Kevin McCarthy Launches “Operation Keep Pelosi in Power in 2022”

The ability of establishment Republican Party leaders to snatch their own defeat from the jaws of certain victory is awe-inspiring sometimes. Do they go to school for that or something? A few thought leaders on the right – Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene come to mind – somehow always have their finger on the pulse of the American people and are able to express and fight for policies that reflect that. But not the GOP leaders! Instead of having their fingers on the pulse of anything, they have their heads firmly planted up something else. Take House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), for example.

Nancy Pelosi’s party has done everything possible to try to hand Republicans back control of the House in 2022. Every issue that the Democrats support right now is a big, fat, slow pitch right down the middle, just waiting for the Republican Party leaders to hit it over the fence for the voters. Even the dumbest high-priced political consultant would be able to advise and carry a milquetoast Republican candidate to victory in 2022 by fighting against anyone of these Democrat Party policies:

Defunding the police. Critical Race Theory in schools. Gun bans and gun confiscations. Our wide-open southern border and the resulting crisis. $4-a-gallon gas that’s still rising every day. Runaway food inflation. Letting trans weirdoes walk around in women-only bathrooms with their ding-a-lings hangin’ out.

Step 1: Pick one of the above issues. Step 2: OPPOSE that issue fiercely. Step 3: Enjoy the fruits of a 40- to 50-seat landslide in the House in 2022.

This shouldn’t be that hard, guys!

Well, Kevin McCarthy has just explained the GOP “path to victory” in 2022. Are you ready for it?

Drumroll, please…

McCarthy will be forming a House Republican commission on global warming.

Yep. In order to win back the House, the leaders have decided that Republicans should go all-in on global warming and renewable energy.

What the… how do you… I… I can’t even…

How do you %#$@!* that up, Kevin?!


As proof of how serious he is about losing in the 2022 midterms, McCarthy put the slimiest, most dishonest, cuckservative, gun-grabbing RINO wimp in the entire Congress in charge of the GOP global warming commission: Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Crenshaw boasted, “I’m an environmentalist. And I know climate change is real.”

Ooooh! Maybe Greta Thunberg will stop by for a photo op/fundraiser with you on that path to victory in 2022, Dan!

Crenshaw wants to lead America on the path to “clean, renewable energy.” The problem with this brilliant GOP plan is that Americans have seen that clean, renewable energy – and they’re horrified by it.

This is the same clean, renewable energy that couldn’t keep the heat on in Texas last winter. It’s the same clean, renewable energy that prevents states like California from keeping the lights and A/C on in the hot summer months. Good grief, 60 people died from the summer heat in Oregon this past weekend – because blue states can’t keep the power on with all of their “clean, renewable energy.”

We’ve now had 40 years of failed doom-and-gloom predictions about global warming (ever since they pivoted away from the looming Ice Age that was going to kill us all). We’ve had failure after failure of the electric grid in states that have stupidly adopted Green Nude Eel electricity boondoggles that DON’T WORK.

No rational person looks at that and thinks, “Gee, I’ll bet the American people want more of THAT! Maybe we can get the price of gas up to $18 a gallon while we’re at it! Victory is ours!”

Aside from the fact that the fantasy windmills and solar panels don’t work as advertised, most Americans and none of the Republican Party’s base believes that global warming is even a thing. We’re woke to the global warming okey-doke scam.

It’s June. Guess what? It’s hot outside right now! Coincidentally, that happens every year and we used to just call it “summer.” But nowadays, the politicians all start squawking at the same time every year about how SUVs and cow farts are burning us all to death.

If you were in charge of the House Republicans and you never wanted to take control of the House again, you couldn’t pick a better issue to support than global warming. Great job, Kevin!

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63 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy Launches “Operation Keep Pelosi in Power in 2022””

  1. Apparently, McCarthy is a part of the “lets pretend we’re Republicans” Democrats. I wonder how much China has paid him.

    1. I am beginning to believe he’s another RINO. Let’s get him out. Not my kind of congressman.

      1. He’s is from CA… shouldn’t be a surprise. No CA congressman should ever be in charge of anything that is important to us.

        1. Right on, I’m from northern California central valley to be exact, every Republican congressperson from here must get a humungous pay off by Pelosi, and Feinstein to become a rhino as none of them will stand their ground to do the will of the people who elected him. We’re working at getting a pompous self-serving governor out of office as we speak. The idea of shutting down the state so he and his cohorts could skip around the state hand in hand enjoying popular destinations without rubbing shoulders with the taxpayers.


        2. yeah there probably telling him that he can have the first to take who he wants of all the kids on the boarder & do what he wants with her or him but has to bring it back by row call its called bidens little whore house,,,, joe can get fresh with them & hunter well we know what he does but since they are his he can select more than just one ,,, bring on the drugs

    2. Remember those RINO creeps in the Primary! And make sure they have a challenger who is really a Conservative!

    3. From Boehner, Then Paul Ryan (Anti Trump From Day One!) Now McCarthy……can you see a pattern here”? Climate Change….? Traitors in our ranks’!

    4. I have never trusted anything McCarthy says. He is just another Washington Rhin, voting the way the wind blows. We need some Republicans in Congress, who actually have the American peoples’ good before they vote on any Bills!

  2. There are so many issues and mistakes made by the Dems. The list is so long not to mention the internal fighting in the Dem party. They do not know what to screw up next. You do not have to do much but let it take its course. The mistakes will grow and the voters will realize what a mistake it was to put these people in the White House. Every time they go to the gas pump or to the store they will be reminded of their mistake. The border will be remembered as the biggest mistake that America made in the last 25 years. We know who owns this stupid decision.

    1. I still don’t believe we, the voters put the Democrats in office in 2020! I do believe that pretty boy McCarthy has either been bought and paid for it he is a total idiot to think the American people are going to think voting in more idiots that think the green new deal will keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer and will cost more! Vote him out!

  3. McCarthy needs to get his head out of his butt…
    Sounds like it is a topic to get him re-elected from California.
    Out of touch with the top issues in states that will produce a National winner(s).
    Wonder what Trump thinks of this priority???

  4. I DENOUNCE the Democrat party across the USA. The last 6 months has proven all they want is big fat pork STIMULOUS to line their pockets, so they can build their fortresses behind the curtain. To prepare for what is coming in our reality soon to arrive. Only the rich will survive. They know it. This is all at the cost of normal everyday Americans. We are paying them for their lives, with our own tax dollars. This is reality. I can’t envision it any other way. If you open borders, and clear out Country’s, this leaves wide open areas of confiscation of other countries to surround the USA. IM NOT blind it’s already happening.

  5. Kevin McCarthy —are you nuts –Global warming—I just got a letter from you asking for a matching donation–not once did you mention global warming as a way to take back the house —tell me –did President Trump give you the go ahead to use this heading to win back the House–I doubt it –why don;t you ask him–who side are you on –are you a by the road side a –Rhino too—what goes thru your mind when you sleep–donkeys—You are on track to blow this one big time–just like McConnell did with losing the two Senate sites in Georgia —God forbid —Global Warming—your ass–

  6. Someone said when McCarthy first took over as speaker of the house that he wasn’t any better than Paul Ryan. He’s being proven right. Not only that, that person said that the Republicans and the Democrats are all the same party, just use different names. RIGHT AGAIN!

  7. Climate change another name -weather. Weather changes. Global warming – another name -scam.

    1. Considering they all say the coastal communities are going to be under water soon, you have to wonder why the politicians and other elites continue to purchase ocean front homes just yards from the water…..

  8. McCarthy & Elise Stefanik achieved tremendous victories in 2020— But they need to read this article 5 TIMES. Then they need to read it 5 MORE TIMES. Our nation will be on life support by 2024 if we don’t save our nation in 2022. THIS is the road map to save our economy, restore quality education, stop crime in our communities & crush open border madness. Our GOP leaders have got to jump on the train with We the People FAST. There’s no room for error.

  9. Ridiculous rhinos are enabling the swamp to take down my beloved country! For god, country and freedom, lets get these rhinos out of here!

  10. Well this could be a tactic, one often used by democrats, to influence fence sitters. Remember democrats and many independents are all about “appearance”. Assuring them that “global warming” will be addressed, could be the issue that turns their vote. Just exploring other possibilities.

  11. How much longer will the working, responsible people of this great country put up with McCarathy and his BS.

  12. It is apparent that there is only a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties anymore. They both talk out of their tails because their heads know better. I do think that America has come to the end of the road and for this I am heartbroken and scared.

  13. I can’t believe that Kevin McCarthy is going in on this climate change/global warming deal!!! Has he been fighting NUTTY NANCY for so long that she’s rubbed off on him!!! I mean dude let explain something there have been climate changes since the world was created WAKE UP!!!

  14. If you believe in the Bible things are going to get a lot worse. I’m ready, are you? It is all spelled out in Revelations.

  15. McCarthy is one of the biggest rhinos, what a dam moron. He will single handedly get his ass handed to him, with such a idiotic move.

  16. Why can’t McCarthy and the Republicans incorporate all those issues to show / prove how bad the dumbocrats are? Are there any politicians (other than Donald Trump) of either major party who care about the “American People”? Or are all politicians only concerned about themselves and how much money they can raise for themselves through corruption?

    McConnel was bad and inept and now the Republicans are proving how inept they can still be. Or are they? If you concentrate on yourself, as the politicians seem to be proving. the politicans are showing their contmpt for the intelligence of the voters in this great country. With the exception of a few they all desrve to lose and we should start over.

    These are my opinions only. I am not looking for some one who “can’t lose”. I am looking for politicians who are honest and look like winners because of what they say and do and how they act.

  17. I am not one bit surprised. This man has always pretended to be a conservative, but his speech and his facial expressions show that he is nothing but a RINO and he should be a Democrat because he is as willing to give up on the U.S. as any of them are. I would say he has always been a socialist, but has pretended to be a Republican. He needs to be “kicked out” of the Republican Party.

  18. I have been very disappointed in the Republican Party since Biden was “elected” to office. The party has been very weak on fighting any of the many issues facing our nation such as CRT, inflation, socialist programs, US Constitutional rights ignored, numerous lies put out by the Dems, and election fraud issues. Manmade Global Warming is a lie since the theory is based upon false data and not facts, just conjecture. When Republican’s leadership buys into this lie it is time to look elsewhere for the future of America. There must be a party for smart, parotitic Americans who want our nation to succeed, not a party run for self-interest and no vision to make America Great Again. Yes the Republican Parry is becoming meaningless since it has no backbone or vision for America.

  19. McCarthy the rhino, needs to go, what a pathetic, incompetent, moron. Climate change is the total loser for dummycraps, and repukes.

  20. Omg! Mc Carthy, are you insane? THIS is what you are going with? What about working to get Piglosi OUT instead of handing her the gavel yet again? Well, you shot yourself in the foot on this, hope you get voted out in 2022, and a REAL REPUBLICAN elected in your place! That goes for Crenshaw as well. We need REAL MEN who will fight for our country instead of wimping out! Climate change your arse, the climate cycles all the time, no news there! Study up on it, you might learn something. I am totally disgusted by you people, aren’t you a Californian? Guess you must be since you come up with all the stupid ideas that Piglosi does. Crenshaw, I thought you were supposedly on OUR side ( Republican) guess I was mistaken, well, the Texas voters may change their mind about re electing you as well.

  21. Let’s face it.Global warming is an issue.The issue is that it is a scam and perhaps Crenshaw will realize its not about protecting the environment.Its about lining the pockegts of the Globalists. LOL

  22. I say if the Democratic want wind mills, solar power then install all that stuff at White House. Next winter when things freeze an they are all cold or next summer when ac doesn’t have enough power to cool. Maybe the Democratic can stick there head up a cows but to keep warm

  23. I used to like Dan Crenshaw, but somehow he got brainwashed. The great patriots of Texas will not put up with this. I predict Dan will be toast.
    Kevin is no surprise — what a RINO.
    President Trump — I miss you!

  24. Kevin McCarthy (R-Cal). R-Cal stands for RINO from California. Or in his case, Commiefornia.

    The Democrat Party has been working to destroy the United States for over 100 years now. The GOP signed aboard about 50 years ago.


    I wonder, like Gavin Newsome, is McCarthy related to Nancy Pelosi? Why not? They’re all on the same team.


  25. Somebody needs to contact Trump and have him talk some sense into Kevin. Talking points should be refunding Police and firing all AG’s that don’t enforce our laws and don’t prosecute criminals. Border issues (graphic to show how many illegals are coming across our borders and cost). Democrats attacking our Constitutional rights…Freedom of Speech, 2AMENDMENT rights. State’s right to run elections without Fed intervention. Democrat Socialist agenda for Spending Trillions of our tax dollars which will lead to higher gas, healthcare, housing, food and other consumer goods.

    1. I doubt all the talking to Kevin and all the other Rhinos are smart enough to understand.
      They’re lead by greed,blackmail,and trying to climb the ladder of success.
      It’s a dambed shame.As long as demon-rats are in office,rhinos included,we are screwed

  26. McCarthy – is he not from California?? Something in the water out there – or in the beer – but they are all nuts or drift that way?? After all the BS Kevin has spouted about the changes in 2022 – Now This?/ Why can’t we have a third party (like right now) that can usurp the republican parties position and run for the roses??

    1. To Stephen and others now feeling disappointed and disenfranchised. There’s a third party around right now. One that believes in smaller government (which is what we need) and doesn’t stick its nose into places it is not wanted (maybe that’s why you’ve never heard of it). It’s called the Libertarian Party. Let’s try it on for size and wisdom. When someone like Trump comes along, you can vote for him/her, no one will know or care. And if the party grows into something, maybe one of the other two circus acts will wither away, just as they should. The Libertarians must be making some type of progress. I know that because Biden criticized the party in the same way and in the same speech about the danger of the republican party, right after he slipped into the white house.

  27. I’m an environmentalist, too. The weather stinks sometimes. The weather changes. Back before we had cars , we had ice ages, and massive droughts. You can’t fight the weather. We don’t determine the weather, that’s done by someone with more authority than us. But we learn to adapt. That’s the problem with these people, you can’t make millions on teaching people to adapt, so you make something up. Truly disappointed that these two are leaning toward the Big Hoax.

  28. Take into consideration the state he’s from and that should tell you he’up to — or just plain up you know who’s butt. mccarthy is a rino and needs to change his party affiliation. global warming has been a scam from the beginning and still is. It seems to me that the so-called repubs want to stay subservient to the demoTRASH so they can whine and cry. I will not donate to repubs until Trump is back in the WH where he should be.

    1. I am of the same feeling… I’m not donating anymore…only when MY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is back in office n he will be…in the meantime we can donate to America First!!!! ✌️

  29. Come on Kevin stand up and prove you are a real Republican not a Piggylosi rino wimp. If you don’t you will be voted out of congress because Republican voters will have a long memory!!

  30. McCarthy plays both sides of the fence ALWAYS, depends what he thinks is most expedient for him at the time. He bitches and moans about what the libtards are doing, and then like little tin soldier he is falls right in line with piglousy and crew! I am in his district and have disagreed with him numerous times – GUESS WHAT – he NEVER responds to any of my emails.

  31. McCarthy and Crenshaw are idiots. Joe Biden is making climate change a winning issue for Republicans. Joe Biden doesn’t believe that using fossil fuels causes climate change. Joe Biden cancelled two U.S. pipelines in order to prove the Dems were fighting climate change. Then he approved the Russian pipeline to Germany. Good grief. The hypocrisy is incredible. That gives Russia, presumably our adversary, a huge economic boost while losing energy independence for the U.S. Joe Biden is shutting down access of U.S. companies to oil and gas on federal lands. As a result Americans, on vacation, or commuting to work are being pick-pocketed by the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. Biden is now urging OPEC to increase oil production to bring the cost of oil down. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Joe Biden’s actions prove climate change is a hoax. But McCarthy and Crenshaw are going to support climate change? Republicans need new leadership.

  32. We can only hope that people don’t listen to a word McCarthy says. We also must rely on Trump, and other True Republicans, drown out, and leave this moron on his own little island. McCarthy is going down, especially after being outed by Tucker Carlson about who his closet friends are, and who advises him. DEMOCRATIC HACKS!

  33. We’ve had some of the most cretinous people in office , so called journalist and role models for years. They proved time after time that their only concern is power, greed and self. What they have done to this country is a disgrace. We have seen. The apathetic slackers continuously dismantle integrity only to replace it with iniquity. I wouldn’t vote for or listen to any of these equivocators. The truth is out there.

  34. you are spot on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory we would probably do better if some of our politico stayed in their basements till the election is over

  35. What it boils down to is that there is only ONE political party in this country now, The Demlican Party with its Left and Right Wings.

    The former GOP(LOL) just keeps going out of its way to SPIT IN THE FACES OF WE THE PEOPLE and do everything in its power to insure that the Democrat/Communists succeed. Environmentalist? What a JOKE!! Commumentalist is more like it.

    The 24/7 back-stabbing by the GOP(LOL) continues apace. Remember their promise to repeal ObamaCare? We gave them the donations and votes. What did we get in return?

    Yup, that KNIFE IN THE BACK.

  36. Global worming!!! Come on McCarthy, get real or get out of the Republican party. The demoncreep party has handed you the keys to the Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024 and you turn your back on them. You must be a “RINO” traitor from California. Any other Republican that sides with this loser needs to go bye bye too!!!

  37. It’s jackass decisions by Republicans that have us in the mess we’re in. The number one problem conservative voters have is that they have to vote for republicans who are not conservative and who have no guts to do what’s right. Kevin McCarthy is worthless and a perfect example of a rhino that will be satisfied being a junior varsity player instead of a varsity player. Republicans play for second place and never for first. That’s the plight of the conservative voter as they have no true representation. Republicans wont hold their ground & will not fight, they cave & are happy to let democrats run the show. Way to go luzer McCarthy & happy u get your JV letter while screwing conservative voters & supporters. Talk about wasting money, thats what u do when u support republicans. Theres some good ones but not enough & heres just a few luzers, Benedict Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa murkowski, Rob Portman, Liz Cheney, and the list could go on like Adam kinzinger the idiot from Illinois who’s in the house & Paul Ryan was. Isn’t it strange or a coincidence that when Paul Ryan became a member of the board at Fox News that they started turning on Trump. What a cliwn show the GOP is.

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