Set-Up: Feds Mailed the 15 Boxes to President Trump That They Seized at Mar-a-Lago

The 15 boxes that the FBI seized from President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago this week were mailed to him by the federal government. You can’t make this up. On the one hand, you might think that Trump’s enemies couldn’t possibly be stupid enough to arrest him on some fake charge, thereby turning him into a beloved Nelson Mandela-like martyr figure in American politics for all time. No one is that dumb, right? Then again, when have Trump’s enemies ever proven themselves to be careful and circumspect? They’re going to arrest him and put him in handcuffs, and we need to brace ourselves for that fact.

Miranda Devine at the New York Post has uncovered one of two key facts about the raid and siege of Mar-a-Lago that took place on Monday. The narrative is that Trump took classified documents from National Archives when he left office, which he’s kept sitting around in his basement since last February or so. Here’s what Devine found out:


“The boxes contain documents and mementos from Trump’s presidency, reportedly including letters from Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un, and other correspondence with world leaders. A legal source said that the boxes had been packed up by the General Services Administration and shipped to Mar-a-Lago when Trump left office in January 2020.”

Packed up by the General Services Administration (the federal government) and shipped…

Emerald Robinson describes the materials as 15 boxes of autographs, keepsakes and knickknacks. That sounds about right. The fact that the boxes have been locked in a windowless storage room in the basement of Mar-a-Lago all this time suggest that there are no classified documents there. It’s just a bunch of stuff that someone will dig through at some point for the Trump Presidential Library. And even if the boxes did contain classified docs, Mar-a-Lago is crawling with Secret Service agents carrying fully automatic rifles. It’s not like the materials were ever going to fall into the wrong hands.

This was a set-up.

And we know it was a set-up because Newsweek has uncovered a second key fact: The FBI had a confidential informant on Donald Trump’s staff at Mar-a-Lago. The informant told the FBI where the 15 boxes were stored, and also pointed them to the empty safe that the FBI cracked open.

Take two steps back and consider the magnitude of this. The FBI spied on Donald Trump when he was a candidate for president as far back in 2015. They spied on him into 2017 as part of the Russia hoax. And they had a spy on his staff at Mar-a-Lago in 2022, almost two years after he left office. For SEVEN YEARS they’ve been spying on him.

If I see one more squishy, spineless “Republican” fail to condemn the FBI for this and who isn’t willing to call of the complete elimination of the FBI, I swear…

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told some TV show this week, “We need to let this play out.” As if there is going to be some legitimacy to the FBI’s fake attacks on Trump this time. After we “let this play out,” there will be some real evidence at the end of it? Really, Senator Scott? How about “Hell, no.”

The same FBI that fabricated the Russia hoax with the help of the media and the Democrat Party, and fabricated the Ukraine phone call hoax, and fabricated the gun-free “insurrection” hoax on January 6, and fabricated the “two scoops of ice cream” hoax, and fabricated the “burgers piled a mile high” hoax, and sent multiple teams of reporters to investigate whether 5-year-old Jacob Trump had really built a replica LEGO White House all by himself doesn’t get the presumption of legitimacy anymore.

The FBI was formed through an emergency federal mandate more than 80 years ago. It’s done as far as I’m concerned. The very first day of the next Congress, when Republicans have taken over, they need to declare that the FBI has exceeded its mandate and choke off all of its funding until it no longer exists. There are no “good apples” left there. Cut all its funding, demolish the Hoover Building and salt the earth. They get no more benefit of the doubt from us. And any Republican who ever votes for another dime of taxpayer funding for the FBI will lose my vote forever.

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82 thoughts on “Set-Up: Feds Mailed the 15 Boxes to President Trump That They Seized at Mar-a-Lago”

  1. Yep it the same cast of characters that brought us the Russian Hoax is doing it again. However this time they are going after any body who can and will a potential political rival of any democrat in office

    1. I’ve had these same nagging thoughts for a long time. A long time watching the FBI of all things pollute this government 6 ways from Sunday.


  3. This is an attempt to frighten voters away from the polls in November. This is hatred pure and simple and a distraction from a Biden investigation. We pray for Trump and his family and supporters. May God have mercy on the souls of these “deep state” predators.

    1. This time they are not going to frighten voters away from the polls in November. The Dems, DOJ and FBI may be saying the same thing that Japan did when they bombed Pearl Harbor ‘ We have awaken a sleeping giant’ and this time they have, the Republicans are going after them and get them out of every office they hold and will never be allowed to hold any office again.

      1. Time for Republicans to stand up and fight harder than they ever have …no more all talk and no show.

        Dems need to be called out on their shinanagons and pay the price …. Per Pelosi … no one is above the law!!!!!

        Tired of the hypocrisy of the left and them doing whatever they want, legal or not, mostly not, and not paying the price.

        Toughen up Republicans and put them away …. For good.

        1. I wish the Republicans were “All talk”!!! Problem is they are always “No talk,” and let the Democrats run all over them. THAT is why I quit the Republican party, not to mention allowing RINOS a voice on Republican donor dollars.

          1. Not much action either! I hope in November we will get a majority in both Houses. I am working locally to get out the vote. Instead of complaining, other people should check with their local Repub. Party to find something that they would like to do!

    2. Um..I’m beyond mercy. There’s a place in Hell for the commie/ socialist/ fascists in charge of this country. Move over Satan…HELL is about to get the southern border treatment.

      1. Condemn to hell for all their shinanagons and destroying our country.

        I am a Christian but believe they need to pay for the pain and hurt they have caused everyone in this country. Maybe jail in solitary confinement, no communication with their family or lawyer like they did to Jan 6 rioters, would be in order.

        Can’t believe anyone supports the Dems …. They do not care about our country or it’s people, just power and control.

      2. Who raised you to be talking to fellow americans like this. We all live here folks. We can believe different things. Even if they aren’t good christians or are from another country or don’t look the same. They can have their beliefs. We weren’t lied to. Your lying to yourself. And its sad.

    3. I actually don’t want God to show mercy to these evil members of the Deep State. Some things are unforgivable. I think they’ve passed that. May they rot in hejj for what they’ve done to President Trump, his family, friends, employees, supporters.

      1. As a canadian I’m appalled at the level to which your politics have been reduced. LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Gordon, that sounds good but unless both Party’s are decent, honest and open-minded to work together , it won’t work. Every breathing human knows that drill. How is in Canada that pansy Trudeau controls EVERYTHING in your country???

        2. Gordon what are you talking about???? it is the same here just different,, people all over the planet need to stand up and refuse any further nefarious
          actions against them,,,, all at the same time
          no more FEAR

        3. I am Canadian too Gordon, and equally appalled by the decline of America. However, if you think Canada under Justin Castro is any better, think again.

    4. Hi Evelyn,
      I know nothing about you except you are gullible. I wish you and many of our fellow Americans would be willing to venture off Fox News with an open mind and WAKE UP! What does it take for you to realize Trump is a con man, period. He has done nothing but tear our great country apart with his continuous lies that divide us and create hate and discord between us. You need to find a legit leader to follow. PLEASE. It’s NOT him.

      1. I think you got the name wrong, it should be Joe Biden who is destroying this country turning it into a communist country. You are the one who needs to get your head out of your rear end.

        1. I’m appalled at Tim Scott, he was a friend and Trump spoke out for him. He is a traitor to the Republican party, he stood up for Liz Cheney not Trump. He wants to be president, so screw anyone that helped him, go to hades.

      2. Kathryn: you are a special kind of stupid, and your comments verify that. Talk about con artists? Have you considered the lies and obfuscation that comprise every statement made by poor demented Joe, and included in the notebook that his pitiful excuse of a press secretary relies upon for EVERYTHING she says. You listen and follow a Senate, House of Reps, department secretaries, and other ne’er do wells, and they cannot speak without lying through their teeth. Wise up, woman. If you want to be royally screwed, either listen to your socialist politicians or take a walk in any city that is governed by a Democrap mayor. You’ll get your wish.

      3. About 100 M Trump supporters disagree with you, plus the ones too young to vote yet. And it’s growing.
        Watch some other news and see a different view.

      4. Hi Kathryn I think you better get your head out of your ass and wake up the democraps not republicans are destroying our republic from within and you commie socialist thugs that go along with crappie race theory and this woke idiotic movement and these people who “think they are female when they are born male “ or vice versa is a phobia and needs to be treated as such “phobia and sickness. This is part of the brainwashing of Americans who fall for it!!

      5. Kathryn, if anyone is gullible, you are the one who fits that narrative !! President Trump not only worked 4 years for FREE, he accomplished every goal he set forth from the beginning to end of his term, something NO other potus has EVER done throughout this countries history,,, FACT !!!! The division you speak of started with the Kenyan impostor and his ilk !! Get your facts straight before you open your big mouth next time, you could be condemned for continuing to create and carrying out division within our country. GOD Bless America !!

      6. perhaps you could supply the rest of us ignorant folks with some facts, truth as to what you say and also whom do you suggest would be legit, not a Democrat I hope!

      7. If you are a fellow U.S A person you could see what the demorats have done to this country. Look up the history of Hitler And Japan, then maybe you can see polictial Demorats for what they are and that they have been in office way to long.

      8. Tear the country apart? Really? We had prosperity, peace, controlled borders, energy independence, we were the largest exporter of oil in the world, business taxes were reduced and regulations relaxed so that businesses expanded and hired more people. Trump strengthened our military, respected and supported law enforcement, relieved us of the Obamacare “fine” which was nothing but theft imposed on the American citizens by the government. Trump supported Charter schools, which Democrats oppose. He brought the medical and business entities together to develop a COVID vaccine in historically record time and was before the public daily with the infectious disease experts answering questions. He worked with Senator Scott, for form Opportunity Zones to aid at-risk minority young men. He initiated prison reform to aid people who were given excess sentences due to not haven’t had adequate defense. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem, something that had been promised by three previous presidents but never done . . . just to name a few. As far as getting off Fox News. Are you saying that there should only be one point of view considered or expressed. If so, that’s very dangerous. At least Fox News is not having to settle numerous lawsuits for lying and slander as CNN is. The Trump haters are the ones who have divided us, by constantly telling lies about him. Tell me that you like what is happening to this country under Biden. DUH!

        1. I just found this site and was reading through these comments. You are right on with what you said. Thank you for listing some of Pres. Trump’s accomplishments. I would like to find a complete list somewhere. I could not have said it any better, but I will add that he accomplished all that he did in spite of fierce opposition from the left and some in his own party.

      9. Well Karen,
        You are severely deluded human being and your mind is been taken over by the mental illness of liberalism. You do not know what the hell you’re talking about and what you said about Trump is actually the case with Biden you’re just too blind and idiotically dumb to see it.

      10. Sorry, Evelyn – you’ve been snowed!!!! Our country was in the BEST shape it’s been in since Reagan was President!!! Trump isn’t a “con” man – he’s a smart business-man who is also a Patriot!!!

        As for Tim Scott – YES, let it play out – LEGALLY!!!!! Someone with some common sense and logic (neither of which have been in high esteem in this admin OR Buyden’s former admin!!!!

      11. You are truly the gullible one. It is braindead Biden and the demoncrat party who have been tearing this country apart as fast as they can in so many ways. WAKE UP!!!!!!!

      12. You must be as blind as a bat. Just compare what Trump did for the citizens in this country and what is going on right now. There is nothing but an out-of-control mess in every sense of the word with this dementia-ridden puppet in office. Exactly how did Trump “tear this country apart?” Can you name one thing? I didn’t think so.

      13. Spoken like a true socialist sheep Kathryn. I/we want our freedoms, we want a capitalistic America, we want love of America and Trump did that. Biden and Company lie through their pathetic mouths. I am 73 years old and I have not seen the destruction (financially and morally) since Jimmy Carter. Fast forward, Biden is another Jimmy Carter x 1,000. There is nobody else that can stand up to the commie left but Trump. He is the only one who has the following and can take what they fling at him and keep going. If we don’t stick together behind the only guy that can make it, we are doomed as a nation. This is no joke, it’s a fact. Like him or not. I happen to like him and the work he has done. Sure, there are things I don’t like that he does, but they aren’t bad enough to sell-out or give my country away to socialists and Marxism.

      14. Boy, you sure do need to get your head out of the sand. You should choke spouting these Lies and Thoughts that any sane person knows all of this is being controlled by the Communist Party also known as the Democraps. President Trump kept all our asses safe for four years, look at America now thanks to the Democraps now, All Democraps should take a trip to a Communist Country to see how they like it, I bet they would RUN to the Polls to vote for My President Trump.

      15. ✋ Talk to the hand Kathryn. You’re the one who can’t see three feet in front of you. Your so-called President lusts after children. Murders barbies (no formula). Anniahilates unborn infants. Starves school children. Hates the poor, the blacks, the rich. Virtually anyone still breathing after covid is despised by him. So much so that he leaves Americans overseas to die by the Taliban and plots and plans various ways to rob and kill millions more here at home. The man is pure evil, wanting to destroy anything and everything in his path just so a few rich greedy psychos can have the whole world for themselves because the great big piece of the pie they already own isn’t enough for them. And MR Biden is trying his best to give it to the selfish bastards because he’s a selfish bastard as well. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about anything but his bank account that just grows bigger and bigger with all the dirty money they stuff in it in exchange for his treachery against the American people. It would be sad if it wasn’t so despicable. He’s a horrible human being and can’t be sitting in he’ll soon enough to suit me. I can’t believe ANY of you can look at what he’s done to this country and still have any liking for him. I guess zombies really do exist.

      16. Please no dumb remarks President Trump has done more for America than any president in history quit listening to fake lies fake news fake media

  4. If the doj and the fbi was not a puppet for Biden and the democrats they would be raiding hunter Biden house and business and going after the ones on maxwell list of clients for sexual assault and Soro for voter interference
    They should be going after people they have plenty of evidence on and stop fabricating evidence against President Trump

    1. The FBI is now the KGB of Demoncrats all totally corrupt. 87000 new IRS agents. Our country(USA) is being systematically destroyed by the Left Radical A genda of the Biden/Harris administration, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and the rest of the Communist/Fascist/Nazi/Socialist Democratic( Demoncrat) party. Wake up America before they steal another election, and say goodbye to our constitutional freedoms.

      1. They plan to do more mail ballots again to steal the election and this same crooked people of FBI,CIA,NSA and leadership of Justice Dept. are all lying far radical Socialists Communists out to destroy our country and freedom Now and take our rights away these low life scumbag bastards traitors thugs Democrats.

        1. she is in control of tax payers monies. i want to see Air Force one fly all over the globe on a single charge or on solar, the raid on MAL is just a way to show the American people that the FBI is in control. The Gestapo comes to mind. And please do not tell me that Biden did not know that the raid was going to take place, he is the commander in chief and the head of each government department, they all answer to him, for him to say he didn’t know about the raid is just a bold face lie.

    2. You hit it on the head. Soros needs to be jailed for interfering in our country and using his money to put money in the coffers of a corrupt party. We can not allow ourselves to become a one party rule. Is half this country uneducated about communism and their evil dictators? If not our schools are failing miserably!!

  5. The FBI AND now the IRS have been weaponized against the American People. BOTH need to be disbanded and rebuilt to some extent with ADULT SUPERVISION! It is time for the Democrat’s temper tantrum to end.

    1. No extent. Defund and shut down the IRS and the FBI. The FEW good agents and specialized units that go after serial killers and such can be easily brought over to other federal agencies like BAU can become a unit within the Marshal Service and other agents can be easily absorbed into the Customs and Border Patrol, etc.

    2. Exactly. Obama hired thousands of additional agents to enforce the fines on Obamacare. There are currently 93,624 IRS agents and Biden is hiring 87,000 more and on the notice they specify that they agents should be armed and ready to exert deadly force as needed. It that doesn’t fire you up, your wood is wet. Wake up, folks.

    3. I’ll be mark Clark I know one of them lol. And I agree it is time to replace this TYRANNICAL COMMIE GOVERNMENT REGIME. they have not done their job in over 50 years why the hell should they be receiving our tax payer dollars when they don’t do the job they were given . Which was to protect OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR RIGHTS. THEY HAVE FAILED !!! And”” WE THE PEOPLE”” DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO REPLACE THEM . THUS BATCH ALONG WITH THESE DAMOCRAPS ARE LIERS CHEATERS THIEVES AND MURDERER’S. ALL THEY HAVE DONE IS COVER THEIR CRIMES AND THOSE OF THE COMMUNIST DAMOCRAPS. AND IT IS MORE THAN TIME FOR THEM TO GO TO THE WALL OF THE FIRING SQUAD AND TAKE THOSE SKANK DAMOCRAPS Hillary oblama George Soros Peeeelousi AOC ilhand Susan rice oblamas old woman everyone involved don’t forget biden they more than deserve the firing squad for the millions they have killed with this chinajoefauci virus. They paid to have it made they should all die as well . Let’s see REAL JUSTICE . AS OF NOW THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT WORKS WITH IR UNDER THIS COMMUMIST ADMINISTRATION THEY ALL SWORE A OATH TO UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR RIGHTS !!! WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK FROM THESE TYRANTS.

  6. Agree with disbanding the FBI and the Hoover bldg, once it has been leveled, do what I did to my stalls in the horse barn, in the middle of the filth, where the manure and urine welled, cover thickly in lime to dissolve the stench and biologicals before bedding with clean, fresh shavings. GOOD RIDDANCE FBI! A lot of tv weekly FBI shows will have to think of something to lie about. You might want to omit the experience on your resume.

  7. Thanks for the update on this latest hoax that has happened to the rightful president Trump! President Trump will never give up proving that the election of 20/20 was stolen and We the American Citizens will stand behind those exposing these truths. Those responsible will be held accountable and punished. ❤️God is Good

    1. “Those who are responsible “ that’s a great thought? But no one in the commie socialist woke syndicate crime organization (biden administration) will be held accountable not hillary not obama not comey not struck not any of these slugs in the fbi until DONALD JOHN TRUMP is back where the people of this great republic can take back the greatest republic written by god fearing free people who love their country not ( scum Democraps) commie socialist thugs.

  8. This article is exactly correct….they won’t stop until they have Trump in handcuffs and have destroyed him. This has been their goal from day one and no one.. NO ONE…has stopped them. They are too powerful, too corrupt and too deep. People are STILL in jail from the Jan.6th expression of protest…which they turned into their “insurrection” hoax…they are beyond evil….they are without conscious..they are souless…..if you think these next elections won’t be tainted….think again….

    1. These monsters, KNOWING ALL THEY’VE DONE AND ARE GUILTY OF, would rejoice in whatever more evil acts they can do to him, his family, his friends and supporters. They’d be gleeful to lie and plant evidence, use it to arrest him, use Radical judges, try to jail him and hire someone to kill him, in or out of jail.
      None of us realized there is no limit how far these monsters will go, with a never ending list of evil to attack and others with. Now they plant nuclear secret info and want to charge him with being a TRAITOR to America, which he loves. Going to try and convict of treason and murder him? If this is what they’re up to, s desperate to keep him from regaining Presidency, which we know was stolen in 2020.
      Scott says we’ll gave to see how this plays out??? Is he serious? He should be outraged. Does he want his 2024 Presidency run to be successful so much he would sit back and accept this??? GUILTY until they can kill him, right? I’m ashamed of people like you then, Scott.

      1. I have discontinued donations to Tim Scott for endorsing Alaska’s Murkowski knowing how Trump feels about her. You just gave me another reason to never send him another dime.

  9. Dems granting big bucks to IRS will now give them access to EVERYONE’s tax returns and financial status for additional harassing & auditing conservatives. In the mean time, we the tax paying Americans, are not informed of the billions of tax dollars being spent transporting, housing, feeding, clothing and looking after the illegals entering our country. Coyotes are certainly getting richer in the process. They must be the ones buying Hunter Biden’s paintings as part of the kick back.

  10. no one should give the f b I and A+ for being smart …. they have just slit their OWN Throat ..
    I’m not so sure they didn’t PLANT EVIDENCE TOO … no one was allowed in … in the Search Warrant
    need to specify what they are looking for, NOT 9 Hour’s just walking the Estate … what’s with going
    into Mrs Trump’s room ? when what they were suppose to get were the boxes in the BASEMENT ?
    check for bugs, camera’s, and PLANTED EVIDENCE … Yeah, President Trump, has given them an ITCH they can’t Scratch, Let’s hope it’s Contagious, and they scratch forever !!
    by this biden move, that merrick garland carried out, they couldn’t have given President Trump a Better 2024
    W I N !!

  11. I’m all for clearing the FBI Frat House. Come back with something that has specific laws about what they can and can’t do. But you know where all these former FBI agents would go, don’t you? Remember those 87,000 armed agents the IRS is looking for? That’s why, maybe after vetting every person in the FBI chain of command, they make everyone who is suspect of wrong doing ineligible for rehire by the Federal Government. Otherwise, can you imagine what these bast^rds would do to Americans int he IRS? Especially conservative Americans???

  12. We the people are PISSED OFF! BUT…don’t do anything…RIOT. It’s what they want..It’s what they’re hoping for… so…before the midterms..they can call for a National Emergency…and shut down the elections. It’s a TRAP! DONT BE STUPID!

  13. I pray we win the midterm elections and in 2024 with President Trump!
    What I fear is that nothing has been done about the cheating in the 2020 elections. The mail in ballots will flourish. I know in CA they send out more mail in ballots (3) to democrat absentee voters than (1) to republican absentee voters. Thet also just vote, sign their ballot and mail it back in. Nothing to prove who they are has to be done. In OK an absentee voter gets their ballot (1), fills it out, seals in in an affidavit envelope that has to be notarized by a legal notary, then it’s put in another envelope and sent back in to be put through the machine to be counted on election day. As you can see Oklahoma’s way is better and mostly utilized by seniors but anyone can sign up for absentee voting. We don’t even know if we can even trust the voting machines or the people working at the polls as we saw from 2020.
    I also feel there will be assassination attempts on President Trump and if they put him in jail for fake evidence they will say they have now, that he will be killed in jail just as epstein was. We are now at the stage that the democrat communist think that they are going to take over America! I feel a civil war will happen if that’s the case.

  14. If I were Trump’s wife I would take all the clothes they rummaged through and burn them, regardless of how designer and expensive they were – especially the intimate apparel! I would not want to wear anything the FBI touched. That’s crossing the line of decency, the voyeurism of it is despicable. Horrifying!

  15. IN MY OPINION: I think the AG Garland should be put in git-mo along with Pelosi, Shchumer, Shiff, Beijing Biden, Mitch McConnell, Obama, so called clinton the female and all the republicans that has stabbed President Trump in the back and voted against him in any way, the FBI should be dis banned and the ones that went into Mar-a-Largo should be put in git-mo also and through the damn key away.

  16. PRAISE YEHOVAH THROUGH YESHUA BE on guard. Don’t let them take your mind away from the TURTH. And the truth is that they lie just as Biden and it’s cohorts do. Look back and digest 9 11.seal team six. BENGHAZI. AMERICA know the past. It comes in line with the now.

  17. We need to go back to paper ballots with witnessed counting. The voting Machines are too susceptible to electronic fraud. The same with counting machines. It’s been nearly 2 yrs. and we still don’t have an honest vote count from the last election. So much for machines and electronics. Yes, machines do contain electronics.

  18. I would say that the next order of business for Trump is to find out who the FBI informant is in Trump’s home!!!


  20. Like one lady said, all of these spy activities, false information activities and prosecution attempts are an attempt of the Democrat weaponized FBI and IRS to scare voters into doing something stupid or not vote. The citizens of this country should not react to the activities of the FBI and IRS except at the ballot box. The Federal Government, Jobama Obiden, controlled by Susan Rice under the direction of Barrack Obama is hoping for a violent reaction to their never before done activities against Trump, by the citizens. I will not react to their intimidation attempts and I will make my wishes known at the ballot box in November 2022 and November 2024. We need to take our country back peacefully and send the scoundrels packing into never never land.

  21. Come on people, If you don’t think that this is a bunch of shit and “ANOTHER HOAX” you’ve had your head in the sand for 5+yrs.. Of all the pain staking investigations these clowns have done to try to find even the “pretense” of “maybe” an impropriety or even a “parking ticket” and have come up empty. Why in sam hell would anyone think he would “hide anything illegal ” AT HIS FUCKING HOME” for God’s sake. The only thing “STUPIDER” than these cocksuckers is “US” the American people for putting up with it!!!!!!

  22. Bieng a southerner, Kathryn I will say” bless your heart”, if you know anything( which I doubt) you would be aware that is a polite put down. Now that I live in the north, I will say “ pull your head out woman”, the kool aide you drank is rotting your brain! Just whom, in your lofty opinion, would be a good candidate, since you don’t like republicans? Big mike Obama? Crazy ocasio-Cortez? Madwoman lizzy warren? Cankles Clinton? All are such big “ winners”, whom is your choice?

  23. What the FBI and the DOJ was actually looking for was the secret information that Trump has on the Biden Crime Family. This information will “Prove beyond a reasonable doubt” that the Biden White is comprised by foreign countries.

  24. The real and true as reported by several news organizations, the WHO, CDC, DOJ, FBI, CIA have become armed military forces directed by the satanic socialist democratic communist party democrat members and all the people who support and vote for them.

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