Dominion Botch: Georgia Primary Election Overturned After Awful Machine Count

A major story broke in DeKalb County, Georgia this week after a hand count of a local primary election was conducted. Every county in Georgia uses Dominion Voting Systems machines and software, including DeKalb. The hand count in the District 2 County Commission primary revealed a result that was completely different from the machine count – in every way! The results completely flipped after a human hand count was conducted on June 1st. This should add more fuel to the fire when it comes to getting state legislatures across the country to ban these voting machines from use.

Here are the results as they were tallied by Dominion Voting Systems machines on May 24th, the day of the Georgia primary election this year.

Candidate Marshall Orson won the District 2 County Commission primary with 5,226 votes. Candidate Lauren Alexander came in second with 4,382 votes. And candidate Michelle Long Spears came in in third place with only 3,031 votes. That’s a grand total of 12,639 votes in the May 24 primary election.

At first glance, everyone knew those machine results had something wonky about them. There were actually supposed to be FOUR candidates in the race. But Donald Broussard didn’t even register as a candidate in the Dominion results. Even if only Broussard and his wife had voted for him, it should have registered as at least 2 votes for him in the total. But he was just gone!

That’s part of what led to the hand count on June 1st. The actual election results in District 2 were so bad that all 16 states using Dominion voting machines should take those machines out into a field somewhere, pour gasoline on them, set them on fire, and then sue Dominion to get their taxpayer money back.


It turns out that there were 15,449 votes cast in the District 2 election for County Commission. The machines failed to count 2,810 votes entirely. And even the ballots that the machines did manage to count had wildly inaccurate results.

Instead of Orson in first place, Alexander in second and Spears in third (as the machines showed), the results of the hand count were as follows.

Michelle Long Spears came in first with 6,651 votes (+3,620 votes more). Lauren Alexander came in second with 4,737 votes (+355 votes more). And Marshall Orson came in third place with only 3,928 votes (-1,298 votes less). Oh, and it also turned out that Donald Broussard got 138 votes instead of none at all.

In a race with 15,449 votes cast in it, the Dominion machines managed a discrepancy that was off by 5,411 votes. And you can’t just say that the machines are only 65% accurate (although that’s true). Look at those vote totals again.


Votes that were intended for other candidates were taken away from them and assigned to Marshall Orson instead. Instead of Orson being the winner of the race, he was a distant third. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says that the machines were programmed incorrectly for the District 2 race. That makes no sense at all, however. Why were votes SWITCHED from the other candidates to Orson? I think we all know the answer to that. That’s not an unintentional software coding issue. That’s election fraud!

This obvious fraud would never have been caught and the original May 24th machine results would have been approved by Raffensperger, if Michelle Long Spears had not been in the precinct offices in District 2 on primary night. She took pictures of the precinct results and provided them to a local newspaper in DeKalb County. Those results showed that Spears had received zero votes in her home precinct!

The big irony in all of this, and a likely silver lining for Georgia voters, is that this was a Democrat primary. Voters who supported Spears raised a stink and the original election result in favor of Marshall Orson have been overturned. Democrat voters in at least this one district now know that these machines are toxic poison and should never be used in another election again.

Hopefully there will be a groundswell of bipartisan support for scrapping the Dominion machines after this disaster. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you shouldn’t be okay with having your vote stolen from you and switched to another candidate.

Oh, and by the way… Mike Lindell was right!

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75 thoughts on “Dominion Botch: Georgia Primary Election Overturned After Awful Machine Count”

  1. Is anyone, with more than one working brain cell, surprised at this. The Dominion machines should all be burned in front of the state capital with TV coverage so all could see. JimP

    1. This is why the democrats have been pushing for Mail-Ballots their flat out refusal to investigate theses allegations are to protect their bogus election results. There spending millions on January 6th insurrection but not a dime to set up a special council to investigate theses allegations of voter fraud and and tampering. States like Georgia, New Jersey, Arizona and New Mexico audits have found many inconsistencies in the voting results from the dead voting the Dominion voting machines software failures and if isn’t enough evidence I don’t understand WHY January 6th is a farce just like the THREE ATTEMPTS OF IMPEACHMENT TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT TRUMP’s. Was nothing more than vindictive retaliation to muddy the water using their paid for news media clowns and spreading their Propaganda The last and the best was the TrialHillary Clinton campaign manager and the so-called Russian conspiracy this goes to show how far the democrats will go to fix the justice system

      1. But, since nobody is being charged and jailed, since we aren’t doing a thing, liberals know they can do this with no punishment whatsoever. Until our conservative congress gets off their butt, and until we get off the couch, this will continue. Get used to it because I see dems actually gaining seats in house and senate. And we will get on here and rail how unfair they are, but do nothing about it. Other than tough talk. Ammo up and keep your powder dry. There you go.

        1. Taking it a step further because what you said is more than enough. Now the Census is just as extremely off and allowing democrats redistricting in turn allowing more democratic seats. 10 years before census is redone! America doesn’t have 10 years under the democrats. Republicans are totally doing nothing about it!

    2. No. It would be absolutely certain to produce a matching amount of pollution due to all the plastic and heavy-metal materials that would be released into the atmosphere. Instead, the machines need to be dismantled piece by piece by Dominion employees — without pay. Maybe then, they will learn the effects of their dishonesty in manufacturing practices and shoddy workmanship.

      1. That is what was shown in the middle of the night in Germany in the middle of the night of the 2020 ekection. Germany was where Dominions main computers were placed to tabulate the vote. Why in Germany? Guess?? During the night with a large amount of the vote tabulated Trump had an insurmountable lead of approximately 8 Million votes. Seconds later Trumos tally went down 8 Million and Biden’s went up 8 Million, a 16 million vote swing in seconds!! Never an explanation… never an investigation by the DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS, or by anyone. Dominion said it was impossible, but I watched on TV as the broadcasters were stunned. There can be no doubt that the most successful President since Reagan won the election and that a conspiracy of major proportions illegally stole the election. I imagine a very similar thing happened in the Senatorial elections in Georgia where where 2 Senate seats were stolen. The will of the American people was taken by thievery and look around you and see the hardship the thieves has burdened upon We The People as well as the people of the world!

        1. The same thing happened between Warnock and Perdue. I looked at maybe 5 minutes of the election coverage Both candidates had over 400,000 votes. Perdue was leading. I looked up at my screen and watched over 44,000 votes subtracted from Perdue and Warnock took a big lead. It happened in mere seconds. The Media and liberals still call it Trumps big lie. It’s disgusting.

          1. Trump easily won 2020.
            so many have shown results and proved Trump won.
            And the republicans representing us sit and do nothing. Why don’t they (like Shiff and Pelosi) start an investigation? WHY WHY???

      1. AMEN. It was stolen and we all know it. Biden is not our Pres and if the states that found the fraud would de–certify their votes, we could get Trump back. DE-CERTIFY NOW.

      2. Trump Won! He was way ahead at 3AM and woke up to Biden in lead. What happened in those wee hours.
        The demented old Obiden brags he won be 6million votes. .
        He is in Deleware most of his “SIT” in the white house.
        Basement Joe.

    3. America needs to do a ‘great reset’ alright! Reset America politically to exactly where it was 11/01/2021. Disqualify Dominion and disallow mail in balloting. Trash the DNC as toxic to America.

      1. No one will do it and if someone or some office tries it, we will never hear from the again. As citizens we have no one to turn to who has the power to change what happened. We have wait it out, but the powers that arranged this crime go very deep. Without safe and honest voting, we are finished as a country of the people. The powers behind the Biden administration will not sleep until they secure the next elections by any means possible. I fear that the worst is yet to come and this corrupt administration will sugar coat it all over.

    1. In the middle of the night the main Dominion computers located in Germany had Trump leading in the 2020 election by approximately 8 million votes. Seconds later Trumps vote count went down by 8 million and Bidens went up by 8 million. Tell me again why the Jackass- in-Chief Biden isn’t in jail over the treason in the 2920 election?

      1. Because he is a Democrap that is why. This cheating has to be gotten under control. Biden even told us ahead of time about the exclusive fraud the Dems had set up and still got away with it. Something smells really bad here. Biden did not win the election and we all know it but why can we not force them to correct it. Biden/Kamala in jail/prison and Trump in White House so America can thrive again. It would not take Trump long to get gas at a reasonable price and taxes back down and etc.etc. We need to shout this everywhere but no violence just assemble and shout. It should be scheduled in every state on same day. We should not be standing for this fraud that was thrust upon us.

        1. The crooked Left will never let Trump back in the White House. The Left media will take advantage of every scheme it can muster to cash in on the situation by hitting Trump and conservatives with every lie it can create and America will be polarized again. The only way out is to force your rep in DC to scrutinize the voting process. It’s all we have.

        2. WE the American people must rise up and demand that our Representatives must start an investigation. Look at the Pelosi and Shiff show for Jan6th. How many months now…..6 months in 2020….1 year in 2021…..
          still continuing 2022, 6 months. and now a TV trial. What the H…is this all about. IF IF Trump had done anything they could press charges against him….it would not take 2 1/2 years. THIS is worse than the MULLER shame. They have been after Trump for 7 1/2 years and stole the 2020 election.
          It’s time we the people organize and DO something. Write your Congressman or your Representatives. DEMAND something is done to stop this before mid-terms. The Dems CAN’T lose/allow us to win. WHY WHY doesn’t someone do something. You and I must start demanding. Any way you can. If possible through local news and newspapers. Write letters to anyone….the conservative news./TV media. Celebrities, governors, and local representatives. demand Trump is represented instead of watching the Dems continue with lies and TV shows. You are all smart…get in touch with everyone in politics…demand representation for TRUMP:.

    1. What is the DEMON RAT plan for Novenmber?
      They know very well they are on the way out. How many “mass shootings””” will we see before they Institute Martial Law?

      1. Good Question ? Ask PIGLOSI and her Hordes of Parasites that Planned , Plotted and Executed the Rigging of Voting Machines of Dominion Systems.

    2. I still have the picture of Biden telling us about the most exclusive fraud ever set up before the election.

    3. Yes, we are stupid…to sit back and allow this to continue for 7 1/2 years. The Trash Trump story.. started during the campaign of 2016. We KNOW all the wicked traps and lies. In our conservative news, we JUST TALK AND COMPLAIN. It’s up to you and you and you, and me. Put together a form letter DEMANDING prosecution of the liers. Pelosi, Shiff, Schummer, the many in the media, media lies, by name…. they should pay for Flynn, (did nothing, was threatened by FBI that they would go after his son IF he did anything against the evil FBI). Murdock, Bankrupt, solitary confinement a year, came our sick and disable with untreated diabetes; Sydney Powell (dominion suing her) ..Rudy Guiliani ..lost his law license because he went to Ukraine and brought back proof of Bidens evil $$$. Quid pro Quo.??? There is a video; published nationwide; of Joe Biden bragging about holding 6 million dollars American aid to Ukraine, until Ukraine fired Shokins, who was investigative Burisma, The Ukrainian energy company that was paying President Biden’s son Hunter $1 million a year. Burisma cut Hunter Biden’s monthly compensation in half, two months after his father ceased to be vice president. SO , it’s up to we Americans to encourage our Republican leaders to do their part and pursue justice for you me, and all of America. Stop the Trump bash and start being Government for the people…..

  2. C’mon man! The Dominion machines are not registered to vote. They have no voter ID, therefore cannot vote. Besides it was founded in Canada.

  3. Like we were all too stupid to figure this out by ourselves. We knew from the get go that Trump had won, we saw all the video of votes being pulled out from under desks, arriving in vans and counted late, and SO MANY other fraud results. Even people in fear of losing their jobs came forward and testified to what they say, and still nothing was done. Why? because it was a Demonrat that “won” and they did not want to see Trump win again. I sure hope with the country in the mess it’s in, they are happy with that decision. I’m NOT.


  5. Its unfortunate that it takes time. Money and persistence to weed out FRAUD. THIS WHY THR swamp needs to be drained with TERM LIMITS AND BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY so the weasels cant stay in power forever like Pelosi and Schumer. The wheels of justice grind but in the meantime many suffer becaause of thePOWER HUNGARY DESPOTS..


  7. It sure doesn’t seem to matter much to the ones in charge of it all. In the whole country I’ve heard of one country that has banned the machines. Joseph Stalin who said that “it’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” The 2000 presidential election was a fantastic example of why that matters. You all remember chads, hanging chads, punch cards, Votomatic machines, and how 540 votes and five Supreme Court justices changed America. The SC has made themselves the most dangerous branch of this corrupt and illegal government!

  8. Everyone with more brains than a cabbage knows there was massive fraud in 2020. Now the demodummies are challenging the Dominium machines. Of course it was a democrat candidate voting, so now they scream.

    1. Let’s all sing praises to the moral and intellectual giants of the current administration

      First off we have the marvelous and magnificent Joe Bidet – butt washer of the Left

      Nancy H. Pylori ( trust me, it fits)
      Chuck Schemer Personification of fool
      A little fun fact for when conversation lulls – the Biblical word for fool
      is none other than MORON! The Greek pronunciation is MOE RON, but transliterated as
      our English word moron! And all that AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. BUT WAIT… there’s more!!!
      Diane Whine stein
      Sandy Cortez. Hmmm, seems I recall another Cortes, who did something wild and crazy like
      slaughtering the Aztecs? So I guess that makes her a conquistador wannabe?
      Ms. Omar Friend of Israel? Okay, maybe not.
      And next, Elizabeth Warthog. Aka- Fauxchahontas
      Bernie Sandbox Yea, let’s all get together and pound sand! But at least there will be equity, everyone gets a little pile of sand. Doesn’t that prospect just give you a warm sticky feeling?
      And now a remake of that beloved Disney film
      OLD YELLEN A touching story of a boy and his
      Merrick Garbage. Sorry, I can’t turn that kind of garbage into anything socially redeemable.
      And lastly Homeland security head Mayorkas, or is it Mayjerkus, I get confused sometimes.
      I’m gonna go soak in the tub, all this praise has worn me out.

        1. No you are. The slime that has infected the Government, Fake news media, Hollyweird, our school system and our culture is destroying America! They have abandoned God and now serve self and their master satin. FJB!

        2. Actually you are the moron if you don’t believe the election was hacked and that the people Mr James named are corrupt and responsible for the illegal placement of sleepy Joe Biden in the White House.

      1. I’m not sure about Kathryn Mr. Thomas, I quite liked your sarcasm. A little humor in these times if whatever in the f—k you want to refer to our current situation as can ease the lain just a little. Thank you Mr. James….. you are NOT a moron

      2. Hey Thomas: Thanks much for that absolutely “Right On” great political humor as you’ve really lifted my spirits on Father’s Day 2022 as I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent, and very correct, name conversions for ALL of those Dumb-O-Crap traitorous “political” Commie assholes, all of whom should be given the black blindfolds, a last cigarette if they smoke & then cuffed & placed up against the brick wall and shot by a firing squad obtained from the new Federal Firing Squad lottery which eventually selected the winning Americans who won the right to pull the triggers on their M-16s to FINALLY rid this negative scourge on our formerly GREAT COUNTRY and, even if these lucky “shooters” wound their target after their first shot, they get to keep firing until all of these traitorous scum are dead & gone at which they should ALL then be taken to local docks, loaded aboard garbage scows and their stinking, rotting corpses would be towed way out to sea and dumped but where many voraciously hungry sharks wouldn’t even eat their remains out of a sense of “Professional Courtesy” but they’d all be finally gone forever, thank God!
        God Bless America & all those great, and truly American, fathers in their day which, ironically, takes place exactly 9 months before Mother’s Day, hahaha!

        1. It’s way too late to de-certify, it was in November of 2020 too as crooked guv’nors like bitchen witless of Michigan working with slip-n-fall lawyers the likes of mark elias had used the lock-down distractions of the Wuhan chinese corona-virus bio-weapon plandemic plague to weaponize state courts to allow mass mailing of ballots to any addressee on file with the post office. As we know now thanks to Dinesh D’Sousa’s diligent research the 2000 mules concept was employed in all the swing states to help steal the election. Only the LSFNM and delusional demonicRat blind zealots would believe that china’s “joke” buidtin (aka the Manchurian Candidate (basement version -0.01)) got 20 million more votes than dumbama did in 2012… We conservatives/libertarian independents must continue to pursue election/ballot reform along with mandatory voter ID with direct connection to a living US citizen voter right up to November, or the mid-terms will be just as compromised as the 2020 General Election and the run-off in Georgia were… Vigilance…. !!!! .. or we will lose this constitutional republic…. We MUST fight for it….!!!!

          1. It’s not too late to decertify. There is no statute of limitations regarding that.

            It is imperative that every single one of these dominion machines and any machine that follows, are not allowed. Also mail-in ballots should not be legal unless someone is deployed by military or so disabled they cannot get to the voting location.

            If France can have paper ballots and finish counting in less than eight hours so can we!

            Georgia primaries have already been stolen because of these machines and that just gives us evidence midterms will also be stolen if this is allowed to continue.

            We must also remember it’s not only the demonKKKrats Who hijacked our presidential election and attempting to do so with midterms. RINOS I just the right wing of the same vulture and they will do anything to survive and keep their money train and power intact.

  9. The HEAT-STROKE MEDIA & BIG-TEKK KANCELLATION-KONS Are Constantly TRASHING ANY & EVERYBODY WHO DARES TO SPEAK OUT LOUD ABOUT THE 2020 Mega-Fraud ELECTION DEBACLE…Where the WINNER LOSES & the LOSER WINS TWO DAYS AFTER THEY FIX-THE-NUMBERS in these INEPT DOMINION CHEAT-FEST KALCULATORS. I Live in the State of Georgia and In this RINO-RULED State, I have No Way of Being Sure that My Vote was Counted in last Month’s Primary Election…or if The Same GEORGIA RINOS were even Invited to Run Again in November…?*?*

  10. Why aren’t all these anti- American traitors in Gitmo awaiting execution for HIGH TREASON. After all election Friday is considered a coup, Wich is punishable by death!!!

  11. I have had the following text printed in a San Francisco neighborhood newspaper the following in a letter to the Editor : “ President Donald J. Trump l consider my Godfather and The Godfather of all Americans and have also communicated to him that his image should be carved on Mt. Rushmore “.

  12. I understand that JOE the JUNK Man MIGHT give you a GOOD price for these MACHINES as SCRAP . . . Provided that a DOMINION machine isn’t CALCULATING the PRICE! One Enlightened And WARY Patriot.


  14. Get rid of ALL machines period! Paper ballots only, on voting day, in person with a VALID I.d. NO mail in ballots, except for deployed military members, count votes ONLY on voting day, NO early voting, NO late voting, when the polls close, NO ballots accepted or counted afterwards. And have vetted poll watchers and counters only. Have sworn affidavits proving they are legally able to handle the ballots and count them. And a LOT of poll watchers present to make sure NO cheating goes on.

    1. No you are. The slime that has infected the Government, Fake news media, Hollyweird, our school system and our culture is destroying America! They have abandoned God and now serve self and their master satin. FJB!

  15. I agree with all the comments that these good folks have made my wife and have been waiting for justice to be done since 2015 and are starting to give up seams like the Demorats can do no wrong no matter who’s life they destroy.
    As long as the swamp rats keep making millions on phony book deals AKA bribes all is well in the DC Crapitol im sure are founders had no idea the amount of money are leaders would be making under the table . But one thing for sure now more then ever they were 100% right with making The Second Amendment they new some day we would need protection from our own government . putting venison on the table had very little to do with their writing !.Don’t expect much common cense thinking to come from the left regarding Gun Laws ,voting rights or anything for that mater they have over stepped from criminal behavior to down right evil.!

  16. Keep up the lawsuit MIKE LINDELL! The judge who ruled against you, IN MY OPINION, was paid off or is a traitor and an obama croney

  17. A Mid-Term election coming up = Definition of Insanity: Keep using the same corrupted: Election Officials, Election Rules, and Voting Machines and… expect a different outcome.

  18. Now what is going on? For the past two years the 2020 was the safest election ever. Right democrats?
    Well, well, well, switching votes that is amazing isn’t it. Now isn’t that what a lot of us republicans have been saying for two years? Rudy, Mike, President Trump and everyone else was right we’re they democrats? I would say a lot of lawyer’s, DA’s, AG’s, Judges and government officials knew this in 2020 and said nothing. Just like no extra boxes under table, no republicans allowed to watch counting of votes, no one redoing ballots on a camera, and really nothing there to see all on up and up? Gig’s up democrats. Thought you could do it again, right?

  19. It is sad to see the United States have become one of the worst place to live. Before Polaski Obama and Biden dies they will have to ask the people of the world for forgiveness. We in the United States made a huge mistake when we put a pot head in the White house.

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