Georgia GOP Demands Woke Coca-Cola Out of State Offices After CEO Condemns New Voting Law

Some Georgia Republican have called for Coca-Cola products to be removed from state offices after the company opposed the state’s new election law and called the law racist.

In a letter to Kevin Perry, president of the Georgia Beverage Association, eight Republican members of the Georgia House wrote:

“Given Coke’s choice to cave to the pressure of an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately. Should Coke choose to read the bill, share its true intentions and accept their role in the dissemination of mistruths, we would welcome a conversation to rebuild a working relationship.”

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey recently attacked Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) for signing the state’s new voting law, calling it “unacceptable” and “a step backwards.”

Governor Kemp pointed out that the act expands early voting opportunities, weekend early voting and extends deadlines for absentee ballot requests. Not sure how Quincey can get away with calling this backwards, as it offers more access to voting.

The two aspects Quincey and others have criticized most include a statewide voter ID absentee voting requirement and restricting ballot drop box usage. In other words, you must have a photo ID to vote, even in absentee voting.

You know, like the photo ID Coca-Cola requires for its employees to enter its headquarters each day. Or like the ID Coca-Cola required for members at its 2020 shareholder meeting. The annual meeting of shareholders page notes:

“All attendees will need to register in advance and obtain an admission ticket. A valid photo ID and admission ticket is required to gain admission to the meeting.”

Sounds a lot more like the Georgia voting ID to me.


Maybe it’s just common sense, but common sense doesn’t seem to be as common among today’s woke brand names. Just look at Delta Airlines. They, too, oppose the new Georgia voting ID law. But when is the last time you boarded a flight without photo ID? Probably never.

In addition, why is Coca-Cola so fired up about voting legislation? Seems like a Georgia voting law wouldn’t matter that much to a soft drink company.

Coca-Cola has gone full woke. They were recently called out by employees for being forced to undergo critical race theory training. That stressed how employees can be less white.

To Coca-Cola it doesn’t matter that more than 40 states are considering election law changes similar to Georgia. Apparently, voting rights are less important than being woke and being anti-white.

Major League Baseball has now made the first major move by changing the location of the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to a new location to be determined. MLB just made the game of baseball political and said its only for Democrats. Other companies are considering a boycott of business in the state.

Trump has urged conservatives to fight back, and called for a boycott of baseball. He argued there are far more conservatives than liberals in America and that if we stand up and unite, there is no liberal or woke boycott that could succeed in Georgia or across the nation. Once again, Trump is right.

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107 thoughts on “Georgia GOP Demands Woke Coca-Cola Out of State Offices After CEO Condemns New Voting Law”

  1. I am almost 73 years of age. I have voted since the age of 18. I have always had to show a valid I. D. every time I have voted. I can’t buy cold and cough medicine in the grocery store without showing an I. D. Why should this become a big issue now? That is what people need to find out for themself. Don’t take someone’s word for the why. You will be amazed at what you might learn about this nation of people.

    1. I agree, this has been unacceptable. I love Coke but will stop buying, because they shouldn’t be getting into politics. Coke may not like how this ends, each one of us needs to say Stop, you can not possibly be talking for All your employees.

      1. I too will stop buying Coke products, Big business cannot dictate how we vote or interfere wit our laws.

      2. I urge all my friends and family to stop buying Coca Cola, until coke realizes that they do not dictates how my state requires I’d to vote….. it is the duty of ALL CITIZENS to probe who they are , not who they are voting for, at voting districts.. I have to provide an id to purchase cigarettes and I’m WAY PASSED 21… you need ID to get into any Federal or State building, even little old city hall needs to know who you are, so what’s the problem, YOU CANT CHEAT IF THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE….

        1. How true and that is where the problem is. Coke Cola prefers people vote in the shadows or maybe a dark alley. Down with Coke and other company’s that feel the same.

          1. Not only will I not buy any Coke products I will not buy or support any of the other listed company’s that opposed the Georgia TAX law. I’m not watching the “ALL STAR ” game this year

      3. I urge all my friends and family to stop buying Coca Cola, until coke realizes that they do not dictates how my state requires I’d to vote….. it is the duty of ALL CITIZENS to probe who they are , not who they are voting for, at voting districts.. I have to provide an id to purchase cigarettes and I’m WAY PASSED 21… you need ID to get into any Federal or State building, even little old city hall needs to know who you are, so what’s the problem, YOU CANT CHEAT IF THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE….

        1. Agreed! However, I suggest everyone who stops purchasing Coke products inform the company about their decision and WHY. Go to their web site, social media, phone then, etc. Plus share your actions with family and friends to spread the word.

        2. I agree. This all could be part of their plan to pass HR1 which will be the end of our democracy as we know it. Republicans need to get tough or get out…..

        1. My Wife and I drink a lot of Coke Products. I just stopped buying Coke Products and I am drinking Pepsi Products. GOD Bless America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I also think that the owners of Major League Baseball need to get together as for the Commissioner of Baseball, as He took the All Star Game from Atlanta, Ga., and I am from Kentucky.

      4. Me and my RC are happier now since I quit drinking Woke a Cola. They want a slow death, it’s their right I guess. I will only support those businesses who don’t play this ignorant woke thing. I also banned Wayfair, Walmart, Bed Bath and beyond. Never gonna fly with Delta (if they are that ignorant, how can I be sure their airplanes are safe?) MLB can go to China and never come back.

      5. I completely agree with you. My husband is a Coca Cola fan and we’re in our seventies, so that’s a lot of years buying Coke, and he has agreed with my decision to no longer purchase ANY Coca Cola products. In addition we have some Coke products, memorabilia and such that will be trashed. I wish these companies would stick to selling their goods and leave politics out of it. I’m boycotting anything that promotes a far left agenda. Who needs them?

      6. I looked at different cola makers, and the “R.C. ” brand seems not only politically neutral, but makes a great “Rum Cola” drink.

    2. I too loved coke but will not buy another coke product. I will quit drinking coke and will not fly Delta. Delta was my choice when i flew but will not anymore.

      1. I feel the same will not drink coke on buy it’s products or fly Delta. I’m for showing ID when Voting.

    3. It’s all about becoming a Global State. Without voter ID, a French National can vote in our elections thus giving the democrats power forever.

      1. True. ID is used to prove you are a citizen of the U.S. Can anyone, just by looking at your face, know that you are an American? Absolutely not!!!!

    4. 73 I agree with you. Coke is my favorite beverage but I switched to Royal Crown Cola (RC) it’s much better. I love baseball but I will quit watching. MLB prefers dealing with a communist country? Anything for those green backs. Good luck because Americans don’t forget.

    5. When are we going to hear one of the big supermarket chains say to coke you did the wrong thing ? We may not or will think about selling your products.

    6. I always show an ID to vote and I have always loved Coke, but from now on, I will no longer support Coke. Coke needs only the support of the woke!
      I will still show ID to vote though:)
      Coke can kiss my ass!

    7. yes indeed anyone not showing it not counted those politicians for no id need to be taken to the woodshed, and there educated

  2. President Trump wants to boycott Coke I will make sure it’s done throughout my family President Trump awesome we cut Delta I will make sure it’s done throughout my family and any other company that goes after George’s election law I will make sure it’s done throughout my family and friends which are all over this country God bless President Trump

  3. If it’s owned by Coke-Cola, I will no longer buy it. I’m sick to death with these “woke” fools.

  4. I think Georgians and all Americans should stand up for the right to be free stop these big CEOs in these big companies dictating to us on how to run our country if we have to kick them out of our country we don’t need them most of them were garbage anywhere Give me liberty or give me death.we the people have the right to be FREE.

    1. I support what President Trump calls for…. Boycott Coke, Delta airlines and Baseball…The Democrats want to steal more elections! Wake up America!!!!

  5. Since when in our entire lives have we not needed an ID for things like a driver’s license that we must prove who we are before getting one! When we go to the doctor or hospital, we must prove who we are! Picking up a prescription you need an ID! I have always added to prove who I was in order to vote so, what is the real problem here?
    Since when do we allow illegals or persons not legally registered to vote? You’ve always needed to be a citizen of this country in order to have that PRIVILEGE and it is a privilege not just a right! Look at other countries people around the world, they DO NOT have the same kind of elections we have in the USA!
    Why is it everything that seems to be done today is considered racist! Is it because the left says so? They are the ones dividing this country and causing more racism! STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID PEOPLE!
    May God have mercy on us all! And may we all come together as one before we destroy this country all together 1

    1. Democrats don’t want ID because they want to cheat just like they did during the 2020 presidential election

    1. No, sorry…you can’t “have” Governor DeSantis. Florida loves him and needs him to be re-elected in 2022. Please set your sights on someone else….perhaps Ted Cruz? Please don’t take our Governor!!!

      1. Hahahaha. I’m not from FL, and I love Ron. I like you though don’t want to loose a single strong conservative gov. to become president. Those governors have helped keep those states in tact.

    1. If the boycotts run long enough they’ll eventually run out of money but then again their money is probably from the crooked corrupt Democrats

  6. Thank you gov. We all need to stop this crap. And we do need voter id everywhere. I will do my part and cut coke outp of my house until the idoit ceo at coke comes to his senses and read the law. Wow and he’s a ceo of coke this is sad I’m 86 years old and always voted not always straight republican but last 12 yrs. Obama took America to new low now Biden has done more to ruin America Wonder who drew up the bills he signed hum Obama. As for baseball you signed up with China and you did this disgraceful and Discusting didn’t you learn anything with basketball

  7. What a bunch of crap these Demorat supporting companies are slinging. It’s one of those “good for me, but not for thee” scenarios that is typical for the left socialist, communistic, dictatorial party that want to, and are succeeding in, ruining this country. The SWAMP swimming Demorats want to keep pushing until enough true partiots are pushed to the point of violence as a last resort. The Dems preach that they don’t condone violence when in actuality, they not only encourage it, but finance it. I am in total favor of boycotting any/all companies/organizations that are forcing their political views down our, the consumers who are actually supporting THEM, throats! BOYCOTT< BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!!

  8. Voter ID is the easiest and most reliable way to protect against voter fraud! The reason these companies don’t want it and the libtards is so they can implement voter fraud in the coming elections as was done in the last one!

  9. I have always bought Coke but I won’t anymore. I have always had to show a ID to vote so what is new. They need to read the law.

  10. The world is going crazy. Corruption, dishonesty are taking over. It has become the Democrat way. America wake up and really take a look at the mess our country is in. Mr. Biden (I refuse to call him my president) is ruining America. Voter Fraud, Higher Taxes For All, Energy Dependence on other Countries, Immigration (the mess the boarder is in), Foreign Policy to name a few. I do not know about you but higher gas and oil, knowing my vote is being wiped out by a fraudulent vote, seeing the drug problem increase due to open boarders, seeing children being used for sex trafficking are NOT what America needs. President Trump was helping America. He cared. He served during a very difficult time (with COVID). He got us a vaccine, made us energy dependent, made the world a safer place, put up a boarder wall to keep out drugs to name a few. God Bless President Trump. I hope you run in 2024 . God Bless the people in Georgia Boycott Coke, Delta, and Baseball.

  11. Add another to the list ====
    Bank of America
    They are doing the same – my accounts are being closed today
    Course I wonder when they will change their name – Bank of China seems appropriate


  13. It is ridiculous what is happening to America. We are a land of the free and under the constitution we need to obey laws!! They are for the people and by the people. Biden and Harris are out to destroy our country!!! They want to tax seniors to death to pay for the illegals coming in in hoards – but they don’t care – they don’t go to the border and see what is going on. I am 73 and voted all my life in person – that is what you do to make voting fair and legal!!! Biden and Harris just want illegals to vote so they can get in again – afraid not!!! I support Trump in his Make America great again!!! It is time we stand up for our rights! I will not buy Coca Cola products anymore – I did enjoy them but no longer! As for sports my husband and I no longer watch them!!!!

    1. Amen. I will be 73 in Nov. and never in all my life can believe what is happening to the US. Once Biden and Kamala took office the US has gone to hell (oh I forgot Obama is who really running (his third run in office). Now Coke, Baseball, Illegals, Gun Control etc. where is all this going to end. What I do not understand is why The President and Kamala are not impeached, they tried to do it to Trump. With Wisconsin, AZ votes being re-examined and Georgia, what a mess our country is in. Even if the states find illegal voting I do not see how it will change the Oval Office. Four years of all this crap! Unbelievable. What happened to our constitution and the laws? Is there no one person around that can enforce the Constitution, certainly the President won’t, he is Obama’s puppet.

  14. Coca Cola used to be my soft drink of choice. Even though they had their secret ingredient in it, (Coke) in the early days. This is an unbreakable vow that I enact upon myself, to never knowingly drink Coke or their products again again. They have shot themselves in the foot by becoming political and racist. Imagine wanting white people to become less white. Such fools, must be democrats. Now yo go against using picture I.D. for voter identification. Such ignorance and arrogance will not go unfettered. I see a great anti coke campaign starting up that will finally end Coke as a leading soft drink manufacturer. No apology will erase the racist attitude of Coca Cola. Do you think it would be ok to tell people of color to become less colored? No, there would be open riots in the streets, but Republicans are for justice and law and order. So we can only hit it where it hurts, their bottom line. Their decision to back democrats is not just at the CEO level, but at the very top, the owners.

  15. There are over 400,000 yep — 4 hundred thousand questionable mail-in ballots still hanging out in Georgia for the 2020 election which could swing 16 electorial votes from the pedophile biden to Trump. How many other states have the same thing ???? The demonRATS are so adamant about voter ID because their ILLEGALS, THEIR DECEASED, THEIR MULTIPLE TIME VOTERS could not get away with it any longer not to mention the very and extremely corrupt mail-in ballots.

  16. bailed out by whom? The more “trilliions” that are used to bail companies out will be paid with worthless paper printed by the “government”. this isn’t a government, it is a cluster-f_c_. we are so far in over the limit of sense. All this has to be torn down and re-instituted as the constitution is meant to be. So few of these “representatives” actually voice the “voice” of the people they so-called represent. Adam Kinsinger is a perfect example of a greedy little wh_re politician who only represents his best interest: stealing from tax payers.

  17. I have an idea for a song?
    Coke is a joke if they want to be woke!
    We the people are not taking another poke
    If you ask me, “this woke Crap is a joke”!!!
    Now for true American people “We the People have Spoke”!!!

  18. We the people have the power to make change, collectively we have a very strong voice. Fight for your freedoms, as they do not come free any longer. Go Georgia !!!!

  19. Put COKE, MLB, DELTA (a HORRIBLE airline ANYWAY) and OTHER so called “woke” (?!?) businesses out of BUSINESS and their CEOs into POVERTY – there is NO excuse for this! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  20. You need ID to drive, buy alcoholic beverages, cigarettes. You need ID to apply for work, attend classes, and have and use a bank account. So why not to vote? Voting is more important than all the other activities. Voter ID yes. Why are the dems against it. It makes it very hard to cheat the vote like happened in Pa.

  21. Hoping this boycott expands and stays, but it will be much more effective if you let these woke companies know WHY you are boycotting their products.

  22. More people or companies that can’t remember how they got big. We the people did that for you….. buying, using their service, watching and buying tickets to a game…. you can’t even go to a game without being rich anyway… average person can not afford to bring his family to a game anyway. Family of 4 will be too much for any average pocketbook or wallet.. all money goes to blm or woke now

  23. Big business is trying to control this country and that is not their job. They need to take care of their own business or support things necessary to make this country great. Because they make more money than anyone in this country doesn’t give them the right to dictate what we do. The customers made the company and we can take it away. I will not buy any more coke products in the future. If all people do this then we won’t have to worry about the big business telling us what to do.

  24. James Quincy with Coke should go home he’s from great Britain don’t know a damn thing about Georgia so stupid for him to even make a comment like Georgia values
    He a stupid bad teeth a—hole

  25. Think we all need the CEO of Coke & MLB’ss home address so that we can write them in person and let them know that we are boycotting their product. MLB is hurting financially because of the “Pandemic.” If the people that do go would skip a half dozen or more games the owners would get his attention. Am a Georgian, would like to see our governor call or legislation back in session and take away the tax breaks of the following: coke, delta and the braves. When you get into their pockets their point of view changes.

  26. If all of us conservatives were to get together and stop buying the products from all these work morons we could either shut them down and put them out of business or make them change their minds but it’s up to us to stop this barrage of garbage from the woke community

  27. Coca-Cola can just ho away. Their products are major contributors to obesity and diabetes type 2 around the the world.

    As far as pro sports, I can do without all of them. A bunch of over paid, over grown spoiled brats just getting big money to play kids games.

    We would be better off without coke and probably of all types.

  28. We will no longer buy coca-cola products and no more baseball. We are Senior citizens and have never seen people go as crazy as they are now. We were also registered democrats up until 2012 and saw that Obama was destroying our country and what the democrat party was doing. Can’t understand how there are still so many stupid people out there that are supporting democrats and the communist party they represent. Our country is in a horrible mess and is only going to get worse if people don’t wake up and fight for America. Politics should not run everything. Also the baseball commissioners should be fired and replaced immediately for even considering such a stunt as they did.

  29. I am done with any Coca-Cola product!! The corporate world has no business sticking their noses into politics in general, especially voting laws.

    PC and wokeness are the most ridiculous things and are used to divide & control the population of America!!!

  30. I am done with coke also. I almost was when they told their employees to be less white. How about they try to be less ignorant?
    Jan C

  31. Coke just lost my business and I have been a coke user for over 60 years, NO MORE and any fast-food place that uses coke products has lost my business! Coke CEO, read the Georgia Voter Bill and then have someone explain it to you! You are an idiot just like Beijing Biden, now the two of you can go to China and sell Coke products to the Chinese Communist Party on a street corner in Beijing!!!!! Good Riddance to both of you!!!!!!!!

  32. I have always drank coke, but I will not allow it in my house anymore. I will not use delta for any plane trips I go on. I will not watch any baseball or listen to it on radio. I personally think Georgia should sue the CEO of baseball for removing the game from here because they usually have contracts to supply them with places to stay, food vendors etc. Breach of contract. I don’t watch basket ball either. If these people want to kneel during the National Anthem, they are not true Americans. I served in Vietnam and I will always stand for the Star Spangle Banner. I saw a lot of young men die to preserve our freedom and the disrespect these millionaires in ball games kneel, should be a crime.

  33. if u think u have a problem, I just voted for in the Wisconsin election today – and asked the brand of the voting machines – DOMINION – holy shit my vote will evaporate tonight ! of course, we have a flaming liberal “donkey” ( there’s definitely a better word choice but I will leave that up to ur imagination) governor Evers –

  34. I just outlawed all Coca Cola products in my house! I just wish I knew who these dumb A** asleep Woke idiots are! They have to hide because they know they are wrong and/or unpopular.

  35. Malcolm X“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”.

  36. Malcolm X“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”. .

  37. And I am not a Republican, Democrat or other. I am a Republicrat. I vote for whomever I think will do the best job. I have done this for over 60 years and will keep doing so. I only started voting at primaries several years back because I did not want to vote party. I finally realized that those than won in the primaries were the ones who made our final decisions.

  38. NO more Coca Cola in my home ever again. No Delta and no baseball. Ceo’s Do Not and Should Not be allowed to run our Country.
    God Bless you Govenor DeSantis and President Trump!

  39. The Health Risks from the harmful products in any soda are worth giving them up or not drinking them to begin with. Just another reason to use the POWER of the PURSE to send coke a message. THE PEOPLE need to let corporations & the corrupt Government know that they are not in charge of “WE THE PEOPLE” they do NOT get to dictate anything. “WE THE PEOPLE” are their BOSSES. PERIOD.

  40. I would never have believed a great American company like Coke Cola would voice opposition to voter rights.
    What do soft drinks have to do with voting?
    I will avoid Coke Cola products when ever possible.

  41. Coca Cola, Delta, NBA and MLB can go straight to hell. They are not permitted in my life any longer. Joe Biteme and Camelhump are not my leaders either. The dimwit demoncreeps are all assholes and anti-American traitors.

  42. As a mid size business owner/manager, I had a Pepsi rep come in yesterday and agreed on removal of the Coke machines and replaced by Pepsi machines.
    I also asked the office people not to use Delta airlines any longer. As far as MLB don’t have time to watch but now will never take the time.
    I disowned NFL three years ago and haven’t watched since.
    Only way to deal with companies as large as Delta and Coke hit them where it hurts their pocket book (bottom line)

  43. I live in a homeowners Association and had a meeting and all homeowners pledge never to BUY COKE PRODUCT AGAIN . COKE GOT THEMSELVES INVOLVE into politics AND FAVOR ONE POLITICAL PARTY AND SHOULD BE TAKEN TO COURT.

  44. Please, please, dump that stupid word “woke” from your articles. In my opinion it is the most ignorant and least descriptive word ever put into practice in the English language!!!!

    1. ??????? You need to get a life! So much to worry about in our corrupt world and you waste time and energy over a single word?

  45. I’m almost 64 years old I’ve voted since 18 years of age, I’ve always had to show my ID.
    If any one has a problem showing their’s they must be hiding something!! The blacks and other people of color fought for their ID and their rights in this country!!
    What has Changed?
    First they wounded ID and rights now they don’t!!
    Coke, Delta, Dell, The Southern Companies and the rest of
    these dumb companies need to worry about their problems and keep their Dirty Noses out of politics period!! myself will not be drinking anymore Cokes & won’t be Buying Dell products.
    We the people are the ones that can bring these Companies to their knees, [BOYCOTTS] !
    Boycott them all, These Co’s. Dont care about us the people who they are suppose to be SERVING.
    ALL Companies that play Politics and has these Stupid Thoughts, are trying to play two Games, problem is no chair for them at the table.
    Sounds like someone else you know like mabe Government !
    These people have too much Power,
    They need Controlling themselves!!!
    Council Culture!! What is going on in this Country ?
    Freedom Of Speech , today you say something someone doesn’t like,
    Tomorrow You’re CANCELED!!
    There’s too much wrong with this picture.
    Biden and Crew are trying to Destroy this country & he will do it in less than a year.
    And He’s got a running start.
    We’ve got to STOP him, Biden needs to be cut down to size before 2024, we can start in 2022.

  46. Coca Cola has the right to express their views just as I have the right to expressive right NOT to buy coke products. After all Coke is a company and they need people to but their products to stay in business; I don’t need to buy Coke products for any reason. They need me to survive; I don’t need them to survive!

  47. I feel the same will not drink coke or buy it’s products or fly Delta. I’m for showing ID when Voting.


  49. Coke isn’t good for you anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but no more coke for me. Only thing I would consider using coke for is to clean my battery terminals, or toilet bowls, and there are other products made for those purposes. When will these useful idiots learn not to bite the hand that feeds you. I am off Coke forever.

  50. Malcolm X“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”.

  51. Malcolm X“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man”. wakeup black man!

  52. A boycott of Coca cola is not a loss, anything that can remove rust from metal is not fit for human consumption

  53. I stopped drinking coke & and most carbonated soft drinks since the early 90s after a family member who works for the government shared with us that it was a plot to get people hooked, turning them into diabetics or IGT/IFG ! Diabetes,, like cancer is “big business “,,, people better wise up and start taking charge of their health especially since the other things we “CANT” control unless your a billionaire!!!

  54. I’m 75, and I don’t recall anytime in my life that I didn’t have to provide some sort of ID, whether to get into a high school dance, fill a prescription or even to get married; I could go on with listing examples to infinity. However, those too ignorant, lazy, unconcerned individuals in this country never were interested enough to get off their asses to do anything about it; as bottom feeders, they were content society would always give them what they wanted without doing anything about it. Then, democratic scum realized to take over this country and implement their unpatriotic socialist idiocy they actually didn’t have enough votes, so they began implementing the scam that voter ID was unfair and a “racist” issue. So they kissed the ass of BLM and antifa, threaten the established procedures to vote, making it an issue to save their phony baloney jobs. The US Constitution guarantees everyone has the right to vote, even though the pretend president says the Constitution isn’t absolute, but it doesn’t guarantee providing ballots to non-citizens who are too lazy to get off their backsides and register and obtain proof (ID) they are who they claim to be!
    Since the swamp is no longer representing the MAJORITY of this country the only choice we have is to BOYCOTT the likes of Coca-Cola and Delta, and any other companies who are stupidly WOKE; it’s worked before. So, buy Pepsi, fly another air line, but be sure you email, fax, call, twitter or FaceTime these socialist companies of your intention to do so. Remember, “MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS!”

  55. I usually work elections as an inspector. I was amazed at the number of voters who signed the book with a signature that didn’t even look like English! Who wrote that twisted line that looked like a worm dropped in alcohol? It wasn’t on our records. I switched to Pepsi, and, after noticing that Coke has its name on bottles of Dasani and other soft drinks, I now look at every bottle to see what company is behind the product. I don’t want to support Coke via Dasani or any other product.

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