Virginia Teacher Claims Following Direction is White Supremacy in Latest Woke Education Endeavor

A Virginia English teacher has been criticized for a now deleted TikTok video that labeled basic skills such as following directions and sitting quietly in class as white supremacy.

Every time I think the left can’t get worse they prove me wrong.

Josh Thompson, a white English teacher at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia, spoke out in the video against the state’s Positive Interventions and Supports (PBIS) statement that says, “PBIS helps teachers and administrators learn about and implement new techniques that reduce disruptive student behavior, which typically leads to office referrals, in school suspensions, and out-of-school suspensions that decrease instructional time for students.”

“What are those positive behaviors? And it’s things like making sure that you’re following directions, making sure that you’re sitting quietly, and you are in your seat, and all these things that come from white culture,” Thompson added.

“The idea of just sitting quiet and being told stuff and taking things in in a passive stance is not a thing that’s in with many cultures. So, if we’re positively enforcing these behaviors, we are, by extension, positively enforcing elements of white culture, which, therefore, keeps whiteness at the center, which is the definition of white supremacy,” he said.


The school system spoke out against the video and it has now been deleted. But this response is not enough for many who have been angered over the claims. How this teacher is not losing his job is, for many, downright shocking.

This is especially true once you realize this isn’t Thompson’s first controversial video. Breitbart News posted several other examples of this teacher’s outrageous beliefs. Thompson has said things like encouraging students to behave is white supremacy and that, “Whiteness is a racial ideology.”

Just the stuff you want your kids to learn in high school English, right? While your taxpayer dollars fund a public school system to educate the next generation of Americans, Thompson and a growing number of other teacher-activists are turning the classroom into a little social activist indoctrination camp.

It’s not enough to learn classic literature, parts of speech or how to write an organized paper. Instead, kids are learning how to be more “woke.”

Not sure how this will help, except in maybe fitting in with many of the liberal colleges some students will be attending next, adding four more years of indoctrination to the mix.

There’s a conservative T-shirt that proudly says, “I graduated from a four year public college and didn’t become a liberal.” The accomplishment is starting to become more reality than comedy. Worse, it’s even happening more at the high school level, forcing both students and parents to get involved to intervene before more damage is done.

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25 thoughts on “Virginia Teacher Claims Following Direction is White Supremacy in Latest Woke Education Endeavor”

    1. If anybody thinks that those guidelines are white supremacy number one they’re a total idiot but more importantly they have never been to a mostly black school… I have and I’m here to tell you if those guidelines are white supremacy then the black schools whiter than I am .. to require students to sit still be quiet and listen when the lessons are being laid out is commonplace in any educational environment and even in a learning environment where they promote discussion in the classroom they still require the students to sit quietly while the lessons being laid out then they discussed it.

  1. This “FAKE TEACHER” should never be allowed to teach ! Total Buffoon ! He needs to be enlightened, but not in a nice way for his radical behavior. What a Buffoon ! He needs to WAKE UP !

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Pat…… icing on the cake for me here would be the “gay pride” flag hanging behind this penis puffer of a (teacher!)

      I sick and tired of having GAYNESS thrown at our children from every direction!!!!

      Isn’t there enough bedlam in this nation right now with all of Biden’s train wreck initiatives and policies bringing us to our knees already?!

      Ok, if the teachers are of that “persuasion”.. fine.. keep it private and behind closed doors after they leave the school grounds PLEASE!! Our kids don’t need the indoctrination of these mentally ill libtards…. for fucks sake !!! I’m not ashamed to admit it, when seeing this faggots picture on my phone before opening up the window, I knew he was gonna be gay. Perhaps queers just shouldn’t be allowed around our kids as instructors.
      It perpetuates the WRONG IDEA!

    2. Probably a result of CRT propaganda that he learned from school. He should be fired immediately and then an investigation into where he went to school and what teachers he had. Find out who else is brainwashing our children and attacking our Constitution!

  2. I’m sure we’ve all noticed. By far, it is WHITE Liberal Left-wingers pushing the racism, white supremacy agenda in America’s schools. Their goal? To reign SUPREME in the world and tell everyone else how to live, what to think, what to do, when to do it, why to do it and threaten them with consequences if they don’t obey!!! Sorta like the Covid scamdemic, eh?

    In other words, THEY are what they claim every other white is. It’s called outright rank HYPOCRISY.

    It has been taught to them by their WHITE mentors like Marx, Lenin, Mao and a favorite of Hillary Clinton’s – Saul Alinsky. These days it’s financed by uber-wealthy WHITE people like George (Schwartz) Soros and others.

    They’re using empty headed young whites like this sorry excuse for a teacher (read Indoctrinator) to divide the nation and conquer it from within.

    AND NOBODY IN POWER WILL DO A SINGLE THING TO STOP IT. Remember, we elected the GOP and Trump to work to stop this kind of thing and for FOUR LONG YEARS they ALL ran away from and ignored the issue. So who is really opposing this take over?

    NOBODY. Exactly NOBODY.

  3. Obviously this white wimp has never stood in front of a class and maintain order in the room. He should try that and . he should also visit a traditional shrink

  4. This teacher is implying that sitting quietly, staying in your seat, and obeying instructions are traits not possible for Black students. If this is a genetic trait, and doing these things is only possible for genetically White students, then why has the school system completely ignored this for over a hundred years? If it turns out that Black children are genetically unable to comply to these rules, why hasn’t the education system found other ways to teach them? For centuries, many civilizations relied on apprenticeship systems to train craftsmen and tradesmen using hands-on methods, where the apprentices did menial labor in return for learning a trade. They did not sit quietly, but they did obey instructions.

  5. I’m sorry, but knowing how to behave in polite society is not a white supremacy thing. it is a sign of respect for yourself and dignity. you don’t go to school to act out. you go there to learn. so basically, this teacher is saying its ok if you dont want to learn. WRONG. that’s why we have a bigger growing element of welfare, crime, etc. I will bet his parents either held him down to polite norms, or turned him loose to act like a jungle animal. if you cannot get along in society, you usually end up in a more rigid society called prison. Virginia is in a race to see if they can out shock California with their liberalism. and some parts of Ohio are trying also. I suggest we take all of these misfits and put them in one place. then they can try to outdo each other with horrific acts. normal folk won’t have to see or be subjected to their abominations.

  6. We need to pack up cucks, kooks and commies like this and send them to places where white cultural traits like sitting still, listening, following directions and not attacking others are not adhered to. This fellow would be flying off a building anywhere in the Ummah, languishing in a concentration camp in China or dead from a machete or a poison dart if not boiling in a pot in Africa. He obviously cranks out dozens if not hundreds of violent, illiterate and feral child warriors each year for Antifa and Burn Loot Murder.

  7. I can take it NO LONGER. Being queer is a mental disorder, not as many like to put it, a matter of choice. If you prefer having sex with the same gender as you, their is a problem in your brain, period. But if you think it stops with sexual preference, you’ve got your head in the sand. Being queer is a crossed circuit in the brain and it goes into other parts of how they think and act as well. Queers think and act differently from normal people, but liberal thinking folks think this is perfectly all right, well I’m here to tell you it’s not. I have some queer acquaintances who are very pleasant to be around and some are very talented in their fields, but the way they look at life is very different from “normal people” and should not be allowed to influence society the way they are trying to take over such as flying the gay pride flag over our embassies. That is down right embarrassing. Who is allowing this and how many votes do they think they will garner from this? Stop this and lets come back to our senses. Let them go back in the closet where they can do little harm. Being queer is a mental disorder and should be treated as such. Queers should NOT be teaching and influencing our children.

  8. Sad times for America now and in the future.
    If basic respect, along with so many other positive traits are not taught and reinforced, I shudder to think of how our youth will behave, and in turn, teach their children. I am glad that I am older, and will not be here to witness the disturbing results of what is being cultivated today.

  9. This is not unusual in nowadays classrooms. Our school systems have turned into progressive propaganda facilities where kids are taught political communism. The whole system needs overhaul and a much closer look at teacher unions that promote this hate. At the very least we need camera’s in all classrooms so parents can see the insane garbage being presented. Kids are being poisoned to turn into activists of the worst kind and it must stop.

  10. This guy is so racist it makes him retarded. What has he got against white people? Why in the world would he be teaching. He has a lot of issues. Don’t they have to go through an interview to get this job? God help the white kid who has to take his class unless they don’t let white people in their schools. Believe me when I tell you this school was more than aware of this teacher’s methods.

  11. And just in addition to what I said this stupid crap is getting completely off this world out of control. I know that there are people that still feel racial tension but for the most part most of us don’t unless we’re giving a good reason to feel it. When I’m working somewhere and someone comes up to help I don’t look up to see what color they are because it doesn’t matter as long as they’re there for a common place goal then I’m good.. as far as I know we started judging men and women on the basis of how they acted and the kind of person they portrayed to be quite some time back and I don’t mean last week. If I walked into a room where a project needed done and there were three other men there each of different ethnicity or however you say it I’m not going to start trying to figure out which ones from where or which one was born what color I’m just going to be tickled to death I got help… Now if one of those men starts getting all nasty and racist against me my first instinct is not what I did wrong but what I can do to get him out of there so that the other three of us can finish what we got to do.

  12. I think parents need to sacrifice the two income household and take their kids out of the public school.
    If going through school, these types of things are the only things kids will be learning, how will they function in the real world w real jobs, if in fact they are educated enough to even get a job.

    Everything is now considered white supremacy, when in fact, these are just basic implementations of being prepared to handle life as an adult. Being able to handle situations constructively and precisely as needed. I’m wondering why this person wanted to be a teacher… it certainly wasn’t to help students gain knowledge in English, though, I’m sure he would think that is all related to white supremacy as well. This poor man has been so brainwashed he doesn’t even think beyond his nose. That is so sad.

    But as I was saying, parents need to take their kids out and teach them themselves. Homeschoolers are better educated and more knowledgeable than public school children. They are able to function in all types of situations with knowledge and grace. They can handle situations with accuracy. But a public school-taught child is totally lost as to how to even navigate returning a sweatshirt to Walmart let alone resolve an issue that involves more than him or herself.

    And these upcoming generations are going to be running a country? Really? They can’t even decide which clothes to put on in the morning.

  13. Sitting quietly in class and paying attention to a teacher actually promotes active listening, which, as I understand it, is not yet a skill obtained by Liberals. But I may be mistaken.

    Perhaps this young English Teacher should try sitting in on classes taught in Communist China. Would he then come to the conclusion that sitting quietly in class and paying attention to a teacher is a tool of Yellow Supremacy? Or would he soon learn that discipline is a requirement in any field of endeavor?

    Interesting, though, that he posted this on Tik Tok, eh?

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