Did These 3 Trump Betrayers Take Cash from George Soros?

Even though this week’s news was dominated by the Derek Chauvin verdict and the Columbus, Ohio police shooting, there was one other bit of news that helped to fill some airtime. Three familiar names from Donald Trump’s time in office suddenly all landed multimillion-dollar book deals. The names are Amy Coney Barrett, Bill Barr and Mike Pence.

Do you think those three goofs can sell $8 million worth of books between them now, especially since most Americans hate them? Not a chance! But the point is not book sales. These are payoffs from the globalist elites for “services rendered” in the 2020 election.

The publishing industry is a giant scam, in case you haven’t noticed. Hunter Biden snagged a $2 million advance on his book that came out recently. It sold several thousand copies and fizzled out after the first week. Great $2 million investment, publishing industry!

For those who don’t know, book advances work like this: A publisher pays an author an advance against a book. After the book is published, the author is never paid for any book sales until after the amount of that advance is earned back by the publisher. Did any thinking adult really believe a Hunter Biden book would sell $2 million worth of copies in order to break even, let alone make a profit? Of course not. That was a payoff to the Biden administration under the guise of a book deal.

Likewise, Amy Coney Barrett, Bill Barr and Mike Pence won’t be selling millions of dollars’ worth of books.


If you really want to know how the publishing industry works, just explore the ownership of the largest book publishers in America – the ones that can afford to pay Bill Barr $2 million for a book that no one will ever read.

Penguin Random House is the largest publishing company in America, headquartered in New York City. But Penguin is actually owned by a company in Germany called Bertelsmann, a private multinational conglomerate that was founded with money from the family of the late King Baudouin of Belgium… and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. (This is just Wikipedia-level research, by the way, and you can easily look it up yourself.)

Here’s another one of the top publishing companies in America that you’re probably heard of if you have kids: Macmillan Publishing Ltd. They print most of the world’s school textbooks.

Macmillan was originally owned by another German company called Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. It was founded years ago by a guy named George von Holtzbrinck, also known as Nazi Party Member #2,126,353. (Winner of the Order of Merit from Germany and the Decoration of Honour from Austria! And you’re keeping your kids in the public schools because…?)

Holtzbrinck was trying to expand its educational offerings into Hong Kong through one of its subsidiary publishers in 2007 when it was suddenly purchased in a hostile takeover by Harvard University’s endowment, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and (now stop me if you’ve heard this one before!) George Soros’ investment fund.

So, that’s two of the largest publishers in the US, which account for nearly 70% of all books sold in America every year… and George Soros has his ownership tentacles in both of them. That’s only two publishers – and I could keep going, but I don’t want to bore you.

Amy Coney Barrett, who could have voted to hear the Trump 2020 election cases but instead became the fifth deciding vote every time to dismiss the cases for “lack of standing,” is getting $2 million for her book deal. It’s supposedly going to be about how to separate your feelings from how you rule in the courtroom. Snooooozer! Who’s eager to read that? Does anyone think that was worth a $2 million advance?

Bill Barr is also getting a $2 million advance to write a book about his whole two super-eventful years in the White House. It’s probably going to take a while to write it, since Barr isn’t exactly a go-getter. I have some title suggestions for him:

“How to Sit Around Like a Lump for Two Years While Not Actually Doing Anything.”

“Titillating Hannity Viewers with a Fictional Character Named Durham.”

Or, how about: “Maybe I Should Have Looked into That Whole Antifa Idea – Not!”

And Mike Pence is being paid not one but two book advances for a total of $4 million. I’m sure the public is really eager to read those $4 million worth of pages. He’ll probably write about how he courageously certified “most secure election ever” during the middle of a deadly insurrection. The bigger the betrayal, the bigger the payoff, amiright?

Nothing to see here, folks! Just three people who betrayed President Donald Trump and received $8 million in book advances from companies that are part-owned by George Soros.

2024 can’t come soon enough.

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66 thoughts on “Did These 3 Trump Betrayers Take Cash from George Soros?”

  1. These three people as much as stated president Trump in the back! This story doesn’t deserve a comment.

    1. These three people should not be receiving pay-offs as all of them are already being paid far more than they’re worth! Cancel the paychecks before too many of us take to the streets to protest these excessive pay-offs!
      Frances Weingarten

      1. Let’s just hope KARMA afflicts them.
        I give them a decade to see their horrible life outcomes. These bastards have no sense of HONOR. NONE.

      2. Taking a bribe is illegal these asswipes get away with it one big at slob another smaller fat albino slob with a spider in his hair and the super catholic bitch

    2. But now we all know who pulls their strings. I look for the same disclosure sooner or laters for some small fry dim wits in GOP clothing in AZ around the audit of the vote. How many traitors has Soros bought? I am sure the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County Arizona have been bought.
      No wonder there was no traction on the dim wit criminals in the government on the actual criminal actions of many who were outed. Between Wray and these sleezy establishment traitors nothing got even to courts. Disgusting. Are we already taken over by the traitors? They own the fake news, obviously a ton of supposedly GOP and a chunk of the establishment, etc..
      And quite obviously no one on their side is going to jail for real proven crimes. But if they can improvise something they can blame on conservatives and Trump like all their other witch hunts and this new lie on 1-6-21, they try to prosecute with zeal and pressure judges, juries to find the innocent guilty when there is evidence against that very verdict. This is getting worse by the day and they won through FRAUD in 2020. Destroying evidence is a sure sign there is fraud and they are covering it up or trying too.

    3. Unbelievable! And Pence wants to run for President??? He will never get my vote. Barr is a reprobate, do nothing and ACB is a backstabbing beaaach!

      1. barr is a traitor to america,would not investigate any fraud claims before he resignrd and went back to the swamp all bought off by souros a traitor to america trump needs to send him back to hungary

    4. I agree these three back stabbers do not deserve a book deal all three would not even have been in a political position ic not for Trump! I for one would never purchase one of their books! I must say I am very disappointed in Mike Pence I thought he was a Christian! He let President Trump down when he needed him the most!

  2. These three people as much as stated president Trump in the back!!
    This story doesn’t deserve a comment.

    1. It’s stunning to me to find out how other countries are swaying what is going on in America. I have been complaining for years how they are allowing foreigners come in to this country that don’t speak our language or know our history or customs but yet vote and influence our elections. Now this. Soros must be stopped and we should get control of our borders and not allow monopolies to influence our cultures or media. whew!

  3. These three people as much as stabed president Trump in the back!!
    This story doesn’t deserve a comment.

  4. Hay it took three tries but I got it.
    Key board though it knows better than !.
    I was trying to spell stabed it spelled what it wounded.

  5. Thank you so much for the article. I learned something from it, as I genuinely did not know how book deals with publishing companies are initiated it or work. I was under the impression the author would search for a publisher to make their book without any political interfrence. From your article I now can understand better, why some authors from the recent past, were dismissed by the publishing company after they have signed a deal on the particular books. As to the persons mentioned above, at least one was definitely showing lack of integrity from the beginning.

  6. In this country you have the right to sell your soul to the devil. So they did. The day of reconing will come.

    1. I think their political careers are over, so that is why they got paid off.
      The GOP is going to cut off the money so they are un electable.

      1. And they are no longer useful to Soros, so paid off is exactly what happened. So how many more useful GOP traitors does he still have? Looking at the resistance in the Maricopa County Supervisors and the destruction of the voting audit evidence I definitely smell bought traitors. There are more republicans on that board than dim wits and they are the resistance to an audit saying nothing was wrong with the voting but they refuse to hand over the evidence for audit but have destroyed it instead of letting the auditors see it. Hum? And handing it over intact was under court order. And the board will not show up for a public meeting to explain the destruction. Another Hum?
        I assume like the rest of us when the judge orders them to court to explain the destruction of evident after the court order to the judge who ordered the audit, they will show up with their lawyers. The real issue is they resided over the destruction of the evidence so what will happen to them all? If anyone else but those protected morons resided over this assault to the laws of AZ we would already be in jail.
        So, I still believe the audit can continue even with major data and records destroyed. There is already evidence in just the paper ballots and boxes. Missing data is also evidence. And the machines records have been audited elsewhere and proven fraudulent. And so it goes.
        We have to solidly prove total fraud in one state to back further audits, and apparently it does exist in Maricopa county so let the audit continue on the paper ballots. Someone signed off on each ballot box and its contents, so that someone is on the hook legally for even what is missing from the boxes. This is such a sad happening.
        Our own citizens of the election process committed voter fraud in a position to do so. This has caused great harm to this nation for the greed, avarice, stupidity of those responsible.. I hope the auditors find every discrepancy and bad ballots then seek the maximum penalties for these liars, cheats, thieves. Dig em out and let the judge they resisted bring the charges to their doors. All of them including those who signed 0ff on the sealed ballot boxes.

      2. Lon James Loren, while what you wrote would be the outcome of what these three people would have happen to them in the past; but today, because of the George Soros influence, nothing will happen to their careers. Everyone should be upset about Amy Coney Barrett because we were fed a bunch of lies about her conservativism by the left media and who ever was the group behind advising President Trump on his supreme court picks. When he gets re-elected, President Trump must get someone else to tell him who to put in our court system. I suspect 99% of the judges put on the courts by President Trump are all compromised people; like Amy Coney Barrett; a money hungry liberal. Looks like Soros money paid off the whole supreme court to not take the Texas voter fraud lawsuit. Folks, this means we do not have a conservative majority on the supreme court, but we have 7 liberals owned by George Soros and the far left in our country. I predict we will be a socialist/communist country within 4 years because our system has been compromised. Pence, Barr, and Durham, should be in prison for what they did to our country. Why did President Trump pick Bill Barr (a George H.W. Bush acolyte) to be his AG reflects just how political naive President Trump really was. Conservatives need to retake the House and Senate in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.

        1. To Bob- Your truthful comments are very appropriate. And this article was very well written. We need to make people see the difference between doctrinal ideas and laws and their personal preferences and prejudices.

    1. Kathy, I agree. However, far worse is the fact that the far left in our country has bought the support of 7 of our supreme court justices (Thomas and Alito are the exception). We must have a constitutional amendment to place term limits on all our politicians in the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court because as we have seen; they are all compromised people because money is more important to them than our country. However, if the political process for voting is not changed, Republicans will be shut out of every future election in our country. There is no way, under the sun, that Joe Biden got more votes in 2020 than President Trump. Way too many ballots floating around our country and no audit to check to see if more ballots than authorized voters. This must be corrected before 2022.

  7. Jimtex
    This is just what we know. What else is lurking in the swamp? Lock-em up! Birds of a feather stick it yo us….
    Very much more to come

  8. Let’s not forget the $60 million book deal for President Obama when he left the White House from the publishers of the Common Core. What’s that deafening silence from the MSM?

  9. Pence is history, Barr? Apparently he was looking after the Biden admin in the last 3 months of the Trump administration showing where his loyalties truly lay. Amy Barret is still a mystery to me, she seemed so loyal and absolutely a Constitutionalist? Unless, she is actually a real Conservative and part of the plan to make Military the final judge? I still hope she is not a turncoat? Some believe she is the daughter of Joe Biden who was supposedly killed in the accident with his first wife that he organized the accident to climb the Freemason ladder. Apparently the little girl was nicknamed Amy and the year and birthday are identical?

    1. Oh my, you can’t be serious about Amy! If it’s true about her true parentage, then that explains her devious, deceptive and traitorous behavior. If true, just like Biden, she can smile to your face while telling you lie after lie after lie. I hope that’s not the case but whether she is or isn’t, either way she’s a conservative dud. I wonder who in President Trump’s administration advised him to bring her in and not the other woman whom I believe would have been a true conservative. In reality, there are only two conservatives serving on the US Supreme Court.

  10. like i said before this country is now controlled by Rich and Famous ! .FORGET ABOUT TRUTH AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !. That only happens in Disney movies The old ones . WE are in more trouble then most people are willing to believe. When the public does finally open its eyes it may be too late to save the country we once loved. We are lied to every day by our new leaders and the fake media. Common sense is a thing of the past there are no consequences for betraying the country or the people just a lot of double talk and idle threats . As our so called leaders are getting rich . Our country is going down the drain like a fly spinning out of control on its way down the toilet.

  11. What a monumental waste of time and talent in the service of the Deep State! Memo for President Trump: DTA! —- Don’t Trust Anyone! As for George Soros, the LEAST said, the BEST said! His “time” may well be close at hand…

  12. I STILL want to know who it was that sponsored Soros, wanted for war crimes in Europe, for entry into this country and citizenship. I thought that was impossible! But here he is, wrecking the US from the inside without anyone doing a thing about his WANTED status. WHY?

    I can find nothing about that on the net, surprise, surprise.

    WHO BROUGHT SOROS TO THIS COUNTRY??? Answer that and it will explain much.

  13. I feel that these 3 have given President Donald Trump a slap in the face, after he had supported each one of them. I guess the money was too great to resist, to sale their souls for. If, each one makes the deal with Soros maybe they will find out much to late that they just sold their souls to the devil. Then they will become puppets and must obey the OWNER. I would have thought that all were well educated to see the devil when it raised its head with a gift in hand to purchase them.

    1. You have just described what is really wrong with our country; it is owned by far left liberals who teach our children from Kindergarten through graduate school to be good liberal socialists; loyal only to the Democrat Party. To change this, it must start with the way our children are educated.

  14. The corruption and greed in our government is so interwoven, deeply ingrained, and acceptable that I have a hard time believing we can ever root it out. Without Trump’s time in office it would never have been exposed. The hatred for him is so great they fall over themselves trying to hurt him, and in so doing expose themselves. I grieve for our country. Short of a spiritual awakening, I fear we have lost it.

    1. I agree with you. Like Israel in the Bible, repentance and a return to God is called for and without it, America has seen it’s best days. Pray for our children and grandchildren. Be merciful, Lord.

  15. Wealth is a wonderful thing, to have and can be wonderful to utilize.
    Then, we have the people named Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg, it is not just them, they join with other groups in an attempt to change the world, force most people to do it their way.
    They spend a lot of money yearly on their security. They have to, they are really locking the jaws on many people that resent their efforts, and have come to really, hate them.
    I go to a long distance range and watch 4 or 5 men with Barrett 50 caliber rifles and watch them shooting at 1200 yards, I ‘m not sure that there is any defense against that rather that staying out of sight..

  16. Not only did they betray President Trump but they betrayed Trump supporters. This should not be ignored.

  17. I agree with you, Billie – It’s disgusting! Trump will not have a chance in 2024, no honest American will have a chance to win any election! People, we do not own our Country, they do! We, The People, don’t have a chance! I am “sick to my stomach” after reading this. Why even bother to vote they will cheat their way into every election. I can’t believe that people can be bought so easily, aren’t there any Honest Americans left in government? Half the GOP are also on the take, the honest GOP Members have been stepped on and berated to the point of no return. only GOD can help us now and I think even he has given up! I hope and pray he hasn’t because without his help we are lost. I suggest even if you are not a praying person you start learning how to pray because there is no chance without prayer.

    1. You are correct – God is our only answer! God, His angels and the saints in heaven are the only ones who can defeat these fallen ones and their satanic and Luciferian doctrine called socialism/communism. God has never left America, too many Americans have left God and tied into and believe in the fallen consciousness. Socialism/communism is cancer and has invaded the American people just like it does a person’s physical body. It corrupts and infests from the inside out. Socialism/communism is a false belief system and it fails every time it’s implemented in society. It fails because it directly opposes Cosmic Law and Science. The idiotic idea that everyone can be made to be equal in every way is ludicrous – no two people are like with the level of understanding, spirituality, ambitions, desires, psychological patterns, family upbringing. Socialism/communism promises that all this will change and everyone will be happy because we’ll all be the same in every way. The people who believe this are so lost and damaged – they are psychologically and emotionally sick. I believe this is the reason for our drug, alcohol and sexual deviancy problems. In the inner, the soul knows this to be completely false. If followed through to the end of this false logic, people become empty and robotic and many will lose their souls because it died. Without our soul, we can’t connect with our God presence or the heaven realm. This is the goal of socialism/communism – to disconnect us from our reality. Those of us who haven’t lost reality must pray daily for everyone to let go of this death and hell consciousness and return to God. Pray, pray, pray for the saving of America, for if America does completely fall, so does the world. America is meant to be God’s example of a His way and what He wants for us. It’s a world of freedom, liberty, prosperity and unlimited opportunity and true happiness to create ourselves in the highest vibration. Whatever vibration we’re holding within us will determine the world we create for ourselves. Without higher energy vibrations, there is collapse and the physical can no longer exist. This is Cosmic Law! The earth and all upon it were created using laws – Cosmic Laws that can’t be ignored without consequences. Wake up people!

  18. He says….2024 can’t come soon enough…. Just what do you think will happen in 2024 that hasn’t happened already? No one, but no one has cleaned up the vote-rigging mess from the last election. What makes anyone think they will let him win?

  19. Isn’t also true that Soros has an interest in a company in England or Europe that manufactures Voting Machines?
    Are we using any of those in the US?


  21. Barr is a poor excuse for a man…….Pence will disappear back into obscurity,and that devout phony from Notre

    Bill Barr should be real proud of himself for turning Rat…no backbone….Pence is a nobody again,dancing for the Swamp…and that pious Catholic from Notre Dame showed she can be controlled….and since she is a life appointee to the court , should be second guessed on any court decision she is a part of…….


    1. Maybe it’s time to revisit the lifetime term of the SCOTUS. Also, it’s time to have term limits in Congress.

  22. When I questioned book deals in the past most people thought it was ridiculous…so glad there are others who feel the same. I haven’t met anyone who has read any of the Obama’s books and I was heavily involved in and with our union.

  23. They not only betrayed Trump They betrayed the REPUBLICAN Party! It is so stupid to do this because you do not like Him, but to betray the Other 75 million of us that were trying to keep the commies out of the white House. These 3 plus the other I think 35 (Supposed Republican) that voting against the party should be so ashamed!


  25. I said it once before, and I’ll say it once again, George “Judenrat” Soros needs to be removed from influencing American Politicians, by any means, and I do mean BY ANY MEANS!

  26. The (anonymous?) author of this outstanding journalism states the company that owns Penguin Random House was founded with Belgian and Soros money, and it’s all on Wikipedia. So I went to Wikipedia. The company started in 1835. No mention of a Belgian king, Soros, or Open Society Foundation.

  27. George Sorryass Soro’s pay off to the three Stooges, Opps I mean the three former Trump Aides and their book deal. Big deal!!! Caeser had his Brutis and as you know Jesus had his Judas. Washington had his Arnold.

  28. I knew all along that they were paid off. We will just have to watch and see if they write a book soon. Too bad that they all sold their souls to a devil.

  29. Who would be interested in a book written by Hunter. May be a good investment when it sells for two dollars in case there is a shortage on toilet paper. Enough of the books written by losers.

  30. The country is lost! Follow the money you will almost always find the evil! The last couple decades the people didn’t pay attention to the local and the federal elections! This is what happens when we get complacent . Now maybe there is still time, People are paying attention now a lot of damage has been done!! We aren’t a racist country name a country that is a bigger melting pot than this country. We have provided safety to every nationality in the world. We truly are the greatest country on earth now we need to put the greatest president back in the White House!!! God bless America

  31. Geo Soros conduct is self explanatory ,he is truly not an American in any sense of the word.
    He obviously doesn’t believe in an after life when we see what he chooses to do with money.
    As for the other three, this will show us truly how many morals and how much character they really have.
    let the truth be seen in print!

  32. I feel very sorry for Trump
    He actually thought that Pence and Amy Coney Barrett would be good Conseratives.
    Think about it Bitme and pelosi bitch always claim to be such good christians.
    I think we all had hopes for Pence and Barrett but their just like the ones just mentioned.
    Their bought and paid for by the demonrats!

  33. Trump tried very hard to DRAIN THE SWAMP, but why did he hire Mr. Magoo #1 ( Jeff Sessions ), then Mr. Magoo #2 ( Barr )? And both did absolutely NOTHING, not ONE person got prosecuted, WHY? The other two CLOWNS stabbed him in the back. Wake up America, the World is run by the RICHESTST GLOBALISTS. Presidents and other Leaders are selected not elected… HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, JUST PAWNS IN THE GAME…

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