Moderna & Pfizer Finally Begin Long-Term Myocarditis Vaccine Studies

Drug companies Pfizer and Moderna are just now starting long-term studies to try to figure out if there could be some sort of link between their COVID shots and heart damage. Hey, wait a second! Are Moderna and Pfizer spreading misinformation about the COVID shots? Because we have it on good authority from the CDC that these shots are totally safe and effective, even for pregnant or nursing mothers. Somebody should lock Pfizer and Moderna out of their social media accounts for even suggesting that their shots could hurt people. And on a more serious note – why weren’t these studies done before governments injected more than a billion people with these shots?

Warning signs started popping up in 2021 as soon as the Pfizer and Moderna shots were approved for people under the age of 70. It especially became apparent that something was horribly wrong with the shots by April or May of 2021, when some of us (*ahem!*) started pointing out that an incredible number of college and pro athletes were collapsing to the ground while clutching their chests. Something weird was happening and it seemed to be correlated to these new, experimental shots that they were requiring athletes to get in order to keep playing their favorite sports.


Something was “off” and many of suspected it early on. By the summer of 2021, it was undeniable. Two heart conditions called myocarditis and pericarditis, which none of us could define at that point, were showing up in younger and younger people getting the shots. The correlation seemed pretty clear.

In August of 2021, the FDA sort of stopped ignoring the safety signals, and politely asked Pfizer to conduct some short-term and long-term trials to see if their mRNA shots cause an elevated risk of myocarditis. This correlation that was obvious to a lot of people at the time, however, didn’t stop the FDA from approving the shots kids in the 12 to 18 age group, followed by the 5 to 11 age group, followed by the infants to 4-year-old age group. But at least they decided to check on the long-term risks finally.

The FDA asked Pfizer/BioNTech to complete one study no later than 2024, and a longer-term study by 2026. They sent a similar letter to Moderna in January of 2021, asking for one study to be completed by 2023 and a long-term study by 2028. Moderna has already started its short- and long-term trials. Pfizer/BioNTech says… they’ll get around to it. Eventually. Maybe. No rush!

A Swiss study that we told readers about just a few weeks ago found that 100% of people receiving their second COVID shot (either Moderna or Pfizer) showed some signs of heart damage three days after the injection. All 777 trial participants showed elevated levels of troponin in their bloodstream. Troponin is a protein that only appears in heart muscle tissue. It doesn’t appear in the bloodstream and won’t show up on a blood test, unless your heart has sustained damage.

That controlled study – peer reviewed and published like we used to do in something called “science” – found that every single participant sustained some level of heart damage.

Another study that was just published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology just found elevated levels of myocarditis in vaccinated people. The incidence of myocarditis in unvaccinated people is and has been about 2 per 1,000,000 for years, pre- and post-COVID pandemic. The incidence in myocarditis among vaccinated people is 35.6 cases per 1,000,000. Vaccinated people have an 18X risk of developing myocarditis.

A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found an even greater correlation. 1 in 200,000 recipients developed myocarditis after the first mRNA injection. 1 in 30,000 developed it after the second injection. 1 in 50,000 developed it after the booster shot. That is a massively more common incidence than the 1 in 1,000,000 risk of myocarditis in the unvaccinated population.

There’s something ironic about asking Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna to all of a sudden take a closer look at their shots to see if they’re more likely to cause myocarditis. We have all of these independent, third-party scientific studies from all over the world showing that the correlation exists and it’s real. But now we’re going to trust Pfizer and Moderna and take their word for it when they finally release the results?

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26 thoughts on “Moderna & Pfizer Finally Begin Long-Term Myocarditis Vaccine Studies”

    1. Worldwide, past 50. MILLION. the Radical left calls it the sudden death syndrome, But of course, it got nothing to do with the Vaccine,? even though all the dead ones were vaccinated, the Birth rate was down 80% in 2022. Wonder if that had anything to do with the vaccine.? ~ 65. Pilots have died mid-air. sure glad there are at least 2. pilots in passenger planes.

  1. I will never take any of those shots, they all should be removed from the market and given to Pfizer and Moderna people that refused or were exempt from the shots and all their families and children. They NEVER should have come out to the markets with 1291 severe known reactions by Pfizer!

  2. Your fear-mongering is shameful. Facts:
    1-myocarditis and pericarditis can occur with COVID-19 and its variants. If you survive the virus, both heart conditions are quite treatable and reversible in most patients. 56 people out of a 1,000,000 taking an mRNA vaccine might be affected.
    2-Over 1,000 000 Americans have died in less than 3 years of COVID-19. That’s more than twice the number of Americans who died in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War–an entire century of war versus about 2 years and 10 months. Even in war, we accept accidental deaths due to “friendly fire.” No vaccines are perfect, but the risks of side effects are small, and I’ve taken those risks rather than suffer with Polio, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Influenza, Tuberculosis, Measles, Tetanus, Shingles, and COVID-19.
    3-The incidence of death from COVID-19 has been slowed by mRNA vaccines. Deaths occur almost exclusively among the unvaccinated. The most heartbreaking are the children–whose parents listen to the sensationized crap you are purveying.
    4- 0.003% of our nation has died so far from COVID-19, and you want to focus instead on the 0.000056% who get vaccinated, live, but suffer a treatable side effect?

    If nothing else, do the math!

    1. Where are you getting your facts?????? With a 99.8% survival rate from covid I’ll trust my God Given immune system that I take really good care of. Death is not a treatable side effect. I cannot unsee what I am seeing. All my friends an family who received the shot keep getting covid(or so they are told because they keep getting tested, with a test that the CDC said doesn’t work back in the summer of 2021, but still uses it. Please check the released side effects ( that Pfizer wanted to hide for 75 years…..he who has nothing to hide Hides nothing ), of this Jab!! 1291 side effects, none of which are good. I do believe the jab is doing exactly what they wanted it to do….depopulate!!! In just a little over 2 months we have lost close healthy friends to died suddenly heart problem…..all jabbed! The hospitals are full of jabbed people. You must be a paid doctor or someone from the CDC. People wake up…this jab is killing and harming people not protecting people. The CDC even admitted that it doesn’t stop you from getting covid our transmitting it or death from it. With my own eyes I have seen the devastation this jab has caused. WHY are people just not believing what they see. Death is up 40% all over the world since early 2021. What 1 thing changed all over the world in 2021 till now?? I called embalmers, funeral directors and life insurance companies and yes not all will admit the truth ( afraid to loose their jobs) , however, many will, and the answers was, yes death is up 40%. Some life insurance companies are even saying if you took the shot then you aren’t covered because one of the side effects is death so it is basically committing suicide. They all know how bad the shots are it was the plan and that is why it is not stopping. I pray for nuremberg 2.0 for all of these people who are knowingly doing what they are doing. And yes if any doctors are reading this and you’re still not treating patients with the known treatments early , you know the ones they don’t want us to know about, and then putting them on Remdesivir, and then ventilating, and then, of course the patient dies and you get paid for it you are a murderer. You don’t even deserve to be a doctor. I personally don’t trust the medical field at all. Wake up people we are being murdered!

      1. Yes! it took my DAD a little over a year ago after his 2nd jab, and caused 2 Miscarrages in my Daughter in law their first ones. No more Mandates or people loosing their jobs over taking these killer Jabs. Not STOP all these injections Immediatly..

    2. 85% of people who died WITH covid had at least 4 serious health issues, Hypertension, Diabetes, obese, etc. 95% of the people who supposedly died of covid(with covid) had at least 3 serious health issues. Before Covid, 600,000 people died from heart disease, 500,000 died from Cancer, 38,000 from auto crashes, on and on. But you don’t hear anything about that, only Covid deaths. If you die in a car crash and you were Covid positive, the cause is listed as a Covid death. Big scam to profit billions for the drug companies and stock holders. The vaccinations weaken the immune system, that is why people are still infected with the virus. You have a problem with math and reality.

    3. Its hard to treat when dead. If you search Vaers and reports from medical centers, the number of young people, in particular, men on those receiving the untested boosters is now in the 10’s of thousands since the boosters, so past 18 months. Since deaths under 50 years old with CoViid were virtually non existent this is surely alarming.

    4. “Over 1,000,000 people” halve not died FROM Covid – at most, they have died WITH Covid. There is a difference.

      On the CDC’s own web page, they exactly list “Deaths INVOLVING Covid” So if you have emphysema, COPD, etc and die from that but test positive for Covit, it is counted.

      Also on the CDC website are numbers that show that children 18 and under are at a 0.0.000015% chance of experiencing serious effects from covid. Statistically that is as close to zero as you get. More kids die of many other illnesses. They claim that the “vaccine poses minimal risk to recipients” – minimal is still greater than zero. So by their own words, they are saying that the vaccine poses a higher risk to that demographic than the disease itself.

    5. Children who have no underlying health problems do not die from covid. You should never use an experimental drug that still has not been approved for anyone on a child. All these heart problems are happening to active healthy individuals. The shot does not keep you from dying I know people who have died from omicron variance before booster. And the new booster never had a trial on humans execpt on a few mice. It usually takes 10 yrs to approve of a vaccine. Big pharma is not our friend it goal is to make money.

    6. So far, No Natural Covid has ever been isolated, anywhere on this planet earth, the only Covid Virus ever found was in the Vaccine, It was man-Made, and a Gain of function, which makes it a Bio-chemical. weapon of mass destruction, No wonder Dr. Fauci is in Hiding, probably Somwhere in Brazil.? The Vaccine had 3 other killer ingredients as well, mRNA, Spike, and HIV. protein,= Virus. causes AIDS. Auto immune deficiency syndrome. in other words, it destroys your immune system.!!

    7. There is a vast number of supposed covid deaths as big pharm counted all deaths as covid even if it was a vehicle accident. Many of those who died from other causes may have tested positive for covid, but there is a vast difference between those who died from covid and those who died with covid.

  3. I for one will NEVER trust big farma or any doctor who participated in inflicting so many adverse events and deaths via Remdesivir with intubation as a death sentence of uncounted American Senior Citizens killed by big pharma, mandates for being a burden on Social Security and Medicare and because they out of all in America, knew history. It also helped democRATs and RINOs rid themselves of the Hated Donald Trump and in the end blaming Trump for Warp Speed development of their killer mRNA delivery of Spike Proteins. Shame on all involved. May they ROT in hell. These same Heathens used Communist China to create the Biologicak Weapon called Covid 19 in the WU FLU LAB and continuing work to this day with our Mortal Enemies whom they ALL continue to Feed for Profit at America and much of the world’s demise. Again, May they ALL ROT IN HELL.

  4. Between the Covid Virus aka Plandemic and the supposed Vaccine for their evil corrupt Biological Weapon of Mass Destruction Millions have died and many many more are dying everyday. It’s all part of the Obama Bin Biden Great Global Reset by using Phony Climate Change Propaganda to kill off millions of people and destroy America for their Sellout of our country to the Chinese Communist Regime using Phony Propaganda as their excuse to destroy us. Everything Biden says is the BIG LIE and the unintelligent are being tricked into buying in to their evil plot to Destroy America and Kill Off the people for their financial gain and political power. Every single thing Biden has done is all designed to destroy America every single thing!!!! He tricks people into voting by lying and making promises he has no intention on keeping. Rigging elections with dark money and lies. Like Student Dept Forgiveness trucking millions into voting for his corrupt evil regime fully knowing he has not the power or authority to even do such. Telling women he will codify Roe V Wade knowing fully well he won’t. Tricking pot smokers by saying he will legalize it and forgive and release jailed inmates knowing again he won’t. Every single thing he does and says are nothing but complete lies and trickery. Ends our energy therefore causing man-made inflation to steal all your money and end your freedoms. He will end cash money and end our freedoms for good. This is tyranny and communism is full action. Biden And Obama really need to be Assassinated immediately and all their Satan Babies need to fill our prisons for their Treasonous Actions and their greedy corruption. Soros needs to be killed outright and all the corrupt media outlets need to be shut down permanently!! Big Pharma needs to pay out billions to all the victims loved ones they have murdered. I could write a book on all the evil corruption these Devilcrats have done in the last few years. WAKE UP PEOPLE THESE ARE YOUR TRUE ENEMIES AND STOP BUYING INTO ALL THEIR HATE AND DIVISIVE RHETORIC FLOWING FROM THEIR DEVILISH MOUTHS!!! ITS ALL BULLSHIT

    1. Biden won’t try to push his bail outs now that the election is over. Look how many votes he bought with another fake promise. Unless it profits them personally, the democrats never keep their election promises, something Manchin should have known.

  5. I don’t think they will do an accurate science base rogger short or long term study. These drug companies are as corrupt as can be.

    1. The studies have already been done by real doctors in other countries. Now what needs to happen is for the law suits to start as well as criminal charges for crimes against humanity. The genocide that has been committed is unforgivable. Big pharma and the government leaders, doctors, news outlets all need to be held accountable. I would like to see new Nuremberg trials again.

  6. this vaccine killed teens and young adults and people twenty to forty from heart or stroke complications. To say all these people had issues of health is ironic. I saw on Tucker where three teens, two had severe strokes and one died and another thirteen year old died from myocardis. all three were healthy until the shot. Also Scotland has writeen that the infant death was up dramatically as they required infants to take the vaccine and or nursing mothers. Drugs are a serious issue. and should be considered carefully. I don’t take steriods because of glaucoma I have. It elevates my eye pressure dramatically also My son in law took steriods for pain from an accident and had terrific nosebleeds. He is now on high blood pressure meds as that is what the bleeds were from and the steriods. So beware folks this is not candy and that is not especially healthy either

  7. I received the vaccine, the 2nd one in February of 2021. I now wish I never received them. I say this, because 1&1/2 years later I had a strange episode while driving home from shopping in another community. Thank God my husband was with me. The episode started when all of sudden I was slammed and enveloped in darkness, I knew I was being attacked by something, I felt no pain, yet knew it was attempting to kill me. I demanded it to let me go, “telling it” “ that I was a child of the most high God. The blackness disappeared leaving me feel weak. My husband helped me go from the drivers seat to the passenger, so we could continue going home. The feeling of weakness dissipated as we drive towards home. By the time we got home, I was feeling normal. I just praise God for saving my life. God & Jesus Christ is real and their protection is greater than man’s, I say this as I know what is in God’s Word and promises of protection. Psalms 91 is one chapter that tells us this.

  8. The two principle criteria for FDA approval are:
    1. Safely
    2. Efficacy

    If it isn’t safe, no one should take it and if it isn’t effective then there is no point in taking it. Clearly the vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of the disease. Everyone in our household has contracted COVID-19 after being double vaxed and boosted.
    So whether it is safe or not is moot. It fails on the efficacy point and should be withdrawn from the market.


  9. The New World Order is all over these vaccines. They called for a new world population reduced to a few millions, their idea of the ideal number on Earth. In their view, the vaccines are a flop, too many people lived through their plot. But have no fear, they will keep at it until enough billions die to satisfy them. The NWO reads like a comic book plot, but these people are absolutely real, and plan to kill as many as they think are needed, and their goal is the death of billions. They may succeed. It makes me glad I’m old, I’ll be going sometime soon, hopefully naturally, but you never know what might happen. Good luck, and enjoy the rest of your life

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