by the family and community in which the child was raised. This will lead to a more diverse education.


  15. God help us all. What is this country going to be like when our kids are grown ups? Kinda scary thought isn’t it??


    1. I wholeheartedly disagree with anyone who tells me, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is just plain fiction since His historic help has been rendered time and again to those who cannot help themselves. If one could help themself, there would be no need for God’s help. However, that is not the case. This country, founded on the moral basis of Christianity,does need help, and God listens to the cry of the poor. PRAYER IS A BETTER ANSWER Than war. We should’ve learned something form the Civil War.

      1. The problem with the info on the War of Northern Aggression was not slavery! There were more slaves in the North than in the South! The democraps had Lincoln redo the Emancipation Proclaimation to free only the slaves in the rebelling states of the South! There were freemen who owned property and worked and sold their produce in southern states. They even took up arms to defend their families and homes from invading union forces! Nathan Bedford Forrest, a successful and respected CSA cavalry commander recruited freemen to ride as part of his cavalry. He found them honorable and intuitive in treating wounds of human and horse flesh. They were as daring more so than some of the other cavalrymen. For many times the freemen would suggest spying on union camps by carrying buckets of water into camp and sit with the union servants and cooks listening to the soldiers’ discussions of plans for the next days’ attacks. The freemen would ,after a time, gather up their buckets and wander out of camp back the Forrest to relay their information.
        For a short time Forrest had started the KKK as a means of protecting the black population from the depredations of democraptic carpetbaggers and scalawags. When the northerners turned his organization against helping the black population he disavowed his organization and basically told them they could rot in hell! History has always been the subjective retelling of how things came about by the winners.

  17. Though I agree with most of these posts, forgive me for being an ignorant independent voter, but can someone explain to me why so many of these posts are timed at after 12:01 PM when here in Texas it’s only 8:05 AM?

  18. Our Military WILL NOT TURN ON AMERICANS they know are having their Constitutional Rights stripped by a Obvious Corrupt Communist controlled GROUP of TRATIORS HIDING WITHIN OUR GOVT.
    The Dems know this, it’s why they want DC to be a state an put up a wall, who the hell do they think will protect them, the CORRUPT CENTRAL INSURRECTION AGENCY or FEDERAL BUREAU OF INSURRECTION…
    Military swears an oath to protect the citizens an Rights of citizens ie the constitution.
    No where did they swear to protect a group of politicians,

    The military is ours not theirs, time to surround the capital an forcibly removed the REAL INSURGENTS…the swamp, they are true TRAITORS TO THE COUNTRY then reinstall Trump.

    CANADA ALLOWED Chineses troops to train there to become climitized to the north American continent, WAKE UP AMERICAN…ITS TIME TO ACT.
    Pelosi and Cheney’s husbands were Military Contractors, along with Clinton an Biden with the help of the CIA was producing Sarin Gas (weapons of mass Destruction)
    SADDAM HUSSEIN was working for the CIA since the 50’s , so when Bush caught wind of the weapons, We ended up going into iraq looking for them but because it was our own people doing this they moved it to guess where? Wuhan China perfect cover to hide from our own peoples eyes. They are TRULY guilty of War Crimes,
    The military sent investigators an found this an every step they were shut down by the state department, shut down by Pelosi, by everyone.

    Then the military officer who reported it finally took took it too his state’s AG, guess who that was ..Communist Kamalait keeps getting shut down.

    Think about this virus when it started.
    An how Lawabiding citizens are being arrested for having an opinion
    An speaking it.

    The time to act is now…

    Politicans are corrupt but not our Military
    They will fight for us not them.

    Its just a very big step to do an they have to be pushed b4 they will act but if our rights keep getting taken .. so will the politicians freedom.

    Stay strong an get ready for War

    Its inevitable .

  19. Reminds me of a story I heard in Sunday School years ago one morning!
    3 men were accused of crimes and each were punished for their crimes. As 1 looked to his left, he recognized a man, innocent of all crimes punished as he, he also confessed and admitted his own crime and asked why would you convict convict this innocent man, “He has done NOTHING”! From his right, he heard that man replied, ” You Shall Enter With Me, The Kingdom Of Heaven”!

    To the man’s left, “CRUCIFIED, WAS OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST”.

    Today may be a good time for US ALL To Pray and Ask For Forgiveness!

  20. When I think back to January 20, 2017;
    I recall how optimistic and elated we were
    to have a President who promised prosperity and
    peace, not only for our country, but, also, other
    foreign countries. Promises made, Promises
    Now, since January 20, 2021, we wake up, daily,
    to “doom and gloom”; watching so many of
    President Trump’s accomplishments just
    wiped away with the stroke of the pen.
    We can only hope our wonderful President
    Trump will run in 2024 and, once again,
    save our great country!

  21. Tabitha is right. We are already on the down hill skid way to Venezuela. They are destroying the money so no one will be able to buy food – even if it is available. I’m putting out a garden come spring – If I am able at 90 to do it. All the results will probably be stolen by night or maybe in daylight…dems are capable of anything. I have several Democrat Friends but my personal opinion is that they have become Satan’s Party: He supports abortion, homosexuality, murder and other minor things that should be illegal.

  22. All of the above mentioned individuals sound more like political prisoners than anything else. It’s obvious where these teachings have come from. They are straight out of the Chinese and Russian play books. The Democratic party is unmasking themselves, it would appear, in front of all America, in my humble opinion, which I still have, I believe…

  23. You have to love the irony of these SOCIOPATHS. You really want to see people pissed off, continue letting Felons out of prison, to murder, rape, or assault innocent people, while locking up people standing up for their rights. I’m not justifying what happened in Washington, it was wrong, but so is this. The SOCIOPATHIC ELITES better realize that when you criminalize thoughts, and prison is no longer a deterrent, you are going to see the fruits of your labor.

  24. -3759 murdered yesterday by America’s new dictator and his mongrel accomplice (that’s how it worked with Donald Trump, isn’t it?)
    -The very same DA who did not charge a single anarchist, communist or black supremacist during the “peaceful protests” in which the Capitol was surrounded by burning buildings containing looted stores, raped women and murdered men is now beginning a roundup of Trump supporters that ranks with Stalin’s Great Purges and the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Hitler. His Fraudulency and most of his supporters are already on record in support of this; the moderates want the deplorables deprogrammed, the more enthusiastic ones want them just plain killed. The defeated candidate is about to be tried for treason by the winning party, and a serious attempt is underway to at a minimum expel the opposition party from the congress and at maximum ban it, make this a one-party country and kill the expelled legislators. It is very clearly Franco or Pinochet time in this country, and if English-speaking heterosexual European-Americans who support Anglo-Saxon legal and political traditions and Judeo-Christian religious ones do not prepare to defend themselves there will be a Holocaust by the end of the year,
    -Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist.

  25. Can’t call the “White House” the white house anymore – it’s Racist ! Let’s call it the Rainbow House.

  26. Where to start, Obama spent 8 years in office creating a Deep State that has wormed its way into every area of our government. It was clear from the beginning he had utter distain for Christians or anyone for that matter who was a conservative. He was supposed to be a great unifier but instead only incited further racial tension, Antica was born out of his presidency. He apologized to the world for our Country and it was clear he hated it as it was and wanted to bring it down. Trump never stood a chance from the day he took office Obama’s most Ardent Minion Nancy Pelosi along for others set out to destroy him and used every tool in their arsenal to take him down. It is clear these people are a prime example of the phrase “absolute power corrupts absolutely” they are rotten to the core are only serve them selves. They have and continue to do anything to hold power and increase their own personal wealth, follow the money every decision they make is about money. ” for the love of money is the root of all evil” , and they and their agenda is pure evil. They are so deluded by their own power that they are ignorant to the fact that only God has total control. If they take their next great tomorrow it is in his hands. They can only do as much as he allows, we have the power of pray and should be praying for his divine intervention now more than ever. Nancy Pelosi never did one thing to stop the riots, looting, burning and attacks on private citizens, for more people have died at the hands of Antifa and BLM than died at the Capitol on January 6th. Yet when she felt she was danger she called for armed machine guns to be used against mostly peaceful protestors.
    In reality she should be far more afraid of a little girl carrying a dog and a bucket of water, or a house suddenly falling out of the sky. Yes I am scared to death of what will become of our country , but I am reminded that life here is short, it is a preparation for where we will spend eternity. It is ironic they have plotted and planned their whole lives to get everything they have, stepping on others destroying our country for a few years here on earth, but they won’t be able to take one bit of it with them to hell. Our rights are not given to us by Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama or Joe Biden, or any part of Government, as the founding fathers proclaimed they are given to us by God. Let us walk in his Mercy and his Grace, and Carry the Cross before us our power lies in prayer and as God has promised no weapon forged against us shall prosper.

    1. Prayer Lady
      That is the best and truest comment I have read here.
      God is watching! If things further deteriorate in America and the Swamp People, whom I think of as demonized humans, don’t get justice here, they will suffer God’s wrath for 7 years during the tribulation while they beg God to allow them to die! His answer..NO.

      1. To the person who questioned times on posts…I am in CST and my post just a minute ago had a time of 1:30am! This must be routing through an overseas location. Hopefully so US entities can’t take the site down.

  27. We are on the way to becoming Cuba and other Communist countries.
    Soon, we will have our property and freedom taken away from us. It’s been happening for the last 60 years. My advise to everyone…get your bills paid, stock pile survival food, buy silver and gold. Money will just be paper to start fires with.
    What’s happening now parallels what happened in Germany in the early 1930’s. How do you think Hitler gained power?
    Democrats want to purge the Republicans and re-educate them. What does that remind you of?
    Very bad times ahead.

  28. The entire Senators & Representatives of the Democratic Party are all puppets, senile Beijing Joe, Mattress Harris, HilLIARy, Hussein Obama, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Strzok, Lisa Page, McCabe, Mueller, & the other people involved in Crossfire Hurricane are all puppets as well. So, who is the puppet man, the puppet master, the one pulling the strings? That, my fellow conservative, is George Soros! From the day Trump became the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Soros started pulling all of the strings, and when Trump got elected, Soros launched a mission specifically designed to remove Trump, a duly elected POTUS, from office.

  29. youall expect anything true and honest from them corrupt FBI assholes , they can plant anything on anybody,and convict them, the worst law enforcement department in this country!! the FBI and CIA ARE a total disgrace to this country ,crooked agents never get convicted of anything,

  30. The real question here, people is this: Will we tolerate this commie fascist regime, or actually DO SOMETHING about it?!
    1st off, I hope the ACLJ takes these guy’s cases, & Jon Schaffer’s, as well as everyone else they illegally arrest for doing nothing wrong too! & that is the ACLJ, not to be confused w/the ACLU! They are 2 completely different groups.
    And, 2nd, the only way through this shitstorm or corruption & fascism tearing apart this country, is through a civil or revolutionary war. I don’t care what you call it, but it MUST happen & soon, while we STILL have an America left!


  31. I also would like to point out the fact that Trump SHOULD HAVE completely cleaned out & fully restructured the FBI after Obastard was in office! That was part of his downfall, sadly.

  32. I am wondering if the Democrats either never studied history, or it their aim is to repeat it. Hitler conquered by controlling the media, putting a stop to free speech, and taking away the people’s guns. Sound familiar? God help us!

  33. It is certainly regrettable that this is happening in “America” today, all of us should respect our God given rights!!!
    Tim Spreadborough

  34. Ever since Comey the D.C. office of the FBI has been very corrupt. The FBI needs 2B disbanded and a new professional agency instituted. 1 operated the way the U.S. Marshall.s service is.

  35. The USA Has Been Under The Control By All Of The Big Banker’s. an Technocrats Like The Rothschild, Rockefeller’s, The Royal Family, The Billionaires Like Bill Gates, Ophra,George Soros, Ect… For Over 50 Year’s Now They Have Been Planning To Take Trump Out Before He Was Even Elected, The Leftists Are Puppets For The Global Elite,Our Votes For Trump Were Never Going To Be Counted & They Out Right Took Over The USA The Election Wasn’t Stolen It Was Taken Away From Trump The Leftists Said They Were Going To Remove Trump So They Tried Ever Way They Could For 4 Year’s So Their Last An Final Hand Was Played By The Covid-19 Plan Demic Which Gave Them Control Over The Economy An The Technocrats Helped Along With The. Big Pharmaceuticals Corporation’s, Big Tech Corporation’s, CDC, FDA, The WHO, The Vatican POPE, The British Royal Family, An NATO, & China They Have The Power Over The World, & The USA Was The Last Country That Had Not Been Taken Down Yet Until Now We As Americon Citizens Will Have No Power To Tack Our Country We Have Been Put Into Enslavement The Day Biden Was Officially Sworn In As President, He Isn’t The Over Lord Though The Wealthy People I Mentioned Above Are Our New Over Lords, China Owns 2 Thirds Of America Soil, An Several Other Nations Have Bought Into The United States By Way Of Our Congressional Commities Taking Out Trillions Of Dollar’s On Loan From These Countries For Over 50 Year’s So Our Government Could Pay Themselves An The Federal Budget Each Year An As A Rule Breaker These Other Countries Got Tired Of The IOU’s An Back Interest Not Being Paid Back But Only Keeping The USA Dependent On Their Funding While Our Federal Government Had To Give Back Their Gold They Invested Into Out Treasury Department To Back Up The USA Dollar Value, Well They All Caught On What Our Government Was Doing, So Pay To Play Started With Investing In Our Country Being Sold From Under It’s Citizen’s With No Knowledge Of These Business Transactions An Having To Buy Into Their Products An Bankrupt Businesses Here In The USA In Order For China To Take Over Job Manufacturers Corporations Which Would Be Given To Them In Their Country, Vehicle Corporation’s, Steel Manufacturers, Technical Devices, The Internet Technology, Ect… We Have Been Being Screwed For 50 Year’s Because Our Federal Government Congressional Parties Have Been Getting Rich Off Their Pay To Play Schemes An Letting These Other Countries Take Away Our Economic Standing As A Powerful Country Among The World, That’s Why Trump Wanted To Be President To Take Back What Our Federal Government Congressional Parties F**cked Up Our Economic System By Using Their Pay To Play, Bullshit It Has Brought Our Country To It’s Knees An Now That The Leftists Are The Majority In The House An Senate We Really Screwed We Are Under Their Full Power An Authority They Have All Of The Wealth In Our Country, Especially Now Because Of The Covid -19 Plan Demic They Created With The Help Of China, Bill Gates , The WHO, An Dr. Fuaci, An The CDC, Ect…

  36. There is a more subtle evidence of the lefties mindset. Example —- George Floyd , a black man dies doing a arrest effort by a policeman. It is acknowledged he was on one or more illegal drugs and resisting arrest at the time. The liberals / rioters go mad for months burning down cities, looting stores, killing citizens, etc. in the name of BLM – BLACK LIVES MATTER. On January 6, an Unarmed Military Veteran who is a White Women and happens to be a Trump supporter is killed by a trigger happy law enforcement person during the fiasco at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Her only sin seems to be being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her death does not result in riots, looting, burning, or even much of a response at all. It is obvious to me BLM should be renamed WLDNM_ “WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER”. End of discussion.

  37. How can we stand up to this???? I want to know. This is horrible. What happened to the Republicans who can stand up to something like this and say “this is not right”.

  38. In my opinion, they will soon start turning on the gas chambers for Trump’s supporters, as happened in Nazi Germany in 1937, if the people continue to remain silent.

  39. Biden claims to be a member of the Catholic Church, yet he continuously ignores the teaching of his church on abortion and same sex marriage and in the last few days has signed orders extending the US support for abortion nationally and overseas. He is not a catholic in good standing in accordance with Canon Law and the directive issued by the Vatican in 2004 to the US bishops and accordingly should be denied communion in the Catholic Church. He has unfortunately supporters in the church leadership who are prepared to ignore his misdeeds, most notably Cardinal Gregory of DC, himself a BLM supporter and critic of President Trump, the most pro-life president ever, and Cardinal Cupich of Chicago. One wonders if Gregory has something in his past like his predessors in DC, McCarrick and Wuerl.

  40. Every executive order Biden has signed is controversial. His call for unity is just lip service. I’m becoming convinced the Democratic Party would welcome a true uprising because they believe it will be quickly quashed and marshal law can be initiated allowing them do what ever they want. I am well into my senior years now and never have I seen a political party’s platform, policies and actions so immoral and so unconstitutional.

    1. Mary everyone must find those leaked videos that says will destroy the Democrats for good. Spread the word. Those leaked videos must be exposed to the world. So we can end that party once and for all.

  41. I agree with most of the comments made about the current administration, big tech, wealthy politicians, big pharma and socialist left but I think all the talk of taking up arms and war is conterproductive. I’m as angry as you are but I believe such talk is just what the socialist left wants. I think they want us to follow the BLM and Antifa example so they can feel justified when they turn the power of the government and the military against us. To stop them we must courageously unite in a positive way with a common goal to save our republic. To do so we must become more involved in politics at every level; our local government, our school boards, state legislatures, regional government agencies and right on up to the federal government. We must educate ourselve about what is being considered for action at every level of government and make our voices heard. Get to know the people with decision making power and without hesitation let them know we oppose agendas that endanger our freedoms and our republic. We, as a people united have the numbers to make a difference. We must make phone calls, write letters and personally attend sessions of government meetings to make them realize we will not be frightened into silence or forced into submission by the powers who wish to destroy our country. God bless us all and God bless America.

  42. I will not lick their hands bow to them!!
    These people have lost their minds.
    If the left wounts to work together let’s talk about that, if they wount to shove something down my throat theirs no talking I will not go their!!
    When you back a cat in a corner it comes out fighting! It’s coming sooner than you think.
    DOT >

  43. You know it funny that everyone believes that your future vote will ever count , we have seen that they will shut down counting and go print up enough votes ( in the middle of the night) to win so as a country it is over as we know it
    Really the only thing left to do is after a couple more of these sorry ass joke elections everyone will see that it is over

    Either join the swamp or start a civil war, but after a couple of years the second amendment will be gone and no one will have anything to fight with

    Well it was a good run before WE let it go to the worthless democrats

  44. It is past time to put the hammer down on these commie democrats and their government stooges. They are destroying America as we sit back and watch. The things this administration are doing are disastrous and will ultimately make America a third world country. Time to lock and load and run these anti-Americans back to Africa while we still have the chance. In GOD We Trust!

  45. So, now we have political prisoners and our own Cheka, NKVD, Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, etc. Here comes the “Ministry of Love,” folks… Looks like a whole bunch of the “Boomers” and their spawn and disciples took “1984” not as a warning but as a blueprint. You won’t like room 101. Me neither.

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