Safest & Most Secure Election Ever Sure Has Had a Lot of Fraud Convictions

The list of activists, candidates and election officials being convicted of election fraud and going to jail for it continues to grow. Not that we’re suggesting that the 2020 election wasn’t the safest and most secure election ever. It’s probably a wild coincidence that we have seen quite a few more people going to jail because of 2020 compared to previous elections, right? Or not. It’s still difficult to get anyone in charge to admit that perhaps – just perhaps – something was amiss in 2020. Maybe if enough convictions like the following ones keep getting added to the pile, the right people will start to notice that we’ve got major problems here with our elections.


The former mayor of San Luis, Arizona – a woman name Guillermina Fuentes – pled guilty in early June to ballot harvesting in 2020. One of the “mules” who Fuentes paid to stuff ballot boxes in Arizona has also pled guilty to taking part in the conspiracy to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. Both will be sentenced later this year.

Former Democrat Congressman Ozzie Myers of Philadelphia pled guilty last month to conspiracy, depriving voters of civil rights, bribing election judges, falsifying voting records and conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election. The two election judges that Myers bribed – Domenick DeMuro and Marie Beren – have both pled guilty to receiving election bribes. Myers’ election thievery dates back to the 2014 midterm elections. He had been cheating for the Democrats in every election since then.

In Compton, California, a City Councilman named Isaac Galvan, was charged with rigging votes in his 2021 runoff election. Galvan allegedly convinced four people who lived outside of his district to cast ballots for him. He won his seat by just one vote after that. Galvan has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Paterson, New Jersey City Councilman Michael Jackson (Yeah. Real name. And a Democrat.) has been indicted for 2020 voter fraud. He has rejected a plea agreement from prosecutors so far. He’s been charged with election fraud, fraudulently casting mail-in ballots, unauthorized possession of mail-in ballots, and record tampering. Not at all ironically, another Democrat named Alex Mendez who ran against Jackson in Paterson’s most recent mayoral election, has been charged with the exact same crimes. Mendez has denied the charges against him.

A contract mail carrier in West Virginia named Thomas Cooper was caught in 2020 and pled guilty to attempted election fraud and “injury to the mail.” He altered the party registrations on at least eight (but probably more) mail-in ballots and tried to submit them. The County Clerk caught him and reported the crime to police.

And in proof that Republicans are terrible at voter fraud because they don’t do it nearly as often as Democrats, a City Councilwoman named Kimberly Ashe-McPherson pled guilty to fraudulently submitting three absentee ballots. The FBI caught her!

Way to swing into action, FBI! Not to get too far off track, but out of all the election crimes listed above, the FBI only got involved in the one that a Republican participated in. As for the additional mountains of evidence of election crimes committed by Democrats in 2020, the FBI can’t really be bothered with it. But when a Republican cheats with a measly THREE BALLOTS, it’s suddenly a big federal crime. Ash-McPherson pled guilty on June 7th, and we shouldn’t be surprised if the federal judge throws the book at her. Maybe lock her up with the January 6ers to really send a message.

Almost all of the cases listed above involved the scourge of elections in civilized nations: Mail-in ballots. France recently held a national election and used paper-only, in-person ballots. And they counted all the ballots on election night. No machines, no mail-in ballots, voter ID required and absentee ballots in France are only allowed under very limited circumstances. Countries with real elections realize that those things all contribute to massive fraud.

The use of mass mail-in ballots in 2020, under the guise of COVID safety, stole the 2020 election from the rightful winner. We should never stop repeating this, and we should do everything we can to prevent the Democrats from stealing another presidential election. I can’t stop thinking about it every time I pay $100 to fill up the family minivan these days. Stolen elections have consequences.

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27 thoughts on “Safest & Most Secure Election Ever Sure Has Had a Lot of Fraud Convictions”

  1. Only $100 to fill your mini Van? If you had to use premium and lived in California it would have been $150 or more. FJB!

    1. California elections are and have been tainted and messed with for years……the entire state knows it and no one ever says a word.
      Outside of SF, LA, and Sacramento, this IS a red state.
      Too bad the real people of CA get the shaft year after year after year after election after election etc!!
      Does ANYONE believe Nancy Pelosi got 79% of the vote in her district last election?!!!! FFS, the woman doesn’t do a goddamned thing in the halls of Congress. Her only concern is the defamation of our last, and best president. She wants him brought up on charges for anything she can throw at him. With a hound dog like lying Adam Schitt in her service, the “ inside trading queen whore” she has plenty of made up rhetoric she can try to use.
      The JN 6 committee might as well be the Captain Kangaroo show. It’s not quite as interesting I’m afraid

      1. And do not trust any form of law enforcement they have all gone commumist like fuck you Joe biden and you fucking commumist TYRANNICAL fucked up government

      2. You are 1000% right!!!
        Until we get back to paper, in person ballots, and more, our problems in Calf will only continue to grow. The recall of Newsom was a perfect example.
        Voters in our area were notified their ballots were processing, and they hadn’t been cast yet.
        Other voters were told they had already voted when they arrived to vote at their polling place.
        Ironically, all were Republican voters. The rest of America has no idea how many Republican farmers and ranchers reside down the center of this state, and NO, we are not all LGBQRSTUV
        wackos!!!!! Eventually the truth of who lives here will surface, and ALOT of people will be surprised.
        WWG1 WGA God bless America.

      3. SMH….New York is the same way…..grew up there (don’t really want to go back) and upstate and the island are conservative or at least Republican majority but NYC is mega-democratic (80%+) and always carries elections because of the population (and right there is a ready made civics lesson for why we need the electoral college!!! – so every vote counts!) You’re right on about pelosi wasting tax payer money on a 4 year personal vendetta…..the people of California and US should demand a refund of her salary (not holding my breath)

    2. No doubt I’ll say it again where the fuck is our military oh that’s right their woke piece of shits so disgusting

    3. Yes Robert but the reason it was only $100 was because the mini-van was only half-empty not on “E”…otherwise it would have been $250!! LET’S GO BRANDON!!!

  2. Normal everyday people are struggling! Don’t go anywhere that’s not necessary, grocery pice have exploded, half of a cart costs over a $100 for just 2 people! Can’t afford medical doctors. This socialist democratic goverment ARE TRYING HARD TO TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR MEANS OF SURVIVAL?

      1. They should all be put against the wall of a fucking firing SQUAD and these government son of a bitches

  3. And,We thought “Tricky Dick”
    Was Bad, Biden is an embarrassing disgrace to the real USA
    Hell give 50 plus billion on war in Ukraine but, won’t even feed infants or defend America instead raises everything& Impeachment toFake President Biden Now
    Wake up America ✌️✝️

    1. Tricky Dick knew they were cheating, he was much smarter than anyone knew, however his girls knew! The breakin was to find the proof…but they got caught. He took a gamble & because it was not a legal choice he got caught.
      He was a good President & had some good things to implement. And because they knew some of the things he had in mind they were spending money like they do now getting money from the pockets of probably Geo. Soros even back then, & other countries some being our enemies. They were throwing a lot of money to the Middle East back then. Richard Nixon was actually a pretty nice guy & had a wonderful family. He & his wife brought his girls up right. Back then they were a good American Family.

  4. The Democrats had a good thing going for them, opportunity to cheat and they really took advantage of it. No voter ID , mail in ballots , harvesting, Dems running the polling places, trucking ballots from state to state. The problem is that they over did it. If they had only won by 2 or three million votes it would not have been so obvious but to believe that 12 million more voters turned out for Biden over Obama just makes it too obvious. There is no doubt that the votes are there but to believe that 82 million voters, actual people, cast them is , to put it mildly , unbelievable. This is never , never addressed. Biden, the guy who campaigned from the basement, couldn’t draw a crowd of two hundred, got 82 million people out to vote for him, COMEON MAN.

    1. Yep. Anyone who thinks the basement dummy got 81 mil LEGAL votes is just as mentally retarded as biden. Only dumbass demonkkkrats would believe that crap.

      My blue State implemented mail-in ballots this year for the first time EVER in our history. Why? Because the dems are going to ensure this STAYS a blue State FOREVER.
      FvCK bIDEN and FVCK the idiots that voted for him!

  5. Democrats do not run the polling places everywhere. The Douglas County (Nebraska) Election Commissioner is a Republican and the Deputy Election Commissioner is a Democrat. By Nebraska law the Election Commissioner and Deputy Election Commissioner in each county must be of different political parties. The Election Officials working at each polling place are from multiple parties. I worked as an election official and I know that the 2 clerks who handle the books are to be from different parties and the 2 Judges who hand out ballots to the voters and receive them from the voters are from different parties as well. We do everything we can to make the election fair in Nebraska. All voting is done using paper ballots. In most of the counties in Nebraska ballots are counted using optical scanners.

    1. Nebraska probably one of the only states that is somewhere honest in their election results……But note all the swing states, Corruption on a grand scale. There is no question that the National Election was as fraudulent as you can get ant we now have a horrible illegitimate president. Is there any doubt ?

    1. 2000 Mules was fake…… Stormy Daniels story was real .. Russia, Russia. Russia was real…. Hillary is honest..
      Pelosi didn’t set up J6… the 2020 election was the most secure in history… and I’m a Japanese fan dancer..!! The lies from these people is beyond belief…!! Nobody takes them to task..!!!

  6. Unless we take back the house in November we will have queen Antoinette Pelosi as president. She has planned for decades to be president, she pushed for Hillary to win in 2016 as she could impeach Hillary for destroying subpoenaed evidence. Trump ruined all her plans and exposed her, the rest of the democrats, and rinos, of the swamp. Now she has her plan, and the impeachables in place. Will she grab it now?

  7. Notice how any claim of voter fraud gets covered up almost immediately? Notice how the audits of Dominion machines is fought by a slew of democrat attorneys? Notice how the audit in Arizona was debunked and fought in court by over 100 democrat attorneys? Notice how 2000 mules was covered up by the communist media even with video proof and the cell phone pings which are deadly accurate? Why isn’t Zuckerberg being investigated for using 400 million to buy the election for Biden and the democrats? None of this happens to a political party who won the election. Many Republicans and judges are complicit in the fraud and we have got to get to the truth or the communists in the democrat party win again. We may never recover from the enormous damage this communist dictator Biden has done to our country. WAKE UP AMERICA OR WE ARE SCREWED!!!!

  8. My question, why aren’t all involved, from top down in Gitmo awaiting execution for high treason? After allow election fraud/ COUP is the death penalty!!

  9. Every state must go to paper ballots only with verified voter I.d., NO vote tabulating machines, NO early voting, NO mail in ballots except for deployed military, NO ballots accepted after the polls close, and ONLY ballots in before the polls close should be counted! NO accepting ballots days after Election Day, and ALL ballots counted on election night, not several days after, and ONLY certified counters counting ballots with an observer from each party at the counting tables. Anyone caught transporting ballots should be arrested and charged with voter fraud, which should carry a heavy penalty! Maybe different colored ballots and envelopes from each voting district to ensure ONLY registered legal voters can vote in that district!

  10. There will never be another conservative President. Were those Dominion voting machines ever seized?! Hell no. We are history, people.

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