Both of Donald Trump’s Impeachments Should be Stricken from the Record

Every American should be infuriated now that another piece of evidence in Impeachment 2.0 turned out to be completely fraudulent. The Washington Post LIED to the American people about the contents of Donald Trump’s December phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. That LIE was used as evidence in the second impeachment trial against Donald Trump. Both impeachments are now verifiably fraudulent. Congress should declare those impeachments null and void and strike them from Donald Trump’s perfect record.

I’ve written previously about why Trump’s first impeachment should have been nullified. We’re supposed to rely on evidence and facts in court proceedings in America – not voodoo, witchcraft or mind-reading.

If you go back and read the first Articles of Impeachment against Trump from last year (the dumb Ukraine phone call impeachment), you’ll notice there isn’t any factual evidence in it. The House Impeachment managers for that goat rodeo admit in the document that even though Trump didn’t say anything out loud that amounted to a “quid pro quo,” they could tell what was happening in Trump’s “state of mind” during his call with the Ukrainian president. In other words – their mind-reading powers allowed them to know that Trump was THINKING something illegal on the call, so they impeached him!


Since the mind-reading didn’t work out so well in the first impeachment, they were forced to resort to fabricated evidence in the second impeachment.

The Washington Post reported that Trump told the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to “find the fraud.” The Post reported that Trump was essentially trying to bribe Georgia officials, with an offer to “be a national hero” if they uncovered fraud. The Post even reported that there was an audio recording of this damning phone call, which sure made it sound like Donald Trump was throwing his weight around and trying to bribe someone.

Those quotes were used in the second impeachment of Donald Trump. A Democrat prosecutor in Georgia has even opened a criminal investigation against Donald Trump now that he’s out of office, based on the Washington Post’s report on that phone call.

Guess what? An investigator found the audio of that phone call! The audio file was in the trash folder on a woman named Jordan Fuchs’ laptop – who just so happened to be the only state employee on that phone call with President Trump and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. And as it turns out, someone leaked that audio to The Wall Street Journal… and guess what else?!

The Washington Post totally lied about the contents of the phone call. Trump never told Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud” and didn’t try to bribe anyone with promises of making them a national hero. The rest of the mainstream media lied about it too, and that lie was used as “evidence” to try to impeach a sitting president.

Again: Trump never said those things.

CNN and PBS Newshour both reported that they independently confirmed the Washington Post’s fake report. ABC News reported that “an individual familiar with the matter confirmed” the story to them.

NBC News reported that it “confirmed The Post’s characterization of the Dec. 23 call through a source familiar with the conversation.”

USA Today reported that an anonymous source in Georgia “confirmed the details of the call.”

Wow! All of those separate professional news organizations sure did a great job tracking down anonymous sources to confirm the “truth” a story that was a complete and utter pile of horse manure. They were all incredibly specific about it too. The details matched up exactly, with Trump bullying Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud” (a phrase none of us ever heard Donald Trump use in any rally or other setting) and that they “would be a national hero.”

I wonder who that anonymous source could have been! You know, since the other person on the call was Jordan Fuchs and since the audio of the actual call was in the trash folder on her laptop.

Another person who obviously knew that this was fake news and never said anything about it was Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This supposed “Republican” Secretary of State sat there and never said a word as the mainstream media and the Democrat Party used an obvious lie to try to impeach a sitting president. That sounds awfully seditious to me. How about you? He was on the call and knew Trump never said those things.

Next question: What’s the Georgia legislature going to do about Raffensperger’s malicious silence during that second fake impeachment? Will there be any consequences for Raffensperger’s complete and total lack of ethical duty to speak up and tell the world that Donald Trump had not bullied his office or tried to bribe anyone? Will Brad Raffensperger be keeping his job?

Donald Trump did nothing wrong and both of those fake impeachments need to be completely stricken from the record!

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83 thoughts on “Both of Donald Trump’s Impeachments Should be Stricken from the Record”

  1. The Washington Post should be held accountable along with all the other Lies that’s been told on Trump, But they wouldn’t at least they owned up to it!!
    If Trump is good with it I am too.

    1. We need to start a Independent party that is stronger than both sides and have Trump run again.
      Then we can rebuild this country before its to late.

    2. The real Americans of georgia should be up in arms confronting and holding raffensperger, the governor and press, accountable and repeal President Trump’s loss in georgia. They should be punished to fullest extent of the law and jailed for a very long time.

      1. Absolutely!! With these lies coming to light, President Trump should NOT have been impeached either time! Therefore, Biden won illegally so he should be impeached and President Trump put back in the White House where he belongs! The Democrats are tearing America apart with the open border, to start with. It is going to destroy us financially.

      2. You are correct. Elected officials who commit crimes should go to prison. Otherwise, it is never going to stop. This last election should be overturned .. PERIOD. Americans need to unite and protest the corruption that has surrounded the whole election process. If not, the corruption is going to get worse and Communism is what is in store for America.

      3. I totally agree with that they all need to be held accountable for all of the lies and scams that they tried to use to get Trump impeached and they should be taken off of his record!

    3. Brad Raffsenperger & his assistant should be dragged out of the Secretary of State’s office in handcuffs to face criminal prosecution for “leaking” that FAKE transcript of Trump’s conversation to WaPo. They deliberately created FALSE evidence & attributed FALSE statements to incite a criminal investigation of President Trump by Georgia’s Attorney General, and they withheld exculpatory evidence from Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. Those are serious crimes justifying DISBARRMENT for any attorney, barring them from ever presenting a case in court again.
      Observe the audio file of the covertly recorded conversation was pulled out of the computer trash when Raffsenperger’s assistant tried to delete the evidence. It’s a stroke of fortune for the history books that the lady did not empty the computer trash. So it was found when the Attorney General’s office opened a criminal investigation of PRESIDENT TRUMP. How DARE any American criticize election integrity in Georgia???
      Here’s a clapback to Kemp and the Attorney General—- Only Crooked poliiticians defend Crooked Elections.

  2. Trump should sue the Washington Post out of existence then buy the building for pennies on the dollar at auction and start up his own paper and network out of it! Calling it the Trump Examiner! Where media is actually media and not clickbait!

    1. I have to agree with Bret, why can’t the media be held accountable for lies and misrepersations that they promoted in helping destroy an individual and his family. Their should be some ramification associated with false accusations.

      1. Agree. Problem is in todays world, there aren’t consequences for anything anymore. And, unfortunately, I only see it getting worse as there is now significant momentum behind this trend. Political correctness will be the cause of destruction of our great nation. Throw in cancel culture, and you have the perfect storm. Extremely sad and disheartening. We can only hope conservatives can grow a pair and turn things around starting in 2022. It will be a long, slow, up hill trudge, though.

        1. Your are right but when you say conservatives should grow a pair don’t you mean all us conservatives. They cannot do no more than we allow and it appears us conservatives will allow them to do anything they like even if it means destroying our families, morals, country and CONSTITUTION.

          1. Ok I have experienced busy phones or a recorded message. I have called about different bills that dems want dearly to pass. I have said several times to RECALL/IMPEACH biden it fell on deaf ears not even polite reply back to me. I watch fox news It is never mentioned on there either! Why oh Why is it being ignored? I DO NOT GET IT! Out here people are fired for trivial reasons petty stuff but this monster has done great injustices to thousands of American and so far he is getting away with it. There has to be consequences for his insane judgments he has done! I sat here and literally cried when I heard about the executive order to shut the keystone jobs down! I knew that was thousands of families being hurt and a joker made them poor by picking up a pen. New babies, pregnant moms all we that great secure feeling of OH! Dear God I have a job! I can shelter ,feed, have health insurance well get the idea. Everything parents want for their families. Maybe some of them provided for a aged parent or even paid the nursing homes bills. We all know and do these benefits for other people when we have the extra to give. Right now my husband is paying the mortgage for some who cant and has 3 kids he says I do not want the kids to NOT have a warm bed and etc. HOMELESS! Another bad bad idea from nutty is the illegal alien’s . BAD timing !!! America is just recovering from the covid and many are mourning loved ones that died. We Americans want to concentrate on our country stop the chaos riots and the liars that want to keep the racist trouble brewing . REALIZE AMERICA WE HAVE ALOT AGAINST US RIGHT NOW! WE DID NOT NEED TO BE BABYSITTERS! They have to leave! Everyone say their prayers real hard PLEASE to get this mess biden put us into straightened out! Logic and organization needed!

    2. Absolutely, I LOVE the idea of him suing them then buying them out, I especially love the idea of it being called The Trump Examiner where he employs journalist who will DO THEIR JOB and report the TRUTH. As for the Impeachments, they should DEFINITELY swipe them from the record since he’s INNOCENT!

  3. How can anyone trust those sources to tell the truth on anything they report. All of the should be held accountable and prosecuted for what they have done. No one with any common sense can ever trust them again or anything they report on. No one should ever give any credibility or financial support to them including PBS. They are are not journalists just Fake News Reporter’s to the American people. President Trump should be exonerated for both impeachment’s and they should be stricken down and I hope he can and will sue them for defamation

  4. It’s sickening what media did to Trump which forces me and anyone who believes in justice to defend him!!

  5. By the time anyone who could’ve done something about it at the time it was happening decides to come forward,it’s too long after the fact for anyone else to care about it or believe it.

  6. They used the word bribe in the 2nd impeachment about the fraudulent Georgia phone call. Now am I wrong or isn’t Biden telling the people of Georgia to vote for the 2 democrats in the run off races and he would guarantee 2000.00 stimulus checks isn’t that a bribe, but of course bribery is legal as long as democrats do it. The democrat party should have to pay for the cost of the two sham impeachment, the ones who made up the charges should be in prison and pelousy should be in a home with rubber rooms.

    1. Love Love Love your comment and I agree on this page .I see alot of great notes and I also know we are angry! We had the wool pulled over our eyes!

      1. I don’t care who the person is that receives this kind of treatment it should never be allowed to happen again and everyone that promoted these lies should be sued. Trump’s record should be cleaned immediately!

  7. Should Trump be exonerated? Of course he should!! On BOTH phony impeachments lodged against him! Will it happen? I doubt it.Our country has been so transformed into this corrupt and unrecognizable one, all thanks to the power hungry, deranged and greedy democrats, that I doubt anyone standing up for our once great nation, and its values, will EVER see true justice again!!! We can’t even trust our voting system any longer, since the democrats have learned how to rig it . GOD help us, please. I want my UNITED states back again!!!

    1. Both fraudulent impeachments should be stricken from the record. I would hope Trump sues all those involved in the impeachments in civil court as character assassination, harassment, coup of a sitting president, etc. I would love to see those involved to have to pay bill bucks to Trump. Wouldn’t that chill the Democrats/RINO’s.

    2. me too! I can’t believe we are living in the U.S. To be destroyed and seemingly nothing is being done. Unless it’s behind the scenes. We’ve lost all freedom of speech, religion, and voting rights.

    3. Linda, I would like to tell you that you are wrong. But that would be a lie and it would be wrong because you are right. I do not believe there are enough people in power in America with the will and purpose to right this travesty to our American Way of life. God be with You.

      1. Thank you John. I truly wish I was wrong . It breaks my heart to watch our great nation with it’s values, morals, decency and fairness disappearing everyday!! And we can’t stop it!! But I do keep praying to God and hope HE will take pity on us and help us get back our nation… We MUST keep the faith and trust in God’s plan … God be with you as well, John.

    1. And I say Amen to that. I believe only God will help us get our great nation back. I truly miss it.

  8. This is just one of many lies WAPO and virtually all the lamestream media outlets told throughout Trump’s presidency. Many they have not recanted though its a fact they were proven lies. How many still believe them out there and voted for the candidate that was hiding in his basement? Was it enough to change the election results? President Trump has a legal case against all the fake news outlets and the social media platforms but I doubt he would pursue it. By virtue of not reporting the facts and instead, relying on lies and unsubstantiated claims, the media has given up the position of objective journalism and rendered themselves irrelevant propaganda outlets for socialists and communists. Its ironic because the media is the 1st thing to go under those failed forms of government.

  9. We need a documentary on this. Show the world just how far the democrats will go to win. Cheat, lie, steal, mis information from their own media. No more reporters that want to get to the real stories. Believe me if they said it was raining i would go look for myself. Never will believe any story from these made up reporters. Or story tellers making a story more than it was just for show. Complete lack of trust for any reporters. Worthless losers got us in the mess we are in now. Yes it is a crisis.

    1. Yes and the whole election fraud needs to be investigated. trump did win. Look what Biden and his puppet Masters are doing to our USA. THEY WANT US ALL TO BOW TO THE DEEP LEFT. COMMUNISM is coming. Wake up. All the dems and media lie.

  10. All of these coup attempts should have led to charges against the communist democrats and communist media that for 4 years obstructed the will of the actual voting people.

  11. Election fraud or interference should be used to put people in jail. That is what is supposed to happen. At the very least Georgia Legislature should clean out the criminal elements in their government. Mr. Raffensperger should be in jail for what he did to the honest citizens who’s votes were in effect stolen by his actions. He was responsible for a fair and honest election. Those who worked with him in this illegal action should also go to jail.

    Mr Trump should sue all of them for the damages to his name and reputation.

    If these criminals are not punished they and others will continue this behavior.

    1. Yes let the culprits be in trouble! Use them as a example to show people this is what happens from sneaking and lying! From criminals and we all still waiting to hear about the lap tops and dad and son.

  12. It’s time for Raffensperger to step down from his office. He is a disgrace to sit and let a lie stand about our President Trump. Not saying anything makes him oart of the lie.

  13. You know that Democrats are not the only ones that can read minds. I have been endowed with this ability from birth. Lately I have been receiving a lot of mind txt, that is telling me that the sitting president has been deliberately undermining the country. He has been working with the Democrats in congress to destroy our way of live to enrich himself and family. He is undermining the security of the country. So! on the basis of these mind txt which I deem highly credible, we need to immediately need to remove the president and the Democrats in congress, take them to the border wall tie them to it and bring in the firing squad.

  14. The impeachment should be expunged for djt and added for piglosi, schumer, nadler, schiyty and biden, harris. That should square it up.

  15. Well it is simple to anyone that pays any attention to what is and has been going on for years. In order to get the truth out you have to start at the source of the problem and it is not all big money. Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer every Democrat and Republican that does not agree with the constitution or the declaration of independence should be removed they have proven more than once that they do not believe in our country nor the job they are supposed to be doing which is for the people. Part of the problem is the blame of the voters allowing them two input laws on the books the totally benefit one side their job is to benefit both sides not one and they have constantly put themselves above their constituents and the country. Therefore they have no right under the constitution to hold office. As for any person being threatened regarding any position they hold in public office law-enforcement should step up immediately find and punish those responsible no questions asked period. It is not acceptable in our republic for this to continue just by Pardison separation needs to stop and if it requires the removal of people in office without a vote then it should be done we should no longer allow this to happen.

    1. I am 100,000 for IMPEACH MENT /RECALL and it has to be the whole crowd of them can’t leave 1 bad apple behind! They have done nothing good for America! As a American and my heritage is patriot’s in the Revolutionary War .Obviously I love America! It was good enough for them its good enough for me LOL! I have been extremely upset in my health since biden went into the W.H. HE DOES not belong there we all know this. I knew the voting was rigged all along. And then to have the nerve to sign orders to DESTROY hard working peoples lives! And to sig those illegal’s alien’s on us to boot! It is all so HORRIBLE! He’s got to go!

  16. Both impeachments should be nullified, because they were predicated on lies. The corrupt, liars, who raised both impeachment proceedings should be charged and jailed. That is the only way to, hopefully, avoid the corrupt, liars, wasting taxpayers money on their hateful, vindictive, endeavours.

  17. As my sister says, God has been exposing all kinds of fraudulent people in politics, Hollywood, etc, these past 5 years! As God said about the Amorites, “They haven’t met their full measure yet.” God is watching these people and working, even though we might not see how.

  18. This is the results of the bias fake stream media, with a Marxist agenda using ” unnamed ” sources. These sources are often other fake news propagandists or fictitious Government officials. Sometimes the Demoncrap talking point of the day. The alphabet networks words or images are not read or seen in my home. All other information networks are taken with a grain of salt.

  19. The truth will set you free: and the lies and the promoters of lies like roaches when the light of truth is turned on they hide unless they have been squashed. Right now many of these liars are hiding but are concerned about :What they thought was sugar is raid!!☠

  20. Both fraudulent impeachments should be stricken from the record. I would hope Trump sues all those involved in the impeachments in civil court as character assassination, harassment, coup of a sitting president, etc. I would love to see those involved to have to pay bill bucks to Trump. Wouldn’t that chill the Democrats/RINO’s.

  21. I ‘m just simply begging now. Will someone, something or some group please do something to stop these Democrats of today. They are no longer your father’s democrats. God, I don’t know what you can call them now but, it certainly is not democratic. I can remember when the democratic party was decent, had some good members and good candidates. We seldom agreed with them but all was somewhat fair and above board although lots of people will shade that as well. These days they are unlawful, care not about the American people, care only about votes as evidenced by their immigration debacle. The people they have in charge should tell you all you need to know as they are more than disgusting e.g. ; Pelosi, Schumer, Adler, Schiff. Waters, Harris et al. I left Biden off that list because he doesn’t know ‘what list?’ The only thing they are interested in is power and there surely isn’t anyone who believes they got it fair and square last November.
    Someone simply has to help the American people before things, such as this recent mess with China, go any further. This administration with the non-leadership it has can only make the next four years absolutely unbearable!

  22. We all know that the 2020 election was fraudulent – many people violated our Constitution and election laws to get that crooked Biden in the White House. We also know that the 2 so-called impeachments were bogus, based on lies. Now what? The Dems continue to pursue their agenda at the expense of the American people and nothing is done. Are we relying on the midterm elections to set things right again? Somehow we must reach into the upper levels of the Justice Department and put a stop to their activities before they succeed in ruining our country. America was never perfect, but it was never this bad; the decline was encouraged by Obama. I can well understand why they feared Pres. Trump. Where do we go from here? Who is going to save this country?

  23. How can Biden say to anyone about inhuman actions in there country when he is one of the worst in the word on human right.

  24. All the proof that continues to expose the msm for the liars they are…..makes you wonder about the reports that obiden actually won – right? Also makes you wonder….is there really a plandemic? let’s face it, the politicians can go out in public mask-less…why? because the know it’s fake. yes, us sheeple, continue to “behave”. we need to take our Country back, and our freedom, and rights…..take USA back from the commies. Nothing, NOTHING, THE MEDIA reports is truthful…it’s all to brainwash us into thinking socialism/communism is the way of the world. we must not ever settle for one world order! EVER!

  25. Air Force One the pilot made a wrong turn!
    They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

  26. Nancy Pelosi is now pulling Biden’s strings. She’s blaming Trump for the border crisis, started by Biden!! The old woman has to be removed from power. She is poison to this country!

    1. Agreed, Pelosi was the force behind both attempts to impeach Trump. He’s not one of the “good Ole boys” that she can manipulate and corrupt. The Dems didn’t get the message when TRUMP was elected and hopefully the mid terms next year will clean house of all these maggots. Voters need to remember all the lies and deceit by Democrats that even screwed their own supporters. Democrats today do nothing but destroy. Vote right and CLEAN HOUSE.

  27. Friends, Trump voters should wear this scarlet letter as a badge of honor. Our beloved President has faced the most vicious & savage attacks. Yet he stands strong and undaunted. Truly his courage and bravery under fire are more remarkable for the violence & deceptions he suffered. He is more precious to us because we suffered right along with him. We the People will restore President Trump to power in the White House in 2024. There is NO DOUBT whatsoever that Trump is the ONLY PRESIDENT capable of repairing the damage from the DEVASTATING Mediiocrity and Policy failures of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. These beatings have proved Trump is our Greatest Hope for recovery.

  28. I keep hearing people say that the ones doing these corrupt underhanded sort of things should be held accountable and prosecuted but who really believes this is ever going to happen. That is like saying a thief should hold another thief accountable for stealing. That’s not going to happen unless the thief steals from them. The corrupt are not going to hold the corrupt accountable. That is the reality of it.

  29. If you expect anything good out of this congress — you are a lunatic. This congress is as dirty as a mud puddle and the most corrupt in our history on BOTH sides of the aisle. The only thing this congress deserves is a 1 way ticket to Gitmo. Every member of congress knew that both farce impeachment circus acts were as phony as a $3 bill but went ahead with them anyway and for that they should ALL be out of a job BUT the rest of our government seems to be just as corrupt including the not-so-supreme court so there is no one to see that justice is carried out. It was a total government conspiracy against the best President we have had in over 100 years.

  30. Traitors to America are now sitting in the white house and running our country. I do not understand why treason has become acceptable by either party or by any American. Treason, libel, voter fraud, false prosecutions, all have apparently been normalized by the demons on the left.

  31. Indeed, ALL COSTS INCURRED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, BY PRESIDENT TRUMP (at the time), AND BY THE USA (in tax payers’ money and state funding of pointless “investigations”, “charges”, summons, etc.) should be LAID T THE DOOR OF WAPO AND NYT, as well as the LYING OFFICER! The charge should, first, be a CRIMINAL one, in order to ESTABLISH CULPABILITY AND KNOWINGLY MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS (ALSO ELECTION FRAUD, as these “accusations” were tools to alter the Electorate’s opinion against one candidate!), followed by CIVIL CHARGES LAING DOWN THE DAMAGES SUFFERED: MATERIAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and POLITICAL!

  32. There are too many criminals involved with both faux impeachment trials to list here. You can start with Pelousy, Shumer, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, etc. Raffensberger should be fired immediately for not coming forward on the second impeachment to tell the truth for the first time in his sorry life.
    When will we start the impeachments for Biden, Harris and Pelousy. Separate indictments but they are traitors to everything this country stand for.

  33. President Trump was the greatest president in our lifetime! Why? He truly cared for America and its people…NOT wealth and fame, which he already had before he ever entered politics. Therefore, he couldn’t be bought by crooked government officials, which is the very reason he was so hated by them! His sole desire was to make America the greatest nation on earth and the reason why his theme was “America First”! He worked tirelessly 24/ 7, under the worst conditions possible, with pure hatred being poured upon him every single day! He endured hate from the media and mock assassinations at every turn! Still, he only worked even harder for the American people….giving us the best economy ever, creating more jobs and industry for the unemployed of all races. He moved people from welfare and food stamps to REAL paying jobs, thus, making their living conditions better! He even allowed us to become energy independant, a wish we’ve had for MANY years! We no longer had to depend on countries that hated us! More importantly, he allowed the Bible back into our schools and stopped many of the abortions that killed our unborn children! Yet, the “Demoncrats” could not let go of their hatred for him! Unfair impeachment was ALWAYS hanging over his head, even up to rigged election for his second term! That was Nancy Pelosi’s LAST attempt to TOTALLY destroy him! She considered the COVID virus manna from Heaven! Just know, that it wasn’t from God, but her master, the Devil! Without a doubt, she is the most evil woman in the world and GOD has seen every wicked thing she has done! By all means, ALL impeachments that she manipulated against President Trump should be erased and she should be punished for treason! Furthermore, our Supreme Court should do the job they were appointed to do….otherwise, having a SCOTUS is a meaningless job! They have more than enough evidence to prove the election was stolen and President Trump should be reinstated as our president! Too many prayers have begged for God’s intervention to rectify this blantant theft and I believe He will….but woe be to those who are guilty or negligent in not doing the right thing!

  34. All the legislators who so viciously pushed these fraudulent impeachment should be barred from ever holding public office again, or at least be forced to undergo recall elections once their fraud is made public. Other countries have ‘no confidence’ legislative re-elections. Maybe that is what we need to do in the face of this coup by massive fraud and corruption.

  35. When people who have raised their hand and sworn an oath to uphold the laws of Georgia and the U.S. then hold exculpatory evidence in the impeachment of a president it’s time that person is impeached.

  36. I wonder if Trump could file a lawsuit against all these people and to get his record cleared. He is a great president, and a good person and should not have these impeachment’s on his record juSt because people felt threatened by him.

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