When Are Democrat Voters Going to Admit This System is Rigged?

Hey, Democrat voters: Are you happy about this? You crossed the aisle to vote for Republicans on Tuesday. It may have been the first time you’ve voted for a Republican in your life. That’s fine. We won’t tell anyone. Enthusiasm on the right for our candidates has never been higher. We turned out to unleash a Red Tsunami of Vengeance on the Democrat Party leaders who have crushed the economy. And yet… doesn’t it feel as if someone still had their finger on the scale during Tuesday’s elections? Does the result of some of those elections feel a bit “off” to anyone else?

As of this writing, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has declared victory in the House for Republicans. It looks like the GOP will in fact retake the House. But not by much. We may have a few seat majority, not the 20-30 seat pick up the media promised us. The Senate is anyone’s guess, with four seats still undecided. We shouldn’t be surprised if we end up with another 50-50 tie, or if the Democrats even pick up a clear majority of 51 or 52 this time. And we all know why.


Election day “anomalies” with voting in machines – strictly in red precincts – were off the charts.

All of the machines crashed in Mercer County, NJ. The machines were riddled with errors in Chesterfield County, VA; Harris County, TX; and Suffolk County, NY. In Maricopa County, AZ, 25% of the machines were not working on the morning of the election. As soon as I saw that, I felt sick to my stomach, because it was a repeat of 2020. When the RNC filed an emergency lawsuit to keep the polls open three hours later in those Republican-only precincts where the anomaly happened, a judge denied it.

In Luzerne County, PA, 44 polling places ran out of paper to print their ballots on. That sounds normal for an election day, right? Just running out of paper in 44 places? For all of the Democrat Party’s complaining and griping about voter suppression, it sure does seem like the real suppression happens in red districts, doesn’t it? Delays that force them to wait for hours cause people to give up in frustration and leave without voting.

Here’s another question for Democrat voters: Do you remember last week? Every TV news anchor and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and Joe Biden and everybody else on your side was telling us that the voting machines are vulnerable to hacking and that Republicans might steal the election. But then the only places where the voting machines had SNAFUs were in red counties or red precincts inside blue counties. If the Democrat leadership or the media thought that the machines were stealing a race from a Democrat candidate anywhere, we’d be hearing about it right now.

What does that shift from last week to this week say to you?

Do you know who I really want to hear from right now? All the people who supposedly thought that John Fetterman was a better choice for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania than Dr. Oz. I’d really love to know who those people are, if they really exist. Everybody knows that Dr. Oz was pretty moderate, so he shouldn’t have been that unpalatable to moderate Democrats. My wife has met Oz a couple of times and says he’s really not a terrible guy. He’s not the MAGA champ we would have preferred, but he’s certainly a better choice than a talking vegetable.

Even an unenthusiastic Pennsylvania Republican could have voted for Oz without much difficulty. Moderate Democrats should have voted for him, too, and I suspect they did. So… who is this coalition that voted for Fetterman? Seriously, Pennsylvania voters, you could have cast write-in ballots for a potted plant, a rock, or a monkey dancing on that rock, and it would have been a more logical choice than voting for John Fetterman. The guy’s brains are scrambled, and he cannot speak coherent sentences. He makes Joe Biden look erudite.

Republicans won decisively in states where they shored up their election processes even further after 2020: Florida and Ohio, obviously. We know that no Republicans would have crossed the aisle to vote for Democrats. These idiots are going to have gas up to $10 a gallon in a couple of months and might have us in World War III before Christmas. So, we do know that a lot of Democrats crossed the aisle to vote Republican. The economy was the #1 issue in every poll.

Given that knowledge, does it feel like this was a legit election?

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38 thoughts on “When Are Democrat Voters Going to Admit This System is Rigged?”

    1. Given the destruction the leftist Democrat Party has hoisted on the USA as well as the world it is inconceivable that the results of this election reflects the will of WE The People! This a travesty that not only affects our country, but has the rest of the world shaking their collective heads.

    2. The FIX was long in for the 2020. and so for the 2022. !!!
      Election is NOT about voters, it is about fake ballots anymore !!!
      You know where are “glitches” started from the election day morning, (especially strictly in 44 RED district) will be a lot of days ahead of MANIPULATION !!!

  1. This article is SPOT ON!!!
    And it’s PLAIN to see!!!
    To the folks at American Liberty Report,
    KEEP PUSHING the info in this report!!!
    Send it to D’Souza, Carlson, Hannity, etc.,
    and if ANY of the affordable mentioned WON’T comply, CALL’EM OUT!!!

    1. Absolutely 100% the truth. Modern technology should not be used for voting in such a corrupt society. Let’s see if any of these items make the real news.

    2. I gues it really doesn’t matter if the Democrat thieves are stealing the election again and again. They learned that they can do it and that is that.
      They can do it because the GOP is too stupid to fight these thieves back.
      With the brains available in the GOP the thieves have no issues to pretend or say that all the computer glitches which happened in the red voting districts are nothing else than simple accident. The GOP is so galubale that will accept this excuse and no questions asked .
      This is why Trump is above them all.
      It appears that now with the great victory in Florida the GOP believes that Trump has become redundant. I hope not because if they do, the new party which will come in to existance will eat about 30% of the voters from their rank in 2024 giving the Democrat thieves a clear victory to the WH
      Maybe if Trump doesn’t get to be nominated is better to let the Democrat thieves burn this country to the ground and maybe , maybe this country after that will rise up from the ashes like the Phoenix bird and life will be good again

  2. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read the book “1987” by George Orwell about Big Brother (the people who control Joe Adolph Biden and who put him in place) taking control of everything, but I need to re-read it again. “In The End, y Immaculate Heart Will Triumph!” – Our Mom The Ever Virgin Mary at Fatima in 1917!

  3. How manuy hidden suite cases of COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT RAT VOTES were hidden under the table especially here in PA.

    1. This is the same thing that happened in the Trump election. Boxes and Boxes of BAD votes being pulled out from under tables and counted, all on video, and nothing was done about it. How about the 8 hour black out of the vote counting place in Nevada? If I were Laxalt I would fight that to the bitter end. We all know it was STOLEN AGAIN, but again, nothing will be done to fix it for next time. The fact that Hobbs, the thief was left in command of the election in Maricopa Co Az is a joke. I pray Cari Lake wins or we will be in the same mess next time. I really hate knowing Mark Kelly, the do nothing, will be in the Senate again. I want to leave Az so badly. It all stinks and we all know it.

      1. My QUESTION about the Nevada blackout is, what was the vote count when they went home and what was the count after the 8 hour blackout, should be easy to see if cheating occurred!

  4. I voted Republican. It was a no Brainerd. Anyone who voted for Fetterman
    shouldn’t have the right to vote. I have no doubt that race was rigged.
    Being a Democrat or Republican is nothing but party affiliation.
    Being an American is
    the greatest gift we have.
    Biden has destroyed this
    country and it will continue because voters
    just don’t seem to care.
    I care..I love my country
    and we are dangerously
    close to losing our freedom. Biden is a tyrant..not much better
    mentally than Federman.
    Every member of Congress takes an oath.
    To have allowed him in his reduced mental capacity to remain in power is ludicrous.
    This was an extremely important election..
    Americans just don’t get
    it. I pray we get another chance to fix it.
    In closing anyone who does anything to cheat in an election should be thrown in jail.
    Give me an honest election and I will accept
    the results and move on.
    Our elections are far from fair. Look at Hobbs in Arizona..she had no
    business overseeing the
    election. If she is declared a winner I will
    never accept that.
    God save our country.

    1. The destruction you see today under Biden’s regime was actually implemented Jan.20,2009 and called “Fundamentally Change America”,remember?

    2. Dan.
      When I read your comments I realize that not everyone in this great country is brain dead.
      After what happened in Philadelphia I thought that is the case. Glad to see I am wrong.

    3. You are not alone in your thinking and my prayers are ongoing for Arizona…praying Kari Lake wins. Hobbs is and always will be a Traitor to the American Spirit and so it was a given for this election that she would CHEAT. I do not accept her as Governor.
      America at the crossroads…what will we have to do to get our country back?

  5. I voted for oz and I am registered Democrat. That being said, I did not see anyone my age or younger their to vote. All the people were elderly on social security and they believed the big lie that the evil republicans would gut their social security

    1. The commicrats say that the republicans reduce social security, when in fact it has always been the commicrats that have stolen the monies from social security. The first two times were under Johnson during Viet Nam. Nobody on social security should ever believe a commicrat about anything. As the saying goes, “ You can always tell when a politician is lying, because his lips are moving”. The commicrats scream the loudest over any LITTLE discrepancy in one of their controlled areas, but say nothing is wrong when the evidence points to them defrauding an election in other areas. They always blame others as loudly as they can for what they themselves are doing and get caught at. This is treason and insurrection, and they should receive the maximum punishment, wbuch is execution.

  6. Why am I not shocked? For the past two decades, I’ve suspected indoctrination of public pupils into socialist styled oligarchies. Today, it seems the need to label it for what it is has become unnecessary.

    Only the power that comes with unfettered democracy was able to strip away individual rights, inconvenient rules and regulations and everything good that comes with a constitutional republic.

    Those represented by the CIC (Coprolite in Chief) now are able to temper their vigor to create an illusion of legitimacy and predictability. Thus, we have the result currently produced by the 2022 midterms.

    Our nation is doomed unless we educate the past few generations on what differentiates a democracy from a constitutional republic. Our enemies have won the past few rounds and many Americans already have relocated.

    As a postscript, criminals must be severely punished.

  7. Definitely rigged!! How did the worst demoncrat governors win again? (Ill., Mich., NY, Wash?) The people in those states hated the governors and yet they win. Revolution coming!!!

  8. I am so disgusted. We are supposed to believe that this election was fair and honest. Come on, are we that stupid? Biden, Fetterman and a few others made comments before election day that led me to believe that this election would be rigged. They knew the outcome before hand. No way Governors that are detested by their constituents were re-elected. As doe Fetterman, He was half brain dead before he ever had a stroke. He has done nothing his whole life other than live off other people and be a slum lord.

    1. Are the demonrats that voted for these imbeciles that can’t put two words together stupid enough to think this will not affect their lives. Well I think I answered my own question, they are toooooooo STUPID.

  9. Frank Speech monitored Edison Reports in real time and witnessed just as many impossible vote dumps (and even vote subtractions, which are impossible). Dems will ignore that group; but may not ignore National Guard Cyber units who will be asked to report what they observed under oath. Expect lawsuits and quite possibly arrests.

  10. The election on Tuesday was just like the 2020 election The democrats and the media again commited fraud and will put several extreem liberal democrats in seats they did not win elections for in both the Senate and the house. The precident was set in 2020 and there will never be another free and legal election in the U.S. again. The left has destroyed the Representative Republic Government and America as Founded is gone!

  11. We have way too much interference in state elections. Laws need to be put in place to restrict millions of dollars flowing into states by outside donars and so-called pacs. To be specific, just look at georgia and all the millions of dollars thrown into the senate and governor races for the democrats. Only residents within the state should be allowed to vote on their chosen candidates. Also, stop with all the mail-in ballots and early voting. Make election day a holiday and that’s all I’m going to say.

  12. Agree that Fetterman in office does reek of voter fraud and especially within the tri-state area. I wonder why Republicans didn’t remind voters, prior to midterm elections, what had been documented through video what Biden had stated about voter fraud, prior to elections? Pennsylvanians did you watch? Biden stated, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Biden has made many open admissions during his term as president that people have ignored as coming from a feeble-minded imbecile. I can’t believe various polls were that far off in their predictability of what concerned voters most prior to midterms yet we see “voters” continued to put the party responsible, back into elective offices. Are some of those voters illegals or felons? In what states did the Biden regime drop off illegals in the middle of the night? What states gave felons the right to vote? Will there be challenging lawsuits with regard to authentic votes? Flashback to 2020. When does it stop? When can Americans expect a fair election?

  13. The situation is simple to see. 2020 was a coup, treason at worst. The perpetrators of the coup cannot, under any circumstances release that power. Their lives are at stake. The will lie, cheat and steal until the country crumbles . The goal is to get rid of the Constitutional form of government .
    The next step will come from the mainstream Republican party, another crooked organization in bed with the leftists. The power brokers in that party are perfectly content to share power as long as they get their cut.
    The next call will be pressure on Trump to step down and give in to Ron De Santis. That means accepting the coup and allowing all who seized power in 2020 to go unpunished and the corruption of government to continue until the people beg for a dictator or the country collapses in civil war. No dictatorship has ever been voted out of office. The reason ? They own the voting machines.

  14. Voting needs to be IN PERSON (with mail in ballots for military out of country only) with PAPER ballots – no machines!

  15. I’m from Pa and I didn’t vote for Fetterman. I also know Allegheny County had trouble with their machines. My brother in law said a guy in front of him was told he couldn’t vote because he already did. I can tell you that Oz won my County of Venango! I want to know who voted Fetterman. I’d like to say congratulations moron!

  16. I wonder just how much – in US$ terms – was spent / wasted by BOTH parties in the run-up to this midterm “Election” series.
    This really only matters to that majority of ELECTORS who are presently facing horrifying prospects for their personal / family, weekly / monthly household costs – in other words their drastically reduced lifestyle expenses !
    We are rapidly approaching the point where it is financially more sustainable to drop out of the national “Workforce” and rely entirely on “Government” handouts to finance your way of living. Call it “Welfare” – most Demonrats do !
    Let’s face facts – national elections are no longer trustworthy – except to say quite solemnly ” Election Results are fixed to what is demanded by the “RULING PARTY” ( when that party is called “The Democrat Party”)
    God help America – He is probably the only One with either the ability or will to enforce decency and truth once more !

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