Wait—Barack Obama is GAY!? Who Could Have Predicted That?

It’s kind of fun to see the genius of Tucker Carlson breaking loose, now that he no longer has the Fox News leash around his neck. This week, he interviewed Larry Sinclair, the man who has maintained for the past 15 years that he smoked crack and had gay sex with Barack Obama back in 1999.

The media has denied Sinclair’s existence since he came forward with his story in 2008, or worse, they claim the story has been debunked. We realize it’s unpleasant to talk about Barack Obama’s drug abuse and gay sex life, but this is actually an important story—and it may even have some bearing on the 2024 election.

We’re not going to go into detail about Sinclair’s story. You can watch it for yourself on Twitter/X, or in the video we’ve posted below. What we do need to talk about is the broader context of what this means.

A lot of people, especially on the political right, are wringing their hands about this story and fretting, “What does it matter?! It’s ancient history!”

It’s not ancient history, though. Barack Obama is running the country right now through his proxies in the Biden White House, and the American people still have no idea who Obama is to this day.


Barack Obama’s marriage to Michelle is now provably fake. The media describes their “love affair” as if it’s Camelot 2.0, but it’s even more fake than Camelot 1.0.

One of the things that has made America work so well for the centuries prior to George HW Bush’s election in 1988 is that we have a pretty good idea of who we’re electing to run the country. Presidents have their hands on the nuclear codes and can have a remarkable impact on our day-to-day lives. We deserve to know whether they are men of good and upstanding moral character, or whether they are an unstable sort of person who smokes crack and is not dealing well with their sexuality.

This story is also important because many on the left are begging Michelle Obama to jump in the race for 2024. It was a brilliant move for Tucker to interview Larry Sinclair right now, because if any additional candidates are going to run, they have to enter by mid-October. No matter what anyone says, this damages Michelle Obama’s chances if she should run for president.

I’m still of the opinion that she won’t run. Michelle Obama very much likes being a rich lady who sits around eating bon-bons while other people admire her for how rich she is. I think she’s too lazy for a real job like president.

Plus, if we don’t know who Barack Obama is, then we certainly don’t know who Michelle Obama is. We know some people suspect that she’s actually a man. Barack does slip up in public speeches a lot by calling her “Michael.” Do we really want another person who is a complete and total enigma in the White House? For that matter, do we want Barack Obama back in the White House as First Dude?

Another reason why this story is important is because it’s about time that the political right started shaming Democrats and dragging them through the mud. Democrats pull these stunts on our side all the time.

Herman Cain ended up dropping out of the 2012 Republican primary after a fake allegation that he’d had an affair with a woman. Rick Perry dropped out of that same campaign because he used to go on hunting trips near a place called “Ni**erhead Rock.” He was smeared as a racist just for going to that part of Texas when he was the governor there.

Liberals claimed with total conviction that Brett Kavanaugh led a high school rape gang that ran around drinking, farting and gang raping high school girls. They published that in the New Yorker, with Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti as the story’s only source!

Tucker Carlson is part of the “New Right” in America. If liberals want to play dirty, then he’s going to play by the same rules. Is it unpleasant to talk about Barack Obama having gay sex and smoking crack? It sure is. But we didn’t make these rules up. They did.

Here’s Tucker’s interview with Larry Sinclair.

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37 thoughts on “Wait—Barack Obama is GAY!? Who Could Have Predicted That?”

  1. If you have any doubts about Michelle/Michael, look up the video of her/him dancing on Ellen years ago in a clingy knit outfit that left little to the imagination. More going on under that fabric than I was interested in seeing when I saw the original show!

    1. Is BO a citizen of our country? He has never shown any true American! I have always wondered why this was not discussed in the news or anywhere else. I could never understand how humor BC could be elected to two terms after their first term showing! The freedom of the press is destroying our country after being protected by law ! GH U !

      1. He not a citizen they showed last night his birth certificate is A fraud. Obarma. Look up he not from Hawaii they proved it …

      1. So true Joe!
        I mentioned the dance video elsewhere awhile back, and was eviscerated repeatedly by a guy who I could tell WORSHIPPED Michelle/Michael.
        Never had I read the kind of language that was in that post, and was amazed it wasn’t
        removed. That commenter pursued me for days until I blocked them.
        Sad that there are probably millions more like that one in America.

  2. Ĥe was elected because he was black
    I hope all Obama lovers are still happy with his results? Black lives matter.?

      1. ,Dear Diane,I guess that this news is quite disturbing to say the least. My question is where did the girls come from? If Michelle or Mike is a man how did they make babies? DOES anyone know the answer to that question?Thak you for taking my reply.Sincerely Barb

        1. it’s been proven the girls are adopted, thy are the children of Barack’s close friends, and co-conspirators.

  3. Hunter Biden smokes Crack because Obama did so that must make it right.
    It’s easy to have Gay sex after smoking Crack because it makes you horney for it ‼️
    I know because I did it when I did crack in the 90s, haha If it feels good then do it I say…….⭐

  4. Well, if you look close enough at pic’s and don’t see that bulge! then you are all blind and the “he she” does look like a man! another FUCK up family made it into the Whitehouse and covered it all up just like the Clinton’s covered all of their crap up! when the hell are we all going to stop ignoring all this with the Media right behind them and supporting them! STOP watching ALL the Nightly news for starters they are pure evil right in front of all of us and trying to control our brains with the FAKE news every night constantly.

    1. I remember when the Queen met President Trump and his wife the Queen looked down at Melina Trump directly between her legs as if she were waiting on something to jump up like it did when Michael broke protocol and hugged her, you could see on the Queen’s face how relieved she was talking to a REAL WOMAN . Not some man passing for one. Obama passed men in women’s bathrooms so Big Mike could go in legally. Sick Bastard!

  5. Ok so we had a gay– farting crack- smoking pot head in the White House with a crack head corrupt vice president. Wow here we go again folks , we have Barack Obama and his side kick back in the White House !!. Old Biden is Obama ‘s pull in the White House. (Hell they may even be lovers ). Anyway they own the White House lot stock and barrel. No boby new Obama and yet he became president and the democrats are so stupid they stink with trash. I guess our office is still ran by gay pot heads no wonder food is to dam high to buy and gas is sky high and the borders are over run. We have pot heads and gay lovers running the high office !!!. The worse presidents to ever hit the United States of America. Let’s hurry and IMPEACH this inposter get him out , he’s nothing but a crook he does not need to be running our country get him the hell OUT.

  6. This is no news. Everything about this phony imposter has been there, but the blind left chose to bury it. He is nothing but an anti-American thug who is intent on destroying this country, and has been since day 1. The stupid American people didn’t pay attention when he said he wanted to “fundamentally change the United States of America” – and look where we are today, with this disgrace behind the scenes running the show.
    I applaud Tucker Carlson for bringing this story to light AGAIN, and exposing the true story of Hussein and Michael Obama. Wake up America! This disgusting couple has succeeded in duping this country big time, and they’re laughing.

    1. Since it has been PROVEN that Obama was not an AMERICAN CITIZEN (Natural Born in America) should we not be able to take away his Secret Service Protection, his illegally Presidential Pension and any other perks given to a former President. I would think there is someway to charge him with Treason or some other High Crime against the US Government and EXECUTE HIM BY FIRING SQUAD.

      1. Absolutely true I saw it they proved it’s a fraud Obama. No citizen. We were lied to again. He needs to be arrested. WTF we have been lied to about alot of things wake up Americans were in for the truths being told ..

  7. Anyone with a BB-sized brain knows that Obama is a homosexual, as well as not being a citizen of this country. The libs dug up some fake credentials for him. But we provide spies with credentials that fool some of the smartest intel people in the world. So, does anybody think Obama’s birth certificate can’t be fake? And ever since the 2020 election, the media has been telling us that the election was fair, even while the truth of its illegitimacy is being proven every day. It would be nice to have more journalists in this country who speak truth rather than the communist line. Make no mistake about it, communists have taken over the mainstream media. It’s no secret that Michel (Michelle) is a man. Joan Rivers revealed it to the world and ended up dead.

  8. I could care less about obummer and his sexual preferences. Most everyone with a brain already figured obummer must be gay, or at least AC/DC. Just keep him out of the Presidency. We don’t need that mess again. IMHO


  9. Great Patriotic work you’re doing Tucker!!
    Hitting back at the commie infested damocrats!!
    QUESTION from your interview:
    This guy said he “blew” bama.. twice. Does there need to be reciprocation of that “maneuver” for bama to be gay?
    Everybody wants to know.

  10. Story has always been there, but the mentality of the left is to follow the lead sheep. The world began to laugh and back away when Barack or is it Barry? was elected. Barry Sorteros, Barack Obama…… who knows, records show he is both. What was Russia media saying when Barack was elected….something like ‘how can a war hero lose to someone nobody knows and failed at be a community organizer?’…….. This is what we get for being stupid in America. Putin began his plans then….he could not trust the USA anymore. We self inflict our own demise.

    1. If he had a sex change why was his junk flopping all around on the Elen Degenerate show when they were doing some exercises? The world seen him. Or when he was coming out of some office in another country in front or Barry Sotoro ( fake B.O.) adjusting his budget that was so obvious under his expensive dress? Secret is out and yes it cost Joan Rivers her life for exposing what most of us already knew.

  11. I too believe Michelle Obama is a he/she its face looks very manly. And sometimes when Obama be talking he would call Michelle -Michael so these two are truely birds and probably just took the two girls in from another family menber. How he became president with no true birth certificate hmmm someone with alot of money and power got him elected and said runn this dam nation destroy it !!. And he did , and keeping it destroyed with the BIDENS Doonnee!!!!. Two of the worst president in the history of the United States of America

  12. Only problem with impeaching Biden now is that then we’d have Kamala as president. How about impeaching BOTH and the next in line is the Speaker of the House, but that is no longer Pelosi, so it wouldn’t be too bad having the present speaker in the WH for the short time they have left.
    It’s time to clean house and drain the swamp!

    1. The Speaker of the House is a REPUBLICAN-McCarthy, so the democrats’ time in office would be FINISHED! So I do agree that we should IMPEACH BOTH BIDEN AND HARRIS-Biden for being CORRUPT and HARRIS for being STUPID! Seriously though, Biden should be removed for not only being a criminal but because he is SENILE and unable to lead this country. As for Harris, unfortunately, STUPIDITY is not reason enough to IMPEACH her. The VOTERS would have to !

      1. Wait until the world finally sees Kamel toe is actually a man, just look at his features, alot of people I’m sorry are just so blind. Kamala is a dude people!!!

  13. I don’t think Michelle/Michael had a complete sex transformation. “She” may have boobs but Obama wouldn’t be with her if “she” had the male jewels removed. They just have one dysfunctional, morally bankrupt, no positive character values relationship. Their only job was being indoctrinated years ago to fake a regular normal relationship and which they checked all the boxes to get into the White House to continue the destruction of our country. They convinced millions of their “followers” and uninformed voters that they were the victims of racism, and to stand up to it. Obviously, they began the complete breakdown and division the likes of our country had ever seen. The media has built up these two waste of humanity for the masses that (don’t have 2 working brain cells) to bow to, vote for, salivate over and believe these 2 fakes actually care about anyone but themselves. They made their millions on lies, manipulation and crimes against our country. That is what happens when the people’s house don’t thoroughly vet who is campaigning to run our country. But… he was “placed” in office because voters didn’t care who he was, they only voted for him because he would be the first black President.

    1. There have been references made of Obama, not only being Gay, but also a pedophile. He is the background manipulator for Biden and he has no appreciation whatsoever for this country.

  14. WOW!! I am 83years old and thought I had heard everything,but wrong I was. This is the MOST disgusting story I have ever heard. If this is indeed true satan has gathered a huge amount of souls for his beloved HELL! IT’S about time that the people vote and be heard in this absolutely crazy place we call OUR COUNTRY “UNDER GOD” With everything going on I am very sure with out change is going to try to erase our forefathers UNDER GOD and IN GOD WE TRUST ” what a tragedy that will be! My feelings are of course my own and my intention is not to put any one’s opinion in question. Sincerely a elderly senior citizen,who do not have dementia.

  15. Obama was the ultimate “Manchurian Candidate”. Not American, not Protestant, married to a transgender, children were adopted, ardent Marxist who HATES America. Will soon be exposed for Treason & Sedition.

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