Democrats Use Obscure Law They Protested to Jail Capitol Protesters

Dozens of American citizens have been locked up as political prisoners in their own country for more than two months now. They’ve been denied bail. One is a wheelchair-bound Navy veteran who can barely move without assistance, due to injuries he sustained serving our country. Another is an 18-year-old high school senior. Prosecutors are asking federal judges to waive the Capitol protesters’ right to a speedy trial; they want more time to come up with evidence. And in the ultimate example of projection, the liberal-controlled Department of Justice is now using a law that liberals once protested as “fascism” to charge the protesters with a crime.

You’ve probably heard that most of the jailed January 6 protesters have been charged with “obstruction of an official proceeding.” That sounds kind of vague, but close enough to the mark that no reporter will look into the actual statute, and most people won’t stop to question it. The law comes from 18 USC section 1512. And it has nothing to do with obstructing the official business of Congress through protesting.


Section 1512 was originally written as part of the post-Enron financial scandal, in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The statute being used against the Capitol protesters reads:

“Whoever corruptly . . . obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

Since Democrats use sloppy English and are terrible at lawyering, this was one of those fun moments in US history when a Democrat-controlled Senate wrote, amended and passed a bill which then made their own heads explode.

Then-Senator Joe Biden of Delaware was one of the liberals suddenly protesting the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. They discovered that the bill – which they had just written and passed themselves – could be misinterpreted by The Evil One Himself, President George W. Literally Hitler Bush, to impose FASCISM on America. Fascist Bush would fascist-ly use that passage in the fascist Sarbanes-Oxley Act to send peaceful protesters of Bush’s fascism to a federal prison for 20 years.

Bush could have sent the Democrats’ bill back to them, so that their sloppy language didn’t remain intact. But that would have allowed someone who is actually a good attorney to clarify the law. Instead, Bush made an announcement at the signing ceremony for Sarbanes-Oxley. He made a pinky-swear promise that the word “corruptly” in the statute would only be interpreted by the Justice Department as “with criminal intent.” Peaceful protesters could still protest his fascism without fear of 20 years in prison. And the words “any official proceeding” were not meant to include sessions of Congress, the Supreme Court or other government proceedings.

Just to be clear, Sarbanes-Oxley is a set of laws directed at white collar criminals. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you work at a financial firm on Wall Street. The IRS calls you and says they want to stop by and look at your books next week. “Does Thursday work?” You then set about shredding all of the documents that the IRS wants to look at next week.

That is “corruptly” (and with criminal intent) “disrupting” the “official proceeding” of an IRS investigation. That was pretty much what wealthy executives at Enron and WorldCom did, and the law was intended to ensure it wouldn’t happen again by imposing punishing sanctions against those sorts of actions.

That’s how Sarbanes-Oxley is supposed to be interpreted, and George W. Bush declared that that was exactly how it would be interpreted by the DOJ. But that’s not how Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, is interpreting it at the DOJ these days. Nope!

Garland, who inexplicably received 20 “Yea” votes from Republican Senators at his confirmation hearing, is throwing the book at peaceful Capitol protesters by applying a financial crimes statute to them. So, a law that was intended to throw Wall Street crooks in $9,000 suits in federal prison for 20 years is instead being used against wheelchair-bound Navy veterans and high school kids.

Prosecutors have called for 70 of the jailed protesters to be held indefinitely without bail, because they don’t believe the results of the 2020 election. That’s… not even supposed to be a crime, is it?

I don’t believe the results of the 2020 election. And if you’re reading this, you may not believe the results of the 2020 election, either. You should probably be aware that’s now a crime. You should know that peacefully protesting the US Congress is also a federal crime now, that could land you in prison for the rest of your life. You know – to prevent fascism.

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87 thoughts on “Democrats Use Obscure Law They Protested to Jail Capitol Protesters”

  1. Seems like kangaroo courts to me. Dumbo rats are punishing peaceful protestors and leaving the real “perps” ANTIFA, BLM allowed to go free. This is absolutely despicable.

    1. what about BLM and Antifa. blocking federal buildings. setting them on fire? not one word from democrats and it was all peaceful. More pissing on the leg of the Americans and telling them it is raining. Hunter Biden? Where is the justice and the FBI? Fuck this government soon the true uprising will happen and big names are going to be removed from power. come get our guns “Chucky” you are the second-worst piece of shit in the State of New York. and how much money have you embezzled in your tenure scumbag Schumer just another shit show we have to swallow. Joe Biden and the “high on pot all the time” Kamel toe Harris. not my president and nothing but a coupe. I am awake! not woke like the rest of the Illiterate folk.

      1. its a shame that our country is being taken down by crooked democrats and crooked republicans that took pay offs. I agree their is going to be a war in this country People do understand the only way Biden got into office was by stuffing fake ballots as well as our ballots to there favor. Yes my ballot was stolen , in my own words how can real Americans ever trust our constitution ever again with these terrorists running our country . no one is safe not even the illegals . our military the strongest in the world even their votes were stolen and most were not counted . i wonder how do these terrorists in office think if push come to shove will our military really be willing to server their country protecting them . the military is supposed to protect us from foreign and domestic situations so when our government is going against our own country they can step in and handle the situation . so do you think that these swamp democrats traveling around the world really think our military is going to protect there lives because of how they stole their vote . i know and you know but do they know for sure. these lowlife democrats want to defund the police that protect them , why should any police officer ever give up their lives for terrorists that have taken over our country . Governors that run democrat states told all police officers to stand down while these riots went on they allowed then to steal , burn down police cars ,police stations, stores , throw rocks ,bottles ,bricks at police officers and they could not arrest them . now look at these democrat states , towns, all gone to much damage to rebuild . who started these wars every single crooked swamp democrat and pussy republican that did not have the balls to stand up and say no and vote no against them , these are the ones we the people have to go and stop put them in prison for treason on our country . we need to rebuild our country and stop all this corruption now before it get so out of hand and the people will take over .

        1. YOU ARE NOT getting the total picture. This is a small part of the total picture. I told my friend in the UK, that when the US went down and I figured this election would go the way it did and Trump apparently knew too. That the socialist aka communist worldwide would escalate on their NWO agenda. This is the BIG picture. they did escalate in the US their rights are going Bye bye too. very quickly at that. and since January. Imagine that.

        2. There is a reason why Trump NEVER conceded, and he took the president power of the military and proceeded to give that power back to the military. This is the whole reason why biden can not go into the Pentagon

        3. I live in Fl…My state was fined because we did not completely shut-down and close all up! That fine money came out of our state stimulus that will go DIRECTLY to one of those SHIT-HOLE run demoPHILE states that they were told ‘TO BURN YOUR CITIES TO THE GROUND!’ In other words “WE THE REPUBLICAN PEOPLE will be paying THEM to RE-BUILD their SHITHOLE RUN state when they raise taxes to pay for these stimuluses!!

          1. Time to secede from Communist states-Californicated, Massconfusetts, NudeYork, and soon to be WDC-Woke state of Dementia and Cronies.

    2. That is correct, Antifa and BLM are still out there doing their dirty deeds!
      We need some kind of Revolution or Civil war to get rid of these maniac insane, liberal, corrupt, misfits!

      1. I agree they destroyed far more than the Jan.6 riot.Pelosi should have had more security like she has now.Summer time riots the whole town was destroyed people killed,looting and nothing done.Do for one side do for the other.Pelosi knew and planned ahead.I don’t trust none of those in Congress or our courts.ONE SIDED.

      2. You are right, Maria, 199% right. But Revolution needs a leader. The evil Dems tryed to sow a big panic and fear among us that only an exclusive suffocation can mak people uprise… But we will have it.

    3. Kangaroo Court is now in session and the Dems don’t care who knows it. It’s being used to instill extreme fear among “the Masses” – just like Stalin’s Russia did.

  2. This is one of Biden’s new Normal for us to put up with plus covid Mask! Democrats think we’re stupid, we’re suppose to believe that Crap!!
    Just like today Biden got up on TV and told all those lies expecting the people to believe ever stinking Word. Biden said it so it must be the Gospel ?

    1. I recently saw a “photoon” that should open a lot of eyes! A guy is reading a book titled, “Germany 1935 – 1945” and is thinking, “How could the people let it go that far?” The reader is wearing a mask, a face shield, and wears a tag stating that he has been vaccinated. The fact that so many Americans are obeying the dictates from Fantasy Island, DC should provide the answer.

      1. the definition of socialism is all that nazism, marxism , dictatorship and fascists. Take your pick down to the core it is all the same miserable agenda. However, socialism is so sweet sounding and the little sheepie fell for this new title hook line and sinker. In fact the ones on the left I know still want to think biden is a moderate. yeah right.

  3. Capital Hill protestors are still in jail because the Demrat politicians got scared by the outrage they saw. Now they make an example of these people. yet they allow Antifa and BLM thugs to loot, murder, burn and riot with abandon. Kamala Harris even funded a get out of jail bail system for these vermin.
    I do not see how this travesty is able to be perpetrated in America today. The Demrats are indeed the hysterical vermin they appear to be.

    1. Not to mention the thousands of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS crossing our borders. Smacks of DERELICTION OF DUTY AT THE BIG HOUSE!!!

    2. Gmann — when the whole government, all the alphabet agencies and the judicial are corrupt — there is no one to stop them — except us and it seems like there is enough foolish ignorant American voters that it will never happen.

      1. The most disturbing of all is we can’t even vote these morons out. The Demo/Marixists cheat and steal to win and the Supreme Court was the last bastion of hope and they were too cowardly to protect us. We are on our own.

  4. Just remember , every dog has his day, even treasonist from the 3 branches of Government. Can’t wait for you all to have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Judgement day by the Almighty God, and you will not be able to hide behind your illegite laws, when he says your time is up, kiss your sweet asses goodbye, and good riddance.

  5. Nazism is now alive and well in America. Local state GOP governors should start arresting all ANTIFA and BLM thugs that are “protesting” by rioting, looting, and destroying property and hold them indefinitely without bail or benefit of legal counsel. The demonazis need a dose of their own medicine.

    1. I wish there were some Republicans that would have the balls to do that. It might well cause some reconsideration by the Demo-rats.

    2. Yup it needs to start at a grassroots level. And the state and governors better make haste before their powers are stripped of them as well.

      1. Everyone needs to call their state Gov. and tell them how you feel about. The riots and the border. I made the call to my state Governor asked to please close the border…

        1. I for the life of myself dont understand why no impeachment proceedings haven’t been inateted by our Republicans in positions to do so

  6. This new administration’s pimple is eventually going to pop. There’s nothing pretty about what they are doing to this country. I wondered how in the world in only a few short months that they have flown us into the ground. Apparently they had us fooled for decades. This new party is not your John Fitzgerald Kennedy Democrat party. It was taken over by the socialists and we were too stupid to see it. With rigged elections we will never democratically stop it in the voting booths. Pray, Pray, Pray.

    1. You are right, the only way this is going to stop is when God pulls the plug on the U.S with the second coming. What’s happening now, was predicted in Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 and the Book of Revelation. I know many Christians may disagree, but America does appear to be Mystery Babylon.

      1. You have been mislead by false teachers, that do not know the Bible. They are as bad as the Democrats.

        The Second coming is quite far off, say 20 years or so at least and the USA is not Mystery Babylon.
        The Bible declares Mystery Babylon is a City, not a nation, and that in that city they killed the Old Testament Saints ( Prophets).
        Do you know of any Old Testament Saints that were killed in America, according to the BIble?
        No, there are not any. So the USA is NOT mystery Babylon, however Jerusalem is.
        Those who twist Spiritual Truth to fit their own agenda are working with the Devil in misleading people and are worse than Democrats. They are on a path that will lead people into Eternal Damnation.
        Beware of them and make sure you know the Truth about both Political and Religious things.

        1. Mic:

          You couldn’t be more wrong…

          I have personally taught the truth about the correct identification of Mystery Babylon for over 42 years, from the prophecies in both “Old” and “New” Testaments.

          First, although Mystery Babylon is a city that rules over the kingdoms of the earth (Rev. 17:18), and this city also represents the entire nation of which it is a part. In Revelation 18:19 Babylon the Great is described as a major port city, which is enriched by its commerce by sea (verses 11-18).

          Finally, the judgment against Mystery Babylon is that it will be destroyed by fire, that nobody will ever live there again, and it will become the home for every unclean creature in perpetuity (verse 21; cf. Jeremiah 51:25-26, 37-38, 42-43. That last verse reveals that this Babylon, similar to the ancient city/state by that name (about which this dual prophecy refers as well as to its modern day equivalent) was also a nation of many cities.

          Yaravsalem, on the other hand, will become the throne of the returning Savior (whose true name you are no doubt entirely ignorant of), who will rule the earth from His throne there for 1,000 years and on into the limitless future (cf. II Chronicles 33:4, 7; Psalm 28:5, 135:21; “Isaiah” 4:3, 24:23, 33:20, 52:1, 62:7, 65:19, 66:20; “Jeremiah” 3:17; etc., etc., etc.).

          As for the nearness of the Savior’s return, pay heed to what was revealed to me in 1978 concerning the carnal Gregorian calendar, which begins counting its years, decades and centuries according to a false timing of the Savior’s birth (which was during the reign of Herod the Great, who died in 4 B.C.E.), whereas the year of the death and resurrection is well-known by most scholars as having taken place in 30 C.E. (Common Era, or Error, take your pick).

          So in fulfillment of the prophecy of the first and second resurrections (see: Revelation 20:5-6, 7-14) found in “Hosea” 6:2, in which the “two days” are 2,000 years, and the third “day” is the millennial Kingdom period, according to the key found in II “Peter” 3:8 (“one day is…as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”), the timeframe for the Savior’s return is sometime prior to 2030 (because He will cut the time short; cf. “Matthew” 24:22; Mark 13:20).

          Saying anything or anyone not agreeing with your biblical heresy is “demonic” or “working with the Devil” is judging carnally things too glorious for your present state of spiritual confusion to understand. So stop “twist(ing) Spiritual Truth to fit (y)our own agenda” and repent to learn the PURE Truth (see: ThePureTruthRestored (dot) com for more about this and many related topics of spiritual significance today)!

    2. Yes we should PRAY, then FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! IF WE WANT A FREE COUNTRY, WE HAVE TO DEFEND IT INSTEAD OF TALKING!! Think of your family! Your children and their unborn children! FIGHT BACK! The time for TALKING IS OVER! GROW SOME! Our grand parents didn’t sherk their duty to our country, they fought ! And yes many died and because of that we HAD a free country until now! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE THE PEOPLE UP???


  8. The democratic socialists are very close to their goal. They need to disarm the country then krystalnakt and they can declare the Fourth Reich.

    1. With millions of guns already in the publics hands watch out for the push to ban and sell ammunition. Already severe shortages are frustrating new gun owners. Many bought AR 15’s in 223 only to find they could not buy enough ammo to target practice with. Check online bulk ammo you will see high prices but worse yet is every brand is marked out of stock or temporarily unavailable.

  9. Even brain dead liberals should recognize what is going on with this communist government they have installed and better wake up to what is going to happen to us all before it is over including them. Actually they will be the cannon fodder because they supported these morons on the Biden Team.

  10. In the 1930’s the nazi party, once in control of the reichstag began 2 control the media, religion, school indoctrination, arresting and imprisoning their adversaries, closing businesses with “juden”, those who opposed it were reeducated or placed in interment camps. I see direct parallels with what the democrats are doing in this country. Hitler had his SA, we have our Antifa. Hitler had his SS, we have the DOJ. Soon there will be no constitution. If people don.t wake up soon, we’re going 2B under a similar BOOT.

    1. They also have the FBI. Protesters from Jan. 6 are held without bail and the DOJ are asking the court to suspend the protesters right to a speedy trial. Now the POS Xi-den is saying he will confiscate guns he deems assault weapons and for law enforcement to confiscate them without a warrant. More violations of the Constitution. A Civil war will follow and soon.

  11. We let this happen. By keeping quiet, by lack of education, by ignorance, by sticking our heads in the sand.
    No sense wondering how this happened. We know the election was stolen. We knew when they wouldn’t allow us Republicans to watch the vote count. Something should have been done to stop the counting THEN until we could verify these votes. We need to stop being so righteous and courteous. We should have broken those windows at the polling stations and stopped the counting after the 3 hours of shutdown. We all knew the election was being rigged and WE DID NOTHING. President Trump should have called in the National Guard, he has the military behind him, but now these Evil Democrats are trying to change that also.

    1. exactly Maggie, everyone knew they would steal the election, but not enough was done to stop it.
      Only God can fix this mess now. Pray

  12. But still, the uniformed, helmeted, body armor clad troops of Antifa and BLM still roam the streets by the thousands chanting Death to America. They continue destroying things, murdering and threatening people and standing by for photo ops smiling under their black masks. Still, thousands of illegal FOREIGN INVADERS pour over our borders with the aid of our own Communist government.

    Yet Comrade Biden and his Communist handlers ignore it all. Billions in damage, hundreds of destroyed businesses, over 30 murders – all committed by an “idea” they say doesn’t really exist. And trillions in tribute to the invaders. Right?

    Meanwhile our stinking, verminous cowardly “brave defenders” stand by ignoring it all ON ORDERS and the opposition (LOLOLOL!) GOP sits shivering in a corner.

    R.I.P. USA. You no longer deserve to or have the will to survive. China, the UN and the NWO now OWN this country!

  13. This is exactly how communism works and the communist controlled democrats are pushing this country over the cliff to communism.

  14. Why hasn’t the whole party of socialist demo-rats communists been charged with ‘OBSTRUCTION’ ????
    Their whole propaganda lying has totally stopped this country from growing and has caused it to revert to total unrest and violent riots and loss of many lives as well as businesses. This ‘so called’ administration is in the process of selling out to our enemies.

  15. Ain’t they the dumb as a box of rock’s with no bottom and still can’t find there way out ruling our country and justice system ? WOW !!!!!!

    1. Ok I have been seeing all this I fret we are the falling Babylon I constantly pray But really what really can be done? Second Chronicles 7:14 says If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land. Read your BIBLES God is the same yesterday today and forever He is no respecter of persons! Is HIS arm too short that He cannot save? His ear is not deaf that He cannot hear. Be of good courage.

  16. The single biggest favor that Mitch McConnell ever did for the American people was NOT bringing up Senate confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland for the entire final year of the Obama regime after Obama appointed Garland to the Supreme Court! It’s gonna be interesting enough now that he’s Biden’s Attorney General.

  17. ‘Tis the left who orchestrated the Kabuki theater in DC on the 6th of January. Trump tried to get DC officials to bring in tenK national guard. ’twas Pelosi and other Democrat leaders who vetoed that idea.
    The Democrats did not want national guard troops in DC on the 6th as that would screw up their kabuki theater performance.
    The lefts desired “END” does not resemble the facts.
    There were two groups at the capital building with widely divergent agendas and motives. One group, Trump supporters, was there to exercise their constitutional rights and support congress and the VP in their duties as per the twelfth amendment. The other, ANTIFA & BLM, was there to visit as much violence as possible on the proceedings to disrupt congress and to get the violence blamed on the first group.

    1. I believe what you are saying Roger, but in todays legal environment one NEEDS PROOF POSITIVE at a minimum. Sad, sad times to see America being put through this communist revolution here. A real civil war needs to be looked at seriously and expiditiously at that!

  18. What about the Antifa leader that was arrested and let go . The American Government is Corrupted and we the American people have to Vote them all out of office every single one before they turn America in to Socialist Country.

    1. I agree !! Any Rioter that was thought to be Antifa or BLM was let go but Trump supporters are locked up and will never see the light until some good Judge gets a hold of the corrupt FBI and DOJ and puts them in their place. Every high up person in the DOJ and FBI needs to be hung or locked up in Gitmo for life. Those are the most corrupt places in the Government and allow the rest of the corruption go unchallenged. They are the only ones that can bring justices and since they are corrupt no justice will be served except on the little guy who has not done anything to deserve the punishment he gets. It is a two tear justice system if there is even a justice system ??

  19. Sounds like fascists to me. The leftist fascists using a law they once protested to silence political prisoners while their brown shirts continue to riot and pillage innocent citizens in our nation. The Democrats are the party of fascists, racists, and haters.

  20. I don’t think the Dems were scared at all. They knew that Trump supporters weren’t violent. Also, Nancy Pelosi had the whole thing rigged – why else did she refuse additional law enforcement. Antifa was involved and they answer to this administration. Unfortunately, Trump and his supporters get into situations like this because they are naive and don’t anticipate the level of corruption from the deep state. Even Pence was on camera saying “I can’t believe Trump did this to me after how hard I worked for him”. Pence of all people knew that Trump supporters are not violent. He also knew Antifa was surely involved. He was a traiter to conservatives and everyone that supported him and Trump. Well Pence, I never heard your name until Trump selected you as a VP running mate. I was impressed with you until all of the January 6 events unfolded. You owed it to the Republican party to make a stand. That was the only way the Supreme court would have to take the case. If his decision was against the Constitution, the Dems would be the ones having to sue.

  21. What happened to all those democrats who let the mostly peaceful rioters run around without masks, beat people up, murder people, break into buildings and steal everything, and burn buildings becuase of free speech?

    We can start ignoring that excuse in Portland, Seattle Detroit and Atlanta now and start shooting protesters right!

  22. Apparently, throwing the longest destructive temper tantrum in recorded history wasn’t enough for them. So now they’re trying to get revenge on not only the ‘bad orange man’ that got in the way of their getting everything they wanted, but every adult that supported him. All those spoiled children better grow up fast, as they’re about to get spanked.

  23. Democrats are destroying this country, I’m begging the military to please step in before it’s to late.

  24. All talk and hot air will probably help some one That is in power and able to help our country be great again. Where are those able bodies that can do the change in this great country that we wish it to become what we wish for the future of our children? I am a WWll veteran, and what happened with my fellow veterans and our military that can and will fight against this anti wits so called Americans. WAKE UP AMERICANS.

  25. devildemocommiecrat brown shirt thugs are favored so not prosecuted. That punk sullivan, the antifa thug who led the actual rioters is going around doing tv interviews while peaceful protestors are being held and persecuted for peacefully exercising their rights!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You had better get the HELL out of the United States, as I am, before they crank up the GAS CHAMBERS and you can’t leave because the borders are now CLOSED to those who wish to leave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it! The Democratic Party is now the NEW NAZI Party on Steroids!!! Just Listen to AOC, Peloci, Shummer, and all of the rest of the Demorats. They want the rest of us EXTERMINATED! AOC wants to know what a NAZI looks like, I suggest she take a long look in the MIRROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This is WRONG! If the DEMONcrat going arrested people for protesting at the white house. Just don’t forget there are federal building that was set on fire by BLM and ANTIFA! Now these POLITICAN and their CROOK. Have broken the constitution laws! No it doesn’t mean one thing or another! But you are CORRUPT POLITICAN! SO YOU NEED TO LET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF PRISON! If you are Not going to arrested BLM or ANTIFA for there CRIME! I for one BELIEVE we need a civil war! But can only pray for the military to grow some backbone. They sworn an oath to PROTECT THIS COUNTRY FROM TYRANNY GOVERNMENT POLITICAN! WHICH WE ARE SEEING TODAY!

  28. I’m not sure that we even have to worry about the 2022 or 2024 elections. Bin and the immoral Democrats have already placed deep state minions in all power positions within all branches of Government, including our military at it’ highest levels. Thank you liberal idiots… you’ve swept democracy under the carpet and overlaid it socialism with a idiot as Dictator. There is only one way to recover, and waiting for 2022 and 2024 elections is not the answer. The American citizens need to take a page out of France’s history and reread the Declaration of Independence, as penned by our founding fathers. We need to use the Constitution as written and intended to free ourselves from the tyrants in power, before they rewrite the Constitution to fit their agenda, just like they’re rewriting history of the past 100 years. Time to revolt, fight back and stop this aggressive force from destroying this nation, before it’s too late!

  29. Commissar Garland gave the game away when he referred to the arrested participants in the democrat set up and Reichstag Fire false flag operation as “traitors and wreckers”, which was Stalin’s term for the intended victims of the purge trials. The diminutive Obammunist hack, who unexpectedly and suicidally supported by 20 Republican senators who should have known better, aims to be the Roland Freisler or Andrei Vishinsky of the illegitimate puppet regime. Once they get approval for warrantless smashes and searches to confiscate guns, the doors will come crashing down and the troopers will come storming in to arrest “traitors and wreckers” who supported Donald Trump before or after January 6. It is clearly time for this regime to be brought down. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and Garland) delenda est!

  30. The law they’re using should have the whole Demonrat party in jail then. All they’ve done is obstruct.

  31. Marxist (read “Democrat”) perversion of legal terminology provides one and all concerned with an entirely new definition for the phrase “contempt of court.” It’s exceedingly difficult to have anything BUT contempt for ANY kangaroo-a$$ court proceedings conducted by Democrats ANYWHERE at ANY TIME!

  32. Sounds like an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE lawsuit that the PROTESTERS can USE against the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for VIOLATION of BOTH federal Law AND THESE protesters’ RIGHTS . . . and, MAY they WIN! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  33. Welcome to communist America where the good get jailed and condemned and the criminals run free to do much damage to the country… the democRATS ARE the enemy of America and they are in the process of destroying our once good country … the nightmare in the white house and his partner in crime, has destroyed the soverignty of our country allowing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens to flood the country at the cost of OUR tax dollars.. Illegal aliens are given priority over the American citizens and they are held above the laws… they have NO idea who and/or what is entering our country.. Beijing Biden hs putting this country in danger and the American people.. but he is NOT concerned about it… We need to send all these illegal aliens to the white house.. Let Beijing Biden and communist Harris take care of them…
    They condemn the people at the capital but say NOTHING about the Antifa and BLM who rioted, burned down businesses, hurt people, tried to burn down federal buildings.. but that’s okay…
    It is so sad to see our country going down…. the enemy of our country is within…. How long before our country is damaged so much that it collapses….

  34. This is a communist administration and is going to have to be held to account. One way or another period!!!!

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