Breaking: Stacey Abrams Controlled & Financed Fulton County, GA Election Workers

In their rush to declare the 2020 election the “most safe and secure” election in world history, Fulton County, Georgia officials forgot to mention an important detail. That detail sent shockwaves across the world on Wednesday morning when it was casually revealed during a County Commission meeting.

You might have thought that during the last presidential election, your state or local tax dollars were used to administer the election. But that might not have been the case. It certainly wasn’t the case in Fulton County, Georgia, where we now know that the election workers were paid for and controlled by partisan leftwing activist and softcore porn author Stacey Abrams.

State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia was the site of the most outlandish Democrat cheating imaginable on the night of the November 3rd election. First, the arena announced that it had stopped counting due to a “water main break.” It later turned out that there was no water main break. No contractors ever showed up to fix anything. They just stopped counting, because Trump’s massive lead in Georgia (as in so many other swing states) had broken the counting algorithm.

Fulton County election workers at State Farm Arena resumed counting for a while, but then shut down again when “someone” had time to warn all the swing states that they’d need to shut down simultaneously. Fulton County told the election observers that nothing else would be counted that night and sent them all home.

Once the observers had cleared out, the Fulton County election employees pulled the magic suitcase ballots out from under a table and delivered the overnight Biden miracle. They ran the ballots through counting machines over and over again to deliver Joe Biden his slim 10,000-vote “victory” in Georgia. Despite the fact that no one at State Farm Arena has been hanged for treason and insurrection, that really happened. We all saw it on camera, and we all know exactly what it was.


What we did not know at the time was that these were not necessarily “Fulton County employees” who were doing the counting.

During last Wednesday’s County Commission meeting in Fulton County, it was revealed that many of the county’s election-day workers – both in November and during the January 5th US Senate runoffs that the Democrats “coincidentally” won – the election workers were temps provided by a company called Happy Faces Personnel Group. That’s a temp worker service in Atlanta.

Fulton County officials praised the work of Happy Faces and noted that by using the temp company’s employees, it had saved the taxpayers a lot of money. If they had hired the workers as full-time employees, they would have been saddled with providing Obamacare insurance to all of them. So, Fulton County did the Georgia taxpayers a big favor by subcontracting out to Happy Faces!

Except there’s more to the story than that. Happy Faces Personnel Group wasn’t paid by the Fulton County Commission. They were paid for by a third-party company called “Now Account.” And one of the owners of “Now Account” is none other than human parade float and social justice queen Stacey Abrams, the porn author lunatic who walks around claiming to be the rightful Governor of Georgia. Abrams owns a 16% stake in “Now Account,” and it appears that she used “Now Account” as the cutaway to finance Happy Faces Personnel Group during the November 3rd and January 5th elections in Georgia.

Imagine for a second that Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert showed up in his Texas congressional district and paid the salaries of election workers that he provided on election day. Do you think the mainstream media or the Democrats would raise a stink about that? Of course they would. They’d call it a threat to democracy and claim the election was rigged.

That cutaway payment trick is a favorite of the Democrats, by the way. Remember how Crooked Hillary used the law firm Perkins-Coie to pay Fusion GPS to fabricate the Russian potty dossier, so it wouldn’t look like fake opposition research that Hillary had paid for? This is the same thing in Georgia. Stacey Abrams used “Now Account” to pay Happy Faces Personnel Group, so it wouldn’t look like a leftwing partisan hack was in charge of Fulton County’s elections.

So, the good news for Georgia voters is that Fulton County is being frugal with their tax dollars! The bad news is that it looks like Stacey Abrams is rigging your elections.

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107 thoughts on “Breaking: Stacey Abrams Controlled & Financed Fulton County, GA Election Workers”

  1. Stacey Abrams is Corrupt as they come.
    She needs to be put in prison for what she’s done, but she wount serve not one day she’s a top Member of the “Idiot Democrats”
    Club. She’s Immune from prison.
    I hope Stacey and the rest of Biden’s Idiot’s Club Rots in He””

    1. This is not right and we need to take a BIG STAND and have these crooks stopped and put away for ever for what they and she did . Our country is being destroyed by these idiots, greed ,evil , power pigs I am sick of it !!! we need to stick together and do something and not COWARD DOWN to these bullies . BIDEN HARRIS POLOSI SHUMAR all need to go and them some

      1. Stick together sounds great. To bad it didn’t sound so great last four years and especially last November. We all stood by waiting for someone to step forward and do our work for us and the dems sure did all of their dirty work laughing all
        The way to the White House. Just maybe if we would have had the guts to stand up for our selves in the first place our country would have been great for another four years. To bad the lesson we learned was to late hype oboma

      2. Lynn you are right about the crooks you listed above. They are all controlled/ bought by China. They need to be removed from office and put in prison. Most of Washington D.C. is under the control of the CCP. It is going to take all of us standing up and taking D.C. back.

      1. I agree she needs to be convicted and removed permanentl for her alley cat attitudes, values and behavior.

    2. That’s why the Democrats and crooked politicians do not want voter ID and want massive mail in voting it assures them of rigging the elections in their favor.

        1. Abrams is a snake needs to be watched – believe our elections will be stolen from here in in –
          Dems proved it can be done -‘results
          G7 he is not capable of being a
          Leader except for foreign countries
          Sad to watch!

      1. Boy are you right! Never thought America would be ruled by a crooked mob but that’s exactly what’s happened!

    3. The criminals in Georgia that CHEATED ALL AMERICANS by their FELONY acts ,that are actually acts of treason,
      need to be arrested and booked on multiple felony counts. The democrat higher ups that PAID for these felony acts need to be arrested as well—They should all really face a MILITARY TRIBUNAL as their criminal acts were directed at the highest Military Person in the Country ; the COMMANDER AND CHIEF DONALD J. TRUMP.
      Prison terms for all involved , no less than Ten Years and at most hanging by the neck until dead. This crime is a crime against OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION and heads need to roll.

      1. Correct and it looks like Brad Rafensperger and Governor Kemp were duped into certifying the crooked plans of Stacey Abrams and her sister; the judge who made a ruling that deceased voters and people no longer living in Georgia could not be removed from the voting files. I hope all the 6 states who had voter and election fraud in 2020 wake up and change their laws to help identify voter and election fraud for future years.

    4. We need to stop protecting those who are crooks and setting them on the Democratic side Like ” she is not going to prison and making the United States citizens world know that Crab, Because that is what it is a bunch of Crab” lets fill the courts with this crooks and since the prisoners were sent home, they have the room now, this jokers need to go to jail. NBO ONE IS IMUNE< we need to grab our asse$ and make things happen

    5. Why is this PROFESSIONAL BIG MOUTH allowed to SPAT her LIES ?????? She should be arrested and charged and imprisoned for treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    6. Election fraud is a crime against all legal voters–THAT VOTE ONCE. People that commit fraud in an election need to spend time in prison==elected officials that commit election fraud need to spend a very long time in prison as well as forever be banned from their voting rights.

    7. I thought the same thing! Does she ever tell the truth?
      What does she know about the cases of ballots that were taken from a storage unit to a sheriff’s office and shredded, this was shortly after the election but before they said they weren’t doing a recount. Now it seems they have changed their minds.

    8. Yes she is also her sister they both need to answer for what they did in the Georgia election worst of all her sister is a judge.

  2. and the company “now account” and and other sleazy left wing dark money organizations such as arabella, axios and acron are also financed by none other than gorge soros.

  3. This is typical Democrats. They cheat they lie they all are a disgrace to the human race. We have an illegitimate president and vice president and Congress members who are socialist communist people who are traitors to our country. They all should be fired and put in jail. They as re all pathetic

    1. I agree with you John. They are all traitors to our country. They need to be removed from office. Oh! Don`t forget Obama.

  4. I seen the video. It looks to me as if those three people are committing treason against the country’s Constitution. A slap in the face to everyone who voted. Unthinkable crimes were committed and that is why justice will prevail. You can fool part of the people part of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Time Will Reveal these truths.

    1. If any of you think Stacey Abrams is bad consider she got this done by colluding with our Secretary of State and our redneck Governor. That should keep you awake until at least the next election. The nicest thing to be said about MS Stacey is she is a communist and has taken advantage of the stupid politicians we actually elected. Oh yes, the worst news is that this corruption goes all the way to the FBI and the Supreme Court with about two exceptions.

  5. The penalty for treason os execution and that is exactly what should take place. Our single most precious right to vote has been taken away and millions of people have been disenfranchised, How sad it is that they worry more about allowing people to vote who can’t even prove they are actual citizens of our country, than they are about people who not only can and are, but have complied with the process requirements and following our laws.

    1. Remember after world 2 the traitors were tied to a post and shot with their coffins close by? Wonder if that would make an impression on people like Stacy and people who are traitors to our country.

    2. The one and only way to take care of crooked politicians is to try them and hang them. Because if you dont they come back to power again. Once they are dead they cant repeat a crime

    3. I am on board with trying all involved for high crimes & treason against our nation. I resent my vote being negated by these despicable people. Stacey and her sister deserve hanging or giring squad. NO EXCUSES. Trump should be rightfully returned to the White House. Biden/Harris should also be investigated.

    4. I am on board with trying all involved for high crimes & treason against our nation. I resent my vote being negated by these despicable people. Stacey and her sister deserve hanging or giring squad. NO EXCUSES. Trump should be rightfully returned to the White House. Biden/Harris should also be investigated.

  6. We need to bring “Treason” charges against the four Terrorist Supporting Thugs. Biden,Harris,Pelosi,and Schumer. These four have committed acts of treson and violating the American Constitution.

    1. I think the 4 members of the stupid squad shou;d also be included! Their hatred of our country is visible all the time! We should not have terrorists in our Congress and all 4 of them qualify as terrorists! The drug dealer and the idiot have learn well from the hateful and evil! I hope they televise the execution of the POS. I really want to see him get his reward for the evil he inflicted on America!

  7. I am thrilled to see that due to the amazing investigative work of dedicated Patriots, Abrams will finally be completely outed. Also makes me wonder about her fellow BARGE, her sister the federal judge and her impeccable, unbiased “judicial” history. Abrams should be the first tried for treason. We the true American Patriots demand it.

    1. Congresswomen Ohmar of Minnesota was caught buying votes in Minn. and nothing has happened to her.

      1. They can’t do anything to her for 4 reasons…
        She’s a woman
        She’s a Muslim
        She’s black (note the small case)
        She’s a Socialist

  8. Lock them all up ! Cannot stand the sight of Stacey Abrams — She’s No Model Citizen ! Her and her Lying Big Mouth — just disgusting.

  9. Why wasn’t she arrested? She is so corrupt she should be in jail. How was she able to funds the election? Sound like to me she was STEALING MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT! To pay these FRIENDS TO HELP DO THE DIRTY WORK! Hope these so call friends can live with their CRIME! WOULD HATE TO STAND IN FRONT OF GOD ON JUDGEMENTS DAY! ABRAMS IS A THIEF! AFTER EVERYTHING SHE DONE! SHE SHOULD HOPE NOBODY PUT A TARGET ON HER! I’m sure those black business owner are piss off over lost million from all star games!

      1. I have been saying the very same comment as yours, yes Soros has the most control in America and that should rattle everyone’s cage!

  10. How did our country get so far off track. The crimes committed against our country by our political leaders cannot be tolerated. They should be charged with treason, convicted and put to death to send a strong message that this will not now nor will it ever be tolerated. All of these people are a National Disgrace and it should so be Highlighted. This Crap Should Never Happen Again…..

    1. Our country got off track by allowing the media to lie in print and in the video. The media used freedom of speech to circumvent all their lies and we let them get by with it. The old story of giving them an inch and allowing them to take a mile just kept getting longer. Anyone who thinks Biden got the votes he’s credited with is as dumb as Biden himself.

    2. Why did we get so far off track? It’s easy to explain. First, most Americans are fundamentally lazy and don’t bother to learn about the candidates. Second, they are creatures of habit. Third, under our partisan government there are basically only two choices when we vote… Republican or Democrat. Independents rarely win. So, when people go to the polls, they simply continue to vote for the political party they are used to voting for, and it doesn’t matter who the person is or what he or she stands for. Many of our senators and Congress people would never have gotten elected if they weren’t wrapped in a party banner. So… it’s our own fault that our country is going downhill. Can it be stopped? Probably not. Trump, despite his faults, was the closest we came to reversing the trend toward socialism and communism, but the media, big money, tons of propaganda and voter fraud put a halt to making America great again. The “left” believe they have won all the marbles and that they actually got away with the theft of an election since there has been no punishment for their deeds. But they forget the purpose of the Second Amendment… to protect against a corrupt government from destroying our great country. Why else does the left so badly want to remove guns from the hands of most Americans who are patriots! When the day comes that they pass laws to confiscate our guns, that should be the day Americans begin to fight back to save our nation. As one of our Founding Fathers basically said, the day may come when the tree of liberty has to nourished by the blood of patriots. That day may be closer than we think, but can be forestalled by the midterm elections.

          1. But neither would we shed a tear for the loss of them.
            When God tosses them all in the fire…..

    1. Republicans have lost their balls Johnny, they seem to be worse than democrats as far as getting anything done.

      Fugly Ms. Abrams is as much of a criminal as most of her democratic cronies. Like Hillary, she’s really pissed she lost her election for governor. So much so that she’s pulled strings in too many places, and true to democratic form, she’s left a trail of her activity for us to follow.
      Why are they ( democrats ) so dumb?! They really are the most insidiously stupid, uneducated form of scum on this planet. Everything they touch turns to shit. Just look at our nation 4 1/2 months into this pedophiles realm!!
      It’s people like this vile, angry, and extremely RACIST woman that set precedent for the not so well educated masses of imbiciles they seem to “ infect”. And these ignoramos’ are pissed….. they’re just too stoopit to know why!!! LOL

      All of these audits taking place prove beyond reasonable doubt that fraud took place at many, many levels and in many places. Abrams is guilty of treason just as are so many of her cohorts.
      Their time is limited at this moment, it won’t be long…. the floodgates are opening.
      It’ll be beautiful to watch these demonic wretches fall into the mire they’ve created

  11. Mad Republican. The fat pig should be hung in the
    Highest Georgia pine tree. Wake up when you vote in 2022 . We are letting this country go to Hell in hand basket.

    1. She should get that big space between her front teeth fixed just so she’ll “APPEAR” more intelligent!!

      That’s right…. even if it was taken care of at the dentist, you still can’t fix STUPID!

    2. If HR1/S1 get passed next week you can kiss you vote good-by in 2022. It will be a repeat of 2020.

  12. I couldn’t agree with you more.this election was a sham.they shouldn’t even count the votes of these swing states.

  13. Stacy Abrams should be put in jail for what she is accused of doing. All the money she made should be taken away from her so other corrupt politicians do not commit such a serious crime. The country has changed since the democrats took over. There was a time when I enjoyed watching the news in the evenings when Trump was president but now I had to stop watching the news because it is all bad news with Biden and big tech and the fake news media. Imagine the major problem at the southern border and not the president nor the vice president have went down to the border while every day our country is over run with drugs, child and women abuse and thousands of known criminals. Biden and Harris have made our beautiful country so corrupt that I am considering moving back to New Zealand. Stacy Abrams is a disgrace to America and everyone knows it.

  14. We saw this happen on ******* national television on video — why the **** did it take 6 months to become public and why hasn’t the 2020 electioon(s) been declared Null and Void and the rightful winner put back in the WH where he should be. Why hasn’t the extremely cowardly compromised UN-supreme court been disbanded for dereliction of duty for not hearing the TONS of evidence that absolutely proves voter fraud and corruption. Why han’t trash like abrams,piglosi(who I believe instigated the jan 6th fiasco and others who participated in this coup been arrested for treason and prosecuted. It is way past due !!!!

    1. This is more proof thart President Trump won re-election and that Biden is a fake President.

  15. I am EXHAUSTED hearing story after story of corruption going unscathed, unprosecuted and unpunished! Corruption is destroying our once great nation, and I believe it is now truly up the We The People to take actions to remove every damn one of them or our country and our freedoms will be lost long before any 2024 elections….I’ll be surprised if we’re not all enslaved under communists before 2022~ PLEASE ORGANIZE TO REMOVE THEM ALL, as written in our great constitution. It is our DUTY!

  16. So if this story is true it shouldnt be long for the real news start telling the World on a daily basis if they can be counted on , because this is the first time i have heard all of this in so much detail . And now it needs more exposure and we need to stick together , and especially the People in Georgia .

  17. Yeah Think!!!
    Now ain’t that something, ain’t stacey abrams just some kinda cunning conniving jezebel

    but she is a deadly terrorist liberal demoncrat

    as all liberal demoncrat powers are

    CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

  18. Why is it that this doesn’t surprise me? Leftist know that they CANNOT win anything without cheating! AND we the people ALSO KNOW this. They are so power-hungry and think they are so smart, but their “day of reckoning” is coming when they will stand before God and answer to HIM for their actions.

  19. Stacy and her comrades in the democrat party off Fulton County are in deed Corrupt.

    We need to know the actual results of All the battles cast in Fulton County in November 2020 and January Senate runoff.

  20. We must persevere in the Arizona audit and defend it from planned sabotage by the Chicom puppet regime. We must also get ready for a Georgia audit or recount, which will prove that prominent figures in the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico were directly and illegally involved in election fraud. This when confirmed will prevent the pot-bellied pornographer from taking by hook or crook the Georgia governor’s chair that she has eluded herself she already occupies, and may help to eject Reverend Wifebeater from his stolen Senate seat. As in most of the Latin American and subsaharan African countries the Obammunists have been trying to turn us into for a generation, stolen elections cannot be turned around overnight, and it will take prolonged investigation and active resistance to drive the usurpers and traitors from the power that they seized with Chinese biological warfare. Down with the dictatorship! The Dotard and the Blubbery Bolshevik delenda est!

  21. Stacey is so corrupt she is not even able to tell the truth. Maybe the Dems will learn their lesson when the drugs that are entering our country start to effect their children. Wake up people and stop keeping your eyes closed. When a President that has a son with a severe drug habit lets criminals into our country that peddle drugs is no father. Protect your children.

  22. I’m still waiting for the cowardly yellow GOP to become formally and actively involved in this open and obvious election fraud. I mean get after after it en masse with all their resources.

    But, not in my life time will that happen.

    The GOP isn’t the “victim” of all this – they participated in it for years!!!! We screamed at them to investigate and deal with ELECTION FRAUD for decades. They did nothing. We screamed at Trump and the GOP to get after fraud during his 4 years. THEY DID NOTHING.

    So you expect something to change now? Well, when it all gets to the Comrade Roberts Supreme Court it will all be settled. They’ll claim “No Standing” then dash off to spend that check that just arrived in the mail.

    Just wait till Merrick Garland takes over – he’ll fix it good!

  23. Lock her up in prison and seize her assets to feed her, we sure don’t need to add her food bill to the taxpayers debt.

  24. OK legislators, how do you answer that to voters? Obviously a flaw in the system used by the unethical and unscrupulous to bend election results to their favor. If a correction with penalties is not put into operation before the next election cycle, you, legislators, are in breach of contract with voters, and subject to dismissal. “Most safe and secure election” my behind!

  25. It should be obvious to the people ofr Georgia by now that that cow Stacey Abrams is nothing but a LYING BITCH.

  26. If you poll watched in a major Dem city in the 1950s and 1960s they were rigging the elections then. Never stopped just sometimes more sophisticated. Even in there own party where Dem. worker in a primary fight suggested just to declare the Endorsed Candidate as the winner when voting ended!!

  27. No doubt Stacey is guilty as charged. She even bragged about it just after the election. Oh yea, her sister is a judge who helped get several thousand unqualified voters get their ballots counted. My question is, how did Stacey get the Governor and Secretary of State to go against their own (presumed) Republican Party? Did she pay them or were they on the Dominion payroll? Surely they were working in tandem to achieve the fake results. Investigators need to dig deeper and find all the skeletons. It’s a good bet that the media will not do so.

  28. If Lindell is correct it would be WONDERFUL to have Trump back at any time to take over and FIX what these Idiots got wrong! When has an Sitting President EVER been a COWARD to other Countries?? That is what we have a COWARD as President. LOOK at how he SOLD America away to Russia and China. We need Trump back that ACTUALLY LOVES OUR COUNTRY! Why are these Country Hating Politicians even living here if they hate us sooo much?? I have one question for Biden: Why be President if you want to DESTROY AMERICA so much, why not live in China & work for them there , not here!

  29. Getting a little worn out by yet another claim of fraud in the 2020 election that has gone nowhere. Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and lots of people who signed affidavits stuck their necks out and were not supported. Somebody with courage please do something about this body of evidence or bogus elections will keep happening.

    1. You are so right John! Until people are held accountable it will continue. What incentive do they have to stop? Millions of Americans are paying the price for the wrongdoing of others, today and the future including those we love. Time to fish or cut bait!

  30. She like 99% of the democrats are lying pigs. They think the law dies not apply to them and so far they have been correct. It is time for each and every one of them to be removed from any position of authority and lets send them to Guantánamo Bay while we get them ready to face the people they have so blatantly lied to. That includes not only the lying cheating. Stacy Abraham but Pelosi, Shiff. And the rest of the democrats treason machine.

  31. It will hard to convict Abrams of anything–her sister is a judge in Middle Georgia. That’s how she has gotten so far with her Communist rhetoric and behavior. Strange to think this creature of Satan came from the San Francisco area of California to the “South to teach we southern folks” how to behave like the evil elitists in California, New York, Detroit, Illinois, etc. With her sister already implanted she has had smooth sledding. Satan sent both of them to Georgia. PRAY FOR AMERICA.

  32. Oh no, clutch the damn pearls…a democrat cheated!
    If elections are run by the states, then why in the hell hasn’t the GA DOJ arrested this liberal crook? For goodness sakes, it’s time to make an example out of a prominent liberal and this crap might stop-or at least be totally brought to light…cause if the powers that be in GA were to charge her, the corrupt media would HAVE to cover it, spin or no spin. Wake up GA, get of your asses and do something!

  33. The Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media and press will continue to say, “nothing to see here move on” But you have to admit, Stacey is Hard to miss.

  34. Double standards. There is no accountability democratics break the law right in front of everybody and get away with it. Come on you effin REPUBLICANS DO SOMETHING I don’t know what else to say press charges there has to be some way to hold these democratics ACCOUNTABLE,ehics committee,FBI doj, CIA, REPUBLICANS START IMPEACHMENT proceedings there guilty on all levels!!!

  35. I talked to a George Representative the other day face to face, I guess I got what I asked for! The Truth.
    After talking to him I’m sorry to say. Iam almost sure that the Right ones in the right places have been paid off in Georgia.
    The Truth will be hard to come by
    In Georgia’s Audit just like the other States!!
    I guess most things has its price$

  36. There needs to be a re-election in Georgia just like some other states need to
    I was talking to a fiancé company in Texas this lady had a friend that worked for the post office and witnessed them throwing boxes of votes away and nobody would listen to her

  37. So you know all this as facts? It can be proved? Then why has she not been arrested, put away, whatever…. she is just another better then the rest of who would have been arrested tried and hung if we interfered with the elections. When are we going to start with you break the law you pay the consequences. The rest of the American people have to abide by laws why are dirty politicians getting awzy with thie type of thing? Do we ha e a different set of laws for us and them? Why aren’t they held accountable for their actions?

  38. Sadly this is but a taste of what we in rio arriba county and New mexico have been dealing with for decades under democratic the dead the illegals ect vote

  39. To the jo and ho clown show destroying America ——crime is their base, truth and honesty requires being imprisoned.

  40. treated? Is it no surprise to anyone that this cow is involved in this right up to the many folds in her neck. She has delusions of being president some day. I wonder what they promised her? Did she learn nothing from the empty promises Hillary was given? Abrams ls way too whiny to survive in prison. If she is investigated she will fold like a cheap tent to save herself – a typical “Me First” Democrat.

  41. Hoping the people who decided to vote for any liberal democrat politician in 2020 is regretting their decisions. Come 2022 make sure you all have that in the back of your mind to NOT make that huge mistake again. Our country needs leadership that will work for all of us, not what they can achieve for themselves. We have a great country that’s why everyone wants to come here. Don’t let these moron liberals take our down. We all need to help save our USA.

  42. Don’t let these moron liberals take our country down. Sorry meant to put “country “ in there!

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