Biden Changes Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program to Stick it to White Guys

If you thought that the anti-white hatred of the Biden administration couldn’t be much more obvious, wait until you see the latest executive order that the commissars had Joe Biden sign. Not to worry: If you own a bar, restaurant or other type of small business that was harmed by the government’s recklessly dumb coronavirus shutdowns, the federal government has a new bailout for you.

Unless you’re a white male small business owner, in which case – EW! You’re on your own. There won’t be any tax dollars available to help yucky white males.

Even though a lot of us on the right find government bailouts distasteful, the Paycheck Protection Program that America’s last real president started made a lot of sense. Donald Trump applied straightforward liability law to the situation. Government hurt small businesses by forcing them to endure draconian shutdowns, so government should pay for the consequences of that.

Liability law has been a pillar of Western civilization and a big reason why a lot of people would rather live in American than, say, Burkina Faso. Liability law is about fairness. If you go into a store and break something, you have to pay for that thing because you’ve done material harm to the store owner. If your neighbor slips on your icy driveway, that’s your fault and you have to pay their medical bills (or more likely, have your liability insurance pay it). We force every driver except illegal aliens to have liability insurance just to drive and own a car.

So, this was a no-brainer for President Trump. Government broke small businesses, so government had to pay for it through the Paycheck Protection Program.

The first liability laws we have on record are in the Old Testament of the Bible. You’ll also find examples in the laws codified by Alfred the Great (from the Bible) in the 9th century, and the Magna Carta. These laws have been around for a long time and they work because they tend to be fair and just.

And if there are two things that the modern Democrat Party cannot stand for, it’s fairness and justice, by golly!


Team Biden has now pumped a bunch of money into the Small Business Administration (SBA) to help the owners of restaurants, bars, hair salons and other types of service-industry small businesses get back on their feet. These are interest-free “loans” that don’t have to be paid back, so long as the funds are spent before March of 2023. Business owners can apply for up to $10 million in relief funds.

Oh, but there is one surprising catch to the program – or at least it will sound surprising to anyone who is familiar with the Civil Rights Act. You won’t be able to apply for the funding unless you are the correct gender or skin color.

The Biden regime is now blatantly violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by prioritizing the funding like this:

Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Asian-Americans are eligible for the funding. The same goes for women business owners.

But if you’re a white male business owner who lost your livelihood due to the government shutdowns, the Biden regime’s message is, “Screw you. Why don’t you use your white privilege to just pick yourself up by your bootstraps?”

This is repugnant.

When Trump came up with the idea of the Paycheck Protection Program, it wasn’t based on skin color or gender. It was based on much fairer criteria: Was your business harmed by the federal government; and if so, how much was it harmed?

That was it, and the program was administered fairly across the board. Businesses that were harmed more by the government shutdowns received higher priority than businesses that were hurt less. If you lost 90% of your funding or more, you went to the front of the line.

Under the Biden regime’s plan, a black- or Hispanic-owned business that lost 1% of its revenue can get $10 million in relief funds, while a white male’s business that went bankrupt gets nothing and can expect nothing in return. Welcome to the New Jim Crow era of fairness – and just like the Old Jim Crow, it’s being brought to you by the Democrat Party.

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83 thoughts on “Biden Changes Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program to Stick it to White Guys”

  1. I knew Biden’s actions speaks volumes, he’s a Racist “SOB” down to the Core!! Biden,Harris are showing their true colors each and every day that goes by.
    Have at it Biden take all the rope your need mabe you’ll Hang yourself.

    1. Fake President and the left will ruin the country before he hangs himself. He’s not running the country. He’s not all there. He’s a puppet.

      1. If he needs help.i will hold the rope and kick the chair.and I will do the same for camel girl.

      2. Puppet, he is. He has marksist obama in one ear and commie pelosi in the other ear and he has no idea what he is doing. Talk about the Manchurian Candidate, he reminds me of that American soldier that North Korea returned to us after a couple of years 24/7 mind torture. Same eyes.

    2. Racial Discrimination that beijing bidet just pulled is SO illegal you can’t even say it loud! Get rid of the evil viper ASAP!

    3. All in the name of national “ Unification”

      This ”president” is a brain dead, abhorrent moron. A perfect move to make us all feel warm and fuzzy. Impeach this POS

  2. Biden = commie ,a total disgrace to patriotic Americans everywhere ,Biden is a puppet of China and and a puppet to the fool behind the curtain ,Obama

      1. How hypocritical of a man who hates blacks. Guess he’s found all he can to show his loyalty to the black population of this country!! A white savior of the people!! Let his legacy reign forth as the president that “ made a difference”. Only difference this prick is making, is his administration will be known as THE administration that took down America. God help us all.

    1. I wish we really knew who was actually running the show. It almost seems like it is a hods podge of all the radicals on the left taking turns having Biden sign new executive orders. I agree Obama is a very big player !! My biggest concern is how long do we wait for the good Judges we have left to send this corrupt administration to prison before the citizens take up arms and take care of it themselves !! This is one of the main reasons the second amendment was put in the constitution !! If we only had enough good Republicans in government left to take up the mandrel and get these corruption stopped

      1. wish we really knew who was actually running the show. It almost seems like it is a hods podge of all the radicals on the left taking turns having Biden sign new executive orders. I agree Obama is a very big player !! My biggest concern is how long do we wait for the good Judges we have left to send this corrupt administration to prison before the citizens take up arms and take care of it themselves !! This is one of the main reasons the second amendment was put in the constitution !! If we only had enough good Republicans in government left to take up the mandrel and get this corruption stopped. Too many RINO’s in government sucking off the same t?t !!!!

    2. What are you going to charge him with? He’s a democrat. He’s immune to prosecution. We can’t even hope that somebody shoots him. Willie Brown’s HO is waiting in the wings. What a sad mess the left wing radicals have put us in. How hard is it to immigrate to Australia?

    3. The Evil DemoncRATS are desperately trying to cause a civil war so they can declare Martial Law and take over and keep forever their power and control of the government. Welcome to Communist USA brought to you be the fraudulent 2020 election. Pray for our country.

  3. Do you think it’s Obummer running the show? I truly believe it is something evil, the shadow government. Biden is just a face. He is not the president.

    1. Obummer,Soros ,pigloski,and big pharma and the news media.

      Obummer learned all this from his mistakes in his 2 terms .
      So much corruption in this present government and there all seems to lead back to prior presidents and their possies .

      The only people who cannot file discrimination is the white male.
      So isnt that in itself discrimination ?

      They talk about the priviledged.
      It’s not about whites,blacks,asians etc the priledged is the assholes in charge

  4. His/ Their pawn Psaki said yesterday Biden was a President for ALL the People…This Proves He is nothing more than a LIER!!! A two faced POS POLITITION as we have known for years. Anyone who actually voted for him needs to look in the mirror and truthfully say they are just as stupid as Biden…Hope your happy…

    1. Really, I have heard the words from President Biden, VP Harris, and Congress. You are telling us that Mr. Biden and the Administration is for the American People; Except for Trump Supporters and the Republican Group. To me, it is funny to say you are for me even tho I am a Republican/Independent. I guess that is why we are seeing CENSORSHIP ALL OVER THE INTERNET, plus any bad words go the Administration you are targeted as a Racist. He humans are allowed to have their own opinion, as long as it agrees with the Demoricates. Why does the Administration have Homeland Security, The Postal Department, and others spying on us in American? America was formed as a country where freedom of religion and Liberty for All.
      Why is the Current Administration trying to destroy America and want this country to be Commie?

    2. Eric I agree with you. People thought I was crazy when I said the democrats were trying to make the USA a Communist country , but that is where we are headed.

    3. After the circus is out of office, Jen Psaki will never have the credibility to get an executive position again. To stand up in front of the press and blatantly lie or act all indignant over some of the questions leads me to believe that she deserves a vote of no confidence. Perhaps she can learn to say “And would you like fries with that?”

  5. Biden can’t help it. He is use to discriminating against black folks, now he wants to do the same to poor white folks. It is part of the Democrats DNA!


    Remove all these communist, Marxist, socialist, progressive, Stalinists, Leninists democrats from office! Period.


    1. I agree , a POSHIT will always be a POS. Their true colors will always surface. I hope his junkie son needs a loan. Oh, I forgot, he got paid already!!!

  7. Typical Democrats, passing something like this, just to see how far they can go. Of course they will be sued, it will end up in court But of course by then the damage will have been done and the owners will probably have had to shut the doors. The real damage is in the fact that many of these white business owners employ many minorities that will now find themselves out of work. These people are so much like little children they cannot understand logic and the repercussions of their actions and the damage that it does to all Americans. It is simply a retaliation for made-up hate.

  8. Why would u think anything other than something like this from someone who the only job he ever had outside goverment was a lifeguard perv? Thanks to all that couldnt handle the truth & got their feelings hurt by a real man, President Trump. Hope these voters are affected the most by this since they couldnt vote for truth & reality.

  9. Its a clear act of discrimination and violates the constitution. That they think they can do this is shameful.

  10. The white sheep who voted for this DMENTED CLOWN FOR PRESIDENT can now be proud of themselves ,
    Masochistic idiots , could not stand a great economy that would have rebounded to higher high under TRUMP.
    besides why would not pay $5 for gasoline and trade energy independence for tyrannical OPEC prices?

  11. And, riding to the rescue in a nick of time our “brave defenders” and the GOP put a stop to this blatant RACISM and we all lived happily ever after.


    What? The GOP did what it does best? NOTHING? And let us all go down the drain AGAIN? I’m shocked! Truly shocked! Our “brave defenders” said, “Whoa, Joe!, you can’t do that”, and reestablished genuine equality?

    WHAT??? They didn’t? Yep, I’m shocked. Truly shocked.


    The GOP and the rest of the Paychecks for Me but not for Thee mob sold us all out again. It’s their job to hold the coats of the Democrats while they destroy US and the country. Effemall!

  12. Separating by race is racism. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Hate, Controlling, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Deceiving, Taxing the voters, Obfuscating, attacking women, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans and African Americans, voting fraud, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Homophobia, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, Plagiarism, Perjurers, Communists agents, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  13. True Racism , White House Hate , Prison Inmates making decision s for the usa as though they only count
    this bill is just another example of the crime family s hate for the whites and work to destroy america

    Wait until the backlash comes full circle
    Hire in opposition to politicians
    Protect your familys from the lie house of thieves , criminal, and con criminal s in power

  14. White males shouldn’t have to pay taxes to a government that doesn’t represent or protect them, see how well they pay for their socialist programs then! All people are created equal in God’s eyes, just not democrat eyes, shame on you!

  15. What we need is for a large group of majority-owned small businesses to bring a class-action suit against these orders, point out the racist flaws in the plan, and get it before the US Supreme Court. Once they rule either way on it, no Executive Order could alter their decision and how it affects American businesses and workers. This nation was once designed to be a government of the People and for the People, but for the last 50 years, we have watched jobs leave the nation, the wealthy increase their wealth over five-fold, and more and more jobs requiring college degrees for work that once did not require such degrees. Add to that the fact that housing is twice what inflation numbers say it should be, medical expenses are five times higher than inflation indicates, and college is ten times higher. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would think that all of this is designed to eliminate the middle class.

  16. Biden, look into a mirror. You are WHITE on the outside, but YELLOW on the inside. Suicide is your answer!

    1. Hi there. To commit suicide requires guts. This disgusting stupid pathetic excuse for a human being doesn’t have any. On top of which nothing this depraved piece of …. (fill in your own word) has done has endeared him or his cronies to us ordinary people. The whole world is laughing at us. But we are the dopes for having let this travesty of a presidency exist! This phony admin is a joke and his puppeteers are an even bigger joke! Our Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself and should run away and hide. What use are they? I don’t think anyone knows! Our whole system has completely broken down in these last 100 days. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Russia hoax and all the others. Democrats are as thick as three planks of wood!

  17. Biden and Kameltoe are only hurting themselves and the blacks. It has gotten to the point of having knee groes shoved down our throat that it is only causing hate against the black race. I am so disgusted that I do not give a damn what happens to them. Driven to the point that BLM means nothing to me and I have distanced myself as far away from them as I can.

  18. More proof that the race hustlers are the TRUE RACISTS in the country!!!——They attack white folk as the racists to turn attention from themselves—-I have been saying this for years and years and they keep proving me right—-WAKE UP AMERICA———————VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT——-ALL—-THEY NEVER LEARN AND ARE DANGEROUS

  19. Hidenbiden, the lying,corrupt,sexualperv,china/ukrainian,puppet is the biggest racist, in the liberal,socialist,marxist,commie,dumbocrap party. He has done everything in his power to destroy this country, and the American people, He is trying to replace American citizens, with illegals, by flooding our borders with them. We need to get rid of this racist,incompetent,embarrassment, phony, puppet, pretending to be the leader of the free world. he is nothing but the laughing stock of the world. What a joker. and loser.

  20. I am not a white businessman, but I am truly pissed!! How can a government elected by the people just totally exclude white businessmen from anything? I would say the same if he were excluding blacks or Asians. This idiot has totally lost it, and with all the gutless RINOS in the Congress don’t expect anything to be done about it. I don’t see any way this country can survive 4 years of this crap. Maybe we need another January 6, but with several million participants to take that shithouse over.

  21. very racist. And, from a party that is trying their damnedest to convince us all they are the anti racist good guys…yeah right! It’s like I’ve said ad nauseam, there’s nothing that defines a Democrat like hypocrisy.

  22. biden is a perverted, racist and crooked fraud. His administration seized the Whitehouse via voter fraud. Uses our military like his personnel gestapo to fence our Capital. Why have he and his cohorts not been arrested for treason?

    1. That’s the $MILLION$ question that no one seems to have the answer. I smell a revolution coming!

  23. & trashing white MEN has been happening every day since the JACKASS administration has been in office.
    You know, the one supposedly run by a WHITE retard & a rainbow ho.
    & still nothing will happen to stop them except hopefully a revolt from REAL AMERICANS of all colors. NOT MY PRESIDENT…!!!

  24. there appears to be just a wee violation of the equal protection clause in our constitution. maybe the white business owners can get the ACLU to sue on their behalf.

  25. Hopefully all this WOKE sh1t will come back to bite dementia Joe in 2022, and 2024. Oh wait, I don’t think he can last that long, so it will come back to bite Camel Harris.

  26. That is Racist Decrimition. Pure Evil. Treaso against American’s. Should Impeached now

  27. Biden is looking for votes because his voting pool is finally becoming wiser and not buying into the Liberal left’s shenanigans anymore and their supposed help for the less fortunate in this country. He is a typical anti-America Democrat politician. No thanks

  28. If they had to rely on the taxes that blacks pay, and none from the whites, we would for sure go broke. What the hell is wrong with this Senile Old Man,. Does he not know he’s white, and don’t the blacks know this is just pandering to get their votes. He will do NOTHING for you. President Trump was the best Pres for all you blacks and latinos, and he didn’t leave out the whites. Biden really SUCKS, and I pray it will come back to bite them all in the ass in 2022. God willing.

  29. GA and TX makes sensible voting laws that increases the chances of voting
    the left cries “new jim crow”
    biden and the left now wants us to believe that obvious segregation isn’t jim crow?

    1. Xelistren…… Jim Crow was a Democratic entity from the word go.. racist sons o bitches. And now this fuck of a president throws the republicans and conservatives the Jim Crow bone like it’s us that implemented that crap of a racist agenda.

      Hey Biden….. Jim Crow laws belong to you and yours you mush headed reprobate of an illegitimate president. DEMOCRATS OWN THIS ONE. Every time I hear the name come out of the perverts twisted, lying pie hole I want to throw up. Biden… shut up stupid! What an entirely useless piece of feces he is.

  30. I thought Biden was going to unite America. So far he has done nothing but divide this nation into little groups based on gender, race or income status. What next will the old fool try?

  31. Lmaooo, white people don’t like it when the roles are reversed. They’ve had all the benefits, written and controlled by them for so long that they get highly upset when told to level the playing field. AND OH, Jim Crow was started by whites and never ended.

    1. Great pic Harold…… does your boyfriend know you’re posting on this sight? You racist bastard! Leveling the playing field?!!, you’re an ignoramos Harold. You’ve been given every God-given right I have, if you can’t utilize what you got, too bad for you. What bothers me is that we have a president YOU voted for and he’s more worthless than even Obama.

      That’s hard to accomplish, but thinking your “ black pandering prezzy” is all that asshole!

  32. Dementia – Biden and his fake administration are introducing systemic racial discrimination in America for the first time in American history. The entire discriminatory machine of the imbecile Biden works to incite hatred towards white people.

  33. Well now you know who the real racist are on this country.That POS is the most racist person in this country right along with all they democrats who support his ignorant ass.I am white and a male and damn proud of it and will never apologize for being who and what I am and neither should anyone else not matter what your gender or skin color is.

  34. Harold why don’t u come on over to West Virginia and have ur message heard.I want a front row seat

  35. Harold, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, freedom of speech and all that, but you seem to be one of the POShitte that this discussion is about. Go home and collect your free handouts from a corrupt government you worthless POS too lazy to work or pull your own weight. Post a picture so the rest of us will recognize you on the street.

  36. Harry Houdini could never have devised an illusion as great as the 2020 election hoax…and the American people seem to have accepted it as being true. They have accepted a feeble minded buffoon as their leader for fear of being laughed at and being shamed.

    How many of us watched as the democrats brought in truck-loads of unverified ballots all marked for Biden and didn’t speak-up for fear of being called a crazy conspiracist. No observers were allowed to watch as the democrats counted all of the fake write-in ballots that wiped out President Trumps lead and they declared Biden had won.

    If this doesn’t deserve a revolution or at least a recount, I don’t know what possibly could. History will not look at our actions today and declare that we were the brave protectors of freedom. History will say the only thing that can be said, that we were the generation of cowards who lost Freedom for the generations that will follow.
    We have betrayed that which was entrusted to us and there is no mercy for that betrayal. May God have mercy on those who follow us.


  37. Harold I don’t get upset I don’t even get mad, I really don’t care for any of Biden’s hangouts!!
    I’ve made it on my own with out his handout.
    All Biden is doing is burying volts and the ones that know no better
    Well their Democrats Slaves They just don’t know it!
    It just maybe too late. They have just bought and paid for the votes!

  38. This is a clear case of discrimination and must be challenged in the supreme court. Bidumb is a nothing more than a sock puppet controlled by the America hating leftist Obamas

  39. Does anyone but me think there’s something seriously wrong with leadership that is predominantly WHITE MALE telling everyone else that ALL white males are racists, sexists and all other kinds of negative “ists”?

    Then tell me more, what is wrong with their own SUPPORTERS and voters who are mostly WHITE buying their story?

    Then finish by trying to tell me that at least HALF of the citizens of this country known as Democrats are intelligent enough to to be allowed out in public without their nursemaid attending to them.

    Oh, wait, I see. Democrats claim that all white males EXCEPT THEM are the racists etc. That’s why they support programs like this that openly discriminate against whites.

    The word that applies here is spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y. Look it up in the dictionary. You’ll find the Democrat Party logo used an example.

  40. These a**holes seem to be trying to start the next civil war. The people in this country won’t accept socialism/communism because we have always had pride in our independence and, except for a few delusional, power hungry miscreants, aren’t going to give it up. I’ve been around for twelve administrations (I vaguely remember a thirteenth) and this is the most anti-American, destructive administration ever. These people refuse to acknowledge the amount of destruction and ill will they’ve created. They need to be removed and exiled to a country with the same political views. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.

  41. Biden the sissy cuckold has again made me hate my government even more than I thought was possible. He is a full blown whigger and is far from an actual president. He will never have real Americans respect. It was real white men that started and created this once great country and with help from cuckold sissies like biden and his soy boy friends the blacks will be the ones that bring it down and destroy it. RIP America, we will not forget who did this to you.

  42. Hi Gang, You must remember Joe was in the Senate for 47 years. I just wonder if he ever had seen the inside of the Senate chamber, or just the bar at the “Capitol Bar and Grill Chamber” in DC.
    Also, if you think about leaving the country, remember the Nazis closed the borders to Germany, so the citizens couldn’t leave. When they crank up the execution squads and the Gas Chambers, they will need all of us patriots here “in country”. Much easier to find that way for extermination. I predicted this coming civil war 10 years ago! I am preparing, at least I have somewhere to go, and get the HELL out!

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