None of the Voting Machines in America Will Be Certified before the 2024 Election

New federal guidelines have been issued in order for all voting machines to be updated with new security features ahead of the 2024 election. Guess how many states are going to fail to update their systems in time for the election?

Zero. Not a single one.

All of the current machines that are certified under the current standard, which is “deprecated,” will still be used in the 2024 election anyway.

The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) is worried that “conspiracy theorists” will spread “misinformation” about the voting machines being unsecured once the word gets out. The new guidelines come out in November, but NASED admits that not a single state will have its machines set up to be properly certified for next year. This is outrageous.

NASED stated in a letter to the US Election Assistance Commission and made this demand:

“The [federal government] must be unambiguous: voting systems certified to the [old standard] will remain federally certified after November 15th, 2023, and jurisdictions can continue using and purchasing those systems consistent with state or territorial laws and regulations.”

In other words, NASED is saying that not a single voting machine in any state in the country will be certified—so the Biden administration that was installed in a coup fomented by these shoddy machines should ignore that and let them use the machines under the old standard. Gee, we wonder how Joe Biden will respond to that idea.


As we reported last week, the damning Halderman Report in the Curling v. Raffensperger case out of Georgia, two computer science PhDs found that every single Dominion Voting Systems machine in the entire state is compromised. The report showed that all Dominion machines can be exploited to subvert all of their security measures. The machines can also be used to change the votes of individual Georgia voters.

Halderman wrote, “An attacker with brief access to a single ICX or a single Poll Worker Card and PIN can obtain the county-wide [cryptographic] keys.”

He warns that “[A] dishonest election worker… with just brief access to the scanner’s memory card could violate ballot secrecy and determine how individual voters voted.”

And the report kept getting worse after that. “Malware can still change individual votes and most election outcomes without detection.”


Yes, absolutely. Halderman also states that it would be impossible to tell if the votes had been tampered with. “Such cheating could not be detected by [a risk limiting audit] or a hand count.”

In the conclusion to Halderman’s report, he states that Georgia voters have no reason to have any confidence in the outcomes of their elections. The Dominion machines are mandated by the Georgia state legislature to be used as the primary method of voting in the whole state.

There is supposedly a security patch from Dominion that would correct these issues, but Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that he just won’t have time to update the machines before 2024. The Dominion machines are used in 24 states total, and the ICX ballot scanners mentioned (which are also made by Dominion) are used in 16 states. None of them are secure. All of them have the same security vulnerabilities, which is what the Pillow Guy Mike Lindell has been trying to tell the world ever since the 2020 election was stolen.

Even many of the states that require hand-marked paper ballots still use some form of electronic scanner to count the votes, rather than relying on the more trustworthy system of hand counting with observers from both political parties present. All of the machines are officially compromised, and they’re not even trying to hide it at this point.

But we are the ones branded as “insurrectionists” and “conspiracy theorists” for questioning the election results. No one in the federal government, including Republican Senators and Representatives, seems even slightly interested in ditching these ridiculous machines in favor of paper ballots.

I don’t understand Republican voters in Georgia at this point. Why aren’t you guys marching to your legislature with torches and pitchforks right now, demanding that the machines be sent to the scrap heap? Your elections are being stolen, and Raffensperger knows it. Yet he still refuses to do anything about it.

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58 thoughts on “None of the Voting Machines in America Will Be Certified before the 2024 Election”

      1. Yes they need to destroy those machines, and do paper ballots & hand count, but the way things are now and what happened in the last election that still doesn’t mean it will be an honest election, you have to get rid of the corruption also.


      1. I Would NNNOOOTTT Change A Word In Your Statement, Because I Agree With Those Words You Used! Use Paper Ballots/NNNOOO Machine! I Would Trust Human Beings To Count, Because I Will Never Go Through The A Computer Check Out Line, Because I Trust Human Beings Much More!!?

      2. OMG Judi I agree with you totally – I sure don’t want to see another 2020 election!!! I have been praying constantly for God to help save our wonderful country!!! I am so afraid of what might happen if he doesn’t – but I am still holding strong and keeping the faith that he will help!!! I am a 73 yr old woman and cannot phathom being forced to being a COMMUNIST!!! I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN BORN AND RAISED! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP AND PLEASE GOD WATCH OVER DONALD AND HELP HIM!!! – AMEN

        1. Amen to that Marie… We need more people like you and I to stand with us and never give an inch on what we believe and what America needs !!!
          I’m teared up a bit to find others like you and I… God willing, others like
          You and I standing up together may grow into a silent majority who
          will “Fight For The Rights We Adore”… In America We believe and there may
          soon be Ten Thousand More !!!!!!! God Bless America !!!!!!! AMEN !!!!!!!

        2. There will need to be blood, and enough that the political class and it’s minions are scared to death. There’s NO OTHER WAY. Praying isn’t doing much, IMO.

    2. I agree with you Tom. All 50 states should use paper ballots, voter ID. Counting stops same day! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  1. Thank you for the important voting-machine info ! Just one correction is needed: the info states “Guess how many states are going to fail to update the voting systems”. The answer given is “zero”. However, there is a double negative here- the word “fail” should be omitted.

  2. They need to get rite of all voting machines, because they are owned by George soros and they are corrupt

  3. GA Election is 1 of several Swing States that had direct FGOV Interference to fraudently change outcome in 2020. Most likely CIA. Also PA, MI, AZ and more. Kemp/Raffensberger are Deep state (RINO) Operatives. Remember Harrison Deal? Kelly Loeffler worker. He found out about the Fraud. They blew up his car on Highway & blamed it on another driver. Eye witnesses said it exploded. Guess who was at WEF Forum in Davis this year? No other than Gov. Kemp. Prob. part of the Deep state deal made with Kemp. He’s a cold hearted #@*#. His daughter was dating Deal at the time. Deep state over family. I’d love to tell daughter what REALLY happened. No way was DS going to allow DJT in WH again. They F’d up in 2016. Didn’t cover the spread in 2016 in PA/MI. Will NEVER happen again.. I will make predictions for 2024 Election with 100% certainty. I’ll bet my home on it. I’d need several flash drives to point out the anomalies & methods on how they do it. Remember Plandemic? Swing States used Mail in Balloting on top of Dominion corruption. A coincidence that Plandemic hit b4 2020 Election? There’s NO coincidences in DC. Much more too. I’ll save it for the book.

  4. I agree with one post. The votes must be hand written and counted. The machines must be kept out. The voting process must be overseen by Republican and Democrat observers to make sure that no fraud is taking place. The authorities must not have the power to force those who are monitoring the results to leave until every vote is counted and processed. Lets make sure that the 2024 election is honest. Our freedom and the right to speak and to exercise our faith depends on it.

    1. If anyone in politics denies the only process of election to be paper ballots, other than Military out of Country absentee ballots, should be locked up for treason! If it doesn’t happen, then EVERY ELECTION is going to be crooked. Furthermore, if you don’t vote on paper ballots with LEAGAL (NO FAKE) ID’S, then you shouldn’t be able to vote, & NON AMERICANS should NOT be able to vote either!

  5. And then there’s that lying Dominion Voting Systems CEO who bullied and manipulated Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch to fire Tucker Carlson who ACTUALLY HAS THE TRUTH re DVS!! ITS DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS E.G. THAT SHOULD BE SUED INTO OBLIVION!!!!


  6. Let’s face it, Patriots. There’s never gonna be a “fair” election again. All elections will be overseen by the Democraps and the Democraps only. Republicans will be turned away or forced to leave the polling location before all ballots are counted . We, as God fearing Americans and lovers of our Country and Freedom, need to change the way we vote in America. Computerized voting machines can be manipulated very easily by just about anyone with a shred of intelligence. Paper ballots and hand counting is the best and only way elections should be done. Both parties should be present at the polls to insure a safe and honest election. Biden has to be removed from office, otherwise our Country is in deep trouble of a WAR on our own soil, a WAR in which nobody wants or wins. If this is the way YOU want to live, a nation of socialism, then keep voting for Democraps. Your FREEDOM IS AT STAKE. Don’t underestimate the power the Democraps have to change the outcome of an election. Vote Republican in 2024.

    1. Biden has to be removed from office, otherwise our Country is in deep trouble of a WAR on our own soil, a WAR in which nobody wants or wins.

      We the Patriotic People would WIN the war because we’re pro firearms!

  7. I have been so angry over the cheating in the 2020 election. The Democrats stole the election from Trump. They did not win fairly. They should be ashamed but they just don’t care because they are out to destroy our country, no doubt about it. I am so ashamed as an American to be living under their regime. I love this country so much and all those who served to keep us free that it hurts my heart to see what is happening to her. I wish the Republicans would unite together and stand behind Fmr. President Trump. He deserves a second term because he was cheated out of it and because he did an incredible job for America in 2016-2020. He absolutely won that second election. All our countries problems started with the election of Obama. Eight years of this jerk and then along came Donald Trump. Thank you President Trump for 2016-2020. You saved America and we had 4 great years! I was a proud American when you were elected! America needs you still! We need voter ID and paper ballots I believe. We know who owns these corrupt voting machines. And he is as corrupt as they come. Like the whole Biden Family and all the rest of the Liberal Left Democrats. God help the USA!!!

    1. Sean Hannity will have a Town Hall with Pres Trump on Tues 7/18 at 9 o’clock ET.

      I don’t blame Trump for not wanting to be at the first 2024 GOP debate moderated by Brett Baier and Martha MacCallum as both are anti-Trumpers. He’s got enough lead on DeSantis and others there in the field anyway to not bother with any Fox News anti-Trump crap!


    2. Barbara Powasnik i agree with everything you say. God bless America and help Trump to Make it Great Again. Jesus we praise your HOLY Name.

    3. Couldn’t have said it better…….agree with everything you said….I think the only way out of this is to put Trump back in office….like you…I also believe he deserves a second term….but if we don’t get this voting fraud under control…it will not matter who we run…the Dems will cheat….and we will lose…again…I don’t understand why the Republicans don’t seem to be more concerned over this….and even sometimes chastising those who do raise the thought of fraudulent elections….are there more RINOs in the Republican party than we thought or know of?

  8. Well not sure any one knows that Colorado has made hand counting obsolete and questioning the election is illegal. So here we go again! Democrats are telling us all no need to vote yourself because we are now voting for you no matter what. I will bet before 2024 election more democrats are going to ban hand counting ballots also just watch. There is plenty of time to update the machines they don’t want to because if they do democrats and rinos won’t win. Would someone explain to me about election integrity? Explain to me your vote counts? All I see is every vote counts! Cause they rig system to count and stuff ballots for themselves only. Georgia residents I can’t believe you are going to let them steal your vote. Really to you know for a fact your vot really counted in the last elections? I can tell you that you have had your vote not count the way you voted unless you voted for these scum bags. They actually paid people to fill out ballots with just Biden’s name on them only in 2022. Then they brought them in and stuffed the counter with them and had people get rid of President Trump ballots any way they could. So let’s see if they keep republicans out again in 2024? My guess is after the republicans will be blocked from ballot counting area again and they will mandate marshal law as soon as poles close. They can’t allow you to voice your opinion again and so how do they do this? Well the let out prisoners, have hooked up with gang members and why do you think so many young illegals have been allowed across our boarder? They can’t let President Trump back in the Oval Office no matter what! So they will do what they do best and steal another election and make everyone understand that you get out of line you can go to prison are even worse. You see theses same people are going to try and reduce the population and this would be another Covid set up only this time no holds bar. When government officials lie straight to congresses faces and don’t care you better be ready for their terror upon you! The judicial system allowed them to get by with election fraud so now no problem now. Like I said before don’t blame me I voted for President Trump just not sure if my vote even got counted or pitched.

  9. They got by with it in 2020. They got by with it in 2022. They will do it again in 2024. There will be blood in the streets. It will be ours.

    1. Remember that its the left who are anti-firearms. It’ll be more their blood than ours in the streets.

  10. This is extremely sad and at the same time unbelievable that those damn same Dominion machines will be used again. And don’t tell me that they are owned by George Soros.
    What kind of world are we living in ? Nothing but 100% pure Tyranny ! Exactly what the Founding Fathers feared for United States free people. PLEASE STAND UP and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS !!

    1. The founders of Dominion Voting Systems, John Poulos and Jame Hoover, NEED to be sued into oblivion and imprisoned!!

  11. My fellow Americans; lets demand that no voting machines are to be used in any State. We must go back to doing paper ballots only. This way, no tampering will be done to change the vote or the count. Repeat, no voting machines are to be used in the USA. For those who are not physical able to show up at the polls, they can receive their ballots in the mail and mail back their vote.

  12. We did not trust the voting machines in 2020 and it didn’t do any good did it? And in the midterms they cheated again and cheated their way into office, wack job Dobbs is one example of cheating
    Kari Lake out of the votes. We still have these stinking Democrats in control all over the country. So are we just going to talk about it again and let them cheat their way into offices all over the country? Or is somebody going to do something about it.

  13. Forget who’s party your aligned with. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up for what is right! Period! Stop letting Commies bully you into voting their way. Valid proof of ID for ALL VOTES! ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGALS ALLOWED TO VOTE! If are NOT A LEGAL U. S. CITIZEN YOU CANNOT VOTE! PERIOD! WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!

  14. As long as you allow Democrats to commit fraud,Democrat voting machines to count Democrat votes only ,no election can be trusted.We are dealing with an Evil Power grabbing Democrat regime and crime cabal

  15. GA had voting fraud all over Ga. Trump was DEAD right about the fraud. Stacy Abrahams got people out of state to vote and also dead people on the ballot. We lived it for days. Oh by the way our Negro Senator who got in by the fraud, sent the Boston Marathon bomber, money in prison. He would have sent his brother money also, but luckily the Boston police killed him!

  16. Historically, remember what Stalin told his Communist Party electoral workers? “Pay less attention to the voters and pay more attention to the counters of the votes”

  17. In other words…it will be another CHEAT-A-THON! Paper ballots, therefore should be demanded by the people!! Get those paper ballots ready – NOW!!! If we cannot have these machines fixed in time, it is time for the military to step in and present people with paper, water-marked ballots and be there observing the polls from start to finish with no early voting and no drop boxes nor mail-ins. And why would the D’s and RINOs be up in arms about this? We all know why!

  18. This may be the 21st Century and the use of computerized equipment is everywhere. For such an important election, the presidential election of 2024, we should: one: required verification of identification before voting. two: all votes should be by paper ballots with enough qualified staff to count them within four hours after official voting places close. three: mail in ballots should be verified and counted as they are received. We must return to integrity voting for the highest office in the land, especially after their were questions concerning the computerized voting machines.

  19. The number of politicians that I trust is minimal from any side and that goes all the way down to locals who work on the voting, Cheating is the new norm and it needs addressed to the max…..and any state that allows illegals to vote should NOT have their votes allowed.

  20. I worked for a voting company. There are decent ones out there, but Dominion is not one that can be trusted. Yet Georgia is going to use Dominion in ALL of their state? That’s interesting, because it used to be that states had to have counties using a random swath of all the different certified voting machines that existed at the time. It helps to avoid corruption like this that we’re seeing.

    Texas rejected Dominion based on the fact that it was too easy to use to rig elections. When the ballots are read in and counted, they’re read in batches, and they go through the admin system for approving the batches, and canceling out entire batches. Canceling being the key word. On top of that, you can simply go through and create all new ballots. And anyone can create a macro to simply replicate the process, creating entire batches of ballots that never existed. This makes ballot harvesting look like the stone age.

    And notice how Democrats wage lawfare going nuts to avoid election audits? The Arizona audit was fraught with an insane number of lawsuits trying to prevent it. They were bogged down all the time in lawsuits. And what did they prove? That Trump would have won had they actually thrown out the thousands of ballots that didn’t pass verification.

    And now they’re passing laws that make it illegal to question election results? I mean, they’re trying to indict Trump over “trying to overturn the 2020 election”. LOL He didn’t try to overturn it, he tried to sue because there were simply all kinds of nefarious things going on. And almost EVERY politicians sues to have a recount, etc. The evidence we all saw in the media prior, during, and post was just ridiculous. And the Democrats claimed it was the most safe and secure election ever. LOL And now they’re trying to silence anyone that dares question the elections, regardless how disgustingly rigged they are. I mean, how many times did Hillary claim Trump rigged the election? LOL

    It’s just getting disgustingly ridiculous how the Democrats keep rigging things to favor their outcome in elections. We are truly turning into a banana republic. What’s sad is that they keep rigging, and getting away with it, and we always end up playing nice, trying to prove the legal route, when they have even the legal route rigged with corrupt judges, and politicians.

    Unless we fight and protest this crap, we’re never going to get change. I mean, we’re winning some fights here and there. I figure once there’s a hard line that is crossed to get people’s attention so that they have no choice but to protest, nothing will happen. And this is how freedom dies… with a whimper.


  22. I know that in this day of immediate need for information,this is one case (Public elections) time that this is not it. The importance of ALL LEVELS of elections are the BACKBONE of OUR DEMOCRACY. Who says that we must know who got or won an elections the same night or day after should that be. Time and accuracy are more important than speed. Fraud is where we have gotten now and the corruption it has bred.

  23. Then PAPER VOTE for a Hand COUNT, refuse to use the machines that elected Biden the first time

  24. In Georgia there are some towns that want paper ballots and are making it known to the powers to be. We know the election was munipulated before. This has got to stop. We are becoming a communist country and we have got to elect someone who really loves this country and cares about the people.

  25. The only certification about voting machines that have been confirmed and certified is that all voting machines favor Democrats 2 to 1 on every machine!

  26. The democrats don’t care what the citizens and voters think about anything. They will openly rig the voting machines and eventually will get around to jailing anyone who objects. They are out of control and if the military and the republicans won’t deal with them with determination and patriotism then all is lost. God help us all.

  27. So what needs to happen is start writing and calling your HoR members from your districts and insist we return to the manual type voting machines, I know they’re time consuming but this will go a long way to fair elections. They should also require a photo ID to vote in all states and territories… we cannot let the demoRAT’s continue to control the US from the judicial and executive branches or it will get worse than it is now

  28. Destroy all of the voting machines and provide hand written ballots to be dropped in locked box in each voting location, and transported in guarded vehicle. Then taken to that state guarded location for that state only. Counted in front of appropriate legal representative, tallied and recorded and sent to Capitol. The exchange is video recorded, signed by representative of States votes and put in another locked box, so no one can tamper with. Should be a lock that needs two people to unlock, recorded and done in front of guards. The people don’t trust anyone. PERIOD. Counted in front of the people on TV . May take awhile, but, I believe true AMERICAN citizens will glued to their TV’s watching

  29. All voting machines are currently certified to 2005 standards and none have met the 2015 updated standards…… why would they bother to meet the new standards of 2023 ?????

    It just a scam…… only “NEW VOTING SYSTEMS” have to meet the higher standards. Soooooo they just keep “UPDATING OLD VOTINGING SYSTEMS” and not call them new.

  30. Paper only 1 day only that’s the way it was done before covid.i was in and out in 15 minutes on voting day

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