White House Immediately Schedules PA Visit After Audit Announced

Well, that didn’t take long! Just a day after Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano announced that he’s launching a three-county forensic audit of the 2020 election, the White House has panicked. They’ve scheduled an immediate visit to Philadelphia by Mr. 10% for the Big Guy himself.

Joe Biden is headed to Pennsylvania to deliver an urgent speech about his dedication to protecting the right to vote. It’s almost laughable, if the stakes were not so high for our nation. Do you get the sense that Team Biden is finally starting to panic about the audits?

Even if the ongoing Arizona and Georgia audits uncover massive fraud (which they are uncovering), and subsequently strip Joe Biden of those 26 electoral votes, the Democrats would thumb their noses at America and say Biden still has 279 electoral votes and there’s nothing we can do about it. They’d probably paint it as, “See, red states are incompetent, so we need to put the federal government in charge of their elections!”

But an audit of Pennsylvania? That’s 20 electoral votes, and the final nail in the coffin of this illegitimate regime.

The Arizona auditors have been tight-lipped about the results that they’ve found, but Team Biden likely knows. There’s about a 100% chance that the FBI infiltrated the audit process in Maricopa County with several volunteers. And in Georgia, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has revealed that the limited Fulton County audit has uncovered a massive vote discrepancy already.

Senator Mastriano was really smart in how he launched this audit. It will cover three Pennsylvania counties: Tioga and York, which are both Republican “red” counties, and Philadelphia. No one can point at Mastriano and claim that this is a “partisan” audit, because he’s putting more red counties under the microscope than blue ones. It just so happens the one blue county he’s auditing is one of the top three most notorious Democrat hotbeds in the country for election cheating. (The others are Chicago and Detroit.)

Out of all the places where an election audit is going to hurt the Democrat Party the most, Philadelphia County is one of the best options. Election fraud in that city has been going on for decades, facilitated by the Democrat Party, corrupt labor unions, teacher unions, the Black Panthers and the Philly mob. Trust me: The Democrats DO NOT want anyone opening the books on how they handle elections.

So, here comes Joe Biden to deliver a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, about how he’s going to protect everyone from those yucky auditors. I suspect it’s about to become a very dangerous and turbulent time in America, as we find out just what Team Biden is willing to do to remain in power.


Publicly, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice will start issuing threats to harass and arrest the auditors. Biden’s handlers may throw the DHS into the mix.

We know from that boasting Time Magazine article a few months ago that the people who stole – I mean, “fortified” – the 2020 election were holding daily conference calls with Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s local chapter leaders. Make no mistake about it: The Democrat Party controls both of those domestic terror groups completely. (Why do you think they didn’t show up on January 6th to counter-protest all the Trump supporters in DC?)

Here’s my prediction on the most likely false flag scenario that we could see in Philadelphia:

The cops will shoot some unarmed waste-of-space black career criminal. BLM and Antifa will start rioting and burning the city to the ground. The Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, the Democrat city leaders in Philadelphia, and the Democrat White House regime won’t be providing any security wherever the audit is taking place. And then, oopsie! The ballots will get burned up in a fire. Another option is that Team Biden will send in troops to quell the riots and have the FBI burn the ballots in the confusion. No evidence, no audit!

The security of those ballots needs to be the number one priority of the Pennsylvania Republican leaders. Because Team Biden is signaling that they’re going to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, to try to stop this audit from happening. They can’t afford to let it happen.

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36 thoughts on “White House Immediately Schedules PA Visit After Audit Announced”

  1. This is great…………finally catching up to all those Scumbags who fixed the election…..lock every one of those unamerican rats up. We need a law banning anyone convicted of this from ever holding any kind of public office again….

    1. Screw preventing “anyone convicted of this from ever holding any kind of public office again”. These assholes need to be PUBLICLY executed (hanged by the neck until they are DEAD) for the crime of treason, as our laws require. What’s wrong with your head AJM?

    2. I believe that already exists. Criminal convictions (maybe through impeachment) can pass a sentence that makes you forever ineligible to run for public office. We are not there yet.
      America is up in the “3rd inning”; bases loaded, Pennsylvania is warming up their batting arm. Will they hit it out of the democrat controlled park and bring in 3 county runs to bring the score to a tie?….hopefully! We still have more inning to go to get to the finish. Who’s up to bat next? Are we starting to see the outfield disadvantage? Can we push the other batters to step up to the plate, expose the weaknesses and throw some curve balls back at them? Do we have to steal this election back at home plate?

    3. Biden can be impeached if the Republicans enact the ‘War Measure Act’. With all the illegals coming in, they are a threat to National Security.

  2. The Democrates have to know goodness always prevails. At any rate a prayer or two should be said in their behalf to try and save their evil souls.

    1. Read your Bible. “Don’t throw your pearls among swine”. These people know exactly what they are doing, they know why they are doint it, and they know exactly who they are following.

  3. This may also be why the plandemic porn is being ginned up again. Stringent new lockdowns because of the delta strain, the claim now that alpha and beta virus can combine to cause a new infection and the eta, theta, gamma and zeta scariants up the mandarin sleeves of the elite would conceal the forcible suppression of audits, destruction of fraudulent ballots and murder of auditors by the regime, Antifa and Burn Loot Murder. We are approaching the frenzied events of July 1936 in Spain, where a communist-dominated government began a campaign of violence that culminated in the murder of the leader of the conservative opposition. At this point the Spanish people turned to Francisco Franco and put the marxists to flight, and 85 years later almost to the day we need to consider this option in the dying First American Republic.

  4. Time to provide armed security for the audit & auditors by an unbiased security group??? Sign me up please!!!!$$$

    1. Right ON Greg. Make Joe & the HO and Swalwell make good on thier promise to squelch us using nukes and F-15s. Maybe the dumbass Dems will wake up then. I don’t believe our military will stand still for that shit.

  5. Gee, I’m impressed. It only took the Republicans 8 months to get to this point.

    By the time they get around to actually doing something of substance, President Pass Around will be in her third term and we will all be on a leash.

    The destruction of the country is nearly complete. The time to get after election fraud was TWENTY YEARS AGO when it became a serious national issue. The last chance went out the window during the 4 years of the Trump administration when fraud was once again totally IGNORED.

    And you all still trust the GOP(LOL)?

  6. Antifa and Black lives Matter did show up on January 6th. Four bus loads of these terrorists were escorted to the front steps of the Capitol building by Virginia state troopers where they inflicted damage on the building breaking windows etc. to make it appear that Trump supporters were the trouble makers. January 6 was a complete set up planned a few weeks in advance by Nancy Pelosi and others including Vice President Mike Pence. Ashli Babbitt the only victim of the day was murdered by a member of Nancy Pelosi’s private security staff.

    1. Bingo, I knew this to be true. I saw that video of the buses being escorted to the front. Great call pastor, on all point’s.

  7. This article actually understates the importance of a Pennsylvania audit. The amount of corruption in the city of Philadelphia alone has already been made public so the amount of voter fraud and corruption throughout the county will be massive. It is imperative that the evidence and the auditors BE PROTECTED and secure at ALL times. It is not only the terrorist blm & antifa they have to worry about because the union leaders are just as dangerous, Philadelphia has become a ****hole of corruption. I have to give these 3 states credit(even though it is 8 months late) because it seems they are trying to right the biggest wrong in American history. You can bet it is not only the democrats who are sweating this out but many republicans who turned their backs on President Trump or undermined his presidency or were part of this communist takeover are most probably sweating even worse. The AUDITORS and the BALLOTS need to be protected — at all costs if these audits are to mean anything because first it will be threats and attempted intimidation- then it will be some violence and if that doesn’t work it will become a battle especially of wills. Stay the course auditors, you are doing the American citizens a great service.

  8. There needs to be forensic audits in EVERY county in America. There needs to be challenges in the courts to EVERY ballot scam used in America; ranked votes, curved precinct counts, jungle ballots, yes means no and no means yes ballot measures, chip markers, anti-voter ID laws measures, outside the state contributions and contributors to counting ballots, anti-one-vote-one person measures, arresting and prosecuting intimidating agents at polling stations, no chain of custody no ballot tabulation, removing underage voters, double votes, and any irregular ballots, no stopping election tabulations, no allowing after hour ballot dumps, no allowing vote changes without proper state legislation from state legislators, no ballot harvesting; and dozens of other such measures!

  9. what is the punishment for treason..if found guilty, Republicans in office should demand justice, punishment
    for treason, hanging, firing squad, jail ?? curious to know answer

    1. Minnesota should follow up as well. Democrat pollsters made me leave during Obamas second election, while passing by all illegals that I saw in line. I know some people in the democratic party that rank high in the state, they like strong arm techniques, just laugh about it. The democratic party is responsible for most of the harm to this country, going back into the 1800s. Republicans have to be more like President Trump and stand up to them. Don’t let them bully their people around. Democrat’s are lying to the black’s especially, if allowed, they’d all have slaves, and women wouldn’t be allowed to vote either. Now their trying to kill us all with a illness that’s less harmful then the seasonal flu. Make big pharma liable for bad medicine.

  10. In the event that anything untoward (likely or unlikely) should occur during the audit in PA, I can imagine no greater justification for a coup d’etat! The Democrats have demonstrated time and time again that there are no depths to which they will not descend in terms of political mendacity in order to preserve their grip on the reins of political power and control (or so they THINK) of every aspect of the lives and fortunes of their subjects!

    As far as Antifa and BLM (Bowels Lack Movement) are concerned, the Democrats should be strongly “encouraged” to call off their dogs before something happens beyond their control! When push comes to shove, it would not be beneath the citizens of this country to take matters into their own hands! It happened once before some 245 years ago, and it can happen again!

  11. You can hear the alarms going off from here Damage Control – Damage Control – I remember when D.C. stood for District of Columbia. The Cubans are rising up and embarrassing the Democrats push for socialism/communism. This brings attentiion right back to the people presently crashing our border – many of them are running from that very socialism that has failed in their respective countries. Biden kisses Iran’s ass then goes to Israel and kneels before the new prime minister – pledging undying support for Israel. You cannot be on both sides of an issue you either stand with one side or the other. Perhaps Joe Biden is just trying to appease American Jews who are finally waking up and turning against the Democrats – after voting to put Israel in harms way. We can ALL only hope and pray it is not too late. In California they love to tell you how progressive they are another complete con job. They are building microprocessors – windmills – solar panels and electric cars. Yet NO desalination plants or some other way to convert water from the Pacific to keep their citizens alive and comfortable. Not to mention ALL the yearly wildfires. The California government has told people not to charge their electric cars during peak hours and rolling black outs. When your electric car runs out of power – you can’t just run down to the charging station and get a jug of electrity. Also there are over 14,500,000 vehicles registered in California If their power grid cannot support a few thousand electric cars right now the future looks pretty bleak. My guess is that the elitist will have plenty of power – it is everyone else who will suffer – just like with the current water shortages. People like Pelosi have plenty of water for her vineyards – pools and fountains at her homes – she takes as many showers a day as she desires. Many people in California only have enough water – if any – to flush their toilets once a day. These people are ruining OUR country and way of life.

  12. This nation was founded on Christian values that have over time been shunned and being undermined by evil. Not that the signs and red flags haven’t been evident, just turned a blind eye because of greed and power and lack of moral values and laziness! Our fault is not recognizing and honoring who our ultimate and only true source is, GOD. We have allowed perversion to speak louder than faith and so we will suffer for that as will the upcoming generations. Solution: drop to your knees, lay before the feet of our savior and seek his salvation. Greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world! Our strength is with God not man.

    1. This is the KEY to saving our nation. He told us, that if we will humble ourselves, confess our sins and repent, HE will heal our land. If we don’t, I’m afraid we are finished.

  13. There was no rush for the border to address that crises. Dems are in over protective mode now that they have been caught….Almost funny to see them scramble and hear Kami out speaking about voter integrity and the right to vote which Dems have and continue to try to take away from people…if it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable. Their actions are speaking volumesi.

  14. Yeah, in order to keep the Ballots safe, Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano and the other state Senators should detail the Pennsylvania Guard to receipt for them and guard them in the mountain at NORAD. Sleepy Joe has said something about anyone messing with his government should remember that he has the football to the Nucs.

  15. Why would the WH want to send Biden to Pennsylvania? He is what the cheating was all about. Even Biden knew he didn’t win!

  16. Stupid Shithead Biden , as we get back to the start of these comments , should be put before a firing squad , That is the cheapest way to put him out of our misery. He spends money , we save!!!

  17. U.S. Capital crime #1 is treason with execution as #1 justice & all dem leaders guilt verdict is their own demise !

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