White House Demands Media Go After Republicans After Biden Bribery Doc Released

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the FD-1023 document this week that outlines a whistleblower’s allegations that Joe and Hunter Biden took millions of dollars in bribes from Burisma, in exchange for political favors.

The White House is furious at this transparency and is calling on the media to hold Republicans “to basic levels of factual accountability for their repeated and increasingly desperate efforts to mislead both the public and the press.” If only the media would do its job and start getting tough on Republicans!

The document is damning, and you can find it online in various places.


Ian Sams, the White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, said, “It is remarkable that congressional Republicans, in their eagerness to go after President Biden regardless of the truth, continue to push claims that have been debunked for years.”

Ah, the old “debunked for years” ploy!

The claims in the FD-1023 are so debunked that the FBI refused to say whether the document even existed. It was only after House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer informed FBI Director Christopher Wray that a whistleblower had shown him the FD-1023 that the FBI finally admitted it had been sitting on the UNCLASSIFIED document since July of 2020.

After weeks of stonewalling, Wray finally agreed to allow members of the Oversight Committee to see the heavily redacted UNCLASSIFIED document in a secure compartmentalized information facility (SCIF). Even though the document is not classified in any way, they had to go to a little secret room to read it and were not allowed to take recording devices into the room.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), bless her heart, immediately walked out of the SCIF and talked to reporters about what she saw in the document.

Sen. Grassley has been pushing the FBI for a year to release the FD-1023, ever since he first learned of its existence through a whistleblower.

The Biden family has received, according to the Oversight Committee, more than $17 million in bribes from Ukraine. And that’s just the money they’ve uncovered so far!

Rep. Comer estimates that the real total collected from Communist China, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine will be somewhere north of $40 million once they unravel it all.

In the 1023 document, the CEO of Burisma confirms that he paid the Bidens. He says that it would take forensic accountants ten years to figure out what happened. This is obviously referring to the more than 20 shell companies that Joe and Jill Biden own, which were used to wash the money before divvying it up to everyone in the Biden family (except for that seventh granddaughter).

That little piece of information has always driven me nuts. Public schoolteacher Jill Biden owns a bunch of shell companies in her name. What?! How many shell companies do you own? Pick any random 50 public schoolteachers that you can find and ask them how many shell companies they own. I’m guessing the number is somewhere right around zero.

The same FBI that doggedly pretended to pursue a Russian potty tape that they knew was a fictitious Hillary Clinton invention has now spent the past four years sitting on the fully authenticated Hunter Biden laptop. They knew in July of 2020—four months before the 2020 election—that one of the candidates running for president had been credibly accused of taking foreign bribes.

This is one of the most serious crimes that a politician can commit. Taking money from a foreign adversary in exchange for favors is tantamount to treason. The FBI is still hiding information.

Meanwhile, we continue to get breathless accounts from the New York Times about every single aspect of every investigation into Donald Trump. We get one-sided prosecutorial theories from Robert Mueller, Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith. And then there’s never any actual evidence to show a predicate for the investigations in the first place.

It’s hilarious that the Biden White House is lashing out at the media over this. Talk about flailing. What’s the media going to do that they haven’t already been doing? Tell us that the FD-1023 is EVEN MORE DEBUNKED? House and Senate Republicans now have the Biden crime family dead to rights. They took bribes. Start the impeachment hearings already, guys.

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40 thoughts on “White House Demands Media Go After Republicans After Biden Bribery Doc Released”

  1. LOOKS like they have them.
    But do they REALLY?
    I wonder if other Americans are as fed up and worn out as we are at our house…..
    WHAT will it take to end the nightmare?

    1. Cheyenne, what will it take…? Equal justice under the law. We are not likely to see that any time soon.

  2. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach. Republicans do your job and get this Crooked Joe out of the White House or are you all involved too? Wouldn’t be too surprising.

  3. Does any of this Biden swill surprise you? The man and his clan are liars, cheaters, traitors, white trash and dumber than a bag of hog dung! Hey proof? The guy finished at the bottom of his class in college and in Law School! “Duh” is his answer to everything!

  4. Aside from the obvious criminality of the entire Biden family, the failure and corruption of our 4th estate is completely exposed!!!

    1. Everett: Hello. Important to impeach the camel at the same time as obiden. If not, who is left to become POTUS…the chuckling camel. If both are impeached who becomes POTUS? The Speaker of the House…Kevin McCarthy.

    2. Come on… how about “DOKTOR” JILL????? Insult to the educational institutions. If she’s a dr then she needs to lobotomize SENILE, SLEEPY JOE . Taking a job away from someone who might TRULY need it and be able to teach wo calling DR BIDEN.

  5. It’s all a joke they break the law constantly and they walk away and then they want to indict Trump? They are trying so hard to get rid of him because they know if he gets back in they are all in trouble.

  6. Joe is a traitor, and further proof is that the IRS is illegally holding my refund and charging me 900 a day in interest because I spoke out publicly against Biden on several occasions. He is a traitor, and needs to be dealt with as such. The government that the people pay for, is corrupt, and only the people have the power to change it. So let’s do that, and stop looking for a free ride.

  7. Joe has done the exact same thing as Trump, except his documents were in multiple places that were not secured or approved by congress to have documents. Nothing…
    He is a proven traitor several times over as is his son, on top of the fact the he is a proven and self admitted pedophile and molester of women. Not to mention he is so senile, and mentally unfit to be in charge. Dems are censoring people illegally. Twitter violates freedom of speech even when you use a fully legal statement exercising that right. I’ve been banned for life and verbally threatened by them. No charges for “Dirty Joe and the Dems.”

  8. Joe Biden is NO President, as I have always said Joe Biden is an idiot. He should NEVER of been elected President, which is why I voted for Trump and I WILL AGAIN in 2024. Joe Biden is working overtime putting the screws to the real President Mr. Donald Trump because Biden and his cronies knew if Trump was to have been President his decision would be for the American people NOT for Joe and Hunter Biden and their Cronies. Trump WILL make America Great again.

    1. He was not elected President. He is President because of electoral fraud. Mail-in ballots to people that didn’t ask for them, multiple ballots to people, ballots to people not registered or registered elsewhere, “found” ballots that went 99% for Biden, all kinds of things.

  9. I am so tired of this entire mess. Biden going after Trump any way he can to keep him from being elected again. Doing worse things than Trump but getting away with it. America wake up. Politicians are corrupt and above the laws the rest of us have to live by.

    I wish we could clear out Washington DC and start over with totally new people in the high positions.

      1. I have never thought I would see such complete corruption , complete disregard for our constitution, our laws ,our beautiful country. This bunch of thugs occupying our White House should be drug out in shackles and chains and then move to the rest of the filthy liers at the FBI,DOJ CIA, PENTAGON
        and any other bureau.covering for the Biden and Obama lawlessness.
        Haul them all out in chains so the whole world can see. Then let the God they turned on and tried to take out of everything reap His Vengeance.
        There is nothing man can do that will come close the Vengeance God has bin Store.. They don’t have a clue ! They are so ignorant!

    1. Term limits would go a long way toward cleaning up the corruption that is rampant in DC. We, the people, MUST make term limits the law of the land.

    2. I agree with you on clearing out DC and starting fresh with new people that are younger. Watch them come after me now,Bring it on…..

  10. Thank you for continuing to spread the truth! We must get the Bidens out of the White House. They should be put in prison.

  11. The bought meDia only tells what they are told to. This “resident ” needs to be removed and tried for treason and crimes against humanity and taking Americans for a ride ! The bullshiet needs to stop now !!

  12. Interestingly, prosecution of all those “insider” agents who knew of this criminal activity is rarely mentioned. For most of my 82 years, I thought of the FBI as America’s best cops and above skullduggery. That now has been shattered by a relatively small group of highly placed politicians, e.g., Wray.

    Hopefully, justice will be hastened by this congressional probe and all the criminals will be charged and face fair courts for any punishment due. We’ve all been aware of political corruption but only rarely have we seen evidence of civil servants who commit crimes at this level.

    Everyone hates taxes but the IRS usually is fair. This trial dampens the pain inflicted by Lois Lerner, head of IRS Exempt Organizations, who used it to shut down conservative ideology. Her efforts harmed constitutional study groups all over the nation and Obama beat Romney in the 2012 election.

    But in a 2013 congressional hearing, Lerner asserted her 5th Amendment rights and resigned. Last week, thanks to these whistle blowers, that won’t happen this time. Instead, the FBI, et al., will face long and difficult periods of earning America’s trust. Many conservatives will never forgive the FBI.

  13. Why don’t the republicans get a backbone and start holding democrats and others accountable.
    Only citizens not in jail with ID allowed to vote. Start by taking away their:
    Freeze their bank accounts
    They can only own:
    one home
    Two cars
    No boats
    No planes
    No vacation homes
    No limousine
    Make them sign document that states they cannot:
    Be any local, state, federal or government official
    Speak to any one of these people, in any way
    Own a business
    Collect money from a business other then salary
    Speak to any media outlets
    If they do any of these things go straight to prison
    They must pay back all back taxes within two years or repose their homes and cars
    If they move or purchase anything large they have to report it ASAP
    This would also mean family members until 2050
    Their picture and what they did should be in every newspaper and media outlet
    They also need to apologize to President Trump and we the people on camera
    Any one of these if they were not born in America need to be deported ASAP and have DL also taking away
    Make sure they don’t have bank accounts in other countries
    Only then would we the people be satisfied
    Any and all money from them needs to go back to our government


  15. Folks this all started back during BILL CLINTON terms in office! Old fool Joe Biden was a SENATOR stealing CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT. You know as much about WHO PACK UP THE PRESIDENT STUFF? THAT A GROUP CALL NATIONAL ARCHIVE! My question is WHO TOOK THE BRIBERY TO PLACE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS IN TRUMP BOXES? You see someone did the PLANTING FOR THE FBI. So old Joe Biden is in violation of the CONSTITUTION LAWS! As is WRAY, GARLAND, JACK SMITH! I do not believe Trump took anything! But I do believe FBI HAD SOMEONE PLANTED EVIDENCE! Second if it come to your attention, FBI REFUSED TO LET TRUMP LAWYER WALK WITH THEM! NOW! WHAT HAPPENED AT BIDEN PLACE? FBI LET BIDEN LAWYER SHOW THEM WHERE TO LOOK! This is a WITCH HUNT! And the other name to use for the FBI IS —-FOR BIDEN INFORMATION! Garland has violation the oath he took when he was sworn in! He is out for REVENGE AGAINST THE REPUBLICANS! BIDEN LONG OVERDUE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! But no democrats will speak out about it! He has violation so many laws it a shame he not dying in prison! Black people need to get OFF THE SLAVE PLANTATION OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! STOP BELIEVING ANYTHING A DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN TELL YOU! OR THE MEDIA! For 50 years it ALL A LIES THESE POLITICIANS TELL YOU! They only want the MONEY FOR LIVES! Could care less about you! It show around the country! That is why they hired ANTIFA AND MARXIST TO push their lies! To DESTORY YOUR LIFE! LIBERAL NEVER LIKE BLACK PEOPLE! One reason why BIDEN CALL BLACK ARE JUNGLES PEOPLE!

  16. Want to know the difference between a democrat and republican?
    Republicans can’t be bought
    Republicans work hard for their money
    Republicans have moral’s and values
    Republicans are honest
    Republicans have respect for others
    Republicans stand for our flag and respect our Veterans
    Republicans kneel only for God
    Democrats ask how much money
    Democrats wait for their checks in the mail
    Democrats just want free free free
    Democrats will lie to your face & not blink
    Democrats just want to control others
    Democrats kneel for our flag and disrespect Veterans
    Democrats stand for foreign country’s
    Tell me which one are you?

  17. I’ve turned all this over in my head a thousand times and I think the only way out of this is to put Trump back in office. I think Trump has the experience that he didn’t have the first go around with working in the swamp and like he even said…he made some mistakes in some of his choices for some positions but he is wiser now to their ways and will be watching his back more. The fact that they are so relentless in their efforts to keep him out of office speaks volumes. Of course this can only happen if the elections are legit….which is going to be a big “IF” no matter who the Republicans run. Without a doubt….the Dems will cheat again….and I’m not confident in the Republicans to stop it….they haven’t really shown much of a concern….which worries me. I think that’s why Biden seems so adamant about running…he feels confident they’ll pull it off again…and they may if some voting procedures aren’t changed and cleaned up…and closely watched.

    1. I do agree about everything you have stated . The democrats have made a mockary out of our voting system. Not many people will trust that the right thing will happen this time. When the very first time they found fraud they should have been thrown out of the election, Instead of giving him the title President. Because he is not worthy of it. He’s made our whole system into some kind of joke. You would think he’s not even from america the way he is running this country or hates us. Just the few years he has been in office he managed to put us so far in debt. giving more money to other countries then to take care of americans first. killed our oil and be independant country. now he’s killing our Dollar and be on this digital dollar so they can control us with our money and have no privacy. He needs to be held for tresion back in the day . He would have been hung for all he doing to our great country. Everything he has done since day one has been agaiinst the american people and he should be held accountable everyone in office under him. Really what we need is to wipe the whiole system out and start over or least start having terms .

  18. Be careful what you wish for ; you Biden idiots. All you had to do was spend a little time and look into his background. Orange face wouldn’t of looked so bad then. But noo, everyone thought as a group to get rid of Trump, even by breaking the law. Well you have slow Joe and he has ruined the economt and made America the laughing stock of the world. Job well done.

  19. Now we are faced with a choice. Do we stay with the Devil we know, (Biden) or do we get to try to live with shame of having Harris as our National figurehead. Personally I am for impeachment, because it is the right thing in the eyes of Justice, but can the country really survive even a short term of Kamala? Kamala with power is a frightening conceot as she is just ignorant. At least senility of Biden has the dignity of being a medical issue, YES CORRUPT, but i still think we should be careful what we wish for.

    1. Biden is a JOKE but Kamala is even worse. How she ever was elected is besides me. She shouldn’t even be in politics.. That’s just another way to slap us american in the face. She has no clue what she is doing.


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