Scotland Launches Probe into “Mysterious” Surge in Baby Deaths

You might be waking up every morning and thinking that you live in a wonderful place known as “Western Civilization.” It’s a place where you don’t tend to go to war very often, people are generally nice to each other, the water doesn’t make you sick if you drink it, and very few babies die within the first few weeks of their little lives. But Western Civilization is increasingly looking less and less like a nice place to live, and more like a Third World backwater that you would never travel to on vacation. This is increasingly true as the medical community is failing to keep newborn babies alive for very long.

Scotland is now experiencing its second large surge in baby deaths in the past year. Huh? Scotland seemed like a country that had its act together. They’ve got electricity and stoplights, just like Australia, the United States and other great countries to live in. How could they possibly have large numbers of babies suddenly dying?


One interesting thing about Scottish law is that if there is a sudden surge in all-cause mortality among any age group – including newborns – it automatically triggers a government investigation. And that just happened for the second time in the past year.

The first surge in baby deaths happened in September of 2021. They mysteriously had 21 babies die within the first four weeks of their little lives. The second surge in Scotland just happened in March. They lost 18 babies that month in the first four weeks of life.

That is completely bizarre if you happen to live in a country with indoor plumbing. Babies don’t normally just die within their first month of life, because we have great nutritional standards, clean drinking water and an overall good standard of life. For all its faults, our medical care system is pretty good when compared to the rest of the world as well. If you’ve ever had to visit a doctor’s clinic in Tanzania, you wouldn’t doubt this.

The probe into Scottish baby deaths back in September didn’t reach any real conclusions as to why it happened. They did, however, rule out COVID-19. The babies definitely did not die from the coronavirus. (Can babies even catch COVID?) But they did not come to a conclusive answer. They still don’t know why the September surge happened.

A spokesperson for the Scottish government announced:

“We are working with PHS, the Scottish National Neonatal Network, and the Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative to understand any possible contributing factors to ensure we continue to improve the care of the smallest and sickest babies in Scotland.”

Setting aside the corporate-speak gobbledygook, did you catch what she just said? The “sickest babies?” As if it’s the babies’ fault! Those selfish little brats are getting sick (somehow) and it’s totally not connected to any government mandates related to a certain experimental medicine that they forced everyone in Scotland to take in the past year!

Okay, let’s just cut to the chase, because we all know what is really happening in Scotland, Canada, the UK, Australia, Israel, America and other countries. The babies are dying because the mothers are breastfeeding them. The FULLY VACCINATED mothers are breastfeeding them.

This is the horror that the COVID kooks have unleashed upon the world. These mRNA shots for COVID are no joke. These experimental medicines that are not vaguely close to the definition of what we called a “vaccine” a few months ago are incredibly powerful. They impact the bodies of humans in ways we don’t fully understand yet. Many of the resultant side effects are either fatal or crippling.

We know from multiple published medical reports now – and from internal Pfizer documents that they only agreed to release under a court order – that these spike protein “vaccines” immediately attack the human liver and the female ovaries. The mRNA immediately imprints itself into the DNA of liver cells and begins rewriting the individual’s genetic code. What’s the long-term effect of that going to be on humanity? Nobody knows yet, but many of us suspect it won’t be good.

The way that the shots impact the ovaries is even worse. Fully vaccinated women are 13 times less likely to carry a baby to full term, when compared to an unvaccinated mom. And vaccinated moms are passing spike proteins to their babies through the breastmilk. This mad scientist experiment has got to stop.

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36 thoughts on “Scotland Launches Probe into “Mysterious” Surge in Baby Deaths”

  1. Depopulation, crimes against humanity. Who is going to stop the cabels??? Babies, children, young adults are dying like flies. The medical establishment has been silenced,we the people have been silenced. BIG Tech Companies, our News are helping to kill us by silencing us, hiding the truth, protecting the canals. Yes, Biden, Obama. Pelosi Schumer, Clintons, Bernie Sanders, AOC. , Soras, Bill Gates, Fauci, Etc. Will go down in history as allowing mass murdering of the American people for political gain. It seems they will only pay for their crimes on judgement day but they will suffer an eternity in Hell.

    1. Our governments at work. These RHINOS & DEMORATS WILL SELL THEIR CHILDREN TO GET VOTES, GOD will soon punish this SCUM

        1. Words have lost their meaning unless ‘u ‘r on the ‘power’ side! Too late even for action. – – Itcould all have been avoided – if not for Pence – the traitor who will run for Pres.,,? He could have stopped it all,,, what was the gift the two men handed him -after he did his dirty little trick to our Country? Was the ‘reward’ enough ? or was the reward the Presidency of a stolen country,,,,,,?

          1. With what? Even those that could have helped have been destroyed or changed sides! We ‘r living in. a spineless world,,,,,,,actually, they don’t even need us Their science has advanced so far their robots have been perfected to the point where they can do everything we can do, yes, even that,,,,,

      1. I agree. God will handle it in his timing. We are in a spiritual war. That includes humans that have
        sold themselves out to Satan. Government officials, people that vote for them. churches that are
        not exposing them!!!!!

      2. And here’s a new one for ‘u ! Biden’s sister,,,, the woman who put Obama in office is taking over training our new Pres. for office – yes, – Megan Markel is going to run for Pres.,,- (hope I spelled that wrong),, Hollywood is finally going to make it to the WH!,,,, Well, that way she will hold on to her Prince ‘til his usefulness is gone,, no doubt she has found him easy to handle considering his honorable lineage,, ,,, Long live England. – ‘n Long Live theUSof A. – although – w/Soros’ knee on our neck- how long,,,, Wake up, Americans! ,,, where ‘r ‘u?

  2. The majority of people feel it is connected to the mandatory vaccinations. Something is definitely wrong. Where is the baby formula coming from? Has the baby formula been tested? Could it have anything to do with depopulating the population? The majority of people are wondering what’s happening and why ????

  3. Mother’s in The United States are donating Their breastmilk to babies throughout the country because the children of Satan, the devil, have destroyed their baby food formula supply .

        1. No one thinks for themselves any more! That’s how these people gained their power over us ! ,,, Even the small country like Hungary u knew enough to throw Soros out of their Country,,

      1. How many are dead from the vaccine? Many of my friends are, as well as bald, can’t breathe, loss of limbs from blood clots. How much is vaccine, and how much is the virus. This is all on the Chinese.

        1. And Fauci and his ilk. Fauci had a hand in the gain of function research, with money funneled to the Wuhan lab. I wonder how many more viruses the NIH will fund?

        2. Not so,,,, our gov’t was involved,,,,Mrs Clinton signed the order for the lab to be built while she was Sec of State,,,, also she ‘n Obama we’re among ‘first visitors’,,,, They know more than they tell,,, just our luck,,,, However, we should have expected something as she is head of the “Elitists”. – ‘u could say ‘we asked for it’, considering!

  4. But is breast milk even safe any longer? We’re the women jabbed? If so it’s highly likely the babies “got spiked” through close contact & their mums’ milk both; babies have no immune system yet, to speak of! They didn’t die of covid, but of their mothers’ supposed “immunizations”. Normally, mums pass immunity to their babies in their milk, but in this case what’s being passed is death due to the nature of those jabs. It’s killing babies in the US, so a good bet it is in Scotland too.

    1. Um, yes. So the article tells us. Read it again. I am an anti-vaxxer for covid and have been since the first days. I have had covid twice. The first time was harsh and I was sick 2 months. This is way before the condition was announced to the world. I know others who were super ill way before the big Fauci announcement. He grew wealthier from this killing spree. Makes me wonder when I see these high-ranking butt heads on TV getting the jab … What was in THEIR vials???? Saline? A trick needle? I do not put anything past these evil (and I actually think they are) people.

  5. This is clearly vacate contaminated breast milk! And once the vaccine is in your body, it cannot be removed! What better way can Gates depopulate the earth? He and skunk Fauci are to blame for this, lie as they will, Gates developed the vaccines LONG before the planned covid outbreak! Now the innocents are dying! Purely satanic! Gates, Fauci, Biden and big pharma execs should all be in prison! Wake up folks, the “ gubment” is NOT here to help you! They want to control you, if they can’t, they will kill you. This was all pre-planned to rig the election and get Obama back in power through his stooge, Biden!

    1. Obama was a type of inspirational speaker. Soros and Gates are the brains behind the mouth. Same with Biden.

      1. Wait. What? Biden has a brain, you say? I have to disagree. He is not even a good puppet lately as he wanders off script and literally off podium.

    2. Let’s see if all these folks who push for everyone to be jabbed have really received at least 2 doses and a booster jab of the vaccine!

  6. Mother if you got the vaccine, then STOP BREASTFEEDING THE BABY! You are injection them with a deadly virus shot! If your baby died it on you! These shot were created to DEPOPULATION THE WORLD! And only a sick fool as Bill Gates want to stop your baby!

  7. How many women took the jab, miscarried and are now sterile? How many healthy young people died from the vaccine itself? How many young children died from the vaccine? How many more five year old and younger children will die from the vaccine, now that it is supposedly safe for babies? Does anyone remember the drug thalidomide? That was supposed to be safe for pregnant women too! Wake up people, you are the guinea pigs!

  8. If they kill us, we can’t revolt!
    If 250 million Americans took the jab or are sterile. They have all ready won!
    The only answer is JESUS CHRIST and the second coming! May he come soon so that group of rascals that are trying to kill us can burn as stubble

    1. Amen, amen. God sees everything, knows everything and will always win over satan. He is trying to awaken the Christian soul that has been lulled to sleep by all the electronic devices. We have to fight back and terminate our use of the social media complex and really speak to one another again. Peace be with you.

  9. One must wonder why no government can understand the effects of the “killer vax”? It may be that the reason is that government went to great effort to force it on the populace.

  10. They need to do a correlation of what % of those deaths are breastfed by vaxxed mothers. Then there’s the formula shortage, coincidence?

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