Massive Ballot Chain-of-Custody Scandal Exposed in Georgia

The mainstream media is now publishing daily misinformation about the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Associated Press is the worst of the bunch, but then, they have skin in the game. The AP worked directly with the Fox News “decision desk” losers to help them call Arizona waaaay early for Joe Biden back on election night. While we don’t know how long it will be before we see the results in that state (things have been pushed back considerably now that the AZ Attorney General has stepped in), we have some promising results coming in from other states. In Georgia, the early stages of a massive ballot chain-of-custody conspiracy has just been exposed.

The Georgia Star News reports that it has just completed a review of all of the chain of custody documents for drop box ballots in the 2020 election, in DeKalb County. Back in October of 2020, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (supposedly a Republican) violated the US Constitution by changing Georgia’s election rules. This is unconstitutional because only state legislatures are allowed to do that.

One of the many changes that Raffensperger implemented along with mass mail-in voting was setting up drop boxes for people to drop off their mail-in ballots, instead of taking them to the Post Office.

(One story that hasn’t received nearly enough coverage is the fact that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg paid for those drop boxes that showed up in 2020 in many of the stolen swing states. This is known as “fortifying” an election, according to Time magazine.)

Raffensperger unilaterally implemented Georgia Emergency Rule 183-1-14-1.8-.14 to help pull this stunt. The rule states explicitly:

“The ballots from the drop box shall be immediately transported to the county registrar and processed and stored in the same manner as absentee ballots returned by mail are processed and stored. The county registrar or a designee thereof shall sign the ballot transfer form upon receipt of the ballots from the collection team.”


After analyzing the ballot transfer forms in DeKalb County, the Georgia Star News found that 61,731 ballots were deposited in drop boxes there. 72% of the ballots (43,907) showed up at the registrar’s office the following day after they were picked up. Note that the rule says the ballots are supposed to be “immediately transported” to the county registrar. Many of them showed up 22 hours later, after they were picked up.

Gosh, I wonder what could have happened to those 43,907 ballots during the 22 hours that they were in violation of Raffensperger’s chain of custody rules? Probably nothing, right? Clean as whistle election!

As a reminder, Joe Biden’s officially recorded “margin of victory” in Georgia in the 2020 election was 11,779 votes. DeKalb County is just one of Georgia’s 159 counties. The Georgia Star News has been reviewing chain of custody issues in other counties as well.

In Fulton County, home of the State Farm Arena and the magic suitcase ballots that were rammed through counting machines repeatedly to help fluff up Joe Biden’s numbers, there were 18,901 mail-in ballots that had no chain of custody at all. An election official in that county finally admitted that the chain of custody forms were “lost.”

There were 59,042 mail-in ballots deposited in drop boxes in Fulton County. 50,653 of them violated chain of custody rules. They weren’t “immediately transferred” and in many cases, showed up at the registrar’s office the following day. That’s an 85% non-compliance rate on those ballots. Further proving the blazing competence of Fulton County election officials, 5% of the drop box ballots were recorded as arriving at the registrar’s office before they were picked up from the drop boxes.

Chain of custody rules are incredibly important. If the police don’t provide proper chain of custody documentation on an item in a criminal case, such as a murder weapon, that piece of evidence cannot be used in a court of law. There’s no way to prove that it was not tampered with. It should be no different with ballots that are picked up and then wander off for a day before showing up at a county registrar’s office and signed in. What happened to those 94,560 ballots when they were wandered around unaccounted for, for 22 hours in DeKalb and Fulton counties?

Here’s the hilarious thing: If those ballots are discarded (as they should be), most of them would be for Joe Biden – even the ballots were not tampered with at all and are completely legitimate votes. The Atlanta Metro area is extremely liberal to begin with. Biden won DeKalb County with 85% of the vote, and Fulton County with 72% of the vote.

If those questionable votes are disqualified, Biden will lose approximately 74,230 votes. Which would mean Donald Trump won Georgia by about 62,451 votes.

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55 thoughts on “Massive Ballot Chain-of-Custody Scandal Exposed in Georgia”

    1. Very true. We can be sure that if each of these states have a complete and honest audit, there would be a totally different picture than the one that was given during the election, which was filled with fraud and deception. Bending and flat out breaking the rules by both democrats and so-called republican officials was the common thing.

      1. I’M a betting person and i’d damn sure bet it was all crooked !! Just like everything now they touch now is crooked and most all are lies !!! YOU WOULD THINK THAT BUNCH WOULD HAVE ENOUGH SINCE TO JUST QUIT PERIOD !! Guess that’s why they don’t quit they’re to dumb to even know when to quit !!!

      1. I agree, put those that tampered with or out right committed voter fraud be put in prison for 15 years hard labor. Have any pension, and benefits taken away. The democrats and Republicans are too soft on those that commit crimes against the nation and we the people suffer for their incompetents.

    2. Sorry Kevin, I can’t help myself to respond and ask you THEN WHAT?
      You must be a mentally retarded not to know right next day after the election, in that morning, that the democrats stole the election
      We don’t need anymore election audits which lead to nowhere.
      And with the rethoric coming out from the republican politicians that the scope of the audit is not to remove the present administration of thieves out from the white house but to correct the voting deficiencies we are like the character of Cervantes fighting the wind mills
      We need action now or stop giving false hope to the deplorable baskets by doing all these audits.

  1. Democrats run a coup to take over our Government. The military knowing this should have raided the government and Arrested them all and placed them in Gitmo to be held for Military court as Terrorist. We are a country with out a President and run by terrorist, common scum of the Earth. We are under the same control nw as Afghanistan and if not our Veterans there would not have been Murdered as well as all of the people that turned to support America. Our System does not work at all and mainly because of the people that are suppose to be Americans and thank veterans for their service because it is politically correct

    1. They got away with the coup, and now we have the most corrupt government in American history. This has been happening for years, right under our noses. They have infiltrating every office of power, our military leaders and have been brainwashing our young in schools. We were once the greatest nation on earth, but now thanks to the corrupt left, we are the laughing stock of all. We were never taken out by an outside enemy, but from one within. America has been destroyed by the unAmericans who live among us.

      1. Yea this is a disgrace to say the least.
        There’s more than enough proof of fraud
        To overturn the election..
        But the. Main stream media will not report on it. So if the evidence can not get out to the masses because of big tec cover up.
        How can we get him out of the office????
        Sad very sad Jw.

    2. A lot of Democrats in the Military and the Pentagon that see no wrong than to take bribes of millions from the Democrats, so how do you expect that to happen?

    3. Ralph you are the most knowing person here. Our country was taken by a silent coup. No one did a thing.

  2. Massive fraud is the only way for basement Joe to have won. Joe’s rallies could only get less than 200 people to show up, so he retreated to his basement using covid as an excuse. Trump’s rallies numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Now you expect us to believe the election was all aboveboard and fair? Tell me another fairytale.

  3. All the audits, investigations and reveals mean squat unless and until there is accountability for the failures, and the true results are implemented. Faith in our election system will never return without these measures. But then is that what the true goal is here, undermine the peoples confidence in our election system? Ask yourself, why would they do that?

    1. Tony, I think you are on the right track. That being one motive, if you & I allow this to be the case. People believes nothing can change anything, even if the audits prove massive election fraud. This is not true, if it was massive, meaning, multiple states/counties then technology would been needed. These paper ballots was needed in covering digital voting, This means a cyberwar was conducted on the U.S. voter’s choice of government. It would been a war against the people’s choice, it overthrown the ‘people’s government. For all that participated in aiding the perpetrators committed TREASON, including some candidates. It is in the Constitution and we the people are in control, not the U.S ‘suspicious government’, we take it directly to the courts & eventually into the Supreme Court by the Constitution..

  4. All of the cheaters, liars, and depositors of those illegal mail in ballots need to be arrested. Those drop boxes should have had cameras on all of them. How come no one seemed to notice. Each individual was only allowed to place 2-3 ballots in each drop box. Scum CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg funding those drop boxes — does not dish out money unless he is getting something in return. He’s a Socialist and is Un-American.

  5. I really hope this gets sorted out and the REAL PRESIDENT of the USA, gets back in office, and cleans out the w.h.d.c. so that it will once again be THE W.H.D.C. . And a deep serious investigation into this VOTER FRAUD committed by the CCP-DNC COMMUNIST. And many end up doing time at the GRAY BAR HOTEL @ GITMO. and one of the main characters/inmate should be, STACY ADAMS , she is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN .

    1. The election should be overturned trump put back in office and the ones caught with their fingers in the cookie jar arrested and jailed and some dignity restored to this country

  6. When Biden was announced the winner. We all knew it was corruption. Now look at what he’s done to America and it’s citizens. Biden is the most corrupt President to date that’s completely unamerican. Everything he’s done so far has been torture for the USA. Impeach Biden now !


    2. She is also trying to STEAL our money from banks and turn it into CRYPTO CURRENCY. She put it in the last bill but someone caught it and had it pulled. YOU WANT TO SEE PEOPLE REALLY FIGHT , TRY DOING THAT. Guns is the only reason it has not been done. STRENGTH IS IN POWER. MOST AMERICANS ARE LAWFUL MINDED BUT THAT WOULD BE LAST STRAW!

  7. Well, if anything, this explains why the GOP refuses to get involved in the Election Fraud recounts and investigations. The reason is simple – they have been part of the FRAUD all along.

    They’re afraid we will found out the truth about who and what they are. The truth is that there is little if any difference now between Republicans and Democrats. The only difference is that one has an (R) after their name and the other a (D).

    Perhaps we should insist on truth in labeling. Force them both to put an (L) for LIAR after their name on all future ballots.

      THERE are a few good Republicans in office now but way to many Republicans RHINOS. HOPEFULLY NEXT ELECTION WILL GET THEM REPLACED. I AM VOTING ONLY FOR WHO TRUMP RECOMMENDS, after I do my own homework also. We just have to really pay attention, get more active in elections. DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE JAILED!!!

  8. All of this palavering and obviously overstated headlines amount to NOTHING.
    NO ONE has discussed what happens if the election WAS INDEED stolen and what steps can be taken to prosecute and incarcerate ALL of the criminals. More importantly, what can be done to eject the Moron in Chief Joe Biden, incarcerate him and his corrupt cohorts and even MORE Importantly REVERSE this disastrously wrong policies?

    1. Where was ..and where is our Supreme court ❓They thought it would be fine ❓just ignored what was as plain as the nose on your face, election was stolen. What did they think, oh well it’s just 4 years…… WELL THEY NOW SEE JUST HOW BAD ONLY 8 MONTHS IS. AND IF THE DEMOCRATS HAVE THEIR WAY THE SUPREME COURT WILL HAVE NO POWER!!!!! AMERICAN CAN’T TAKE 4 YEARS OF THIS IDIOT BIDEN AND HIS HANDERS!

      1. I agree. If they don’t do something about Biden soon, we will have Chinese army boots on American soil before we even know what happened.

  9. So big deal, the election was rigged. It’s not gonna change ANYTHING. Does anyone really think that the lowlifes that have stolen the election will be arrested. Bet you not. PROVE me wrong and go arrest Biden and Kamala for voter fraud not gonna happen. Remember that nasty Nancy Pelosi has already said that EVEN WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED AGAINST DONALD TRUMP THERE IS NOT NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT. And they own all of the corrupt courts so that means they have already won. Unless you know of any judge who is willing to stand up and call for the removal of the corrupt president and then reinstate Donald Trump.. Not gonna happen. PROVE me wrong.

  10. The USA STATE GOVERNMENT AG’s should charge All Federal & State Actors (under their state law) who are involved & have been identified in this Treason. Nobody Is above Federal or State law.

    1. Sounds good but Supreme court is just about to pay for their turning a blind eye by having NO POWER.

  11. The only way to reasonably safe guard the voting integrity is to have VALID photo ID’s for voting. AMERICAN CITIZENS ONLY. NO mail in ballots. No early voting without voter ID card. Other countries take finger prints to vote. You have to show a pictured ID for almost everything today so it should NOT be any HASSLE to produce a voter ID to vote. The photo ID system is already in place via every states RMV departments. No new BIG spending bill to duplicate an already existing system. We have federally funded senior and handicapped transportation everywhere so why not for voting ? No more get a drivers license and your registered to vote even as a NON-CITIZEN. There are two years between Federal Elections. That is time enough to arrange transportation. If you can’t in that time frame ? Then your just lazy and should not participate. NO prisoners should vote. When your in prison you THREW away your RIGHTS. Your a WARD of the state in which you live and subject to the penalties. If you don’t want to live within societies rules ? Then you surrender all your rights.

    I know this sounds tough but our MOST treasured gift of self governing via voting is under attack and soon to be gone if DRASTIC measures are not taken. If that don’t scare you how about this. PRESIDENT PELOSI because Harris is totally unfit as well as Biden.

    John Hendershott / A very concerned and afraid AMERICAN CITIZEN.

    1. I like your style. Run for Congress, you’ll get my vote, we need more people who are not afraid to stand up to pelosi, schumer, harris and biden. If we can show the American people that their votes were compromised it would be easier to conduct audits and change voting laws to secure votes. The democrats would not have a leg to stand on, but first prove there was mass fraud, and cheating by those currently in office.

  12. I can not do much but watch this IDIOT BIDEN tell one lie after another. Just how stupid do they think Americans are. WHAT I CAN DO IS EMAIL MY CONGRESSMAN, SENATOR, GOVERNOR anyone I can get a email of REPEATEDLY ALL DAY, BLOW UP THEIR EMAIL SITE . Letting them know next election we’ll see them on the unemployment list if they don’t wake up to their duties to their voters. UNLESS THEY STEAL THE VOTE AGAIN! STAND UP FOR AMERICA, DUMP PELOSI!!

  13. We Americans must get out and Vote in person no mailing Ballots and show ID that will slow the cheating down . The Democrats want to cheat using ballot harvesting.drop boxes anything to steal our Elections because that’s the only way they can win.

  14. One thing can be done. Make sure every #46 disaster is used to rub the noses of the Rabid Left Wing Socialists in the blood on there hands. Give them no peace! Every one of our side knows a few of these mis-infprmed or uninformed voters.
    On the plus side Rachel Madcow was fired by MSNBC today. One fool down many to go.

  15. What continues to baffle me, (NOT!), is why would the Democrats resist any audit? If they are absolutely sure the election was 100% on the up-and-up, they should welcome an audit to verify their accuracy.
    Instead, what we see is argument after argument, stall after stall, law suits ad nauseum, trying to keep the audits from happening.
    It takes only a pre-schooler to understand, if you don’t want to be caught at a lie, keep lying and try to distract anyone who may be in doubt of the version that is being pushed.
    Trump is still President. The democrats cheated, lied and stole this election. If this is not true, then get on with the audits, so we can get on with taking the country back from these communist traitors.

  16. Knock it off everybody. This election has resulted in perhaps the best news ever for every single American that was looking, no, searching for a possible successor to Jimmy Carter and his complete ineffectiveness and incompetency. That search is finally over.
    PINO Joe has got to go!

  17. OK
    The problem being our Nation has lost any and all influence (the last 35+ years) over Congressional membership. We now have far too many careerists taking up seats in the House and the Senate who have absolutely no fear of constituent blowback (they own our Congress) and we have aided and abetted that reality/disdain by our lack of due diligence, lazy voting, uniformed voting and a false belief that an incumbent is a good thing. What would be happening if that were not the case is Congress would be well into a special session specifically aimed at the 2020 discrepancies and violations of voting laws of at least 6-7 states.

    The state officials (in charge of voting regulations) and the state governors would have been subpoenaed by Congress and would be testifying before them as I write these comments.

    Every registered citizen voter and every citizen not registered must do so and then we all must make it known by any means legally available to us that we demand Congress get involved in the 2020 election results of those 6-7 states which have mounting evidence being compiled on a 24/7 basis against their election results. I am for States rights, however, only those rights that are legitimate, based in law and spelled out in The Constitution. No state has the right to ignore or neglect their own voting regulations/ laws for political gain.

    What occurred in these state’s election protocol and ballot handling/results is being proven by actual, factual evidence was neither legal nor based on established protocol. Nothing concerning state validation of election results is cast in stone and Congress can intervene and investigate when allegations being made against those results have evidentiary proof to back them up. There is evidentiary proof and a bundle of it.

    And, we must demand legislation be voted on and passed for “TERM LIMITS” which is the only way we, as citizens and voters, will ever gain control of Congressional membership.

    I have written this many, many times; “TERM LIMITS” Senate 8 years, House 6 years and with no future eligibility, done after term is served. Supreme Court life-time appointments have to go as well. “TERM LIMIT” 10 years and no return.

    The term for the US President should be revised because it is in the Nation’s best interest. One longer term would eliminate all the wasted time campaigning and money utilized for re-election that would be better spent doing the job. One 7 year term only! That would place the term directly in between the Senate and House terms limits. A one term Presidency makes better fiscal sense, it eliminates 2+ years of time taken away from presidential duties for campaigning and relieves all the distraction and stress which is inherent in securing a second term. These “TERM LIMIT” changes are long overdue and would make our Nation’s political apparatus much more efficient and more accountable to their constituents.

    WHAT SAY YOU? AS my grandpappy used to say, “lets getter done”!

  18. This all is good news, the only problem is Nothing more will happen or no one will ever Serve a day in jail for anything they have done. Democrats will try this again in 2022 they’ve already got their foot in the door!!

  19. Our gut instincts have been telling us something was going to happen. That the deep state was using the 4 years Trump was in the White house to devise any and all I’ll Demoncrat playbook plans to steal the 2020 election. The first clue was how they treated President Trump so disrespectfully since day one, and never let up for 4 years. The swamp, the media, and stupid day and night time talk shows. We were all in disbelief because Nobody had ever seen such disrespect of an American President in our Lifetimes. Unless you were blind , deaf, sleeping, or just plain brain dead stupid, you should have known that stealing the 2020 election was coming. What nobody saw coming was that THEY would actually create a Lab Virus, pay for it with our taxpayers dollars, and unleash that virus on the world in order to unseat The truly elected President Donald Trump. Must be something pretty damn cataclysmic coming that they had to get back into power for. Meanwhile our America is being lost.

  20. Blacks control the election offices in Fulton, Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett counties. As long as they have control there will be false results in elections in Georgia.

  21. Good Morning answer me why isn’t anyone going to jail W F T just answer that question is everyone afraid of what may be said Stop ✋the crap or Stop ✋reporting on this corruption news media and the democrats should be held responsible United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A

  22. Why isn’t Mark Fuckerbag arrested for influence peddling, you think this little scumbag put out millions of dollars because he is a patriot? No, its so the Demorats could steal the election. Why did he ban president Trump from Facebook? Let’s all cancel Facebook accounts! Also, how is that old POS Soros allowed to influence so many socialist organizations to undermine our country…he needs to be tried for treason!

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