Five Oregon Counties Working to Leave Leftist State to Join Idaho

After a year of radical leftist violence and extreme lockdown restrictions, five conservative counties in Oregon will vote whether to join neighboring Idaho. The Move Oregon’s Border or Greater Idaho movement has exceeded the signatures required to add the measure to the state’s upcoming special election.

The five counties that will be included in the ballot measure are Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur, and Sherman counties. The Washington Times reported, “In Baker County, organizers far exceeded the 496 signatures required by submitting 746, with the clerk reporting that 630 were accepted. The county population is about 16,000.”

Move Oregon’s Border leader Mike McCarter shared in a statement, “Oregon is a powder keg because counties that belong in a red-state like Idaho are ruled by Portlanders.” He added, “This state protects Antifa arsonists, not normal Oregonians, it prioritizes one race above another for vaccines and program money and in the school curriculum, and it prioritizes Willamette Valley above rural Oregon.”

Their work is also not finished. In addition to the five counties qualifying under the current measure, the movement is continuing to collect signatures in seven additional counties. They include Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Harney, Morrow, and Umatilla.

If successful, the Move Oregon’s Border movement will include 12 of the state’s 36 counties. Some reports note their plans could eventually include up to 24 counties in their effort.


Is this what our nation has become? Liberal policies, especially in urban areas, have left conservative areas of many states without options. Instead of following along, Oregonians are preparing to move on, joining conservatives in next door Idaho for a way of life that continues to embrace traditional American values.

Could this really happen? Past measures have approved portions of the state to leave Oregon, but nothing more has yet to occur. Though a long process, a Brexit-like escape is possible.

The move also has some considering whether other American states could attempt a similar move. Texas has often spoken of leaving the Union to become its own nation. Reporter Jesse Kelly shares the Oregon movement is, “A small preview of things to come. We are two different peoples.”

A future Divided States of America is not quite the unity the Biden administration had in mind. Yet leftist policies that seek to defund policy, open borders, and reconnecting the nation with globalists are pushing citizens farther away rather than closer together.

In Oregon’s case, people are not trying to leave the country. They just want a different state that accepts their values and gives them a voice. Oregon’s conservatives sound a lot like many other Americans in this regard. We’re looking for a leader who will represent the will of the people, not special interest groups and political paybacks.

Maybe Oregon will become a leader to our nation after all. Instead of being known for Antifa violence, its conservative Americans could lead the way along a new path focused on creating true social change.

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166 thoughts on “Five Oregon Counties Working to Leave Leftist State to Join Idaho”

  1. I hope that the people in Oregon get the freedom to recover their “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in Idaho.

    What’s been going on in Portland and the immediate surrounding areas in absolutley un-American. Disgusting and unfair to law abiding citizens.


      1. they are trying to make us our own state for eastern wash but we would prefer to be included with Idaho, we dont want to be called Liberty state.

        1. Perhaps moving to Idaho would be a better idea. I left Spokane because of how demented, err….democratic that area had become.



          1. Yes, so true. We have to stand up and say hell no, you are not ruining America as we know it. The left has to be taken out by whatever means possible. Good luck Oregon. Idaho is beautiful and very RED.

            IMPEADH ALL OF THEM.

    3. My friend American as a whole is in trouble and as long as we sit by and moan and groan and do nothing to stop this Communist Brain dead Movement eventually America as we once knew it will be no more.

      1. America Has Already Become Unrecognizable. Today It Is Recognized As The Greatest Homosexual Nation In The World. It Never Lead The World, It Bullied The World, And Now The World Has No Respect For America. All They See Is A Bunch Of Idiots Whose Pockets They Could Pick So Easily. THAT’S Why They Want To Come To America.

      2. Make your VOTE count and vote for a true Conservative in 2022 . that will start bringing America back to Greatness !!!

      3. Yoi are so right Sam! We need to start a CONSERVATIVE revolution. We need to make the dum-crap governor’s and mayors pay for the destruction of the states of America rin by these idiots! I wish Spokane woyld become part of Idaho or its own state, I’d move out of north western Washington. This sidr SUCKS! The only good thing i can say about Skagit County is therr are a lot of conservatives up here! Hitler enslave still SUCKS!

    4. Washington wants to split there state also, and I hope so as I live in E. Wa State 65 miles from the Idaho border. To hell with Seattle !


    6. Realigning Oregon’s borders and joining Greater Idaho is the BEST solution to the problem. Conservatives are so frustrated in Democrat run states, which have zero tolerance for diverse political views. Adjusting the borders will ensure every voice enjoys the benefits of representation in government.

      It’s worth noting that TWO counties in Colorado are exploring options to join Wyoming, which better reflects their political philosophy.

      1. Censorship, abuse of power and tyrannical attacks on conservatives by Democrat politicians all over the United States make this necessary.

      2. This may be a real solution .. Get more conservatives in these red state and get more electorial votes
        Vote for real Conservatives in 2022.. Let Freedom Ring .. GOG Bless America

    7. I hope maryland does the same, this is the way to fight back liberals anti american policies. Biden is being lead by idiots, they see a weakness!


    8. Nothing but dingbats, weirdos and terrorists controlling Oregon right now along with a totally incompetent Governor. I don’t blame people one bit for wanting to leave that crap hole.

    9. Steve Wilkening ;
      Glad to read about your efforts ! Wish you all your
      efforts are seccessful ! FakeDemocrats need to be
      eradicated because they are anti-American , constitution
      ‘ foreigners ‘ !!!! They should lose their citizenship !
      Sincerely, Mary , from California

      1. Oh boy do I feel sorry for you, California used to be a great place to live. Now I wouldn’t go back there if they paid me to!

        1. The way CA is now I will not even go there to vacation. When I was stationed out there in the ’70s I really liked the SF area with the wines and sights. Now from I have read, I don’t want down SF sidewalks dodging feces and needles.

    10. Eastern Washington Wants to come with eastern Oregon and Idaho. we desperately need to get away from the crazy people in western Washington and their mentally ill governor.

      right now in eastern Washington it is illiterately taxation without representation.

      1. Agree! Western Washington SUCKS! at least I live in a more conservative county bur, still there are some REAL iditos up here. Cant tell you how many times I get flipped off for ALL of my conservative bumper stickers I have on my car, I just smile and wave…..pisses them off…

    11. The Democrats have made life unbearable for those who share conservative values and thoughts! Antifa reeked havoc upon the citizens, who are innocent of the carnage, because Democrats REFUSE to do anything about Antifa, instead they support them and BLM! Everyone has limits!! They are showing their limit by leaving their State and joining with another! I hope they find the PEACE they seek!! More should do this especially Texas as their border is the largest for Mexico illegals to come in!! They should Secede from the US making citizens SAFER!! Their Citizens as well as American Citizens!! Build that wall!!!


        1. I’m ready for that to happen. Born and raised Texas. I love my freedom we should leave the union and build the wall. Especially since we can’t get the dems out until 2022 apparently. They stole the election and it is obvious to everyone, but all judges and rino Republicans just wanted President Trump out even if it meant selling out our Country. Traitors

    12. Perhaps if those other Counties still seriously considering joining Idaho, through this movement could end up to being half of all Oregon Counties; with Idaho’s & other Conservative States’ support, perhaps aforementioned Counties could declare themselves as Idaho-West, or the other way around. With such a significant geographical area of Oregon in their firm control, a State Capital could be declared somewhere in an appropriate central area.

    13. Narcissistic hedonism has taken over the Democrat party. The people of this mindset believe in only one life, the one they are living today, so they go for whatever excites them with no thought of the consequences they will pay for eternity. This turns them into little more than wild animals. Their own feelings and demented pleasures are all they look forward to with no love for anyone but themselves and a need to be praised.
      They’ve unwittingly fallen to the wishes of the Devil who has them believing they should be better than their fellow man. They, and the pedestal they crave to be on, will be thrown into the ‘Lake of Fire’ God has prepared for them if they do not repent and change their ways.

      1. This has been prophesied in the Bible. These ppl are are heathens who think they are smarter and more powerful than our creator God. They will soon learn they are nothing compared to him.

    14. Getting Rid of the Democrat Party would solve a lot of problems we should not be having! They want to divide U.S. and we cannot let that happen!

      These counties should force Portland to Stop ANIFA or Suffer the Consequences. What do you do when you find a Cancerous Tumor in Your Body? You Cut It Out!

    15. The liberals have grown accustomed to the FILTH – garbage literally falling down the hillsides in Portland. Tents everywhere around Portland out into the suburbs and giant grafitti also. Not just in the Burnside area.
      I would hate to think what is in their restaurant kitchens. GERMS!
      We moved to Idaho and LOVE IT!

    16. How do we add Umatilla County to the list that goes to Idaho. We are tired of not being represented.
      And the Democrats don’t do it for us. We don’t stand with Kate Brown.

  2. This would be the best thing that could happen to us. I’m in Jackson County and I know of countless people that would go along with this plan. I would love it. I’m praying it works.

    1. Jm also in Jackson Co and I’m am 100% in! Don’t want anything to do with Kate Shit Brown and her terrible policies.

    2. We live in NJ, surrounded by liberal governors and some of us would love to be part of Idaho. I wish we could join their movement! Good luck!!!

      1. My self as well…living in Michiganistan now…all this liberal crap is just plain horseshit. Doesn’t reflect my values at all…

      2. So sorry, you have very limited options, possibly North NJ, and South NJ, The South would get two Senators to cancel the two from the North, but not Representatives to cancel the North.

        1. i was born in newark New Jersey in 1940. went to irvington high (frank Morrel h.s.) Then bloomfield college,then enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. Served 20 and retired. Thought I could go back to my “home” state . Whoops, ANYBODY who lives in that VERY corrupt state has to have a SERIOUS mental defect. So I am “HAPPILY” retired in Florida. PLEASE ,do NOT come to my beautiful state if you bring your liberal trash with you. Think about WHY you are leaving to move here. Don’t make My state into the garbage you left behind. Where will you run to if you trash our beautiful FREE state..

    3. me too!!!!!! I live in Josephine County, and I would also LOVE IT. I have wanted to MOVE TO IDAHO for YEARS. This could mean instead, that Idaho moves to where I am, whichi I love, (other than the nutcases here), and I wouldn’t have to go through the PAIN of physically moving to what is now Idaho. OH PLEASE GOD – LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!! AND SOON!!!! The so called “Governor” of this state is a lost case. She is as insane as the people in DC, and CA. They are all DRUNK on their power that they actually do not, and should not have. They make mandates of their own personal whims. THAT IS NOT what the PEOPLE of this country want or need. America, the REAL AMERICA is SUPPOSED to be based on the INDIVIDUAL, and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, NOT subject to a bunch of narcissists and psychopaths who “want to rule the world,” like some mad scientist in a horror movie. Yeah, LET’S DO IT!!!!!

      1. I agree with you. I live in Nampa, Idaho and would welcome the move to make a Greater Idaho more power to us conservatives.

  3. If this succeeds in Oregon, similar movements could arise in states like California, Illinois, and New York. All these states have largely conservative rural areas.
    It’s the cities like L.A., Sacramento, San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC, whose large populations are liberal Democrats. These cities usually turn the tide toward the left during elections.
    If the citizens of those 5 counties succeeds, Oregon would lose Electoral College votes while Idaho would gain them. Imagine, if that would happen in New York, there would a massive demographic shift to the right during federal elections, while the big cities would lose their political stranglehold in the state.

      1. Kansas is East. We in Western Colorado have tried this but to no avail. Politicians in front range stopped us because we have a big oilfield. Good luck.

        1. And those of us in Southern Commierado have the same issue. Denver and its surrounding Commie Counties have the rest of Colorado in a strangle hold. For 40+ years, I’ve said the Southern and Western portions of the State should secede.

          1. If you observe our problems, our state has flipped from conservatives to liberals with the advent of mail in voting. Think about it. We are now getting an influx of people (predominantly liberals) leaving the states that their elected liberal representatives have ruined with their failed liberal policies and agendas. We need to get out and vote to rid ourselves of the existing problems, and problems forthcoming.

      2. I would prefer Wyoming. We must continue to PEASIBLY PETITION THE GOVERNMENT TO MAKE AMMENDMENTS TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Semper Fi

    1. All of the Politicians causing these problems swore to up hold & protect the Constitution, Impeach them all, including the President, Vice-president & speaker of the House! Protect your God Given Rights!

      1. Finally You got it correct. Had to read all the wsy to you for someone to get it right. Paybacks a bitch. We Fla. Conservatives will stand with you. U.S. needs Donald Trump back in power. To straighten out this damocrat mess. Let Him loose. And Pray to God to Save Out Country.

    2. Illinois will splinter to Iowa, Missouri, Indiana and Wisconsin. We hate these filthy democrats than ru(I)n this State.

      1. Actually, last year there was conversations about making Chicago/Cook County a state of its own and everything else become Illinois.

    3. I would like to see Southern California become it own State.. then we could finish the wlal and be rid of newsom all in one sweep .. the other option would be to join with Arizona before it becomes too liberal

    4. Northern California has been trying this for years. The Jefferson movement started in the late 30’s or early 40’s. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, My wife and I moved to Arizona 5 years ago. I hope you guys succeed.

  4. Wish you all the best and hope you people in Unruly Oregon can move to Idaho so you can have rights and liberties you deserve and want

  5. If our constitution allows it, we would support it 100%. States such as Oregon (once I very attractive state to visit) would restore the political balance and leave the goons who believe they should be the “People’s Republic of Anything Socialist Country” instead of our beloved United States. We will never become what those liberal morons in cities akin to Portland, San Francisco, New York City, and others. If the liberals continue their indoctrination of our citizens in our universities down to our grade schools they will learn soon enough why our second amendment will never be abandoned. Liberals no longer support our constitution while the overwhelming majority of us do – as originally written by our founders. God Bless America.

    1. Bill — that’s been their plan for 20 years and our so-called leaders have gotten corrupt enough along with every alphabet agency within our government they finally succeeded. When no one stopped the farce 2020 election with hard evidence that an enormous amount of voter fraud was committed –we were doomed. When the not-so-supreme court turned it’s back on the American people and the Constitution in favor of the socialists/communists/blm/antifa – the game was over.

      1. 30 years almost. Since Bill Clinton started this crap and Oblowme put it in Overdrive, Killary was supposed to finish us but Trump threw a wrench in the works so now there going Gung Ho on taking over our lives.

      2. It states in the Constitution of the United States that if the government becomes corrupt that
        We the People” can absolve the government and start anew!

  6. I wish rural Oregon success and hope for their success. I would rather see the State recall their far-left leaders and preserve the whole State. If we don’t defeat the leftists, we will soon have no place to flee to.

  7. I congratulate the people in Oregon for taking this action. However, I still wonder why the citizens in the cities most affected by the seditious and treasonous actions of their city councils, mayors, attorney generals and governors haven’t brought actions against these oppressive public servants. These public servants are at a minimum guilty of dereliction of duty while many are could be found guilty of collusion with terrorists, sedition and treason. The fact that the DOJ, FBI other federal investigative athourities have made no visible attempt to bring the rioters, antifa and blm opens them up to investigation.

  8. If it works you should build a border wall to keep the anti Americzn antifa idiots out. It’s about time someone stood up for their rights. Good luck. The entire country if not the entire world is watching.

  9. We have a Constitution/Bill of rights for a reason liberal left wing socialists don’t like and are trying to destroy if we let them they will succeed.those counties in Oregon have the right idea if all other states who are being ruled by liberal A—–es politicians do the same we who are freedom minded can beat them.I say let this spread all over our country.GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    1. America has lost its grip on being united. The progressive leftist liberal movement will cause our ruin and fall.
      There aren’t enought conservative politicians with the guts to represent the Union….bunch of neutered liars.

      Through Biden, Obama is a lingering curse on this nation.
      Obama is radically racist toward white people and his cunning slithering schemes are in motion.
      The Almighty Creator is turning his back on a nation that turned its back on Him.

  10. As long as the American people who have voted for a mentally incompetent president and a admitted Marxist Vice President this country and our constitution is in jeopardy of becoming a dictatorship? President Biden congress and the justice system has been proven to protect theses corrupt government officials in their efforts in destroying American and unconstitutionally
    Executive ordering this country into liberal socialist Marxism Dictatorship? Here’s are WHATS the evidence.
    (1) Communist Journalism taken control of the news media and misinformation and spreading Propaganda and inconsistencies in reporting.
    (2) the Democratic Party leadership attempts to discredit former President with Unfair and unfounded allegations the Robert Muller inquisition then not one but two impeachment proceedings in a failed attempt to kill the first amendment freedom of speech?
    (3) taken control of the government law enforcement agencies and the judge’s
    (4) A Totally disregard of the constitution amendments forcing the nation to accept their political views and agendas ( USING THE PUPPET PRESIDENT GOVERNING BY
    (6) Then there’s the 50+ executive orders that has done nothing more than destroying jobs and industries and manufacturing businesses forcing corporations to move their businesses overseas?
    Then there’s the biggest crock of shit opening the Boards allowing more the 11 million immigrants into the country without any security checks which is a complete treat of NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE COUNTRY Then there’s the stimulus package which will give illegal aliens stimulus money that they are not Entitled to receive.
    This president is a complete failure of the office of President and totally incompetent if this one was Trump and not a puppet Democratic president he would have been impeached and the executive orders would have become voided BASED ON THE HIS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND HIS ADMINISTRATION WOULD BE DISMANTLED
    This country is in danger from our enemy and the incompetent and weaknesses in our government presidential leadership we have already been treated by Iran the North Korea and his inability to address theses issues because he doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

    1. I agree with you completely. I live in the conservative state of Indiana but worry what those in our state capital and the counties near Chicago could try to do to our state. It is very disgusting to a senile old fraud as president and even more his communist VP. I wish the people of western Oregon success in becoming part of Idaho and that people in the other states who are ignored by the elitists can become part of a state that shares there values and beliefs.

  11. We do have an election in 22. This can change a lot of lives if we just vote for conservatives , so just get off our butts and vote for the change we all desire . Americans should not have to relocate to enjoy the right to life ,liberty ,and pursuit of happiness.

      1. And even if we have the right to vote in 2022. It won’t mean much until we clean up the process and start prosecuting and
        Punishing people to the maximum who violate voter laws.

    1. The dems have already rigged two elections. What makes you think YOUR vote will count in ’22? Thinking things are the same as they were 10 or even 5 years ago is how they were able to do it in the first place. Complacency is a four letter word. Just sayin’.

    2. Those who vote achieve nothing. Those who count achieve everything
      Stalin’s quote.
      And the socialists are counting the votes, you know what that means.

  12. I’m sure lots of counties in California would like to do the same. But where else could they join since neighboring states are about similar.

  13. I live in Minnesota. I want to begin a movement here so that outlying counties can leave MM to join with the Dakotas or other states to allow our votes to mean something. Liberal cities like Mpls and St. Paul are ruling the land and silencing all conservatives. Time for change to win back America.

  14. Very happy that good people are acting to show they will not be still or silent when they face evil. Main thing that needs to happen….take away executive privilege. One person should not have that kind of power especially when they are mentally incompetent.

  15. We allow contries to change in our changing world. It is supported by liberal thought to be what you want to be; how can they deny what they really promote. Or do they reallly promote it or mean what they say. This is a solution to the divide in America. We need serious dilogue in our legislative bodies, not one way or the highway. Amazing how the prevoius leader was a dictator because of executive orders and was critized. We were told UNITY on day one and I acutally felt it to be genuine and made me cry until I seen day 2….I was raised that a white lie was still a lie. Guess we can repent each sunday and still squash what is really happening. I understand when you repent you try and go to sin no more, Or you did not mean it. This is a great solution. we could use it all over America, I just seen a township in my state change school districts as a solution to a similar problem and the court’s allowed it because the legislature would not. Working americans who pay for
    those that do not work, and promote lies, and destroy should be able to make decisions they prove with their responsibility. Or we listen to one another and use the legislature to rule as it should be, and everyone’s thought is important.

    1. I propose in all honesty, no joke a change to election laws. That one must be a citizen with a proper address proper Id and a job to vote. I propose this because working people are tried of giving their hard earned money to lazy good for nothing people that want to sit around all day, and collect a welfare check. It is one thing to need help from time to time, it is another to make a life of living off of welfare. It is time to put an end to this foolishness. It is time to put an end to politicians that use this to get votes.

      1. So, are you suggesting that those of us who have worked for half a century and are retired (and have enough money to support ourselves for the rest of their lives) should not be allowed to vote because we “do not have a job”?!!
        I think you need to “think” about what your words imply before posting them! (I do agree with most of the rest of what you say.)

  16. I hope western Washington state joins. Just split the state down the Cascade mount range, YAHOOO. HAVE A GREAT DAY. Oregon my thoughts and prayers are with you poeple.

  17. We should build walls around all communist controlled democrat cities and put all liberals in there! Give them NO help from rural conservatives and wait for them to destroy each other People talk about future elections??? They stole the last ones, they were NOT voted in! If no changes are made then we can NEVER have faith in any future elections! We have communist attacking us from within and nothing is being done to stop them

    1. I still say that the liberals never changed the election laws, but no body listens, they did not change anything. What they did was break the law. they did this by circumventing the legislatures of the states. they did not change the law, they could not, they just broke the law, for which they should be prosecuted. The laws they say that they changed would revert to pre-election status. As they were not changed by the legislatures.

  18. Now, if we could just figure out a way to connect the Idaho border with the Texas border. Well, that would probably require secession.

  19. The Democraps (or the Left if you prefer) are doing what they said they would do – “reshaping America”. If enough Americans “wake up”, the reformation will do what is really needed!! Ending the Democrap Party!!

  20. Move on and let the SOCIALIST STATES fall, which they WILL. Look at Venezuela and Cuba (as well as OTHERS). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  21. I believe this is true in most liberal blue States. A couple of large urban cities dictate the politics. Take NY. We are ruled by the leftists and liberals of NY City and Albany. Upstate NY is almost all red conservatives and Suffolk County Long Island, which I am pretty sure has a larger population than some States, leans conservative (both our Congressmen, Zeldin and Garbarino are Repubs). Same with California. A large portion of the State is conservative when you eliminate the coastal cities of LA, San Fran, etc. There is some hope though. As blacks and Hispanics in suburban and even urban areas start seeing the Ponzi scheme the Dems have been feeding them for decades, they will turn away from them. It has already begun. Of course, some groups, like the ideologically damaged can never see the light. Portland, sorry, you are lost forever. Same with San Fran, LA, NYC, etc. But the suburbanites of these leftist gulags still have a chance.

    1. The same is true in most every state. Liberals control the populated cities, Conservatives control the acreage. Too bad our representatives are based only on population with no reference to how much of the state is involved. We may need to “PEASEBLY” PETITION OUR GOVERNMENT TO MAKE AMMENDMENTS.

  22. I truly wish much success to those Oregon counties. I live in Washington State and would love to live where my vote counted. Our rural areas are also conservative but because of a few larger cities like Seattle Tacoma Olympia Everett our state is in shambles. My vote doesn’t count!!!


  24. until all you people stop voting for demorats this is what you’ll get .vote republcans in and change will come.

    1. Problem IS that the demoTARDS have PERFECTED their mail-in ballot SCHEME and ballot harvesting and the cowardly scotus are hiding under their chairs, VERY SAD!!

      1. The point is, how many Patriots are willing to put their life on the line to save AMERICA from Communism takeover. We all contribute our thoughts and concerns on a computer, but are we willing to have a Civil War? I am, but not sure how to organize, at more than 78 years old. We aren’t solving anything with words at all!

  25. Here we go. Next divide the nation in two. Oh yeah that caused a civil war. Probably a few more steps before that, but leaning in that direction. I have heard many people talk about it. Stay tuned, should be a wild ride the next few years.


  27. When Oregon is making it possible for decriminalization of hard drugs they are pushing for a state that is totally dependent on government hand outs thus making communism easier to have and the state takes care of you until it gets tired of you and clintonizes you.
    I can see that the people would want to belong to a different state government, but as long as the overcrowded cities vote out numbers the rest of the counties the big cities will vote communist for the expectation of the free-bees.
    States should have 1 vote for each county..and that would show a better picture of how the state would be represented.

  28. I will hope for those who need this to happen, much good luck. It is with sadness that this is coming to pass. We had a man with vision and his governing was stolen. All this needs to be righted with our vote, not violence. We must get out the vote. Too many say my vote doesn’t count. In some cases that may be true. But, we must vote if nothing else but to soothe our souls.

    1. Joy, I assume ‘your man’ to be President Trump….yes the election was stolen and unless we disallow crooked electronic voting machines (Dominion & co.) we can never again win a federal election. Mike Lindell. the owner of MY PILLOW has a 3 hour (too long) docudrama proving the fraud. Chinese IP’s from all over China sent vote reversal messages to GA.,WISC., Mi., NV and AZ in the early hours after election day…..before this show is taken down, view at or get a free disc from calling My Pillow. Machines must be incapable of accessing the Internet.

  29. i live clackamas county ore i wish we were on your do we get in? i am tired of kate browns bull sh–t!!!

  30. It’s time people start suing elected leaders for not providing a safe environment for their citizens to live in. When the mayor’s and governors let antifa burn and loot its time they are held responsible for citizens loss personally, because they have not done their jobs. Things would change.

  31. it looks like idaho will have the same land mass as ca if all goes according to plan as long as idaho dosnt become like ca, oregon, or wa?

  32. Unfortunetly, I live in eugene and we are screwed because we’re a “college town” full of indoctrinated fools that have been “educated” over the last several DECADES to HATE their own country, SAD! Am looking to move eastward as soon as possible, will CERTAINLY move if this plan actually succeeds! portland and ALL of the VERMIN there just need to STAY there, PERIOD!

  33. In the article doesn’t even talk about the legalisation of hard drugs in the state. Who with any kind of family particularly young children would want to live in Oregon I can’t imagine. Considering some of the ramifications of this extended homelessness and crime beyond my imagination

  34. I’m all for it! Instead of going through the trauma of selling houses and businesses and uprooting children from their schools it would seem to me to be the right thing to do! Just shift the border slightly to encompass these new counties so they are in Idaho and people can start to live again instead of being in fear for their lives! You go Idaho!!! Good on you and the Oregonians who want to be part of your lovely state!

  35. America is becoming divided beyond belief as you indicate. For example : In Virginia Western Loudon County Towns have talked about Seceding from the “Progressive” Eastern Loudon County; Here in Westchester County Ny some Northern Towns have talked about seceding from “Progressive” Southern Westchester and joining Putnam County; In New York City, the borough of Richmond (Staten Island) talks of seceding from the “progressive” boroughs of the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Amazing!

  36. This is ( not just in Oregone) the results of the public school system, from start to finish the teachers, professors, instructors, whatever you want to call them have been brain washing the students with un American values, most all this anti American lifestyle attitudes come from the urban cities with the large College campuses, be smart & put your kids in charter or private schools.

  37. Would it not be better to become a new state. This would give conservative a bigger voice in congress. If that does not work then join Idaho later.

  38. All States that are considering legalization of drugs should look closely at Oregon. Legalization of drugs ALWAYS leads directly to violence. These Counties should switch States because once the drugs are legalized it will take decades to reverse that imbecilic decision. The drugs are legalized because the politicians behind the legalization are either addicted to the drug or believe the DNC position that if the government controls the drug it then controls the voter. Get out of that State. When Oregon legalized marijuana years ago the crime rate increased 600% in the first year. Since then they have masked the drug related crime. Everything you have seen this past year has NOTHING to do with politics. It is ALL drug related.

  39. Good for the Conservatives in Oregon! Make this happen and get rid of those “out of control” Oregon people who see nothing wrong with those Attack Dogs, Antifa!! Let that part of Oregon fail just like parts of California failed. Enough craziness is enough. Time to bring Responsibility AND Sanity back to people’s lives!

    Maybe other state’s counties should consider joining surrounding states that have more principled and moral lifestyles? The whole U.S. dynamics could change in a matter of a few years. And if it gets rid of the crazies, isolating them in smaller areas, I’m all for it! Bring it on!

  40. Unfortunately, the pain that rural Oregon feels is indicative of the pain that many Americans are feeling by what is happening in DC! They are making laws and passing bills that favor the coastal regions and the large cities while seeming to forget that the rest of the country not only exists but has the same rights that every other American has! DC is not only looking to silence our voice, but to keep us under their boot heel as well. With bills like HR1 and HR5, deceptively named as “For the People” and “The Equality Act”; neither bills lives up to their names. HR1 looks to strip the States of their ability to run their own elections, and HR5 looks to strip parents of the right to raise their children as they see fit along with striping schools of their ability to allow girls to compete only with biological girls. Neither of these bills looks to liberate anyone, instead they look to allow the Federal Government not just into our elections, but into our daily lives our school our homes our doctor offices and the field of competition. Oklahoma has taken the first step to stopping the Federal Government overreach, and every State must follow suit or we will be in more trouble than we know, and it won’t just be about where we live because the Federal Government is looking to invade every aspect of our lives!

  41. can eastern Washington join eastern Oregon and Idaho in their new big state?

    we really need to get away from the crazy people in western Washington.

  42. Unfortunately the facts of our national condition dictate that change such as this is thought to be all that is left to those that are most certainly disenfranchised by their lack of political clout.
    In addition, the same dilemma exists for the State of Washington as Seattle and King County rule the roost as does Portland and Multnomah County. Additionally, the worst of that condition exists in California where because of the geography and extreme political differences a state, not counties, separation is desperately needed. It has been attempted in California but without success, that may change after another 10 months of Biden.
    However, there is an alternative that does not require multiple, long term, costly uphill battles that would have additional fallout as to the unity, cohesion and design our forefathers so diligently and brilliantly designed for a union of states, The United States of America.
    We, as patriots and Conservatives must come together on a national scale (to be successful) and demand that this Congress create, bring to a vote and pass the legislation for “TERM LIMITS”!
    God Bless our heritage based United States of America. May we preserve and improve upon the original intent of a United States of America with a federal government that is truly for the people and by the people it embraces and represents.
    Term Limits will stop bipartisan politics, removes the gridlock that creates and eliminates the federal “career politician”.
    (1) Term Limits (once served cannot return to any federal office/position).
    (a) Senate 6 years and done
    (b) House 4 years and done
    (c) Supreme Court Justice Seats 10 years and done
    (c 1) Limited appointments will speed-up timelines for decisions, will stop politicizing the positions that lifetime appointments ultimately cause and will hopefully insure only those that truly want to be a Supreme Court Justice for the right reasons will apply.
    (c 2) Take away the autonomy Congress has created for itself by passing legislation that allowed them to create their own pay-scale and pay raises, for example. Take away lifetime benefits that start even after limited service. Congress needs to come under the authority/guidelines of the Office of Personnel Management (0PM) like other federal employees. They have set themselves up as the “privileged elite” and we let them do it, no more, we have to take back “OUR CONGRESS”!
    In addition take away the outside influence of members of Congress by Lobbyists. Outlaw Lobbying and Lobbyists (for obvious reasons).

    1. You are so right! Now will you start this movement. There are a lot of people on this posting to begin with help us organize and grow.

  43. We moved to Oregon when my husband retired from the military and it was the worst mistake we ever made. We finally got out when he had heart surgery and came to Texas. What a difference! People are welcoming and friendly here. No income tax, the 6th largest economy in the world and now the Dems are trying to take the state over. they have destroyed California and are now targeting us. We avoid the large cities because that’s where they congregate. Best of luck to the people who want to leave that backward state.

  44. The key to reversing this disastrous situation is to re-take the House and Senate in 2022. All of this anti- Constitutional, anti-America, Socialist/Communist crap can be throttled if we replace the majorities now in charge of Congress with conservative people, true to our values.
    Of course this also means making sure the election is honest – not an easy task seeing that the Democrats will pour money into it and cheat as they did in 2020.
    If the Democrats can’t be defeated at the polls, maybe the county-by-county movement can be successful in
    changing congressional balance enough to defeat them there.
    Remember this terrifying possibility ; Biden and his vicious people will not shrink at using military force and/or the DOJ against anyone or group they feel is a serious threat to their power.
    Fraudulently elected or not, we face the most un-American and anti freedom people in power EVER!
    (I think we all feel let down by the Supreme Court we thought could be relied upon to do their job. Instead,
    they, other than three, have pulled their robes over their heads and retreated under their desks.)

  45. I would like someone to explain to me, why congress and the administration, want shove things that we don’t want down our throat. It is up to us to decide what we want. like this immigration thing. The people 80% want controlled borders not open borders, so why do they keep saying that they want open borders. Does not make sense, unless there is something in it for them. I wonder how much? That they would go against the people that elected them. I think that a good place to start would be to get the names of all congressmen that vote for open borders, then in the next election vote them out of office, yes all of them. They are not working for you anymore, so get rid of them.

  46. I would fearfully and patriotically enjoy some of the suggestions offered herein. It seems to me there are far more true Americans than I would have thought. I’m too old to do much of anything strenuous but I will support you with my prayers. GOD bless you all in your efforts. I took an oath, many years ago when I enlisted in the Army, to protect and defend the constitution, and took a similar oath when I became a reserve deputy. Those oaths are still binding because there was no time limit on them.

  47. because they can!!!!! I wonder if the state of fl could annex over to Texas when they secede??? where do I sign up? our two states together would be awesome!! we both have really great patriotic governors. our people are alike in so many ways, except for the demon rats who are coming into fl to turn it into what hell hole they just left. as a native, 5 generational Floridian, it makes me sick to see this great state slowly turning blue. you left your state for a reason, dont drag that junk down here!!!!!!!!! as a response to Gary, above poster, with the rampant cheating and the fact that no one like the SCOTUS seems to care, how would you advise us to proceed to vote this trash out??? we dont cheat like the demon rats, so we just have to rely on truth in voting. these people dont, and can steal from their mothers without batting an eye. they have come to believe everything illegal that they do is ok, since the courts have no backbones any more, or are bought off. you can get a list of how your elected officials vote. look for the same from other states. it is not hard to compile a list. you just have to look the internet over.

  48. Our socialist , buddy of soros , democrat governor of Michigan & sen. stabenow claimed victory just minutes after the polls closed at 8 pm with only 31% of precincts counted , the liberal Lansing & Detroit criminal precincts . So 69% of the rest of Michigan got ignored completely , and what we got was a socialist tyrant governor & 20 year criminal senator , AGAIN . Michigan should split up also since we will be forever stuck with these dem. socialist , muslim -loving , & communist criminals thanks to electronic “election” equipment that “elects” by software manipulations .

  49. I 100% support this but even if it is successful the globalist NWO Agenda 21 will win through attrition. These places will simply have their economies destroyed unless there is a large enough and organized movement to create a system that is completely independent.
    The long term goal is to create a “Hunger Games” Society where people are forced off their property and into mega “smart cities” being hooked up to AI. Either way you look at it, there is no easy way.
    The elections have always been rigged by the way.

  50. I hope both WA and OR can get this done. The big liberal cities are destroying their states. Portland and Seattle are cesspools that dictate to the rest of those states.

    1. The comments I have just read sound like unhappy citizens all around the country, not just Oregon. Do you know that our fore-fathers set up an avenue we, as citizens, can take when our government gets out of control? Many people are upset all around the country with how things are going in the government. An organization named Convention of States was set up specifically by our founding fathers to give our citizens the right to set the government back on track again. Please check out their website, Convention of There is much information there, and that is where citizens can correct some of these problems. Check it out. It is what we need to correct our government.

  51. It’s time for a rise in States rights. The best government is the smallest government, and one closest to the people. The desire for local self-determination has always been a core belief in freedom-loving people and it’s front and center in the Declaration of Independence! The people want and deserve taxation with representation. If truly fair and transparent elections are no more, this splintering away from tyrannical rule will accelerate over the coming years.

  52. Such a move/change would have relevance for upstate New York. New York’s Five boroughs plus Long Islands Nassau and Suffolk and quite possibly Westchester County are no better than Portland in Multnomah County.

  53. you mean, “leave another “comment” that you don’t like”. I am a “retired” marine who LOVES the U.S.A. and WILL stand by the oath I swore TO THE DEATH ! So, you can think by censoring commentary I.E. FREE SPEECH you will somehow get your sick commie agenda to stand. Well, good luck with that. !

  54. My great-great grandfather was instrumental in bringing Oregon into the Union. Far left liberal ideologies have divided Oregon politically. It started in the 1950’s when the public school systems in Oregon started breaking down and stopped teaching the Oregon and United States Constitutions. The fix, as I see it, requires an Oregon Constitutional amendment in which the majority in each county and the majority of counties decide statewide issues. Each county gets one vote. Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion and Linn counties ie. Willamette Valley, cannot decide issues that affect rural Oregon. What we have now is a far left dictatorship in Oregon. The move to Idaho will only postpone the problem. It would be only a matter of time before Idaho encompassed the whole of the Oregon Coast.

  55. I fled the Communists in Hungary many years ago. Now IDIOT DEMOCRAPS want to turn America Socialist/COMMUNIST. I have never seen America in such a sad state, especially places like Oregon & Washington. Too bad Trump didn’t send the military to arrest the anarchists and shithead Mayor Wheeler and democrap governors and lock them up for treason & anarchy. I’m seriously thinking of moving back to Hungary before these brain dead screwup’s finish their mission, since Hungary is now FREE of COMMUNISTS and the the youth of America has no idea what they are doing. After Eastern Europe & Russia gave up Communism, America never taught students in schools how bad it is for wrecking economies. Get used to standing in mile long lines for empty store shelves and in soup kitchens during snowy weather.

  56. So many suggestions to make new states (“red” ones), so many suggestions to change State borders. My understanding, however, is that the Constitution requires approval of such changes by the U. S. Congress. Will never happen with the Dems in control of Congress. And if our election system isn’t fixed to avoid the kind of fraud that occurred in 2020, then the Dems will retain control, possibly forever(!), dooming any such contemplated change in the States.

  57. This Texan needs to point out that counties who want to move to a conservative state need to realize that such moves will dilute conservative power and give leftist states more power due to having senators and representatives that will continue to rule us GOOD states. There must be a way to avoid that happening!

  58. A lot of people are fleeing the dictatorship of Newsom and his nut job aunt Pelosi. I guess it runs in the family.

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