Gingrich Says Democrats Are Scared They Will Lose the House in 2022

In a Fox News interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reported Democrats have given up on keeping the House and are attempting to pass legislation as quickly as possible until the 2022 election.

Gingrich called the plan a sprint to radicalism, telling Carlson, “What they’re doing is ramming through everything they can get done before they lose in 2022. This is kind of a sprint to radicalism even though it’s going to cost, if you look at these votes … [they’ll] have 30, 40, 50 members who are not going to be able to defend them.”

The former house speaker added a similar pattern followed the first terms of the two previous Democrat presidents. Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton saw their party take big losses in the House in the first midterm following their election.

Gingrich noted, “They [Democrats] lost 54 seats [in 1994] and we became the majority for the first time in 40 years,” he said. “When Obama was elected, they lost 63 seats [in 2010].”

He also noted the left’s fear can be seen in the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Of the $1.9 trillion budget, less than 10 percent is directly related to COVID-19 relief. The rest funds unrelated political projects, ranging from economic justice to attempts to support mass transit in Nancy Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco.


The other area Gingrich reported as a growing concern is Biden’s immigration policies. He noted, “If there’s a problem in Texas, it’s not with Governor Abbott, it’s with Biden’s illegals. We just have to call them [that], these are Biden’s illegals coming into the country [with] no public health check.”

As both pandemic relief and immigration face ongoing legislative battles, midterm election campaigns are beginning to take shape. With only a five-seat deficit, Republican confidence continues to grow that the House will flip in 2022.

In addition to flipping Democrat districts, former President Donald Trump has declared war on the Republicans in the House who still subscribe to the old Republican Party, the globalists and the weak defenders of America First. Trump will target 10 RINO’s including Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, with primary contenders preparing for a midterm battle.

South Carolina Republican Congressman Tom Rice served a surprising impeachment vote against Trump, tweeting, “I have backed this President through thick and thin for four years. I campaigned for him and voted for him twice. But, this utter failure is inexcusable.” He’ll also likely face serious opposition in the upcoming primary.

Despite party in-fighting among those who have voted to impeach or oppose Trump, prospects of a 2022 Republican resurgence in the House look strong. Perhaps the most important concern among many is voter integrity, as many people lost trust in the system after the 2020 presidential election.

Expect Trump and other Republicans to hammer on this issue in the days ahead, as stop the steal becomes protect the vote. Despite the negativity and discouragement many conservatives experienced following the 2020 election and January 6 Capitol riot, a comeback may be underway. It’s up to patriotic Americans to get involved now, looking ahead as a way to bring future change to Washington and our nation.

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61 thoughts on “Gingrich Says Democrats Are Scared They Will Lose the House in 2022”

  1. the most important and serious concern is the illegals they will keep coming until we stop them any way we can
    stop feeding the mass, health care NO! they can sleep in the street, another Civil War YES Biden’s brain is toast
    we all know that there is no laws now USA need muscle the Democrats are not American Blacks want a
    different America, okay they can stay away and we can stay away from them sounds good to me they are very racist dangerous people, the rest of the people different races we can get along with

    1. I agree with you. These illegals coming over is a real threat. Trump had it under control. This redicous catch and release. They give the migrants a court date, release they and they don’t show up for the court date. This is so stupid. The health issues with these people is the a big factor.

      1. I agree that this is stupid. I wonder if George Bush is glad that he voted for Biden since he lives in Texas. Of course he will get his wish when oil and gas prices go up and Biden gets us into a war.

        Americans should protest the security the politicians have 24/7 while we are without that privilege. The Dems don’t want the wall at the border, they shouldn’t have a wall around the Capital.

        1. I agree, the wall was built originally to keep these migrants out. We need to continue the rebuilding and repairs to the wall at any cost. The idiot Biden I think he stopped the construction. He is opening the flood gates. I feel a large number of Republicans are just sitting back not doing anything. This border situation is a major concern. I wish we had trump bsck.

      2. The coyotes take $ from these people. Once the unaccomplished minor sets foot on our soil, they are US citizens. When others cross and claim “asylum”, they are given $1,100 to go wherever they want! Did you know that? Biden is controlled by Susan Rice (just one) and we all know who her best buds are!!!

    2. Couldnt happen to nicer bunch of hyperocrits come November they will be removed I cant wait to put them out in november terms and good ridens

    3. The Demonic-Democrats have lost all “common sense” and make horrible decisions that affect all of us – mostly in negative ways. I don’t understand why they have gone – what I call, anti-American! Our society is in disarray because of “them” ! They are big time “culture cancel” folks – and need to be reigned in. The Republicans I know “just want to get along” and not have those far-left voices in our weary ears…

      1. Others will point out, more realistically, Texas and a number of other states simply leaving peacefully. After all, Brexit was peaceful if I remember correctly. There would eventually be Americans using civil disobedience against our Federal Government and you can’t punish all them in a realistic society, right? So what I’m saying is that you want to avoid another one of those conflicts. We need to think about that.

  2. Stop illegals from coming in. Get rid of masks live normal C NO SHOTS —- just more evil control from the left and death !!!

  3. We have the stupidist president we have ever had but it’s obvious he’s not running things it’s Obama and his croneys again anything to screw up what Trump has done for country putting American ppl first ! I pray Republicans take back house and Senate to straighten out the mess Democrats have made and Nancy needs to be booted out permanently !!!

      1. The states Must get the dominion machines out of all states before counting votes or the same thing will happen again just like GA. No mail in votes at all due to fake mailed ballots.

      1. yes & we need voter ID, Not mail in ballets, & no voting poles open when the time limit is over & both parties watching over the ballots & paper voting back with NO machines ever!

    1. I totally agree! I think Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer need to be removed! They are very dangerous for our country! They are destroying it for their own personal needs!

      1. OBVIOUSLY one very distinct POLITICLE POINT about most of these DEMO–C–RATS is they are from the WEST COAST & the NORTH EAST COAST , this has been very COSTLY for USA over the YEARS & more COSTLY starting NOV 2020 !!!

        1. Impeach Poolosi,Biden, Shumer, & get rid of fart face swallow, Schifty Schit, Humpty Dumpty nadler,& the muslim Obomb who still thinks he’s president for starters! Clean up the demonrats & get our real president DJT back in where he belongs !

    2. I agree, obummer is running the show. You had Harris bailing out the BLM and antifa and neighborhood thugs with the riots last summer. NOT PEACEFUL PROTESTS. To think Biden and Harris calling them peaceful protests. That is so sick. That is our president and vice president.

      1. They’re nothing to me,they might have the name; but that’s all they have:if you have to cheat to win and they knew that was the only way they could beat President Donald J Trump, it’s just low-down and sorry, so to me they didn’t win anything

  4. The Corruption of the Democrat Party has no Limits Since they won’t be indicted. The Super Rich have taken Control along with Hollywood, Silicon Valley, K Street and the Deep State. As long as they can Bribe Constituents with Tax Payer Money
    They’ll Bribe the Suckers.

  5. I feel the problem lies with the democrats and some of the republicans in office. They stand by bidet/harris/pelosi because they fear something about them. They know something and don’t have the spines to stand up to this craziness. We will keep fighting to get back to normalcy when we vote President Trump and those in office who in want to see America grow. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

  6. The Presidential election in 2020 was stolen from President Trump, what makes the Republican think it won’t be stolen in 2022 and 2024? What the party must do is get voter’s registration cards which can’t be duplicated. This is the only solution to voter integrity. We could line up and be like other third world country’s and vote and have a purple finger indicating we voted. The United States is broke, we are living on borrow monies, our Justice Department is corrupt as is the FBI. Where will this country be in ten years? I fear for this most generous and former great country. God Bless Donald Trump and God help America!

    1. If it doesn’t get under control of the American people we will be a communist nation. You are right. We need voter integrity now, and a strong system set up to prevent fraud.

  7. I just feel that they need to get to the real work instead of the hypocrisy. Let’s get to doing what is right. Let’s get rid of the nonsense out that bill and work on that needs. to be in it

  8. Yes the importance is that the voting process fiasco never happen again:by the party tactics under the democracy embrace of socialists communist agendas don’t rig and oil the voting system: thus not having a free and clean election. So we can clean up the mess they create these 2yrs under dementia Joe and hiss kamala with the demonrat- and rhinos leaders in government. GOD OF HEAVEN help us all.

  9. America needs God back into our country. We were once witnesses as to how a country should be run. Rhinos and some Dems need their eyes to be fully open. Our fore Fathers at the beginning lead the way. We have let them down also. God have mercy on America.

  10. I want to know what happened to all the investigations of Hillary. Hunter Biden Epstein Eric Sewall with the Chinese spy ?? Well isn’t it convenient!!! They all need to be put in prison !!!

  11. Every voter, who understands the importance of Republicans taking back control of the House, need to write, call, and text their representatives NOW and keep up sending the message put Americans FIRST AGAIN. STOP the INSANITY IN OUR GOVERNMENT! We, the PEOPLE, need to get busy and VOTE OUT ALL radical politicians period! NO ONE votes unless they have PROPER ID. All cards must have: PHOTO, BIRTH PLACE, birth date, and VALID CURRENT ADDRESS. AlLL states MUST use technology to verify immediately ALL voters that are questionable! VOTERS MUST be CITIZENS of the United States!

  12. Every day gets worse and worse with these in control whoever it is. One of the largest problems is the bills they introduce and get passed. THere is so much money involved and most of it is financially keeping the world. There is a lot of money in foreign aid and I believe we are not the keepers of the world. That goes for the illegals also. In my later years I will not be around to pay for these bills but the younger generation are going to be bogged down with debt. Pelosi and Schumer are going crazy with their agendas. But we need to get the elections under control and make no mistake the last election was corrupted.

  13. Both the House and the senate better flip because UNFORTUNATELY we can’t get rid of the pedophile or the tramp until 2024. Hopefully the American voters learned a lesson with the 2020 fiasco fraud ridden corruption of 2020 because the demoRATS will try it again in 2022 and 2024. We cannot leave these elections close enough where their corruption can sway the outcome. We have to rid this country of the compromised voting machines, stop the illegals & deceased from voting,zero mail-in ballots,zero ballots showing up by the truck loads in the middle of the night. If we don’t — say goodbye !!!!!

    1. President trump kept saying there will be voter fraud, was he right. These dems make me sick. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE REPUBLICANS?

  14. Unless the GOP gets veto proof majorities in the house and senate, they can’t accomplish anything or fix anything with biden and kamala in the white house. The demonicrats are pushing through everything possible to destroy the country before 2022. They may halt the additions to the destruction if they take over in 2022, but can’t fix any of the damage done. That’s assuming vote fraud, that yes the GOP allowed to happen too, doesn’t keep them from taking anything. Remember, biden said he didn’t need our votes, and he was right.

  15. The courts said the election was not stolen including judges appointments by orange man. Get over it.

    1. So you like what the democrats are doing to our country. The boarder being opened to anybody, no health evaluations, no criminal checks. Let’s not forget our becoming dependent on foreign oil. What a beautiful life we are making for our grandkids. You are a moron.

    2. OBVIOUSLY one very distinct POLITICLE POINT about most of these DEMO–C–RATS is they are from the WEST COAST & the NORTH EAST COAST , this has been very COSTLY for USA over the YEARS & more COSTLY starting NOV 2020 !!!

    3. You get over it. When the illegals crash down your door, don’t call the police. You are probably for defunding the police.

    4. WRONG AGAIN DEMO–C–RAT !!! Those were LIBERAL JUDGES, all forced to say that !! And SUPREME COURT JUDGES but two SMART SELF THINKING ONES, other ones newly appointed were coerced , OBVIOUSLY !!!

    5. They are threatened by the democrat & also they have no spine to do the right & truthful thing! Any person with BRAINS could see the election was stolen! Anyone who says other wise needs a brain transplant or a brain period !

    6. They all refused to look at because they didn’t want to get involved in elections. No evidence was ever even looked at it. Why is there no transparency? Why did they call it a conspiracy theory instead of proving there was no fraud? Because they cheated big time.

  16. I pray that Newt is right, but with all the dishonesty and fraud with the elections, I believe that 65% of the nation could vote Republican or something other than Democrat and our side would still lose.

  17. And I don’t care what Bill Barr said or Trump Judge Appointments, Barr is a deep state crony who said what he said without even investigating anything and everyone else was too scared to do anything.

    1. John I agree voter fraud and securing our borders. I am really worried what is happening at the borders. These migrants, are they being tested for covid?

  18. What goes around comes around. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Where did fredom of speech and all other freedoms that the people have held dear. If we do not start to protect our freedoms soon we will not have any.

  19. 1. single bill single item, no tag on pet project legislation attached. 2. Citizen photo ID required to vote. 3. Term limits for all in congress. 4. Control our borders. 5. Bolster our Military and our police.. 6. Abide by our Constitution. 7. Honor our Heritage and those that died to protect it. “IN GOD WE TRUST “

    1. I’m so tired of Congress passing bills that are 5,000 pages with all kinds of pork attached to them. Why can’t they pass bills, that are good for America, without using taxpayer money to pay off their friends? Its disgusting.

  20. Trump was a smart businessman who saw a problem and resolved it…and ALL people benefitted. He exposed the lies and corruption in government and those who were exposed were afraid of being caught and investigated. Big Tech rigged the election so we now have a dementia-ridden puppet & a Communist tramp posing as Pres & VP who has quickly ruined the country and reversed all Trump’s policies that were good.
    Voter integrity is necessary, voter iD is necessary, citizenship verification to vote is necessary, illegal immigrants need to be vetted and catch & release be stopped again. Stop spending money to bail out stupid Dem cities who couldn’t figure out how to run their cities properly. Stop crying ‘defund the Police’ and stop kissing up to China, Iran and No Korea. Republicans – grow some balls and stand together & United and show some smarts!

    1. Dsuz, you are so right on everything you stated. It is such an easy task to make sure we don’t have voter fraud. I am so sick of politicans most of them make me sick.

  21. Gingrich Says Democrats Are Scared They Will Lose the House in 2022. Democrats say no way… We’ve perfected the Voting Machine algorithms and ballot fraud!

  22. WHY aren’t these CORRUPT politicians either IMPEACHED or RECALLED? . . . Just ASKING. “They GOTTA go – NOW and ASAP!” One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  23. Deborah, you are absolutely correct. piglosi not only needs to be taken out of house speaker, she needs to be taken out of government. She has completely lost her mind.

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