It’s GO TIME BABY! Donald Trump Confirms He’s Running in 2024!!!

He’s been dropping cryptic hints for more than a year now, but Donald Trump has finally stated that he’s running in 2024. To be clear: He hasn’t made the official announcement yet. There are a lot of issues at stake, so he still can’t make the official announcement due to fundraising rules. But he has said he’s running. It’s confirmed. It’s definitive. The greatest American president since the early 1800s is running.

And he is SO gonna clean your clocks this time, liberals! You guys are in so much trouble! Run for your fainting couches right now, lefties! Your Big Orange Ultra MAGA Nightmare is back!


Trump says that he’s running for reelection in 2024 in a lengthy article in New York Magazine. The article was written by a reporter named Olivia Nucci. She’s written a sanctimonious hit piece on Donald Trump, which is nothing new for her or for New York Magazine. Nucci is a trendy female reporter, filled with sanctimony and Chardonnay, and who probably has a “complicated” relationship with her daddy. If she had a Twitter profile, she’d declare her pronouns on it. (I worked with a million women just like her at ABC News back in the day.)

Nucci suffers from what I’ve come to think of as the Trump Paradox. Like almost all female reporters, she hates Donald Trump so much that she wants to have his babies. The piece she’s written about him is dripping with hatred for Trump, using lines that she no doubt inserted at a liberal editor’s insistence. But then she slips lines into the piece where she refers to Trump as a “live-action mythological creature.” Cool your jets there, Olivia!

The reason I spend so much time talking about Nucci’s article is because it’s been a long time since Trump sat down for a longer-form interview like this with any print reporter. Trump doesn’t do any of these things by accident, so it tells us that he’s serious when he gave a fake news reporter this much of his time. And this article does deliver the goods. Here’s a rough transcript of the key parts about 2024, slightly edited for better readability than you’ll find from a reporter at New York Magazine:

Trump: Look, I feel very confident that, if I decide to run, I’ll win.

Nucci fawns over Trump for a few words, calling him a mythological person and “such an unusual person.” Oh, yes, Olivia! SUCH an unusual man. Don’t you just HATE him, while simultaneously needing a cold shower?

Trump: Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore. In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision.

Nucci gets huffy because Trump won’t initially tell her his decision.

Trump: I would say my big decision will be whether I go before or after. You understand what that means?

Nucci is seriously so charmed by this point that she seems to think that Trump is about to divulge something to her because he’s somehow attracted to her. She doesn’t even realize that Trump has her eating out of his hand.

Trump: Midterms. Do I go before or after? That will be my big decision.

At this point, she just melts and runs an entire quote from the president:

Trump: I just think that there are certain assets to before. Let people know. I think a lot of people would not even run if I did that because, if you look at the polls, they don’t even register. Most of these people. And I think that you would actually have a backlash against them if they ran. People want me to run.

Okay, full disclosure. I quit reading there. That was all I needed to see. If you want to read the entire hateful, bizarre and sexually charged interview that Nucci conducted with Trump, it’s HERE.

The big news, obviously, is simply that Trump is running. He’ll probably make the official announcement before the midterms. There are good tactical reasons for this, and that’s probably why he agreed to do this interview Nucci. He’s running. And that is great news, because the American people are getting extremely fatalistic right now with this illegitimate regime that’s currently running the White House. We needed to hear that help is on the way. Now we know!

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29 thoughts on “It’s GO TIME BABY! Donald Trump Confirms He’s Running in 2024!!!”

  1. If he runs this time he should fire all the entire BIDEN APPOINTEES, CLEAN the F@#!%$^ HOUSE this TIME, PERIOD, everyone should be FIRED, this time.

    1. I will vote for Donald John Trump every four years as long as he will run and there are enough intelligent humans to realize this and vote for him!

    2. agreed with neil. fire everyone in the white house; even the cooks, house maids every one, then fumagate the place foe bugs, and i mean electronic bugs.

  2. Thank you God in Heaven!
    Now that I am in the twilight of my life, I truly have something to be happy about. I have endured these past years praying that someone like him,that loves this country as he does,would challenge the Dems.(Iwill not at this point relate my feelings on what Joe and his ilk have done to our country . You know it as well as I do. We can be great once again, we never would with the likes of Old Joe. I know because I am in Old Joe’s age group! We truly do have a great country, but occasionily, God slips in someone like him to wake us up to what we really had when we worked for it. I think old Joe is a good man but is to dang old to do this job. Time to retire him! Lets all get together and help Trump win and bring this country back to no 1!!

  3. Trump need to learn to go with the flow! We all know he speak his mind. That what you want in a president! Not someone that does as foreign leaders tell them. My biggest concern is will he FIRED ALL OF BIDEN ADMINISTRATION? INCLUDING THE TWO MILITARY GENERAL? Don’t say he can’t! Obama fired all of the military General under Bush Jr. He should be finding those he can trusted and will put AMERICANS FIRST! Then go after PELOSI, SCHUMER, WATER, AOC, SCHIFF, SWANWEL, MCCONNELL! For their role in trying to SELL OUT THE COUNTRY TO CHINA! OH, IF I FORGOT OBAMA! Who borrowed 775 billion from CHINA! BUT HAS NOT HEARD ABOUT ANY PAY BACK! BUT USED THE WHOLE WESTERN COAST STATE AS DOWN PAYMENT! So to you LIBERAL AND FAR LEFTIST, — YOU ARE GOING TO BELONG TO CHINA AS SLAVES! If we do not bring these people to the front of a FIRING SQUAD!

    1. Concerning generals, the first that needs to removed, and Court Marshalled is Milley. He colluded against President Trump, his Commander in Chief, and agreed to inform his counterpart in the Chinese military if President Trump planned to attack China. Milley is now, I believe, the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I also believe he is the one who made the decision to abandon the U.S Airbase in Afghanistan, leaving billions of dollars in assets to the Taliban, and leaving many without any way out.

  4. Tommy Lee, I hate to tell you this but Old Joe is NOT A GOOD MAN! He hates this country and all the people in it. That’s why he has opened our borders to 160 different countries without even vetting these people. Terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers and gang members have all come into this country because of that idio and the rest of the Democrats in office. I hope you actually realize the damage they have done to us citizens. I can’t afford groceries or gas but my taxes are supporting all the illegals and Ukraine. Every time I hear him talk his spending billions more of our tax dollars.

  5. I would ask just one thing of President Trump. And this is not adding credence to the nonsense that is the January 6 Hearings. Can Donald Trump talk candidly about his actions following the shame election of November 2020, and can he assure us that he did not do the things that Mark Meadows’ assistant Cassidy Hutchinson said happened on January 6? What has Meadows said about her? Trump says he doesn’t even know who she is, and Hutchinson says she worked in the White House.

    The two Secret Service agents involved in Hutchinson’s testimony say that they will testify under oath that what she said is untrue, but I have not heard what has come of that. I can accept that President Trump was angry that those in control of the car that day refused to take him to the Capitol. Who gave them that order? He was the President. I believe he did not try to take control of the vehicle, be it the Beast or the Presidential SUV. I can accept that he instructed VP Pence to go to the Capitol and refuse to approve the Electoral count without review by the States.

    I believe too many consider the President’s objections to the vote to be “The Big Lie.” There have been so many stories of ballot harvesting, “dead” voters voting, and “mules packing ballot boxes in the dead of night. This all has to be covered NOW. My second choice would be Ron Desantis, even though I remember his recounting the shooting at the baseball field, and the later identified shooter asking him if all the men there were Republicans. He has proven to be a great Governor for Florida.

    I know Donald Trump has a temper, but these are things he needs to talk about. I’m sure Sean Hannity would be happy to sit down with him

  6. Trump will go down in the history books as one of the greatest presidents of all time, especially if he runs in 2024 and rids the U.S. (and the world) of our deep state traitors and the international One World Government Cabal, once and for all! There has been a worldwide conspiracy since the end of WWII to radically transform our country into the exact opposite of what the Founders created, i.e. a socialist/communist state totally controlled and lied to by the intelligence agencies and the so-called elites that have been directing our demise for the last 70+ years. If Trump IS reelected, the 4 years of his second term will see all the evil characters exposed and prosecuted. They should then televise the hanging or fire squad shootings of the thousands of criminals involved. Be ready to be astounded by some of the recognizable names that will be outed!

    1. I am so ecstatic about the GREAT/Good news!!! I loved the work that D.J.T. was during for all of us Americans! I wanted him in to stay in office to continue HIS work for us! A independent nation! WE do have everything needed! Oil, we will have jobs restored! Such as the people losing jobs on the keystone pipeline. Many more business people will have their businesses AGAIN! We are uncomfortable relying on foreign countries for oil,meds,solar panels and the ridiculous electric components needed for Electric cars! MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To Shooter I like your comment.

  7. Oh yea . Fire fat fuck Milley As soon Ya get to the White
    House Mr. President Trump. Make America Great Again.

  8. Trump needs to vet everyone that is in Congress & Senate by bringing in a outsider to check them out for INSIDER TRADING of any family members that have done trades in the stock market, jobs they got thru their families in office and send them to MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON FOR 30 + years. Take & FREEZE THEIR ASSETS so they can’t BRIBE their way out of serving time. Put troops on the southern border while they protect the troops building the wall & putting in electronic surveillance equipment. A minimum of a platoon per half a mile plus every person who crosses need to be sent back to the Country that they claim to be from with their DNA put in a database where they can’t come back and apply for a green card or asylum for a minimum of 20 years.

  9. Tommy Lee,

    Joe Biden is NOT a good man! Peter Schweizer in his book “Profiles of Corruption” explains in detail about the Joe and his crime syndicate family paper trail along with accounts re Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, and Bernie Sanders!

  10. I hope DJT learned many lessons during his first term while giving people chances to redeem themselves, and taking advice from the wrong people.
    A TOTAL housecleaning MUST be done from top to bottom, and the RINOS must go as well.

    Turn off MSM, as the propaganda will continue to ramp up.
    Seek the truth on alternative news sites.
    Be discerning.
    Question everything.
    Trust no one.
    I heard a report today that said the D.C. demons have just begun, and we must prepare for a dark winter. They will not go down without a fight.

    Hope for the best.
    Prepare for the worst.
    God Bless America.

    1. We all HAVE to slay the dragoons and drain the swamp of the creepy, crawling .slime filled evil creatures! Hunter! YOR DAY IS COMING!!! Hope you enjoyed your drugs women filth etc. YOU AND YOUR DAD ARE Traitors!!! TO ALL AMERICAN citizens! I pray that USA will be rid of the invasion and its people. I will say Illegal aliens! Go back to your countries! YOU WILL NOT DESTROY OUR HOME LAND!

  11. Cassidy Hutchinson testified under oath before the committee that she was told that President Trump did this and that. The man who she said told her those things says he will testify under oath that he never told her that. So this is not “hearsay” but lying under oath, which is perjury. Adam Schiff may be able to lie on the floor of Congress, but Hutchinson cannot.

    1. The whole Jan 6th Shamfest is just an excuse for the Leftist Communist Party to deflect from the Byedone / Harris disasters.

  12. DJT loves this country and that is why he had done everything in his power to hold on to the presidency. Unfortunately, he got in all this trouble while trying to fight for the citizens of this country. Basically, he put his reputation on the line and is getting all this backlash. I so hope he is able to make it through all of this garbage so the world will see how great he was and all the wonderful things he had done while in office. If there is a higher power, I hope the country will finally see the light and re-elect him so that we can go back to being the greatest country on earth!!!!

  13. Our country is at a tipping point of becoming a Socialistic, etc. country with this administration at the helm. This is the worst administration of my lifetime and is getting worse by the day (with hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming in and not being vetted. We do not know who they are and the Left wants them that way in order to get them all to be able to vote Democratic without ID’s of any sort. And as Trump says, some of them are criminals, human traffickers, MS13, etc. Our beautiful country is becoming lawless by the day. Our children are becoming indoctrinated to hate one another and are being told our country is shameful and hateful. Disgraceful on steroids.

  14. I will vote for Trump again if he runs. However… He needs to stop throwing out silly insults. What he says is correct, but, it makes him sound very petty. We know that he can do good for our country, because he has done it before, but he doesn’t sound very professional when he always tells how good he thinks he is. As far as 2024, I say go get em Trump.

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