Weird: People in Michigan Keep Registering to Vote After They Die

Close up of multiple I Voted stickers on blue shirt - Concept of US election voter fraud by placing multiple voting stickers.

Folks in Michigan should be extremely happy these days. They have a brand-new category of voters in the state! According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), people in Michigan have been registering to vote after they die.

Welcome to “democracy” in America, dead people! We’re so happy to have you participating in our system of government by exercising your sacred right to vote!

Seriously, though… this is such BS.

PILF has filed a lawsuit in the federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals after discovering 27,000 dead people on Michigan’s voter rolls. According to official government records, at least 334 of those people registered to vote after their funerals had taken place.


Over a year ago, PILF asked Michigan’s Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson what her plan was to purge the 27,000 dead people from the state’s voter rolls. It would be a simple process to remove them since PILF had already identified all the registrants. But a year has gone by, and Benson has refused to follow federal law which requires her to clean up her state’s dirty voter rolls.

PILF even gave Benson an alternative. They offered to let her come up with a detailed plan of action to remove the dead voters from the rolls and to make that plan public.

She didn’t do either one of those things. Hence, the lawsuit.

Benson has been completely unresponsive to specific, actionable data that was provided to her. Thousands of these dead voters have been on Michigan’s Qualified Voter File for decades. It stands to reason that cheat-by-mail ballots were cast on behalf of many of them in the fake and stolen 2020 election. Anybody want to take that bet?

“Secretary Benson is vigorously opposing efforts to remove tens of thousands of deceased registrants we found on the voter roll,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams. “Federal law requires state election officials to have a reasonable program to remove the dead. Keeping dead voters on the rolls for two decades isn’t reasonable.”

It’s certainly not. Can you think of any benign reason why a Democrat Secretary of State would refuse to remove dead voters from the rolls in a state that allows mail-in ballots?

Let’s not kid ourselves or pretend that there’s a big mystery here. They keep dead voters on the rolls because they plan to use them to cheat in elections. When Election Night rolls around, they declare, “Look at the time! We’re so sleepy! We’re going to stop counting ballots for the rest of the night!”

As soon as the election observers leave the room, here come the fake ballots from dead voters that have been prefilled for Bad Shower Daddy Biden.

PILF has been suing the state over this issue for three and a half years now. The group filed a two-point complaint against Benson in federal District Court right after the 27,000 dead voters were first discovered.

The first point was that Secretary Benson was failing to conduct list maintenance on the voter rolls. The second point was that Benson would not allow inspection of public records on her plans to remove dead voters from the rolls. The District Court ruled against PILF on the complaints, suggesting that it’s perfectly normal for a state to have 27,000 dead people registered to vote.

Secretary Benson’s office issued a snotty statement after they won that case, calling the effort to remove visibly and provably dead people from the voter rolls “a thinly veiled attempt to undermine voters’ faith in their voice, their vote, and our democracy.”

These people are so arrogant after 2020. They think they can get away with anything. Do you know what really undermines voters’ faith?

Keeping 27,000 dead people on the voter rolls and violating federal law by refusing to take them off!

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires states to make “a reasonable effort to remove the name of ineligible voters” from the voter rolls. There is no category of people that is more ineligible to vote than dead people. Jocelyn Benson is in clear violation of federal law. She’s lucky that Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the Michigan legislature because this is a clearly impeachable offense.

The only question now is whether the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will intervene in time to stop the Democrats from cheating again in the 2024 election.

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27 thoughts on “Weird: People in Michigan Keep Registering to Vote After They Die”

  1. Sad isn’t it…..
    Still waiting for election integrity to be guaranteed.
    Sick of this sh*t show.

    1. How can WE THE PEOPLE put a stop to this !!! Who do we raise hell with… I AM READY !
      I think this is happening all over plus who know what else…. The Democrats are pure evil and
      it is very hard to do anything with them !! EVERYONE IN THE PARTY IS THE SAME !!!

      1. This is what happens, when you vote for a man because he is black! Yes, the complete opposite of what Dr. King, taught!
        Stupid white people, voted for Obama, because it will be good for the Country, it’s time we elected a black man!
        Hey Genius, ever thought of researching the black man?
        There are thousands of good, Patriotic, Black American Men, who love America, and you idiots, picked the Communist, Ayer’s old family friend, what a coincidence!

      2. Hahahahahahaha you are ready? Hey pal, you are so late, this Country is BROKE! Men are standing next to children at urinals, all over America! Men are playing against women on Basketball courts in the Professional league!
        They are making gummies, for sale, made from murdered, infants!
        They want to have the right, to murder children, that crawl.
        That’s right brainless, you are LATE!
        They are shutting down churches that teach you, how to have eternal life, through Jesus!
        “Jesus is the only path to Heaven!”
        You are late!

  2. This whole thing makes me sick. The people of Mich, both parties, should demand that this be fixed. I would hope that dems in the state would see that something is wrong with their party if they have to cheat to win. But then, who knows what lies they are being told about Republicans?

  3. If Dems need to cheat to obtain a win,they believe cheating is immaterial and should be ignored by J Q Public.

  4. God’s people need to get off their pews and get engaged to bringing integrity back in to getting honest people into government.

    1. GOD’S chosen people are at war with the world, and OBAMA IS A Muslim! AI proved it, hey, follow the science! Now Obama is having the Techies teach AI to lie!

  5. Democrat Politicians have no class whatsoever! The DNC, tactfully recruit the type of people, they can manipulate, with trinkets! They prey on the non-educated minorities, the undereducated, and the minimal educated. The DNC knowingly, supports known, Communists, and conduct- business, with known communists. What happens to the driver of the “getaway-driver” in a bank robbery?
    Obama, Soros, Ayer, Dohrn, The Squad? In America if you are a communist, especially a billionaire – communist, the DNC allows you to
    appoint, Federal-Judges even if you aren’t an elected official!
    Tell us, how exactly that would work if Republicans did the same things! No, not the Marxist version, give us the elected – official, version!

  6. When you lie with dogs, you get fleas! Ayer’s, gave Obama, a past! The Ayer’s family put Obama through Harvard, and they are still at it, a Weather-Underground member, serving a “life in prison sentence” for murder, had a child, BILL AYER’s and BERNADINE DOHRN, took the child in and raised the child as a Communist, they even sent the child to Venezuela to mentor under Chavez! Now, this child is an adult, guess where he is? San Francisco, he is the district attorney and he is getting real life experience, why? To do the same thing they did with OBAMA!
    And they want to put Trump, in prison!

  7. The DNC, is a classless, anti-America, room full of putrid traitors! Marxists, their tactics are Blame Your Enemies For The Things You Are Doing, it causes confusion!
    They have Soros, to guide them, in the tactics of Hitler, if he isn’t too busy appointing, Federal Judges!

  8. George Soros said, “I don’t need Hillary, Obama is already, a communist!”

  9. How do the Media, run interference for the Communists ? Soros, owns the media, in America, where he is a dual-Citizen, who can’t return to Hungary, because he isn’t allowed! Yes, we have stooped to this level!

  10. Obama in his inaugural speech said, “WE, Are Going To Fundamentally, Transform The United States of America! “
    That’s probably when the DNC news anchors began to feel the sensation running down their spines!

  11. Treasonous, filth, is what Obama brought to the table, and hell yes it’s hard to weed that flower-bed!

  12. “Sleepy Joe, and the Progressives!”
    No, they weren’t at “wood stock” I’m not totally sure, they weren’t there, but not as a performers! Joe Biden, is not, The POTUS, don’t you all remember Obama, on tv saying “You don’t have to do this, Joe”
    Joe Biden is a false storefront, for Obama’s unconstitutional 3rd term!

  13. This is Bill Ayers, best work yet! He cleverly stated, “I just wish I could have done more!” Well, you Communist piece of shit, you’ve done plenty, and if it were up to me, we would watch you hang publicly for your “Treasonous contributions”

  14. This is every Republicans nightmare, to die and come back to vote democrat! I still can’t believe that people still think that there was no voter fraud in 2020 with all the crap they’ve been finding for the past few years!!!

    Because they are the only ones willing to go to the streets and fight!
    “WE THE PEOPLE” hahahahahaha who are we the people? COWARDS !
    Let me know when you are ready to really get our guns and take back America!




  19. I’m an old man, my right hip is bone on bone, and I’ve got cancer, but I Swear Before GOD If true Americans say ENOUGH! I will load my weapon, and I will fight shoulder to shoulder with my Patriotic American Brothers of every color!

  20. Benson is probably still drunk, maybe even passed out at halftime of some football game somewhere, isn’t she?

  21. It’s a sad, sad day that if only the GOP would unit instead of fight against each other. Instead if every time a dam democrats opens their mouth they should be going toe to toe in the wood shied with them, but oh no the rhino’s are there which is our own duly elected GOP’s. They set on their fat dead asses and do nothing to help the true conservatives . If they had united when they had the house when trump was in ; NONE of this crap would be happening. Democrats in government have become worst that is if not worst than Hitler and his party. Not to mention how stupid they are if we go down they will all be in the same boat as we will be SOL without a paddle !!

  22. There is clearly two things that we know for sure about Benson. One, she plans to cheat in the upcoming election, which is a felony. Two. She thinks she is above the law because she obviously has no intention of obeying the law regarding voters who have died or moved away to different districts. Therefore, if anyone in our federal government is honest, they must take over for her to enforce election laws by deleting the inappropriate names themselves and showing proof that this law has been completed. Otherwise, Michigan must have a complete audit of all ballots counted in the entire election because we’ll already know that Michigan has cheated so all ineligible ballots will have to be disqualified and destroyed. A Democracy does not allow cheating in elections no matter how crooked the voting officials in the state show themselves to be.

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