Yuma County Sheriff Blows 2020 Election Probe Wide Open

The Sheriff’s Office of Yuma County, Arizona is warning residents not to register to vote with any non-governmental NGO or nonprofit group, such as Stacy Abrams and Mark Zuckerberg’s operations. The Sheriff announced this week that he’s been conducting an ongoing investigation of the 2020 election. Unlike most other counties that have attempted to do this, the Yuma County Recorder’s Office has been assisting the Sheriff’s Department instead of undermining it at every turn. And they had some very interesting stuff to say about 2020 in a report issued this week.

The Yuma Sheriff’s Office says it currently has 16 open, active voter fraud cases that it’s investigating. They say that they’ve identified a pattern of fraud that started in 2020 and is continuing to this day in the run-up to the 2022 midterms. Not that it needed to be said, but the Democrats are getting ready to cheat and steal elections once again.


On Thursday, the Sheriff released a list of the methods of voter fraud that they are currently uncovering. Again, this stuff happened in Yuma County in 2020 and is ongoing for the 2022 election:

Voter Impersonation: The identities of voters – living and dead ones – are being stolen and ballots are being cast in their names.

Fake Voter Registrations: They are finding falsified voter registrations that are being generated by Democrat Party NGOs. These registrations are falsified by adding a real or fake name, address and birth date. The Sheriff’s Office says:

“This is being done by outreach groups who are paid for each registration form they submit, therefore, are out soliciting voters into unnecessarily re-registering or falsifying forms with Yuma County resident’s identities.”

Duplicate Voting: Some “voters” are registered in multiple areas and casting multiple ballots in elections.

Absentee Ballot Fraud: This seems to be the biggest element to the conspiracy that the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered. Here’s what seems to be allegedly happening with all of these Zuckerberg and Abrams NGO running get-out-the-vote drives across the country.

They hold these voter drives at public events, and they are supposed to be non-partisan as far as registration goes. But if you register to vote at one of these events, you are handing all of your personal information and details over to that NGO. Republicans and Democrats register to vote at these events and may or may not sign up for an absentee ballot.

The NGOs are taking the Republican applications and stealing these voters’ personally identifying information. The voter registration form is never submitted. Instead, they take that Republican voters’ accurate personal information and fill out a second, fraudulent application. The mailing address for the absentee ballot will be to an address or mailbox that the Democrats have control of.

Then, when the Republican voter shows up on Election Day, they discover that they are either not registered to vote, or that they have already cast a ballot in the election.

This obviously creates the biggest mathematical swing in favor of Democrats like Joe Biden. Stealing the absentee ballot from a Republican takes one vote away from the Republican candidate and adds one vote for the Democrat candidate– a +2 vote shift in the outcome of the election. One dead person’s ballot, on the other hand only represents a +1 vote shift in the outcome.

So, to create Joe Biden’s 10,000-vote “victory” in the 2020 election in Arizona, you would only need to steal 5,000 GOP absentee ballots to make that gap up. Obviously, Joe Biden lost by a lot more than 10,000 votes. It’s not like he would have even come close to tying with Donald Trump in 2020, because he had literally no support at all in red-state Arizona. Biden and Kamala Harris held one campaign event in Arizona in 2020, and no one showed up for it.

As a local news reporter described the greeting that Biden and Harris received when they arrived in Arizona, “Kinda boring out here!”

It sounds like the Yuma Sheriff’s Office is planning to start making arrests soon, since all of these examples of election fraud are felonies in Arizona. He’s pushing for 2.5-year prison sentences for the people who carried out this fraud. If the sheriff does start making arrests and criminal referrals, the Arizona Attorney General will have no more excuses for taking his sweet time dealing with 2020 election fraud.

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70 thoughts on “Yuma County Sheriff Blows 2020 Election Probe Wide Open”

  1. Perhaps this is the beginning of a trend toward honesty to insure voter integrity. If this problem isn’t solved in a timely manner, America
    will be dead. Do whatever YOU can to make a difference……

    1. Biden is flooding states with illegal invaders and Pelosi is trying to force through a law that says no ID needed to vote. Anyone else see this connection?

      1. 16 states (so far) are giving Illegal Immigrants REAL ID drivers licenses – so, yes, they will have ID!

  2. Voter fraud is a major scandal that needs to be dealt with firmly and decisively. One of the Ten Commandments specifically states: Thou Shalt Not Steal.
    Stealing votes by any means is wrong. No wonder the Left wants to ignore the Bible and its teachings. It shines a light on their corruption, exposing them for who they are.
    Shame on any and all involved in corrupt election fraud!

    1. Shame, FINES (HUGE FINES), and mandatory PRISON. this cannot be paid with fines ONLY, They invest hundreds of millions in this FRAUD. Nobody (Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, etc.) Should be able to buy the USA. This is outrageous!

      1. I don’t think Americans want their Sons and Daughters to be sent to war because somebody purchased the Presidency for a corrupt, incompetent President who ruins the economy opens the borders, destroys our energy independence, causes inflation on purpose to steal the savings of the people lets one million people die having the treatment for covid19 or other pandemics. I MEAN, it could happen if we don’t put a remedy to electoral fraud. … J. Ramirez

      2. the answer is simple, put a bounty on the fraudsters backed up by video of their criminal election theft. Maximum financial destruction as the left has shown us with the “Hilary Fraud” on how they plan to do it again,think of how they wrecked General Flynns life, or Roger Stone with the early A/M violent FBI attack on his home. All this should be used to DESTROY the Democrat/KKK/Slave Owner? Communist Party in the U.S.A. using their own methods against them. “Just tell me the rules, and we will play too”. If they resist discovery by honest citizen monitors,, or their arrest,—shoot them!

      3. Fraud, theft, and any other criminal activity is not below the demorats. Many seem to be mercenaries in the effect that their just in it for the free money, but no excuse. The only way to stop this is to go to the root of the money…Soros, Gates, Zuckerburg, etc. Oddly Soros is wanted in at least 7 countries for fraud and money manipulations and he lives in a penthouse in NYC like a Bond super villain, only touched by a lawsuit from his NYC mistress a few years back. Get something that will stick and not loosened by a bribe or bribes and then we may stop this for awhile.

        1. dam right go after the money people! they know there actions are against Americas laws & they must pay for there actions against America

    2. Make sure to look this up. It’s still on-line !
      2020 Biden said on TV. They have the most Extensive Voter Fraud organization in the History of the US and part was during Obama time. ” I guess this is when they knew they had to handle Biden and watch what he says!”

      2016 Fraud President Obama was on TV telling the illegals to go Vote. Don’t worry about getting caught . No-one will do anything about it ! ” How nice a so called President telling people to commit fraud “.

      Both of these are still on-line. Post them in every blog you go to. Remind the people of what they Both said !

      F J B & F-Dems

      1. Add to that the statement from Pelosi saying something to the effect of ” it doesn’t matter what the numbers say, Joe Biden will be president”. She made this statement shortly before the election.
        They always tell you what they’re doing. Even Obama said he was going to “fundamentally change America.”
        Unfortunately, he succeeded!

  3. The Attorney General, Brnovich is the problem, DO NOT vote for this self serving RINO for any office! He will not do his job unless it is to his political advantage! He is worse than a Democrat!

  4. Nothing new the real problems with this there’s no way to verify that the mail in ballots are from the actual registered voter or someone else. Theses democratic morons and liberal clowns that are destroying the election system with their tampering with election’s Mark Zuckerberg and others who are guilty of fraud and tampering with their criminal actions. Are being overwhelming over looked and systematically using the Democratic controlled JUSTICE SYSTEM TO PREVENT ANY TYPE OF ELECTION AUDITS OR ANY ATTEMPTS TO RESOLVE THESES ALLEGATIONS.

    1. True. Our FBI and the entire NSA have already shown they are complicit in the fleecing of America and should be completely overhauled to remove the leftist traitorous trash from our government. Garland, Myorgis, Shiff, all need to be arrested for treason. We all know it.

    2. Signatures on the envelopes need to be matched to registrations! Registrations need to start including photo IDs, & the ballots need to include photo ID as well.

      1. Isn’t it strange , to go to certain places and rent cabins or just about anything else . You are Required to Have Photo ID. OMG But to ask for it to Vote the Demonutz say it’s racism. What a bunch of crooks !

        FJB & F Crooked Democrats

        1. Need photo ID to buy cigarettes, liquor, get food stamps, register for welfare, travel by plane, open bank account, get a job, valid photo ID is required for so many everyday transactions, so how is it racist to require it to vote.

          1. Marlenemarty, I totally agree with your comment. Does it really take an ordinary everyday citizen to make this comment for a solution to this problem, but our government agencies CAN’T come up with any SOLID solution to any of our problems???? I definitely think we should show our ID’s with a current address PLUS supplying a utility bill or drivers license before registering to vote for any elections. We live in Upstate NY and these are the rules to follow. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to rectify the problem.

  5. So this really explains how the Democrats cheated across the Country and how Mr. Joe got 81 million votes because he really didn’t and now they are gearing up again to steal Congress and F… all of us people be aware let’s get this fixed in all 50 state this is not right and all of these people that helped steal the election need to go to prison this explains how people walked into election halls and they said they already voted if this happened to any of you you need to go to your local sheriffs office!!!

    1. I Hope they don’t get to Allow the Illegals coming in to Vote. That’s what this is all about.
      They didn’t earn the right !! Plus, they don’t Earn the right for Social security and Medicare! This has go to Stop!!

      F J B & F Crooked Demonutz

  6. F Joe Biden is flooding states with illegals and Pelosi is trying to force through a no ID required to vote law. Anybody else get the obvious connection now?

  7. They both should be prosecuted we want things to be fair or we are not a free country this seems like treason, and something needs to be done or God help us.

    1. I agree, Dan, but as individuals, we have no power to drag these rats out of office. If we do try, we can look forward to the illegal imprisonment similar to those who just happened to show up at the White House on January 6. No trial, no jury, no legal representation.

      Unless there is punishment for such treasonous acts, and unless these polititians are held accountable, our future as a sovereign nation is bleak. I am now labeled as a “domestic terrorist” for even criticizing our feckess, corrupt federal government, and I haven’t even started on our corruption in Arizona.

  8. I firmly believe that the 2020 election was stolen by the left. What I do not understand is, why do the courts refuse to review all the evidence that keeps popping up? I also read that, no matter what evident floats to the surface, the 2020 election will not be turned over.

      1. Bingo…..It’s crooked Judges. I’m sure Soro’s paid a lot of them off !

        This country is going to Hell because of the Demonutz!
        They ALL need to be in Prison !!!

        F J B & F Crooked Dems

        1. All these corrupt politicians need to be hung in a open space so all can see what happens to traitors of our beautiful country The One and only United States of America

  9. Take a look at what Katie Hobbs was doing during the election. She is a Soros plant, and hates Trump and all Republicans. I think she is Secretary of State in Arizona, and now she is running for Governor. Vote for Kari Lake for Governor, we need her in office!

    1. Patty Katie Hobbs is a traitor to Arizona yes she is a Soros plant she will not win for governor we have to get all these traitors out

  10. All of these Democrat thieves should be locked in stocks and let the public come up and slap them hard across the face. After that, tar & feather them. After that, set them on fire. That might be good enough punishment for stealing elections and sticking us with these idiots, Biden and Harris and the whole ship of fools.

  11. Yuma-Inundated by Liberal Commie Californicator trash has been plagued by the Demonrat operatives who have committed the Fraud & Scams. Hopefully the Sheriff will arrest the excrements. FAKE Lake is NOT a good fit for AZ. She is a DEMONRAT flip-flopper, Oscummer donator, & Hypocrite. Her claim to fame is being a Fake-Fox News Liberal Leaning Pundit. Fake Lake has no concern for hard working AZ. citizens, but plenty of hidden agendas to help herself & wet backs. Katie Hobbs should be in Prison. Veteran, Senator Wendy Rogers is trying to make that happen, with little cooperation from the RINO A.G.

  12. Mid terms just around the corner get those crack pipess out, no baby formula to be found, yet there are plenty of crack pipes en route to the public courtesy of joe biden and your tax dollars, crack pipes are now distributed in safe-smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration’s assertion that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn’t funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia.Does this not make Biden a drug King?.

    1. Sorry. But I must Remind you that there is Baby Formula. It’s stored at the Border for the Illegals kids! They have shown pictures on here and on TV.
      This is another America citizen Last !
      OBiden knew we would run out back in Feb. That’s why there is Formula stored at the Border for the Illegals.
      They want them to VOTE . The Demonutz , Most Not a couple make me sick !

      F J B & F Crooked Dems

    2. Biden taught his goddamned piece of shit spawn of his just how crack smoking is to be done. Joe and Dr Jill aren’t innocent of cocaine related stories, the media just won’t elaborate on any of their sordid drug use history. Clintons, Obama’s, Biden’s. Take your pick on who is the worst of these three!
      There is no worst. They’re all guilty as fuck of corruption, and lining their pockets with MILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars and all they do is snub their greezy little narcissistic noses at us common folk and laugh all the way to the bank. The worst kind of criminal there is these FUCKS!! In a normal world they’d already have paid with their lives for the shit they’re continuing to put us through. This is clown world. Fuck Joe Biden , FUCK Barack ( the biggest piece of lying feces ever in the White House ) and FUCK the ever evil Clintons for their debauchery and murderous antics. I can’t believe these assholes still play a role in this nations government in any respect. These three families have KILLED AMERICA with their greed and no one has yet stopped any of them?!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we who love this country stop this?!

      1. Dont forget to include the Roosevelt family, and the Kennedy family because they helped set the stage for the later destruction of the U.S.A. J.F.K. was actually a degenerate,whore monger, and got lots of my Cuban pals killed at the “Bay of Pigs” by his last minute betrayal,after the assault landing was already under way. Roast in Hell J.F.K. Again, freedom seekers betrayed by the Democrat/KKK/Slave Owner/Communist Party which the demoslime are now pushing even harder. Per President Thomas Jefferson–“When Tyranny Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty”

        1. samuel adams “if ever the time should come when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, then our country will stand in need of its most experienced patriots to prevent its ruin”.

    3. That would support the open border activity perfectly and the “big guy” get’s his cut once again.

  13. Good for the Yuma Sheriff .. hopefully he will stick some of the offenders in one of the “older” jail cells they have in that fine city….will suit them right. It seems that this voting tactic is rabid across many states …. hopefully some day we will see all this Anti-American voting programs go away….not soon enough for me.

  14. The globalist elites are responsible for the fraudulent election that gave us an illegitimate executive administration that’s turning our country into a communist cesspool. The Alzheimer’s patient is the perfect puppet to bring along the fall of our country. There has been fraud in our elections for years, a little here, a little there. They pooled their resources and conducted it on a grand scale undermining and attacking our democracy. Trump had to go, he was exposing the deep State and the corruption in Washington, he would never have played into a communist takeover of America. They did it because they knew they could and most importantly they figured out, we the people, have become lazy cowards. It’s in your faces election fraud and what’d we do? NOTHING! They gave us a government funded Plandemic created in China and what’d we do? Nothing! They gave us rushed unproven vaccines that weren’t vaccines and what’d we do, lined up for the jab followed by more deaths and to many side affects to list. What’d we do? Nothing! We have an open border, CRT, inflation like no other time, fuel independence gone, food prices going through the roof, A per mile driven tax on the way which was voted for by communist sympathizer Republicans as well, attacks on our free speech, freedom of religion, protesters still remain locked up without due process, the list goes on and on and what have we done? NOTHING!
    And what’s adds insult to injury, everyone acts like November is going to fix everything. News flash, the PUPPET will still be the illegitimate President and nothing will change for another 2 years, it will only get worse. Get used to boot licking and bending over because that is where America is going!

    1. Great post Craig.
      If we would try and rid these complete denegrades from office for their treason, we’d be Jan 6xd… sad isn’t it that the country we love is no more

      1. I have the same bad feeling as you Craig, November will come and go and nothing will be done.
        When Donald Trump won in 2016, we had control of the House and Senate. What did the Republicans do with it?!

        Again…NOTHING……….let’s hope this time they grow balls and use them

        TIME FOR A CLEANING!!!!!

        1. Per president Thomas Jefferson—-“When Tyranny becomes law, Rebellion becomes Duty”. The founders understood what we in the U.S.A. seem to have forgotten!

          1. they all ready tried that.remember when everyone was told “time to go home because all votes have been counted” then soon as everyone was gone and the door locked the cleaning crew (caught on video) pulled huge crates/boxes full of ballots from under covered low lying tables an such and then they proceeded to officially enter the “misplaced” ballots. happened in georgia somewhere i think but not exactly sure and its on video clear as days end. nobody went to prison nobody received any consequence! greed is for scumbags who have no meaning to their lives.

  15. You are a real American Juan. We desperately need more minorities who have ownership in America like yourself. Thanks for being a Patriotic and responsible American. You made some great observations in your response!

    Max Kattner

  16. None of it will stop until we stop going along with it. We need to be united, be loud & be persistent. We are paying the outrageous gas prices, grocery prices, taking the jab etc. STOP IT! Without us their game and manipulation can’t continue..l.they need us more than we need them but everyone is too chicken shit to say NO and mean it! If you’re not willing to take a stand then quit complaining because you’re part of the problem.

    1. A great many of those who took the jab have had their DNA altered. Bill Gates gave a lecture to the CIA in 2005 about how to spread viruses and tailor the vaccine to affect the brain and make people more docile. COVID was airborne and no amount of masks or lockdowns stopped it. How many got the jab? How many died from it? How many are now sterile because it killed the ovum in women?


  18. Make sure poll watchers are honest. Do not let any votes be counted without witnesses. No over night surge of votes. Lock up all ballots until witnesses are present.

  19. It’s very simple to have Fair & Honest elections. Show up at an Honest designated polling place with a picture ID, (The same is you want to get into a government building or on an air plane or rent a car, or get into a hotel for the night or even buy a pack of cigarettes at Walgreens in Cottonwood, Arizona (they scan your license). Hay,——-don’t tell me about the disabled people, Do they go to the grocery store to buy groceries? or have someone take them? The truly disabled must register with the state and be approved in order to receive a mail in ballot & prove they actually live in that state. (SIMPLE). Those who appose this are looking for voter fraud. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows this. Try calling a spade a spade for a change. I’m really tired of this politically correct bullshit and I know most people are also. Don’t like my honesty, than don’t read what I put out there.

    1. I wish more people had your honesty’ it use to be your kids got it pounded in there head years back, now there brains full of mush’ Rush was 100% right & we need people like him .
      We miss you Rush L.

  20. We’ll it’s only been two years and we’re still talking about fraudulent voting. Until the American people start standing up for their rights. Nothing is going to change. Zuckerberg and the rest of the 2000 mule’s should be charged and prosecuted. Until that happens, there’s nothing going to happen except talk, talk , talk. STAND UP AMERICAN PEOPLE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

  21. Make the arrests and give each of them the full sentence because they caused a fraudulent election! NO SLAP ON THE HAND FOR ANYONE, put them behind bars! It doesn’t matter rich poor politicians I don’t care lock them up!

  22. Sheriff, Please catch and prosecute as many of these people as you can before the election.

  23. With every second pass and the supreme thiev in charge is running the country, we are closer and closer to complete meltdown
    If we want to save the real democracy and not the thieves version of democraty, they must be encouraged to leave us so we can start rebuilding this great country. We don’t have time to wait until the 2024 elections, and even if we wait, most certainly, they will cheat again.
    Voting has consequences

  24. If you really want to make the elections fair and honest then redo all voter registrations and include a thumb print on the registration. When a person goes to vote they have to provide picture ID and give a thumb print in order to get a ballot. If that thumb print doesn’t match the one on file then you don’t get a ballot. If the thumb print shows up on more than one voter registration then that person not only doesn’t get to vote but goes straight to jail for voter fraud. You can sign up for voter registration under differrent names and get fake ID cards but that thumb print will be the same. Won’t that idea give the democrats severe heartburn. There is no way you could fake that. It would be a lot of work to do initially but very effective. What do you think?

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