Newsweek Reports the Woke Military Betrayed Trump on January 6

Why didn’t President Trump “cross the Rubicon” in January of 2020? That’s a question that’s plagued some of us for more than two years now. He could have declared an emergency and forced the five main swing states to hold do-over elections with the help of the National Guard. It may or may not have legally meant violating the Posse Comitatus Act, but it would have saved the country from Joe Biden’s illegitimate takeover of the White House, which has made millions of Americans suffer needlessly.

It may be decades before we ever know the full truth of what happened in January 2020, but we know a little bit more now. Newsweek is reporting that Trump was in fact betrayed by the US military on January 6th.

There were two prevailing theories as to why Trump didn’t cross the Rubicon on January 6. One was that the Secret Service warned Melania that Barron would be killed if Trump didn’t back down from fighting the election fraud, and she convinced Trump to give up the fight. The other theory was simply that the military was working directly against Trump in an act of the highest sort of treason. This Newsweek report makes it look like the second theory is true (although technically, both theories could still be true).


When Trump fired the completely worthless Bill Barr in December of 2020, a guy named James Rosen became the Acting Attorney General. When Rosen became the Acting AG on December 24, 2020, he immediately assembled a team of FBI agents and military special operators. These “commandos,” as Newsweek describes them, had shoot-to-kill authorization and were deployed among the protesters at the US Capitol on January 6th.

Remember when Trump asked for 20,000 National Guard troops in DC on January 6th, to help keep things from getting out of hand? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser refused. Instead, they allowed the protesters to be met and “dealt with” by the Capitol Police and DC Metro Police – the two police forces that just so happen to be under the control of Pelosi and Bowser (and therefore not under the control of the Commander in Chief).

Here’s where it starts to get very wonky. Newsweek reports that the commandos with shoot-to-kill authority were under the control of the FBI:

“The presence of these extraordinary forces under the control of the Attorney General—and mostly operating under contingency plans that Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police were not privy to—added an additional layer of highly armed responders. The role that the military played in this highly classified operation is still unknown, though FBI sources tell Newsweek that military operators seconded to the FBI, and those on alert as part of the National Mission Force, were present in the metropolitan area.”

The Biden regime has been calling it the “National Mission Force” since word of this operation was finally leaked to the press. That makes it sound like it was a team of federal officers. But it wasn’t. It was a joint team of “highly armed responders” that included military members with shoot-to-kill orders.

Did you know that January 6th was a “highly classified operation,” as Newsweek is calling it, which involved members of the US military? A lot of people probably suspected it, but this is the first time a mainstream news outlet has been able to confirm that fact.

And why were these military forces under the control of the Acting Attorney General? James Rosen testified before Congress in May of 2021, but his answers about these mystery “National Mission Force” soldiers were deliberately vague. He did say under oath, however, that an “interagency” task force center was set up at FBI Headquarters on January 5th – a day before the protests – and that the center was staffed full-time by Department of Defense employees and FBI agents. There it is again. The Department of Defense? Really?

So, we had the Pentagon and the Department of Defense running a “highly classified operation” against Trump supporters on January 6, and we had military commandos in the crowd with shoot-on-sight authority. That is a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, and an act of high treason.

Someone deployed troops against Trump supporters and placed them under the control of the Acting Attorney General. The reason why Trump didn’t cross the Rubicon is that the generals were not on his side. They were busy running a classified operation against the Commander in Chief.

Trump announced in a speech over the weekend that he’s planning to fire 50,000 federal employees when he gets back in the White House in 2025. Let’s hope he starts with the entire command structure of the US military, and gets rid of every woke general in the service.

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35 thoughts on “Newsweek Reports the Woke Military Betrayed Trump on January 6”

    1. It’s time the “woke” military gets shaped up, if not by Trump, then someone else, but I’m hoping it’s Trump. Way too much has been negatively impacting the average American lately, you know, the one who pays the bills for those do nothings who sit in Washington until they are in their 80s. This country has been sliding down the wrong path for years and hopefully, many more see it now!

      1. No truer words typed!
        Abraham Lincoln foretold the United States would fall from within…his prophecy is quickly coming to pass.

  1. I have read via alternative sources, that there has been plenty of clean up occurring behind the scenes for quite awhile, still unannounced.
    I hope they’re right….

  2. I wish y’all would stop calling the Peacefull Protest on Jan 6 2020 a riot. I also agree the Installed regime had it all planned out. Trump will be back soon !

  3. a friend of mine and I have been going back and forth about this event and other related issues including the possibility that Trump has “dirt” on nearly every one in power in Washington as well as most world leaders. If true it would make him the most powerful man in world history. He has had this intel for a number of years and could have used it at any time yet he stayed his hand. Why? That is a question only he can answer. One possibility is that he needs a Congress who will support him. Another is that the American people may not be ready to hear the raw truth about the people whom he opposes. They are truly evil and guilty of acts of unspeakable depravity. The people of the country have suffered it is true but, I believe not unnecessarily. Giving the leftist communists free reign has had a profound effect on the attitude and beliefs of the people. They have proven themselves to be the greater of evils and more and more people are wanting a change every day.

  4. I hope that when Donald Trump is restored to the Presidency that he extends the same “courtesies” to the Deep State that the Deep State extended to him throughout his 4-year Administration. Heads should roll and blood should flow in the streets!

  5. Newsweek is not a conservative publication, to put it mildly. There is a tremendous amount of gaslighting going on coming from Left. Why would they do that? It certainly reinforces the idea that the “insurrection: on J6 was a staged production by Pelosi, as the claims of armed protesters is half true (armed people in crowd were hired by Pelosi). A possible answer to Newsweek’s motive is that they want people to be afraid to vote for Trump. I am more inclined to believe that despite General Flynn exhorting use of Insurrection Act to remain in power, DJT decided to leave without conceding and let the people see how radical these thugs are. The threat about Barron shows the depravity of the author.

  6. I’ve always thought that there was some sort of conspiracy against President Trump on Jan 06 2021. But, who am I that I should even attempt to express my thoughts to anyone…even my own wife thinks I’m crazy sometimes. The ideas express in this article reenforces my thoughts. I pray everyday that President Trump will come back on 2024. He deserves to lead us to victory in this political war we have going in America. “WE HAVE SEEN THE ENEMEY AND THEY ARE US.”

    1. My whole family thinks I’m crazy, but we’re not. We are critical thinkers who don’t buy in to all that crap that is thrown at us from both sides of the aisle.

    2. David, you are not alone. Many of us face doubtful friends and family whenever subjects like this come up. I am getting used to being more solitary these days.
      Sad times.

    3. In Az, there were 40,000 faulty ballots counted, allegedly, Biden allegedly wins by 10,000. In PA be the Sexy of state, a democrat, appointed by a Democrat Gov,, change rules to allow for ballot counting for days after the election,when only the legislature has the legal authority do that. So in my state, I go to polls, show my identity, then I
      vote in person, but those politicians allowing cheating, just nullified my vote making it worthless. Same thing for your v otes, also.

  7. I have long thought that the events on January 6th were put in motion not by Trump supporters but by Pelosi, Schumer and Bowser. Why hasn’t the committee called Mark Meadows to testify? Because they don’t want him bringing up that pesky fact that President Trump offered the use of the Nat’l Guard to protect the Capital. Because then he sounds like the man he is, a person who cares deeply about America and her people. Not the crazy man that the committee has painted him as. How could he on one hand want to protect the Capital and also want to “overthrow” it? I believe that if the true events of January 6th ever come out, we will see people who wanted to seize power at all costs, and those are the people currently screwing our Nation and destroying it more every! The Liberal Left Wing of the Democrat Party. We must vote in November like we have never done before. They must see and hear loudly that we will not stand idly by while they drive us over a cliff! This needs to not be a RED Wave but a RED Tsunami of epic, Biblical proportions! This must be such a loud voice that it can’t be questioned or thrown aside! We must elect America First candidates up and down the ballot. We also need to contact our representatives and tell them that it is time for NEW LEADERSHIP. Business as usual will not cut it anymore. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell must be replaced with people who will put America First and not their own agenda.

    1. Of course it was Pelosi. She was a vile, wicked, and very evil entity. She was known to have said to he co-conspirators: ” Well, should we have lunch brought in?” This was at the height of the melee while everyone in the Capito was supposedly “hiding” to protect themselves. She, herself called her buddies at the FBI prior to this event. She, herself, had Antifa delivered via big black SUV limos-that is on camera from Capitol. She was the instigators of this plan from the beginning.

      1. She herself talked to Ray Epps 5 times before January 6th, (he was the one encouraging the trumpers to GO INTO THE CAPITOL HOUSE!) The one everyone thought was FBI, he is friend of Pelosi, she is the organizer of this riot! The dems always use chaos to create diversions, always! They needed one that day, they did not want republicans objecting and possibly winning some of the objections to giving the presidency to joe! If you watched anything that day, Pelosi LITERALLY ran from Senate room BEFORE RIOT, followed VERY QUICKLY by all the rest of the dems. The democrats were the ONLY ONES that ran out of room. They were all in on it!
        Pelosi has ties to Antifa, then you have Epps screaming at trumpers to go into the capitol house! It makes perfect sense. When Pelosi’s laptop was stolen, it was seen by a Lt, Col. and he said all the treason was on her laptop, that she was responsible. Then laptop disappeared again??

  8. Ceasar was killed by his buddies, Trump was killed by his supposed political allies. The problem the RINOS and demorats face is Trump didn’t actually die. They violated the first rule of overthrowing the King…”first you must kill the King. Now he has all the names of the RINOs, woe be them. They now have the standing of a syphilitic at an orgy.

  9. What really happened is called Lilly Wave. It is sent from a satellite or a land based source or maybe even a drone. It produces a change in a peaceful demonstration and changes it into a riot. President Trump asked for ten thousand National Guard troops to be at the demonstration. They weren’t there. Perhaps its because with the Lilly Wave they would have rioted too. There is no evidence that this happened. After all it was a wave. The deep state knew what was going on. Can you imagine a reserection or a coup de tat in which all of the participants were without guns? That’s ridiculous. So while there is no evidence. The fact that a peaceful demonstration turned violent supports thecontention that it was a Lilly Wave. The observation that the requested National Guard wasn’t there is another supporting observation. This is all public information.

  10. If these revelations are true, then we need to see indictments and prosecutions for the people involved, otherwise it’s more conspiracy theory. The J6 committee is not going to pursue anything that runs counter to their rhetoric. Midterms can not come soon enough.

  11. The thing is they are not going to do anything to anyone that had anything to do with what happened that day because they are protected by pelosi and gang she needs to go with the rest of her trash the Taiwan thing didn’t turn out as good as it could have we are going to be at war with the red state anyway they could have helped us out

  12. Everyone who left comments here have valid points. Read up on the Lilly Wave; it will scare the bejesus out of you!

  13. Why is the article referring to January 2020? That was a full year before January 6, 2021, when Trump could have “crossed the Rubicon”.

  14. I am now beginning to fully understand just how evil the left really is. They truly are trying to install socialism/Marxism/Communism in this country, and they will use any tactic to achieve their end goals. But a lot of you do not realize that there is a hidden player in this game. It is the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab, the founder, has stated that for their goal of the “Great Reset”” to occur, there must be 100% participation among all 195 countries must be part of it. The biggest problem they are facing is the United States. Since President Trump knew about their plans, he had to be stopped and not allowed to become the president again. In fact, he poked them in the eye, so to speak, during a speech he made in front of the WEF. You can find a video on Google of the 29-minute speech. This is when they decided to become quietly involved in the election. As Klaus once said, “We need to make sure that the idiot Biden gets elected because we can control him.” This is the main reason we are having so many different major crises taking place right now. If the dims are allowed to win. This country will cease to exist as we know it. This is when the Great Reset will start taking place.

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