Biden Suddenly Wants to Help East Palestine After Trump Promises Visit

The residue from the toxic mushroom cloud that was caused in East Palestine, Ohio is showing up on people’s cars as far away as New York, after crossing Pennsylvania. The Ohio River has very likely been poisoned for a generation. People in East Palestine today may be struggling with aggressive, terminal cancers in the next 5 to 10 years. Yet Joe Biden refuses to help this community, because 70% of the voters there cast ballots for Donald Trump in 2020.

Oh, but wait! As soon as Trump announced he’d be visiting East Palestine this week, Biden ordered FEMA to “do something” for them.

This criminal regime led by Joe the Imposter (LOL-81-Million) is truly disgusting. Two weeks after the toxic train derailment contaminated the air, soil and water, the regime still hasn’t done a single thing to help the people there. Their chickens and pets are dying. Fish are dying in the streams and the Ohio River. It’s the largest ecological disaster in US history, and Team Biden just doesn’t care at all because it happened to a community of Trump supporters.


Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg doesn’t give a rip. What, a train carrying toxic chemicals tipped over? Whatever. He’s too busy turning the roads gay and equitable to worry about something like that.

The EPA told people in East Palestine that the water and air are safe, and everyone could go back home after a two-day evacuation. Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) went to East Palestine and is now urging people to NOT DRINK THE WATER. He even challenged EPA Commissioner Michael Regan to drink a glass of tap water from East Palestine.

In a bizarre appearance on CNN, Commissioner Regan was asked if it’s safe to be in East Palestine right now. Here was his response:

“As the conditions on the ground become safe, so that we can put our scientists and engineers – not in harm’s way, but in a position where they could do their work – we will then be in a position to provide those updates to the public.”

So… the EPA says it’s safe for East Palestine residents to go home… but it’s not safe for EPA workers to get in there and do their jobs yet? Sounds legit.

Wait, what the %#@&?!

President Trump, of course, is doing what he does best. He’s being presidential, which is something that is impossible for Joe Biden to do.

Is it a campaign stunt for Trump to go to East Palestine next week? Sure. Of course it is. But look at what the immediate response was.

First, the Enemy of the People media will now be FORCED to cover the situation on the ground in East Palestine. Trump is drawing attention to the plight of the people there.

Second, Trump’s upcoming visit to East Palestine this Wednesday forced Joe Biden’s hand. Biden now has no choice but to send aid to East Palestine, because even the dummies running the White House know how bad it’s going to look when Trump gets there and starts tearing them to shreds for their uncaring inaction.

This pathetic America Last regime in the White House just sent $185 million to Turkey for earthquake relief. They’ve sent $196 BILLION to Ukraine in aid and weapons so far. But Joe Biden wouldn’t even lift a finger to help the people in East Palestine, because they didn’t vote for him. It’s disgusting.

Trump’s visit also highlights just how much “The Swamp” fears his return. After two weeks of sitting around doing nothing, FEMA suddenly sprang into action just a few hours after Trump announced he was going to visit. They’re suddenly pretending that it’s an important issue to them, because President Trump made it an important issue.

Just look at this timeline.

On Friday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that FEMA would not be sending any assistance into the state to help. Trump then announced he’d be visiting East Palestine next Wednesday. On Friday night, just a few hours later, DeWine announced that FEMA was sending a team on Saturday. There’s no way that is a coincidence.

They’re terrified of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Trump is going to be doing what he always does, which is stand up for the American people when they need his help.

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17 thoughts on “Biden Suddenly Wants to Help East Palestine After Trump Promises Visit”

  1. Trump 2924
    And watch the thieves closely on election day because in their sick mind Mr. Trump is not to win the elections at any cost.
    Payback time is coming and it’s way overdue

  2. The EPA is testing (only) for the chemicals on the train’s manifest but not all the by products of intentionally burning the toxic soup of different chemicals from the train. This is typical Biden Administration ignorance and more likley subtrifudge. It’s these by products that are killing the wildlife and poisioning the Trump voters that resiside in E. Palestine and the nearby communities. I’m suprised that the administration isn’t more concerned about the wildlife!

    1. Yes, and in NJ Governor Phil Murphy, NY’s Governor, and the “Green Energy” Regime are also killing whales (10) and dolphins (3) in 2023 alone … all for their self interests and money gain. Murphy won’t halt the wind power project and due to his 1-Track Mind chooses not to see what damage is being done to marine life (sonar kills). Wind power only works 30 percent of the time ! What a waste of tax payer dollars and what a horrible crime resulting in marine life demise. Murphy is a waste to NJ and just like most NJ Governors, uses the state as their stepping stone for attaining the title of President of the United States. SHAME ON ALL THOSE ACCOUNTABLE FOR MARINE LIFE DESTRUCTION & MAY THEY NEVER EVER BE PRESIDENT !!!

  3. I would bet that Biden Admin. officials have threatened EPA staff not to come forward as whistleblowers like they did with the FBI a few months ago. That didn’t work and hopefully it won’t wort this time either.

  4. HAIL THE “TRUE PRESIDENT” DONALD J. TRUMP !!! Only thing that gets Biden-Harris Regime’s asses moving is when a “True President” steps in and does the RIGHT thing (The Presidential Thing). This Regime is not for the American people ! They only care about themselves and what country or countries they can use to gain money for themselves, their pet pork projects, and payola for crooked means. TRUMP 2024 !!!

  5. There really no words to describe the depravity of Joe and his administration. If he doesn’t ignore the inevitable poisoning of a Republican community, the mysterious avian flu that caused birds to be destroyed…limiting the poultry and egg supply, mysterious fires/explosions at food manufacturing facilities….why he wouldn’t be good old joe…the do nothing to help, fast talk to enable his and his families corruption, hair-sniffing president. Two more years could decimate America and put its citizens in worse shape than the weak, vulnerable condition he has placed us now. He has done his ‘best’ to severely reduce our strategic oil supply, made us a laughing stock around the world, weakened our military and about ruined our finances. How much more damage can he do? As much as the American people are willing to allow….because democrats protect their own, even when it’s self-destructing. Time to reclaim our country!

    1. So what do you need to do? Remove him (by **morally and constitutionally** acceptable means, of course). When will that happen??

  6. Today Trump will arrive in East Palestine, announced last Friday. Until Friday only the train company was resting residents (“you’re fine”) and offering them $1000 settement checks if they would sign a wafer to not hold them responsible. Sounds like the Erin Brockovich movie replay. By the way, she is coming there on Friday. Hope there will be a big group lawsuit for damages and future medical care. Some residents already coughing up blood. Medical expert stated the toxic chemicals are “VERY CORROSIVE” to lung tissue/hence bleeding, and other internal organs. Obvious sign of terrible outcomes possible. The chemical changes caused by the choice to burn the rail car contents would cause the original toxic chemicals to then morph into another toxic fas that was used in WW1 to KILL SOLDIERS.

    Water in West Virginia showing the toxins. Condensation on top of a home dehumidifier in an East Palestine house is oily, toxic chemical being drawn out of air over two weeks after the derailment. Toxins are airborne yet and somehow , by air or on tire treads, are being found in Pennsylvania and New York. Years ago the EPA told people on area that their wells would be prone yo become contaminated by bacteria and toxins leeching through soil because there was a ow level of clay in the soil. They communicated this by letter back then. Hope they al saved those letters. But now EPA not even checking the wells? Erin Brickivuvh, hope you brought your vials to collect samples for a lawsuit.

    Thank you, President Trump for going there and caring, plus Kickstarting soe action from this uncaring, lame duck Administration. We shouldn’t have let the vote fraud stand that stole your second term. Getting Biden in is destroying our country in all ways he can think of.

  7. Donald Trump the real president, the people in Congress the secret service CIA FBI all corrupt treasonous traitors, their working on destroying America, heaven has told the American people have three years left to get the evil corrupt people out of your government or lose America

  8. i wouldn’t call it a cam stunt because donald trump really cares for the people of east palestine ohio. especially the do nothing president the lion presiden’t he is not believable and secetary pete buttigieg doesn’t giva a damn.they deserve lots of boobs.

  9. Citizens of US, who pay taxes that the federal government takes and uses for other countries so their safe, when catastrophic things happen are told never mind things are ok. Regardless of who the residents voted for they are citizens. This administration for all its talk of transparency, accountability and caring are exactly the opposite. Be careful of- I’m here from the government to take care of you. When the swamp complains of other people just being political pull back the curtain and see who they really are.

  10. As was reported the government asked for Disinformation to stop meaning censorship ion East Palistine Derailment Facebook Groups ! Having been trained as a firefighter instructor and trained as a instructor in NBC Warfare as well as HAZWOOPER . You might say I am apt to question doubtful statements made by the authorities that we can no longer trust! I believe I was out of a Face Watchlist to find snag to quite Mr! I was watching this little jerk trying to play Mr Super REPO Man now a so called sheriff. The hostility bring exposed as well as language is horrible but Is ok for Facebook. But lete day the little jerk needs his butt kicked,( other words use by) me I get 24 hour Mugface jail? People on face book producing animal cruelty battles for entertainment is and is promoted is sick! So Zucko you Sicko Sicko I hope you lose it all?

  11. I hope the words and actions of Bidiot get the attention of his mislead supporters. I also hope that the words and actions of President Trump get the attention of that same brainwashed group.
    Sadly, I expect the majority of them to remain unsalvageable.
    Pray for the folks in Ohio.
    Be aware that there is a video now available of a Stanislaus County woman reporting of dozens of train cars labeled hazardous, parked in a remote area of farm and ranch land.
    Hidden in plain sight????

  12. Biden don’t bother going to Ohio, it is really too little and way too late. You are not honorable enough to go and put you $0.00 cents worth in. No one wants to listen to you and your mouth. Go back to your basement in Delaware. You are not wanted.

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