Judge Rules Arizona Has Been Using Illegal Signature-Verification in Elections

An Arizona judge has ruled in Yavapai County that former Secretary of State imposed illegal signature verification methods upon the state in the 2020 and 2022 elections. This was just one of the methods that former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs used to help steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

Hobbs then managed to steal the Arizona Governor’s mansion for herself in 2022 through the same methods, when she inexplicably defeated the second-most popular MAGA candidate in the entire country (Kari Lake).

This is an important victory, because it takes yet another method of cheating off the board for Democrats in 2024.


Under plain Arizona law, a voter’s signature on the outside of their mail-in ballot envelope has to match the signature in their voter registration file. There’s no deviation from that in the law.

Yet in 2020, and again in 2022, Katie Hobbs allowed election workers to verify signatures using anything and everything. This is kind of hard to explain, so here’s a simplified example.

Let’s say you’re a Democrat voter in Arizona. When they flooded the entire system with mail-in ballots in 2020, you received a ballot in the mail intended for someone who used to live at your address. Since you are a Democrat, you have no moral compass, so you feel like the end justifies the means if you cheat to defeat Republicans in elections (especially the Big Orange Cheetoh Man of your nightmares). You fill out the ballot, vote for Joe Biden, scribble a fake signature on the envelope, and mail it in.

The signature rejection rate in 2020 fell to 0.8%, down from the traditional 3 to 4% in years past. Former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told election workers and clerks to accept virtually everything, since they needed to defeat Donald Trump.

When 2022 rolls around, you once again receive a ballot intended for the person who lived at your address previously. No problem! You know exactly what to do. You cast the fraudulent ballot for Katie Hobbs, scribble your fake signature on the envelope, and mail it in.

Except in 2022, there’s now a record of your fake signature in that other voter’s file. Never mind the fact that it doesn’t match the voter’s original signature in their registration paperwork. It’s a signature in that person’s file, and it matches, and that was good enough for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs—especially since she was running for governor and refused to recuse herself from administering her own election.


The Superior Court for Yavapai County has ruled that Katy Hobbs broke Arizona law by allowing such slipshod signature verification practices. In his decision, Judge John Napper wrote that “the legislature intended for the recorder to attempt to match the signature on the outside of the envelope to the signature on the documents the putative voter used to register.”

A group called Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) sued the Arizona Secretary of State’s office in March to challenge the authority of the Secretary of State to rewrite election laws on her own without any input from the legislature. RITE says that when Katie Hobbs allowed her instructions to apply to every county in Arizona unilaterally, it resulted in “ballots [being] counted despite using a signature that did not match anything in the voter’s registration record.”

Judge Napper has ordered counsel for both sides to appear for a conference on September 19, to talk about how to move forward. The Democrats now have one less tool in their voter fraud toolbox to use in the 2024 election.

These incremental court victories are the reason why I’m so confident that Donald Trump is going to win next year. Arizona just lost their signature verification trick. Last year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that it’s illegal to have Zuckerberg drop boxes outside on the sidewalk in random, out-of-the-way places. They have to be situated inside an official elections office. And so on.

These may seem like small victories, but if we take away one cheating tool here, and another cheating tool there, it’s enough to put President Trump over the top next year. The Democrats are obviously worried that they can’t use the same methods to cheat next year that they used successfully in 2020 and 2024. Jack Smith is getting ready to indict President Trump again very soon, because the Democrats know they can rig 2024 as easily as they did last time.

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48 thoughts on “Judge Rules Arizona Has Been Using Illegal Signature-Verification in Elections”

  1. Well, why has Arizona not brought criminal be charged against the. Governor and remove her from office and forbid her to run again for office in Arizona. Hope Arizona is smart enough to see and be have US troops in voting be placed and both zRepublivan and Democrats go to counting centers. And
    votes remain in troops possession till all counting is finished. And change ballot counters after one to Two hours.Judy

    1. Yes! I have read that the plan is to have military overseeing election centers, and we will have ONE day to vote, with paper ballots and I.D. required.
      I sure hope so.

      1. Please IMPEACH Katie Hobbs. I have been saying from the beginning that she should have recused herself. IMPEACH her and put her in jail for breaking federal election laws. GET HER OUT!!!!

      2. Agree with paper vote and I D but not one day…Three or 4 days with paper, in person with I D…Because of the shear number of voters and being so spread out…

    2. From the very beginning of the arizona election, everyone said it was unconstitutional for katie holmes to oversee her own election. What do you know. The winner was the candidate who is in charge of the election!

    3. I totally agree. Katie Hobbs should have been thrown out of office for her cheating ways. So many people said she was cheating and yet nothing happens to her. This is a problem that needs to be seriously addressed.

  2. It would be nice to have real oversight on all these issues but let’s face it. The military is on Biden’s team, not the American people. Further more, no military can lawfully carry out duties on American soil, other than humanitarian efforts. The exception to this is the National Guard, and they work for the governor or their respective states. Not the people. We want Trump, we’ll get something far worse. No way they will let him take office, and they won’t stop short of murdering him to keep him out and quiet.

    1. Not quite so I have had the privilege of talking to a lot of service people and even though the military ballots came back from overseas ant not one was for trump every last one was for biden not one service member said they voted for biden they all said that was wrong they all told me they voted for trump.

      1. And I suppose NO ONE thought it was strange that every last military vote was for Biden??? Not a single vote was for Trump???!!!!!
        That should’ve been seen as suspicious and it should have been investigated before they ever came back to the states!!!

    2. Yes Jonathan SAVE TRUMP …. SAVE AMERICA… SAVE THE CONSTITUTION… The military is on Biden’s team under his command! Look at January 6! We need GOD back in America and people to pray. Trump has been compared to King David in the Bible bringing Jerusalem back to Israel’s capital and friend to Israel . Trump restored America and is a God fearing man! He is not perfect but who is? Pray for his protection and restored leadership under God to save America!

      1. God IS in control and His will will be done to the lefts demise. Course they have nothing to fear cause there is no God , so they CLAIM

        1. Don, you are correct in that GOD is in control ,but your mistaken in that GOD has allowed man free will and that is our demise. His intervention will come later and not because of this issue.

    3. Very correct Johnatan. I see Kenedy scenario happening and maybe that is why they open the borders. Maybe they want to let the IRANIAN HIT SQUAD come in and do the job for them. What happened to this grat country?

  3. It is about time Arizona got their shit together I knew Katie Hobbs was crooked as the highway she should be removed from office asap. I love arizona but I hate the crooks that are in office, snakes in the grass

  4. I think the last sentence was suppose to say “can’t”….but the way things are going.. I’m sure they will find a way and nobody will hold them accountable….it’s not a matter of “can” or “can’t”…..it’s a matter of blantly allowing it to happen in any form…the operative word being “allowing”….I don’t trust anybody under this current government to do the right thing….they’re out of control and unhinged about keeping Trump out of office…and nobody seems to be concerned…or stopping them….not even the Republicans….

    1. All good points and the thing is “they” (current adm) will find a crooked way to keep President Trump out of office, as they have no moral compass or values at all. So troubling….

  5. Picture ID paper ballots same day vote also if you think politicians are honest get your heads out of the sand how do they make millions honestly????

  6. Godless mass baby murdering, LGBTQIA+ promoting nations need, and deserve death and corruption! If NOT we’d be living in near paradise now! NOT what we now have, god and deserve!

  7. WHATS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!!! Now that these facts are out in the open go hunt HOBBS down and put her in jail!!! Anyone one of us would have already been thrown in jail for such a Heynis crime. She just another person she’s NOT special she’s a liar and a thief. A thief on the highest level. Lock this POS up and through away the key!!!

    1. I wonder in Arizona or anywhere in fact could we do a citizens arrest of the corrupt Hobbs? No in arizona will do anything about the crook Hobbs because they are probably crooks just like her. I have always done a mail in ballot but not this next election I will do it in person. My vote probably didn’t get counted for the one I wanted I know there was no way I voted for snake in the grass Biden or Hobbs. Kari Lake I look forward to the day when you get what you were suppose to have.

  8. Something completely off the subject, but I want to get it out there. Why is there abortion? We have had multiple contraceptives for decades, even for men, so why would any woman ever get pregnant? Unless you are raped or incest not one woman should be pregnant unless you want to be so there should be no abortions ever. Why hasn’t any politically voted person ever mentioned this!! Makes me sick this fight abortion until full term ( that’s MURDER by the way) or no abortions. That shouldn’t even be a question and the people that get pregnant and decide that they want to have abortions should go to jail contraceptives are free to everyone and anyone there’s no excuse to ever get pregnant, so there’s no excuse to ever need an abortion!!

    1. I so agree with you, Murder of innocent little babies They all belong in prison or should be fixed so they can’t do it again, What is this world coming to when it is legal to kill babies? They keep preaching about a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body, It doesn’t mean you have the right to spread your legs get pregnant and kill a baby. How anyone can look at the sweetness of that little innocent baby and kill it. They have to be heartless.

    2. I have two grandchildren because the pill didn’t work. Condoms break, pill doesn’t work if you are on medications.

  9. Katie Hobbs is corrupt. We all knew instinctively just by her smug demeanor and failure to debate Kari Lake because she knows she can’t win on the issues.

  10. Hobbs should be thrown out of politics for the corrupt ways forever!!!! Another Democrat that thinks they will never pay the price like corrupt Clinton’s, Obama, Pelosi, Schiff,Nadler, Biden but they have billions from government bribes, inside trading and etc.

  11. Accountability is what is needed in the U.S.
    Those caught cheating no matter how small or large scale, need to be removed ASAP when fraud found. These criminals need never hold a office of any kind. They need to be punished by going to jail and a fine. This is all just proving that President Trump and others were right on democrats cheating and stealing election’s. So Jack why are you charging President Trump with false allegations? I would love to see someone put together what happened in 2020 and 2022 elections that were fraudulent ballots!
    Once again President Trump was right and democrats wrong. Paper ballots, ID and one day voting needs to be brought back. They also need to have a democrat and a republican on everything done when it comes to elections. Election integrity needs to be the rule of law. Hey Pelosi where is the nobody is above the law now? All these cheating and lying democrats need to be removed from office and have everything striped from them like retirement, security clearance, stock money you cheated to get, and more along with back taxes paid in full with in 30 days. All bank accounts frozen till they can answer where they got above salary money every year in office. Democrats cheat because it’s the only way they can win.

  12. We need to get rid of the corrupt Judges who think they can write the law and enforce it. They are put there by the Democrats, who are actually DEMONCRATS. They need to go!
    When are the Patriots of America going to stand up to them. The time is now! Stop them now while we can or we all pay the price.
    AND, for God’s sake, don’t let NANCY back in. She is one of the most vile and corrupt of them all.

  13. So my question is, why is it she remains in her position?
    The facts are proven that she tampered with the election.
    Why dose she not be charged and removed?
    If she remains in office, then that would mean that it really doesn’t matter if anyone cheated to win any position.
    Katie Hobbs needs to be placed in office as the voted choice.

    1. And with this prof, arrest Hobbs and convict her of treason, because it was. Harshest punishment allowed should be given her.
      If abusers or crooks do not face penalties, THEY ESCALATE. Hobbs has already proved that in decisions she’s made as Governor.
      Put Lake into her lawful position as Governor, and extend time to cover the nearly one year she’s ready lost. Can she sue Hobbs for what Hobbs crimes cost Lake re legal fees, etc.
      I think people truly found guilty of treason should be given the death penalty. Biden/Harris had already met a definition of treasonous acts against America when they abandoned the $87.9 BILLION worth of military equipment, planes, helicopters, tanks, armored transport trucks, missiles and launchers, one ton of C4 and detonators, grenades, rifles and pistols, one million rounds of ammo, camo uniforms, helmets, body armor, boots, thousands of new night vision goggles, biometrics identification systems. ..both large fixed one at Embassy and hundreds of portable ones, four pallets of cash bundles, also seen in Taliban video, etc. Leaving military equipment, which is then available for our enemies to use against America and Americans is one definition of treason. The amount tgey left there would qualify as massive treason. One if our bombs was used to bomb our soldiers at Kabil airport. The Taliban man who came around the outer perimeter wall used one of our American rifles to attack the two soldiers at the wall who, though wounded by the bomb, were pulling surviving people over the inner wall to safety. The Taliban man used an American rifle and American bullets to shoot and kill those two survivors.
      Treason. Lead Biden and Harris and anyone else in on that decision, likely Milley, out in cuffs and convict of treason. Death penalty should be on the table. THAT’S A DETERRENT,though doesn’t bring back those killed by this Administration’s actions. Maybe they’d like to plead for life in prison by spilling all they know about fraud in national election and J6 cover up, and those guilty. More treasonous acts. Time to sweep the filth out and severely punish perps.

  14. Next it will be the illegal aliens to stuff the ballot boxes. The Dems are so arrogant and unresponsive. Why?
    It was Stalin who proclaimed over 100 years ago: “I don’t care who votes I only care who counts the votes.”

  15. I say let’s have all Trump voters hand deliver their ballets or send them in the mail. And then we will let Democrats use drop boxes and we can go around and burn every drop box possible

  16. Just about every democrat has a skeleton or two in there closest. Yet they are above the law. Like you all have been saying if it was one of us the law would throw us in jail so dam fast head would swim !! I hate these above the law ass- holes, they need out of office , we the people pay there paycheck by the sweat of are tax money. Wish we could cut them off. Old stupit Biden is killing us with the open border shit he knows that it is killing from with-in, that’s what he wants. We need a clean sweep of all government agencies and offi es. Throw every dam one of them in jail.

  17. So send federal Marshall’s in and have them remove Hobbs, throw her in a paddy wagon and take her straight to prison for illegally stealing the election, keep her in solitary confinement the rest of her days! We all know( or should know) she is a bought and paid for Soros plant! Charge her for sedition, and bieng a traitor! She and the rest of the demonrats are the enemies within! Get them all out! That includes Hobbs’ henchmen Richer, Gates and Fontes!

  18. You ask, can we do a citizen arrest. United States legal citizens are All Government EMPLOYER. They elected, hired, appointed EMPLOYEES. We tax taxed, pay their salaries and benefits. Arrest? Many moons ago Democrats tried to destroy our country constitution, take control. A handful of them involved, were arrested for treason, shot. Told if you try this again, same will happen.
    Johnhancock arrest warrants issued by House Judiciary, 4 supreme court signed. Not have to impeach. When traitors committ treasonous, they are carried out and shot. Democrates have changed so many rules, over these many decades. But United States constitution is nothing to mess with. Our freedom, Nations constitutional laws stand firm as designed by our forefathers ; why it’s always worked.

  19. Because of this new found evidence (though believed by many) this election should redone and HOBBS removed from office and incarerated for miscarriage of justice in office.

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