Remember Those Missing 288,000 Pennsylvania Ballots on a Postal Truck from 2020?

One of the most outrageous things that happened during the 2020 election, which convinced many of us that something was truly hinky about the whole thing, was contractor Jesse Morgan’s tractor trailer load of ballots that went missing in Pennsylvania. Sometime during the past year, the US Postal Service Inspector General (IG) released a “Closing Memorandum” on the incident. As you can see for yourself, that Closing Memo is heavily redacted and extremely suspicious.

At no point does the memo debunk any of Jesse Morgan’s claims. Instead, it makes his story sound more authentic, and makes it much more likely that the Deep State has been covering the whole thing up. For those who don’t remember Jesse’s story, here’s a brief summary.

Jesse was a subcontractor hauling mail for the Postal Service. On October 21st, 2020, he was tasked with driving a tractor trailer containing 288,000 completed ballots from Bethpage, New York to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Why COMPLETED ballots for Pennsylvania were filled out and mailed from New York is a question that no one has ever answered.)

In the front of Jesse’s trailer (furthest from the rear doors), there were two big trays of mixed mail for Lancaster, PA. The rear of the trailer was filled with the 288,000 ballots that were headed to Harrisburg.


When Jesse arrived in Harrisburg, he wasn’t allowed to have the tractor trailer unloaded. After a six-hour wait, he was told to continue on to Lancaster. This made no sense. If he drove to Lancaster, all of the Harrisburg ballots would have to be unloaded first to reach the Lancaster mail in the trailer. Then the Harrisburg ballots would have to be reloaded onto the trailer and driven back to Harrisburg. Even for government work, that’s highly retarded.

The supervisor in Harrisburg also stiffed Jesse for the six hours that he sat around waiting. He was given no paperwork to prove that he sat there for six hours, and therefore lost six hours’ worth of pay.

Jesse finally drove the trailer to Lancaster in frustration and parked it at his usual spot at the mail center. The next morning, his trailer was gone. No one, including the Inspector General, has ever explained what happened to that trailer.

Pause for a second and think about how unlikely that is in this day and age. You can use your smartphone to tell when Door Dash is about to deliver a cheeseburger to your house. You can follow an Amazon delivery driver around on your phone as she’s delivering a package to your doorstep. But the Post Office, which slaps barcodes on everything and religiously tracks every item, just LOST a tractor trailer with 288,000 ballots on it?

The IG confirms that Jesse Morgan is a subcontractor that works for a company that delivers Postal Service mail. So, his story is authentic on that. The memo also confirms that Jesse drove from Bethpage, NY to Harrisburg, PA, and then on to Lancaster on that day. However, the memo claims without evidence that Jesse identified the wrong trailer number, and that there were probably a lot fewer ballots in the trailer than he estimated.

Because “probably” is a word that you expect in a final report on a serious issue. Probably.

In a truly outrageous claim, the IG memo states this:

“Postal service employees working on October 21st could not recall directing [Morgan] to proceed to Lancaster.” (Emphasis added.)

So, does the Post Office just send a subcontractor with a big truckload of mail without keeping any written or electronic record of it? Or are they allowing subcontractor truck drivers to just head wherever without instructions? It is wildly suspicious that there are no written records of Jesse Morgan making this delivery, while at the same time confirming that he drove from Bethpage to Harrisburg and then Lancaster on October 21st, 2020.

The IG Closing Memorandum also has some weird conclusions about 650,000 ballots that were somehow delivered to Pennsylvania from Rochester, NY. After an 18-month investigation, here is how the Post Office IG described the transport of those ballots to two counties in Pennsylvania:

“[Redacted name of printing company] explained, but could not confirm, the ballots for both PA BOEs [Pennsylvania Boards of Elections] were most likely delivered to those respective locations by their delivery trucks, or entered in the mail stream locally in Rochester, NY.”

Could not confirm… but most likely. Does the Postal Service in Pennsylvania just not keep any records about completed or incomplete ballots coming in or out of the state in presidential elections?

Jesse Morgan has never recanted his statement about the 2020 election. His trailer vanished with 288,000 ballots on it. The IG Closing Memorandum confirms that he drove a truckload of COMPLETED ballots from New York to Harrisburg to Lancaster yet has no explanation for where that trailer ended up in its final report. But it says he was mixed up about the trailer number. Which they have no records of themselves. Uh huh.

When a group of former postmasters and former Attorney General Ed Meese started investigating Jesse Morgan’s claims immediately after he made them in 2020, they concluded that his story was credible. The investigators called then-Attorney General Bill Barr, who proceeded to scream at them and threaten them for 20 minutes on the phone. Bill Barr, whose actions sure sound like a death penalty treason case, forced them to shut down the investigation.

After the liberal counties in Pennsylvania stopped counting ballots in the middle of the night on election night in 2020, Joe Biden was trailing by more than 700,000 votes. Several days later, Biden “won” by 81,660 votes in Pennsylvania. When the final tally was added up after multiple days of ballots appearing out of nowhere, there were 91,000 more ballots cast than the number of registered voters in Pennsylvania.

It looks more and more like Jesse Morgan was telling the truth, and the Inspector General’s Closing Memorandum raises more questions than it answers.

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61 thoughts on “Remember Those Missing 288,000 Pennsylvania Ballots on a Postal Truck from 2020?”

  1. I wonder where else something like this happed . If it worked one place, it probably worked other places too. The Republicans and Democrats should make sure thid doesn’t happen again in the nexr election.

    1. Democrats won’t “work to make sure this never happens again.” Why should they? They’re the ones who made it happen in the first place and benefited from it happening.

      1. Donald Trump has been accused of pointing out about his loss in 2020 as a lier and that the Election was ligit and I personally along with Trump that the Election was indeed stolen regardless of every body saying it was not stolen by the Democratic authorities mainly naming Nancy Pelosi and here crooked goon squads in the swamp.
        Donald Trump should of been reelected retroactive back to 2020 and given a full pardon for another term in 2024 with full pay and privilege for the loss of the 2020 Election and prosecute every one involved in this fraudulent Election and I mean every last one of them on both sides of the Isle being both Demacrates and the GOP along with federal judges and FBI operatives who got financially fat from every corrupt Government agencies who had part in this Stolen Election to all American voters wronged by them.

        1. Amen, unfortunately that will never happen. The country has been destroyed by these traitors. I don’t know if we can ever recover from the damage they have done. The trust in our government is gone. That is why the 2nd amendment is more important now than ever and why the democrats are hell bent taking it away. The democrats have turned this into a fascist regime with an elite ruling class over the general subservient population. The FBI is acting as their SS. Our constitution is being shredded, starting with the Bill of Rights. If we don’t vote out the democrats and watch their illegal election tampering, we will be doomed to obscurity.

          1. I agree with you. The 2020 election was stolen by the Deep State Swamp Democrats.

          2. Barack Obama is currently “serving” an illegal third term, and more of his Obama era policies are being fulfilled every day. His failed Supreme Court pick, activist judge Merrick Garland, is “Joe Biden’s” Attorney General for one thing. If you go online, you’ll be able to see what policies Obama is known for. Gay and LGBTQ+ activism is now flourishing, and our country is being ruled by Obama judges.

          3. This is so correct, and it makes me sick to see how the Democrats have absolutely ruined our country. Our Treasury is probably bankrupt by now. Anyone who would vote for any Democrat from now on should just leave this country, move to the Ukraine.

        2. I have had doubts about acting AG Bill Barr for a long time. This article confirms my suspicions. As well, the North American Political system has created a Communist/Third World country in which NO ELECTION is CREDIBLE. The “USA” is now a disgusting quagmire of political dictatorship. Not only did Joe Biden say he wanted to be the Leader of The New World Order, he praises Xi Jinping and the CCP when they hold Uyhugrs in Concentration Camps, saying it’s a cultural thing with China, and Xi Jinping and the CCP lie about the origin of the Virus. The current government of North America is nothing more than a cesspool of crime & corruption, ie. Hillary Clinton, Joe and Hunter and family, lying Adam Schiff etc. These are the ones who should be in prison, and not any of the January 6th American Citizens!

      2. Absolutely correct…The Dumbocrats want illegal’s to vote…Some county elections in different states allow non citizens to vote…Funny that 90 to 100% of those are blue states…Corruption is this admins middle name…Illegals’ rely on government handouts so they will always vote Democrat…

    2. No, No and No!
      You don’t fix a problem, an illegality, by agreeing to not allow it to happen again.
      There MUST be consequences and they MUST be placed upon those who broke the law — committed a treasonous act.

        1. AMEN!!

          I wouldn’t mind volunteering at all to be one of the firing squad members or to pull the lever on the gallows or flip the switch on the electric chair on these Leftist treasonous bastards and RINOs!!

      1. Exactly! You do not instill confidence in the system by continuing to accept corruption. You must punish the cohorts and start out with a clean slate.

    3. I am sure that Democrats are making sure that this does not only happen again but will also happen on a much larger scale.

    4. CA! We had stolen mail, burned Blue postal drop boxes, blue postal boxes sawed open, pull out of the cement, stolen pasteboard ballot boxes, a big dumpster full of ballot boxes, never owned. Garbage company found them because lots of boxes on the ground, the container lid were not shut. Pasteboard ballot boxes were in 47 places in the county and no security. People who were giving the homeless $5.00 for their signature on a ballot but the homeless person didn’t fill out the ballots. Pelosi had given the illegals drivers license and the DMV wasn’t allowed to ask if they were illegals. Now Newsom is supporting the caravan people with motels and food. The government has kicked out the homeless citizens in my area and supporting the caravan people. The Mission are not giving homeless civilians shelter but they are giving caravan people the space. Newsom said he is building space for homeless citizens but I suspect he is giving caravan people the homes. Close the border and stop the drug cartels from human trafficking and drugs. That is killing more people than guns from America Citizens. Chinatown is involved with Soros and Obama running the country. Prayers for our country and leaders. Stop the abuse of the government educati and taking away the parent rights of the kids.
      I just saw a strange dark grey bus, maybe the government has changed from white to gray when transporting caravan people to CA. Right before the 42 ended I saw 4 white government busses loaded with caravan people in Riverside county.

      1. One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all is a fairy tale today…I’m physically and mentally sick of Joe the snake Biden…I fought for this country in the USMC and my brothers and sisters are so disrespected, and pissed, that no one is joining to help protect this once great nation …This next election can save us but we need to vote…Pound that word into everybody ,’s head…

        1. Amen and thank you very much for your service, Theodore, and to all our other servicemen and servicewomen.

  2. Biden in white house now is under wrong circumstances.
    He stole that election!
    Americans want Biden in courts and charged now!
    This eliminates Kamala Harris from taking over as well.
    Americans are speaking up and will act by the millions if this isn’t put right!!!!!!
    Biden did not win 2020 election….

      1. Exactly! You do not instill confidence in the system by continuing to accept corruption. You must punish the cohorts and start out with a clean slate. Most of us know deep in our hearts that the election was stolen that fateful night. We cannot ignore it. Let’s move on, but not ignore our dirty history. Let’s correct it by acknowledging it. Got help us!

    1. This has been going on for some time,you really don’t think Obama won, especially the second time , fairly. The Democrats has always been dirty cheating scum.

  3. The Plot thickens and what if any, is the result of this revelation? More Covering up because of Maybes, and We are not sure about what happened, someone, somewhere got trailer numbers mixed up somehow so move along nothing to see here while we figure out how this can be covered up

    1. As someone who trucked for 25 years I can tell you personally this shit happens . Government has been useing truckers for a very long time . I once pulled in to goverment physicality empty trailer backed to the dock was told can not get out of truck 15 min later I was loaded . And told to drive stright through . Do not stop at scales do not stop when log book says to . So with a crown Vick black behind me all the way I did this pulled in to goverment yard told not to get out guy opened the doors on the trailer jumped up I. Walk all the way in a empty trailer jumped ot with a envelope that was taped to the bulk head of the trailer walked to the cab said I was free to go I said that it he held up the envelope said yep . Went to truck stop jumped up in the trailer walked to the end there was still duck tape on the bulkhead where the envelope was taped I was paid 8 grand to deliver a check

  4. IF the Post Master General was on the up and up, AND IF the Democrats were ever on the up and up, their would be NO redactions on this report…Why is something redacted??? I’m sure to hide the truth!!!!

    1. I believe the post master genneral profited from this stolen Election both in kick backs and posted increases and bail outs using tax payers money controlled by the crooked leftists and those two faced turn coat Republicans ..every one of them must be fitted for orange jump suits and burried so deep in prison that they have to get there beans shot to them from a 12 Guage shot gun.

  5. This is the very reason, I don’t trust Bill Barr. I live in Pennsylvania and I distinctly remember this story! Absolutely nothing has been done to secure our elections here to my satisfaction. I do believe there was tremendous corruption from the highest levels of our government; it’s reprehensible and treasonous!!

    1. Good old Bill Barr at it again.HE seems to be in the middle of a lot of Trumps problems. NOW we hear he sent the investigation of joe Biden and his son to Delaware to be investigated there,what a joke that is. MAYBE Barr should be investigated or at least barred from all Democrats cocktail parties in DC.

    2. jude76
      June 10/23
      A big AMEN. I recall this story and many more — such as suitcases being dragged out from underneath desks etc. at the voting stations. ( I am a Canadian and we have problems here as well — yet I have followed your elections and the horrible way the powers that be have treated President Trump).
      I wish we had a fingernail of his power in Canada — well forget that ! I cannot think of anyone worthy to tie
      President Trump’s shoes in this Nation.

  6. All the federal bureaucracies work for the democrat party. They are mostly federal unions who have been politicized by the democrats for decades. The dnc is an organized crime family that will do anything, anything, to maintain power/control/$. The bulk of congress, dc in general, is involved in the crime family (RINO’s, bureaucrats, lobbyists). They all make vast sums of $ while the middle class struggles to stay above water. This will not end well.

  7. It would be amazing if we the people could in anyway get someone in office that worked for us and not for themselves. Wonder what would happen if everyone quit paying taxes, They can’t arrest everyone, biden wants the illegals to take over our jobs, will he make them pay taxes? Biden should never been put in office, corruption and more corruption. Democrats are nothing but lying conning criminals.

  8. Most of us know that Joe Biden sits in our White House because he was “selected” to be President – not elected! Never has there been such an assortment of fraudulent tactics displayed as in the 2020 election! A great many poll workers from various locations told their stories of what they witnessed during the processing of ballots including running the same batches thru the machines as many as 3 times, counting mail-in ballots with no postmarks or signatures, leaving bins full of ballots uncounted, vans arriving at the polls at 4 o’clock in the morning full of ballots – long after the polls were closed, etc These people were just ordinary citizens that were shocked by what they witnessed and brave enough to report it. They all took lie detectors and were interviewed and grilled in depth yet all stuck to their stories and were very believable! But suddenly they all disappeared and never heard from again — like it never happened!
    So many people were either involved in the fraud or were aware of it yet remain silent. The truth is slowly being revealed but no one will ever be held accountable!

  9. Between Rochester and Bethpage, that’s 938,000 ballots coming in from NY to PA…for a guy who was 700,000 votes behind. Without records. Without verification….and completed ballots?!?!?!
    Sounds like the wrong people are in the Jan 6 jail cells.

    1. The ’20 election should never have been certified. The result is that we now have a useful idiot in the Whitehouse. Who thinks replacing Biden with another Democrat will make things any better?

      1. YES AND WE HAVE PENCE,THE BIBLE THUMPER LETTING THEM GETTING AWAY WITH IT. just another rhino and now he is running for President. MIGHT AS WELL VOTE FOR A Democrat.

        1. Pencey is such a damn disgrace RINO jackass to my folks and my birth state of Indiana and to the country!!

          He may as well had sold his soul to satan on Jan 6th and 20th, 2021!! Now he’s trying to “redeem” his sorry self by running in 2024 and to just smear it in Pres Trump’s face!! He and Christie e.g. don’t have a hell’s chance and they’re just wasting their time!!

      2. We can all thank Mike Pence for certifieing The 2020 election when trump ask him not to.
        Mike Pence is running for President make sure and not vote for him. Just another democrat posing as a republican

        1. Traitor Pence and other jack weasel RINOs wanted to dumpster fire Pres Trump. Pence should know it goes against the very grain of our Founding Fathers when one certifies for a different form govt like socialism, fascism, communism e.g.!!

  10. I had a very distinct feeling that the Democraps had something up their sleeves when Biden wouldn’t come out of his basement to debate. He knew it was in the bag already and didn’t have to sweat about the election. With all the suspicious activity and improbability that Biden won with more votes than Obama had, there had to be scandles at just about every polling location across the nation. THIS WAS A RIGGED ELECTION AND BIDEN IS NOT THE ELECTED PRESIDENT. HE WAS INSTALLED BY MEANS OF FRAUD. OUR COUNTRY MUST HAVE TIGHTER SECURITY AT POLLING LOCATION AND POLL WATCHERS MUST REMAIN UNTIL ALL BALLOTS ARE COUNTED. MANDATORY PICTURE IDs TO VOTE. MUST BE A LEGITIMATE US CITIZEN AND NO UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHALL BE ALLOWED TO VOTE, PERIOD

    1. Your are totally correct. No more elections without photo I.D. No more paper ballots that go to the post office and onto a truck to disappear forever. never to be counted. This is what happened in the last elections. We Americans were cheated and history will be eventually corrected. Our country is too wonderful to be ruined by crooks. Voter I.D. has to happen. We cannot go through another election and not be sure the person we voted for did not get elected because of somebody stealing ballots.

    2. Same in Arizona. Shameful katie hog gs.
      She knew that democrats will rigged the elections.
      Oh yeah? Democrats think we are born yesterday. We are not stupid. We been duped over and over again by the lying corrupt evil democrats.
      Their excuse ? machine’s glitch!
      Democrats now are well known ballots thieves.
      Democrats handed the fake governor katie hog (hobbs) the free election.
      Democrats appointed her governor of Arizona she is FAKE !FRAUD!
      Democrats as long they have their fake appointed fake governor to keep the border open more influx of illegals the more vote democrat think they will get for next elections.
      More money pouring into their pockets get cuts from cartels human trafficking too.
      Extortionist democrats liberals and democrats rinos too.
      That the purpose of their favor open borders.
      We are controlled by the evil leftwing democrats for years now.

  11. The politician’s are out of control we the people do not need their BS. Fire 60% of them across the board. The balance will work part time like things where set up years ago. Should they not like it quit NOW. Stop mail in ballots if people cannot go to vote in person Tuff shit period. The people here need to stop falling for the Gov. BS and coverups.

  12. Get ready folks we will have a rerun of the 2020 election in 2024 because the deep state needs to be able complete destroying America

  13. Everybody has facts but nothing’s being done I don’t understand this if we don’t straighten this out by 2024 this country’s done Trump has to get in and we have to do everything in our power to get him elected

    1. And the OUT OF CONTROL Garland-controlled DOJ / Wray-controlled FBI needs to be SHUT DOWN to cease their illegal preying on Trump and others on the Right side of the aisle!!

      1. WHAT i want to see is Wray denies Congress and have mushy mouth hauled off to jail. THAT WOULD SHAKE UP THE DEEP STATE FOR SURE.iI there is a God in heaven answer my pray and make my day.

  14. Here a reason to use this line out of the Wyatt Earp movie! OK BARR YOU TELL THOSE DEMOCRAT, THEY CALL DOWN THE THUNDER, YOU TELL THE TRUMP COMING AND 75 MILLION VOTER ARE TOO! Could had use HELL COMING AND 75 MILLION AMERICANS PATRIOTS! You want a war you going get a war!

  15. After currently seeing what we have in the Whitehouse, today, that’s absolute proof the election was stolen, robbed, faked


  17. This coming election democrats should not allow in the poll room.
    Keep them away from the voting machines.
    Do not allow democrats to handle ballots .
    Republican voters should use paper ballots.
    No more voting machines involved anymore.
    Don’t give democrats chance to cheats and steals election ever again.
    Democrats are elections thieves.

  18. Pence was only suppose to “NOT CERTIFY” the most heavy of the cheating states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, & Minnesota!! Then they would have had to do a re-count to match voting records. Recount this, and throw out the ILLEGAL zucker-boxes(Mark Zuckerberg paid for these& ballots(over 460 million$$) then Pres.Trump won in a landslide!!

    1. Pence planned it all along. He didn’t certify
      Because he will run for president.
      Hope he will not trip on sand bag. Like FJB!
      Pence Back stabbed PRESIDENT TRUMP.
      Back stabbing B****RD SOB D****SS I have truly regrets I voted for him.

  19. It’s difficult to understand why with this story and the video of voting machines being tampered with in Arizona that President Trumps claim of the 2020 election being rigged by the democrats to favor joe biden for the presidency of the U.S. are not being validated. There is little doubt that pelosi and her hatred for President Trump, and with all the power that she holds, she was able to control all the factors in every effort to keep President Trump out of the White House. From the very moment on national tv at the end of President Trumps State of the Union Address when she tore up his speech in front of him, she had tried to have him impeached. When that failed and people marched to Washington DC to protest the election results, she orchestrated the invasion of the Capital to place blame on him. She then used her powers to have her lapdogs in congress to hold hearings to gather enough evidence to have him indicted and charged with the rioted invasion. When that failed, no doubt the colluded with Obama to have President Trumps home in Mar-A-Largo searched for classified documents taken from the White House. I would have to say that some of the more serious documents would have been planted so as to be found as evidence of wrong doing. Now federal judges are trying to bring about a legal indictment, charging him with federal crimes and put him in prison to keep him from running for the 2024 presidential election It is well know that all past Presidents have taken documents from the White House representing their time in the Oval Office. Mainly for the reason of their historical library and possible some for personal reason. No other past President has been investigated for this reason. We now understand the President Bidens home was searched for documents he had taken during his time as Vice President. We can only assume that his was done due to his son,hunter biden, and and information found of his lap top There was very little reported on that event. All of which begs the question why is only President Trump being investigate and not all of the past living Presidents? There again, this has Pelosi written all over it.

  20. This is one large incident that further proves what we already knew. The democrat party, along with federal bureaucrats, have become full-fledged members of the largest crime family in world history. Democrats now are mere have-nots who dance for entitlements funded by the likes of Soros, more than a dozen oligarchs and their foundations.

    Our once free nation has again been shackled and faces only one path back to the constitutional republic we enjoyed since King George III was forced out in 1815. Those who cling to conservatism now must force their ruling socialist criminals out. They must seize by force what is still guaranteed by the Constitution but ignored by criminals now in power.

  21. Sounds to me like AG Bill Barr has his fingerprints all over this voter-fraud fiasco. I would go far enough to say that he probably had it in for Trump from well before the moment he was sworn in as Attorney General. Now, I would ask the question–why would Mr. Barr, who is still going after Trump with every interview he presently gives, even assume the post of AG for a president he evidently despised unless it was to stab him in the back every chance he got and insure the election was fraudulently stolen from the true victor. Bill Barr is like all the other slimy creatures of darkness in the DC swamp. He is not a man or honor or integrity, and he is definitely never to be trusted to tell the truth.

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