Surprise: Georgia Judge Delays Audit in Clean-as-a-Whistle Election

The Democrat Party’s attempts to stop the examination of any 2020 election ballots is becoming more hysterical, and more childishly transparent, every single day. The audit process was supposed to take a big step forward on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend in Fulton County, Georgia. But on the Thursday prior to that, a flurry of lawsuits succeeded in delaying the process. The judge in the case says the audit can’t move forward until a decision is made in these new lawsuits. Then he suggested a late June date for the court hearing, although it hasn’t been officially scheduled yet. They really don’t want anyone looking at any of ballots, do they?

For those who don’t remember, Fulton County, GA was the site of the magical suitcase ballots on Election Night. Election workers told all the ballot count observers that they were done for the night and would resume counting in the morning. The observers all left, and then corrupt election officials pulled a bunch of suitcases out from under a table.

The suitcases were filled with ballots with no chain-of-custody on them. Election workers then proceeded to pull ballots out of those suitcases and run them through the counting machines multiple times – apparently forgetting that they were on camera the whole time. Joe Biden subsequently stole Georgia by 11,776 votes.

More than a dozen sworn affidavits have claimed that there are 30,000 counterfeit Biden ballots in Fulton County that were included in the official count. There are probably other anomalies that an actual audit would uncover, but we won’t know until the audit actually takes place (if it ever does).


This audit in Georgia was already supposed to be under way, but Fulton County election officials already pulled a cheap stunt to try to slow things down. They sent the auditors low-resolution images of the Fulton County ballots. The images were 200 dpi (Dots Per Inch), which is about the same grainy resolution that you’d see on your grandpa’s home videos from the 1960s, or a US Navy fighter jet taking video of a “UFO.” Ballot images need to be at least 600 dpi in order for auditors to get a clear enough look at them for irregularities.

That’s what Friday’s procedure was supposed to entail. The plaintiffs and defendants were supposed to go to the ballot storage facility, where the ballots were to be unsealed and then rescanned at a higher, visible-to-the-human-eye, resolution.

But on Thursday, the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, the County Superior and Magistrate Courts Clerk, and the Fulton County Commissioners convinced a judge to shut it down. The plaintiffs in the case aren’t some big organized Republican Party outfit. They’re just everyday Georgians who are concerned that they were disenfranchised when the Democrats stole the 2020 election. All these county officials who are suing to stop the audit are claiming that the voters don’t have standing (where have we heard that before)?

Here’s a question I’d really like someone to answer for us: Who DOES have standing to sue when there are massive election irregularities that cause everyone to doubt the outcome?

Donald Trump and the Trump reelection campaign didn’t “have standing” in 60 court challenges against the fraudulent results. The RNC’s challenges didn’t have standing. So, if the candidate doesn’t have standing, the campaign doesn’t have standing, the party doesn’t have standing, and now even the VOTERS in Fulton County don’t have standing – then in all seriousness, who does? Is there anyone left who doesn’t fit into one of those categories? Do you need to be a person who never votes and is disinterested in politics completely in order to have standing?

Meanwhile, Judge Brian Amero stopped the proceedings last week, so the Georgia auditors are back to square one. Amero ruled that the unsealing and rescanning of the ballots can’t take place until the various Fulton County parties have their day in court. Amero has suggested June 21st for the date when he’ll hold a hearing on it.

It’s been almost a full seven months since the election, and the Democrat Party continues to gum up the works in any way possible when it comes to state-by-state audits. Do you think they realize how desperate they look to the rest of us? For such a clean-as-a-whistle election as they claim we had, they sure don’t want anyone to check their homework.

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88 thoughts on “Surprise: Georgia Judge Delays Audit in Clean-as-a-Whistle Election”

  1. Democrats don’t wount the Audit to take place in Fulton County!
    So their can do more cover up.
    Do the Audit, let the chips fall where they may! Why are Democrats going to all measures to stop the Audit in Georgia?
    I smell a rat a dead rat!!
    Go ahead let the Audit take place. No one going to be prosecuted for the Fraud that took place in 2020. People can say their were no Fraud found all they wount, I know better. I know for a Fact Fraud took place! I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.
    If Fraud didn’t happen why are they doing everything possible to stop the Audit?
    Let it continue let’s see where the question marks take us. Theirs a lot of marks to follow!!

      1. Sadly, they cannot do that, as photo IDs are unfair to minorities and the elderly, for some unknown and unstated reasons.

        1. In my state of Mississippi we have voter ID and a signature in front of poll witnesses. And you know what we have no problems. I don’t know about the voting machines, if they tally up to the signatures.

          1. If the machines are Dominion’s then the accuracy is questionable. Voter ID ought to be required throughout the nation. The demonRATS don’t want that because it will hinder their fraud and cheating. The demonRATS know they could not win an hones election.

          2. The same voting procedure for South Carolina. As far as I know, we had no problems either. I can’t
            understand why these naysayers are saying voter ID is racist. Everyone has some form of ID.
            I guess the Democrats want to win for the unforeseen future.

        2. We have photo ID on our driver’s license. Is that also unfair? Phooey! Just another attempt to cover up fraud.
          Question: is this a Federal Judge? If not why is he judging Federal fraud??

        3. Too bad need the ID any way! They have ID to collect Social Security and Medicare benefits. Minorities if not working need ID to collect unemployment benefits or social or welfare benefits, also to get new employment!! No excuse for these lame leftists, are you accusing them of being that simple???

        4. How is photo ID not fair to minorities all these illegal aliens from Mexico get photo ID every state I know gives people photo ID that makes absolutely no sense photo ID is a must to stop the corruption in politics and voting.

          Let the audit continue and come to a real decision put the American peoples trust back in our elections.

        5. A photo ID is required for everything you do anymore.
          Old prople have id’s. Black orople have ID’s.
          In fact many if the darn illegals have ID’S now. When approaching tte homeless, sone of them even have ID’S. That’s a lame brain excuse anymore.

        6. They all seem to have phones that they can post pictures with, and make “I can’t breath” videos. No excuse, should be allowed. Ignorance of the law does not work in any other form of law enforcement. And if you are to stupid for an id, then you really are too stupid to vote.

    1. I agree if it was “as clean as a whistle” as they say why are they so afraid?? They’re afraid because they know that
      if the audit is done they may find that Trump did win and their “win” was a fraud!!

        1. He was elected as superior Court Judge in Henry County, Ga. One of the most corrupt jurisdictions in Georgia. The sheriff was recently removed from his position by the governor.

      1. How could these so called Republican’s or RINOs due this country in all for the same of “dirty money”?? Have have no ethics, morals, or spine!!! If this country falls I pray they also before the rest of us, will reap what they sew!!! Disgusting trash for so called human beings!


      1. This is the type of elections held in Russia. Can’t picture anyone other than an illegal not having ID’S. Anyone who gets freebies MUST have ID’s with pictures on them. So what group of Blacks and minorities are they talking about?

    3. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the rocket boosters have to have enough fuel to get from here to there. So is it with the election fraud. All a “reasonable” has to do is sit back, watch the details and evidence (ballot harvesting from mysterious suitcases of ballots,, delays “supposedly” for the purpose of fixing a water-main break that didn’t occur in the middle of the night, ballots with ‘permanent’ markers, thousands of votes switched from Trump to Biden according to ongoing audits) to know that massive fraud has been committed. Why else would anyone challenge an audit (except for the fact that they are trying to hide the fraud. The Dems can slow down the process, but they can’t stop the audits.

  2. They know they cheated and are trying to bleach all the hard drives like the Hitlery Clinton bleached hers!

    1. god will have the final say,and when he does the fraud will come to light and the demonrats will pee in their pants. they think blacks cant play in the ame andbox as whites,that they are not smart enough to. they can wait a whole day in line for a new i-phone,but cant stand in line like whites for casting ballots.

      1. Until God makes up his mind — do you want to live under communist china and the deep state scum regime. We need these audits done, done now and the farce 2020 election at the very least declared Null&Void or at the very best install the people who were the actual winners of the election. You can choose to wait until our Lord decides to intervene but I want the truth NOW and President Trump back in the WH where he should be. Then ALL the democrats,deep state,rinos,fbi agents,cia agents,doj agents who are involved in this attempted coup PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law — if we have any law left in this country.

        1. if we have any law left in this country. If there is any left you know it favors the libs. What about due process for the people that were arrested Jan 6th. Their Bill of Rights have been torn up and the traitor pigsli is the main cause of it. Everyone knows there was NO “insurrection” and everything is being blown out of proportion. aoc says she needs therapy but to tell the truth she first needs a brain.

  3. Do the Damn LEGAL adult and let the people know the true fact of the election and any Illegal acts committed by the Communist party. I believe that the communist’s party aka democrats did falsify and removed ballets that were Republicans, The fact being they are trying too damn hard to stop anyone from verifying the votes, and the news articles showing multicable piles of Uncounted ballets across this Nation found in cars, warehouses and in parking lot.

    Conclusions to these fact the Biden/Harris admin is not the ligament president and v.p. of America, and their action prove it over the past few months. .

  4. So the audit can’t take place until the Fulton county officials have a day in court, but President Trump and people with legitimate concerns about election fraud are prohibited from having a day in court? Anyone who can’t see the double standards in this is a complete idiot and a disgusting human being

  5. Truth, lady that she is, comes fashionably late to the party, but rest assured she always arrives.

    1. In THIS lifetime or the next? Has anyone seen the GOP take and assertive role in any of this? Nope. They’re lying back taking their orders from Comrade Commie like good little sell-outs.

      The “people” of Georgia want the Truth. The GOP just wants their cut.

    2. Gosh Tony, I sure pray she does! Our country is being destroyed, as we speak, so I am begging Lady Truth to Grace us with her presence, ASAP! God speed, please. This Administration is Anti-America and we are pleading for the truth to prevail, now.

  6. It is time to arrest Stacy Abrams and hold her until the audit begins. We all know what is on there. I believe the President has all the evidence he needs[ he’s allowing the obstruction to prove how much their hiding. Unfortunately the disastrous policies proffered by Biden are making it imperative the switch back be made soon.

  7. The Audit that was to be done was on absentee ballots only and they proved to the judge enough abnormalities existed to warrant it. The Judge approved the audit. Then the county hired the best lawyers in GA and their claim was they weren’t notified properly. If the judge is postponing it GA voters should ask for a full forensic audit of all ballots in Fulton county (data and paper and machines). Someone already tried to break into the store house even when the judge ordered 24/7 surveillance. I would argue that the materials are not safe and a speedy examination is necessary to stop tampering. The people of GA. have the right to really audit THEIR election. If you live in GA please pressure the judge and the legislatures to push through. What are these people hiding ? I wonder if someone got to the judge over the weekend.

    1. I think the action by this puppet judge warrants an investigation(legitimate investigation not by Georgia officials) into the judge’s bank accounts. The old adage — “follow the money trail” — still works !!!!

    2. You are spot on. I am convinced that as each goes by that the final resolution will be be to totally eliminated politicians, social media leaders, judges and any one else that has taken part in this fraud. If this bull shit continues an lock and load gorilla revolution may be the one thing that keeps us from worshipping DEAR LEADER. Sure hope it doesn’t come to that but the pot is starting to boil.

      1. The pot has boiled over, and I’m afraid “the powers to be” are given the American People no other choice, if we are to save our country and our constitutional liberties!

    3. No doubt that judge was threatened. Many people have been threatened. Communist will stop st nothing to get and keep power. Time to exercise our 2nd amendment rights.

  8. If the democrats didn’t cheat, why not prove it? I would like to know their name that handles the ballots. Just as those who make THREATENED toward conservatives! Judge didn’t need to bring it to a stop! Judge know the rule of laws, it their political side they use to break laws!

  9. These “Actions to Impede, Stop, Hamper, Negate, Block, the Auditing of the Georgia Election” are Evidence that there is a Skunk in the Woodpile that Democrats are attempting to spread “Air Freshener” on so We the People won’t see the discrepancies that took place, however, there is Video that has been seen by the World proving the Fraudulent activity that took place so We already know that they are trying their Hardest to stop the Election Audit
    because there are things they cannot hide any longer……………………………

  10. The Audits are the greatest danger for Democrats now in office, as well as for future intended manipulations.
    But NO DANGER AT ALL FOR PROPER ELECTIONS by Entitled and Identified Voters, through unchangeable means (such as hand-signed paper ballots), counted and registered by sworn in election officers, supervised by sworn in controllers – and open to revision, like other documents, for 50 years.
    As things stand, a UN supervisory commission with inspectors might not be asking too much.

  11. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom. The executive, legislative, and the judicial systems serve the corrupt while the law abiding have no representation. Our court system is a joke. It is enough to turn one’s stomach. The swamp runs deep and wide, not just in DC. We need a good house cleaning so we can start fresh, with all new faces. At the present rate of decline it is debatable whether America will survive until the 2022 mid-terms. It all seems hopeless but God is still on “the throne”!!! He has not abdicated and there is no one powerful enough to de-throne Him!

    1. Written into our constitution is our right to take up arms and put down tyranny even our government.

    2. Amen Terry! We are at the mercy of God, and I have faith, still. God speed! Please hurry.

  12. What are the Democrats so scared of if they believe the election was fair and fraud-free? Because they know that’s not what happened. And it’s not like it’s going to change who the president is. The only thing these audits will do if proven there was fraud, irregularities & such is knowing the Democrats cheated and can never be trusted again. But, true Republicans/Conservatives already don’t trust the Democrats so this would only prove that we were right to accuse them of fraudulent voting tactics and make them look worse than they already do, if that’s possible.

  13. When judges are also involved in the #COVERUP, where do you go from there? #StopTheSteal #WeWantTheTruth

  14. America’s complete judicial system, including the Supreme Court, has been bought by Soros and his China partners.

  15. What is really the most ridiculous part of this whole Ringling Brothers circus is — we are expected to believe that — a pedophile and a tramp — received the MOST votes in our history !!!!! A pair who were lucky to get 100 people at their rallies got over 80 million votes on election day ????? Stop and think how ridiculous that is. Also — it is on video of these dirtbags taking ballots out of suitcases after sending some officials away and running them through MULTIPLE times — WHAT IS THE QUESTION ?????? Seven months to look into something so obvious, it should have taken less than a week.

    1. Yep Gerry, you are spot on! It is clear as day. Anyone who doesn’t see it, doesn’t wanna see it. Period! I just don’t know who, with the highest power, is not also compromised?? We have no one at the top, willing to tell the truth, or willing to allow the truth to prevail. Only by the grace of God, will we get the power out of the hands of the radical idiot democrats!

  16. These fools….. instead of trying to get to the truth…as they see it….no fraud, no cheating, righteous victory……..scared to really look for the truth……
    Prove it wasn’t fraud, prove it wasn’t cheating, prove it was righteous…….

    Not looking because they either know it was wrong, or are afraid it was……

    1. Strong delusion had rained down upon these communist democrats and republicans. See 2nd. Thessalonians 2:1-12).

  17. Can we please get this done and over with? No one in their right mind believes Biden won the election he cheated along with all the other demon democrats and I smell treason this has to happen today not years from now!
    As I feared is happening since Obama tried to pass the baton to Hillary they tried to late to steal that election and we had voted who Americans wanted. After all we are deplorables. You all knew this was not going to happen again and this was unbelievable numbers for Biden they stole from us!

  18. Why aren’t our Representatives knocking down doors and busting heads to find out what we’re all looking for? The Truth. That’s all we wount, until the truth is known we can’t fix the problems!
    It seems the Democrats doesn’t even wount to explore the avenues ahead of us much less behind us!! If no Wrongful doing went on Prove it. Let us see the facts of what happened in 2020.
    I have lost all Fath in our election process period. I live in Georgia Born and Raised I saw Fraud, I received three mail in ballets that I never asked for!!

    1. Ms. Dot, I hope you, as a Georgian, have filed a complaint, because everyone in GA that had multiple ballots mailed to them, or any other screwed up stuff, MUST file a complaint and or law suit! I live in Tennessee, so I can’t do anything about GA voting, so the country is solely dependent upon GA citizens to get to the bottom of this GA Election Fraud. Please.

  19. Arizona fraud will be put out there to see in a matter of days. Followed by Wisconsin, Pennsylvania then Georgia. All states will be overturned and the SCOTUS will have no choice but to de-certify brain dead joe and kamel.

    1. Oh GymS, I pray that happens. I know it should happen, but I pray it WILL happen!!! God speed!

  20. I find it funny that the Demonrats are claiming that it was an honest election yet don’t want these audits so explain something to me!
    When Obama ran in 2008 he got 69k votes, then when he ran for re-election in 2012 he got 65k
    When Clinton ran in 2016 she got 65k votes yet
    Biden who barely left his basement got 81k something is wonky somewhere!

  21. And while the Democrats are distracting the people with this nonsense, Sleepy Joe & the Hoe are destroying America from within with open boarder policies, shutting down petroleum infrastructure, printing money like it’s no big deal, kicking conservative’s out of the armed forces, the COVID cover up, making White peoples think their the cause of all problems, I mean , common man, in the retards own words.
    When will the real patriots make their move ?
    If they are they better hurry or there WON’T be nothing left to save.

  22. I am all for the truth, I just don’t have enough Trust in our Voter Processes in this Country!
    I will have to see it before I’ll be leave anything will be done.
    Democrats has enough people paid off for the truth to never reach the surface!!
    It is unreal at the amount of Money Democrats has thrown at these very Problems to keep people from finding out what went on in 2020 elections.
    How do you Disregard what our very eyes saw on those surveillance cameras of case’s and case’s of Ballots being carried into building at odd hours, when people were supposed to have gone home!! Workers wouldn’t let people watching the process get close enough to see what process
    Was taking place.
    What was talking place that Democrats don’t wount us to find out about?
    Cover Up Joe and his hand picked Idiots has it Covered.

  23. History books (if permitted to be written) will call it a coup by deception and fraud, which began with the assassination of JFK and that coverup; and accomplished only because it is/was supported by a populate reared in the belief that the world owes them whatever they want simply because they exist. Its slogan: “It’s for the children” ((because its fathers are unknown and the mothers need more public assistance and won’t cost anything because the government (i.e., someone else) will pay for it)).

  24. WE all have heard That ”JUSTICE RUNS SLOW??” But Does it Need to BE THIS SLOW when IT is Obvious That FRAUD Is Prevalent IN Our GUVMT> ?? Time For All of US Patriots TO Let it BE KNOWN>>>That THIS IS OUR Country ( Us deplorables !! WE All DO KNOW when FRAUD is Running rampant THRU our Country. ) IF THIS GUVMT. Will not FIX IT>>WE CAN. AS FOR this FAKE presidential entourage..IT Must BE DETHRONED and Justice meted out IN GOOD Measure..Immediately. To procrastinate Doing What Must be done..Another ONLY compiling the problems WE are Contending with Already. VGf

  25. Who is it that wounts us to Stop eating meat? Democrats!!
    First it was the oil pipe line, then hackers hacked the pipe line, now YESTERDAY hackers have hacked “JBS” the largest Meat Supplier in the US and Australia and shut them down. Why all of a sudden are we having problems like these Now? All these Problems since Joe Biden sat down at the Throne.
    You think he’s in Putins Front Pocket or Back!! Food for thought. Next a Meat shortage is on the way that means Higher Meat Prices!

  26. I’ll bet if they were giving away a $1000.00 and it took a voter ID to get it everybody’d have one!
    ya think !!!

  27. I’m just wondering who is paying these judges off? Did Zuckerberg give Georgia more money?

  28. I think this will be the 4th recount in Georgia, if nothing was wrong then how do they think another audit will change anything. Now what this article said about them running the ballots several times is not even realistic when you know how the system works. I tally sheet is generated at every stage of an election and every effected party gets a copy of that tally sheet, now if a box of ballots were to be able to be sneaked in the count would be all wrong from all the other places where tally sheets were generated, from how many showed up to vote, to the number of votes cast, and the number of votes sent to the counting center. and the number of boxes and how many votes in each box. In the final count all the numbers must match or a recount is ordered.

    1. Robert6391, did you fall asleep under a rock? The proof is in the videos. You can see it. And fraud was rampant everywhere where observers were kicked out, fake ballots mailed in for people who did not request them, where more voters “voted” then there were registered voters, etc. Do you honestly believe it’s possible China Joe “slip some $$$ to Hunter so I can get my cut” Biden git more votes than even Obama? Please! Wake up! There’s a reason why Lenin called the gullible and easily mislead USEFUL |DIOTS!

  29. All I know is I have a lot of friends in low places or should I say they lay low and you keep poking a bear sooner or later that bear is going to wake up and show you what deplorables are capable of doing. I seen these videos of antifa and blm in places like portland and seattle, ect. They look like a bunch of goofy kids that are throwing a tantrum over someone taking their toys. When you see what real men and women look like coming out of the woods you’ll wish to god the national guard was democrat and a whole lot bigger! Hell most of the National guard are deplorables , hell you made them sleep on a parking garage floor. Every one knows that was a democratic led assault anyhow / planned and executed the day Trump gave his speech. DOJ, FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, Congress, Senate, Hollywood , Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, I bet 70 million people standing on your doorsteps like you let people of the left standing and assaulting republicans might have a nasty after taste in your mouths.

  30. Two great reads about the courts workings and malfunctions: 1998– “Out of Order” by Max Boot. Pub. Basic Books. “Arrogance, corruption and incompetence on the bench” and 2007– “Supreme Conflict” by Jan Crawford Greenburg. Pub. The Penguin Press. ” The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court”

  31. Robert6391 reply: Set aside 4 hours and watch these two videos: ABSOLUTE PROOF and ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE. Find them at There is no doubt early in the day following “the election” computer messages from various cities in China changes Donald’s votes into SloJoe’s. The IP’s can be located as the investigation by experts included the longitude and latitude of each reversal. Until election counting equipment is unable to be connected to the internet, Republican candidates don’t stand a chance of winning

  32. I can’t wait to vote Kemp and Reffensbooger out. They are corrupt and no one wants to follow the money. Loeffler invested 10 million in Kemp’s failing business and then she gets appointed to be senator. That’s just the tip. I know 10 people in the county I live in, that went to vote on Election Day that were told they had already voted by mail. They were allowed to vote and the mail in ballot was cancelled but a mail in ballot for someone who did not vote could never be cancelled. There is also proof that democratic supporters were receiving list of people who had not early voted so they could send in a mail in ballot in those people’s names

  33. We are beyond all decency. Elections were stolen. To restore the Republic and out an end to corruption, we need to take action. The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of traitors, tyrants and patriots; it’s time. Lock and load!

  34. Democrats are running out of places to hide their cover ups.
    We the people keep digging them up faster than they can cover them up!
    If every thing was on the up and up let the Audits play out. Let’s see where Audit carries us.
    Democrats know deep down inside their were Fraud, they were the one’s that conducted it!!
    They should know first hand what went on as good as we do.
    I know what I saw with my two eyes.
    If the Audits keeps on being stopped, postponed and we don’t find out what really happened in 2020 I will have lost faith in our Voter Processes for ever!!

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