Massive Narrative Shift as Democrat-Media Cabal Blames Trump for Vaccines

Some 262 million Americans have been inoculated with a COVID shot by now. That number hasn’t budged in months, because by now, most people know at least one person who has been severely harmed by the so-called “vaccines.” Nobody wants the shot anymore. There’s no point to it when you can still get the virus and spread it to others. And an awful lot of people who have been in government since January 20, 2021, now need a scapegoat. They don’t want to take the blame for pushing vaccine lies and mandating experimental medicine that turned out to maim people, so now they’re going to start calling the shots the “Trump vaccines.”

I knew this day was going to come more than a year ago. I started trying to warn Trump to shut up already about the vaccines, because something was seriously off about them. People were getting hurt, and the few dissidents online who were speaking out about it were being censored by Big Tech. When Trump started holding rallies again in May of 2021, he just would not shut up about the shots. If he wanted to reclaim his rightful seat at the White House in 2024, he needed to stop running around sounding like Little Donnie Trump the Junior Vice President of Vaccine Sales for Pfizer.

But Trump kept blathering about the vaccines for the next few months. He always seemed genuinely puzzled when he’d talk about the vaccines during his rallies, and his base would “Boo” him. What Trump failed to recognize was that his base HATES these shots far more than they love him. It took a while for him to catch on to this, but now he’s finally started to pivot. Hopefully it’s not too late.


Politico jumped into the “Hey, let’s blame Trump” fray first, with this headline this week:

“Trump White House exerted pressure on FDA for COVID-19 emergency use, House report finds.”

Gasp! Oh, hey, wait a second… didn’t we all know that a couple of years ago when the pandemic first hit? Why have the Democrats compiled a “House report” on this? Everyone knew that Trump had accelerated the timeline on new treatments at the FDA, because Trump didn’t want this relatively mild virus from China to harm the economy. He knew that the sooner treatments were available, the sooner things could get back to normal.

But Trump is not some vaccine-maker scientist. He didn’t cook the vaccines up in a lab personally, as the Democrats and the media are now going to try to tell us. He was lied to at every turn, by Anthony Fauci, the vaccine companies, the National Institutes of Health, and the FDA.

Here are some things we should continue reminding everyone of, as they now attempt to rewrite history.

The FDA resisted Trump’s efforts to speed up the process on the vaccines. They didn’t want to give him a “win” before the election. The media portrayed the FDA as being “heroic.” Once the 2020 election had been stolen, the FDA and the CDC never tried to resist any speedy approvals again. The Biden regime just bought 171 million doses of new booster shots from Pfizer before the FDA had even approved it.

Pfizer meddled in the election in 2020 by not submitting its emergency use authorization request to the FDA until two weeks after the election had been stolen. Again: They didn’t want Trump getting any credit for the development of the vaccine, which had been completed before the election. They deliberately withheld information about the vaccine’s development until after they knew they had gotten rid of Donald Trump. Why? Because they knew Trump was never going to mandate the shot for anyone. They needed to put their little communist puppet Biden in office to sell as many of these harmful vaccines as possible.

Speaking of which, now that they’re finally going to start blaming vaccine injuries on Donald Trump, never forget who it was that forced people to get the vaccines against their will. Joe Biden and Democrat governors are to blame for the huge numbers of people who were injured or killed by the vaccines. They mandated medical workers, airline workers, military members, federal and state employees, and anyone else they could force to take the shot.

Donald Trump didn’t do any of that. But they’re going to try to gaslight everyone into thinking he did now. Soon, they’ll be claiming that “No one forced you to take the shot,” because it’s all Trump’s fault somehow.

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28 thoughts on “Massive Narrative Shift as Democrat-Media Cabal Blames Trump for Vaccines”

  1. How much more can we take?
    How many more lies, accusations, and deflections will we tolerate?
    I fear that as the weeks and months of this baloney grind on, President Trump’s supporters will begin to shut down and tune out.
    Personally, I am ready to just say “F it, I’m
    DONE.” So many of us have tried and tried to get the truth out, and help others to understand what’s REALLY going on, and for WHAT?

    RIP America.

    1. I totally get where you are coming from. This is what they are hoping for. We cannot give up or they win. I too am worn out. Can you imagine how Trump feels, but he keeps going for us and for the Patriotic Americans that do not want to see our country end up like Venezuela or Sri Lanka. Be strong never give up and just remember God is in control. As bleak as it may seem sometimes, God has a plan you just have to have faith, dig in and keep on fighting.

    2. Trump had nothing to do with forcing the vaccine.As a matter of fact he made a public statement about it. The mandate blame goes to Biden.Even after thousands died and had serious adverse effects he still pushed the mandate.He has not lifted the mandate or the Service or health care workers.
      Because of what he has done we have a failing healthcare system with a major shortage of Dr’s and Nurses.

  2. I am so sick and tired of the Damn Democrats trying to put the blame on Trump. It was Biden that was pushing and forcing all Americans to get the shotsHe even had the US Military remove and kick out service members that refused to take and get the shot. All the issues and problems are the fault of Biden and not Trump. Remember this Biden is killing our country along with all his cronies in the Democratic party.

  3. This is one area I would have preferred Trump to allow the copycat to take all of the credit for the vaccines. Biden wanted to take credit for all the distribution of this crap. He is the one that distributed it and claimed fame for its success of it. So let him have it. The Democrats practically ripped the credibility out of the hands of Trump and went full bore with it. This is nothing less than a complete failure shared with Fauci.

  4. Covid is a bio weapon created in a Chinese lab at the behest of Fauci and paid for by him and Gates, they created it before Trump was even elected. Fauci warned the Trump would face a pandemic before the end of his term, so they already had plans on releasing it. You never release a bio weapon before you have the vaccine for it or else risk getting killed by your own bug. They had the vaccine already and delayed releasing it to force mail in voting!

  5. Everyone get used to the tyranny, it’s here to stay, the fix is in. This administration is not going anywhere. People have forgotten where their blessings come from. Our future is the same as Old Testament Israel’s was, unless the US Citizens change our priorities. The reign of the United States as a Client Nation to God and world leader is coming to an end. These are the facts.

  6. There is one thing to NOT forget, that Dr. Fauci stood there and did NOTHING but lie about everything that President Trump said about HCQ and Ivermectin. The reason for that was Faauci had stock in Big Pharma which should be against the law. Big Pharma has bought the CDC and the FDA, also. Don’t ever forget Big Pharma has NOT made one drug to cure anything since Salk gave the Polio vaccine to the people. They don’t give a damn about us just the money.
    A young Dr. from Ikaria off of Turkey but part of Greece. was at a hospital in {I thiink} NJ, a man had been in a diabetic coma and when he came out they still couldn’t get his Blood sugar down. The young Dr. weent into another room and gave his a list of ingredients to make tea out of in the morning. The man’s sugar went down. One of the ingredients was Magnolia bark, Big Pharma bought it all up so they couldn’t make anymore of the pills they makde with the ingredients. God gave us what we need to heal and Big Pharma won’t allow us to use it. { The EVIL DEVIL at work.}

  7. While this is just ANOTHER “Dem lie”, let us take hope in the observable fact that everything the Left has tried, to remove Trump has BACKFIRED !!!
    The Russian collusion hoax; the J6 witch hunt faux trials; the FBI raid etc.. They have been pursuing Trump for seven years and haven’t been able to take him down, because THEY DON’T HAVE ANYTHING, and therefore they have to manufacture something, i. e. create a HOAX!

    Given all the Leftist gun hysteria, consider how their 2nd amendment attacks and all their
    “feel good” socialist garbage has resulted in so much lawlessness that Americans have purchased
    millions of guns in the past two years! It’s because
    Joe Bidet & company, have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the government no longer has any interest is protecting its people, so
    “we, the people ” have to protect ourselves!
    Just another example of Bidet’s failed policies!
    We CANNOT give up, there’s just too much at stake!

    1. Crazy s*** going on with our government they want to stop Trump at all cost it’s like they can’t let him ever be in office again they just can’t the Democrat Party has gotten so sinister

  8. And who didn’t see this coming?…..the demonrats don’t have a policy platform that can win, they are demonic with children, they steal sh*t, they are VIOLENT, and they want to throw this country in the crapper and turn it into Venezuela. What’s not to love? I

  9. Get ALL the FACTS straight, then RAM it to the Democrats. POTUS Trump was NOT going to mandate these vaccines . . . The DEMOCRATS were. Biden and the Democrats FULLY own this DEBACLE. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot.

  10. The vax’s weren’t perfect, but they weren’t intended to be forced on an entire population. The only people in need were the elderly and obese, and immune compromised citizens. The healthy didn’t need to be bullied. Generally, people sick, are the ones in isolation, not the healthy. It was a deliberate move by the O’biden regime to make the citizens submit to their authority. And no, I didn’t get the vax, and I still haven’t even had a cold. They will use this again and again when it suits their political purposes, as they are already talking about boosters. Don’t play their game. The more you give in the worse your natural immune system suffers. Go to vote these people out in November!

    1. My daughter was RN she was forced to take the vaccine and she caught covid three different times after being vaccinated

  11. Some people only watch fake news and don’t really look around them to see what’s really happening but you’re right about all that you said about vaccine it’s crazy how a lot of people don’t see what’s going on around them start watching the real news stop watching fake news

    1. Start with fox or Newsmax and get the real news CNN and all the rest of them are so crooked just as crooked as all the Democrats

  12. While we have Life and Breath – — we MUST maintain “ETERNAL VIGILANCE”!! “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!!” This TRULY is a “WAR” whose battles we dare not give up!! Our Founding Fathers stuck it out in the trenches – dear warriors of every stripe HAVE also!! NOW – – THIS is OUR time! Maybe we don’t have “boots on”, but we MUST STICK WITH IT!!!

  13. They will kill Trump before they let him become president. The time to vote them out has passed. Now the Democrat’s control all the elections, they allowed us to watch it on TV plain as day in 2020. We the people sat on our hands and did nothing about it. They are eliminating all military personnel that are patriotic by kicking them out for not taking the vaccine. The New recruits and remaining military will follow orders blindly. If we the people do not call upon our military now to HONOR THEIR OATH AND PROTECT US FROM THE ENEMY WITHIN! Than all will be lost for ever. It is the down fall of America the Great. When they are done with Trump they will come after all of us MAGA! They are already starting their propaganda chanting against MAGA and conservatives. CNN and mainstream media is their propaganda mouthpiece. The time has come to make a stand or drop to our knees!

  14. bill gates the pedo man he looks like a crazed man…and his buddy dr fucki need to leave this country better yet prison!!!!

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